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work when the horrifying news came, that two white men had been killed and scalped near Fontenelle by the Santee Sioux Indians and were then on their way north. The little colony returned immediately to Tekamah where preparations were being made to build a fort. Hon. B. R. Folsom made requisition upon the Governor for arms and ammunition for sell defense, which were furnished.
   In the meantime Major Olney Harrington, with his family, had arrived, which, with others, had increased the number of inhabitants to about fifty persons.
   August 6th, 1855, under call of the acting Governor, T. B. Cummings, a meeting was called to organize a volunteer company to become a part of the Territorial Militia. B. R. Folsom was elected Captain; W. B. Beck, First Lieutenant; Wm. Bates, Second Lieutenant; Niles R. Folsom, Sargeant (sic). Eighteen names were enrolled and military exercise or drill was had morning and evening. Major Harrington, whose fame as a drummer in the Mexican war, was well known, made the surrounding hills echo every morning with his inimitable reveille.
   It was thought best to put up a kind of fort or block-house and a great number of logs were cut and hauled from the big grove on the bottom lands but it was not completed at this time. The summer was drawing to a close and families were living in camp, sleeping in wagons and tents. It was high time to make preparation for the coming winter and the balance of the season was occupied in building houses and shelter for stock.
   Tekamah was incorporated as a city in the following language, viz: "Be it enacted by the council and House of Representatives of the Territory of Nebraska that section one as surveyed and platted by Wm. N. Byers surveyor for the Nebraska Stock Company, containing six hundred and forty acres of land, together with all the additions that may be hereafter made according to law, is hereby declared to be a city by the


name of Tekamah." Approved March 14th, 1855.
   The first election in the City of Tekamah and the second in the county was held Nov. 6th, 1855. At this election, H. P. Bennett received nineteen votes for Delegate to Congress, Bird B. Chapman received fourteen votes for the same office, W. B. Beck was elected member of the House of the Legislature of Nebraska. Wm. B. Bates, Judge of probate, and Peter Peterson, Recorder for the County of Burt. The following are the names registered as voters at this election: Wm. P. Ford, Lewis Peterson, Thomas Thompson, George Erickson, John Oak, John Peterson, Amen Corbin, John Nevitt, Dedrick Fees, Thomas J. Barker, F. E. Lang, Chas. Wymiller, Wm. B. Beck. Niles R. Folsom, Daniel H. Wright, Benj. R. Folsom, Adam Olinger, Geo. Peterson, Peter Peterson, Wm. Allen, Wm. Bates, Wash. Dekay, Sam'l Sanders, Cornelius B. Keller, Thomas R. Iden, Wm. F. Goodwill, L. B. Wilder, Fredrick Wilks, Jas. F. Brown, C. A. Manners (surveyor), Olney Harrington, Sam'I Corner, A. F. Smith, Wm. Van, J. O. Buck.
   July 4th, 1857, the citizens of Burt county celebrated the 80th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, and the first in said county. President of the day, Isaac Gibson; Orator, G. W. Doane; Reader, Lawyer Mercer; Gen. J. M. Thayer one of the speakers. There was a general turnout. Never was a Fourth of July enjoyed with more zest and the spirit of patriotism was rekindled with new fervor.
   The first sermon in Burt county was delivered in November, 1854, by a Methodist preacher by the name of Thixton. The Rev Wm. Bates preached every Sunday during the years 1855 and 1556.
   A society of the Regular Baptists was organized in 1856, by Rev. J. M. Taggart, of Fontenelle, with eight members, viz.: Geo. M. Peterson and wife, Peter Peterson and wife, S. D. Cornelius and wile, Anna Kittleson and Mrs. Isaac Gibson.
   The first Presbyterian church of Tekamah was or-


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