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Updated April 25, 2000

First Name Online Data for ARMSTRONG:

A.H. Andrew R.
Charles  Charles K.    Chas   Chas Chas Wilson
David   David
Flora D.      Francis A.
Gladys E.
Jas Harvey      Joe J.       John    John   JohnJohn B.       Joseph  Joseph Baker     Juley Ann
Margaret    Mary H.     Mattie
Nancy      Nancy      Nancy Neal W.    Neal W.
Otis R.
Rebecca    Robert M
Samuel  Samuel    Samuel  B     Sary E.         Shirley B.      Susan J.
Willie T.        Wilson

Brick Walls

Group Sheets

Public Records
1870 Census, pg 389B,
291-291 ARMSTRONG, James H., 33, m, w, School Teacher, 1600, 500, Ky
Frances A., 37, f, w, Housekeeper, Ky
Margaret, 28, f, w, Ky
Martha F., 26, f, w, Ky
Alexander H., 23, m, w, Farmer, 200, Ky
Sallie C., 21, f, w, Ky
Loving, 20, m, w, Farm Laborer, 125, Ky
Ragsdale, Octavia, 12, f, w, Ky

1900 Census, household 51-52
ARMSTRONG, Louis, head, w, m, Oct 1871, 29, married 11 yrs, Ky, Ky, Ky
Laria (Keeling), wife, w, f, Feb 1873, 26, 5 children, 5 living, Ky, Ky, Ky
Murtie A., dau, w, f, Oct 1890, 9, Ky
Nellie C., dau, w, f, Feb 1893, 7, Ky
Ada E., dau, w, f, Jan 1894, 6, Ky
Joe J., son w, m, Sep 1896, 3, Ky
Elmer H., son, w, m, Mar 1898, 2, Ky

Submitted by Karen Combs



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