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Nebraska Commission to Louisiana Purchase Exposition.

      Nebraska's agricultural, horticultural, dairy and educational interests were represented at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition by an act of the legislature which appropriated $35,000 for making the exhibit. The Commission, appointed by Governor Mickey, was made up of G. W. Wattles, as President; H. G. Shedd, as Secretary, and Peter Jansen and Matt Miller. The gentlemen appointed as department managers were: James Walsh, Supt. of Agriculture; E. M. Pollard, Supt. of Horticulture; S. C. Bassett, Supt. of Dairy, and E. H. Barbour, Supt. of Educational Exhibit.

      JAMES WALSH is a farmer, having been engaged in this occupation in the British Isles, in New Zealand and in Australia, before coming to Nebraska in 1873. Mr. Walsh was born in 1851 in Ireland, although he is of Scotch descent. Since he located in the state, he has always lived in Douglas County. He was Superintendent of the State Agricultural Exhibit at St. Louis, 1904.

      H. G. SHEDD was born at Ashland, Nebraska, where he graduated from the high school. He is also a graduate of the University of Nebraska, in which institution he has acted as Registrar during the last few years. Several years ago he went abroad, where he devoted a year to the study of European customs and industries. He is Secretary of the Nebraska Commission to the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis, 1904.

      MATT MILLER, a member of the State Commission to the St. Louis Exposition, is a practicing attorney of David City. He was born in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1852. After coming to America in 1853 with his parents, he lived in Wisconsin until about 1880, when upon being admitted to the bar, he moved to Nebraska. Since 1881, he has been a resident of David City. He has served as State Representative two years and as Mayor of David City. He has also held the office of Judge of the Fourth judicial District.

      PETER JANSEN came from his home near the Sea of Azov, Russia, in 1873. He located in Jefferson County, and homesteaded on the land which he still occupies. His farming interests comprise 2,500 acres of cultivated land and he also operates an extensive sheep industry. At present he is serving on the Nebraska Commission to the St. Louis Exposition, and at the Paris Exposition, he was a United States delegate. In 1898 he was a member of the State Legislature.

      GURDON W. WATTLES is a native of New York, from which state he moved to Iowa in 1865. He made a study of law and was admitted to the bar in 1880. Five years later he was elected President of the First National Bank of Omaha and western manager of the Rochester Loan and Banking Company of New Hampshire, beside having an interest in a number of western banks. He is director and stockholder of several street car companies, the principal one being that of Omaha and Council Bluffs. He was President of the Trans-Mississippi Exposition and is the President of the Nebraska Commission to the Louisiana Purchase Exposition.

      E. M. POLLARD is at the head of the State Horticultural Exhibit at the St. Louis Exposition. Mr. Pollard has always lived in Nebraska, where he was born in 1869 at Nehawka. He was graduated from the State University in 1893 and has since served in the Legislature during two terms. He has been engaged in horticulture nearly all his life, and the Pollard apple orchard is among the largest in Nebraska.



Deputy and Assistant State Officers.

      ARTHUR B. ALLEN, Private Secretary to Governor John H. Mickey, was born in Tiskilwa, Bureau County, Illinois, February 4, 1861. He acquired his early education in the public schools of his native town, and also in the schools of Chicago. He came to Nebraska in April, 1879, and for a number of years resided with his parents on a farm near Tecumseh, in Johnson County. During the winter months he taught school in one of the neighboring districts and was so employed for ten years. He then moved to Tecumseh and for two years Picture or sketchwas engaged in the implement business. In February, 1891, he bought an interest in the Tecumseh Chieftain, and for twelve years occupied the editorial chair. Since arriving at his majority Mr. Allen has always been an active factor in politics. He was appointed private secretary to the Governor, January 8, 1903. Mr. Allen was married September 2, 1891, to Miss Nellie Ingersoll, at Tecumseh, and they have a family of two children, a son and a daughter.

      EVAN S. MICKEY, Chief Clerk to Governor Mickey, was born at Osceola, Nebraska, January 26, 1874. He received his education in the public schools of Osceola and in Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, Iowa, from which he was graduated in 1899, with the degree of Ph. B. The year after his leaving college he traveled in Europe, spending some time in Great Britain and visiting all the important points on the continent. Mr. Mickey began his business career at an early age, becoming a clerk in his father's bank when he was a school boy and was advanced to assistant cashier, spending the greater part of half a dozen years in the banking business. He was married June 24, 1902, to Miss Jessie Carson; a grand-daughter of ex-Governor Boies of Iowa. He was appointed chief clerk by his father, in January, 1903.

      SAMUEL C. BASSETT, a soldier of the Civil War, was born 1844 in New York and was a graduate of Corning Academy of that state. In 1872 he located in Buffalo County, Nebraska, which has since been his home. Mr. Bassett was the first President, and Picture or sketchduring thirteen years, Secretary of the Dairymen's Association. He was influential in the forming of an amendment to the Nebraska school laws to the effect that elementary agriculture, zoology, botany and ornithology be taught in the graded and high schools. In 1901 he received the appointment of Deputy Food Commissioner.

      T. L. NORVAL came to Nebraska in 1872, where he first located at Seward as a lawyer. He was educated in his native state, Illinois, where he attended Hedding College, and in 1871 he was graduated from the law course of Michigan University, with the degree of B. M. L. Mr. Norval was a State Senator in 1879. Beginning with 1883, he served three terms as Judge of the Fourth Judicial District, after which he served as Judge of the Supreme Court for twelve years. Mr. Norval is President of the State Poultry Association.

     EVERETT C. BABCOCK, Deputy State Treasurer, was born in Dakota, Waushara County, Wisconsin, June 27, 1863. His father, Heman A. Babcock, was a member of Company G. Thirty-seventh Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry and spent two years in the service.

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