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The Maryland Calendar of Wills
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The Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume II
Wills from 1685 to 1702

Pages 14-27

Originally Compiled by Jane Baldwin (Cotton) (1905)
Edited and Annotated by
USGenNet Patrons Rhoda Fone & Carole Hammett (2001)
Editors: Words enclosed in [brackets] or preceded by "Editors" are those of the editors and not part of the original edition.

Kadday, Stephen, Kent Co., 12th Aug., 1683; 22nd May, 1686. To John Trew and hrs., land in West New Jersey. Wife Catherine and dau. Rebecca, exetxs, and residuary legatees equally of estate, real and personal. Test: Henry Hosier, Wm. Trew, Thos. Moore, Jno. Barnall. 4. 251.

Note—Administration upon this will shows that Catherine Kadday renounced her claim to executorship, and same was committed to Henry Hosier and Rebecca his wife, dau. of Stephen Kadday, 30th Feb., 1686-7.

Ward, John, Sr., Charles Co., 4th Sept., 1686; 10th June, 1687. To wife Dameris, 112 A., “Angerstone,” during widowhood. To son John and hrs., 300 A., consisting of “Charlestown” and “Ward's Delight;” also afsd. “Angerstone” at death or marriage of his mother. To son Thomas at 19 yrs. of age, 250 A., “Old Plantation,” at hd. of Nanjemy; 100 A., “Ingorthorpe,” and 50 A. adjoining William Stone's. To 3rd son James at 19 yrs. of age, and hrs., 112 A., “The Mountain.” To 4th and young. son Henry, and to young. dau. Catherine at 19 yrs. of age, 550 A. lying between Pamunkey and Nating, equally. In event of death of any of afsd. child. without issue, deceased's estate to be divided among their sistors, viz., Mary, Eliza:, Prudence, and their hrs. In daus. Audray Ward and Mary Wells, personalty. Exs.: Wife Dameris and son John. Test: Geo. White, Jas. Tehbrook, Jno. Jeffrey. 4. 252.

Ashcom, Nathaniel, Calvert Co., 25th Mch., 1687; 19th May, 1687. To wife Mary, extx., 220 A., “Ashcom's Purchase,” on Hungary R., Dorchester Co.; 150 A., “Ashcom's Outlet;” 50 A., “Ashcom's Enclosnre;” and “Point Patience” during widowhood. To son Nathaniel and hrs., “Point Patience” afsd. at death or marriage of his mother; also part of testator's portion of tract “Deserts” taken up together with Benjamin Lawrence and brother Samuel Ashcom. To son John and hrs., “Ashcom's Purchase” at death of his mother, and residue of testator's share of “Deserts.” To daus. Mary and Eliza:, personalty. In event of death of sd. Nathaniel and John without issue, 2 daus, afsd. to inherit their estate. In Mordecai Moore, Paul Kirbe, Thomas Spencer, personalty. Brother Charles to be joint ex. with wife afsd. Test: Thos. Leake, Geo. Gamball, Jno. Henning, Wm. Goadin, Bridget Evens. 4. 254.

Jackson, Thomas, St. Mary's Co., 10th July, 1687; 16th July, 1687. To son George and hrs., 100 A., “Doxey's Plantation,” St. Mary's Co. To dau. Ann and hrs., 100 A., “Rythine,” and 200 A., “Underwood's Choice.” To son Thomas and hrs., personalty. To dau. Margaret and hrs., 100 A., “Asquith's Folly.” To dau. Martha and hrs., 500 A., “Pleasant Spring,” in Talbot Co.; and 500 A., “Clarke's Forest,” in Baltimore Co. To wife Margaret, extx., personal property. In event of sd. wife not coming into the country to prove will, the executorship to be assumed by Anthony Underwood. Test: Patrick Connelly, Eliza: Baker, Eliza: Beale. 4. 255.

Ereskin, Archibald, Snow Hill, Somerset Co., 7th Jan., 1686-7; 3rd May, 1687. Wife Janet, sole legatee of estate, real and personal. Ex., Brother David Brown. Test: Jno. Williamson, Margaret Piker, Henry Morgan, Wm. Wooldhave. 4. 256.

Haman (Hammon), Edward, Kent Co., 4th Dec., 1686; 16th June, 1687. To wife Ann, extx., plantation, 100 A., during life. To son John and hrs., ad. plantation at desth of wife afsd. To daus. Ann and Mary at age, plantation afsd. in event of death of their brother without issue. Test: Jno. Hinson, Wm. Harris, Edw. Sweatman. 4. 257.

Young, William, Kent Co., 1st Apr., 1686; 28th June, 1687. To brother Jacob, personalty. Wife Hannah, extx. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Robt. White, M. Miller, Gervis Wyllan. 4. 258.

Hoskins, Lawrence, Charles Co., 9th Jan., 1686-7; 12th June, 1687. To James, son of Rebecca Tyer, entire estate. Extx., sd. Rebecca Tyer. Test: Walter Story, Wm. Timothy, Jno. Toe. 4. 259.

Parker, Henry, Talbot Co., 5th Mch., 1686-7; 12th July, 1687. To John Copper and Sarah his wife, to Richard, son of Richard Towneroe, personalty. To William Walker and hrs., 200 A., “Brumlye,” on Wye R. To Charles Walker and hrs., 200 A., “Donn's Range Addition,” on Wye R. To Walter Lister and hrs., 200 A. in Bullenhroke. Daniel Walker, Sr., ex. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Ambrose Ford, Jno. Coppin, Jane Ward, Sarah Copper. 4. 259.

Adams, Sumer, Somerset Co., 22nd Mch., 1686; 15th Aug., 1687. To young. son Sumer at majority, and hrs., all real estate. To son Peter, personalty and estate afsd. in event of death of sd. Sumer without issue. To dau. Sarah and hrs., and son Morgan and hrs., personalty. John Holland and Samuel Hayden to have care of child, during minority. Ex. not named. Test: Jno. Allward, Mary Allward. 4. 260.

Emerson, Thomas,Wye R., Talbot Co., 28th Mch., 1686; 16th Oct., 1686. To wife Katern, extx., plantation during life. To son Thomas and hrs., sd. land at death of wife. To brother John Emerson, to 2 old. and 2 young. child, of sd. brother, personalty. Test: Wm. Finney, Peter Sides, Hugh Hunt, Jno. Dames, Jno. Purale. 4. 261.

Stevens, Thomas, Talbot Co., 3rd Apr., 1685; 12th Mch., 1686. To brother Thomas Emerson, interest in 100 A., “Thomas Emerson's Pasture.” To sister Emerson, cousins John Shewdle, Warner Shewdle, Susanna Brown, Sarah Stevenson, and to John Clymor, personalty. Uncle John Brown, ex. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Jno. Hawkins, Jno. Davis, Thos. Willcasson, Jos. Clarke. 4. 262.

King, Robert,Wye R., Talbot Co., 4th Feb., 1686-7; 16th Aug., 1687. To Ann Thomas, Jr., John Welch, and to brother Arthur, personalty. To brother John, ex., and hrs., residue of estate. Test: Andrew Price, Wm. Donderdall, Robt. Walters. 4. 263.

Daniell, Thomas, Dorchester Co., 22nd Aug., 1685; 3rd Apr., 1686. To son Thomas and hrs., 200 A., “St. Bartholomew's.” To son William and hrs., sd. plantation in event of death of son Thomas without issue; also 100 A., “Daniell's Security,” and 150 A., “Daniell's Hillrion.” To wife Jane, extx., 190 A., “Daniells's Ell.” To John North, personalty. Overseers: Anguish Murrow, Wm. Fisher. Test: Anguish Murrow, Wm. Fisher. 4. 264. Thompson, Zachariah, Talbot Co., 26th Jan., 1684; 16th Nov., 1686. To wife Priscilla, extx., and hrs., entire estate, real and personal. Overseer: Jno. Lewis, Sr. Test: Jno. Lillington, Thos, Burrous, Ellinor Punger. 4. 264.

Staplefort, Raymond, Dorchester Co., 11th Aug., 1684; 3rd Sept., 1687. To son Charles, all lands except 400 A. To son George, land at head of Ck. To dau. Mary, 100 A., “Staplefort's Lot.” Residue of estate to be equally divided among wife (unnamed) and children. Exs.: Maj. Thos. Taylor, Brother Geo. Thompson. Test: Wm. Robson, Wm. Robson, Jr., Jno. Phillips. 4. 265.

Jagoe (Jegon), Peter, Cecil Co., 30th Nov., 1686; 1st Apr., 1687. Countryman Matthew Dellahay, ex. and sole legatee. Test: Richard Nash, Samson George, Wm. Parker. 4. 265.

Osborne, John, Capt., Somerset Co., 25th Feb., 1686; 16th June, 1687. To wife Attalanta, extx., and dau. Martha, estate, real and personal, including land called “Watermellon.” Should unborn child live to majority, to have equal share with wife and dau. afsd; sd. dau. Martha to be of age at 17 yrs. In event of death of wife during minority of child or child., testator's brother, Thomas Wesburne, to have estate in trust. Test: Matthew Scarbrongh, Bryan Peart, Hannah Hopkins, Alexander Williams, Dorothy Cay, Jane Peart. 4. 266.

Smith, Edward, Jr., Somerset Co., 29th Mch., 1687; 19th Aug., 1687. To wife Pearice, to testator's mother (unnamed), to Cornelius, son of brother Samuel Innis, to Charles and Mary Showell, child. of uncle Samuel Showell, and to Jonathan and Arnwell Showell, personalty. Exs.: Edw. Wale, Nathaniel Innis. Test: Jno Snow, Wm. Tompkine, Geo. Latcham. 4. 268.

Williams, Alexander, Somerset Co., 2nd Mch., 1686; 11th Aug., 1687. To only dau. Eliza: Fancitt, and to her first born child and hrs., personalty. To only son Charles, and hrs., residue of estate, real and personal. Exs.: Chas. Ratcliffe, Thos. Pointer, who are to have charge of son. Test: Thos. Sellbe, Jno. Bishopp, Thos. Sellbie, Francis Atkinson. 4. 268.

Patrick, Rory (alias Roger), Somerset Co., 1st Dec., 1686; 19th Aug., 1687. To dau. Ann, personalty. To eld. son John and hrs., 100 A., part of “Pinder's Neglect.” To son Roger and hrs., residue of tract afsd. To son Dorman, 100 A., part of “Reserve.” To son Matthew and hrs., 100 A., residue of “Reserve.” To wife Ann, extx., part of home plantation. To son Daniel, part of home plantation afsd. at death of sd. wife. To John Bishop and hrs., 100 A., part of home plantation. Test: Jno. Osborne, Wm. Richardson, Alexander Williams. 4. 270.

Cary, Thomas, Somerset Co., 20th May, 1681; 17th June, 1687. To wife Jane, extx., 300 A., “Cary's Adventure,” during life. To son Thomas, sd. land at death of wife afsd. To sons William and John, 150 A., “Waterford,” equally. To child., viz., Richard, Edward, Sarah, Mary, and Samuel, personalty. Child. to inherit property at majority. Test: Dom: Coppinger, Jno. Peirce. 4. 271.

Lytfoot, Thomas,Baltimore Co., 23rd Mch., 1686-7; 17th June, 1687. Wife Rebecca named as extx. and sole legatee of estate, real and personal, with the request that she make the following gifts: To cousin John Holland, 100 A. To the boy Thomas Lytfoot at Christgifts, 100 A. To sister-in-law Eliza: Larkin, and to Thomas Larkin, to Col. Thomas Taylor, personalty. Test: Dan'l Palmer, Jno. Lovall, Jno. Fox. 4. 272.

Johnson, Cornelius, Somerset Co., 14th Feb., 1686-7; 17th June, 1687. To Margaret Jones, dau. of William Jones, Sr., personalty. To William Jones, Jr., and Daniel Jones at 18 yrs. of age, and their hrs., residue of estate, real and personal. Ex., William Jones, Jr., afsd. Test: Geo. Betts, Jno. Panther, Jno. Webb. 4. 273.

Shipway, John, Somerset Co., 13th Aug., 1687; 24th Sept., 1687. To Abraham Heth, ex., and hrs., “The Dragon.” To Ursulie Heth and hrs., personalty. To John Heth at majority, and hrs., “Shipway's Choice,” and part of tract “Deep.” To Mary Heth, sister of sd. John, tracts afsd. in event of his death without issue. To John Brown, Grace Gullet, and William Trail, personalty. Overseers: David Brown, Roger Woolford. Test: Robt. Kearne, Archibald Miller. 4. 273.

Marshall, Hugh, Charles Co., -- -- --; 10th Nov., 1687. To wife Mary and to Thomas Breeding, all personalty. Exs.: Edw. Naper, Gilbert Clarke. Test: Gilbert Clarke, Richard Leman. 4. 275.

Gardner, Richard, St. Mary's Co., 19th Apr., 1687; 3rd Dec., 1687. To son Luke and hrs., all lands on both sides of the run. To son John and hrs., “Barberton Manor,” Chas. Co. To wife Eliza: and hrs., plantation in Va., and certain personalty during minority of son Luke. To brother Luke, by agreement, “St. John's.” To sd. sons, Luke and John, and hrs., residue of land equally. To father-in-law Clement Hill and his wife, to niece and goddau. Hliza: Gardner, dau. of Luke Gardner, to Monica, wife of Luke Gardner, and to priests of Catholic Church, personalty. Exs.: Uncle, Col. Henry Darnall, father Clement Hill, brother Luke Gardner.. Test: Wm. Langwoorth, Jno. Herd, Thos. Mattingly, Charles Carles, Wm. Dent. 4. 276.

Young, William, Kent Co., 12th Jan., 1686; 31st May, 1687. To wife (unnamed), extx., “Stanford” during life. To sons William and John, sd. plantation at death of wife afsd. To eld. dau. Sarah, 200 A., “Middle Plantation.” To sec. dau. Eliza: and hrs., plantation afsd. in event of death of sd Sarah without isane. Test: Jas. Clayland, Philip Hopkins, Peter Sides. 4. 278.

Pettibone, Richard, Anne Arundel Co., 16th July, 1686; 15th Nov., 1687. To son John and hrs., 1/3 of plantation. To grandchild John Tucker, personalty. To sons Isaac and Joseph and hrs., residuary legatees of entate including plantation and 2/3 of land. Exs.: Sons Joseph and Isaac afsd. Test: Jno. Andrew, Wm. Stanton, Wm. Wood. 4. 279.

Lee, Robert, St. Mary's Co., 28th Dec., 1687; 4th Jan., 1687. To Henry Darnall and wife, Col. Diggs and wife, Maj. Nicholas Sewall and wife, Mrs. Eliza: Baker, Mrs. Eliza: Beale, Mr. Heath, Thomas Grunwin, John Powell, Mrs. Van Sweringen, Maria Van Sweringen, Franeis Pennington, Mrs. Ellinor Brookes and her sister Mary Darnall, and to Henry Darnall, Jr., personalty. To father and mother, Michael and Christian Lee, in Waterford, Eng., personalty. To John Beall, Jr., son of Thomas Beall, and hrs., 200 A., “Low's Gift,” in Dorchester Co. Ex.: Col. Honry Darnall. 4. 280.

Mackdowall, Eliza:, widow of Henry Mackdowall, 5th Jan., 1687; 23rd Jan., 1687. To Eliza: Biggs, personalty. Father, John Hambleton, residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Ex. not named. Test: Thos. Spencer, Wm. Brown. 4. 281.

Johnson, John, St, Mary's Co.10th Apr., 1687; 9th Dec., 1687. To eld. son John at majority, 100 A., “Westham,” bought of Edward Barber, son of Luke Barber. To dau. Mary, son James, and to younger dau. Sarah, personalty. Wife Mary, extx. and residnary legatee of personal estate. Test: Jno. Vaudry, Robt, Frayzer, Thos. Edwards. 4. 282.

Edmondson, John, Jr., Tred Haven Ck., Talbot Co., 13th Feb., 1685-6; 26th Mch., 1687. To father, John Edmondson, and mother, Sarah, personalty. To brother James and hrs., dwelling plantation and “Cook's Manor.” To brothers William and Thomas and hrs., land in Fowling Ck., Dorchester Co. To brother Samuel and hrs., 400 A., “Fresh Run,” in Tred Haven Ck. To sister Eliza: and hrs., land given testator by his father. To cous. Emanuel Inkinson, and to Jacob Abraham and Abraham Morgain, personalty. James Edmondson afsd., ex. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Jas. Smith, Wm. Rigway, Edm. Rotte, Timothy MaCarty. 4. 284.

Cole, John, St. Mary's Co., 3rd Jan., 1687; 3rd Mch., 1687. To son William, land (unnamed); also home plantation if unborn child be a daughter. To unborn child, if a son, home plantation. To wife Ann, execx., personalty. Test: Elias Beach, Jno. Wilkes, Nich. Cole. 4. 285. Bennison, Richard, Anne Arundel Co., 9th June, 1687; 16th Jan., 1687. To wife Susanns, extx., all land during life. To daughter-in-law Mary Ball and hrs., sd. estate at death of wife, and certain personalty at age of 21 yrs. Test: Wm. Pennington, Jas. Playle, Jno. Winall. 4. 285.

How, Obediah, Calvert Co., 11th Feb., 1686; 4th June, 1687. Uncle Joseph How, ex. and sole legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Jno. Ashbe, Jas. Wiekes, Frances Warceys. 4. 286.

Battie, Seaborn, Anne Arundel Co., 2nd Jan., 1687; 3rd Mch., 1687-8. To wife Eliza:, extx., all land during life. To only son Samuel, and hrs., plantation at death of wife afsd. To sister Dinah, wife of Thomas Knighton, personalty. To wife and son afsd., residue of estate equally; sd. son to be of age at 21 yrs. Test: Woolfran Hunt, Richard Rigge, Henry Sury, Henry Hanslap. 4. 286.

Cole, Nicholas, St. Mary's Co., 4th Feb., 1687-8; 15th Mch., 1687-8. To Richard Renton during life, all land. To William Cole, son of John Cole, and hrs., sd. land at death of Richard afsd. Sd. land to pass to unborn child of Ann Cole should William afsd. die without issue. To Eliza: Cole, sister Mary Guyther, Eliza: Beach, and to Mary Guyther, eld. dau of William Guyther, personalty. Ex. not named. Test: Sarah Benton, Wm. Guyther, Thos. Griffin, Mary Luck. 4. 288.

Miller, John, Poplar Hill Hundred, St. Mary's Co., 28th Feb., 1687-8; 2nd Apr., 1688. To Robert Mason, Susanns, dau. of John Little, personalty. Maj. John Cambell, ex. and residuary legatee. Test: Wm. Husband, John Aimesworth, Moore Morgan. 4. 288.

Davies, Thomas, Island Ck., Great Choptanke R., Talbot Co., 10th May, 1687; 4th Feb., 1687-8. John Saywell, Talbot Co., ex, and sole legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Jno. Woodward, Jno. Pope, Jno. Aldridge, Sarah Bartlett. 4. 289.

Smith, Benjamin, Elk R., Cecil Co.26th Oct., 1687; 15th Feb., 1687-8. To wife Rebecca, extx., and hrs., entire estate. Test: Martha Callahan, Chas, Dermott, Ter: Hanagan. 4. 290.

Walton, William, Somerset Co., 10th Apr., 1686; 25th Aug., 1686. To son John and hrs., 400 A., “Indian Cubb.” To son Fisher and hrs., plantation, and land afsd. in event of death of sd. John without issue. To son William and hrs., 700 A., part of “Neighborhood.” To son Stephen and hrs., residue of “Neighborhood.” To wife Bebecos, extx., and 4 child. afsd., residue of estate equally. Child. to be of age at 16 yrs. Test: Wm. Whittington, Wm. Cord, Jno. Roberts. 4. 290.

Smith, Edward, Talbot Co., 11th Apr., 1687; 26th Feb., 1687-8. To wife Ann, extx., 300 A., “Golden Water,” and 400 A., “Ripple.” To daus. Martha and Eliza:, sd. land at death of wife; also 700 A., “Last Choice,” and 300 A., “Unity Cort,” equally. To Robert Perry, 200 A., “Bangrove.” To dau. Ann Vigerons, and to dau. Mary, to grandehild. Ann, Cornelfus, and Percy Enis, to brother Showell, and to Jon: and Arnwell Showell, personalty. Test: Michael Howard, Mary Oman, Jas. Round. 4. 292.

Holland, Francis, Herring Ck., Anne Arundel Co., 9th Nov., 1687; 19th Jan., 1687. To John Stevens and hrs., 50 A., part of “Brawton Nashly.” To Richard Tucker, part of same tract. To Michael Askew, John Trewton, Sarah Tucker, dau. of Rachel Tucker, Joanna, wife of Isaac Hollingsworth, and unborn child at 18 yrs. of age, personalty. Wife Sarah, extx. and reaiduary legatee of estate, real and personal. Test: Sam'l Holliday, Lidia Conant, Jno. Thompson. 4. 293. Tike, William, (nunc.), Dorchester Co.,-- -- -- 17th Nov., 1687. To William Kanelly, ex., and hrs., “Differton.” To Dorothy Hutcheson, personalty. Test: Jno. Pitt, Jno. Edmondson, Wm. Berry, Wm. Sokewell, Nath'l Cleve, Wm. Dixon, Jno. Ashdell, Jas. Ridley, Jno. Wootters, Wm. Sharpe, Wm. Stevens, Thos. Taylor, Jno. Woodward, Ann Whiteley. 4. 294.

Clement, Andrew, Cecil Co., 30th July, 1685; 11th Oct., 1687. To son Andrese, 150 A. (unnamed) To sons Crales and John and to 3 young. sons, viz., Henry, Michael, and Matthew, each 50 A. (unnamed). To wife (unnamed), extx., dower rights. Test: Richard Daggett, Gisbert Coxe, Hewe Rice, Henry Riggs, Ann Hewes, Mary Beadle. 4. 295.

Stevens, William, Rehoboth, Pocomoke, Somerset Co., 29th Aug., 1687; 26th Mch., 1688. To Sarah White, widow, plantation during life which “she now lives on.” To Stevens White, son of sd. Sarah, and hrs., sd. plantation at her death; also property on which testator lived, and “The Points.” To John White's child. and their hrs., 200 A., (unnamed) in common. To cous. William White and hrs., 500 A. (unnamed). To cous. Eliza: White and hrs., 500 A., “Cedar Hall.” To 3 young. daus, of sister White, viz., Tabitha, Priscilla, and Sarah, personalty. To Edward (or Edmond) Howard and his son, William Stevens Howard, and hrs., land (for description see will). To George, sec, son of Edmond (Edward) Howard, land (for description see will). To Benjamin Keysar, 300 A., part of “Rich Ridge,” and personalty in Rehoboth Town. To wife Eliza:, extx., dower rights, and to hold land bequeathed to Stevens White afsd. during life. Test: Philip Hammon, Thos, Prunell, Henry Seafield. 4. 296.

Kenett, Henry, Kent Co., 18th Sept., 1687; 10th Jan., 1687. To Isaac Dun, personalty. To Melchi Mellchisadeck, son of John Weeks, entire estate, real and personal, for term of 14 years. To James Noble, son of Dorothy Noble, and hrs., sd. estate at expiration of 14 yrs. Exs.: Wm. Perkett, Jno. Weeks. Test: Beng. Ricaud, Jno, Stookes, Thos. Ricaud. 4. 298.

Golaish, John, Calvert Co., 1st Jan., 1682; 1st May, 1688. To wife Margaret during life, entire estate. To son-in-law (stepson) John King, only son of wife afsd., sd. estate at her death. Ex. not given. Test: Richard Rach, Jno. Crachly, Geo. Acheson, Robt. Dove. 4. 299.

Sivick, John, Anne Arundel Co., 1st Dec., 1687; 26th Apr., 1688. To wife Susanna, extx., and hrs., entire estate, real and personal, including 200 A. on Herring Ck. Test: Thos. Knighton, Jno. Spencer, Harmon Churchyard, Jno. Christian. 4. 299.

Wedill, Roger, Talbot Co., 6th Jan., 1685-6; 31st Mch., 1686. To eld. son (unnamed) and hrs., plantation and 1/2 land on e. side Fishing Ck. Branch. To son Nicholas and hrs., residue of land on e. side sd. branch. To son John and hrs., all land on w. side sd. branch. To daus. Mary and Catherine, personalty. To wife (unnamed), extx., 1/3 of personalty. To all of testator's child. equally, residue of personal estate. Child. to be of age at 18 yrs. Overseers: Henry Coursey, Jr., Jno. Johnson. Test: Wm. Tongue, Jno. Swayne, Wm. Forder. 4. 300.

Walker, John, Chester, Talbot Co., 16th Apr., 1687; 14th Mch., 1687-8. To son Daniel, 1/2 of testator's part of “Walker's Square.” To unborn child, if a son, residue of sd. plantation. If sd. child be dau. entire tract to pass to Daniel afsd. at 21 yrs. of age. To daus. Margaret and Frances at 16 yrs. of age, personalty. Wife Margaret, extx. and residuary legatee of personal estate. Test: Hugh Paxtone, Grace Paxtone, Wm. Warren. 4. 301.

Rasin, Thomas, St. Mary's Co., 18th Apr., 1687; 23rd Apr., 1688. Wife and 5 child. (all unnamed) joint exs. and legatees of estate, real and personal; sons to be of age at 18 yrs., and daus. at 16 yrs. Child. to be brought up Roman Catholics. Overseers: Mr. Penington, Col. Darnall. Test: Kenelm Cheseldyn, Alice Bramble, Eliza: Smithson. 4. 301.

Evans, John, St. Mary's Co., 5th Mch., 1687-8; 25th May, 1688. To Matthew, son of Robert Mason, to John, son of Robert Jones, to Catherine Lawrence, dau. of Henry Lawrence, and to Eliza: Phyppes, widow, personalty. To wife (unnamed), 1/3 of estate, real and personal. To dau. Mary at 16 yrs. of age and hrs., residue of estate, real and personal, including 100 A., “Hogg's Neck,” and 200 A., part of “Salleum” in Chas. Co. Ex.: Edw. Morgan. Test: Meckell Bowllin, Samuell Painter, Edw. Jenkin, Kenelm Cheseldyn, Jno. Cammell. 4. 302.

Rhamsey, Samuel, Calvert Co.,-- -- -- 7th Mch., 1687-8. To child., viz., Samuel, John, William, and Mary, personalty. Wife Eliza:, extx. and residuary legatee. Test: Thos. Price, Jane Burke, Sam'l Warcupp. 4. 304.

Husculaw, Dennis, St. Mary's Co., 27th Nov., 1687; 18th Mch., 1687-8. To wife Eliza:, extx., dower rights. To dau. Ann Willer and hrs., 100 A., “St. Ann's.” To dau. Jane at 18 yrs. of age, and hrs., 50 A., “St. Vincent's.” To son William and hrs, residue of estate, real and personal. Overseers: Robt. and Francis Green. Test: Wm. Boarman, Richard Edelen, Thos. Hage. 4. 304.

Orowley, Bryan, St. Mary's Co., 16th Dec., 1687; 21st Apr., 1688. To wife Ann, extx., 1/2 50 A., “Morries's Mount.” To 2 eld. daus., viz., Mary and Ann, and their hrs., residne of “Morriss's Mount” equally. To daus. Eliza: and Ellinor and their hrs., and to son-in-law John Wilson and hrs., personalty. Overseers: Timothy Mahony, Thos. Dillon. Test: Michael Cooke, Wm. Marsan, Jemima Capscio. 4. 305.

Parker, George, Calvert Co., 28th July, 1685; 1st May, 1688. To dau. Mary, wife of Francis Buxton, dau. Eliza: at 17 yrs. of age, grandchild Hannah Parker, and to William Holland and to James Cranford, personalty. To son William and hrs., 805 A., “Godwell,” on South R. To Eliza:, wife of sd. son William, personalty. To son John and hrs., home plantation. To grandchild. George Buxtone and Richard Edgerly at majority and their hrs., “Parker's Chance” in Baltimore Co. To wife Catherine, extx., dower rights. Cous. Henry Jowles to assist in executorship. Test: Thos. Day, Geo. Curwen, Wm. Holland. 4. 307.

Simmons, Henry, Calvert Co., 19th Dec., 1687; 7th Apr., 1688. To wife Martha, 1/2 of home plantation during life. To son Richard and hrs., entire estate, including land bequeathed testator's wife by will of her father, at death of sd. wife. Sd. son to be of age at 21 yrs. Ex.: Father-in-law Abraham Clarke. Test: Jno. Hunt, Jno. Lidyatt, Barber Jarvice, Dan'l Benson. 4. 309.

Emerton (Emorton), Humphrey, Herring Ck., Anne Arundel Co., 8th Jan., 1686-7; 4th June, 1688. To son Walter and hrs., land (unnamed). To sons John and Benjamin and their hrs., land, viz., “Broad Nashley,” “Emerton's Range,” and “Emorton's Addition,” equally. Should any die without issue, survivor or aurvivors to inherit deceased's portion. To wife Jans, extx., dower rights. Test: Richard Webb, Jno. Thompson. 4. 310.

Wheeler, John, (nunc.) Anne Arundel Co., 2nd Jan., 1687; 15th June, 1688. To mother (unnamed), entire estate. Ex. not given. Test: Jos. Story, Eliza: Lea, Sarah Jones. 4. 311.

Cheiney, Richard, Sr., Anne Arundel Co., 6th Mch., 1685-6; -- -- --. To eld. son Richard, ex., and hrs., 250 A., “Cheiney's Rest,” on South R. To 2 sons, viz., Thomas and Oharles, at 16 yrs. of age, “Res. olution;” sd. sons to be in charge of eld. son Richard afsd. and son-in-law John Jacobs and his wife. To 3 days., viz., Mary, Eliza:, and Ann, personalty. To wife (unnamed), dower rights. Test: Wm. Burgess, Wm. Cocks. 4. 311.

Osborne, Thomas, Snow Hill, Somerset Co., 28th Dec., 1687; 9th June, 1688. To sons Thomas and Samuel and hrs., all land equally. To wife Eliza:, extx., personalty. To 4 child. (unnamed), personalty; the 3 sons to be of age at 18 yrs. Test: Jno. Oker, Jon. Towers. 4, 312.

Murfue, John, Somerset Co., 3rd Sept., 1687; 9th June, 1688. To wife Bridget, 400 A., “Kilkeny,” during life. To 2 sons, viz., Thomas and John, sd. land at death of wife afsd. Wife Bridget afsd., extx. and residuary legatee of personalty for the benefit of all testator's child. Test: Jno. Jones, Eliza: Williams, Jas. Round. 4. 312.

Greene, Leonard, St. Mary's Co., 10th Jan., 1687; 4th July, 1688. To wife Ann, “Greene's Rest” during life. To son Thomas and hrs., sd. plantation at death of his mother, also 200 A. at Panguya, Chas. Co., being part of “Greene's Inheritance” patented by testator and 2 brothers, viz., Francis and Robert. [Page 28] To eld. dau. Wynyfred and hrs., 200 A., part of sd. “Greene's Inheritance.” To dau. Mary and hrs., 200 A., part of sd. tract. To dau. Margaret and hrs., 200 A., part of sd. tract. Child. to be in care of their mother. Exs., Brother Francis Greene, brother Thomas Clarke. Test: Francis Penington, Kenelm Cheseldyn, Thos. Taylor, Kate Cannon. 4. 318.

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