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Tekamah's Court House Episode.

   The locating of the Court House in Tekamah forms one of the epochs in the history of this city. A contest was on between the residents and properly owners on the north and south sides of the creek for the location of the Court House. The county offices were in the brick building belonging to G. Thomas and now occupied by B. F. Griffin's drug store. So bitter was the feeling between the two factions that when the present Court house was completed the safes and office furniture were removed secretly at night. The original subscription paper and contracts under which the present court house was erected are in the hands of M. B. Morehouse, and are as follows:

Tekamah, August 4th, 1877.

   We, the undersigned citizens of Tekamah, Nebraska. agree to pay into the hands of a committee of five, to be hereafter selected by us, the sums set opposite our names, for the purpose of erecting a court house for Burt County, at Tekamah, Nebraska, the said building to be located by the subscribers upon the basis of one vote for every twenty-five dollars subscribed, and to be and remain the property of Burt County so long as the county seat shall remain at Tekamah. In the event of the removal of the county seat the said building, to revert to the subscribers. Subscript ions to be paid as follows: one-third when the contract is award-


ed, one-third when the building is enclosed and one-third when the building is completed; the said building to be funished (sic) ready for occupancy by December 1st, 1877, and to be sufficiently large to accomodate (sic) all the county officers with comfortable, and convenient offices and to be of as good style and as large as the high school building at Tekamah:

   B. R. Folsom, $500; Geo. P. Thomas, $500; Edmund Shafer, $300; Isaac Gibson, $25; Clark Chilcott, $25; R. J. Bardwell & Sons, $25: Homer Blanchard, $125: J. T. Brown, $25; W. B. White, $100; B. H. Robinson, $15: John F. Kessler, $125; W. W. Latta, $150; L. Kryger, $50; J. Keppel, $25: N. B. Morehouse, $50; R. B. Bates, $15; Jas S. Stanton, $75; D. Laughlin, $25; Robinson Carr, $50; C. Blanchard, $15; W. A. Bryant, $100; M. Olinger, $25; J. R. Sutherland, $50; Johnson & Daley, $50; M. E. Morehouse, $50; C. C. Wood, $25; M. H. Morehouse. $25: William Story, $15; Smith & Henry, $50; W. Harrington, $50; John C. Foley, $25; C. W. Conkling, $20; G. P. Brookings, $35; J. H. Morris, $5; W. B. Roberts, $25; G. M. & P. F. Peterson. $25; M. R. Hopewell, $100; A. J. Ryan, $10; J. E. Hildreth, $25; Charles Schroeder, $10; John Christian, $15; Olney Harrington, $25; A. B. Cooley, $25; Bardwell & Reed, $25; Fred Gaver, $25; W. L. Pierce, $25; E. W. Bryant, $100; D. L. McLaughlin, $25; Job Vandusen, $100; Marshall & Hoffman, $15; A. E. Morehouse, $25; Otis Hoil, $25; Julius Lillie, $25; David M. Laughlin, $5; G. Grosvenor, $50; Frank Force, $25; J. Crannell, $25; C. B. Telyea, $15; Driscoll & Walker, $50; Dan Barrington, $3; Austin Nelson, $50: Frank Pratt, $25; Christian Peterson, $25: T. C. Woodruff, $10: H. A. Whitaker, $15; Phil Slaughter, $10; George Chapman, $25; J. R. Hyde & Son, $25; John T. Taylor, $50: J. J. Stubbs, $25; Temple & Kryger, $50; George Zanner, $25; H. V. B. Gibson, $25; B. P. Fifield, $10; Jos. Bryant, $10: George Green, $5: John Shartel, $25; R. Nelson, $10.


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