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Justus C. Butterfield Obituary

Contributed by Debbie Woodworth

Justus C. Butterfield

Justus C. Butterfield was born in Moral Co., Penn. November 15th 1819 and lived there until may 13th 1835, moved to Michigan and lived there 25 years in a place called Calamosou, then moved to Iowa in 1860, July 4th, lived there until the fall of 1880, then he moved to Nebraska and settled on a farm in Walnut Grove, Knox Co. and lived there until death.

Justice C. Butterfield was married to Miss E. M Irven in the year of 1839, to them four children were born. Mrs. E. M. Butterfield died June 9th 1851

Justice C. Butterfield was married again to Jane Auton, August 7th 1852, to them nine children were born. Eleven of the thirteen children were at his bedside at his death. Justice C. Butterfield died Oct. 28, 1892, aged 73 years eleven months and fourteen days. He died of catarrh of the stomach and bowels. He left a loving wife and a kind family to mourn his departure. His funeral was held at his house Oct. 29th 1892. His remains was followed to his last resting place at Brazil where a very large prosession followed him. Rev. Evens of Boyd Co., Neb. Officiated at 3 o’clock. Thus past away father Butterfield who left a kind wife and loving family of children to mourn his departure, and a very large circle if friends and neighbors.

A. VanKleek

How blest is our father bereft,
Of all that could burden is mind;
How happy the soul that has left
The weary-some body behind

His languaishing head is at rest,
It’s thinkings and aching are oe’r;
His quiet immovable breast,
Is heaved by affliction no more.

Once he was a mourner here below,
And poured out his cries and his tears;
He wrestled hard as we do now,
With sins, and doubts, and fears.

Beyond the smiling and weeping,
We shall be soon, we shall be soon;
Beyond the waking and the sleeping
Beyond the sowing and the reapnig,
We shall be soon, we shall be soon.

Beyond the parting and meeting,
We shall be soon, we shal be soon;
Beyond the farewell and the greeting,
Beyond the pulse’s fever beating,
We shall be soon, We shall be soon

Rev. A. Evens

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