Clark County, Wisconsin Cheese Factories

Cheese Factories & Dairies of Clark Co., WI

Compiled by the Clark County, Wisconsin History Buffs



Business Name Product & Notes Owners/Managers Location

Time of Operation

A. M. Steinwand   A. M. Steinwand Colby Twp.  
Abbotsford Creamery/Olson Cheese   Purchased by Harry Olson in 1919, previous owner unkown   1919-1946
Acme Creamery Co.   Orlo Robinson Weston, Rt. 3, Neillsville 1909
Albert Dairy Co.   Albert Albert, Ferdinand Albert Thorp 1895-1909
American Store Dairy Employees Morris Blodgett 8th & Hewett in Neillsville, WI 1940
Atwood/aka South Green Grove Co-operative   Joseph Schuh Rt. 1 Owen, 1/2 mile W. of Atwood on Co. N Arnold Krueger was a cheesemaker there from 1942 to 1943
Bachman's East Worden Cheese Factory   Rudolph Bachman, sold to the Blue Moon. 6 miles south of Thorp  
Banner   H. E. Wordell Granton  
Banner   Charles A. Bulgrin Rt. 2, Owen  
American Harry Eide 1. Granton, Rt. 2, Sec. 34, Fremont 1909
Bartell American Fred Bartell Rt. 4, Neillsville 1909
Beatrice Cheese INC.     Marshfield & Dorchester, WI 1988, 1991, 1994
Beaver Cheese Factory   Jessie J. Spieles 5 mi. northeast of Loyal, WI  
Beaver Cheese Factory
John Joss

Beaver Township,

Rt. 1, Loyal

Big Four   Charles Duvall Beaver Township  
Big Four   Richard M. Schmitz Rt. 1, Unity  
Big Four, Comb. American Camers & Pipkorn Rt. 1, Unity 1909
Black River Cheese Factory   Otto Brown Rt. 2, Withee Still standing in 2011.
Blodgett Cheese Factory Note: #1, #2     1917
Blue Moon Cheese Factory

Recipes (lg. download)

Note: #1; #2; #3; #4, #5

Blumenstein & Bornheimer   J. F. Tessmer Colby Twp.  
Boardman #1 Boardman Bros. Rt. 2, Stanley  
Braun Settlement Cheese Factory Note: #1, #2 (Photos) Ted Braun, A. Liebzeit Greenwood, Sec. 6, Warner Twp.  
Breezy Hill   1. O. W. Freimund, 2. Leonard Soeller Sec. 14, Rt. 3, Thorp  
Breseman Cheese Factory/York Dairy Packaged Rindless Cheddar 1. A. P. Breseman; 2. John Mullins Pelsdorf Rd.  
Bright Creamery   H. A. Bright Bright, Green Grove 1909
Bruckeville Note: #1 Cheesemaker: John Verhulst 5 miles E. of Dorchester, in Marathon Co., Wis. 1900
Burtard Cheese Factory Note: #1   Curtiss 1918-1919
Buss Cheese Factory (Clark Co-op?) Note: #1 Bill, Rienhold & Theodore Buss Clark, Hixon Twp., opposite Black River 1924-1934, still standing in 2011.
Butterville   Alfred Noah Greenwood  
Butterville Cheese Factory   Pirl Burrington Butler Twp., Sec. 15, Rt. 3, Thorp closed in late 1930s.
Bymer Dairy        
Cannonville   Christian Feutz Rt. 4, Granton  
Carnation Milk Condensary     Owen  
Catlin Corners Cheese Factory & Skimming Station Cheddar & Colby, Note: #1 Jenks Dairy Co., Gordon A. Randt, operator Hwy. 98, east of Loyal, WI  
Clark County Butter Co./Globe Cry.   1. Clark Co. Butter Co., 2. P. W. Hales Rt. 3, Neillsville 1909
Clark County Central Cheese Factory Note: #1 Adolph Voight; Arnold Hoppa; David Hoppa Weston Twp., N5903 Co. Hwy G, N.W. of Neillsville  
Chili Cheese Factory American O. F. Sampe Chili  
Chili Milk Pool Co-op Cheddar Howard G. Geldernick, mgr.    1967, 1973
Chili Riverside Co-operative Cheese     Chili  
Clark County Butter Company   Mike Prock West Weston, Rt. 3, Neillsville 1909
Clark County Central   H. W. Decker Warner Twp.  
Clark County Central Brick Clark Co. Central Greenwood, Rt. 2 1909
Clark County Central   Arnold Beyer, Clarence Liebzeit Greenwood, Rt. 1  
Clark County Cheese Factory   Mike Teclaw-owner & cheesemaker Sec. 27 Withee Twp., 4 mi. East 1 mi. North of Thorp. This building later became a tavern.
Clark County (Comb.)   Clark Co. Butter Co. Neillsville  
Clover Belt Creamery   Thomas McAdams Owen  
Clover Belt American 1. W. H. Sommer, 2. Fred Greve Rt. 3, Thorp 1909
Clover Dale American E. C. Meyers Rt. 1, Unity 1909
Cloverdale Cheese Factory Cheddar Walter Rindfleisch & Wife Colby 1940-1960
Cloverdale Cheese Factory   Mathias Holzmann Rt. 1, Unity  
Clover Hill Co-op Cheese Factory   Edward Mildebrand Hwy E out of Curtiss, Near A & E, a mile north of A on E. 1919-1935+, 1967
Clover Leaf Factory   Frank Pritzel Sec. 9, Worden Township  
Clover Leaf Factory Cheddar, American Math Meyer, Walter Murphy Rt. 2, Stanley 1909
Clover Leaf Factory   Norman Western 3 mi. W. & 2 mi. S. of Greenwood at NE corner of Chickadee Rd. & junction of Co. O. and Co. G. purchased by Jake & Ruth Barr and became Barr's Tavern.  Chickadee is E. of the junction. 1956
Cloverleaf Dairy   Harry Schlinsog 3 mi. W & 2 mi. S. of Greenwood at the NE corner of Chickadee & Cty. Hwy. O 1943
Cloverview Cheese Factory     Unknown #1
Colby Cheese House Colby Cheese Diane Feiten Colby, WI 1988, 1991
Coats Cheese & Creamery   E. Coats Sec. 16, York  
Conger Note #1 1. Edwin Conger, 2. Walter Emmerson Withee Twp.  
Cooper Cheese Co. Inc.     Willard, WI 1967
County Farm Cheese & Butter Co.  

1. County Farm Cheese, 2.R. A. Zickert

Rt. 4, Neillsville & Grant Twp. 1909

J. A. Hauser

Rt. 3, Neillsville  
Crystal Comb.


Seitz Brothers

Rt. 1, Greenwood 1909
Crystal Creamery  

Seitz Brothers

Sec. 8, York Early 1900's
Curtiss (Comb.)  

Adolph Luethy

Curtiss Cheese Factory  

Curtiss Produce Co.

Curtiss 1909
Curtiss Dairy Co.

Cheddar & Colby

Emil A. Laabs, Harold Laabs

Curtiss, WI  

George W. Dahl

Daisy Cheese Factory  

George Schils

York, 6 1/2 miles NE of Neillsville #1
Daisy Dairy  

John Joss


Joseph Babler

Zachow #1, 1897
Day, Comb.


Day Creamry Co.

Neillsville 1909
Day Cream & Cheese Co.  

1. Day Creamery Co., 2. James Wallace Short

Sec. 2, Levis  
Decker Cheese Factory        
Dells Dam


Dells Dam C. & B. Co.

Rt.2, Neillsville 1909
Dells Dam Butter & Cheese Factory   Victor Horton Sec. 17, Levis Twp.  
Dethlefsen 2-3 varieties Christian Dethlefsen 4 mi. so. Curtis, WI #1, mid 1930s
Dill Creek Cheese Factory Cheddar, Colby Peter Lerch, Byron; John Tesmer, Laurence Hoernke, Colby, Rt. 1, corner of Oak Rd. & Badger Ave. 1909-1930s
Dodge Creamery Co.   Dodge Creamery Co.    
Dodgeville Factory American Waterstreet & Smith; W. F. Naulin Rt. 1, Loyal 1909
Dorchester Cheese Co. Inc. Colby 1. O. G. Peterson; 2. Fred & Jerome Reynolds & Cliff Wetterau Mayville Twp.  
Dorchester American E. J. Mechelke Rt. 1, Dorchester 1909
Dorchester Creamery   Dorchester Cry. Co. Dorchester 1909
Dore & Austin's Cheese Factory     Grant Township 1881
Durst, Walter        
Dux Skimming Station   Clark Co. Butter Co. Rt. 2, Neillsville 1909
East Worden Dairy        
Eaton Center Note: #1 Eaton Center Cheese Co., Herman Kalkofen, Francis Scherer & Herbert Quimbly Greenwood 1911-1935
Eau Clarie Creamery Co.   Eau Claire, WI Greenwood  
Edgewood   David E. Norleen Rt. 1, Abbotsford  
Ehlers Cheese Factory   August Ehler Reseburg (SE of Thorp) Destroyed by fire Sept., 1948
Eidsvold Cheese Factory   Ervin Boardman, Walter Braatz, Charles Flunker, George Thill, William Thill    
Elmdale/Rasmussen/Greenwood Valley Cheese factory Cheddar Built by Humke & sold to Walter Rasmussen 5 1/4 mi. NW of Greenwood Owned by Adolph & son Walter Rasmussen, Oct 1928
Emmerson Note #1 purchased by Walter Emmerson from Ed Conger, 1948 Withee Twp.  
Enterprise Creamery American 1. A. C. F. Witt; 2. O. W. Becker Rt. 2, Lynn & Granton 1909
Farmer's Cloverleaf Co-op Cheese & Butter Co Barrel Cheese & Swiss 1. Norman Western; 2. Walter Murphy 1/2 mile south and 3 mi. east of Willard mid 1940s-
Farmer's Progressive Cream Co.   John Weutrich Eaton 190-9
Favorite Note #1 Hans Nielsen Estate Rt. 2, Withee  
Feutz Cannonville Cheese Factory        
Fischer's Cheese Factory

Note #1,


George Fischer, Jr. Sec. 36 Beaver Twp. (From Loyal--2 mi. N on K, 2 1/2 miles E on Rock Creek, 1/4 mi. N on Oak Grove); Rt. 2, Spencer ca 1956
Flick Cheese Factory        
Flunker Cheese Factory Note #1 Charles Flunker Eidsvold  
Foelsh Cheese Factory Note #1 1. Geroge Foelsh, 2. Standard Brands, 3. Pauly & Pauly of Greenbay-subsidiary of Swift & Co. Sec. 24, Beaver Township, 6 1/2 mi. north of Loyal, Wis., 2 mi. east on Riplinger Rd.  
Food Coopertive, Inc. Note #1      
Foremost-Blue Moon Cheese, Inc. Specialty & Natural Cheeses   Thorp 1967, 1973, 1976, 1979
Four Corners Cheese Factory Cheddar 1. Reuben Knorr; 2. Hilarion Riedel Rt. 2, Curtiss  
Frederickson Cheese Factory   Nels Frederickson    
Gadhorn Creamery     Greenwood  
Gerlach American W. J. Gerlach Granton, Rt. 1 1909
Gerlach/Young/Kobs Cheese Factory   1. Wm. Gerlach, 2. John Young, 3. Hugo Kobs    
Gempeler / Mech Factory Note #1 1. Food Cooperative, 2. Vernon Mech   1948 sold to Vernon Mech
Globe   Globe Cheese Co. Rt. 5, Greenwood  
Gorman Co-operative Dairy   Area Farmers, cheesemaker, George Raven. Gorman Rd, just south of the intersection of Twenty-six Rd, Hendren Township 1917-1957
Granton Cream and Cheese Factory   C. A. Guth/Cuth Granton 1909
Granton   Oscar A. Petersen Granton  
Grasshorn-Falk Creamery     Greenwood, Eaton Township  
Grassland Dairy Products, Inc. Wi. Cheese & Dairy Products; #1   Greenwood 1967, 1973, 1991, 1994, 2003
Green Grove American

Gustav C. Sampe

Colby, R. D. 2 1909
Greenwood Cheese Factory  

Dr. Fuchs

Greenwood (Comb.)  

John Wuetrich

Greenwood Creamery  

Eau Claire Creamery

Greenwood 1909
Greenwood Dairy  

1. D. M. Watson 2. Theodore W. Mech

Greenwood Milk Products Co-op Cheddar Neighboring Farmers   1967, 1973, 1976, 1979, 1988
Grell B. & E. Co.   H. J. Grell B. & E. Co., Johnson Creek Neillsville 1909
Gruenke's Dairy        
Gubeli's White Birch Cheese Factory   Joe Gubeli; Bio    
Gust Sampe   Gust Sampe Colby Twp.  
H. J. Grell Butter and Egg Co.   H. J. Grell Neillsville  
Haack Cheese Factory   1. 1912    
Harris Chesse Co. Inc. Colby Cheese   Unity RFD 1 1973
Hediger Cheese Factory Spray-drying of whole milk, first to install the Lo-temp processing for milk powder Herman Hediger (history) Christie  
Hemlock Cheese Factory Note #1 1. Humke, 2.Erwin C. Koepsel, 3. Dearth 4. Richard Ashbeck Rt.4, Greenwood  
Hewett   Fred Theiler Humbird  
Hiller's Clover Belt Cheese Factory   Otto Hiller 2 mi. so. of Thorp  
Hillside Co-Op Cheese Factory Cheddar 1. Theodore Schultz; 2. Leo Biel Stanley  
Hoard Cheese Factory #1 1. Marquardt, Laabs & Laabs 2. J. P. Burtard; 2. H. W. Marquardt Sec. 11, Hoard Twp., R. D. 1 1909-Closed in 1951
Hoffman Dairy Milk, Ice Cream Harley Hoffman Thorp 1967, 1973, 1976
Holt's Heintown Cheese Factory; (previously Magadenz Cheese)   1. Magadenz 2. Alfred Holt; 3. Herbert Uttech Section 5, York Twp.  
Hoppa's Butter Factory       1905
House, W. A. #1      
Huber Cheese Factory   Edward Huber Unity, 2 mi. from Spencer  
Huckstead Cheese Factory        
Humbird Cheese Factory American Humbird Cheese Co. Humbird 1909
Humbird Creamery Co.   1. Humbird Co-op. Cry. Co., 2. Fred Theiler Humbird, WI 1909
Huntzicker Cheese Factory       1878
J. F. Steinwand   J. F. Steinwand Colby Twp.  
Jacob's Dairy, Ad     Rt. 3, Neillsville Mar., 1949-?
Jenks Dairy Co. & Skimming Station   A. H. Jenks, Loyal, Manager Sherman Twp., Rt. 1, Spencer 1909
Johnson, Ludwig's Store; Bymer Schroder Dairy; Eide Cheese Factory Note #1 1. Eide, 2. Bymer Schroder, 3. Johnson, 4. Heinrich. Fremont Township bef. 1923 - 1947
Junction Cheese Factory   Ernst Looser 5 mi. northeast of Thorp  
Kasper Cheese Factory Cheddar & Colby Kasper Family    
Ken & David Bletsoe Qaulity Cheese Ken & David Bletsoe Granton & Christie 1973, 1976
Kenneberg Cheese Factory     Four miles east of Loyal, on Hwy. 98  
Kielsmeier   Kielsmeier Co., Manitowoc Rt. 1, Loyal  
Knops Woodland View   Francis Knops 15 mi. southwest of Greenwood, Sec. 5, Seif Twp, Co. Hwy. I  
Krugeger Cheese Factory Scorched     Humbird  
Kurth Corners Cheese Factory   Walt Reber    
Laabs Bros. Factories   Note    
Laabs Cheese Factory-Abbotsford   Laabs Bros.    
Laabs Cheese Factory-Curtiss        
Laabs Cheese Factory-Willard   Cheesemakers: 1. Leonard Raven 2. Jacob Tjepkema Cty. G in Willard on the east end of "town."  
Lakeshire Cheese   Forman & Head Cheesemaker: Walt Newman; 1 Loyal, Wisconsin closed in 1938
Lambord (Comb.)   Lambord Dairy Co. Thorp  
Land O'Lakes, Inc. Cheese Production Facility 2003 Jack Strenger 423 S. Main, Greenwood, WI 1991, 1994, 2003
LaTart Emil Luther, Jr. (informant: Art Olson)      
Levis American Levis C. & B. Company Neillsville 1909
Levis/Brown/Trichel Cheese     Sec. 2, Levis Twp. *See Day Creamry
Levis Cheese Factory   William H. Rath; Charles Neubecker Sec. 14, Levis Twp.  
Liebzeit's Clark Co. Central 40# blocks of cheddar 1. Arnold Beyer 2. R. W. Moldenhauer 3. Clarence "Scoop" Liebzeit 3 mi. NW of Greenwood, in Warner Twp. ca 1900-1981
Lombard Dairy Cheddar

Area Farmers, cheesemakers:

1. Leon Drangle

2. Frank Broeren

3. Ed Decker

last owned by Bill Wolowik

3 mi. E of Thorp Twp., sec. 34 Withee twp., R.R. 1 Thorp Installed a new sewage disposal system in 1957.
Lombard Dairy Co.   Broeren & Decker

Area Farmers. Cheesemakers:

1. James N. Biser

2. Leander Fohl

5 mi. northeast of Thorp in sec. 21 of Withee twp.  R.R. 2 Thorp, Wis.  
Lone Oak Cheese Factory Cheddar 1. Louis H. Horn, 2. Walter Emerson 3. Fremont Wonn Rt. 1, Withee  
Lone Pine Cheese Factory, formerly Clay Walter's Corner Cheese Factory Cheddar

1. Schmidfranz

2. Clay Walters

3. Frank Meske

E. of Thorp in sec. 15 Reesburg twp., Co. Rd. N. R. Thorp closed soon after Frank Meske's purchase.
Longwood Cheese Factory Cheddar R. J. Cooper of Marshfield, managed by Lewis Gehrke Longwood Twp. 1967
Longwood (Comb.)   H. J. Mathias Withee  
Longwood Dairy Co. American Ed Swenson Longwood Twp., Rt. 1, Withee, 1909
Loyal Jenks (comb.)   Loyal Jenks Dairy Co. Loyal 1909
Luethy, A. D. #1      
Luther's Cheese #1 Bukosy? Beaver, E. of  LaTart School 1920
Lynn Cheese Factory (Dairy)  (website) #1, #2 (historic Photos) Family owned since 1949 (2003 Plat Book  Rach Just outside Neillsville (Granton) 1967, 1973, 1976, 1979, 1988, 2003
Lynn Dairy Cheddar 1. Harry Schlinsog 2. William & Ruth Schwantes Sr.   1948-49
Magadenz Cheese Factory, (Later Holt's)   Magadenz, Albert Holt, Herbert Uttech Section 5, York Twp.  
Mandel Cheese Factory



David Mandel, Mrs. (Barbara) Mandel who ran it aft. her husband died. Beaver Twp.or Rt. 1 Owen 1909
Mandel Colby Cheese; #1 Albert H. & Lena Mandel 2 mi. north of Loyal, then 1 1/2 mi. east 1926-1947
Mandel's Cheese Factory Colby & American Ernst Mandel Rt. 2, Colby 1908-?
Mandel & Kademann   Mandel & Kademann Rt. 2, Colby  
Maple Grove Cheese Factory   R. H. Sleyster Sec. 14, Sherman  
Maple Grove Factory American Richard B. Meyers Sec. 14, Rt. 1, Unity 1909
Maple Grove Factory   William A. Rusch Spencer  
Maple Grove Factory   Henry House Curtiss  
Maple Grove Factory   William A. Wichman Rt. 2, Unity  
Marathon-Clark Co-op Cheddar Over 200 Area Farmers, managed by Ervin Schilling No. Main St., Abbotsford  
Marten American Emil W. Marten Rt. 1, Spencer 1909
Martin Cheese Factory   H. A. Martin Sec. 25, Unity Township  
Mathias Cheese Factory #1      
Mauel's Ice Cream Ice Cream Henry Mauel, Jr Owen 1967, 1973, 1976, 1979, 1988
Mayville Cheese Factory American A. Natchwey; Erick Beisner, owner;  his brother Herman Beisner, Cheesemaker. Mayville Twp.,Dorchester, Rt. 1 1909
Meadow Farms Ice Cream A. H. Pfalzgraf    
Mech Cheese Factory Note #1 1. Gempeler, 2. Vernon Mech (1948) East of Eaton Center  
Meyers Cheese Factory   E. C. Meyers Sec. 5, Unity  
Midway   Ray Pat's Midway Bar, later known as Fuzzy's Bar, was formerly a cheese factory. 3 1/2 miles so. of Colby, east side of road. Janet Rogalski, informant bef. 1955
Midway Cheese #1 W. E. Petersen Curtiss  
Milk Condensery of American Dairy Stores   Morris Blodgett, Mgr. Neillsville  
Miller Cheese Factory/Seeman Cheese Factory   Alfred Mandel Co. Trunk K, North of Loyal  
Mullins Cheese Inc. Variety of Cheese   Riplinger, WI & Knowlton 1979, 1988, 1991, 1994
Nachtwey Cheese Factory        
Neillsville (comb.)   M. L. Freichel


Neillsville Dairy Ice Cream & Dairy Bar 1. H. H. Quicker, owner; 2. Dan Patey, owner.    
Neillsville Milk Products Co-op Dried Milk & Pine Valley Sweet Cream Butter 500 Area Farmers; B. H. Crissinger, Mgr.    
North Hendren Co-operative Dairy Bleu Cheese Harold Rhyner Spencer Rd between Fisher and Tower Ave. (SE corner of the SW quarter of the SE quarter of Section 3). Since 1923 - 2003 (plat book)
North Star Cheese Factory Sm. Packaged & Paraffined Varieties 1. Vern T. Mech; 2. Walter Reber (also had the nearby Pleasant Ridge Factory) 3 mi. west of Granton  
North Star Cheese   Emil D. Prange R.F.D. Granton  
North Star Cheese Brick North Star Cheese Co. Greenwood, Rt. 1 1909
North Star Factory   Michael Fitzgerald of Watertown, WI Loyal Township  
North Warner   North Warner Co-operative Rt. 4, Greenwood, Warner Twp.  
Oak Grove Cheese   Fred W. Buss Rt. 2, Curtiss  
Oak Grove Factory   Oak Grove Co-operative Cheese Co.; Christian Klay 5 mi. Southwest of Withee  
Oakland Cheese Factory 2# & 5# loaves of Colby & Cheddar

Note: #1

Gordon H. Munson--Cheesemaker 2 mi. So. of Curtiss, on Co. E, then 1 mi. W. on the SW corner Before Laurence Krueger purchased it, it was a Farmer's Co-op.
Oatman Condensery Condensed Milk   Neillsville est. 1916
Olson Cheese Factory   C. N. Olson    
Ostenson Cheese Factory #1      
Otter Creek Cheese Factory   Alfred Laabs 2.5 mi. northeast of Stanley, WI  
Owen   Melvin E. Ostenson Owen  
Owen Dairy Co. Cheddar & Italian Cheeses H. F. Gripentrog, Jr.    
Peltzdorf/ Pellzdorf Creamery & Skimming Station Note: #1 Seitz Bros. Loyal; Rt. 1 Greenwood 1909
Pine Grove   Clarence Wichmann Rt. 1, Loyal  
Pine Grove Cheese Factory Note #1 George Foelsch 6 1/2 miles N. of Loyal, then 2 mi. E. on Ripplinger Rd., Beaver Township 1950s
Pine Valley Butter Co.   1. Pine Valley Butter Co., 2. Geo. E. Crothers Neillsville, WI 1909
Pine Valley Cream Association   1. Pine Valley Cry. Assn., 2. O. M. Arnold Sec. 16, RFD, Pine Valley 1909
Pine Valley Cheese Factory Note: #1 Walter Zbinden Neillsville, WI 1927
Pleasant Ridge Cheese Factory Cheddar 1946-Otto Meinholdt, then E. O. Franz 9 mi. NW of Greenwood, Rt. 2; Originally built on the right corner, next to Kippenhan's Tavern. 1951-1953, Ed built a new factory about 1/2 mi. west of the Tavern and moved the house from their farm there.  
Pleasant Ridge Cheese Factory   H. A. Martin Grant Center  
Pleasant Ridge Creamery American 1. Fred Schwantes, 2. A. A. Huckstead 2. Robert Petznick 4 mi. southeast of Neillsville, Rt. 1 1898, 1909
Pleasant Ridge Dairy (East) Reber Cheese Factories, Ad Swiss, Cheddar, Italian 1. Walter Reber; 2. Craig Asplin Granton Rd. & Airport, 5 mi. E. of Neillsville on Hwy. 10. 1953
Pleasant View   Louis Rach Loyal  
Pleasant View   Fred O. Justman Unity  
Pleasant View Creamery & Skimming Station   Charles E. Eckerle Sec. 12, Reseburg; Withee, Wis. 1909
Pleasant View Dairy Cheddar & Barrel Cheese 1. Edward Miller; 2. Allen & Marvin Miller North of Loyal on "K"  1988, 1991
Poplar   Charles & Henry Salzwedel Sec. 28, Beaver Twp. 1889
Poplar   Hugo F. Behringer Rt. 4, Greenwood  
Pozen   Albert Albert Thorp  
Raber Foods, Inc. Quality Dairy Products Urs Raber, a Swiss immigrant in late 1900s 2 m. N, 1 m. west of Thorp, WI 1988
Reseburg Cheese Factory Picture with history

Reseburg Cheese Co., Sec. 8 Reseburg twp, Co. Rd. N, Rt. 3, Thorp, Wis.


1. Otto Sommer

2.  Irvin Witt

3. Casmer Boyarski, also had a retail store with it.

Sec. 8, Reseburg Rabers & Blue Moon are 2 seperate places - Blue Moon closed in 2000 due to
contract negotiations & the new owners - Saputo Cheese- decided to close it
down - a great loss for many employees. Lyn Brunett

Riplinger Cheese Factory

Note #1

Cheddar 1. Emil Marten, 2. Swift & Co.; operated by Pauley Cheese Co. (1948) Riplinger, Wis.  
Riverside   Riverside Co-operative, Harry Eide, Granton, R. D.2. Chili, R.D. 1 1909
Riverside Cheese Factory   1. August Dankemeyer, 2. Harry Eide Sec. 15, Fremont Twp. 1906 - 1958
Riverview   James Holmes Rt. 2, Unity  
Roger/Rodger Creek Cheese Factory



Walter Fero, William Blazel, T. J. Gjermundson, Sec. 29, Thorp Twp., Rt. 2, Stanley, Wis. 1909
Romeo Farmer's Cheese Factory   Emil Martens Unity 1910-1915
Sampe, Y. C. Cheese Factory #1      
Schwamb's   Schwamb's Co-operative Dairy Co. Tioga  
Seefeld's Cheese Factory   H. T. Seefeld Sec. 3, Sherman Twp.  
Seeman Cheese Factory/Miller's   Wm. Seeman, Alfred Mandel Co. Trunk K north of Loyal  
Schilling #1 H. B. Moldenhauer & Son, Luther? Rt. 3, Greenwood  
Schilling's Cheese Emil Luther, Sr. (informant: Art Olson) E. A. Schilling Hwy 13 near Abbotsford, relocated after it was destroyed by a June 1958 tornado  
Schlinsog Dairy Milk; Note: #1 Harry & Ted Schlinsog Families South of Loyal  
Schumacher   Peter Schumacher Rt. 2, Dorchester  
Schwamb's Co-operative Cheese Factory/Knop's Woodland View Cheese Factory   Area Farmers a mile east of the Tioga depot, Hendren Township  
Seif Skimming Station   Clark Co., Butter Co. Rt. 2, Neillsville 1909
Sherman Cheese Factory American P. Knickle & Son Sherman Twp., Rt. 2, Spencer 1909
Sherman Cheese Factory   George Fisher, Jr. Spencer  
Sherwood Dairy   Sherwood Dairy Co. Rt. 4, Granton  
Sherwood Cheese Factory   Christian Feutz, Cheesemaker    
Shortville Dairy Co.   1. Shortville Dairy Co., 2. Charles Winters Washburn Twp., Rt. 1, Neillsville, Wis. 1909
Silver Rock Note #1 1. Silver Rock Co., 2. Wilfred Nelson    
Sommer Cheese Factory American Wm. & Otto Sommer Rt. 1, Thorp 1909
South Grand American E. D. Prange Granton, Rt. 2 1909
South Grant Cheese Factory, Ad   1. Elmer E. Hitzke; 2. Walter H. Schmidt in the 1950s, lg. retail shoop Rt. 3, Hwy. 10, Granton


South Lynn Dairy   Ed Decker Cty. Hwy. "W", south of Hwy. 10  
South Point   Emil W. Ehlert Rt. 1, Thorp  
South Worden Dairy   1. John Wry; 2. Leo Biel 9 mi. southeast of Stanley  
South York Cheese Factory American E. H. Tucker Sec. 34, York Twp. 1909
South York   M. L. Trichel Granton  
Spokeville Cheese Factory Note: #1, American C. A. Voight Sec. 19, Sherman Twp., Rt. 1, Spencer 1909
Spokeville Cheese Factory   Otto G. Rohde Rt. 2, Spencer  
Standard Brands Note #1      
Star American 1. Peter Jensen, 2. E. H. Tober Granton 1909
Star   Dan Gluch, Sr. Granton, Rt. 3 1909
Star Cheese Factory   1.Otto Braun, 2. Marlow, 3. Lawrie 1 mi. N. Dorchester on hwy. 13 1924
Star Cheese Factory   Peter Jensen Lynn Twp.  
Steinwand   Joseph F. Steinwand Colby, R. D. 2 1909
Steinwand   A. M. Steinwand Colby, R. D. 2 1909
Stewart's Redville Dairy Italian Provolone & Cheddar Stewart Family Greenwood  1967, 1973, 1976, 1979
Stock   Rudolph Stock Rt. 2, Colby  
Stony Creek   Otto E. Luther Rt. 1, Loyal  
Sun Shine Valley Cheese Factory  

1. Mark Wohld

2. Bruno Nurmi

5 mi. south of Thorp, WI, Sec. 28. Rt. 1.  
Sunflower   Curtiss, Curtiss Produce Co.   1909
Suttner Cheese   Paul Suttner Hwy 29, Sec. 32, Curtiss, Mayville twp., WI  
Thorp Creamery     Thorp, WI Now Art Jacques Apts.
Thorp Dairy Co.   Rudolph Verweyst Thorp  
Thorp Dairy No. 1 (comb.)   Thorp Dairy Co. Thorp  
Thorp Dairy No. 2   Thorp Dairy Co. Thorp  
Thorp Dairy No. 3   Thorp Dairy Co. Thorp  
Thorp Dairy No. 4   Thorp Dairy Co. Thorp  
Thorp Dairy No. 5   Thorp Dairy Co. Thorp  
Thorp Dairy No. 6   Thorp Dairy Co. Thorp  
Timothy Belt Cheese & Dairy Cheddar & Milk Walter A. Reinke Rt. 1,  Thorp  
Town Line   Otto E. Grennke Rt. 1, Granton  
Town Line American Herman F. Seefeld Spencer 1909
Unity Dairy Products Colby & Cheddar Cheese H. E. Mandel Unity, WI 1967
Uttech Cheese Factory   Herb Uttech    
Voigt Note: #1, #2 Ernest C. Voigt of Madison Unity  
Wahlen Cheese Factory        
Warner American 1. Warner Cheese Co., 2.William Laabs 2. Henry Mueller Rt. 2, Greenwood 1909
Warner   William A. Wichman Unity  
Warner Co-operative Cheese Factory Limburger Area Farmers Warner Township  
Warner's Corners   Note #1    
West Beaver   Al A. Matthias Rt. 3, Greenwood  
West Eaton Cheese Factory   1. Theodore Wessel; 2. Harry Schlinsog; 3. Dairy Belt. (This factory became a tavern) 4 mi. southwest of Greenwood  
West Eaton   West Eaton Cheese Co. Rt. 5, Greenwood  
West Fremont   Otto H. Yordi Rt. 1, Granton  
West Side Cheese Factory American Setsche / Zetsche & Schlingsog Warner Twp. 1909
West Side   Henry Mueller Rt. 2, Spencer  
Western Condensing Co. Milk Powder & Whey Sugar Foremost Dairies, Inc. Owen  
West Worden #2   West Worden Dairy Co. Rt. 2, Stanley  
White Birch Cheese Factory Cheddar Joe Gubell Thorp Neighborhood Operation
White Clover   Ignatz Wojkiewicz Thorp  
White Eagle Dairy   Steve Losiewicz, sold to Blue Moon 5 mi. north of Thorp, WI  
White House Milk Products Evaporated Milk under the A. & P. Food Stores Label Subsidiary of Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. Abbotsford  
Wild Cherry Factory, later named Raber Foods. Cheddar First owned by Mike and Verna Teclaw and was destroy by fire about 1929; in 1956-Laura Natzke owned a factory using this name. Thorp  
Wildwood Cheese Factory   Vandi & Louis Suda R.R., Greenwood, Wis., (Sec. 35, Reseburg Twp.)  
Willard   Willard Co-operative Dairy Co. Willard  
Wisconsin Dairies Manufactures of butter, Cheese, powder, & fluid Milk   Neillsville, WI 1979
Withee Creamery & Skimming Station  

George E. Peterson

Withee 1909
Witt Cheese Factory   Laura Natzke & 4 sons after the death of her husband. This factory was previously known as the Wild Cherry Cheese Factory (see that facility above). North of Thorp  
Witt, Ed. J's Factory        
Witt, Erwin H. Cheese Factory        
Woodside   August Pieper; Note Rt. 3, Greenwood (bef. 1942); corner of present day Robin Ave. & Lover's Road, Sec. 23 in the Town of Beaver  
Worachek Note #1 1. John J. Worachek, 2. Ervin Sniegowski Reesburg  
Worden Cheese Factory (East) Cheese & Grocery Louis Badzinski 6 mi. so. of Thorp in an area known as "Cozy Corners" 1933 era
Worden Cheese Factory (West)     Worden  
Wuethrich Creamery (Grassland) Butter & non-fat powder John Wuethrich Greenwood  1973, 1979
York Center Cheddar, American 1. Heibel & Gullick, 2. Emil M. Schoenfeld Rt. 4, Neillsville 1909
York Center Cheese Factory   L. B. Gunia rebuilt the plant in the early 1950s. In 1973 it was purchased by Art Masanz, then in 1984 by Harold & Lois Mayer who renamed it "Mayer Dairy, Inc."  It closed in 2001 York Established operation excellently located in a productive area, installed a new plant pasteurizer in 1957.
York Cheese Factory American J. B. Daugetee Sec. 27, York Township 1909
York Dairy   1. M. C. Mertens, 2. Ken & David Bletsoe; John Mullins Granton, WI #1; 1967, modern concrete block building; new plate pasteurizer installed in 1957.
York Dairy/Breseman Cheese Factory   Al Breseman 3 1/2 mi. NW of Granton #1
Zbinden Factory       #1
Zelm Cheese Factory #1      
Cheese Factory #1        




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