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Note A.G.: I found two lawsuits in the Spring of 1787 in the Court of Appingedam about a claim (I guess) of 600 and later 400 guilders of Aaltje Derks, widow and second wife of the deceased Stoffer Berents in company of her step-son, Albert Stoffers on the widow Geeseke Jans of the deceased Cornelia Hijlkes and their heirs.

Available marriage contracts before 1800:

- Klaas Onnes and Anje Pieters on 8 July 1768. [*Already transcribed].

- Albert Stoffers and Aaltje Hem Hemmes on 20 November 1776, [*Dito].

- Roelf Rotgers and (his first wife) Aaltje Jans on 1 December 1777.

- Jelle Jans and Anje Pieters on 30 July 1784. [*Dito].

- Roelf Rotgers and (his third wife) Aaltje Jacobs on 17 February 1791.

- Thomas Pieters and (the widow of Roelf Rotgers) Aaltje Jacobs on 29 Nov. 1793.

About the marriage attachments, made on Sept. 8, 1815 in Appingedam, of the marrying couple Jan Jelles Pelmulder and Martje Alberts van Dijk: Now I saw by the damp damaged originals, but could read the most of them rather well. Those gave me the "Extracts" of the death obits of Jelle Jans, Albert Stoffers and his wife Aaltje Hemmes and the birth accounts of Jan Jelles Pelmulder and his bride Martje Alberts van Dijk. Alas, without the names of the parents on the memorized death records!! The only extra account was that "the church warden Jelle Jans died (on the Springmonth 14, 1810 in the age of 62 years, that we already knew) in the East of Appingedam, on the "Pelmolen" (--peeling mill)", so in his house, "leaving his wife the and 3 children"! The rest confirmed what we already know: baptizing of" on April 15, 1793, dito December 16, 1792 of Martje Alberts van Dijk, death of her mother on May 1, 1810, 55 years old and of her father on May 11, 1810 and the death of Jelle Jans on April 14, 1810, 62 years old.

The inventory of all goods on Dec. 8, 1780, left by the deceased Klaas Onnes to his widow Anje Pieters: A huge property of 71 "Grazen" land with "beklamming" and about 6 "grazen" land in own property of together 3525 guilders. With at the end of this huge list a Positive Saldo of all the left goods of 4170 guilders, 6 stivers and 4 "duiten" (=doits), of which the half of it - of 2085 guilders, 3 stivers and 2 doits - belonged to the widow Anje Pieters (and the rest the family of Klaas Onnes of left their son Onne?) according to their marriage contract, made 6 years before (in 1774).

The wives and properties of Anje's stepbrother Roelf Rotgers: just like his stepsister Anje Pieters, Roelf Rotgers married also 3 times!! First to Aaltje Jans, widow of Jan Harms by whom she had two children and one extra son during her marriage to Roelf Rotgers - who had Jelle Jans as family guardian! - second to Trijntje Andries, who left a underaged daughter of her and husband Roelf Rotgers (also with Jelle Jans as family guardian!) and at last his third wife Aaltjen Jacobs, without children in this marriage, who sold a main part of this property between September 28 1792 and April 13, 1793 before she remarried after it on December 25, 1793 in Uitwierda to Tomas Pieters, coming from Tjamsweer. A strong family, those Anje Pieter and, step-brother, Roelf Rotgers, married, three times. Only Roelf's last wife survived her spouse, where his stepsister Anje Pieters survived her third spouse Jelle Jans.

Two new halfsisters of Anje Pieters: Anje's stepmother Jantje Derks, before the marriage to her father being married to Rotgert Roelofs, the parents of Anje's stepbrother Roelf Rotgerts, had the next daughters in the town Uitwierda: a. "The 9 August [*174 1] is baptized [*in the church of Uitwierda] the daughter of Rotger Roelfs and Jantje Derks, named Lysbet". b. The 11 August [*I forgot to write over her birthyear, must be later than 1741; will do it next time!] is baptized the little daughter of Rotgers Roelefs and Jantjen [*unreadable] his housewife [*named] Heilke".

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