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USGenNet Legacy

Index to Legacy Sites

  The Province of Maryland
     Our First Legacy Site, by Carole Hammett and Rhoda Fone

  Clay County, Texas
     Website created by Bage Neimeyer

  U.S. Data Repository
     A USGenNet-operated service, continuously being added to

Legacies in the Making

The following sites are enrolled for the Legacy service but are currently active websites:

  America's Amusement Parks

  Clark County, South Dakota

  History's Time Portal to Old St. Louis

  Kingsbury County, South Dakota

  Lake County, South Dakota

  Legacy Preservation Society

  Livingston County, Michigan

  Mardos Memorial Library

  Miner County, South Dakota

  South Carolina Ghost Towns

  South Dakota Ghost Towns

  United States Orphanages

  York County, South Carolina

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