1930 - 1939 Obituaries

COLEMAN, Charlie of Forgy Town, passed away on Dec 28, 1930. Interment at Porter's School House.

GARTH, Miss Mary, of Trenton, Todd County, Ky. January, 30, 1930.

HALL, Thomas, 12, of Clifty, Todd County, Ky. February 13, 1929.

HAMMACK, Herbert, of New York, passed away Dec 28th, 1930 at the home of his mother Mr. Hugh HAMMACK.

JOHNSON, Clarence of Daysville, son of Mr. & Mrs. Virdon CLARENCE. Interment at Red Oak Cemetery, Logan County. February 13, 1929.

KIMBROUGH, Mrs. Mary McMURRY. Survived by husband Keith KIMBROUGH and five children. Interment at Highland Cemetery, Todd County, Ky. January 30, 1930.

McBRIDE, Mary Ellen, 83, of near Claymour. Interment at Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Todd County, Ky. Jan 23, 1930.

McBRIDE, Syvle, 3 days, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Ted McBRIDE. Todd County, Ky. February 13, 1929.

McELWAIN, H. D., of San Antonio Texax, passed away on Dec. 28, 1930. A native of Todd County, son of late S. Barclay McELWAIN of Trenton.

MORTON, Mrs. Ella Leigh
May 1, 1933
Todd County, KY
Mrs. Ella Leigh Morton, passed away after long illness at her home near Pembroke. She is the widow of late Edgar Morton, raising two children and successfully running her farm. She became known as "one of the leading agriculturists of Todd County." Preceeded in death by her daughter, Mrs. W. S. Sandebach and daughter-in-law Mrs. E. L. Morton.
She is survived by son, E. Leigh Morton and his seven children. Submitted by Kathryn Young Brown on Thu, 01 Apr 1999

Age 78, of Russellville Ky. died 09 Aug. 1939, Russellville Ky..
Funeral services were held 10 Aug. , Adairville ky., officiating was . Burial at City Cem., Adairville Ky..
Born 01 Sept. 1861, Monroe Co. Ky.. He was the son of Josiah and Rebecca M. Smith Murphey.

MURPHY, Josephine Phelps
Age 67, of Russellville Ky. died 04 Oct. 1936.
Funeral services were held 05 Oct. at the home of Mrs. Katie Sayne, officiating was Rev. J. Pendelton . Burial at Maple Grove Cem. Russellville Ky..
Born 27 Aug. 1861, Martinsburg Tenn.. She was the wife of Joe Murphy of Russellville Ky.
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NEWELL, Rev. C. M. of Elkton, Todd County, Ky. January 2, 1930.

ROBINSON, Miss Roberta, 15, of Russellville. Daughter of Hershall ROBINSON. Interment at Maple Grove Cemetery, Russellville. February 13, 1929.

SCOTT, Mrs. Mattie Hane, 78 of Bells Chapel, Todd County, Ky. Survived by husband Cooper SCOTT. January 23, 1930.

SHANKLIN, Herbert, 16, of near Fairview. Died of gunshot. Jan 23, 1930.

SHUMATE, John, 81, of Daysville, Todd County, Ky. Interment at Lees Cemetery. February 13, 1929.

SPARROW, Wm. A., 63, of near Sharon Grove, Todd County, Ky died Jan 28th, 1930.. Survived by wife Mrs. Georgia Ann SPARROW and four children. Interment at Pleasant Hill, Todd County, Ky.

SUMPTER, Guy of Dallas, Texas died on Jan 17, 1930. Son of late W. C. SUMPTER of Elkton, Todd County, Ky.

TEMPLETON, Mrs. Christine, 74, of near Sharon Grove, Todd County, Ky. January 23, 1930.

TERRILL, J. H., of Elkton, Todd County, Ky passed away Jan 17, 1930 of stroke. Married 1886 to Miss Mattie RUSSELL.

UTLEY, Clyde, 45, of Bells Chapel, Todd County, Ky. Interment at Stokes Burying Ground, Todd County, Ky. February 13, 1929.

UTLEY, Print, 18, of near Fairview. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Clyde UTLEY, grandson of Mr. & Mrs. Lincoln STOKES. Interment at Stokes Cemetery, Todd County, Ky. February 6, 1930.

VAUGHAN, Mrs. of Trenton, passed away at home of daughter, Mrs. W.C. BOWERS. Interment at Palmyra, Tn. February 6, 1930.

WEST, Ethel Louise, 6 weeks, of Elkton, Todd County, Ky. Daughter of Mrs. & Mrs. Charlie WEST. February 13, 1929.

YOUNG, Will S. of Burnside, Ky, formerly of Elkton, died Jan 26, 1930. Interment at Glenwood Cemetery, Todd County, Ky.


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