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First Name Online Data for the Surname DUNCAN:

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Mary Ellen

I'm searching for information on Sallie DUNCAN MANSFIELD. I was told Sallie died in Todd Co. in 1943. Sallie married J.R.MANSFIELD in Fannin Co. Texas in 1889. She had children , twins, Jessie and Frank. also William and James R. Jr. the person who gave me this info said he/she had been told that James R. MANSFIELD Sr. was a sheriff for 16 years, did not state where. i checked Fannin Co. Texas. there was not a MANSFIELD as sheriff there. Sallie would be sister to my Grandfather Robert Lee DUNCAN. I am trying to find any info or leads which would help me locate the burial site of Sallie and Robert lee's mother , Susan Mary BEAM/DUNCAN. Last known record of Susan was 1870 census in Union Co. Ky. Thanks,
Carlene Leatherwood <carlene@bluebonnet.net>

KY Unknown County Queries:

Alice Josephine ROBERTS
Edward Franklin
George II
George W.
Lucinda BOGGS
Martha J.
Zelma M.

Group Sheets
James D. DUNCAN Biography

William DUNCAN was born Jun 18, 1808 (place of birth unknown). He married Mary HOLLINGSWORTH on Feb 13, 1831 in Elkton, Todd, KY. She was born Nov 23, 1813 in Elkton, Todd, KY. They had a total of 11 children (all born in Todd Co KY).

Their children:
1. John William DUNCAN, b. Nov 27, 1831, married Alma Comstock VANN
2. Jeptha Hollingsworth DUNCAN, b. Sep 7, 1833, married Mary CHESTNUT
3. Sarah Elizabeth DUNCAN, b. Feb 3, 1836, married Jacob DUNCAN
4. Samual King DUNCAN, b. May 16, 1838, married Mary MILLEN
5. James Thomas DUNCAN, b. Jan 18, 1842
6. Jasper David DUNCAN, b. Jul 18, 1844, married Loumira DANCER
7. Emily Ann DUNCAN, b. Nov 17, 1847, married Mr. ALLINDER
8. Winfield S DUNCAN, b. Sep 2, 1849
9. Mary E DUNCAN, b. Apr 18, 1853
10. Linder Virgil DUNCAN, b. Jul 7, 1855
11. Nancy DUNCAN, b. Oct 17, 1857
Wanda Chrismer
Descendants of Samuel DUNCAN
1 Samuel DUNCAN b: 1801 d: 1841 in Todd Co., KY., USA
.. +Martha House b: August 19, 1800 in NC., USA Father: Jacob House, Jr.
... 2 Ephraim DUNCAN b: Abt. 1821 in Henry Co., Tenn., USA d: Bef. 1880 in Kentucky, USA
....... +Tabitha B. Madding b: August 1827 in Tenn., USA m: October 15, 1849 in Logan Co., KY., USA d: Aft. 1900 in Graves Co., KY., USA Father: Bannister Madding Mother: Pamela Johnston
........ 3 Joseph T. DUNCAN b: November 1850 in Logan Co., KY., USA
............ +Sarah b: June 1864 in Graves Co., KY., USA m: in Graves Co., KY., USA
........ *2nd Wife of Joseph T. DUNCAN:
............ +Frasia T. b: February 1855 in Kentucky, USA m: Abt. 1874 in Graves Co., KY., USA
........ 3 Permilla DUNCAN b: Abt. 1853 in Logan Co., KY., USA
............ +// Ozment d: Bef. 1900 in Graves Co., KY., USA
........ 3 John W. DUNCAN b: April 1855 in Logan Co., KY., USA
............ +Susan b: May 1, 1856 in Graves Co., KY., USA d: November 20, 1935
........ *2nd Wife of John W. DUNCAN:
............ +Sarah Jane b: June 6, 1844 in Tenn., USA m: in Graves Co., KY., USA d: 1925 in Graves Co., KY., USA
........ 3 Samuel B. DUNCAN b: February 1857 in Logan Co., KY., USA
............ +Victoria Gibbs b: May 1869 in Tenn., USA m: December 22, 1887 in Graves Co., KY., USA
........ 3 James Martin DUNCAN b: October 29, 1858 in Logan Co., KY., USA
............ +Martha Jennie Cook b: November 1877 in Graves Co., KY., USA d: 1941 in Carlisle Co., KY., USA Father: James Cook
........ *2nd Wife of James Martin DUNCAN:
............ +Callie Wright b: January 30, 1866 in Kentucky, USA m: 1901 d: August 21, 1931 in McCracken Co., KY., USA
........ 3 George W. DUNCAN b: November 1861 in Graves Co., KY., USA
............ +Nelia Rodgers b: November 1868 in Graves Co., KY., USA m: December 8, 1886 in Graves Co., KY., USA
........ *2nd Wife of George W. DUNCAN:
............ +Bessie b: Abt. 1875 in Kentucky, USA m: 1905 in Graves Co., KY., USA
........ 3 Mary Bettie DUNCAN b: April 1867 in Tennessee, USA
............ +Thomas B. Nunley b: July 1867 in Graves Co., KY., USA m: December 22, 1889 in Graves Co., KY., USA
... 2 Robert DUNCAN b: Abt. 1822 in Kentucky, USA
....... +Mary C. b: Abt. 1822 in Kentucky, USA
........ 3 Mary E. DUNCAN b: Abt. 1847
........ 3 Olivia DUNCAN b: Abt. 1850
... 2 John William DUNCAN b: February 11, 1827 in Tennessee, USA d: 1936 in Tennessee, USA
....... +Margaret Purvis b: January 16, 1828 in Tennessee, USA m: January 8, 1849
........ 3 Samuel Frank DUNCAN b: February 11, 1851 in Logan Co., KY., USA d: January 25, 1912
............ +Millie Emily Sudder b: February 11, 1854 in Logan Co., KY., USA m: February 27, 1873 d: July 17, 1936
... 2 Martin DUNCAN b: Abt. 1829 in Tennessee, USA
... 2 Joseph DUNCAN b: Abt. 1832
... 2 Nancy DUNCAN b: Abt. 1834
... 2 T. Bailey DUNCAN b: 1839 in Tennessee, USA
... 2 Elitha DUNCAN b: 1841 in Tennessee, USA

Penny Duncan Caneer <tubbz@hcis.net>

Public Records


Death Records:

Adrian Ford
Charles Henry
Eula May
Jackson A.
John Elvin
Leland E.
Lilburn E.
Mary E.
Mary E.
Mary Ellen
Mary Lee
Pernie M.
Samuel (2)
Samuel L.
Sarah D.
Thelbert E.
Walten Vergial
William Elvin

Guardian Bonds:

Franklin  (2)
S. & S.


Jeremiah RIPPY was married to Nancy DUNCAN- within Todd county during the mid to late 1800s.
Barry Duvall

John Wesley FOSTER born 10-26-1855 in Wayne Co., TN married Sarah Frances DUNCAN about 1873.
Patricia M Foster <mcffoster@juno.com>

William R. "Billy" CAMPBELL (1 May 1859-26 Jan 1877) married Martha Ann "Tabitha" WATERS (12 Oct 1837-7 Feb 1876) [born prob. in Logan Co, KY, dau of Joseph and Sarah DUNCAN WATERS; died in Russellville, Logan Co, KY]
Tom & Jennie Lee <twlee@qzip.net>


Wm H.

Margie Brown <mgbrown105@aol.com>



J. Thomas

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