Battles of the Civil War

Sleeping Flowers

The Cleanest City in the World

Population of the United States

"Cup Defenders" Worthless for Cruising

Ownership of Land in America

New York's Moving Stairways

A Farm Worked by Crazy Folk

Coins of the Bible

About Peanuts

Largest Apartment House in the World

Chronology of Electrical Discoveries

Derivation of Words Standing for Money

How Spectacles are Made

The Oldest Newspaper in the World

The Oldest Manuscript in Existence

Familiar Maxims and Their Origin

About Water

The Deadly Snakes of India

Old Clocks and Watches

What Crime Costs the People

History of the Weeping Willow

The Beginning of Certain Things

The Religions of the World

Curiosities of the Bible

The World's Newspapers

Largest Bell in the World

Growth of the Great Powers

Locomotive Works, Locomotives and Cars

Told in Figures

The World's Production of Precious Metals

The Globe's Greatest Rivers

Book VII
Book V
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