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Parker Dunham & Amy Freeman, Jan. 3, 1813, by James Prather.

James Moore & Elizabeth Morris, Jan. 28, 1813, by Joseph Proctor.

John Bowman & Ann Hamilton, Mar. 25, 1813, by Jesse Thomas.

Pleasant Runals & Rebecca Henderson, May 2, 1813, by Jesse Thomas.

Wm. Bowles & Mary Tudder, June 6, 1813, by Joseph Proctor.

Reubin Watson & Rebecca Williams, Nov. 29, 1813, by James Prather.

Uriah Davis & Elizabuth Harris, Nov. 29, 1813, by James Prather.

Elijah Walden & Rebecca Stagner, Dec. 6, 1813, by James Prather.

Howard Ballard & Sarah Cross, Dec. 20, 1813, by James Prather.

Rease H. Sanders & Sarah Jinnings, Dec. 22, [1813], by James Prather.

John Tudar & Phoeba Fryer, May 16, 1815; by Henry Brooks.

David Wilkerson & Polly Eades, May 25, 1815; by Henry Brooks.

John Wallace & Isabella Wallace, Dec. 9, 1815.

Michael Dawden & Nancy Hoskins, Dec. 16, 1815, by Benj Irvine.

Alexander Davis & Nancy Hawkins, Dec. 26, 1815, by Henry Brooks

Mitchell Hardwich & Lucy McDaniel, Jan. 5, 1816, by Henry Brooks.

Andrew Lackey & Nancy Howard, Apr. 4 1816, by Henry Brooks.

Joshua Baxter & ---- Haxter, May 7, 1816, by Henry Brooks.

Thomas Cratcher & Amy Searcy, Aug. 20, 1816, by Henry Brooks.

Obediah Powell & Rebecca Shearer, Nov. 27, 1816, by Robert Frier.

Shaduck Morris & Rebecca Tevis, Dec. 10, 1816 by Robert Frier.

Wm Lowry & Malinda Corum, Dec. 19, 1816, by Robert Frier.

Henry Brooks & Peggy Davis, Jan. 16, 1817, by Robert Frier.

Wm Shearer & Nancy Fowler, Jan. 23, 1817, by Robert Frier.

John Tooley & Phoeba Carpenter, Mar. 6, 1817.

John Cooper & Nancy Coy, Mar. 6, 1817.

John Richardson & Elizabeth Skees, Apr. 1, 1817.

John Hampton & Polly Smith, May 8, 1817.

Lewis Pully & Lucy Williams, May 16, 1817, by Henry Brooks.

Peter Todd & Nancy Karr, May 22, 1817, by Thomas Ballew.

Cornelius McCoy & Mary Bridges, June 11, 1817, by Henry Brooks.

James Flanagan & Elizabeth Newman, June 19, 1817, by Henry Brooks.

Gideon Dooley & Polly McDaniel, July 24, 1817, by Henry Brooks.

Bransford West & Sally Campbell, Aug. 12, 1817, by Thomas Ballew.

Benjamin Kelly & Deby Snell, Sept. 12, 1817, by Christopher Clarke.

Lewis Jones & Peggy Woolery, Oct. 1, 1817.

Thomas O'Cullen & Elizabeth Todd, Oct. 23, 1817.

Edward Long & Sarah Walker, Oct. 30, 1817, by Thomas Ballew.


Abstract by Raymond E. Dale, A.B., Lincoln, Nebraska
(original text is single spaced)

     These abstracts of vital records published in the Nebraska News, (later Nebraska City News), were taken from the files belonging to the Nebraska State Historical Society. These files begin with volume III, number 2, and many numbers are missing. The Record would be glad to receive abstracts from the missing numbers.

  1857, Feb. 21. - "On the 15th inst.; on Camp creek, by Judge Wm. E. Pardee, Miss Eveline Sears to Mr. Jacob Jamison; all of Otoe county."

  1857, Feb. 21. - "On the 17th inst., in Nebraska City by Rev. H. M. Giltner1: Miss Harriet E. Boughton to Mr. Henry C. Norton; all of Otoe county."

  1. Pastor of Presbyterian Church


  1857, Feb. 21. - Petition for divorce, Otoe county, Robert P. Rich from Rosetta P. Rich

  1857, Feb. 28. - Administrator's Sale: David W. Poe, deceased, Mary Ann Poe, administratrix, "at the house of A. W. Poe."

  1857, March 28. - "In Marysville, California, on Dec. 17, 1856, Geo. W. Redman of typhoid fever." - Marysville (Cal.) Eagle, Dec. 21

  1857, April 4. - "Died at his residence near St. Mary Mills county Iowa, on the 19th inst., after a lingering illness, Maj. George Hepner, in the 52d year of his age." - Bugle.

  1857, Nov. 28. - "By Rev. Mr. Bowen on Tuesday evening, the 24th inst, Wm. McLennan2 and Miss Sarah B. Hall, all of this city. Madison, Indiana, papers please copy."

  1857, Dec. 5. - "Died at the residence of her son-in-law, Hon. J Sterling Morton, on Monday evening, the 30th the Ult., Mrs. Gynthise French,3 Consort of the late David French, Esq., of Detroit - aged 67 years." Mrs. French outlived her husband by only a few months. She had arrived at Nebraska City the day before accompanied by Mr. Morton.

  1857, Dec. 10. - "In Nebraska City of consumption, on Saturday the 12th inst. at half-past 11 o'clock, P. M., Jane B., wife of George Boughton, aged 40 years."

  1858, Jan. 2. - "On the 25th inst., by the Rev. J. G. Bowen,4 Wm. Kirkwood to Minerva Lindsey, both of Kearney City."

  1858, Jan. 9. - "At Delaware City, on the 7th inst., by W. H. H. McArty, Esq., Mr. Judge S. Bachelder and Miss Mary L. Benton, both of Otoe County."

  1858, Jan. 30. - "At his residence in Nebraska City, Jan. 10th, 1858 Mr. E. W. Proctor of dropsy. The deceased was formerly a resident of Leominster, Mass."

  1858, Feb. 13. - "Mr. John Harvey, a young man from Washington City, formerly a clerk in the House of Representatives, was found dead on Thursday the 4th inst., a few miles west of this place."

  1858, March 6 - "On Sunday the 28th of February, by James Fitchey Esq., at the residence of the bride's father, on Camp Creek Mr. Henry Vollman5 to Miss Ursule Schindler,5 all of Otoe County, N. T."

  1858, March 13. - "Married, on the 10th of March, by Rev. D. H. May, Mr. Lee P. Gillette to Mrs. Etta B. Barnum; all of Nebraska City, N. T."

  1858, March 27. - "Thomas B. Cumming died at his home in Omaha on Tuesday morning last. - - - - Mr. Cumming graduated in the first class of the University of the State of Michigan." He was the first secretary of Nebraska Territory and acting governor after the death of Governor Burt.

  1858, March 27. - "On the 22nd inst., at his residence, by Rev. J. G. Bowen, Winlian De Bay and Hannah Worrel, all of Otoe county."

  1858 March 27. - "On the 24th inst., by the Rev, H. M. Giltner, Mr. A. A Brookfield and Miss Emily Lorton, all of this city."

  1858, March 27. - "On the evening of the 20th inst., by Judge Pardee, Mr. Theodore B. Van Horne and Miss Ella S., daughter of John L. Armstrong, Esq., all of this city."

  1858, April 3. - "On Wednesday, March 31, at the residence of the bride's brother, Wm. Buchanan,6 by the Rev. H. M. Giltner, Mr. Orin Jackson and Miss Nancy Buchanan, all of Nebraska City."

2. For biography, see Chapman, Portrait and BiographicaI Album of Otoe and Cass Counties, p. 331.

3. Mrs. David French was the foster mother of Caroline Joy, wife of Hon. J. Sterling Morton. Mrs. Morton's own mother died when she was four years old and she was reared by Mr. and Mrs. David French of Detroit, Mich.

4. Pastor of Baptist Church.

5. Chapman Otoe and Cass Counties, pp. 276, 720.

6. Ibid, p. 609.


  1858, April 10. - "On the 4th instant, by Hon. Wm. E. Pardee, Probate Judge, at the house of Mr. Whitten, Mr. Ephraim Clark to Miss Phebe A. Whitten, all of Otoe County."

  1858, April 10. - "By W. H. H. McArty, Esq., on the 28th day of March, 1858, at the residence of his father, Mr. Thomas Helvey to Mrs. Hannah Fisher, all of Otoe County."

  1858, April 17. - "On the 10th inst. by Rev. H. M. Giltner, at the residence of Mr. Brwnill, (sic) Mr. George W. Warner to Miss Elizabeth Bownill, all of Otoe County, N. T."

  1858. April 17. - "In this city, March 29th, Tuch-A-Lix-Tah, or the man that has many horses. son of Cha-Hicks-Staca-Nash-Ho, or White Man Chief, who was noted as a brave of the Pawnee tribe of Indians."

  1858, April 24. - Petition for divorce, Otoe County, Elizabeth Thompson against James W. Thompson, asking custody of her two children.

  1858, May 15. - "On the 2d instant, by Rev. H. M. Giltner, Mr. James Wallon to Miss Harriet Densley, all of Nebraska City."

  1858, May 22. - "On the 16th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Adams, Miss Mary F. Hawk of Hemme's Landing, Mo., and Houston Nuckolls, Esq., of St. Stephen, N. T."

  1858, July 10. - "On the 8th inst. by Rev. J. G. Bowen, Mr. Albert K. Rhodes and Miss Addie M. Bradford, both of this city."

  1858, July 31. - "On the 5th inst., at Brownville, by Rev. Mr. Tipton, Chas. R. Manning, formerly of Orleans Co., N. Y., to Miss Mary J. Sears of Nebraska City, N. T."

  1858, Aug. 7. - " - - - the death of Mr. J. J. Sample - - - residing upon his farm five miles west of this town. --- He leaves a family - - - ." [No date.]

  1858, Aug. 7. - "At Weeping Water, Cass Co., on the 1st inst., Mr. Josiah H. Bellows, late of Ashtabula County, Ohio."

  1858, Aug. 14. - "On the 10th inst., Oliver Perry Reeves, infant son of Mills S. and Rosanna C. Reeves, of this city, aged three months and twenty days."

  1858, Aug. 21. - "By W. H. McArty, Esq., at the residence of J. W. Oliver, on the 12th day of August, 1858, Mr. Adam C. Mann to Miss Sarah Ann Work, all of this county."

  1858, Aug. 21 - "On the 13th inst., Mrs. Sarah B.,7 wife of Wm. McLennan, aged 23 years."

  1858, Sept. 25. - "Died, near Pittsburgh, Penn., on the 10th inst., the Rev. Andrew W. Black, D.D., aged about 50 years. The deceased was the eldest brother of our fellow citizen, Judge [Samuel W.] Black."

  1858, Oct. 2. - "On the 26th [of] Sept., by Rev. H. M. Giltner, Mr. Adolph Albright8 and Miss Louise Smidt, all of Nebraska City, N. T."

  1858, Oct. 2. - "On the 27th of Sept., by the Rev. H. M. Giltner, at the residence of Mr. Croxton, Dr. R. H. Matthews and Miss Amelia Ruckenbroad, all of Nebraska City, N. T."

  1858, Oct. 2. - "On the 25th ult., by Rev. J. G. Bowen, Mr. Robert B. Hood and Miss Isabella Clayton, all of Otoe County."

  1858, Oct. 2. - "On Saturday 25th ult. by Rev. E. Adams, Mr. George Gawthorne to Miss Mary Bignel, all of this city."

  1858, Oct. 2. - "At the residence of the bride's mother in Atchison Co., Mo., on Tuesday, Sept. 21st, by the Rev. Mr. Miller, P. J. Widasill, Esq. to Mrs. Lucrecia Beal, all of Atchison Co."

  1858, Oct. 9. - Estate of E. Y. Cassel, dec'd, of Otoe County; John Cassel, administrator.

7. See marriage record, Nebraska City News, Nov. 28, 1867.

8. Chapman, Cass and Otoe Counties, p. 353.

  1858, Oct. 15. - "Monsieur Lamarque - - - died at the residence of Mr. Osborn on Tuesday of the present week. [He] had been a resident of this place some three years. - - - A heavy colony [of French] settled upon the Blue about seventy miles west of Nebraska City during the present season mainly through the representations of Mr. La Marque."

  1858, Nov. 20. - "On Tuesday, 16th inst., at 7 A. M., at the residence of his brother-in-law, H. C. Blackman, Esq., of this city, Theodore B. Van Horne,9 aged twenty-nine years, of bronchitis, after an illness of several months."

  1858, Nov. 20. - "Departed this life at Saint Deroin, Richardson county, Nebraska, on Saturday, 13th day of November, 1858, Charles M. Greever in the twenty-ninth year of his age. Deceased was a native of Smyth county, Va., whence he emigrated to Missouri, about the year 1844, where he resided until the year 1856, when he removed to this Territory."

  1862, Jan. 11. - "Of hydrocephalus, John Eugene Williamson, on the 6th day of January, 1862, aged 8 months and 24 days - son of R. W. and Martha Williamson."

  1862. Jan. 18. - "Wm. L. McLothlin, Co. H. 1st Nebraska Regiment, died in hospital at St. Louis, on the 7th of January."

  1862, Jan. 18. - "On Wednesday evening, Jan 1st, 1862, at the residence of A. Lemon, Esq., by Judge Francis Bell, Mr. John R. Steele10 and Miss Margaret Jane Biggs, all of this county."

  1862, Feb. 1. - "On Thursday the 28th inst. [sic], by Judge Bell, at the house of Peleg Redfield, Esq., J. W. Foster and Mrs. Mary J. Vosburg, all of Otoe County."

  1862, Feb. 1. - "On Wednesday the 29th inst. [sic], by Judge Bell, at the house of Peter Y. Morse, Esq., Levi Pond and Mrs. Osa Ann Pancost, all of Otoe County."

9. Marriage record, News, March 27, 1858.

10. Chapman, Cass and Otoe Counties, p. 738.





Contributed by Mrs. C. A. Reynolds, Lincoln, Nebraska.

(Continued from Vol. X, p. 12.)

  James Hazelrigg and wife Lucy (late Lucy Fleming*, widow of John Fleming, dec'd) and Wm. Fleming, John Fleming and Thomas Fleming infants, heirs of' John Fleming, dec'd, by Lucy Fleming Hazelrigg, late Fleming, their guardian, appointed by Fayette County Court, to Peter Goosey, part of survey of 1000 acres, granted to said John Fleming, Jan. 14, 1782. (Deed Book 1, p. 437 )

  Wm. Triplett and wife Elizabeth of Fayette County, Va., deed to Wm. Hazelrigg, Sr., and Charles Hazelrigg of same county, 240 acres on Boone Creek, June 8, 1791. James (his X mark) Hazelrigg, wtns. (Deed Book 12 [?], p. 185.)

  Deed between James Hazelrigg and Wm. Hazelrigg and Sarah his wife, Jan. 28, 1794, to Richard Yeates. Whereas said James Hazelrigg did on Oct. 18, 1792, convey to said Wm. Hazelrigg 78 acres, etc. -- - - (Deed Book 1, p. 133.)

*James Hazelrigg married Lucy Fleming, Oct. 22 1793. Deeds of Fleming heirs show she was a widow Fleming: with Fleming children.


  Wm. Hazelrigg, Jr., and Charles Hazelrigg to Graham Hazelrigg, 100 acres, part of 240 acres conveyed to said Wm. and Charles Hazelrigg by Wm. Triplett, etc. - - - - John and Elijah Hazelrigg, wtnss., Oct. 1, 1795. (Deed Book 1, p. 614.)

  Will of Capt. Charles Hazelrigg, My eldest brother Job Hazelrigg; to Nancy Clements, dau. of Sarah Clements, for her education; to Green Clements and Fielding Clements, sons of Sarah Clements; Charles Oldfield, son of Sarah Hatton; to Graham son of Elizabeth Nelson - four above mentioned boys to be educated, etc. - - - - Isaac Halbert and Graham Hazelrigg, exors.; Geo. & Thomas Winn, Lawrence Daly, wtnss.; Oct. 9, 1795. Probate, Apr. 26, 1796. This is indexed as Capt. Chas., but he may have been captain in militia only. (Will Book 1, p. 59.)

  Joshua Hazelrigg, Oct. 25, 1796, buys land of John Fleming's heirs, 100 acres on Flat Creek. (Deed Book 2, p. 120.)

  James Hazelrigg buys, Oct. 25, 1796, from same. (Deed Book 2, p. 122.)

  Wm. French and wife Elizabeth, Sept. 25, 1798, sell to Nancy Orear, John Orear and Jeremiah Orear of Madison County, Ky., land in Clark County.

  Wm. Hazelrigg, dec'd, inventory, 1804; Dec., 1805; Aug. 25, 1806. To Elijah Hazelrigg, Wm. Hazelrigg. (Book 2, pp. 153, 178.)

  Elijah Hazelrigg, dec'd, Dec., 1807. Graham Hazelrigg, exor. (Will Book II.)

  Graham Hazelrigg and wife Hannah of Clark County to Wyatt Bush, 100 acres of the 240 acres conveyed by Wm. Triplett to said Hazelrigg; Mar. 25, 1809. (Deed Book 8, p. 441.)

  Joshua Hazelrigg and wife Francis, Feb. 1, 1812, to Wm. Johnston, part of tract patented to Joseph Wright. (Deed Book 9, p. 74.)

  Graham Hazelrigg of Shelby County, Ky., and Isaac Halbert of Lewis County, exors. of Charles Hazelrigg, dec'd, appoint John Hazelrigg of Bourbon County our attorney to conduct matters in which we are concerned as exors. John Hazelrigg, Charles Hazelrigg, wtnss. Apr. 18, 1818. (16, p. 498.)

  Graham Hazelrigg (Will, Shelby County, Ky., Book 4, p. 245); wife Hannah Hazelrigg; for support and schooling my infant children; my brother John Hazelrigg (law suit over lands); have given my son Wm. Hazelrigg 80 dollars; my sons John, Elijah Finsby, and James Hazelrigg to have like sum; my daughters Polly, Elizabeth, Anna Eliza and Lucinda Hazelrigg to have like sum when 21; wife and son Wm. Hazelrigg, exors. Feb. 4, 1818. Probate, Nov., 1818.

  Elijah Hazelrigg and wife Jane of Scott County deed to Wm. Risk, Aug. 23, 1824, being one-fifth of tract of land of Wm. Hazelrigg, dec'd, part of land that fell to Elijah Hazelrigg by heirship. (Deed book 20, p. 81.)

  George Renick and wife Magdalina, May 31, 1830, to Sally Hazelrigg wife of Dillard Hazelrigg, for love and affection to their daughter, 103 acres more or less. (Deed Book 24, p. 207.)

  Wm. Hazelrigg sells lots of land he bought of heirs of Wm. Hazelrigg, dec'd; 4 lots, one from Simon McCr--l and wife Mary, one bought from Charles Hazelrigg, one from John Hazelrigg - - - - Feb. 28, 1831. (Deed Book 24, p. 551.)

  Wm. Hazelrigg* of Clark County and John Hazelrigg of Decatur County, Ind., to - - - - - - their mother's dower, Sarah Hazelrigg, in the estate of Wm. Hazelrigg, dec'd. Said Wm. Hazelrigg's part is one-fourth of 117 acres. Jan. 23, 1832.

  There is a William Hazelrigg will in Scott Co.. Ky. The vital statistics of Scott Co. say he was born in Bourbon county, died Aug. 15, 1857, aged 71. He evidently was the son of Wm. and Sarah.


  David Hazelrigg buys from Benj. Orears and wife Elizabeth, Sept. 3, 1833. (Deed Book 26, p. 348.)

  Dillard Hazelrigg and wife Sally, Sept. 9, 1834, land he lives on to Jesse Cunningham. (Deed Book 26, p. 379.)

  John Hazelrigg and wife Elizabeth, May 25, 1835, of Decatur Co., Ind., deed to D. Donahoo, my title in land belonging to my mother Sarah Hazelrigg.

  Elijah Hazelrigg of Scott Co., Ky., Dec. 16, 1831 to Daniel Donahue, part of Benj. Comb's Survey, it being of his mother's dower right of 350 acres which is 117 acres and one-third of which was laid off to Sarah Hazelrigg in her own right, part of Wm. Hazelrigg, dec'd, land. Said Elijah Hazelrigg's is one-eighth of above mentioned 117 acres. Mar. 17, 1831. (Deed Book 27, p. 277.)

  Charles Hazelrigg and wife Nancy, Clark County, deed to Stephen Sharp. Sept. 11, 1835. (Deed Book 27, p. 254.)

  Hannah Morgan, heir of John Morgan dec'd, deeds to Benj. Talbott, 125 acres. Mar. 14, 1836. (Deed Book 27 p. 456.)

  Thomas Hazelrigg and wife, Nancy M., late Nancy M. Dean, heir at law of Edward Dean - - - -. Mar. 27, 1851. (Deed Book 36, p. 64.)

  The deeds, published records of Judge James H. Hazelrigg ancestry, etc., indicate that Graham Hazelrigg, John Hazelrigg, Capt. Charles Hazelrigg and perhaps James Hazelrigg of Bath county were either brothers or of the same generation.

  Graham Hazelrigg of Shelby County named brother John as did Capt. Charles. Capt. Charles evidently was not married and the women named were perhaps his sisters or nieces.

  John Hazelrigg, born 1754, married Ann Cleveland, and from various records it appears that his children were Alex; Ann, married ---- Wilson; Charles, married Nancy Wigginton, widow Dillard; William; John; Jemima, married ---- Donohoo.

  Dillard Hazelrigg married, first, Sally Renick. Their children were George, born 1820; Miranda, married ---- Chiles; James Dillard Hazelrigg; Martha, married ---- Strossman; John, born 1831, married Feb. 14, 1855, Mildred Kemper. By his second wife, Delilah, there was only one child who lived to maturity, Julia, who married James Batewood.

  James Hazelrigg had two sons, Joshua, born 1760, died 1836, married Jan. 31, 1788, Francis Wright. Their children were Harvey; Nancy, married J. Fleming; Betsey M. Richards: Issa M. Potts; Sally, married ---- Boardman; James; Wm. N.; Eli. Eli, second son of James, born 1777, died 1852, married Jan 1, 1801, Rebecca Fletcher, born Feb. 29, 1784; married, second, Ruth ----. The children of Eli and Rebecca were Perlina, married 1821, Zach. Morgan, son of Jas. H. Morgan; James G., married Dorathy ----; Thos. F., married Nancy Dean; David S., married


Catherine Hughes; John West Hazelrigg; Margaret J., married Dr. Thos. Summers; Mary Dillard, married John M. Robertson.




Compiled by Vera F. Rasmussen, Omaha, Nebraska, assisted by Mary Clark.

(original text is single spaced)

     These records are from the files of the Daughters of American Revolution in Nebraska, Mrs. Florence (M'Kean) Knight, Alliance, Nebraska, State Chairman of National Committee, Genealogical Research.
   James A. Taggert, 23 yrs. - Malinda Scott, 16 yrs. - August 22, 1856.

Edward Statton, 23 yrs. - Margaret Van Cicle, 22 yrs. - Sept. 27, 1856.

James L. White - Ann E. Yozier - Jan. 5, 1857.

Francis Mickel - Elizabeth Robert - Dec. 17, 1857 [6?].

H. B. Killder, 22 yrs. - Sarah Ong, 18 yrs. - Feb. 16, 1857.

John Sanderson, 24 yrs. - Josephen Kornes, 19 yrs. - Feb. 12, 1857.

Jerimiah C. Spring, 24 yrs. - Mary R. Ong, 19 yrs. - March 5, 1857.

Harrason Brown, 40 yrs. - Anis Elizabeth McCoy, 21 yrs. - Apr. 5, 1857.

Nelson Brown - Anney Jones, 18 yrs. - April 12, 1857

----- Workman, 22 yrs. - Elizabeth Porter, 16 yrs. - March 30, 1857.

John R. Traver, 45 yrs. - Marth Hurley, 36 yrs. - April 1, 1857.

William H. Ely, 35 yrs. - Eliza Miller, 23 yrs. - May 7, 1857.

Jacob King - Christian C. Christensonne, 20 yrs. - May 23, 1857.

Francis Mitchell - Elizabeth Roberts - February 16, 1857.

James R. Sprague - Emma Frienga - July 13, 1857.

W. H. Stark - Mary M. Salisbury - August 3, 1857.

Rev. Geo. P. Bergen (a), 37 yrs. - Mrs. Mary M. Bentley, 28 yrs. - August 30, 1857.

Allen Root, 28 yrs. - J. Adelaide Goodwill, 20 yrs. - September 1, 1857.

James A. Jones - Margrata Sheldon - September 2, 1857.

W. Bell - Sarah Large - September 21, 1857.

Jonas Seely (b) - Cornelia Young - October 5, 1857.

D. W. Yonley - Margaret Ann Le Sure - Sept 13, 1857.

Charles M. Aumock, Omaha - Alice J. Alexander, Saratoga, N. Y. - October 24, 1857.

Simon German - Johana Welch - November 28, 1857

William A. Amsbary, 22 yrs. - Angeline H. Giffin, 15 yrs. - Dec. 5, 1857.

Mendico B. McKenzie - N. Caroline Breckenridge - Dec 10, 1857.

Albert L. King - Gertrude Clark - Dec. 16, 1857.

Abraham Tibbets, 25 yrs. - Hannah Sowle, 28 yrs. - Jan. 1, 1858.

Michial O'Donough - Mary Collins - Jan. 4, 1858.

James Badgly - Catherine Goggins - Jan 12, 1858.

George Holmes - Catherine Harrington - Feb. 3, 1858.

W. W. Davis, 22 yrs. - Rebecca Sharp, 18 yrs. - March 9, 1858.

John F. Scott - Diana W. Edwards - March 16, 1858.

Joseph Dickerson, 23 yrs. - Mary A. Barles, 24 yrs. - April 15, 1858.

Charles Ottoway - Jane Chivington - April 6, 1858.

William W. Hup - Amanda M. Russell - April 17, 1858.

Daniel C. Millus - Sarah Wiseman - May 3, 1858.

James Douglas, Esq. - Georgina Lee - May 5, 1858.

(a) Rev. Geo. P. Bergen, in April, 1857, organized the first Presbyterian Church, established at Omaha. A. T. Andreas, History of Nebraska, p. 728.

(b) Jonas G. Seely, attorney and member of the 3rd Territorial Assembly, came to Nebraska. in 1856. Cornelia Young was a sister of the wife of Andrew J. Hanscom. Morton-Watkins, History of Nebraska, Vol. I., pp. 297-302.


Clark Mathers, 25 yrs. - C. Vance, 17 yrs. - May 6, 1858.

Chas. W. Shute, Esq., 24 yrs. - Alice H. Hoadley, 20 yrs. - June 8, 1858.

William Killan - May McGregh - June 8, 1858.

Ami Walter Tuttle, 24 yrs. - Elizabeth M. Town, 18 yrs. - June 18, 1858.

Geo. Stevens, 27 yrs. - May C. Hofan, 19 yrs. - July 30, 1858.

Christian Minch - Catherine Haden Sept. 16, 1858.

Charles McDonald, 22 yrs. - Ora B. Henry, 17 yrs. - Oct. 15, 1858.

Geo. A. Growes - Emma Homan - Oct. 14, 1858.

Geo. W. Gordon, 22 yrs. - Rebecca Jane Brown, 19 yrs. - Nov. 9, 1858.

Isaac Bube - Emily Runion - Nov. 13, 1858.

Alexander Burke - Mary McCarthy - Nov. 15, 1858.

Patrick Reily - Catherine Mullone - Nov. 23, 1858.

John McCreary of Ohio - Mary Creighton of Ohio - Nov. 25, 1858.

P. W. Hickcock, (c) Esq. - Annie M. Monell - Dec. 27, 1858.

John M. Kelly - Henrietta Beeks - Feb. 9, 1859.

Michael O'Reily from Ireland - Mary Healy - Feb. 14, 1859.

John Thomas - Mary House Feb. 14, 1859.

Geo. Blaxim - Catherine Gorman - Feb. 22, 1859.

Adolf Groubak, 32 yrs. - Charlotte Marie Erikson, 18 yrs. - Feb. 23, 1859

James Hickey - Bridget Moran - March 6, 1859.

John Maher - Bridget McNamara - March 8, 1859

William Fricke - Caroline Uhe - April 6, 1859.

Nelson Ingstrin, 35 yrs. - Ann Catherine Petersen, 38 yrs. - April 8, 1859.

Samuel Megeath - Judith M. Carter - April 19, 1859.

Benjamin Lowe, 25 yrs. - Helen A. Newhall, 21 yrs. - April 25, 1859.

John Mitchell - Ellen Maher - April 26, 1859.

Robert Daines - Jemima Seamons - May 1, 1859.

Joseph Lewis, 35 yrs. - Ann Pittman, 37 yrs. - May 1, 1859.

Herman Glap - Lucy Goodwill - May 10, 1859.

John Lewack - Losetta Luark - June 11, 1859.

Lyurgus Grice - Lucy Ann Allen - June 30, 1859.

Isaac Burton - Judith C. Brittendall - August 11, 1859.

Merick E. Kidder - Ann McIntyre - August 11, 1859.

James Pasterfield - May Coffin - Sept. 7, 1859.

James Kane - Mary Lacy - Sept. 12, 1859.

J. McCawley - Elizabeth Albanis - Sept. 11, 1859.

Thomas Mahon - Hannah Dolan - Sept. 12, 1859.

William N. Green - Harriet Deval - Sept. 15, 1859.

Henry H. Vischer, Esq. - Nancy Reynolds - Oct. 18, 1859.

John Sloss - Susan Kelly - Oct. 24, 1859.

Dennis Murphy - Mary Malone - Oct. 29, 1859.

Moses Brinkerhoff - Josephine Rabbeson - Nov. 21, 1859.

Albert Wyman - Harriet C. Fake - Nov. 23, 1859.

Charles W. Cox - Ermina A. Kellogg - Nov. 24, 1859.

Clark Irvine - Ann Johnson - Nov. 30, 1859.

Frederick Kumpf - Christina Rohwer - Dec. 8, 1859.

A. Sidney Paddock (d) - Emma L. Mack - Dec. 22, 1859.

David Richards - Louisa C. Tapping - Dec. 22, 1859.

William Short - Adalaide Thomas - Dee. 25, 1859.

Earnest Frenzel - Joanna Lippah - Dec. 26, 1859.

     (c) Phineas Warrener Hitchcock, attorney and United States Senator from Nebraska, 1871-7, was born at New Lebanon, N. Y., Nov. 30, 1831, and died at Omaha, July 10, 1881. His wife was a daughter of Dr. Gilbert C. Monell, also from New York. One of his sons was Gilbert M. Hitchcock, also Senator from Nebraska. Ibid, Vol. I, pp. 495-6.

     (d) Algernon Sidney Paddock, born at Glen Falls, N. Y., Nov. 9 1830, died Oct. 17, 1897, was twice elected United States Senator from Nebraska. His wife was the daughter of Daniel Mack of Saint Lawrence County, N. Y. ibid, Vol. I, pp. 501-3.


  The Record of a Family Descent from Ralph Dayton and Alice (Goldhatch) Tritton, Married June 16, 1617, Ashford, County Kent, England. Compiled by Edson C. Dayton, 1931, 96 pages. For private distribution only.

  This is a thorough piece of research on the Dayton line through which the compiler descends, the chapters on the early history of the family being especially important since Mr. Dayton has cleared up several doubtful and disputed points, placing it on a firm foundation. For each generation a full list of the children is given. The sources used are quoted and sometimes printed in full, giving authority to the work. Perhaps the outstanding feature is the fact that the book is interesting reading. We regret that this publication cannot have a wider circulation.


Fine Illustrations for Genealogies and other books

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First Settlers of Piscataway and Woodbridge
Olde East New Jersey, 1664-1714
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350 So. Oxford Ave.     Los Angeles, Calif.

Published in the first ten volumes of the Nebraska and Midwest Genealogical Record include Bierer, Blodgett, Calhoun, Call, Coffin, Evarts, Gaylord, Gibbs, Graves, Halstead, Maxfield, Moulton, Murray, Parke, Radcliffe, Silver, Swan, Unthank, Van Arsdale, Vickery, White, Whitney, Wright.

The Record of April, 1923, (Vol. I, No. 2) is now out of print. For prices to complete your file address Editor, Nebraska and Midwest Genealogical Record, Nebraska Historical Library, Station A, Lincoln, Nebraska.

THE NEBRASKA AND MIDWEST GENEALOGICAL RECORD is published quarterly by the Nebraska Genealogical Society, in January, April, July and October. Subscription, $2.00 per year. Address orders to Mrs. Newell H. Barnes, Treasurer, 1848 Prospect Street, Lincoln, Nebraska. For advertising rates address Editor, Nebraska and Midwest Genealogical Record, State Historical Library, Lincoln, Nebraska.


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