1970-1979 Obituaries

ADAMS, George Lee September 15, 1979 Elkton, Ky. Age 79, a native of Todd County. Born August 14, 1900 to George and Minnie PUCKETT ADAMS. Burial in Meadow Haven, Todd County.

May 19, 1979
Elkton, Ky - Mattie Crawford ADAMS, 67, a native of Todd County. Born May 26, 1911 to John Will and Isabelle MILLER CRAWFORD. Burial in Glenwood Cemetery, Todd County Ky.

June 4, 1979
Elkton, Ky - Gertrude Brewer, 80, of Britmart, Todd County, KY. A native of Todd County, born April 23, 1899 to Taylor and Nannie HENDERSON DOSSETT. Burial at Kirkman Cemetery, Todd County. <

COMBS, Mrs. Annie Lucile CRAWFORD
July 17,1975
Christian County, KY - Mrs. Annie Lucille COMBS, 62, wife of Dudley E. COMBS Sr, a native of Todd County. Born Nov 2, 1911, to Thomas Edward and Maggie STEWART CRAWFORD. Burial in Glenwood Cemetery, Elkton, Todd County Ky.

COMBS, Cecil Ray
August, 14, 1979
Todd County KY - Cecil Ray Combs, age 51, of Clifty, native of Todd County, born Dec 26, 1927, son of Ray and Louise Combs. Burial in Heltsley Cemetery, Clifty, Todd County Ky.

COMBS, Mrs. Mollie SCOTT
Feb 11, 1976
Todd County, Ky - Mrs. Ancil (Mollie SCOTT) Combs, age 87, of Fairview Ky, widow of the late Ancil COMBS. Native of Todd County, born June 29, 1888, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Shadrach SCOTT. Burial in Gray Cemetery, Christian County.

Dec 8 1979 Elkton, Ky - Age 86, died Friday in Hopkinsville, Christian County, Ky. Born June 28, 1893 in Todd County Ky, the son of James Thomas and Mary Nannie SHEMWELL KENNER. He was a veteran of WWI. Burial at Gant Cemetery, Todd County, Ky.

Powell, IMA
Age 73, of ALLEGRE KY died April 22,1979 Elkton.
Funeral services were held Mount Tabor April 25 1979, officiating was J.R. Craig . Burial at Mount Tabor.
Born 10-13-1905-Todd Co. Ima was married to Vites R powell. at the time of her death they had been married 55 years. four childrens were born to them.Delila, Estel, Nova and Lyman. Lyman is the only one that lived locally.
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TALLEY, George H.
Age 77, of Elkton died 11-10-1977 Pembroke, Christian County, Ky.
Funeral services were held 11-12-1977 Latham Funeral Home. Burial at Glenwood Cemetery, Elkton, Ky.
Born 11-27-1899 Elkton, Todd County, Ky. Father was George McCellan TALLEY, mother was Manirva (Minnie) Lee DUNCAN.
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TALLEY, Lizzie F.
Age 71, of Elkton, died 6-15-1973 Elkton, Todd County, Ky.
Funeral services were held 6-17-1973 Latham Funeral Home. Burial at Glenwood, ELkton, Ky.
Born 2-19,1902 Elkton, Todd County, Ky.Wife of George H. TALLEY Daughter of Chestley Lewis COLE AND Dorah Lee MCBRIDE
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WATSON, Hayes Emerson
July 15, 1977 Age 80, native of Todd County, Ky. Burial at Harrison Cemetery, Todd County, Ky. He was born Dec 13, 1897, son of Lewis and Victoria Alice HARRISON WATSON.

Oct 15, 1974
Adrian "Pete" WILSON, died at age 56. Native of Todd County, born Aug 21, 1918, son of the late Millard F. and Myrtle Hale WILSON. Burial in Hale Cemetery, Todd County, Ky.


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