22 Feb 2009


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If you have found old photos in your family memorabilia that you suspect are part of your family and have no idea who they might be, or if you have bought things at flea markets, estate sales and such which included old photos that you'd like to return to family members, then you're in the right place!

We are limiting photos to be posted here to 5 per submitter. If you have more than this, please just send me a detailed list with descriptions of people, time frame and associated family names and where in Nebraska if known, and I will post it. Then anyone interested in seeing your collection can contact you to request a scanned image be sent to them.

I've "rescued" an old photograph of Louis, Mary, and Dora MURDOCK, which was taken at the Elite Studio in Lincoln, Nebraska. The photograph appears to have been taken in the 1880's or 1890's with the three children ranging in age from 1 - 4 years of age. In addition to their names, someone has written the following address on the back of the photograph:

112 E 33rd Street, Indianapolis, Ind.

I am hoping to locate someone from this MURDOCK Family so that this
beautiful old photograph can be returned to the family. If you are a member
of this family, or know someone who might be, please contact me.
Submitted on 12 Aug 2007 


I recently purchased a photo of a young man in an antique shop in Washington State. I bought it because of the gorgeous matting & detail around the picture, it looks like it was taken in a portrait studio and is in what looks like sepia. The picture has, "Dedmore, North Platte, Nebr" written on the matting, but no other identification. I'd love to have it posted in the hopes that someone will recognize it, it's a very nice picture.

Submitted by Barb Hubbard

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