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1890 Gazetteer


    Business Directory and farmer list for 1890 - 1891

Omaha: J.M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509 - 510 Paxton Block 1890

Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J.M. Wolfe

& Co., in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D.C.

Douglas County
Omaha -- County Seat

Transcribed by David Peterson October 1999

Elk City  Elkhorn  Florence  Fort Omaha  Fowler  Irvington

Mercer  Millard  Omaha  South Omaha  Valley  Waterloo

   Elk City, a post office in the northwestern part of Douglas county, 22 miles from Omaha, the judicial seat. Population 70.

Abraham L W, meat market
Brown F J, blacksmith and hotel.
Culp H, postmaster
Culp H & Turner, genl mdse.
Gains A C, hotel.
Gelston Geo, ranchman.
Moore J W, ins.
Morris J H, justice.
Purdum T J, blacksmith.
Turner M B, carpenter.
Turner Wm R, county commissioner.

   Elk Horn, on the U.P. Ry., 29 miles northwest of Omaha, has a population of 600, and is steadily growing. The country surrounding is of the most delightful character. rich in soil and varied in scenery. Hon. A . J. Poppleton, of Omaha, has built a splendid summer residence near the place, at a cost of $5,000. Mr Poppleton has a large stock farm near this place.

Allen W I , principal public schools.
Anderson John, ice dealer
Baldwin Charles W, drugs, phys.
Bank of Elkhorn, J M Brunner pres.
B B Baldwin cashier.
Barber E Miss, dressmaker.
Bierbach, August, saloon, hotel, dance hall.
Cannon W S, drugs, groceries.
Crooks J T. pastor M E church.
Fry Jonas A, livery.
Gibbons & Son, blacksmith.
Goodhard George H, saloon
Goodhard Henning, saloon.
Goodhard J W, postmaster.
Goodhard J W & Bros., genrl mdse.
Greggerson John, furniture.
Grove Hotel, James Mayhew prop.
Hansen Herman A, meat market.
Heinzmann George, meat market.
Hollister A, brick mfr.
Jeffries H B, carpenter.
Kaessner Gustav, harnessmaker, lumber, agl implts, repairing all kinds machinery a specialty.
Koner Wm, hardware
Korner Herman, blacksmith
Kreymborg Henry, gen mdse.
Luitjens Wm, prop Elkhorn House.
McGrew Annie Mrs, millinery.
Mayhew James, prop Grove Hotel, saloon, livery.
Meyer Herman, shoemaker.
Morrison Wm, harness mfr.
Nolte Henry A, live stock, grain.
O'Brien Edward, confectionery
Rasmus Henry, carpenter.
Reber F I, hardware,agl implts.
Reihing J A, sta, tel and ex agt.
Rieken August, genl msde.
Rolfs Hans J, grain dealer.
Schoenbohm Wm, photographer.
Silvis J B, justice.


   Florence, is a beautiful suburban town, six miles north of Omaha in Douglas county, on the line of C. St. P.M. & O. Ry. In addition to its natural advantages much has been expended to adorn the city and make a desirable place of residence. The American Water Works Co., have their plant located here for the supply of Omaha, Florence and South Omaha. The main building is a superb stone structure with handsome surroundings. During the past four years the company has built virtually a new plant of immense cap- acity. The present consumption of water amounts to 17,000,000 gallons per day. The citizens of Florence have recently erected a very fine brick school building at a cost of $18,000. Population of Florence is about 600.

Babier Alfred, restaurant.
Brown Stephen, saloon.
Cowan Robert W, groceries.
Daggett John, barber.
Davis Nate, livery
Devoon Edward, shoemaker.
Goldbrauson L, blacksmith.
Hamilton C C, wood dealer.
Hamilton Marshall, saw mills.
Keirle & Fouke, meat market.
Kiester J I, groceries.
Laughlin J C, carpenter.
Lester W O, saloon.
Peterson J H, genl msde.
Prichard Edward, prop Travelers
Hotel & Saloon.
Rose Wm H, groceries.
Stalon John, groceries, postmaster.
Tracey J F, physician.
Travelers Hotel, E Prichard prop.
Tucker Freeman, hotel.
Weasa Henry, meat market.
Webber Jacob, flouring mill.
Wight Leroy W, groceries.
Wulf Hans, saloon.


   Fort Omaha, one of the largest and best appointed U.S. military posts in the state, is located on a government reservation within the limits of the city of Omaha, three miles and a half north from the post office. The buildings are substantial and the parade grounds very fine. Electric railway cars run constantly from the vacinity of the fort through the city to South Omaha. A tract of land lying about eight miles south of Omaha, near Bellevue, has been purchased by the government, at which point a new fort is about to be established, to which the garrison will be removed when suitable buildings shall have been erected. (For business directory see Omaha).

   Fowler, a postoffice in the Northwestern part of Douglas county, Eight miles east of Fremont.

   Irvington, a station on the F. E. & M. V. R. R., in the northeastern part of Douglas county, 10 miles from Omaha, the county seat and metropolis of the state. It has several stores and two good flouring mills in constant operation. Population, 250. Several churches of different denominations are well supported.

Brewster E L, agl implts.
Hiler P, genl mdse.
Johnson H S, genl mdse.
Knight J G, justice.
Kragskow N, flour mill.
Miller W B, station agt.
Nelson N, flour mill.
Pamp C E, blacksmith.
Twaddell R M, genl mdse, postmaster.

   Mercer, a side track on the U. P. Ry. four miles east of Fremont.

 Note: In spite of this description of location, Mercer was in Douglas County

   Millard, has a population of about 250, and is located in the southern part of Douglas county, 21 miles from Omaha, the county seat, on the U.P. Ry. The surrounding county is most desirable for farming. The settlers are mostly a thrifty class of Germans. There are several substancial business buildings. The Lutheran church cost $1,700. A flour mill, a lumber yard, two brick yards and a variety of stores, etc., comprise the business operations of the place.  
Anderson Charles, genl mdse.
Arff John, saloon.
Christiansen A D, brick mfr.
Dahmke, Christ, harnessmaker.
Ebner Fred W, phys, drugs, justice.
Gerndorf Herman, saloon.
Holstein Chr, blacksmith.
Jesperson T, physician.
Kaelber Wm, dry goods, groceries.
Kelsey Henry, postmaster, grain ins, justice.
Koch Herman, carpenter.
Koltenmann Charles, flour mill.
Link Harvey, physician.
Peters Wm, genl mdse.
Poppenhagen Christ, saloon dance hall.
Schmidt H N, blacksmith.
Schroeder Julius, saloon.
Schuett Charles, brick mfr.
Steen Dora, dressmaker.
Thiessen Katie, dressmaker.
Van Dohren Wm, lumber, coal, agl implts.
Warnstedt Theo & Son, hardware, stoves.
Welch Wm, barber.
Weybright John, sta, tel and ex agt.


South Omaha

   Valley has a population of about 400, and is located in the northwestern portion of Douglas county, at the junction of the main line of the U P Ry. and its Republican valley branch. It is 35 Miles from Omaha and 11 miles from Fremont. There are here a bank, two hotels and a newspaper, a good school, etc. The Valley Enterprise, published by J.B. Ferree. The Methodist church represents the religious element.

Agee J W, phys.
Byars C E, barber.
Byars L P, hardware.
Collins Charles, constable.
Du Bois Wm. harnessmaker.
Egbert A A & Co, genl mdse.
Farmers and Merchants Bank of Valley, Geo W E Dorsey pres,
     W G Whitmore vice-pres, E S Flor cashier.
Felty G T, blacksmith.
Ferree J B, pub Valley Enterprise.
Fouts & Co, saloon.
Fouts R, restaurant.
Gardner A, carpenter.
Growcock M Miss, millinery.
Hempsted J W, postmaster, drugs.
Harrier W M, saloon.
Harrier Perry, meat market.
Harris Joseph, restaurant.
Hart Wm, blacksmith.
Hudspith E, prop Union House.
Ingran John H, livery.
Marrs Hugh, shoemaker.
Mason J, contractor and builder.
Miller Joseph, live stock.
Pickard Henry, mason.
Puffer Bros, genl mdse.
Reid Hotel, John Reid prop.
Reid John, prop Reid Hotel.
Simonton J H, genl mdse.
Standen Alfred, meat market.
Union House, E Hudspith prop.
Valley Enterprise, J B Ferree pub
Whitman Bros, hay dealers.
Williams H, sta, tel and ex agt.
Wood & Grantham, live stock.
Yeager John, justice.
Young H, meat market.

   Waterloo is in the western part of Douglas county, 31 miles from Omaha, on the line of the U. P. Ry., and has a population of about 600. A fine creamery, a canning factory, an elevator, a brick yard, a lumber yard and a broom factory are among the business enterprises of the place. The grain elevator cost $25,000; the parsonage of the Christian church cost $2,500. Extensive and beautiful grounds have been fitted up as a summer resort, having boating and other attractions for excursion parties the churches here are the Methodist, Christian and Presbyterian. The press is represented by the News, H. A. wills, publisher. There is a lodge of A. F. & A. M., representing the social organizations.

Anthens John, blacksmith.
Barber R W, stock dealer.
Bell Jens F, seedsman.
Brydon E B Mrs, meat market.
Carrigan & Butterworth, millinery, dressmaking.
Claybough W W, physician.
Colvin Chas, carpenter.
Corliss & Johnson, props Waterloo Creamery.
Coy C P & Son, seedsmen.
DuBois Philip H, harness mfr.
Enfield Frederick, drugs.
Finney Wm, broommaker.
Henry & Coatsworth Co H B Henninger mgr, lumber, agl implts.
Hill G W & Co, genl mdse.
Hollister A, brick mfr.
Jackson T J, confectionery.
Jacobson Wm, carpenter, builder.
Johnson & Resum, furniture, hardware.
Lindberg Gust, shoemaker.
Linn G E, hardware.
McLaughlin James, phys.
Mahew Alfred, prop South Side Hotel, saloon.
Myer E R, ins.
Peterson J H, meat market.
Resum A, carpenter, builder.
Robinson Henry, barber.
Robinson, J C, seeds.
Shannon Leslie W, sta, tel and ex agt.
Stephens L L, coal, live stock.
Stout E S, postmaster.
Todd Thomas D, prop Waterloo House, livery.
Traber J C, groceries.
Waterloo Canning Co, F T Emerson pres, and genl mgr, A F Cottrell,
Sec and treas.
Waterloo Creamery, Corliss & Johnson props.
Waterloo House, Thomas D Todd, prop.
Watts J R, real estate.
Wills H A, pub Waterloo News.

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