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WHEREAS, Through the blessings of God we have been permitted to hold the eleventh session of our Annual Conference in the City of St. Paul, and so much personal profit and enjoyment has come to us; Therefore,
   Resolved, That we render thanksgiving to our Heavenly Father for our preservation, for the presence of the Holy Spirit, both in our business sessions and our devotional services, bringing us into closer fellowship with Christ, strengthening the bond of Christian brotherhood, and producing the sweet tender spirit that has so manifestly marked all of our work.
   Resolved, That we hereby express our appreciation of the able presidency, the wise council, the brotherly spirit of our Bishop Henry W. Warren D. D. LL. D. That we shall ever bear to him our love and esteem and the assurance of a most cordial welcome if in the future plans of Episcopal Visitation he shall come to us again.
   That we congratulate our brother, Rev. H. A. Barton, for the splendid entertainment afforded us, and for his genial conduct toward us as his guests.
   Resolved, That we are greatly pleased with the cordial welcome give us by the excellent people of St. Paul. That we most gratefully esteem their generous provisions for our comfort and for their Christian bearing toward us while we have tarried with them.
   Resolved, That we renew our expressions of gratitude to the various railroad companies for favors granted us. That we also tender our thanks to the city press for the complimentary notices, and excellent reports of our Conference proceedings.    Signed,
spacerC. D. Day, T. C. Webster.

Epworth League.

   WHEREAS, The Epworth League is manifestly a child of Divine Providence; and the late General Conference gave it legal standing in the church.
   Resolved, That we heartily commend its action and whereas the object of the League is to promote intelligent and vital piety to aid in the attainment of purity of heart, constant growth in grace and to train its members in works of mercy and help.
   Resolved. That it is the sense of this Annual Conference, that this object can be best accomplished, by the reading of instructive and good books. And that it is the pastor's duty to organize the League into reading circles, and to secure subscribers for the Epworth Herald.
   Resolved, That the Conference League be discontinued, and that we



give our earnest Support to the District and State Leagues. And that we approve of a National gathering of the Epworth Leagues in 1893, and if a National meeting is held will send delegates, and whereas, Bishop Hurst, Chancellor of the American University has called upon the Epworth Leagues of America to aid said University by the erection of an Epworth League Hall,
   Resolved, That we call the special attention of our Leagues to this request, and encourage them in giving to the above enterprise.
   Signed, spacerJ. B. Priest, A. L. Mickel, J. T. Crooks.

Stewards' Report.

   We, your board of conference stewards, are obliged to report more claimants and less funds than last year. We have received

From conference collections

$346 00

Chartered fund

25 00

Book Concern

662 00


$1,033 00

Which we have applied as follows:

To D. T. Olcott

$150 00

To Mrs. J. M. Adair

100 00

To Mrs. Z. S. Rhone

100 00

To Mrs. T. B. Lemon

125 00

To Mrs. J. J. Fleharty

118 00

To Mrs. T. Thompson

100 00

To Mrs. J. R. Gortner

100 00

To W. H. Carter

90 00

To Mrs. J. Fowler

100 00

To Wesley Wilson's Children

50 00


$1,033 00

We recommend the following plan for the collection and distribution of Conference Claimaints' funds:


   Each congregation shall observe a Sunday to be known as Veterans' Day, upon which the pastor shall present this cause to the members of the church and emphasize their obligation to the Conference Claimants. A collection shall be taken in the public congregation for the support of Conference Claimants separate from any other interest.


   All moneys received for annual distribution in aid of the support of Conference claimants shall be divided into two sums; the first consisting of seventy-five per cent of the whole, shall be called the Annuity Fund; the second, consisting of twenty-five per cent of the whole shall be called the Necessitous Fund. All superanuated ministers, the widows, and children under fifteen years of age, of deceased ministers shall be Conference Claimants, unless the claim be voluntarily relinquished.



   The annuity fund shall be divided among the claimants upon the following basis: Each minister shall receive annually ten dollars for each year of his effective service; each widow shall receive one-half her husband's claim; each child shall receive one-fifth its father's claim. These claims shall be paid pro rata from the moneys in hand.
   The Necessitous Fund shall be divided among the claimants, whether superannuates, widows or children, whose annuities are insufficient for their needs, in such proportions as the committee on conference claimant may deem equitable.
   The gross allowance to each claimant from the above funds shall be reported to and approved by the annual conference.
   WHEREAS, The carrying out of this plan will require an increased income for the support of conferance claimants; therefore,
   Resolved, That each member of the conference, except those who are superannuated, will be expected to contribute at least five dollars annually to the above funds.
   Signed: spacerC. N. Dawson, Samuel Cates, J. Crews.

State of the Church.

   While with thankfulness to God we behold, at the end of another Conference year, much material prosperity and great spiritual advancement in our church, yet we believe that in some ways more progress should be made.
   Resolved, That for the spiritual welfare of the Church, more prominence should be given to the class and prayer meetings, and that as our benevolences have nearly all fallen short this year, we will endeavor to be more zealous in this matter in the year before us. That we urge upon all of our Stewards and Official Boards the importance of following the discipli[nary]* plan of providing for and raising the preacher's salary, and that we will nary* discourage all objectionable methods.
   Resolved, That we recognize the Deaconess movement as a potent factor in carrying the Gospel to the masses, and for the building up of God's Kingdom.
   Resolved, That we recognize in the Epworth League the providence of God, providing for the great needs of Methodism in this age of the world, and that we view with pleasure the increasing tendency of our Church to utilize its facilities to the exclusion of any inter denominational society, and that we urge the pastors of this Conference to emphasize the claim, of this movement in all of its aspects and far reaching results and that an effort be made in every charge of this Conference to establish a chapter.    Signed.
spacerW. M. Worley, J. T. Kunckey, W. Stanner, H. H. Millard.




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