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years later settled in Nuckolls County, where Mr. Van Valin died in 1905.

Of their marriage there are five children: Frank, born September 20, 1864, who married Bertha Williamson; John Isaac, born December 17, 1886, who married Susan Youngs; Alexander, born October 20, 1869, who married Anna Earle; Emily Esther, born January 3, 1875, who married Leroy Warren Knapp; and M. J. Inez, born February 28, 1881, who married Fred David James.

Mr. and Mrs. Van Valin made their first trip together into Nuckolls County with two wagons, one of which was drawn by oxen, the trip taking eight days. The first year corn was planted on the homestead, and the next year wheat and corn. It was those crops which were entirely consumed by the great hordes of grasshoppers which invaded the entire country that year.

Joseph Van Valin's family lived in a dugout for some six years after settling in Nuckolls County, and Mrs. Van Valin recalls, among the other hardships and privations incident to the times, the many soakings her family received when rain poured through their dirt roof. Some time thereafter Mr. Van Valin went to Edgar where he procured lumber and shingles and built a good roof for his underground home.

A resident of Nebraska for sixty years Emily Van Valin is now ninety years of age. However, her mental faculties are unclouded and she recalls still the building of the first school house in District No. 14, two miles east of Nelson, and the first teacher, who was then Miss Ola Carlson, afterward Mrs. Ethan Parker. She also remembers the erection of the first church, and the first newspaper, The Inter Ocean established by Dr. Case, Nelson's first physician. Dr. Case was assisted in his newspaper work by a young man named Oakley Maury.

Mrs. Van Valin has from girlhood taken an active part in church work, and for many years has been affiliated with the Methodist Church at Nelson. She is a charter member of Chapter No. 27, of the Order of Eastern Star, and was first worthy matron of the chapter. Recently she was elected to life membership in The Nebraskana Society. Residence: Nelson.

Thomas Vasey

Thomas Vasey, who has been a farmer in Nebraska for the past 48 years, was born at Scarborough, Yorkshire, England, January 9, 1867, the son of Thomas and Hannah (Dowsland) Vasey. His father, who was a farmer, was born at Brompton, Yorkshire England, December 23, 1822, and died at Blue Springs, Gage County, Nebraska, July 1, 1894. His mother was born at Eberston, Yorkshire, England, September 17, 1822, and died at Holmsville, Gage County, Nebraska, August 13, 1888. She was active in church work.

Mr. Vasey received his education in the elementary schools of England and the rural schools of Gage County. A Republican, he was precinct committeeman for 30 years, and attended the territorial convention in Kansas City. For 16 years he was road overseer, and for over 15 years he has been director on the local school board.

He was a charter member of the Presbyterian Church and has been elder in the church and treasurer and teacher in the Sunday School. During the World War Mr. Vasey took a prominent part in Liberty loan drives and Red Cross work. He is a member of the Nebraskana Society.

On May 10, 1885, he was married to Cordelia Jones at Chester, North Wales. Mrs. Vasey, who was born in North Wales, May 10, 1867, is the daughter of G. V. Jones who served in the state legislature from 1897 to 1901. Residence: Blue Springs.

Byron B. Vaughan

Byron B. Vaughan, newspaper editor and publisher at Blue Hill, Nebraska, is a leader in civic and educational affairs in his community. He was born at Unadilla, Nebraska, December 24, 1894, the son of Charles H. and Lily M. (Becker) Vaughan, the former a native of Washburn, Illinois. His mother was born in Pennsylvania, in 1855. His parents are now residing at Guide Rock.

Mr. Vaughan attended Grand Island College Academy spent five years as assistant cashier of the State Bank of Edgar, Nebraska, 1913-20, and was assistant cashier of the Marcus State Bank, Marcus, Iowa, from 1920-25. He served as bookkeeper for the F. E. Scott Commission Company at Sioux City, Iowa, for eighteen months, and for nearly five years has been editor and publisher of the Blue Hill Leader, Blue Hill.

He entered the United States Army September 5, 1917, was commissioned second lieutenant in 1918, assigned to the 10th Division, Company K, 69th Infantry; at this time he is commander of the local American Legion Post. He is a member of the board of education at Blue Hill, the Red Cross, the Blue Hill Commercial Club of which he is secretary, and the Blue Hill Masonic Lodge. He holds membership in the Nebraska Editorial Association, is affiliated with the Methodist Episcopal Church, and is a member of the Nebraskana Society. His hobby is baseball.

On November 18, 1920, he married Opal Retta Brookley at Edgar, Nebraska. Mrs. Vaughan, who was associated with her father in the drug business and is a registered pharmacist, was born at Juniata, Nebraska, January 2, 1895. Two children were born to this union; William, March 24, 1922; and Thomas, November 8, 1925. Mr. Vaughan is a member of the Republican party. Residence: Blue Hill.

Miles Matthew Vaughn

Miles M. Vaughn was born at Carman, Illinois, November 25, 1866. His father, Matthew Vaughn, who was a farmer, was descended from English ancestors who settled in Dayton, Ohio, in 1849. He was born at Pontypool, Monmouthshire, England, November 10, 1829, and died at Burlington, Iowa, February 12, 1905. Mary Ann (Mardsen) Vaughn, his wife, was born at Dayton, and died at Carman, February 28, 1879. Her ancestry was English.

Mr. Vaughn received his elementary education in the public schools. In 1883 and 1884 he taught school after which he attended college at Quiney, Illinois, where he was graduated in 1888. He has lived in Nebraska for 42 years, and has always taken an active part in civic and educational affairs. He is engaged in the real estate business at Nebraska City, and is at the present time mayor of Nebraska City, elected on the Republican ticket.

He was united in marriage with Leonora May McAllister, at Nebraska City, October 5, 1898. Mrs. Vaughn was born at Charlottsville, Albemarie County, Virginia, September 7, 1878, and when a small child came to Nebraska with her parents. They have four children: Mary Ardis, born September 9, 1899, who married King Yates; Mildred Ina, born May 23, 1913; Miles Matthew, born September 5, 1916; and Charles Edward, born October 16, 1918.

During the late war, Mrs. Vaughn assisted the Red Cross workers in sewing and knitting. She is a member of the Child Welfare Organization. She is a member of the National Congress of the Parent-Teachers' Association, having served as vice president, 1927-28, and president, 1928-29. In 1929 and 1930, she served as president of District Number Two of this organization, a district covering 16 counties with a main office at Omaha. She is affiliated with the First Methodist Episcopal Church at Nebraska City. Residence: Nebraska City.

Charles Henry Velte

Charles Henry Velte, educator, was born at Lexington, Nebraska, August 7, 1889, son of Adam F. and

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Minnie F. (Bauerkamper) Velte. His father, who was born in Wehrheim, Germany, September 8, 1854, resided at Hebron, Nebraska, until his death on November 1, 1918. He was a prominent farmer and served as county commissioner. His wife, Minnie, was born in Germany, in 1858, and is still living.

Educated in the public and high schools of Hebron, Charles Henry Velte received his A. B. from Hastings College, and in 1929 was awarded his M. A. from the University of Nebraska. During 1914-16 he was principal of the high school at Shelton, Nebraska, and during 1916-18 was superintendent of city schools at Stuart.

During the World War, 1918-19, Mr. Velte held the rank of second lieutenant in the United States Army Air Service, and in the spring of 1919 was principal of the Shelton High School. Since 1919 he has been superintendent of city schools at Crete, Nebraska.

On August 16, 1916, he was united in marriage to Eglantine C. Skillman at Broken Bow, her birthplace. Mrs. Velte was born August 16, 1892, and is of early American ancestry. They have three children, Clare, born September 6, 1917; Phyllis, born October 26, 1918, and Charles, born June 18, 1920.

Mr. Velte is a member of the American Legion, and served as commander of Crete Post No. 147 during 1928-29. His professional organizations include the National Education Association, and the Nebraska State Teachers Association, and he is a former president and present member of the executive committee of district No. 1, of the latter organization. From 1928-30 he was director of the Crete Chamber of Commerce, and in 1924 was president of the Rotary Club. Since 1930 he has been secretary of the Crete library board. Mr. Velte is a Republican and takes an active interest in the politics of his party, locally. He is interested in boys' work, and the Boy Scout organization, and is a member of the First Presbyterian Church of Crete. Residence: Crete.

Irvin E. Venell

Irvin E. Venell was born near Shickley, Nebraska, September 25, 1894, and has lived in this state all his life. His father, Nels John Venell, was born at Bravek, Kalmar Lane, Sweden, October 1, 1842, and is still living at Ong, Nebraska, where he is a carpenter and farmer; his father, one brother, and two sisters came to America in 1868. Minnie Wolstrom Venell, mother of Irvin Venell, was born in Sweden, March 29, 1854, and is still living at Ong, Nebraska.

Mr. Venell is a director of the school board at Ong, is a member of the Nebraskana Society, and is affiliated with the Shickley Methodist Church. He took part in Victory, Liberty, and Red Cross loan drives during the World War. He is a Republican.

On October 18, 1915, he was united in marriage with Edith E. Aspegren at Saronville, Nebraska. Mrs. Venell was born near Saronvillc, March 21, 1896. To their marriage three children were born: Cozette, August 17, 1917; Irvin E., Jr., December 24, 1918; and Curtis, January 3, 1926. Residence: Ong.

Frederick William Vennemann

Frederick William Venneman (sic), physician, has been engaged in active practice at Spencer, Nebraska, since 1924. He was born at Vrasselt, Germany, February 9, 1889, the son of Frederick and Mathilde (Schulte) Vennemann. His father, a teacher, was born at Bienen, Germany, in 1855, and died at Oberd, Germany, July 15, 1916. His mother died at Oberdollen, January 6, 1918.

Dr. Vennemann was graduated from the high school at Emmerich, Germany, in 1910, and studied medicine at Bonn. He received the M. D. degree at Cologne, Germany, in 1916. He has been a physician and surgeon at Lynch and is now engaged in general practice at Spencer where he is chief surgeon in the local hospital.

He is affiliated with St. Marys' Catholic Church, is a member of Nebraska State Medical Society, and holds membership in the Nebraskana Society. He was an officer in the German Army during the World War. Residence: Spencer.

Ralph W. Venrick

Ralph W. Venrick was born at Noractur, Decatur County, Kansas, June 1, 1893, the son of David Frank and Alice (Stackhouse) Venrick. His father, who was born in Coshocton County, Ohio, was a pioneer homesteader in Decatur county, and later a grain dealer; he was engaged in the furniture business from 1900 to his death at DeWitt, Nebraska, February 1, 1928. His ancestry was Pennsylvania Dutch. His mother was born at Rennsslaer, Indiana, August 4, 1857; she is of English descent.

Mr. Venrick was graduated from the DeWitt High School in 1911, and later was a student at Doane College, Crete, Nebraska, for a year. He was graduated from the Hoenschu-Carpenter School of Embalming at Des Moines, Iowa, 1913. At the age of 18 he entered business with his father, and today is secretary-treasurer and general manager of the D. F. Venrick Furniture Company, Incorporated.

He has served on the city council of DeWitt for thirteen years, eleven years of which he was city clerk, and was Democratic precinct chairman for three years. He has lived in Nebraska thirty-three years, and holds membership in the following civic organizations: DeWitt Civic Service Club; Parent-Teachers' Association; Red Cross; and the Nebraskana Society. Mr. Venrick filled the unexpired term of his father as a member of the board of education, after his father's death in 1918, but refused to become a candidate for election to a full term.

He is a member of the Funeral Director's Association. He is affiliated with St. Augustine Episcopal Church; is at present master of the DeWitt Lodge Number 111 of the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons; and holds membership in Modern Woodmen of America and the Ancient Order of United Workmen. During the World War, Mr. Venrick served as secretary of the local Council of Defense, and was a four minute speaker. His sports include golf and kitten ball. His hobbies are the theatre and good music.

On December 26, 1914, he was united in marriage with Edna Alice Rossiter, at Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska. Mrs. Venrick, who was born at DeWitt, October 16, 1891, acts as her husband's assistant in his business. Her English grandparents were pioneers of Gage County; her father served as a member of the Nebraska legislature. Four children were born to them, two of whom are living; Jean Margaret, born October 31, 1915, who died at birth; Jean Marjorie, born August 14, 1917; Virginia Ruth, born October 26, 1919; and Beryl Marie, born October 24, 1921, who died February 5, 1924. Both of the girls are talented musically, and are honor students in school. Jean Marjorie played before the State Musical Association at Omaha, when she was five years of age. Residenceff (sic) DeWitt.

Adolph Joseph Vierling

Born at Cincinnati, Ohio, May 16, 1852, Adolph J. Vierling has been an outstanding figure in the business life of Omaha for many years. He is of Alsatian parentage, his father, Francis Charles Vierling having been a native of Saverne, Province of Alsace-Lorraine, born February 27, 1817. His mother was born at Saar Union, Province of Alsace-Lorraine, March 3, 1823, her maiden name being Caroline Vollmer. Her death occurred at Chicago; January 27, 1890. Francis Charles Vierling died at Chicago, October 20, 1863.

Adolph J. Vierling attended the public schools of Chicago, and when still a young man came to Omaha. He has been engaged in business here forty-five years, and is president of the Paxton and Vierling Iron Works. He

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is a Republican, a member of the Chamber of Commerce, the Young Men's Christian Association and the Elks.

He attends St. Andrews Episcopal Church. His club is the Field Club.

He was married to Katie Luella Organ at Chicago, October 19, 1876. Mrs. Vierling was born at Washington, Iowa, March 18, 1853, and died at Omaha, July 23, 1913. There are four children: Ray W., born August 9, 1877; Frank Robert, born August 8, 1881; Luella Clara, born January 15, 1889; and Mable Claire, born June 6, 1890. Mr. Vierling's hobby is work and his sports are golf and dancing. Residence: Omaha. (Photograph in Album).

Edwin Vieselmeyer

A farmer and purebred stock raiser, Edwin Vieselmeyer was born at Yuma, Colorado, August 26, 1889. After finishing public school he attended North Western Business College at Beatrice, Nebraska, during the winter of 1906 and 1907.

His father, Fred William Vieselmeyer, was born at Westphalen, Germany, July 25, 1864. He is in the real estate and farm loan business, is a land agent, and a farmer and stock raiser. Carolina (Tatge), wife of Fred W. Vieselmeyer, was born at Waterloo, Iowa, November 15, 1868.

On May 6, 1915, Edwin Vieselmeyer was married to Ida Anna Jagels at Kiowa, Nebraska. They have three children, Alvin, born April 29, 1916; Leona, born November 10, 1918; and Norman, born March 15, 1921.

Mr. Vieselmeyer has been a resident of Nebraska for thirty-nine years, practically all of his life time. All these years he has spent on the same farm, the Pleasant View Stock Farm, four miles west of Deshler. It is Mr. Vieselmeyer's opinion that a farmer in order to succeed should is possible remain on one farm and in this way better its condition, and improve his own financial status. Besides taking an active interest in farming Mr. Vieselmeyer specializes in raising purebred Polled-Shorthorn cattle. He showed the first two Shorthorn cows and calves when the Thayer County Fair started at Deshler. He has shown good useful cattle every year since its organization, and has been awarded scores of ribbons and has received over a hundred dollars at a single showing.

Mr. Vieselmeyer attributes his success to the staying on one farm, and applying the aforementioned principles. He believes that one of the causes of our so-called depression is the fact that many farmers have gone too much into debt, mortgaged their farms and stock and lost all or part of them. Mr. Vieselmeyer believes that we must return to a cash basis, buy if we have the cash, if not, not to go into debt if there is any other way possible. His philosophy is that the secret of the success is to move toward the top little by little; climb the ladder from the bottom up, but not start from the top, for that spells ruin as time shows. Many a man has tried to raise the best show cattle in the world and gone broke simply by starting at the wrong end.

In conclusion it may be stated that Mr. Vieselmeyer has had Christian training and that it is his opinion that therein lies the answer to the question of success. He is glad that Thayer County does not fail to give its children good moral training in order to make future generations more useful and loyal citizens of state and country. During the 39 years of Mr. Veiselmeyer's residence in his locality there have been no divorces, murders, or thefts, an indication of what a Christian training means.

Mr. Veiselmeyer is a Democrat and is active in local politics. He is director of his local school district and of St. Mark's School. He is affiliated with the St. Marks Lutheran Church of Ruskin, Nebraska, and is a member of the Lutheran Aid Association. Baseball is his favorite sport and purebred stock raising is his hobby. Recently, in recognition of his efforts, he was awarded life membership in the Nebraskana Society. Residence: Deshler. (Photograph in Album).

Klas Torsten Vinell

Klas Torsten Vinell, Swedish vice consul, was born at Stockholm, Sweden, January 4, 1898, and was graduated from the University of Stockholm School of Law and the University of Stockholm School of Business Administration.

On April 16, 1921, he was married to Margareta Dorotea Theresia, a native of Stockholm, at New York, New York. Mr. Torsten is vice consul for the Kingdom of Sweden at Omaha, for Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Colorado, and Wyoming.

He is a member of the Swedish Lutheran Church, and a lieutenant in the Royal Life Guards of Sweden. Residence: Omaha.

Stephen Philip Visek

Stephen Philip Visek, dental surgeon, was born at Vinkovoi, Austria-Hungary, August 9, 1898, and is the son of Michel Andrew and Pauline Theresa (Dahlberg) Visek.

The father was born in Austria, September 12, 1866, and came to Omaha in 1906. The mother was born in Hungary. Stephen Philip Visek was graduated from Central High School at Omaha, and received the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery from Creighton University in 1905. In 1912 he attended the Croatian Gymnasium in Slavonia.

His marriage to Mildred Eleanor Johnson was solemnized at Glenwood, Iowa, February 9, 1924. Mrs. Visek was born at Creston, Iowa, September 1, 1904.

Dr. Visek has been in active practice since 1925. He is a member of the Sons of Herman. He is a Christian. Residence: Omaha.

George Olien Virtue

George Olien Virtue, distinguished educator at the University of Nebraska, has lived in Nebraska since 1909, and has taken an active part in civic affairs and educational work. He was born at Abingdon, Knox County, Illinois, November 4, 1861, the son of John Freeborn and Cynthia (Jackson) Virtue. His father, who was a miller and farmer, was born at Mansfield, Richiand County, Ohio, and died at Bedford, Taylor County, Iowa, in 1883; his ancestry was Scotch Irish. His mother, whose ancestry was Scotch, was born at Marietta, Ohio, and died at Bedford, Iowa, in 1906.

Dr. Virtue attended the public schools of Illinois and Iowa, and later received the following degrees: A. B., Kansas State University, 1892; A. B., Harvard, 1892; A. M., 1893; and Ph. D., 1897. He was a student at the University of Wisconsin during the summer of 1907, and of 1909. During his college days he took a prominent part in debating and glee club affairs, serving as president of the debating team, and was manager of the glee club.

In 1897 Dr. Virtue received an appointment to teach history and economics at the Teachers College, Winona, Minnesota, where he remained for twelve years. In 1909 he was appointed professor of economics and public finance at the University of Nebraska. During his term of service there he. has taught in the summer sessions at the University of Chicago, Minnesota, and California.

While at Winona he served on the Board of Municipal Works, 1906-1909, and has in more recent years done investigational work for the United States Department

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of Agriculture and the Bureau of the Census. During the war he was for a year on leave of absence in the employ of the United States Shipping Board and the Federal Trade Commission, stationed at Washington. He was a member of Governor Morehead's Commission on Taxation and Revenue, 1913-14, and took an active part in preparing the report of the commission.

He is a member of the Lincoln Lodge Number 19, of the Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, is affiliated with All Souls Unitarian Church at Lincoln and is a member of The Nebraskana Society.

He was married to Meta Wilhemina Vogel at Green Island, New York, September 14, 1897. Mrs. Virtue was born at Danzig, Germany. They have two children: John Bernard, born September 26, 1901, who is a teacher in the English department of Northwestern University; John Bernard, born September 25, 1901, who is a teacher before her marriage. She is married to Gerald M. Almy who is a physics instructor at the University of Illinois. Residence: Lincoln.

Karl Eugene Vogel

Karl E. Vogel, civil engineer, was born at Chelsea, Michigan, May 3, 1883. Israel Vogel, his father, who was a blacksmith, was born at Pleinigen, Wurtemberg, Germany, March 15, 1843. He came to America July 3, 1859, and died at Chelsea, June 20, 1909.

His mother, Fredereiche (Wagner) Vogel, was born of German parents in Washtenaw County, in 1845, and died at Chelsea, May 20, 1909.

Mr. Vogel was graduated from the Chelsea High School in 1901, and then became a student at the University of Michigan, where he studied civil engineering. He was graduated with the A. B. degree in civil engineering in 1905. He has lived in Nebraska for 19 years, and has engaged in business in Omaha, during that time. From 1905 to 1911, he was engineer and shop executive for the American Bridge Company; since 1911 he has been connected with the Omaha Steel Works, acting first as superintendent, later assistant manager, general manager, and vice president. Today he is vice president and general manager of this concern. He is a director and chief engineer of the Plattsmouth Bridge Company.

He was married to Mary Celina Wood at Omaha, December 31, 1912. Mrs. Vogel was born at St. Joseph, Missouri. They have three children: John Phillip, born October 19, 1913; Mary Fredricka, born November 10, 1917; and Ann Elizabeth, born February 1, 1921.

Mr. Vogel is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, the American Society for Testing Materials, and the Omaha Engineers' Club. He is past president of the Nebraska Manufacturing Association; past president of the Structural Steel Society; and president of the Central Steel Fabricators. He is a vice president and director in the Omaha Builders Exchange, and is a director in the American Institute of Steel Construction.

He is a Mason, Knight Templar, and Shriner, and a member of the Nebraska State Historical Society, the Nebraskana Society, and the Omaha Commercial Club.

His social clubs are the Happy Hollow Club, Carter Lake Club, and the Omaha Athletic Club. He is affiliated with the Kountze Memorial Church, at Omaha. His hobby is philately. He is a Republican. Residence: Omaha.

Rudolph Frederick Vogeler

Rudolph Frederick Vogeler, athletic instructor, was born in New York City, September 28, 1902, son of Rudolph Theodore and Martha Emilie (Kaiser) Vogeler. He attended Cornell University and in 1926 was awarded a diploma from the Ithaca School of Physical Education. He has been an instructor in physical education since leaving college.

Mr. Vogeler is a member of the Red Cross, the Young Men's Christian Association, Phi Epsilon Kappa and Delta Sigma Phi. Residence: Lincoln.

Edward Louis Vogeltanz

Edward Louis Vogeltanz was born at Wahoo, Nebraska, October 12, 1895, the son of Joseph and Mary Jisa Vogeltanz. His father, who was a farmer, came to America from Bohemia, in 1865. His mother arrived in this country in 1853.

Mr. Vogeltanz was graduated from the Grand Island Business College in 1912, was a student at Peru State Normal College from 1914 to 1916, and received the A. B. and LL. B. degrees at the University of Nebraska in 1919. In 1918 he was a student at the University of California. His fraternity is Phi Alpha Delta. He has been associated with the following law firms: Norbal Brothers; Landis, Coleman & Mastin, at Seward, Nebraska, 1919; in practice alone, 1920-28, at Ord, Nebraska; and since 1928 Davis & Vogeltanz at Ord.

He is a member of the Rotary Club at Ord, the Chamber of Commerce, the Nebraska State Bar Association, and the Nebruskuna Society. As a member of the Catholic Church he is affiliated with the Lady of Our Perpetual Succour Church at Ord, and is a member of the Knights of Columbus of which he has been grand knight for eight years and district deputy for two years.

Mr. Vogeltanz was a flying cadet in the aviation department of the Reserve Officers Training Corps and is now cammander (sic) of the local American Legion Post. His political affiliation is with the Republican party.

On January 4, 1921, he was united in marriage with Amelia Polak at Wahoo. Mrs. Vogeltanz was born at Prague, August 1, 1897. Their children are: Elizabeth Janet, born November 15, 1922; Raymond, born October 24, 1925; and Rosellen, born April 28, 1921. Residence: Ord.

William August Voigt

Born at Peoria, Illinois, March 24, 1864, William August Voight (sic) has resided in Nebraska since 1884. His parents, William Diedrich and Catherine Josephina (Garenfeld) Voigt, were natives of Germany. William D. Voigt was born in Hagen, October 8, 1819, of a family of book publishers. A manufacturer of woolen cassimers in Germany, he emigrated to the United States in 1848, and engaged in the manufacture of tobacco and cigars at Peoria. Later, in 1884, he brought his family to Nebraska, where he entered the mercantile business. His death occurred at Burlington, Iowa, July 23, 1889. His wife, Catherina, was born in Geilenkirchen, near Cologne, Germany, April 12, 1824, and died at Burlington, August 3, 1874.

William August Voigt attended the public schools of Burlington, and was graduated from high school there. Coming to Nebraska in 1884, he served as clerk for Winger and Miller, general merchants in Lincoln for one years. In 1884 he went into the mercantile business with his father in Nelson, continuing until 1911, when he disposed of his stock and entered the real estate business. He is now engaged in farming and real estate operations.

On June 19, 1888, Mr. Voigt was united in marriage to Jennie May Baumbach, at Nelson. Mrs. Voigt, who is of English and German ancestry, was born at Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania, January 30, 1866. There were two children born to this marriage, Edna M., born June 25, 1889, who died March 25, 1896; and Emma K., born November 10, 1890, who married Vernon C. Wade.

Mr. Voigt is a Democrat. For a number of years

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he served as a member of the board of trustees of Hastings College, and for more than twenty-five years was a member of the state executive committee of the Young Men's Christian Association. An ardent Sunday School worker, Mr. Voigt is affiliated with the First Presbyterian Church. He is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, and the Nebraskana Society. His hobbies are philately and numismatics. Residence: Nelson.

Lawrence Vold

Lawrence Vold, professor of law at the University of Nebraska, was born at Dunlap, Bride County, South Dakota, April 11, 1886; His father, Asbjorn Vold, who was born in Norway, April 30, 1855, and died at Platte, South Dakota, January, 1921, was a farmer and architect; he served as a member of the school board and town board in South Dakota. His mother, Bertha Vold, who was a high school teacher and musician, was born in Norway, February 20, 1857, and died at Platte, South Dakota, May 1918.

Dr. Vold was graduated from the St. Paul High School in 1906. He holds these degrees: A. B., 1910; LL. B., 1913; S. J. D., 1914; all from Harvard University. He was a member of the Agora Debating Club, and played second squad football at Harvard. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Alpha Delta.

He was assistant professor and professor of law at the University of South Dakota, 1914-24, and has been professor of law at the University of Nebraska since that date. He is the author of a book on the law of sales and various articles on law and on legal education. He was co-editor of Supplementary Volumes to Cooley's Briefs on Insurance, 1919. Politically, he is a Republican.

During the World War Dr. Vold taught military law to the Student Army Training Corps at the University of North Dakota, was a Four Minute Man, and speaker in Liberty loan drives. He is a member of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, the Lincoln Professional Men's Club, the Nebraskana Society and the Association of University Professors. He served as a member of the local executive committee of the last named organization for the past two years. He is affiliated with the Westminster Presbyterian Church of Lincoln. Among his recreations are golf, tennis and reading.

His marriage to Margaret Anna Bryan was solemnized at Cambridge, Massachusetts, December 25, 1909. Mrs. Vold, who was born at Boston, of Scotch-English parentage, is a writer of occasional poems, and was formerly a teacher. She was a member of the People's Choral Union at Boston. They have two children: Robert D., born December 11, 1910; and Gordon A., an adopted child, born June 24, 1912. Robert was awarded the A. B. degree at the University of Nebraska in 1931, where he was a member of Sigma Xi, Pi Mu Epsilon, Alpha Chi Sigma, and was president of Phi Lambda Upsilon. Gordon is now a student at the University of Nebraska College of Engineers. He was granted his high school letter in swimming at Lincoln. Residence: Lincoln.

John C. Voline

For more than thirty years John C. Voline has been a newspaper publisher in Auburn. He was born near Stockholm, Sweden, October 24, 1878, he came to the United States with his parents while still a boy. The family settled in Iowa, where he attended the public schools of Creston. His father, Andrew Voline, died at Creston, in 1908, and his mother, an active worker in the Lutheran Church, died there in 1911.

Mr. Voline married Celine La Forgue at Prescott, Iowa, July 30, 1905. She was born at Corning, Iowa, December 31, 1884, of French parentage. She is a member of the Mental Culture Club and is active in community affairs. They have no children.

A Democrat, Mr. Voline served as postmaster of South Auburn, from 1913-1919. He has been a resident of the city since 1900 . He started to learn the newspaper business on the Gazette at Creston, Iowa, in 1893, and came to Beaver City in 1898 to work on the Beaver City Times. Since coming to Auburn he has been continuously engaged in the newspaper business, and purchased the Herald in 1911, which in 1929 was consolidated with the Auburn Republican, and of which he is still owner and publisher. A modern building has just been erected to house the consolidated papers.

Mr. Voline is a member of the Lutheran Church. He is affiliated with the Elks and the Odd Fellows, and belongs to the Auburn Chamber of Commerce and the Kiwanis Club. He is a member of the Nebraska Press Association and the National Editorial Association. His social club is the Auburn Country Club. He is a lover of all sports. Residence: Auburn.

Alice Marie von Bergen

Alice Marie von Bergen, daughter of John F. and Anna Louise (Schultz) von Bergen, was born at Gordon, Nebraska, March 25, 1894. Her father was a native of Meiringen, Switzerland, born August 31, 1854, who died at York, Nebraska, March 17, 1929. An early pioneer he came to Nebraska in the Spring of 1871; his mother was an instructor in the household arts in the schools of Switzerland. Anna Louise Schultz was born in Stettin, Germany, May 13, 1869, and is the daughter of William Schultz, a German army officer who was awarded several medals for bravery.

Miss von Bergen was graduated from York High School in 1911 and received her B. A. degree at the University of Nebraska in 1919. She is a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Since graduation she has been associated with the Roberts Dairy Company of which she is secretary and a director. She is a member of a committee engaged in writing a sales manual for the International Association of Milk Dealers at the present time.

Her chief hobby is raising flowers, although she enjoys traveling and has made trips extensively through the United States, Canada and Europe. Golf is her favorite sport. She is a member of Eastridge Country Club, the Advertising Club, the Altrusa, The Nebraskana Society and is affiliated with Plymouth Congregational Church. Her home is in Lincoln. (Photograph in Album).

Arthur Elmer von Bergen

Arthur E. von Bergen, successful farmer of York County, Nebraska, has lived in this state all his life. He was born at Humphrey, Platte County, Nebraska, March 9, 1902, the son of John F. and Anna Louise (Schultz) von Bergen. His father, who was a farmer and a pioneer Nebraskan, was born at Meiringen, Switzerland, August 31, 1854, and died at York, March 17, 1929. His mother was born at Stettin, Germany, May 13, 1869. Her father, William Schultz, who was a German army officer, was awarded several medals for bravery.

Mr. von Bergen was a student in the public school at York until 1919 when he was graduated from the York High School. He was a student at the University of Nebraska College of Agriculture, 1919-25, where he was a member of the Nebraska Dairy Cattle Judging Team at the the National Dairy Show in 1924. His fraternity is Alpha Gamma Rho.

He was employed at the University of Nebraska in the dairy department, 1923-24, was herdsman for the Upland Dairy Farm at Palmyra, Nebraska, 1925-26, and since 1926 has been owner of the Vonca herd of registered Holstein-Friesen cattle on the von Bergen farm. He has been secretary-treasurer of the Seward-York

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