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The Maryland Calendar of Wills
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The Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume II
Wills from 1685 to 1702

Pages 1-13

Originally Compiled by Jane Baldwin (Cotton) (1905)
Edited and Annotated by
USGenNet Patrons Rhoda Fone & Carole Hammett (2001)
Editors: Words enclosed in [brackets] or preceded by "Editors" are those of the editors and not part of the original edition.

Hopkins, Joseph, 9th Sept., 1685; 21st May, 1686. To wife (unnamed), plantation. To son Joseph at 18 yrs. of age, and hrs., 550 A., “Bucke Neck”; 70 A., “Hopkins' Addition”; and plantation afsd. at death of ad. wife. To dau. Sarah at 18 yrs. of age, and hrs., 200 A., “Chiny Chase.” To dau. Ann, wife of George Tearner, and to dau. Judith, personalty. Ex. not named. Test: Benj. Hamline, Matthew Hollell, Richard Heyes. 4. 188.

Greene, Thomas, 2nd Feb., 1685; 6th April, 1686. To boy Jack at majority, personalty. Wife Mary, residuary legatee of estate, real and personal, including 100 A., “Liberty,” in Talbot Co. Ex. not named. Test: Jno. Harker, Thos. Gutton, Thos. Lifeholly. 4. 190.

Clarke, John, St. Mary's Co., 28th Nov., 1685; 6th Mch., 1686. To 5 child., viz., John, Robert, Benjamin, Franklin, and Ann, 1,000 A. at Matting in equal portions. In event of death of any under 18 yrs. of age or without issue, deceased's portion to pass to survivors or their hrs. Wife Ann, extx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal; ad. estate to pass to eld. son, if living. Test: Thos. Clarke, Geo. Turner, Lewest Gest. 4. 193.

Thomas, Robert, “Poplar Hill,” St. Mary's Co., 18th Feb., 1684; 26th April, 1686. To wife Abigafl, extx., 1/3 of estate. To dau. Honnorfadare, personalty. To son Robert at 21 yrs. of age, plantation. To other child., viz., Herbert and Hannah, certain property, real (unnamed) and personal, at majority. Test: Wm. Husband, Jno. Cambell, Lewis Terrean, Andrew Norman. 4. 193.

Donn, Obediah, St. Mary's Co., 24th, Jan., 1685-6; 15th Mch., 1685-6. To wife Hliza:, extx., 1/2 of plantation. To son Dennis at 18 yrs. of age, and hrs., 1/2 plantation during life of wife afsd. and entire plantation at her desth. To daus. Mary and Margaret, personalty, and plantation afsd. in event of death of ad. Dennis without issue. Test: Ralph Foster, Jno. Nichols, Cornelius Donnavan, Thos. Makin. 4. 194.

Watts, Francis, Anne Arundel Co., 2nd Dec., 1684; -- -- --. To wife Sarah, extx., plantation during life. To dau. Sarah and hrs., sd. plantation at death of wife. To daus. Eliza: and Susan, personalty. To sons Francis and John equally, 100 A., “Batchelor's Delight,” on Wye R. Test: Thos. Sutton, Jas. Lewis, Jno. Purdy, Jno. Rostrick. 4. 195.

Morris, Richard, Charles Co., 22nd Jan., 1685; 14th May, 1686. To wife Penelope, extx., personalty. To child., viz., Richard, Christopher, Mary, and Penelope, personalty. Test: Jas. Lemaire, Thos. Rigg, Edw. Potter. 4. 196.

Welch, William, Cecil Co., 23rd April, 1685; 19th Mch., 1685-6. To wife Charity, personalty. To son William, residus of estate at 17 yrs. of age. Exs.: Edw. Beck, Walter Meeks, Jno. Willis, Philip Canade. Test: Henry Staple, Wm. Patrick, Wm. Shaw. 4. 197.

Jones, Richard, Charles Co., 26th Jan., 1685; 19th Apr., 1686. To wife Jane, extx., personalty. To child., viz., Richard and Ann, at 16 yrs. of age, personalty. Test: Edward Goff, Thos. Bumposs, Edward Potter. 4. 201.

Gary, Stephen, Dorchester Co., 27th Oct., 1675; 6th April, 1686. To son Stephen, personalty. To wife Clare, extx., “Spoacott” during life, and land in town of West Rue (alias Purpeham) in Cornwall, England. To 2nd dau. Susannah and young. dau. Clare, ad. plantation at death of wife afsd. To eld. dau. Magdalen and 2 daus. afsd., 400 A. on the Ridge in Dorchester Co., and 300 A. at hd. of Watts' Ck. To grandchild Stephen Warner at 21 yrs. of age, 100 A., “Cornwall,” on Fishing Ck. To grandchild Mary Warner, 50 A., “Refuse Neck.” Overseers: Jno. Stevens, of Dorchester Co., Wm. Sharpe and Wm. Stevens of Talbot Co. Test: William Thomas, Lewis Even, Sam'l Coats. 4. 202.

Adams, Henry, Portobacco, Chas. Co., 13th Oct., 1684; 9th July, 1686. To dau. Jane Mathews, and hrs., 200 A. on e. side Potomac R. To brother Iguatius Causeene [Causine], personalty. To sons and daus, of Thomas Mathews, Ignatius Williams, and An ——, personalty. Exs.: Leonard, Robert, and Francis Greene. Dec'd died a Roman Catholic. Test: Meneral Hulse, Robt. Thomas, Jas. Turner. 4. 204.

Ball, William, Baltimore Co., 10th Apr., 1684; 8th May, 1686. To wife Mary, dower rights. To Mrs. Eliza: Crumwell, Baltimore Co., extx., personalty. To William Crumwell, son of sd. Eliza:, and hrs., plantation. Test: Richard Crumwell, Jas. Jackson, Marths Jackson. 4. 205.

Maccubin, John, South R., Anne Arundel Co., 21st Sept., 1685; 31st July, 1686. To wife Ellenor, extx., dower rights. To sons Samuel, William, Zacharias, Moses, and their hrs., 200 A., “Wordrape,” on n. side South R., equally. Sd. sons to be of age at 18 yrs. To son John and hrs., 140 A., “Bramton,” on n. side South R. Test: Robert Hinwood, Andrew Bell, John Ireland. 4. 207.

Humberstone, John, 2nd Jan., 1684; 29th May, 1686. To wife Ann, extx., personalty. To sons John, James, William, and Henry, all land. Sd. sons to be of age at 18 yrs. of age. In event of death of all sons, sd. land to be equally divided among 4 daus., viz., Ann, Eliza:, Snsanna, and Sarah. Test: Mary Granger, Wm. Walker, Jno. Yate. 4. 208.

Peterson, Mathyas, Talbot Co., 18th Jan., 1680; 30th Feb., 1686. Wife Margaret, extx. and sole legatee of estate, real and personal, during life. To son Peter, 1/2 of “Chesterfield.” To 2nd son Richard, 1/2 of “Chesterfield.” To remaining child., viz., Catherine, Angeneata, and Mary, personalty. Overseers: Maj. Wm. Coursey, Henry Greene, Robt. Smith. Test: Thos. Bruff, Edw. Tomlins, Thos. Thomas. 4. 209.

Robinson, Thomas, Nanjamy, Chas. Co., 19the Nov., 1685; 6th Aug., 1686. To wife Ann (or Susanna?), dower rights. To hrs. of dau. Ann Price, all land. To Ann Price, Jr., personalty. To Richard Price and his wife, residue of cstate. Ex., sd. Richard Price. Test: Jno. Ward, Jas. Martin, Jno. Cable. 4. 211.

Wenman, Mary, Charles Co., 11th Feb., 1685-6; 25th Aug., 1686. To Thomas Plouket, Winifrede Fardenand, and Margaret Hammons, personalty. To Mary Wolfe at age, residne of cstate, real and personal. Ex.: Jno. Godson. Test: Richard Sarbut, Susanna Evens, Philip Hoskins. 4. 211.

Harriss, Thomas, 30th Feb., 1684; 19th July, 1686. To daus. Bathsheba and Mary, personalty. To son Thomas at 19 yrs. of age, land (unnamed). To unborn child if a son, personalty; if dau., 20 A. (unnamed). To wife Mary, extx., dower rights. Test: Chas. Musgrave, Henry Hagin, Mary Owsey, Edw. Gattly. 4. 212.

Ferabay (Frobay), Thomas, Kent Co., 24th Aug., 1685; 14th May, 1686. To Isaac Winchester, Jr., and Lewis Farrall, personalty. Isaac Winchester, Sr., ex. and residuary legatee. Test: Jno. Winchester, Nath'l Hill, Mary Towers. 4. 213.

Pilsworth, Samuel, Cecil Co., 1st Mch., 1685; 3rd Dec., 1686. To wife Bethsheba, personalty. To Capt. Peerces, Henry Pennington, Richard Bayer, Nicholas Alme, Edward Blea, Thomas Bastick, and Mrs. Eliza: Boyer, personalty. Exs.: Jos. Sandors of Bristow, Chas. Teldin, Kent Co. Test: Richard Boyear, Denis Ronally. 4. 213.

Gibbon, Edmond, of Delaware R., 21st Feb., 1685; 4th June, 1686. To young, brother Francis Gibbon, all land on Pa. side except “Mulberry Swamp;” lands at Carolina and on Rariton R.; also various interests in the Barbadoes, and testator's share of tract of land belonging to himself and Wm. Clarke. To Edmond, son of eld. brother George Gibbon of Bemendon [Benenden] in Kent, part of “Mulberry Swamp” at Dover, Kent Co. To eld. brother George, all land at Covansey in Phenixes Colony; to pass to his son Edmond and hrs. at death of George afsd. To brothers George and Francis, land at Smith's Valley in New York. To brother Thomas Stretton and his wife, part of “Mulberry Swamp,” and personalty on Long Island. To sisters Ann and Martha, and kinswoman Eliza: Kadwell, personalty. Exs.: Francis Gibbon, Thos. Stretton, Geo. Gibbon, Jno. Edmundson, Jas. Nevell of Salem. Test: Jas. Smith, Nich. Northway, Edm. Roete. 4. 214.

Long, Thomas, 28th Oct., 1684; 29th May, 1686. To Stephen Winn, personalty. To sons John, Robert, George, and Thomas, at majority, 100 A. (unnamed) equally. To wife (unnamed), personalty. Ex. not given. Test: Richard White, Wm. Hether, Jno. Yate. 4. 215.

Truman, John, Somerset Co., 8th Aug., 1685; 6th July, 1686. To brother John Makbride and cousin Robert Truman, personalty. To 3 daus., viz., Dorothy, Elisa:, and Catherine, at age, residue of estate, real and personal. Richard Stevens to have care of dau. Dorothy; John Booth to have care of dau. Eliza:, and Jas. Dashields to have care of dau. Catherine. Exs.: Richard Stevens, Jno. Booth, Jas. Breden. Test: Robt. Truman, Jas. Breden. 4. 215.

Evans, John, Somerset Co., 6th May, 1686; 8th June, 1686. To young. son John and hrs., “Little Monmouth” on n. side Wicomico; also testator's 1/2 of “Sydney.” To wife Mary, extx., and to 2 sons, Nicholas and John, residue of estate equally. Test: Jno. Huetthle, Rachel Battain, Thos. Willines, Wm. Clarkson, Jas. Nicholson. 4. 216.

Long, Mary, 2nd Nov., 1684; 9th May, 1686. To eld. son John, and to child., viz., Eliza:, Robert, Thomas, and Susanna, and to Dorothy Wigins, personalty. George Watts, ex. and to have care of child. during minority. Test: Richard White, Wm. Watts. 4. 217.

Bennett, Henry, Anne Arundel Co., 3rd Mch., 1684; 8th June, 1686. To Mary Bennitt, infant living with testator entire estate, real and personal, including dwelling plantation “Trent,” except following bequests, viz: To Katharine Russell, infant living with testator 50 A. —— and certain personalty. To Frances Russell, mother of afsd., and Henry Hanslapp, personalty. Ex. Col. Thomas Tailor. Test: Henry Hanslapp, Elizabeth Hanslapp, Thos. Sheppard, Thomas Morsell. 4. 217.

Holman, Abraham, Baltimore Co., —— —— ——; 1st June, 1686. To sister Sarah Collier, brother John Collier, to Isabel Hopper, Elizabeth Taylor and Daniell Wine, personalty. Test: Edward Alley, William York, William Taylor. 4. 219.

Johnson, David, Planter, Talbot Co., 1st Feb., 1684-5; 15th June, 1686. To wife Ellizabeth, extx., entire estate. Test: William Finny, Andrew Price, John Damnes, William Clayton. 4. 219.

Catterson, Francis, Talbot Co., 26th Nov., 1685; 20th July, 1686. To son-in-law John Garnish, 500 A. at the Whorekill. To dau.-in-law Elizabeth Garnish and hrs., 200 A. on Gt. Choptank R. —— Dorchester Co. Either of afsd. dying, survivor to inherit deceased's portion. To wife Katharine, extx., residue of estate, including lot in Oxford. Overseers: William Combes, John Hanley, John Woodward. Test: Jos. Atkins, Wm. Wintersell, Wm. Bell, Wm. Watts. 4. 220.

Gerrard, Thomas, St. Mary's Co., 17th Nov., 1685; 20th Oct., 1686. Wife Anne extx. and sole legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Jo. Bearcroft, Benj. Hobson, Robt. Thompson, James Ellis. 4. 221. Kiroum, William, Talbott Co., 30th Dec., 1684; 5th Nov., 1686. To wife Alice, extx., entire estate during life, except 50 A. “Woolverton.” To minor son James and hrs., “Yawall” at decease of wife. Test: Edward Starkey, Timothy Lane, Henry Tapp, William Jones. 4. 222.

Hill, Richard, Somerset Co., 28th Mch., 1686; 26th Aug., 1686. To wife Willmet, plantation and all personalty during life. To son Richard and hrs., estate afsd. at decease of wife. Should sd. son dio without issue, his estate to pass to William and Ann. Test: Johanathan Tower, John Conlston. 4. 223.

Taylor, John, Dorchester Co., 4th Aug., 1683; 23rd June, 1686. To cousin Thomas Travers, 100 A., part of “Armstrong's Quarter.” To annt Elizabeth Travers, extx., residue of estate, real and personal, including tracts “Deale,” 300 A. “Taylor's Desire.” Test: Jeremish Davis, James Cannon, Roger Clark. 4. 223.

Wallton, William, Somerset Co., 10th Apr., 1686; 25th Ang., 1686. To son John and hrs., 400 A. part of tract in Indian Cabin neck (for description see will). To son Fisher and hrs., residue of sd. tract. Should either of sd. sons die without issue or under age, survivor to inherit portion of deceased. To sons William and Stephen in equal parts, tract “Neighbors Hood.” Land “Boggetenerton” bought from Henry Bishop, Sr., to be sold, proceeds to be used for education of testator's children. To wife Rebecca, extx., residue of estate. Test: Wm. Whittington, William Cord, John Robarts. 4. 224.

Thomas, Trustam, — ——; 22nd May, 1686. To Christopher (Thomas) plantation where John Madbury and Elizabeth his wife live, after their decease. To William (Thomas) 233 A. on n. side Williams branch, he to serve his mother during her life. To Stephen Thomas, 233 A. by John Glardwings, also to serve his mother during life. To Trustam (Thomas) 233 A. back of Madbury's branch. To 4 daus. (unnamed), personalty. To Thomas (Thomas) his father's right in land or plantation at Chester. Extx. Mrs. Anne Thomas. Test: John Stephens, Thos. Gough, John Glendening. 4. 226.

Bonnsell, Walter, Talbot Co., 20th Dec., 1684; 18th Oct., 1686. To Robert Smith and hrs., tract on which testator lives and personalty, he to make over to son Walter “The Triangle” and pay ex. certain sum of money. Son Walter and dau. Elizabeth to live on plantation. To 4 children —— personalty. Ex. John Lewes. Overseer: Robert Smith. Test: Thomas Lewis, William Hill, John Davis. 4. 227.

Camell / Cammell, John, Elk River, Cecil Co., 1st Aug., 1685; 10th July, 1686. To wife Rebecka, extx., all land during life. To son Alexander (aged 5) and son John (aged 3) personal estate at majority and land at decease of wife afsd., they to be in care of Alexander Camell. To F. John Mackland, personalty; residue of estate to go to children ——. Test: Thomas Hedgcock, Sarah Maitland, William Dare. 4. 227.

Herman, Augustine, Bohemia Manor, 27th Sept., 1684; 10th Aug., 1686. Will devises that his estate shall be equally enjoyed by all his children. Overseers William Dare, Edward Jones, George Oldfield to look after the estate and protect the entail. Testator sets forth that he so appoints overseers because his eldest Ephrian has attached himself to the Labadist faction of religion and is seeking to persuade his brother Casparus and sisters —— to join him. Test: Samuel Wheeler, Robert Kemble, Richard Edmonds, Geo. Oldfield. 4. 228.

Skinner, Robert, Calvert Co., 8th Mch., 1685; 13th Dec., 1686. To eldest son Robert and hrs., plantation and “Island Neck.” To dau. Mary Letchworth and to her first born child, personalty. To 2nd son Clarke and hrs., “The Border,” “The Reserve” and “The Seraps.” To 3rd son William and hrs., “The Hatchet” on Patuxent R. To youngest son Adderton and hrs., “The Reserve.” To 3 last named sons at majority personalty. To wife Anne, personalty. Son Robert appointed guardian of 3 young sons. Should he die, 2 sons-in-law Thos. Greenfield and Joseph Letchworth to act in his stead. Test: Robert Houldsworth, Arthur Storer, Elizabeth Cornall, William Moore. 4. 230.

Ringgold, James, Kent Co., 18th May, 1686; 28th Sept., 1686. To sons William and John 600 A. “The Plaines” equally; should either son die during minority or before marriage, survivor to inherit his portion. To younger son Charles, 150 A. “Ringgolds Fortnne” at mouth of Anake. To son James, dwelling plantation provided that son Thomas refuse to give him 300 A. of northern portion of 600 A. of land given by deceased father Thomas Ringgold to sd. son Thomas. But if son James by reason of being the eldest son of the now only dau. of Capt. Robert Vaughan, deceased, inherit lands of sd. Vanghan, then testator gives to son Thomas the entire tract of 600 A. afed., together with dwelling plantation. He to be of age at death of testator. To dau. Barbara Lanham and to William Williams, personalty. To children afsd. and dau.-in-law Rebecka Borten, personalty. To wife Mary, 1/3 personalty and 1/2 dwelling plantation during life, she to administer on estate jointly with Col. Henry Coursey. Test: John Fodrecin, John Stokes, Morgan Brown. 4. 232.

Thorp, Thomas, 10th Nov., 1685; 21st Nov., 1686. To son William, all land. To dau. Elizabeth, land should son William die during minority. To son Thomas and dau. Mary, 1 s. each. Wife Elizabeth is dispossessed of interest in estate. Ex. Robert Erick, who is to have charge of 2 first named children during minority and inherit estate should they die under age. Test: Honry Hosier, Sr., John Burlas, Jer. Ashled. 4. 233.

Summerland, John, Severn R., Anne Arundel Co., 20th June, 1686; 29th Oct., 1686. To eldest son John, “Brushy Neck” on s. side Magothy R. To son Francis, dau. Kathrin Brown, daus. Elizabeth and Ann and to Sarah Jones and Ann Pierpoint, personalty. To wife Ann, extx., residue of estate. Overseers, William Hopkins and Thomas Browne of Severn R. Test: Henry Pierpoint, Henry Kittellwell, John Wills. 4. 234.

Burford, Thomas, Charles Co., 13th Mch., 1686; 24th Mch., 1686. To son Thomas and hrs., 2 tracts comprising dwelling plantation, at marriage or decease of wife Anne, 500 A. in Dorchester Co. to be sold for benefit of all children —— equally. Any child dying before receiving portion survivors to inherit deceased's portion. To wife Anne, extx., her share of estate. Test: John Llewellin, Jo: Tempell, Robert Carss. 4. 235.

By codicil 16th Mar., 1686, wife Anne is made residuary legatee of estate. Test: Henry Denton, Edward Booth, Robert Carss.

Tilliard, John, Baltimore Co., 11th Jan., 1684; 10th Dec., 1686. To sons John and Richard and hrs., equally 200 A. “God's Providence” and 80 A. “Saranks Delight.” Should either die before division is made survivor to inherit deceased's portion. To daus. Esseta and Hester jointly 200 A. “Savian's Rest” in Cecil Co. Dau. Esseta and son Richard to live with Mrs. Stansby, dau. Hester with William Yorke in event of death of wife during their minority. Son John to live with his mother. Wife Sarah extx. Overseers: William Yorke, Wm. Osborne, and brother Edward Reease. Test: Benjamin Gundry, John Claradge, William York, Jr., John Chicully. 4. 237.

Pearle, James, 19th Feb., 1686-7; 14th Mch., 1686-7. To Robert Harrison, and to Martha Baker, dau. of Thomas Baker, personalty. To John Harrison and hrs., “Pearle's Progrose” in Chengamaxam woods. To brother John Pearle, in event of his coming into the province within 3 yrs. after death of testator, residue of estate, real and personal. To Meneral Hulse and his present wife, sd. estate should brother afsd. not come into the province; to pass in turn to sons of said Meneral, viz., Meneral and James. Sd. estate to remain in possession of Meneral, his wife, and their heirs forever, in event of death of his sons, Meneral and James afsd., before him. Ex. not named. Test: Robt. Harrison, Sarah Harrison, Chris: Williamson. 4. 238.

Kemp, John, Baltimore Co., 1st Dec., 1686; 15th Mch., 1686-7. To wife Sarah (nee Sarah Wichell), extx., 100 A., “Porker's Heaven.” To son Richard, “Kemp's Addition” and land afsd. at death of sd. wife. To dau. Mary, 100 A., “Claybanker,” on Bear Ck. In event of death of either child, survivor to inherit deceased's portion. Overseers: Chris. Gist, Richard Cromwell, Geo. Ashman. Test: Geo. Ashman, Edw. Norris, Denis Garrett, Jas. Robertson. 4. 239.

Editors: It is not clear whether the parenthetical statement "(nee Sarah Wichell)" was part of the original record or an addition by the compiler.

Jones, David, 3rd Feb., 1686; 14th Mch, 1686-7. To John and Thomas Grosch equally and their hrs., 450 A., “Midian's Choyce.” To James Todd and hrs., 8 A., of “Black Walnut Neck.” To Robert Gibson, 200 A., “Marrayland.” To sister Eliza: Jones, plantation after death of testator's wife; sd. plantation to pass to Francis and Aberell Todd should sister afsd. die without issue. To Edward Norish, Sarah Garnet, Moyias Groome, Daniel Walch, Robert Jopson, Miles Gibson, and John Williams, personalty. Wife Ann, extx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal, including plantation during life. Test: Jno. Roch, Matthew Hudson, Wolfran Hunt. 4. 240.

Mattison (alias Freeman), Hendrick, Cecil Co., 20th Feb., 1684; 14th Aug., 1686-7. To son Matthias, ex., all land. To dau. Mary, personalty. Test: Thos. Griffing, Andrew Mollinick, Jno. Adkins, Ann Bronklin. 4. 241.

Revell, Randall, Sr., Somerset Co., 27th May, 1685; 9th Mch., 1686. To wife Ann, extx., 500 A. of land due her by conveyance from Mrs. Ann Toft; also 405 A., part of “Duble Purchase.” To son Randall and hrs., 500 A., part of “Duble Purchase.” To daus. Ann, Hannah, Catherine, Sarah, and their hrs., 500 A. each, parts of tract afsd. To son Edward, living in Accomack, personalty. Test: Wm. Warwick, Wm. Dredden, Agnes Dredden, Jno. West. 4. 241.

Burgess, William, South R., Anne Arundel Co., 11th July, 1685; 19th Feb., 1686-7. To son Edward, porsonalty conditionally; and to William and Elisa:, child. of sd. Edward, to dau. Susanna, wife of Maj. Nicholas Sewell, and to grandchild., Charles and Jeanne Sewell, personalty. To son George, personalty. To son William at 21 yrs. of age, and hrs., plantation on South R., 800 A., and containing the “Town of London;” also 480 A., “Betty's Choice,” in Baltimore Co. To son John at 21 yrs. of age, and hrs., “Morley's Lot,” “Bednall Green,” “Benjamin's Choice,” and “Benjamin's Addition,” 800 A., on Herring Ck. To son Joseph at 21 yrs. of age, and hrs., “West Puddington,” “Beard's Habitation,” 1, 300 A., on South R. To son Benjamin at 21 yrs of age, and hrs., “Bessesston,” nr. the Ridge, 300 A., and “Burgess' Choice,” 400 A., on South R. To son Charles at 21 yrs. of age, and hrs., 1, 600 A. at hd. of Sassafras R., Cecil Co., and 500 A. on Susquehannock R., Baltimore Co. In event of death of any of afsd. 5 sons without issue, their share to pass to eld. survivor and hrs. To daus. Eliza:, Ann and Susanna Burgess, personalty at 16 yrs. of age or marriage. Wife Ursula, extx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal, in Md. and England, and to have care of sons and daus. afsd. during minority. Overseers: Maj. Nich. Sewell, Maj. Nich. Gassaway, Capt. Henry Hanslap. Test: Thos. Frances, Michael Cusack, Jno. Harison, Wm. Elvidge, Jno. Edwards. 4. 242.

Parsons, Peter, Somerset Co., 5th Nov., 1686; 28th Mch., 1687. To eld. son Peter and hrs., plantation, 200 A. To son John and hrs., 200 A. and “The Forrest.” To wife Mary, extx., all personalty. Test: Jno. Moore, Jno. Parsons. 4. 246.

Simes, Samuel, Somerset Co., 5th June, 1682; 12th Apr., 1687. Benjamin Cotman, ex. and sole legatee of estate, real and personal, including land on Nanticoke R. Test: Wm. Robesan, Robt. Paine. 4. 246.

Hosier, Henry, Sr., Kent Co., 5th Jan., 1685-6; 3rd May, 1686. To son Morgan Jones and dau. Johanna Jones, and to dau. Eliza:, personalty. Son Henry, ex. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Philip Sutton, Ann Sutton, Thos. Stevens. 4. 247.

Hanlon (Hunlon), Mordecay, Calvert Co. 5th Jan., 1686; 2nd May, 1687. To wife Eliza:, extx. and hrs., 200 A., part of plantation, and 1/2 of personalty. To child. viz., Sarah, Eliza:, and Ann, equally, 100 A., part of plantation afed.; also personalty at majority. Should any die, survivor or survivors to inherit deecased's portion. Overseers: Francis Hutchins, Richard Gardner. Test: Geo. Howes, J. Browne, Hen: Ferncley, Ellis Bradshaw, Nich, Burd. 4. 247.

Bishop, Henry, Sr., Somerset Co., 23rd Dec., 1685; 16th Jan., 1686-7. To sons Henry and Aaron, personalty. To sons John and George and their hrs., all lands equally. Wife Ann, extx. and residuary legatee of estate, including town lots, etc. Test: Francis Joyce, Achible Eraskin, Edmo: Hamond. 4. 248.

Pratt, Thomas, Anne Arundel Co., 14th Aug., 1686; 22nd Apr., 1687. To eld. son Thomas at 21 yrs. of age, and hrs., 166 A., “Pratt's Choice,” and 50 A., part of “Pratt's Security.” To son John at 21 yrs. of age, and hrs., 100 A., part of “Pratt's Security,” and 100 A., “Pratt's Neck.” To son-in-law Richard Gotte, sd. lands in event of death of sons afsd. under age or without issue. [Page 14] To daus, Susanna and Eliza; at 16 yrs. of age, and to dau. Hannah Gotte and hrs., personalty. To Alexander MackFarland and hrs., 200 A., “Frier Plain,” on s. side Gunpowder R. Exs. Jno. Waters, Richard Gotte. Test: Jno. Willoby, Sarah Willoby, Jno. Harris, Jno. Elsey. 4. 250.

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