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Updated March 15, 2000
First Name Index of Online PORTER Data:

Amanda Amanda F.    Ambrose Ann Ann M. Anna (Dowdy)

B.C. B. CB.C. Babe Baker Todd   Barbara Lewis   Barbara Lewis
Baxter C.     Baxter C.     Baxter Carl  Baxter Carl    Baxter Chapman
Bessie Bettie Luster   Birdie Bonnie Willie

Carrie Bell      Carrie Bell  Charles M.     Charles M    Clydie B

E.T. Edward E   Edward E.   Elizabeth Elizabeth Ellen THORNHILL
Ephraim Ephram L     Ephriam T.

Fannie B.   Frances M

G. E. General Andrew   George E.  George E.   George E   Gladys

H.G. H.G. Hattie Kinkade   Henrietta Henry Henry
Herschel G.    Herschel G.  Hershel Hershel G.    Hugh

J.T. Jame H   James James James James W    James W.   Jane HJimmy
John John John John John John John A   John T.   John Thomas    John Thomas

Lawrence (or Laurence)   Leace Lena COURSEY   Lena COURSEY  Lennie C.
Logan G.    Logan Garfield   Lula CHESNUT
M. M.A. M.C. Marry Martha Mary Mary PORTER
Maurice Chesnut   Maurice Chestnut   Melville C   Millie

Norris Gill

Paulina C


Sinah B.   Samuel

T.M. Thersa Rev. Thomas Rev. Thomas   Rev. Thos.    Thomas L. Thusa G.

Virgil Virgil R.   Virginia Virginia B.

W.R.H. W. R. H. William Bernice   William H.  William Herman   William M.   William M   William R.H.   William R H      William R H     William T.

Brick Walls
I am trying to find the parents of  Samuel PORTER.  He is buried in the Guthrie Cemetary b3/29/1914 d9/1975.
Tracy Porter Fournier

Public Records

Amelia Morrow
Robert Porter
Tracy Porter Fournier

Additional Porter Data:
[A12] Rev. Thomas PORTER, another son of William & Susan (CARSON) PORTER, b 12 May 1788; d 20 May 1839 Todd Co KY; married first 16 June 1808 LCoKY a Miss Nancy LAWRENCE, d 12 Dec 1831; m2 6 Feb 1833 sister Jane LAWRENCE*, b 1794; d 12 June 1871; d/o Thomas LAWRENCE,  and raised a family in Butler and Logan Counties, in both of which he lived at different times.  He was one of the early ministers of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, and my information is, was a good and useful man in his day and generation.  He was the father of
[A124] Rev. Hershell Sidus(?) PORTER,  D.D., CPC; b 12 Feb 1814/16 BCoKY; of the same church, who died in Memphis about the year 1856,  4/5 Oct 1855;  m 1854 Memphis TN Martha A PERSONS; died after preaching large revival, but cause listed as yellow fever in Memphis records; was working on CPC history.
    [A1241] daughter, b & d 1855 Memphis TN
  See www.cumberland.org/hfcpc for histories on [A12] & [A124]
  and also father of
[A122] Dr. Nat. Ludlow PORTER, MD, of Pembroke, Ky., b 26 Oct 1810 BCoKY; d 13 Aug 1871; m 14 Nov 1843 Eliza Ann HILTON, b ca 1831;  the Dr. Porter who stopped the Union bombardment of Bowling Green KY 15 Feb 1862?
[A1221] Arathusa, b 1847; d 1875; m 1872 Hopkinsville KY William LAWRY + see JAP
[A1222] Thomas William PORTER, b 12 Oct 185 Pembroke KY; d 20 March 1924 Pembroke KY; m 12 Oct 1892 Mary ADCOCK  see JAP
[A1223] Charles Herschel PORTER, b 1859; d 1924; m1 Annie RICHARDSON; m2 Carrie PENDLETON
   + 2 died young
   Christian Co KY 1850 Census # 342
  and of  [A121] Bradford Lawrence PORTER, b 26 May 1809; m 11 Oct 1830 LCoKY Martha ROGERS; late of Hopkins County, who died in 1843 while representing that County in the Legislature of Kentucky; --

  [A123]Sarura Hamand(?), b 24 April 1812; d 28 April 1816; DY

 and also father by Jane LAWRENCE of
[A127]* Mrs. Carrie, Caroline Susan, b 22 Sept 1836;  m1 David SPENCER, m2 Warren Co KY [A2222] Judge JE HALSELL see below
 twin [A126]* Martha Jane, b & d Sept 1836
[A128]* Baxter Chapman PORTER, b 3 Dec 1838 Elkton KY; d 30 Sept 1900; m 25 Jan 1866 Todd Co KY Henrietta T ATKINS, b 4 Sept 1843; d 30 Dec 1887; d/o John L & Gillia (EDWARDS) ATKINS see AM
   [A1281] Carrie Belle, b 29 Nov 1866; m BRADSHAW, d 1901
[A1282] Herschell Gill PORTER, b 22 Jul 1870; d 1960(?), m1 Annie BAXTER; m2 1905 Lula (?)(CHESTNUT) POWELL
[A1283] John Thomas PORTER, b 1 Aug 1872; d 1925; m 13 Sept 1893 Mary Josephine ADAMS, b 23 Jan 1871 Todd Co KY; d May 1953 Joplin MO; d/o James J & Sarah B ADAMS   see AM
   [A1284] Bessie Todd, b 25 Aug 1875
   [A1285] Virgil Knox PORTER, b 3 Jan 1879
   [A1286] Thusa G, b 16 Sept 1880
   [A1287] Baxter Carl PORTER, b 22 Nov 1886; d 21 Dec 1912   and  [A125]*  Virgil Anthony PORTER, b 11 July 1834; d 1898 Nevada(?);
 who were born and raised near Elkton, Ky.
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