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Will of Benjamin Butterfield

WILL OF BENJAMIN BUTTERFIELD-6 (Jr); Found on microfilm in Montpelier, VT. Probate Book (?#) - pg 104, April 12, 1788:

"IN THE NAME of God, Amen. I, BENJAMIN BUTTERFIELD Junr, of Brattleborough in Windham County in the State of Vermont, Carpenter, being weak in Body but of Sound & perfect mind & memory, blessed be Almighty God for the Same, do make & publish this my last Will & Testament in manner & form following that is to say FIRST, I order & direct my Lands herein after named & the survivor of them, to sell & convey all my land lying in Brattleborough where I now live & the amount of such sale to convert to the payment of my just Debts and funeral Charges and if there Should be a surplus arising by such sale beyond the Payment of my Debts and funeral charges, I direct the Same to be applied to bringing up my Children.

ITEM - I give & bequeath unto my Dearly beloved Wife, ELIZABETH, her Executors Administration & assigns all my personal Estate except Carpenters Tools & two Sheep.

ITEM - I give, devise & bequeath unto my said Wife, Elizabeth & to her Heirs assigns to inable her to bring up my Children, any fifty acres of my Land lying in Jamaica (VT), She to have her choice of the Same.

ITEM - I give, desire & bequeath unto my dear Children, ZIMRI, BENJAMIN & MORARI each fifty acres of my land lying in Jamaica & unto my dear Children MABEL, BETSY, SUSANNAH & HANNAH each twenty five acres of my said Land in Jamaica, To hold to the Said ZIMRI, BENJAMIN, MORARI, MABLE, BETSY, SUSANNAH & HANNAH their heirs & assigns as Tenants in common and not as Jointenants & Lastly I do hereby nominate, constitute & appoint my beloved wife, ELIZABETH, and my honored Father, BENJAMIN BUTTERFIELD, Esqr. to be Exec. of this my last will & Testament, Hereby revoking all former Wills by me made. - In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal the nineteenth Day of September Anno Domini 1787, BENJAMIN BUTTERFIELD Junr ... Signed, Sealed, published & declared, the above named, BENJAMIN BUTTERFIELD, Junr, to be his last Will & Testament in the presence of us who have thereunto Subscribed our names as Witnesses in the Presence of the Testator - JOHN NEWTON - EBENEZER FOX WELLS

BE IT REMEMBERED that on this 2nd Day of April 1788, JOHN NEWTON and OLIVER WELLS, two of the Subs. Witness to the within Will appeared before me & on Solomn oath that they Severally Saw the within name, BENJAMIN BUTTERFIELD, Junr, Sign, Seal & heard him declare the within written Instrument to be his last Will &. Testament - that he was then to the best of their Judgement of sound disposing mind & that they with EBENEZER FOX, the other Subscribing witness thereto Signed their names as witnesses to the __________ thereof in the presence of the Said Testator - MICAH TOWNSEND, Jud. Prob.

APPOINTED JOSIAFI ARMS (?), JONATHAN HERRICK & EBENEZER FOX to Inventory & appraise the Estate of' the BENJAMIN BUTTERFIELD who are to make return on or before the first monday of June 1788.

2nd APRIL 1788 the above named JOSIAH ARMS, JONATHIAN HERRICK & EBENEZER, FOX were duly sworn faithfully to Execute their trust as appraised of BENJAMIN BUTTERFIELD'S Estate according to Law, before me, MICAH TOWNSEND, Jud. Prob.

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