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1890-1 Business Directory & Farmer's List of the Nebraska State Gazetteer 


Aabel, Jens, wholesale fish, 802 S 13th.
Abraham, Henry J. prop., Omaha Furniture Co., 1207 Farnam.
Academy of the Sacred Heart, Mother Dunne, superior, Park Place, N 36th and Burt.
Ackermann Bros. & Heintze (E.C. and G.A. Ackermann, A.M. Heintze), printers,
     binders and blank book mfrs. and electrotypers, 1116 Howard.
Achison, H. J., agt., reclining chairs, 321 N 15th.
Acme Iron and Wire Works, W. Boehl, prop., 512 S 16th.
Acme Pressed Brick Co., Irving Allison, pres. and treas., Thomas F. Tuttle, sec.,
     pressed brick mfrs. r 508 First National Bank bldg.
Acme Steam Laundry, Nels Mathiesen, prop., 2913 Lake.
Adair, A. J., drugs, 3022 N 16th.
Adair, Hill, horse dealer, 2358 S 16th.
Adamant Wall Plaster Co., A.K. Walla, Pres., Wm G. Herdman, vice pres., Wm. Lorimer,
     sec. and treas., wall plaster, Locust St, East Omaha.
Adams Bros. (A. Crawford and Robert W. Adams), cigars and tobacco, 1202 Farnam.
Adams, C. F., Home Furnishing House, C. F. Adams, prop., Geo. S. Meck, Mgr., 1619 Howard.
Adams Express Co., R.B. Reeves, agt., 214 S 15th.
Adams, Isaac, atty., r 515, Paxton blk.
Adams, J. H., chop house, 209 S 12th.
Adams, W. R., civil engineer, chief engineer Neb. Central Ry., r 22 Nebraska National Bank bldg.
Adler & Heller (Ferdinand Adler, Albert Heller), wholesale liquors, 1114 Farnam.
Aetna Life Insurance Co. of Hartford, E.B. Hall, state mgr., r 406 Merchants Nat'l. Bank bldg.
Ahlquist, C. G., hardware, 1327 N 24th.
Ahlstrand, S., boots, shoes, 1115 S 6th.
Ahmanson, J. phys., 302 Sheely blk.
Aiken, J. M., phys., r 308 J.J. Brown blk.
Ainscow, Jas., sec. and mgr., Model Steam Laundry, 1110 Dodge.
Akin, J.W., contractor and builder, N 22d and Cuming.
Albee, H. L. Mrs., dressmaker, 1717 Cuming.
Albright, E. S., R.R. Employment Bureau, 1120 Farnam.
Albright Land & Lot Co., W. G. Albright, pres, E.S. Rood, treas., Arthur East, sec.,
     real estate, r 521-523 N.Y. Life bldg.
Aldinger, Eugene, saloon, 1018 S 10th.
Aldrich, S.H., barber, 2015 Cuming.
Alexander, E.L., phys., 1024 N 24th.
Alexander, F.E., loans, 1519 Farnam.
Alexander & Smith (Wm. H. Alexander, W. Farnam Smith), insurance, 19 Continental blk.
Allen Bros. (Edgar, Arthur and Oscar Allen), wholesale grocers, 1114-1116 Harney.
Allen, C. W. fish market, 1117 Dodge.
Allen, Edmund T., oculist and aurist, r 309 Ramge bldg.
Allen, Wm. F., gen. agt., The Mutual Life Ins. Co., r 204 First Nat'l Bank bldg.
Allen, Wing B., sec. Omaha Coal Exchange, r 440 Bee bldg.
Allger, W. A. agt., Lamson Consolidated Store Service Co., 544 Paxton blk.
Allison, Irving, pres. and treas., Acme Pressed Brick Co., r 508 First Nat'l Bank bldg.
Alperson, John, groceries, 201 N 11th.
Altman, David, clothing, 523 N 16th.
Altman, L., furniture, 1911 Cuming.
Altwein, Albert, bakery, 619 N 16th.
Ambler, Glaucus S., real estate and loans., supt., O&S W St. Ry Co., 813-814 N.Y. Life bldg.
Ambrose & Duffie (G.W. Ambrose, E. R. Duffie), attys., r 415 Paxton blk.
American District Telegraph Co., L.H. Korty, pres., J. J. Dickey, vice-pres., L. M. Rheem,
     sec., treas. and genl. mgr., J. Donnelly jr., supt., 1304 Douglas.
American Express Co., L.A. Garner, genl. supt. western division, 311 First Nat'l. Bank bldg,
     C.S. Potter agt., 1102 Farnam.
American Fuel Co., J.F. Day, mgr., 215 S 15th.
American Hand-Sewed Shoe Co., W.B. Taylor, pres., F. Hubbard, treas., A.T. Austin, agt.,
boots and shoes, 1204 -1206 Harney.
American House, J. Weishartinger, prop., 920 Douglas.
American Loan & Trust Co., capital $500,000, O.M. Carter, pres., C.S. Montgomery, vice-pres.,
     J. Fred Rogers, vice-pres., D.D. Cooley, treas., Phillip Potter, sec., A.C. Powell,
     cashier, 1420 Farnam.
American National Bank (The), John L. McCague, pres., Alfred R. Dufrene, vice-pres.,
     Henry T. Wyman, cashier, n.w. cor. Dodge and 15th.
American Press Association, O.J. Smith, pres., R.W. Nelson, vice-pres., G.W. Cummings,
     sec. and treas., N.G. Perkins, mgr., Omaha office 1020-1022 Farnam.
American Refrigerator Transit Co., S.D. McAllister, agt., r 24 U.S. Nat'l Bank bldg.
American Savings Bank, capital $100,000, O.M. Carter, pres., C.S. Montgomery, vice-pres.,
     Philip Potter, treas., A.C. Powell, cashier, 1420 Farnam.
American Water Works Co., W.H. Hall, asst. mgr., A.B. Hunt, supt., Bee bldg.
Ames Real Estate Agency (Geo. C. Ames, Geo. W. Ames), 1507 Farnam.
Anderson, A., jewelry, 518 N 16th.
Anderson, A., stationery, notions and cigars, 2213-2215 Cuming.
Anderson & Darby, prop., Omaha Carriage Top Co., 214 N 15th.
Anderson, Edward, boot and shoe maker, 1119 Douglas.
Anderson, Geo., groceries, Leavenworth nr M.P. Ry.
Anderson, Gustave, justice, U.S. commissioner, 1504 Farnam.
Anderson, Henry, saloon and billiards, 724 S 16th.
Anderson, James, real estate and notary, 204 Sheely blk.
Anderson, J., shoemaker, 515 N 16th.
Anderson & Nelson, saloon, 219 N 16th.
Anderson & Osterman, groceries, 16th and Ogden.
Anderson, P.F., saloon, 1520 Dodge.
Anderson, W., groceries, 2908 Hamilton.
Andreen, G., prop., Omaha Safe & Iron Works, 610-612 S 14th.
Andreesen, Edward M., sec. and treas., Lee-Clarke-Andreesen Hardware Co., 1108-1110 Harney.
Andrews, Amador, supt., Nebraska division Wells, Fargo & Cos. express, r 305 N.Y. Life bldg.
Andrews Brothers, genl. agts., Smith Bridge Co., r 58-59 Chamber of Commerce.
Andrews, M.J., Mrs., dressmaker, 614 S 12th.
Andrews, S.L., clothing, 1524 Douglas.
Angene, Louis, agt., Fostoria Buggy Co. and Overman Carriage Co., 1003 Farnam.
Anglin, R.S., specialist, r 23 Douglas blk.
Anglo-American Mortgage & Trust Co. - Savings Department, L.W. Tulleys, pres., J.N. Brown,
     vice-pres., J.V. McDowell, sec., E.H. Walters, treas., 405 S 15th.
Anheuser-Busch Brewing Assn., Fritz Walter, Mg., G. Zimmerman, city agent, 1207-1215 Jones.
Annett Bros., meat market, 1350 N 20th.
Annewalt, W.E., millinery, 115 N 15th.
Antes, J.D., cigars and tobacco, Bee bldg.
Anthony, C.E. & C.M. (Charles E. and Clifford M. Anthony, George W. Curtiss), investment bankers,
     Lyman W. Case, mgr., Wm.P. Fowler, cashier, r 318 N.Y. Life bldg.
Aplin, Edgar, cigars and tobacco, 1305 Douglas.
Apner, Samuel, barber, 2056 Poppleton ave.
Apple, N.B., real estate, loans, r 10 Ware block.
Appleton, D. & Co., J.A. Zabrieskie, agt., subscription books, 1418 Harney.
Arctic Ice Co., David Talbot, pres., Henry J. Cole, sec. and treas., 220 South 12th.
Armstrong & Co. (George and E.L. Armstrong), agl. implts., 1308 Izard.
Armstrong, J.W., prop., Clifton House, 1104 South 6th.
Arndt, Fred, meat market, 1817 Vinton.
Arneman, A., real estate, notary public, 1509 Farnam.
Arnold, Ed. D., phys., 15 Frenzer blk.
Arnold, J.W. & E.E., florist, 1210 North 18th.
Arnold, L.B., phys., 15 Frenzer blk.
Arnold, M.J., Mrs., dressmaker, 520 S 13th.
Arnold Wm. phys. r 15 Frenzer blk.
Arnold & Winstanley (James H. Arnold, James G. Winstanley), real estate, r 535 Paxton blk.
Arnstein, S., clothing, 1303 Douglas.
Arthur & Herd (Wm. Arthur, Thomas Herd), contractors and builders, r 609 Merchants National Bank bldg.
Arthur, J. H., contracting freight agent, C.M. & St. P. Ry. Co., Farnam sw cor. 15th.
Atkins, Charles, contacting freight agent, U.P. Ry., 1302 Farnam.
Atlantic Hotel, Hans Theilgaard, prop., 611 S 10th.
Atwood & Fox (James Atwood, John W. Fox), livery stable, 1707 Cuming.
Audrit, John, saloon, billiards and groceries, 1806 S 16th.
Aulabaugh Fur Co., J.A. Aulabaugh, mgr., 218 S 15th.
Aulabaugh, J.A., mgr., Aulabaugh Fur Co., 218 S 18th.
Aultman & Taylor Co. (The), F.L. Loomis, mgr., threshing machinery and engines, 9th ne cor. Douglas.
Austin, Albert T., agent, American Hand-sewed Shoe Co., 1204 -1206 Harney and 123 N 16th.
Avery Plaster Co., F.P. Day, Mgr., agl. implts., S 8th and Pacific.
Ayer, J.B., veterinary surgeon, 1801 S 13th.
Ayer, F.C., mgr., Fairbanks, Morse & Co., 1018 Farnam.
Babcock, C.E., state agent and adjuster, N.Y. Underwriters Agency, 1 Barker blk.
Babcock, Fred K, groceries, 1605 Howard.
Bachelor & Hess, attys., 1001 N.Y. Life bldg.
Bachman, E., tailor, 1004 Douglas.
Back, F.M., groceries, 805 S 7th.
Back, P.M., groceries and hardware, 1124 S 7th.
Baier, C., meat market, 2124 Ames ave.
Bailey & Olson, brick mfr., yard N 27th ave. nr. Burt.
Bailey, Rowland W., dentist, 312 Paxton blk.
Baines & Donoghue, meat market, 933 N 24th.
Baker, Leonard D., mgr., Meinrath Bros., 1216 Harney.
Baker, R.W., supt., The Bee Bldg, Bee bldg., n w cor. 17th and Farnam.
Balch, E.E., asst. cashier, Omaha National Bank, 210 S 13th.
Balch, F.A. prop., Hotel Barker, 617-623 S 13th.
Baldridge, S.T., drugs, 2920 Farnam.
Balduff, W.S. confectioner, 201 N 16th.
Baldwin, Arthur E. atty.-at-law, 1417 Farnam.
Baldwin, C.A., atty., r 30 Chamber of Commerce.
Baldwin, H.R., genl. mdse., 1300 N 24th.
Bales, Chas. W., harnessmaker, 1310 N 24th.
Balfe & Read (T.F. Balfe, J.C. Read), plumbing and steam heating, 1617 Howard.
Ball Basil R., real estate, r 210 N.Y. Life bldg.
Ball Bros., cabinetmakers, 301 N 15th.
Balliett & Points (Charles H. Balliett, John J. Points), attorneys, r 435-6-7 Ramge bldg.
Ballinger, W.T., contractor, 111 N 14th.
Ballou Bros., (O.H. & E.G. Ballou), real estate, 1614 Farnam.
Baltimore & Ohio R.R., H.C. Piculell, resident agt., r 510 First National Bank bldg.
Bamberger, J., dry goods and clothing, 402-406 S 13th.
Bancher, W.D., jr., mgr., The Omaha New Co., 1417 Davenport.
Bandera Flag Stone Co., F.W. Weeks, agt., 1011 N 16th.
Bandhauer, F.W., attorney, notary, 1302 Douglas.
Bang, Oluf, drugs, 2503 Cuming.
Bank, B., jewelry and musical instruments, 508 N 16th.
Bank, Simon, jewelry, 507 N 16th.
Bankers Life Assn., H.H. Hayford, agt., r 314 Omaha Natl. Bank bldg.
Banks, Jessie, barber, S 30th and Walnut.
Barber Asphalt Paving Co., C.E. Squires, Western agt., 425 Ramge bldg.
Barber, Charles J., sec. and genl. mgr., Home Fire Ins. Co. of Omaha, Neb., 1515 Douglas.
Barbour, B.G., atty., 842 N.Y. Life bldg.
Barger & Taylor, atty. and real estate, 404 N.Y. Life bldg.
Barkalow Bros. (S.D. and D.V. Barkalow), books., S 10th nr. Harney.
Baker Bros., real estate, 1501 Farnam.
Barker, Geo. E., vice-pres., National Bank of Commerce, 1501 Farnam.
Barker, H.J., groceries, 1013 N 24th.
Barlow, M.T., cashier, United States National Bank, 1201 Farnam.
Barlow, Wm. H., harnessmaker, S 20th nr. gov. corral.
Barnacle, J.R. & Co., plumbers, 323 N 15th.
Barnard, C.F., special agt., Queens Ins. Co., r 50 Douglas blk.
Barnett & Bryant, pubs., The Progress, 1417 Farnam.
Barnsdall, J. Waller, phys., specialist, r 407 Paxton blk.
Barnum, H.W., house-mover, 1124 N 18th.
Baroch, Leo, plumbing and gas fitting, 507 50 511 S 13th.
Barrett, Frank & Co. (Frank Barrett), merchant tailors, 318 S 15th.
Barrett, J.L., chop house, 810 S 10th.
Barrick, E., gravel roofer, 1616 Cuming.
Barth, G., meat market, 1208 S 29th Ave., 1010 N 24th.
Bartlett, Baldridge, Ledwich & Crane, attys. at law, 511-12-13 N.Y. Life bldg.
Bartlett, M.S., real estate, r 619 Paxton blk.
Barton, Wm. P., real estate, r 322 N.Y. Life bldg.
Bartos, Frank, saloon and restaurant, 1304 S 13th.
Bartos, K.W., genl. mdse., 1312-1314 -1316 S 13th.
Batchelor Bros., harnessmakers, 1151 N 16th.
Bates & Co., (C.R. and J.E. Bates), wholesale groceries and commission, 417-419 S 11th.
Bates, Smith & Co. (Eugene C. Bates, Daniel H. Smith, Chas. E. Bates), mortgage loans, 1604 Farnam.
Battin, Isaac, supt., Omaha Gas Mfr. Co., 217 S 13th.
Battle of Gettysburg, Cyclorama, J.F. Clapp, lecturer, 1802 St. Mary's ave.
Baum, Daniel, pres., The Baum Iron Co., 1208 Harney.
Baum, David A., sec and trea., The Baum Iron Co., 1208 Harney.
Baum Iron Co. (The), capital $90,000, Daniel Baum, pres., James E. Baum, vice-pres.,
     David A. Baum sec. and treas., iron, steel and heavy hardware, 1208-1210 Harney.
Baum, James E., vice-pres., The Baum Iron Co., 1208-1210 Harney.
Baumann, Henry, barber, 1119 S 6th.
Baumeister, Anton, marble works, 1242 N 18th.
Baumer, John, watches, jewelry, 1314 Farnam.
Baumley, Charles, livery, 424 N 17th.
Baumley, Edward, livery, 440 S 17th.
Beal, John J., groceries, 102 S 10th.
Beal, Rudolph, groceries, meat market, 3418 Hamilton.
Bean G.L. confectionery, 404 N 16th.
Beard & Otis (Geo.R. Read, Spencer Otis), painters, wallpaper, 1317 Douglas.
Beard, T.J. & Bro. (T.J. and R.R. Beard), painters, wallpaper, 1410 Douglas.
Beatty, James, saloon 724 S 13th.
Beatty, Wm. II, mdse. broker, 815-17 Howard.
Beanbian, Ed. D., cigars and tobacco, 402 N 16th.
Becht, Max, drugs, 323 S 15th.
Bechthold Bros., job printers, 1604 Cass.
Becker, J.A., barber, 712 S 13th.
Beckett, J. physician, 702 N 16th.
Beckett, W.D., atty., 811 N.Y. Life bldg.
Beckman, Jos., cigar mfr., 1611 Farnam.
Bedford Hotel, J.M. McDermott, prop., 3321 Pinkney.
Bedford, Jeff W., coal, 221 S 14th.
Bee Building Company (The), capital $500,000. Edward Rosewater, pres., N.P. Feil, sec.
     and treas., R.W. Baker, supt., Bee bldg, n.w. cor. 17th and Farnam.
Bee Publishing Co. (The), capital $100,000, Edward Rosewater, pres., Geo. B. Tzschuck,
     sec. and treas., props., The Omaha Bee, daily and weekly, Bee bldg., n.w. cor. 17th and Farnam.
Beebe, Grant, mgr., Pond Engineering Co., r 311 Granite blk.
Beekman, W. H., attorney, r 29 Nebraska National Bank bldg.
Beer, Wm. C., genl. agt., Fidelity and Casualty Co., r 314 Omaha National Bank bldg.
Begle, Earl L., saloon, East Omaha.
Beherns & White (A. Beherns, J. White), saloon, 924 Douglas.
Beine & Hansen (S. Beine, C. Hansen), meat market, 1716 S 20th.
Beishlag, John, meat market, 2204 Farnam.
Beitelman, H.A., painter, 2524 Decatur.
Bell, B.C. & Co. (B.C. & J.W. Bell), drugs, 602 S 13th.
Bell & Berlinghof (C.E. Bell, Geo. A. Berlinghof), architects, r 604 Bee bldg, r 2 and 3
     Opera House bldg, C.B. IA.
Bell, C.D., Mrs., laundry, 2208 Cuming.
Bell, Charles J., mgr., R.G. Dun & Co., r 304 First National Bank bldg.
Bell, Edward, groceries, 1807 Lake.
Bell, John T., prop., Mercury Printing House, 311 S 16th.
Bell, John W., druggist, 820 S 10th.
Bell, S.N., carpenter, 1714 Burt.
Bell, Wm., restaurant, 1331 N 24th.
Bellamy, Frank, saloon, 101 S 12th.
Bellevue Improvement Co., capital $100,000, W. J. Maxwell, pres., H.T. Clark, vice-pres.,
     J.T. Clark, sec. and treas., main office 1505 Farnam.
Bellman, M., groceries, 2910 Farnam.
Bellows, G.L. Carpenter, 913 N 24th.
Bellevue Avenue House, Christ. Scharnweber, prop., 2322 Hickory.
Belmont Steam Laundry, C.E. Malm, prop., 923 N 16th.
Bemis, George P., pres., The Bemis Park Co., real estate and loans, r 15-16 Continental blk.
Bemis Omaha Bag Co., capital $750,000, Judson M. Bemis, pres., M.C. Peters,
     mgr., 616-618 S 11th.
Bemis Park Co. (The), George P. Bemis, pres., E.W. Nash, vice-pres., J.H. Dumont, sec.
     and treas., r 15-16 Continental blk.
Benawa & Co. (G.S. Benawa, John L. McCague), real estate, loans and ins., 22 Frenzer blk.
Bender, Victor E., editor and prop., The Omaha Mercury, 311 S 16th.
Benedict, E., artificial stone pavement, 604 Paxton blk.
Beneke, G., ins. and steamship agt., 1423 Douglas.
Benham & Soner, merchant tailors, 308 S 15th.
Benjamin, Charles P., real estate, notary, 310 S 15th.
Bennett, G.A., horseshoer, 314 N 16th.
Bennett, W.R. Co., groceries, etc., 1508 Capitol Ave.
Benninghoven, Otto, wholesale flour and grain, 1208 Jones.
Bennison Bros. (David, William H. and Frank Bennison), dry goods, 1519 Douglas.
Benson, Ben., veterinary surgeon, Main and Military Avenue.
Benson, Erastus A., real estate, r 412 N.Y. Life bldg.
Benson, E.R. , painter, 414 S 18th.
Benson H.H., Mgr., Omaha Abstract & Trust Co., 1519 Farnam.
Benson, Janette, Mrs., dry goods and notions, 212 S 15th.
Benson, Nels, carpenter, 1723 Cuming.
Benson, N.I., notary, 423 Paxton blk.
Bentley, P.C., meatmarket, 1623 N 20th.
Benz, George, confectionery and bakery, 1309 Park Ave.
Benzon, A., loan agt. 529 Paxton blk.
Beranek, S.A., druggist, 1402 S 16th.
Berger, C.J., prop., K.C. chop house, 818 S 10th.
Bergman Sol. & Co., wholesale jewelers supplies and optical goods, 1516 Farnam.
Berlin, Richard S., real estate, county commissioner, 208 S 15th.
Berneker, Anton, groceries, 2423 S 28th.
Bernstein, Jacob, stoves and furniture, 715 S 13th.
Bernstein, Sarah, Mrs., pawnbroker, 210 S 12th.
Berntsen, Ole, mfr. musical instruments, 717 S 13th.
Berry & Womack, drugs, 2504 N 24th.
Berthold, Henry, flour hay, feed and junk, 608 S 9th.
Bertrand, G.E., atty., 206 N.Y. Life bldg.
Beselin, H., cigars and tobacco, 820 N 16th.
Beselin, Hermann, cigar mfr., 2409 Patrick Ave.
Betterman, H.C., drugs, 1437 N 24th.
Betts & Betts, phys., 1409 Douglas.
Beuchner, C., shoemaker, 1743 S 13th.
Beveridgs, J.F., hardware, 1922 Lake.
Bevins, Andrew, atty., 422 Paxton blk.
Biart, C.M.G., phys., 119 N 16th.
Bickel, C.B. & Sons (C.B., A.A., C.C. & J.K. Bickel), brick mfrs., S 10th and Valley.
Bierbach, B., prop., Eagle House and saloon, 414 S 14th.
Bierbower, E.L., cashier, Nat'l Bank of Commerce, 1501 Farnam.
Bierling & Kerner (J. Bierling, A. Kerner), dry goods, 1122 S 6th.
Bieser, Henry, saloon, 1140 N 16th.
Bigelow & Wolcott, attys., r 631 Paxton blk.
Billings & Sherraden (A.S. Billings, W.H. Sherraden), dentists, 5 Frenzer blk.
Bilz Bros. (H.F. & B.G. Bilz), Omaha National Knitting Factory, 1104 S 13th.
Bingham, R. & Son (Richard and Walter W. Bingham), commission merchants, 319 S 13th.
Birkhauser & Blumer (Peter W. Birkhauser, Fred Blumer), real estate, r 210 N.Y. Life bldg.
Birkhauser, J.E., phys, 120 S 14th.
Birmingham, Thomas, sidewalk inspector, basement courthouse.
Birney, Bascom H., phys., r 248 Bee bldg.
Bishop, A.H., mgr., Consolidated Tank Line Co., 5th floor, Merchants National Bank bldg.
Bishop, Frank H., real estate, r 54 Chamber of Commerce.
Bishop, J.W., pres., Bishop & Wheeler Loan Co., 4 Barker blk.
Bishop & Wheeler Loan Co., J.W. Bishop, pres., J.H. Wheeler, sec., S.C. Epperson,
     vice-pres., 4 Barker blk.
Bitterolf, F., boots, shoes, 408 S 13th.
Bixby, J.C., plumber, r 943 N.Y. Life bldg.
Black, George A. (Dean, Armstrong & Co), wholesale cigars, 402 N 16th.
Black, James L., civil engineer, r 424 Bee bldg.
Black, John B., nursery, r 914 N.Y. Life bldg.
Blackburn, M., Miss, artist, 420 Paxton blk.
Blackman, E.N., flour and feed, 1014 N 24th.
Blackwood, W.D., barber, 2715 Leavenworth.
Blair, A.M., saloon, 816 S 10th.
Blair & Goss (J.H. Blair, C.H. Goss), attys., r 910 and 911 N.Y. Life bldg.
Blake, Bruce & Co. (Charles F. Blake, Edward E. Bruce, Wallace B. Goodall, Charles E.
     Bedwell), wholesale druggists, 906-908 Leavenworth.
Blake, J.H., carpenter, 105 N 12th.
Blecrel & Co. (Theo. Blecrel, Franc Brottmann), wire fence mfrs., S 18th and Vinton.
Bliss, J.J., millinery, 1510 Douglas.
Bliss, M.H., crockery and glassware, 1410 Farnam.
Block, E., restaurant, 2816 Farnam.
Block & Heyman, clothing, 109 N 16th.
Block, M., clothing, 1001 Farnam.
Bloedel, L.R., saloon, N 11th and Locust.
Bloemers, Fritz, saloon, 1601 Leavenworth.
Bloom, Simeon, atty., 115 S 16th.
Bloom, Wm. M., cigar mfr., 1313 Dodge.
Blose, R.H., drugs, 1101 N 18th.
Blotcky, J.A., wholesale notions, 110 S 14th.
Blue, Gilbert, restaurant, 1018 N 16th.
Blue Tank Line, N 18th and Izard.
Blum, Hy, type writer, r 429 Paxton blk.
Blumstein, H., groceries, 704 S 16th.
Blust, Geo. F. & Co. (Geo. F. Blust, M.H. Peters, L.J. Smith), mortgage loans, r 203 Ramge blk.
Blythin, J.W., phys., r 3 Withnell blk.
Boaman, C.E., barber, 3512 1/2 N 30th.
Board of Park Commissioners, Guy R. Doane, sec., r 530-531 Paxton blk.
Board of Underwriters, J. Geyer, sec., r 544 Ramge blk.
Bocock & Proctor, coal, 1330 N 24th.
Boekhoff, John, wholesale liquors and cigars, 1210 Douglas.
Boggs & Hills (G.H. Boggs, L.W. Hill), real estate, 1408 Farnam.
Bogue, Peter H., carpenter, 2223 Leavenworth.
Bohanan, Alfred, blacksmith, 1313 S 16th.
Bohn, John B., saloon, 1822 N 24th.
Bohn Sash and Door Co., (capital $100,000), W.G. Bohn, Mgr., sash doors, blinds, etc.,
     1355 Sherman Ave.
Bohne, Aug., harness mfr., 620 S 13th.
Boice, H. & Son, grocers, 1824 N 26th.
Boisen Bros. (Fred and Phillip Boisen), props. Jackson St. Stream Laundry, 915 Jackson.
Bokel, J.H., mgr., P. Rufe & Co., wholesale cigars, 1413 Farnam.
Boller, C.E., architect and superintendent, 513 Sheely blk.
Bolln, Henry, managing director, German Savings Bank, 102 S 13th.
Bolln, Henry & Co., groceries, 121 N 16th.
Bombeck, Henry, meat market, N 30th near Grand Ave.
Bond, D.K., notary public, r 602 Merchants National Bank bldg.
Bonde, Chris, blacksmith and wagonmaker, 1213 S 22nd.
Bonde, Peter, saloon, 9th and Locust.
Bongardt, Frank, meat market, 817 S 7th.
Bonner, Jas., Furniture, 1315 Douglas.
Bonner, W.T., cigars and tobacco, 1318 Douglas.
Booth, A. Packing Co., T.A. Fry, mgr., packers oysters, fish and canned goods,
     1308 Leavenworth.
Borg, Emil, barber, 2624 Lake.
Borglum, J.M., phys, 8 Frenzer blk.
Borland, James, saloon, 117 S 6th.
Boselman, A.H., saloon, 1401 Webster.
Bossert, T., shoemaker, 1816 S 13th.
Boston Installment Furniture Co., I. Hesselberg, Prop., 606 N 16th.
Boston Steam Laundry, A. Norgard, prop., 502 S 18th.
Boston Store, Robert C. Green, mgr., dry goods, etc., 115 S 16th.
Bostwick & Nixon (C.B. Bostwick, M.C. Nixon), brokers, r 11 Chamber of Commerce.
Boswell, L.E., prop., California Restaurant, 1112 Farnam.
Bouck & Gross, meat market, 1302 Chicago.
Bouck, O.F., meat market, 113 N 11th.
Boughton, Wm., drugs, 1501 N 20th.
Bouscaren, O., loans, 17 Granite blk.
Bovel, Elmer N., asst. mgr., Central Loan and Trust Co., 1205 Farnam.
Bowman, A.W., boots and shoes, 320 S 13th.
Bowman, David H., hardware, 1217 Farnam.
Bowman & Duncan (Arthur W. Bowman, Benjamin L. Duncan), boots and shoes, 320 S 13th.
Bowman, Hughes & Co., photographers, 205 N 16th.
Bowman, Williams & Cross, (Joel W. Bowman, Jacob Williams, Richard M. Cross),
     commission merchants, 1214 Harney.
Bowyer, John, saloon and billiards, 2536 Lake.
Boyd & Haynes (Thomas F. Boyd, D.W. Haynes), lessees, Boyd Opera House,
     1424 Farnam.
Boyd, James E., capitalist, prop., New Opera House, 1216 Harney.
Boyd, John T., sheriff of Douglas Co., courthouse.
Boyd, J.P.H., prop., Midway Saloon, 216 S 14th.
Boyd Opera House, American Loan & Trust Co., props., Boyd & Haynes, lessees,
     1420 to 1424 Farnam.
Boyd, Thomas S., mgr., The Odell Investment co., r 301 N.Y. Life bldg.
Boyle, B. & Co., saloon, 1627 N 20th.
Boyle & Strayer, bakery, 309 N 16th.
Boysen, P.J., agt., Wm. Lemp Brewing Co., cor. 16th and Nicholas.
Bozewitz, S., tailor, 801 S 10th.
Brachvogel, Udo, mgr., The Germania Life Ins. Co., r 306 First Nat'l Bank bldg.
Brackney & Preston, cigars and tobacco, 504 S 16th.
Bradford, Louis, lumber 923 Douglas.
Bradley & DeLamatre (L.H. Bradley, C.W. DeLamatre), attys.,
     r 9-10-11 Commercial Nat'l Bank bldg.
Bradley, E.N., real estate and loans, r 20 Continental blk.
Bradley, Edgar S., atty., r 300 Bee bldg.
Bradstreet Mercantile Agency, W.O. Taylor, supt., cor. 12th and Farnam.
Branch & Co. (E.B. Branch, N.H. Nelson), general commission merchants, 1211 Howard.
Brandeis, J., boots, shoes, 622 N 16th.
Brandeis, J.L. & sons (J.L., A. & E. Brandeis), dry goods, 502 to 510 S 13th.
Brandenburg, G. & Co., leather findings, 1012 Farnam.
Brandes, Charles, justice, 601 S 10th.
Brandes, Walter, saloon, 811 S 10th.
Brantner, T.H., contractor and builder, 2227 Spruce.
Brayton, F.B., carpenter and contractor, 3110 Corby.
Breck, C.H., atty., r 435 Paxton blk.
Breckenridge, Breckenridge & Crofoot (Charles F. and Ralph W. Breckenridge,
     Lodowich F. Crofoot), attorneys-at-law, r 415 N.Y. Life bldg.
Breckenridge, Mary J., Mrs., phys., 1809 Farnam.
Breen, J. Paul, atty., r 511 Paxton blk.
Brega, C.E., Mrs., Canadian Employment Agency, 314 S 15th.
Brennan & Begley (James C. Brennan, Patrick A. Begley), sand, r 621 Paxton blk.
Brennan, P., shoemaker, 1605 Burt.
Brennan, Thomas, vice-pres., Omaha Mortgage Co., r 3 Chamber of Commerce.
Bressert, C.F., meat market, 1921 Leavenworth.
Bridges, A.B., trav. frt. agt., C.M.& P. Ry Co., Farnam, s.w. cor. 15th.
Bridges, Wilson O., physician, r 35 Douglas blk.
Briggs, Arthur H., hatter, 219 S 14th.
Broadhurst, S., restaurant, 904 N 16th.
Broadwell, Stephen A., real estate, r 301 N.Y. Life bldg.
Broatch, W.J. (ex-mayor of Omaha), iron, steel and heavy hardware, 1209-1211 Harney.
Brodegaard, Fred, watches, clocks and jewelry, 604 S 10th.
Broderick, M.A., second-hand clothing, 215 1/2 N 16th.
Broderick, Thomas S., notary public, r 34 Chamber of Commerce.
Brodkey, A., jewelry, 218 N 16th.
Brodkey, M., merchant tailor, 218 N 16th and 418 1/2 S 10th.
Brodkey, Solomon, pawnbroker, 422 S 10th.
Brogan & Perley, attorneys, r 816 N.Y. Life bldg.
Broken Bow Roller Milling Co., capital $50,000, S.J. Lonegren, pres., O.J. Coleman,
     vice-pres., Jay F. Price, sec., wholesale flour, 1012 N 16th.
Brome, Alice M., Miss, notary public, r 605 N.Y. Life bldg.
Brome, Andrews & Sheean (Harrison C. Brome, Isaac R. Andrews, James B. Sheean),
     attorneys, r 604 -605-606 N.Y. Life bldg.
Brooks, Edwin, confectionery, Fort Omaha.
Brooks & Robison, Mrs., dressmaking, 1907 Cuming.
Bross, F., meat market, 3204 Ames Ave.
Brouhl, Mary, Mrs., confectionery, 1416 S 13th.
Brown, A.D., drugs, 3014 Ames Ave.
Brown, A.W., groceries, 2601 Cuming.
Brown, C.A., contractor, 118 N 16th.
Brown, C.A.D., groceries, 2006 Lake.
Brown, Chas. H., attorney, 409-410 J.J. Brown blk.
Brown, Christ, billiards, 1115 N 24th.
Brown, David, groceries, 1324 S 5th.
Brown, E., livery stable, 1914 N 20th.
Brown, Ewing, physician, 28 Continental blk.
Brown, Francis W., vice-pres., Henry & Coatsworth Co., r 712-713 N.Y. Life bldg.
Brown Frank Co., Henry Brown, Mg., coal, flour and feed, cor. N 16th and Manderson.
Brown, Harry, tailor, 521 N 16th.
Brown, H.B., contractor and builder, r 51 Douglas blk.
Brown, Isaac, furniture, 1205 Douglas.
Brown, J.A., barber, 805 N 16th.
Brown, J.J., capitalist, r 313 J.J. Brown blk.
Brown & Lewis (S.H. Brown, Joseph Lewis), furniture, 716 S 16th.
Brown, Nat., prop., Merchants Hotel, 1508-1512 Farnam.
Brown, N.H., livery stable, 1001 N 24th.
Brown, Peter O., mgr., Omaha Wallpaper & Paint Co., 2234 Farnam.
Brown & Talbott (G.F. Brown, J.F. Talbott), attorneys, r 518 N.Y. Life bldg.
Brown, T.D., physician, 1618 Ohio.
Brown, W.M., physician, 1919 N 16th.
Brownell Hall, cor. S 10th and William, the Rt. Rev. George Worthington, S.T.D., LL. D.,
     Visitor: the Rev. Robert Doherty, S.T.D., rector, mathematics and sacred subjects.
Browning, King & Co., R.S. Wilcox, mgr., clothing and gents furnishing goods, 1501 Douglas.
Brownlee, Frank S., clk., Board of Fire and Police Commissioners, r 212 N.Y. Life bldg.
Bruening Bros., meat market, 2706 Cuming.
Brucker, Goodley F., saloon, Paxton Court.
Bruner, Charles E., real estate, loans, notary, r 13 Ware blk.
Bruner, James F., phys, 123 N 15th.
Bruner, T.C., real estate, notary, r 1 Ware blk.
Bruning, Fred, groceries, 1512 S 13th.
Brunner & Black (J.M. Brunner, J.L. Black), furniture, 1869 S 16th.
Brunswick - Balke - Collender Co., John Hochstrasser, mgr., billiard and pool tables,
     bank, office and bar fixtures, 497-409 S 10th.
Brush electric Co., (The), H.A. Kinney, rep., electrical engineers and contractors,
     r 832-833 N.Y. Life bldg.
Bryant, F.B., asst. cashier, Commercial National Bank, n.w. cor. 16th and Farnam.
Bubser J., meat market, 1924 N 27th.
Bucher Hotel, R.B. Bucher, prop., 1814 Pierce.
Bucher, R.B., prop., Bucher Hotel, 1814 Pierce.
Buck, David R., real estate, r 405 N.Y. Life bldg.
Budlong, W.A., dentist, r 203 Douglas blk.
Builders & Traders Exchange of Omaha, Richard Smith, pres., John H. Harte, vice-pres.,
     Martin Ittner, treas., David J. Collins, sec., r 207 N.Y. Life bldg.
Bullard, J., hardware, 1323 S 13th.
Burbank, Byron G., atty., r 824 N.Y. Life bldg.
Burbank, E.S., watchmaker for the trade, r 5 Arlington blk.
Burdick, Frank, harnessmaker, 2015 Cuming.
Buresh & Co. (W. Buresh, M.B. Letovsky), hardware, 610 S 13th.
Burger, Fillmore, sheet iron works, 1706 N 20th.
Burgess & Crowe (James H. Burgess, Stephen A. Crowe), saloon, rear 1409 Douglas.
Burgess, R.N., shirt mfr., 506 Sheely blk.
Burgner, John Q., attorney, 313 S 14th.
Burgstrom, S.J., clothing, 1122 Farnam.
Burk, M.T., saloon, 2824 Farnam.
Burke, Peter I., fish market, 114 and 217 N 16th.
Burket, H.K., undertaker and embalmer, 113 N 16th.
Burkley Printing Co. (Frank J. and H.V. Burkley), printers, 113 S 15th.
Burlington & Missouri River Railroad in Nebraska, general offices 1002-4 Farnam,
     George W. Holdrege, general mgr.; city ticket office 1223 Farnam, W.F. Vail,
     city ticket agent; passenger depot, cor. S 10th and Marcy, Ten Eyck, H. Fonda,
     ticket agent; freight depot S 8th and Howard, W.A. Austin, agent.
Burmeister, C.E., sec. and treas., Omaha Barbed Fence and Nail Co., 14th and Nicholas.
Burmester, A., stoves, tinware, 1318 Dodge.
Burnham, L., atty., 809 N.Y. Life bldg.
Burnham, Nathan J., atty., r 921 N.Y. Life bldg.
Burns & Co., crockery, 1724 Leavenworth.
Burns, J.E., saloon, 1202 Cass.
Burns, Samuel, crockery, 1318 Farnam.
Burns, Wm. H., pres., Rush Creek Land and Livestock Co.
Burroughs, Amelia, Mrs., phys., 1924 Dodge.
Bush, George, barber, 309 S 11th.
Bush, C.N., meat market, 505 S 13th.
Bushman, Wm., mdse. storage, 1013 Leavenworth.
Butler Bros., (G.A. and C.A. Butler), flour and feed, 2309 Cuming.
Butler, George F., land inspector, r 323 Omaha National Bank bldg.
Butler, S.P., special agent, Mutual Benefit Life Ins. Co., 11 Continental blk.
Butt, Wm., hotel, saloon, 1124 Capital Ave.
Butterfield, M., Miss, artist, 420 Paxton blk.
Butts, O.W., mgr., Porter Brothers Company, 801 to 811 Jones.
Butts, Rental Agency, 220 S 15th.
Byerly, S., meat market, 224 N 13th.
Byler, J.W., atty., 217 Sheely blk.
Byrne & Bruner (J. Byrne, C. Bruner), commission merchants, 503 S 11th.
Byrne, Jas., groceries, 1727 S 13th.
Cadwell, George, barber, 4005 Leavenworth.
Cady, Wm. H., wholesale flour, feed, 309 S 12th.
Caffrey, T.P., plumber, 1916 S 20th.
Cahill, J.S. & Co., prop., Omaha Trunk Factory, 220 S 14th.
Cahill, L.E., Mrs., dressmaker, 308 N 15th.
Cahn, Albert, men's furnishing goods, 1322 Farnam.
Cajori, Anton, druggist, 601 Pierce.
Calder, G.O., atty., r 813 N.Y. Life bldg.
Caligraph Typewriter (The), A.C. Van Sant, gen'l agt., 311 S 16th.
California Hotel, Charles O'Grady, prop., 1024 Douglas.
California Restaurant, L.E. Boswell, prop., 1112 Farnam.
Calkins, H.B., Mrs., law stenographer and notary, r 1023 N.Y. Life bldg.
Cameron & Co., (J.R. Cameron, J.R. Cameron jr.), real estate, r 618 Paxton blk.
Cameron, D.R., meat market, 1303 Park Ave.
Camp, W.S., restaurant, 716 N 16th.
Campbell, A.R., barber, 205 N 16th.
Campbell, John M., real estate, r 405 N.Y. Life bldg.
Campbell, S.M., phys., 1237 Park Ave.
Campbell, S.W., shooting gallery, 1204 Douglas.
Canadian Employment Office, Mrs. C.E. Brega, prop., 314 1/2 S 15th.
Canan, C.J., books, stationery, 1024 N 24th.
Canan, C.J. & Co., (Clarence J. Canan, John J. Heller), merchant tailors, 1302 Douglas.
Cane, John, restaurant, 2105 Cuming.
Cane & Tuttle, meat market, 3502 N 30th.
Canfield, Ryan & Co, contractors, 421 S 14th.
Canfield Sherman, sale and boarding stable, M Cuming mgr, 801 Farnam.
Cannon, E. H. job printing, 1704 N 20th.
Capek & Piatta (Thomas Capek, Louis J Piatti), attorneys, r 10 Creighton blk.
Capital Hotel, D E Burnett, prop, 1509-1511 Farman.
Carlson C A, meat market, 1339 N 24th.
Carlson & Erickson, shoes, furnishing goods, 1218 N. 24th.
Carlson John, blacksmith, 713 S 35th.
Carmichael J B, real estate, r 412 N Y Life bldg.
Carpenter Chester L, treas, Carpenter Paper Co, 1120 Howard.
Carpenter D L, groceries, 518 S 16th.
Carpenter Isaac W, pres, Carpenter Paper Co, 1120 Howard.
Carpenter James A, vice-pres, Carpenter Paper Co, 1120 Howard.
Carpenter J Frank, sec Carpenter paper Co, 1120 Howard.
Carpenter Paper Company, capital $75,000, Isaac W Carpenter pres, James A Carpenter vice-pres,
     J F Carpenter sec, C L Carpenter treas, wholesale paper, 1120 Howard.


Carr Jas, saloon, 1109 Farnam.
Carr John L, atty, r 424 Paxton blk.
Carrier C S, ticket agt C M & St P Ry-Co, Farnam, s w cor 15 th.
Carrier R, assistant cashier, Omaha National Bank, 210 S. 13th.
Carriker N J, phys, r 310 Sheely blk.
Carroll I H, groceries, 1116 N 20th.
Carruth W J, master mechanic, Gibson station.
Carse J H, real estate, loans, r 619 Paxton blk.
Carson & Banks (W F Carson, W F Carson, W A Bank), mfg jewelers, 47 Barker blk.
Carson F N, shoemaker, 1705 St Mary's Ave.
Carten Wm J, mgr N Y Biscuit Co, 713 S 9th.
Carter O M, pres American Savings Bank and American Loan &Trust co, 1420 Farnam.
Carter & Son (T P & J H Carter), boiler mfrs, S 20th & B & M crossing.
Carter White Lead Works, Levi Carter pres, S B Hayden secy, manufacturers white lead,
     office and factory East Omaha.
Cary P H, prop Doran House, 422 S 18th.
Case & Baughman (C A Case, R C Baughman), oils, S 20th & U P tracks.
Case & Kennedy, brick mfrs, S 24th and B & M tracks.
Case Lyman W, mgr C E & C M Anthony, r 318 N Y Life bldg.
Casey James, prop Hotel Casey, s e cor 13th & Douglas.
Casey Thomas, prop U P R R Hotel, 624 S 12th.
Cass St Carriage Works, B H Osterhoudt prop, 1613 Cass.
Caswell Charles J, ins, real estate, r 816 N Y Life blk.
Cates R L & Co (R L Cates, L Walters), saloon, 510 S 10th.
Cathers John T, atty, r 508 Paxton Blk.
Cathroe J, groceries, 423 Walnut.
Catlin Charles F, prop The New Natatorium, 1313 Howard.
Catlin Thomas, groceries, 1124 N 30th.
Caulfield J S, books, 1304 Farnam.
Cavanagh, Atwell & Thomas (J A Cavanagh, H C Atwell, E G Thomas), attorneys and
     counsellors at 14,15 and 16 Granite blk. 316 S 15th.
Cavanagh Patrick, mdse broker, 314 S 12th.
Central Investment Co, M S Lindsay pres and sec, r 25 Chamber of Commerce.
Central Loan & Trust co, capital $100,000, Thomas Hatlon pres, O H Perkins vice-pres,
     D B Lyons Treas and sec, C A Starr mgr, 1205 Farnam.
Central Lumber Yard, R W Hodder prop, 523 N 14th.
Central National Building & Loan Assn, W G Bohn pres, H B Coryell vice-pres,
     R S Belcher sec and Genl mgr, G H Webster treas, F S Brownlee asst genl mgr,
     s w cor 12th and Farnam.
Central West (The), Wm R Henderson editor, r 428 Bee bldg, S. 13th.
Cerny Frederick, shoemaker, 1402 1/2 S 13th.
Cerny John, bakery, 1504 Williams.
Chadwick P M, phys, 313 S 14th.
Chaffee Clarence L, wholesale lumber, 705 N Y Life Bldg.
Chalmers Joseph, confectionery, 1914 Cuming.
Chamberlain, Anderson & O'Connell, furniture, 208-210 N 16th.
Chambers John M, abstracts of titles, r 923 N Y Life Bldg.
Chambers S J, veterinary infirmary, 1541 N 16th.
Champion Iron & Wire Works, J J Leddy, J Hlavka props, 403 S14th.
Chapman Eugen B, real estate, 524-525 Paxton Blk.
Chapman Hugh, merchant tailor, 818 N 16th.
Chappell E A, real estate, r 9 Chamber of Commerce.
Charlean G Z, plumbing, 124 N 15th.
Charles & Jackson (J S Charles, E A Jackson), dentists, 1426 Farman.
Charlton & Hall (Paul Charlton, M A Hall), attys, r 315-316 Omaha Natl Bank Bldg.
Chase Champion S, atty, 115 S 16th.
Chase & Eddy (Clement Chase, Geo B Eddy), books, stationery and printers, 113 S 16th.
Chase Clement, ed and prop, Omaha Excelsior, 133 S 16th.
Chase E W, phys, 2109 Farnam.
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy R R, Wm F Vaill city pass and ticket agent, 1223 Farnam.
Chicago Liquor House, M Wollstein & Co prop, 224 N 16th.
Chicago & Northwestern Ry, R R Ritchie genl agt, D E Kimball city ticket agt, Geo F West
     city passenger agt, D W Aldridge traveling agt, office 1401 Farnam.
Chicago, Milwaukee & St Paul Ry, F A Nash genl agt, J H Keene genl stock agt, J N Morris
     local Stock agt, J H Arthur contracting freight agt, W S Howell and A B Bridges
     traveling freight Agts, Geo W White passenger agt, J E Preston city passenger agt,
     C S Carrier ticket agt, Farnam S w cor 15th.
Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Ry, J L De Bevoise genl agt pass dept, J S McNally asst ticket agt,
     K E Palmer traveling pass agt, H A Snyder genl agt freight dept, EW Dent pass agt,
     n w cor 16th And Farnam.
Chicago, St Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha Ry, Lyman Sholes genl agt, J H Flanagan local agt,
     D E Kimball city ticket agt, H S Jaynes supt, 1403 Farnam depot 1422 Webster.
Chicago Steam Dye Works, Louis Kroitzsch prop, 1616 Capital Ave.
Chiginsky S & co, second-hand clothing, 704 S 10th.
Choicener J F, photographer, 1509 Douglas.
Chong Lun & Co, laundry, 103 S 12th.
Christensen J S, wall paper, 413 S 15th.
Christian J B & Co, grain, r 323 Omaha National Bank bldg.
Christiansen J C, blacksmith, 1317 jackson.
Christensen & Nieman (H C Christensen, Wm Nieman) groceries, 1907 Cuming.
Christie W H, phys, 212 J J Brown blk.
Christoffersen A, saloon, 414 S 10th.
Christoffersen & Penwarden (Geo Christofferson, F W Penwarden), attys,
     e 502-503 Paxton blk.
Churchill Pump Co ( E V Lewis, W H Rayner, A S Cost), hose, belting, pumps, etc. 918-920 Farnam.
Churchill & Rich (A S Churchill, Edson Rich), attys, 936-937 N Y Life bldg.
Citizens Bank, capital $100,000, Geo E Draper pres, F C Johnson vice pres,
     W G Templeton cashier, 2408 Cuming.
City Express & Delivery Co, Geo Briant mgr, 605 S 13th.
City Hotel, Fritz Wirth prop, 324 S 10th.
City Loan Co, G F Read mgr, 1922 N 16th.
City Mills and Elevator, Oskamp & Haines props, 1207-15 S 20th.
City Steam Laundry, J H Evans prop, 207-211 S 11th.
Clair Wm, attorney, r 822 N Y Life bldg.
Clampitt K M Mrs, hairdresser, 120 N 15th.
Clark & Anderson (R Clark, Wm Anderson), chop house, 604 S 13th.
Clark Andrew J, restaurant, 2822 Farnam.
Clark Byron, saloon, rear 1514 Douglas.
Clark Clarence H, atty, r 801 N Y Life bldg.
Clark & Co, commission merchants, 609 S 13th.
Clark F H & Co, horseshoers, 1819 Leavenworth.
Clark, Hugh G, agt Dupont Gunpowder Co. 1218 Harney.
Clark J W, drugs, 1301 S 29th ave.
Clark S S, barber, 1526 Vinton.
Clark Thomas, tailor, 914 N 16th.
Clark T J, barber, 420 N 14th.
Clark T M, restaurant, 2801 Leavenworth.
Clark W F, wallpaper, paints, 408 N 16th.
Clarke Geo W, printer and stationery, 1308 Farnam.
Clarke H T, pres H T Clarke Drug co, Lincoln neb, and Northwestern Electric Light &
     Power Co, vice-Pres, Bellevue Improvement Co, mgr Omaha Oil & Gas Co,
     vice-pres Lee-Clarke-Andreeesen Hardware Co, and buyer of bonds and securities,
     r 19 Board of Trade .
Clarke John M (oldest real estate broker in the city), notary public, r 1 Continental blk.
Clarke J T, sec and treas Bellvue Improvement Co, sec Rush Creekland & Live Stock Co,
     sec Northwestern Electric Light & Power Co, real estate and loan dealer, r 19 Board of Trade.
Clarkson T S, postmaster, 112 S 15th.
Clayton George N, northswestern pass agt the Wabash R R Co, 1502 Farnam.
Clayton John S, mgr Western Car Service Assn, r. 406 Bee bldg
Clayton, Leil, clairvoyant, 508 S 16th.
Clement Bros, contractors and builders, 123 N 37th.
Cleveland R C, hay and grain, cor 14th and Nicholas.
Cleves Bros (Charles and August Cleves), architects, r 19 Creighton blk.
Clifton House, J W Armstrong prop, 1104 S 6th.
Clingman E N, atty, pension and claim agent, r. 21 Frenzer blk.
Clippinger Edward E, atty, r 308 N Y Life bldg.
Cloud & Scott (W C Cloud, Wm Scott), barbers, 1321 Harney.
Coady Michael, postmaster, Fort Omaha.
Coates George W P, agt Philadelphia Mortgage & Trust Co, r 7 Chamber of Commerce.
Cobb Silas, attorney, r 832-833 N Y Life bldg, tel 1585.
Coburn Wm, pres Gate City Abstract Co, 307 S 16th, real estate r 510 N Y Life bldg.
Cochran Beriah F, attorney-at-law, r 722 N Y Life bldg.
Cochran Herman E, attorney-at-law, r 722 N Y Life bldg.
Coe & Carter, (Isaac Coe, Levi Carter), railroad tie contractors, live stock,
     real estate, r 9 Creighton blk.
Coe charles A & Co (C A Coe, Wm L Eastman, Wm H Brown, Ora E Livingston, Arthur L
     Perkins, Ira K Reynolds), wholesale boots and shoes, 1109 Howard.
Coffman V H, physician 211 S 16th.
Cohen H, tailor, 166 N 12th.
Cohen Jacob, tailor, 303 S 11th.
Cohn I A, boots, shoes, 412 S 10th.
Cohn Wolf, gents furnishing goods, 2107 Cuming.
Colby C J, real estate, r 607 Paxton blk.
Cole David, cold and dry storage mgr Platt & Co oysters, 815-817 Howard.
Cole H E, loans, real estate, r 23 Continental blk.
Cole Henry J, sec and treas, Arctic Ice Co, 220 S 12th.
Colfax Mineral Water Co, H fellows pres, W L West sec, O K Hales treas, 16 11 Howard.
Coliseum (The). Rieder & Bell mgrs, 401-402-403 Paxton blk.
Coliseum Building Assn, Chamber of Commerce.
Collateral Bank (The), C De & M DeRoberts props, real estate and loans, 312 S 16th.
Collier P F, books, 1322 Capitol Ave.
Collins David J, sec Builders and Traders Exchange of Omaha, r 207 N Y Life bldg.
Collins Gun Co (John S Collins, F S Parmalee), ammunition, guns, pistols, fire arms,
     sporting goods, Fishing tackle, 1312 Douglas.
Collins M, prop Frontier Steam Laundry, 1512 Howard.
Collins & Morrison, leather and saddlery hardware, 1316 Douglas.
Collins S A, livery stable, 2110 Cuming.
Collman O J, loans, r 411 Brown blk.
Collopy Thomas, saloon, 1601 Vinton.
Colpetzer & Guiou, lumber, cor 18th and Nicholas.
Colseth Johnson & Lovgren (Peter Colseth, Anthony Johnson, J A Lovgren),
     real estate, r 9 Chamber of Commerce.
Columbis Buggy Co (branch), G D Edwards mgr, 313-315 S 16th.
Holville J, cigars, fruits, 206 S 12th.
Commercial National Bank, capital $400,000, surplus $44, 000, A P Hopkins pres, Wm G Maul
     vice - Pres, Alfred Millard cashier, F B Bryant asst cashier, n w cor 16th and Farnam.
Commercial Directory Company (The), George W Webster pres, Robert F Hodgin sec and
     genl mgr, R 11-12-13 U S Natl Bank bldg.
Commercial Hotel, A F Mayne prop, 1920 Commercial ave.
Commercial Trust Co. C H Walworth pres, r 32-22 Douglas blk.
Compton Bros (H C & J E Compton), flour and feed, 1`208 S. 20th.
Concannon E F, restaurant, 107 S 16th.
Congdon & Hunt (Isaac E Congdon, George J Hunt), attys-at-law, r 403-407 First Natl Bank bldg.
Conkey W L, mdse broker, 1110 Jones.
Commercial Mutual Life Ins Co, M Gould agt, r 446 Bee bldg.
Connell R W, phy, r 28 Barker blk.
Connell W J Hon, atty, 313 S 14th.
Connelly & Trapham, horseshoers, 1708 St Mary's ave.
Connor C, painter S 20th and Vinton.
Connor F, dentist, r 11 Creighton blk.
Connolly & Burdish, saloon, 2406 Cuming.
Connor Fred N, dentist, r 11 Creighton blk.
Conover Anson J, cigars, 1523 Dodge.
Conrad Max Mrs, drugs, 211 S 15th.
Consolidated Coffee co, W E Clarke pres, W W Cole vice-pres and mgr, George H Gates treas,
     J B Mile Miles sec, 1414 and 1416 Harney.
Consolidated Tank Line Co, L J Drake genl mgr, A H Bishop mgr, wholesale and retail oils,
     fifth floor Merchants national Bank bldg.

Conte John B, druggist, 1624 S 10th and S 13th and Center.
Continental Clothing House, Freeland Loomis & Co props, 1422 and 1424 Douglas.
Conway T J, saloon, 1024 N 16th.
Cook Bros & Britton, (Charles I and A E Cook and Hy M Britton), mfrs portable corm cribs and
     Granaries, 50th & Belt Line R R.
Cook Edward F, rental; agency, r 931 N Y Life bldg.
Cook Frank, barber, 804 S 10th.
Cook G W, boots, shoes, 1312 Farnam.
Cook Howard, phys, 2238 Farnam.
Cook J F, phys, 2324 Charles.
Cook Remedy Co, Geo A Joslyn prop, cor S 13th and Dodge.
Cook, W J, dressmaking, 1904 Cuming.
Cooke J P & Co, (J P Cooke, J J Cooke), rubber stamps, 1317 Dodge.
Cooke S R & Co, drugs, 324 N 16th.
Cooley A H, mgr, Dawson Brick Co, 218 S 15th.
Cooley Julius S, attorney at law, 511 Sheely blk.
Coombe W H, meat market, 1722 Leavenworth.
Cooper George M, real estate, 819 N Y Life bldg.
Co-operative Land & Lot Co, C J Smith pres, W C Mittan sec, R F Williams treas, 205 N 16th.
Coots John F, planing mill, 512 Jones.
Copeland L R, atty, 612 Mer Natl Bank bldg.
Copeland W W, agt M S Ry, 214 S 15th.
Copson R E, broom mfr, 1103 s 15th.
Corbett Charles, broker, r 701 N Y Life bldg.
Corbin A D, paper hanger, 1221 N 18th.
Cornelius Olof, shoemaker, 1513 N 24th.
Cornell F A Mrs, dressmaking, 2234 Farnam.
Cornish J N, pres Natl Bank of Commerce, 1501 Farnam.
Cornish & Johnson, drugs, 2002 Lake.
Cornish J V, phys, 2002 N 20th.
Cornish & Robertson (Edward J Cornish, B N Robertson), attys, 213 S 14th.
Corrigan A E Mrs. groceries, 423 N 12th.
Coryell H B, state agt, Phoenix Ins Co, Brooklyn N Y, 1511 Dodge.
Costello Richard, cigars and tobacco, 508 N 16th.
Cotton F L, lumber and coal, N 14th and Nicholas.
Cottrell & Carey (Edward Cottrell, Gus Carey), saloon, 1120 Farnam.
Coulter F E, physician, 210 S 13th.
Cousman J M, carpenter, rear 912 N 16th.
Courtney & Co, groceries, 2421-2423 Davenport.
Coutant & Squires (C K Coutant, George G Squires), coal, 1308 Farnam.
Continous Kiln co, C F Goodman pres, F D Cooper sec, Max A Boencke
     supt, 1110 Farnam
Covell George W, atty, r 927 N Y Life bldg.
Covenant Mutual Benefit Association of Illinois, G C Lambert state agt,
     r 619 Paxton blk.
Coverdale Thomas, prop Hotel Coverdale, 642 S 17th ave.
Cowell Robert, second vice-pres and treas, Kilpatrick-Koch Dry Goods Co,
     1101-1105 Harney.
Cowgill, Routledge & Co (M J Cowgill, W J Routledge, A B C Denniston),
     electrical contractors, 39 Barker blk.
Cowherd W M, atty, r 510 Sheely blk.
Cowin & McHugh (John C Cowin, Wm D McHugh), attys, r 8-9 Ware blk.
Cox Frank L, real estate, r 303 N Y Life bldg.
Cox H E, furnaces, 1613 Howard.
Cox W W, groceries, 3906 N 24th.
Coy Willis, housemover, 513 S 17th.
Crabb Walter H, real estate, 1417 Farnam.
Crabtree J O, coal, 4001 Leavenworth.
Cralle C K, atty, r 625-626 N Y Life bldg.
Crane Company, H T Lally mgr, wrought iron pipes, pumps and railway supplies,
     922-924 Farnam.
Crary & Crary (Nathaniel N and Wm H Crary), real estate, r 205 N Y Life bldg.
Crawford A, phys, 120 S 14th.
Crawford J S, artificial limbs, r 19 Withnell blk.
Crawford Sidney D, carpenter and cabinet maker, 1606 Harney.
Crawl Burt C. real estate, r 941 N Y Life bldg.
Crawl Charles C, real estate, r 941 N Y Life bldg.
Creamery Package Mfg Co, A D Sears mgr, 815-817 Howard.
Creche (The), day nursery for children 1822 Harney.
Creedon Patrick J, architect, r 61 N Y Life bldg.
Crego Celia D Mrs, notary public, r 6 U S Natl Bank bldg.
Creigh, Daniels & Co, ins agts, 15-5 Farnam.
Creighton College, 2402 California st, (controlled by the Jesuit Fathers), Tuition free,
     classical and Scientific courses, Library, museum, cabinet of philosophical apparatus,
     chemical laboratory and astronomical observatory attached.
     Rev Thomas S Fitzgerald, S J, President.
Creighton John A, vice-pres, First National Bank, s e cor 13th and Farnam.
Cremer H L & Co (H L Cremer, C V Gallagher), sewer and culvert pipe, 1020 S 14th.
Crissey J M Mrs, drugs 2112 N 24th.
Criterion Co (The), props, The Merchants Criterion, 514 N Y Life bldg.
Crosby S M, atty, r 11 Ware blk.
Cross & Dunmire Gun Co, guns and ammunition, 1514 Douglas.
Cross F E & Co, wall paper, 3215 Leavenworth.
Crouch R B, wholesale salt, C I Pettibone agt, 9th cor Jones.
Crow Joseph, atty, r 47 Chamber of Commerce.
Croy Simeon W, western mgr The Farmers Home, 1222 Harney.
Crum Lewis V, real estate, r 54 Chamber of Commerce.
Crummer B F, phys, r 14 Continental blk.
Crystal Ice & Coal Co, capital $50,000, Wm Fitch pres and sec, 220 S 15th.
Crystal Steam Laundry, McDonald & Flanagan, props, 1606 Cass.
Cuber Frank, harnessmaker, 2407-1/2 Cuming.
Cummings T, saloon, 3824 N 16th.
Cummings William, plate and window glass, 617-619 S 16th.
Cummins E D, phys, 122 S 14th.
Cummins John, saloon, 512 S 13th.
Cunningham Dennis, horseshoer, 108 N 16th.
Cunningham J W, barber, 4104 Hamilton.
Cunningham Hall, Dennis Cunningham prop, 524 S 13th.
Cunningham P, groceries, 107 S 10th.
Cunningham & Ryan (D Cunningham, J A Ryan), contractors, 524 S 13th.
Cure A Miss, dressmaker, 2923 Leavenworth.
Curry J H Mrs, barber, 104 N 16th.
Curtis & Keysor (Wm S Curtis, Wm W Keysor), attys, r 205-206 Omaha National Bank bldg.
Curtis S S, real estate, 208 S 15th.
Cuscaden Gertrude, phys, 2015 Cass.
Cushing I J, western agent H J Heinz co. pickles, preserves, etc, also agent for James Cushing
     & Son Co, vinegar, 1406 Leavenworth.
Cushing Richard C, mayor City of Omaha, r 211 N Y Life bldg.
Cushman C R, sec Omaha Building Co, r 418 N Y Life bldg.
Cutler F E, meat market, 217 N 25th.
Cutright J W, agent The Nebraska State Journal, r 943 N Y Life bldg.
Cutts G E, shirt mfr, 1116 Farnam.



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