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1890-1 Business Directory & Farmer's List of the Nebraska State Gazetteer 



~ I ~
Ideal Chop House, E F, Concannon prop, 215 S 12th.
Iler & Co (P E Iler, H Suessenbach), wholesale wines and liquors, 1112 Harney.
Inman Hay Co, T R Van Valkenburg mgr, 1016 N 16th.
Immanuel Hospital, 3331 Meredith ave.
Impey Chas, physician, 1614 N 24th.
Implement Dealer and Farm Journal (The) (monthly), Hubbard & Smith props,
     r 943 N Y Life bldg.
Inghram A G, real estate, loans notary, 14 Barker blk.
Inter-State Fire Alarm Co, T R Baltlese sec and mgr, S L Wiley treas, 205 N 17th.
Iowa Central Railway, James H Watson west agt, r 509 Merchants National Bank bldg.
Iowa Wholesale Seed Co, H Mills mgr, 1519 Leavenworth.
Irey E J rental agency, 206 N Y Life bldg.
Irey G G, loans and real estate, r 206 N Y Life Bldg.
Irey H B, real estate, 206 N T Life bldg.
Irish Willett L, lumber, coal, N 31st and Spaulding.
Irvine & Clapp (Frank Irvine, Chas E Clapp), attys-at-law, r 837 N Y Life bldg.
Irvine H T, musician, 119 N 16th.
Irvine & Latey, dentist, 212 N 16th.
Irwin H B, atty, r 926 N Y Life bldg.
Ittner George, brick mfr, N 37th and Blondo.
Ives W C, atty, notary, 313 S 14th.

~ J ~
Jackson St Steam Laundry, Boisen Bros props, 915 Jackson.
Jackson Thomas, freight agt N Y C & St L R R, r 210 First Natl Bank bldg.
Jacob Peter, dairy, Gold w Belt Line.
Jacobs J W, barber, 1302 Farnam.
Jacobson H, ins, r 315 Ramge blk.
Jacobson J L, mfg jeweler, 1513 Douglas.
Jacobson John, Blacksmith, 4522 Cuming.
Jager Robert W, artist, r 706 N Y Life bldg.
James M E, groceries, 1923 N 16th.
Jamieson & Co, plumbers, 1723 St Marys ave.
Jamieson David, sec an treas The Mead Investment Co, r 442 Bee bld.
Jamieson & Davis (Adam Jamieson, J Davis), plumbers, 111 S 15th.
Jankowski L, genl mdse, 1420 Military ave.
Jansen M Mrs, groceries, 1920 N 16th.
Jansen Peter, blacksmith and wagonmaker, 2007 Pierce.
Jaynes Charles L, real estate, r 831 N Y Life bldg.
Jefferson J T, barber, 502 N 16th.
Jeffries O H, genl agts the Massachusetts Mutual Life Ins Co, r 200 Bee bldg.
Jennings E, prop Jennings Hotel, 1423 Jackson.
Jennings Hotel, E Jennings prop, 1423 Jackson.
Jensen A, blacksmith, wagonmaker, 2022 N 24th.
Jensen Chris, saloon, 502 N 14th.
Jensen H P, phys, 725 S 18th.
Jensen Jens, flour, feed, 1865 S 16th.
Jensen J, groceries, 1907 N 2th ave.
Jensen Jens, groceries and meat market, 1809 S 29th.
Jensen & Juhl, flour and seed 3211 Leavenworth.
Jensen T, shoemaker, 2017 Cuming.
Jepsen & Lund, groceries, 2520 Cuming.
Jerome Frank H, real estate, r 317-318 First Natl Bank bldg.
Jerpe & Youngberg, groceries, 1233 N 19th and 3202 Ames ave.
Jetter B, saloon, 901 Jackson and 723 Leavenworth.
Jobst Bros (B and J J Jobst), contractors, r 625 Paxton blk.
Jobst Jacob J, supt City Hall, basement Court house.
Jo-He Remedy, T B Forgy genl agt, 1308 Farnam
     (see page 395 and left side lines).
Johnsen John, saloon, 2101 Cuming.
Johnson A & Bro, brick mfrs, cor N 30 and Parker.
Johnson Andrew, phys, 122 S 14th.
Johnson Bros (J A, J E, R R Johnson and J C Han), transfer line
     and storage, 914 Farnam.
Johnson C B, hardwar, 2719 N 24th.
Johnson Charles J, wallpaper, paints, oils, 2842 Farnam.
Johnson & Co (Hugh N Johnson, O Goodman), nurserymen, r 514 Paxton blk.
Johnson C W, state agt Mutual Benefit Life Ins Co, r 11 Continental blk.
Johnson David H, confectionery, 133_* S 16th.
Johnson & Goodlett, groceries, meat market, 1910 Lake.
Johnson J J & Co (J J Johnson, C W Hull), props Johnson White Lime Works and
     dealers in coal, like, cement, sewer pipe, etc, 218 S 13th, yards 1024 N 20th.
Johnson J, real estate, 1324 Farnam.
Johnson L P, saloon, 2123 N 24th.
Johnson N, restaurant, 2203 Cuming.
Johnson Orville C, real estate, r 607 Paxton blk.
Johnson R J, barber 1224 N 24th.
Johnson R, job printing, 908 N 24th.
Johnson S, prop Gate City Wood Works, 1223-1225 N 19th.
Johnson S G, meat market, 1245 N 19th.
Johnson & Weberg, real estate, 310 2 15th.
Johnson W F, blacksmith, 1201 S 13th.
Johnson White Lime Works, J J Johnson & Co props, lime mfrs, 218 S 13th.
Johnson WR & Co, plumbers, gas fitters, 912 N 24th.
Johnston A R, dentist, 1406 Farnam.
Johnston & Morearty, attys, 725-726 N Y Life bldg.
Johnston T F, meat market, 1924 Clark.
Johnston W A Mrs, dressmaker, 702 Marcy.
Jonas A F, phys, r 18 Continental blk.
Jonas Metha H Mrs, phys, r 18 Continental blk.
Jonasen Soren, jeweler and music dealer, 401-402 S 15th.
Jones C C, atty, r 831 N Y Life bldg.
Jones & Co, groceries, 1237 S 29th ave.
Jones Edward, civil engineer, 213 Sheely blk.
Jones F, groceries, 2912 Farnam.
Jones George D, mgr The Taylor Publishing Co, r 839 N Y Life bldg (see adv page 389).
Jones J C, phys, r 201 Douglas blk.
Jones J W, restaurant, 117 N 12th.
Jones L O, hats, caps, furnishing goods, 115 S 16th.
Jones Mary Mrs, corset mfr, 1514 Douglas.
Jones R H, phys, 1023 S 10th.
Joplin & Co, books, stationery, 308 N 16th.
Jordan Collins, wall paper, painting, 2924 Cuming.
Josselyn S T, sec The Omaha Fire Insurance Co, 300-304 J J Brown blk.
Josten A, saloon, 2552 Leavenworth.
Joyce S G, millinery, 123 N 15th.

~ K ~
Kadavy Joseph, bakery, 1342 S 13th.
Kaempfer C F, atty, 432 Paxton blk.
Kahn Bros (Isaac and Myrom Kahn), mgrs Storz & Ilers beer bottlling [sic.] works, 1421 N 16th
Kaiser I F Mrs, dry goods, 2405 Leavenworth.
Kaiser Peter, saloon, 502 S 11th.
Kaley J L, atty, r 938 N Y Life bldg.
Kaline John J, saloon and billiards, 1534 S 13th.
Kalish R, merchant tailor, 211 N 16th.
Kalman R, groceries, 809 s 10th.
Kalmbach Christ, saloon 4201 N24th.
Kane J, flour and feed, 1138 N 16th.
Kansas City Investment Co (The), J H Pease mgr, r 36 Chamber of Commerce.
Kansas City, St Joseph & Council Bluffs R R, Wm F Vaill city pass
     and ticket agt, 1223 Farnam.
Kaplan A, groceries, 205 N 11th.
Karbach W, cigars, 208 S 15th.
Karbach P J, blacksmith, 1312 Howard.
Karsch E, hay and grain, 1938 Vinton.
Kaspar Frank J, saloon, councilman and notary public, 1422 S 13th.
Kastl Martin, barber, 1514 S 13th.
Katz S, tailor 1114 Farnam.
Katz-Nevens-Rees Mfg Co, Chas F Nevens pres, Samuel Katz sec and treas,
     mfrs of overalls, 610-612-614 S 11th.
Kaufman M, cigars and news depot, Windsor Hotel.
Kaufmann Chas, ins, 1302 Douglas.
Kaufmann M J, saloon, 1314 Douglas.
Kauffmann M L, language teacher, 216 Sheely blk.
Kavanaugh H, mgr Safety Tug Fastening Co, 310 S 15th.
Keenan J L Mrs, dressmaker, 1312 Dodge.
Keene J H, Genl stock agt C M & St P Ry Co, 1501 Farnum.
Keim H H dentist, 4 Continental blk.
Keith C E, employment agency 320 S 15th.
Keith C W, genl agt William Deering & Co, 801-803 Capitol ave.
Keith Hames A, cigars, tobacco and news depot, 219 S 15th.
Kelble F, cigars, tobacco 318 S 10th.
Kelby J E, atty r 615 N Y Life bldg.
Kelkenney & Co (James B Kelkenney), loans, ins, r 19 Continental blk.
Kelley, Stiger & Co, dry goods, 1423 Farnam.
Kelly E C, atty, r 11 Bushman blk.
Kellner J J, harnessmaker, 1804 Vinton.
Kellner Morris, chop house, 113-117 S 14th.
Kendall B J, real estate, loans and live stock, r 307 J J Brown blk.
Kennard Glass & Paint Co, Kennard & Kennard props, 1408-1412 Harney.
Kennard & Kennard (L J and T B Kennard), 1408-1412 Harney.
Kennedy Alf C, assistant secretary South Omaha Land Co, r 10 Chamber of Commerce.
Kennedy & Blackburn, groceries, 1305-1307 S 20th ave.
Kennedy D, barber, 509 1/2 N 16th.
Kennedy D C Mrs, restaurant, 306 N 16th.
Kennedy, Gilbert & Anderson (B E B Kennedy, Geo I Gilbert, Wm A
     Anderson), attys, 1614 Farnam.
Kennedy Howard, special loan agt Northwestern Mutual Life Ins Co,
     r 10 Chamber of Commerce.
Kennedy I G, groceries, 4101 N 29th.
Kennedy, Learned & Barnard (John L Kennedy, Myron L Learned, John C Barnard),
     attorneys, r 602-603-604 Merchants Natl Bank bldg.
Kennedy Thomas, hardware, 1310 S 13th.
Kennedy W J, fire brick, 1221 Harney.
Kent Richard Capt, saloon, Cut-of-Lake.
Kentucky Liquor House, J A Freyhan mgr, 503 S 13th.
Keogh P S, Physician, 620 N 16th.
Kern C Mrs, dressmaker, 1814 S 13th.
Kern Fred, gents furnishing goods,510 S 16th.
Kern G, confectionery, 814 S 13th.
Kerner Adam, mgr Adam Snyder meat market, 1011 Farnham.
Kerns John T, saloon, 215 S 14th.
Kerr Robert, real estate, 26 Frenzer block. Kersten Charles, laundry, 1122 S13th.
Kessler Justus, saloon and beer garden, 1214-1216 S 13th.
Kesslers Hall, Justus Kessler prop, 1214-1216 S 13th.
Ketchum A M Mrs, dressmaker, 1728 S 20th.
Keystone Mortgage Co, E C Garvin mgr, loans, 208 Sheely blk.
Kick & Fehrs (W Kick, F Fehrs), groceries, 1714 S 20th.
Kilgallon M, saloon, 1123 Chicago.
Kilmore M, meat market, 1528 S 13th.
Kilpatrick-Koch Dry Goods Co, capital $500,000, Thos Kilpatrick pres,
     Allen Kock vice-pres, Robert Cowell second vice-pres and treas, James Rish sec,
     importers and jobbers of dry goods notions etc, 1101-1105 Harney.
Kim Lung, laundry, 107 N 13th.
Kimball, Champ & Ryan (J F Kimball, George H Chanp Wm S Ryan) investment
     bankers, r 6 U S Natl Bank bldg (see page 403 and left side lines).
Kimball Ice Co (The), J H Hungate prop, 213 S 14th.
King Daniel E, contracting freight agt M P Ry, 1224 Farnum.
King G W, hardware, 2109 Cuming.
King John S, asst cashier German American Savings Bank, 218 S 16th
King J W, physician, 818 N 17th.
King O J, contractor and builder, 1124 S 29th.
King R G, real estate, oil stock, 416 Paxton blk.
Kinney Harry A, representing The Brush Electric Co, electrical engineer and
     contractor, r 832-833 N Y Life bldg, (see right top lines and page 405).
Kinney & Lowery, boiler works, 512 N 12th.
Kinsler Drug Co, J T Kinsler pres, M J Kinsler vice-pres, James Casey sec,
     J C Kinsler treas, 220 S 16th.
Kinsler James T, drugs and phys 1307 Farnam and 22 S 16th.
Kirkendall, Jones & Co (F P Kirkendall, Ellis O Jones), whol mfrs boots and
     shoes, 1102-4-6 Harney.
Kirschbraun & Sons, produce commission, 1209 Howard.
Kirscht L & Co (L Kirscht, E Duerr), wholesale liquors, 407 and 409 S 10th.
Kitchen A M, real estate, 309 S 16th.
Kitchingman P, conmfectionery, 1424 Capitol ave.
Kittredge & Brainard, props The Paxton, s w cor 14th and Farnam.
Kline S, junk dealer, 1210 Jones.
Klockner J, brick mfr, 3713 Parker.
Klopp, Bartlett, & Co (C H Klopp, E W Bartlett, A T Klopp), printers, 1114-6 Farnam.
Knap Alex, hay, grain, 901 Jackson.
Knecht C & Co (C & M Knecht), hardware, 1623 Vinton.
Kneisly Charles C, sec Provident Savings Loan and Building Assn of Omaha,
     r 406-407 J J Brown blk.
Knemeyer H Mrs, restaurant, 1015 Harney.
Knieser & Stahlberg, designers and fresco painters, r 508 Merchants National Bank bldg.
Knight Bros & Barnes (H B & CE Knight, H C Barnes), contractors and graders,
     r 11 113 S 16th.
Knode & Gillette (Robert S Knode, Leslie B Gillette), physcians, r 409 N Y Life bldg.
Knowles J E, carpenter, 1411 Harney.
Knox Wm J, draughtsman, 1607 Farnam.
Knuth Fred, violin maker, 907-911 Farnam.
Koch Allen, vice-pres Kirkpatrick-Koch Dry Goods Co, 1101-1105 Harney.
Koch & Salisbury, barbers, 1719 St Marys ave.
Kocher F, carpet weaver, 1613 Izard.
Koehler E F, atty, 711 N Y Life bldg.
Kohn B & Co (B Kohn), auction commission 208-212 S 11th.
Kohn Samuel, clothing 2302 Cuming.
Kohnstamm Lorenzo J, physician, r 2 Continental blk.
Kolbe Wm, meat market, 1812 S 13th.
Kolomitz D, confectionery, 116 N 16th.
Koogle G W, blacksmith, 1402 N 24th.
Kooser H B, trav stock agt M P Ry, 1224 Farnam.
Kopald Jacob, saloon, 713 N 16th.
Kopald Leon, prop European Hotel and saloon, 622-624 s 10th.
Kopald S, shoemaker, 616 1/2 S 10th.
Kopp, Dreibus & Co (M and J Kopp, A C Dreibus), steam candy factory, 1106 Farnum.
Kosters H A, wall paper, 109 S 14th.
Kountze Herman, pres First National Bank, se cor 13th and Farnam
     (see adv page 373 and back cover).
Krag John, billiards, tobacco, 1214 Park ave.
Krag W, saloon 1801 St Marys ave.
Kramer & Chandler (L B Kramer, W A Chandler), job printers, 315 S 12th.
Kampert F, meat market, 1012 S 22d.
Kratz Lee F, music teacher, 1513 Douglas.
Krause F, broom mfr, 1317 Chicago.
Krause H G, groceries, 624 N 14th.
Krebs E, vinegar mfr, Melrose Hill.
Krejschi Josph, meat market, 1420 William
Krejchi J, undertaker, 1402 S 13th.
Kreile Charles F, sheet iron works, 317 S 12th.
Krelle Fred H, plumber, 317 S 12th.
Krelle Wm, hats and caps, 215 S 13th.
Kretjci J, groceries, 2002 S 29th.
Kretsch C Mrs, millinery, 102 N 10th.
Kretsch F, confectionery, 410 S 13th.
Kriebs J, shoemaker, 912 N 16th.
Kriesel C, mgr Omaha Boot & Shoe Repair Works, 1423 Howard.
Kroitzsch Louis, prop Chicago Steam Dye Works, 1616 Capitol ave.
Kroll M, blacksmith, 2324 Vinton.
Krone James L, boots and shoes, 2923 Leavenworth.
Kroner L, livery stable, 420 N 16th.
Krug Bros (Charles and Henry Krug), saloon, grocery, 2201-2203 S 13th.
Krug Fred, prop Omaha brewery, 1007 Jackson.
Krug John A & Co, wholesale groceries and commission, 413 S 11th.
Kruger H F, saloon 513 N 16th.
Kruse Fred H, saloon, 2657 Cuming.
Kruse Hans, saloon, 1502 Webster.
Kruse John, bakery, 916 N 16th.
Kruse M Mrs, laundry, 1111 S 6th.
Krysel F M, barber, 318 S 10th.
Kuca Albert, saloon, 1336 S 13th.
Kuebler G A, meat market, 1425 N 24th.
Kuenne G C, bakery and confectionery, 522 S 16th.
Huhn & Co, drugs 124 S 15th and 4204 N 24th.
Kuhlman C G, phys, r 3 Ware blk.
Kullmann Chris, bakery and restaurant, 614 S 10th.
Kulp Joseph, hardware, 1022 N 24th.
Kunath R, meat market, 216 N 16th.
Kunel V F, meat market, 1308 S 13th.
Kunde H, hardware, 619 S 10th.
Kuppig E, meat market, 804 N 16th.
Kurtz W K, sec The Patrick Land Co of Omaha, r 246 Bee bldg.
Kurz G, meat market, 1714 Nicholas
Kyersgaard & Lucasen, blacksmith 2302 Clark.

~ L ~
Laffer Thomas Mrs, prop Laffer House, 908 N 16th.
Largsen O, restaurant, 4008 Hamilton.
Laing & Laing, grocers, 1625 N 20th
Lake Hamilton & Maxwell (George B Lake, James W Hamilton, Henry E Maxwell),
     attys, r 203-204 Omaha Natl Bank bldg.
Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Ry, W W Copeland agt, 218 S 15th
Lally H T, mgr Crane Co, 922-924 Farnam.
Lambert G C, state agt Covenant Mutual Benefit Assn of Illinois, r 619 Paxton blk.
Landen David (Linderholm & Landen), pres Omaha Ice Co, 310 S 15th
Lander Dana S, counsel and acting sec the Union Trust Co, 2d floor Commercial
     National Bank bldg.
Landrock, Charles, mfr harness and saddles, 1515 Howard.
Landrock Jacob, saloon, 1224 S 20th.
Langdon Martin, attorney at law, r 501-502 N Y Life bldg
     (see adv page 577).
Lane Jas, phys, r 5 Bushman blk.
Lang & Co (G A Lang, P F Eckenberg), fresco painters, r 417 Bee bldg.
Lang P, boots, shoes, 1320 Farnam.
Lange A Mrs, groceries, 624 S 13th.
Lantry Victor, farmer, sec Omaha and Florence Land and Trust Co, r 912 N Y Life bldg.
Lanyon S S, drugs, 2832 Farnam.
Lanyon W H, phys, 324 N 16th.
La Platte Land Co, F C Grable sec, r 16 Chamber of Commerce.
Lapsley D L, atty at law, collections, 102 N 12th.
Lareau Alph, horseshoer, 416 S 18th.
Larimer J F, phys, 209 S 15th.
Larson Andrew C, real estate, r 923 N Y Life bldg.
Larsen S, tailor, 515 N 16th.
Latenser John, architect, r 604 Merchants National Bank bldg.
Latowsky W M, carpenter and contractor, 914 Jackson.
Lauritzen E, billiards, 4005 Leavenworth.
Lausterer & Bauer, blacksmiths, cor 24th and Decatur.
Lavender W R, phys, 1418 Dodge.
Lawrence E, plumber, gas fitter, 113 N 16th.
Lawrence M E, cigars, 215 S 15th.
Lawrence R H, civil engineer, 1404 Farnam.
Lazarus L, scavenger, 1812 Cuming.
Leach J E, barber, 2610 Walnut.
Leary M, saloon, 1102 N 16th, 4804 Cuming.
Leavenworth E A, real estate, 14 Barker blk.
Leavenworth Hotel, N C Nelson prop, 703 Leavenworth.
Lee C C, attorney 505 N Y Life bldg.
Lee Charles R, hardwood lumber, 901 Douglas.
Lee-Clarke-Andreesen Hardware Co, capital $200,000, Henry J Lee pres,
     Henry T Clarke vice pres, Edward M Anderson sec and treas, wholesale
     hardware, 1108-1110 Harney (see adv page 439).
Lee Frederick W, special agt New Hampshire Fire Ins Co, 1219 Farnam.
Lee Henry J, pres Lee-Clarke-Andreesen Hardware Co, 1108-1110 Harney
     (see adv page 439).
Lee & Nichol, livery stable, 2807 Leavenworth.
Lee & Rebert (E W Lee, M A Rebert), phys, r 9 Granite blk.
Lee Sam, laundry, 1208 Howard.
Lee Sang, laundry, 219 N 11th.
Lee Wah, laundry, 1012 Harney.
Lee Ying, laundry, 626 S 16th.
Leeder E, saloon, Park nr M P Ry.
Lehman Henry, paper hangings, 1508 Douglas.
Lehmann Ferdinand, painter and decorator, 1818 S 16th.
Lehmer Joseph R, railway and general supplies, r 403 Merchants Natl Bank bldg.
Lehming C, tailor, 1706 Nicholas.
Leisenring P S, phys, 1606 Capitol ave.
Leisge H, groceries, 417 S 10th.
Lemly John, dry goods, cigars and tobacco, 1248 S 16th.
Lenhart R A, groceries, 924 N 16th.
Lentz C, confectionery 420 S 10th.
Lenz Max, saloon, 1433 N 24th.
Leresche Paul, boots and shoes, 1322 Douglas.
Lessentin F W, real estate, 206 Douglas blk.
Lesser A M, meat market, 114 N 11th.
Leslie Bros, commission merchants, 315 S 10th.
Leslie John H & Co (J H and G H Leslie, F G Baker, W B Chapman mgr.),
     wholesale brokers 1013 Leavenworth.
Leslie & Leslie Geo H and Norman R Leslie), druggists, 102 S 16th.
Leuenberg B Mrs, midwife, 911 N 18th.
Levin Louis, groceries, 3119 Cuming.
Levey A, confectionery, 1006 Douglas.
Levi Louis, clothing etc, 316 S 13th.
Levich & Co, groceries, 1532 S 10th.
Levinson M, groceries, 1604 S 13th.
Levinston Bros, wholesale dry goods and notions, 111 N 12th.
Leviszoc W, shoemaker, 809 S 10th.
Levy B Mrs, merchant tailor, 1411 Farnam.
Levy, Cohn & Co, (M Levy, H Cohn, M Strasburg) props Neb. Clothing Co,
     s e cor 14th and Douglas.
Levy Leon, groceries, 1304 Chicago.
Lewis E V, Churchill Pump Co, 918-920 Farnam.
Lewis F L, sec and tres, J Wilkes Ford Roofing Co, 1607 Farnam.
Lewis L, saloon, 802 N 16th.
Lewis N Miss, dressmaker, 511 N 15th.
Lewis P, Park nr S 35th.
Leydeckecker C, horseshoer, 1001 N 16th.
Lichol C J, groceries, 1717 S 16th.
Lightman D, watch repairer, 418 S 10th.
Lilly G, harnessmaker, 1452 S 13th.
Lind A, boots and shoes, 2113 Cuming.
Lind I P & Co, groceries, 2813 Leavenworth.
Linder & Metzger (John Linder, Wm Metzger), saloon, 902 S 10th and
     cor S 11th and Mason..
Linderholm J Miss, sec and treas Omaha Ice Co, 310 S 15th.
Linderholm & Landen (John Linderholm, David Landen), props Omaha
     Swedish Tribune, 310 S 15th.
Lindey N P, massage, r 11 Granite blk.
Lindhorst F, hardware, 812 N 16th.
Lindley J E, barber, 702 S 10th.
Lindquest G A, merchant tailor and wholesale woolens, 316 S 15th.
Lindsay S W, jeweler, 1516 Douglas.
Lindsey Z T, whol [sic.] rubber goods, 1111 Harney
Lininger & Metcalf Co, G W Lininger pres, J M Metcalf vice-pres, F L Haller sec,
     H P Devalon treas, wholsale [sic.] agl implts, S 6th and Pacific.
Liphitz I, groceries, 714 S 16th.
Lister Wm, carpenter and contractor, r 450 Bee bldg.
Little & McTague (C E Little, J H McTague), saloon, restaurant, 1509 Farnam.
Little & Williams (John Little, Hobart Williams), grocers, 1407 Douglas.
Littlefield E I, city passenger agt U P Ry, 1302 Farnam.
Livesey Henry, brick mfr, 1413 S 13th.
Lockwood C W, shoemaker, 305 N 15th.
Loesch John, bakery and confectionery, 1418 S 13th.
Loftus M, freight agt M P Ry, 15th and Nicholas.
Logan James W, real estate and patent agt, r 419 Bee bldg.
Logan J W, groceries, 4001 Leavenworth.
Logasa Moses, gents furnishing goods, 610 N 16th.
Lohlein Bros (George and Martin Lohlein) meat market, 1723 Vinton.
Lomatch & Engels (O Lomatch, John Engels), tool works, cor S 5th and Jones.
London Tailors, J B Miles prop, 313 S 15th.
Long A H, atty-at-law, 1505 Farnam.
Loomis F L, mgr The Aultman & Taylor Co, 9th n e cor Douglas.
Lord J P, phys, 15 Barker blk.
Lord May E Miss, notary, r 415 N Y Life bldg.
Loudon Wm, grain dealer, r 501 First National Bank bldg.
Louvre Glove Co (The), J Gervens mgr, 1506 Farnam.
Love Srchibald J, ins adjuster, sec Omaha Mortgage Co, 306 S 16th.
Lovell Mfg Co (limited), installment house, P A Gavin mgr, 2416 Cuming.
Lovett J L, oil lands, 220 S 13th.
Lovett & Woodman (J L Lovett, James A Woodman), loans, 220 S 13th.
Lovejoy E L, sewing machines, 118 N 15th.
Lowe W W, vice-pres Sutherland Hotel Co, 1 Barker blk.
Loyd J J, tailor, 1014 S 13th.
Luchinger Fred, dry goods and notions, 1048 S 20th.
Lucke Charles A, cigars, commissioner for the imperial German consulate, 418 1/2 S 13th.
Lucke R S, phys, 518 S 16th.
Lueders J, saloon, Park nr M P Ry.
Luellen W C, well digger, 1345 N 20th.
Luetcenau Wm, painter, paper hanger, 2934 Cuming.
Lund John P, genl agt Fidelity Lafe Ins, 536 Paxton blk.
Lund Otto, saloon 1517 Farnam.
Lundin O P, tailor, 1707 Leavenworth.
Luther F C, tinware, 712 S 10th.
Lutz J, saloon, 614 S 13th, 1924 S 20th.
Lyman Henry A, genl agt The Penn Mutual Life Ins Co of Phila Pa, r 402 Bee bldg.
Lynch J, confectionery, 1006 S 13th.
Lynn David A, hardwood lumber, 703 N Y Life bldg.

~ Mc ~
McAllister S D, agt American Refrigerator Transit Co, r 24 U S Natl Bank bldg.
McAndress A B, prop Pennsylvania House, 212-214 N 10th.
McArthur A, dry goods, shoes, 2624 Leavenworth.
McAusland Mary L Mrs, mgr Omaha Safe Deposit Vaults, 212 S 13th (see adv page 33).
McBride & Co, job printers and engravers, 1516 Dodge.
McBride G W, Brick contractor, N 16th and Ames ave.
McVrien & Carter (E McBrien, R L Carter), cornice works, 110 S 11th.
McCaffrey Hugh, real estate, r 206 Douglas blk.
McCaffrey J F Mrs, dressmaker, 1160 N 16th.
McCaffrey Owen, saollon, 111 S 16th.
McCague Investment Co (The), John L McCague pres, Wm L McCague vice-pres,
     Alex G Charlton sec and treas, 105 S 15th.
McCague Savings Bank (The), Wm L McCague pres, John L McCague vice-pres,
     Alexander G Charlton cashier, 105 S 15th.
McCarger A M, hardware, 410 N 16th.
McCarthy F H, fruit dealer, 103 S 16th.
McCarthy Michael, saloon, 124 N 10th.
McClannahan & Gilmore (A A McClannahan, Geo F. Gilmore), attys, r 436-437 Paxton blk.
McClanahan H M, phys, 3866 Hamilton.
McClelland R & Co (Robt McClelland), coal, Doughlas cor 15th
McClurg Cracker Co, C L Saunder pres, I A Coles vice-pres, W J Cartan sec and treas,
     cracker mfrs, 713-717 S 9th.
McConnell Andrew B (Sherman & Mconnell), 1513 Dodge.
McCord, Brady & Co (James, Wm H McCord and John L Brady),
     wholesale grocers, 719-723 S 13th.
McCormick Harvesting Machine Co, H R Gould genl agt, farm machinery, 714 Pacific.
McCormick J S, real estate, 220 S 15th.
McCormick Wm, enameled sign letters, 310 S 15th.
McCoy A, merchant tailor, 710 S 16th.
McCoy H F, phys, 119 N 16th.
McCoy & Olmsted, attys, r 317 N Y Life bldg.
McCracken M, flour, feed and hay, 1220 Jones.
McCrea F M, phys, r 11, Barker blk.
McCrum Wm, boots and shoes, 1713 1/2 St Marys ave.
McCune A J, boarding, 2016 Cuming.
McDermott & Krieg, plumbers, gas-fitters, 1118 N 16th.
McDonald Charles, mgr Parisian Cloak & Suit Co, 410 S 15th.
McDonald James, architect, 4 418 N Y Life bldg.
McDonald Joseph P, restaurant, 1411 Douglas.
McDonald & Flanagan, prop Crystal Steam Laundry, 1606 Cass.
McDonald & Krenzer, confectionery, 1236* S 29th ave.
McDonald M E Mrs, art needle work, 1522 Douglas.
McDonald & Olgivy (John McDonald, David Ogilvy), architects r 40-41 Barker Blk.
McDonald Robert, phys.
McDonnell James, architect, r 418 N Y Life bldg.
McDuffie Robert A, atty, r 528 paxton blk.
McEachron R A, real estate and loans, r 11 Chamber of Commerce (see adv page 381).
McEwan D O, hot water and steam heating, sanitary plumbing, 1611 Howard.
McFadden & Bryan (John D McFadden, James W Bryan), architects, r 834 N Y Life bldg.
McGavren H S, phys, 120 S 14th.
McGilton & Stoddart (E G B McGilton, H P Stoddart), attorneys, r 40 Chamber of Commerce.
McGrath M, dressmaking, r 317 Ramge blk.
McGreer L & Co, props Novelty Planing Mill, 1201 Nicholas.
McGrew J E, phys, 1324 Farnam.
McHugh & Mockbee (P C McHugh, Charles Mockbee), commission merchants, 415 S 11th.
McIlroy A, blacksmith, 521 S 13th.
McIntosh A, atty, r 907 N Y Life bldg.
Mcintosh Hugh F, prop The Western Stockman and Cultivator, r 16 Arlington blk.
McIntosh John H, real estate, r 252 Bee bldg.
McKell J C, capitalist, r 708 N Y Life bldg.
McKenna & Conway, saloon, 1918 N 16th.
McKenna L F, phys, r 2 Creighton blk.
McLarnan P H, barber, 1324 Douglas.
McLaughlin & Myers (Dr A T McLaughlin, A Myers), props Omaha Medical and
     Surgical Institute, 9th cor Harney.
McLearie, Ochrle & Robertson (John McLearie, E Ochrle, Donald Robetson),
     props The Phenix [sic.] Foundry and Machine Co, r 630 Paxton bldg,
     works Pinkney and Belt Line Ry (see bottom end).
McLennan Teana, artist, r 906 N Y Life bldg.
McLeod E, groceries, 3020 N 16th.
McMahan J C, saloon, 1418 Farnam.
McMahon Edward R, sec Potter & george Co, 1601 Farnam.
McManigal J M, phys, 602 S 13th.
McLean Thomas, sewer inspector, basement Court House.
McManus F H, prop Omaha Wire and Iron Works, 218 S 14th.
McMenemy Charles, real estate broker, r 20 Continental blk.
McMillan W F, sec Omaha Club, 4th floor U S National Bank bldg.
McNally J, asst ticket agt C, R I & P Ry, n w cor 16th and Farnam.
McNeal John G, mgr Metropolitan Mfg Co, 1718 St Mary's ave.
McNeill H R, groceries, 1713 Leavenworth.
McQuillan Thomas J, flour and feed, 1425 Military ave.
McShane John A, investment banker, 309 S 13th.
McVann A & E Misses, dressmakers, r 320 Ramge blk.
McVean J, agt Wanamaker & Brown, 318 S 15th.
McVittie J, groceries, 2601 N 30th.
McWhorter & Rollins, grain, 210 S 13th.
McWilliams & halligan (H L McWilliams, John J Halligan), attorneys at law,
     410 and 411 Paxton blk.


~ M ~
MacDonald R, groceries and meat market, 1804 S 6th.
Macleod Murdock G, Real estate, r 932 N Y Life bldg.
Madausky E, groceries, 2540 Reese.
Mader Wm, shoemaker, 2304 Clark.
Madison O C, commission merchant, 307 S 11th.
Madsen B F, prop Forest Hall and councilman, 1119 S 6th.
Madsen John, barber, 623 Pacific.
Maggard oliver, general transportation agt, 1524 Farnam.
Magin L, tailor, 1202 Dodge.
Magner W E, barber, 1502 Farnam.
Magney George A, attorney, 317 Omaha natl Bank bldg.
Mahannah Bros, carpenters and contractors, 1223 Chicago.
Mather James, groceries, 1104 N 16th.
Mahoney, Minahan & Smyth (Timothy J Mahoney, Thomas B Minahan,
     Constantine J Smyth), attorneys and cousnelors at law, r 504-505 Paxton blk
     (see adv page 557).
Mahoney P H & Co, coal, 923 Douglas and 813 N 16th.
Mahoney T H, county attorney, Paxton blk.
Mailender J P & Co, dry goods, groceries and meat market, 1922 S 20th.
Malander & Landon, groceries, 1020 N 16th.
Mallett John, blacksmith cor S 19th and Vinton.
Mallette E M, real estate, r 419 Bee bldg.
Mallory, Cushing & Co (S H Mallory, R C Cushing, Jno A O'Keefe), railroad contractors,
     r 15-16 Nebraska National Bank bldg.
Mallory W H, horseshoer, 419 S 13th.
Malm E E, prop Belmont Steam Laundry, 923 N 26th.
Malum Theo, bakery, 116 N 11th.
Maney John, grocer, 2236 Farnam.
Manager F A, printer and stationer, 1612 Farnam.
Manager Oscar, prop Vienna Hotel, restaurant, reading room and bowling alley,
     1013-1015 Farnam.
Manning W F, genl agt Emerson, Talcott & CO and notary, 9th cor Jones.
Mannweilwe H, real estate, 209 S 15th.
Mansell Frank, commission merchant, 305 S 11th.
Marche R, boots and shoes, 2022 Lake.
Marhoff H H, trunk mfr, 1214 Douglas.
Markel & Swobe (J E Markel, Thos Swobe), props The Millard, cor S 13th and Douglas.
Marks Bros Saddlery Co, Geo Marks pres, Frank Martin vice-pres, Wm Marks sec,
     Jno Marks treas, wholesale saddlery, 1407 Harney.
Marks H, groceries, 2118 Nicholas. Marks Jacob, groceries, 423 N 12th.
Marsh E A, meat market, 514 N 16th.
Marsh & Smith, prop Glencoe Mills, 2220 Izard.
Marshall Dental Co, T C Van Buren mgr, 113 S 16th.
Marshall & Moker, barbers, 120 N 12th.
Martens Pauline Miss, dressmaking, 1818 1/2 St Marys ave.
Marti Ben F & Co. pawnbrokers, 1116 Farnam.
Marti B F Mrs, dressmaker, Barker blk.
Martin Abraham, merchant tailor, 209 S 13th.

Page 379 - Omaha Advertisements

Martin Euclid, treas and mgr Parlin, Orendorff & Martin Co, 9th cor Jones.
Martin J W, confectionery and news depot, 1239 Park ave.
Martin Meyer & Co (Martin Meyer, F E Provencher), gents furnishings, 1517 Farnam.
Martin & Perfect (C W Martin, E R Perfect), ins, r 1 Barker blk.
Martin Steam Feed Cooker Co, J W Martin, J B & J Morrissey, mfrs of steam cookers, plant East Omaha.
Martinovich S M, cigars and tobacco, 908 S 13th.
Marty & Tippery, school of dress cutting, 1915 Farnam.
Mason Anderson, barber, 521 N 16th.
Mason Robert, grocer, 424 N 14th.
Mason W T, phys, 3014 Ames ave.
Mason W W & Co, flour and feed, 313 N 16th.
Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co (The), O H Jeffries genl agt, Chas W Gould cashier, r 200 Bee bldg.
Massart N, restaurant, 603 S 10th.
Mast P P & Co, P H Pugh mgr, agl implts, 1321 Nicholas.
Masters B F, loans and brokerage, r 4 Withnell blk.
Mathews Annie Mrs, dressmaker, 1208 Dodge.
Mathews A, county supt, court house.
Mathews E A & Co, groceries, 1618 N 24th
Mathews J T, phys, r 212 Sheely blk.
Mathews M A Mrs, groceries, 2526 Cuming.
Mattern Phillip, boot and shoemaker, 504 S 10th.
Mattice R I, phys, r 25 Douglas blk.
Mattice S J S, drugs, 1365 N 18th.
Maul M O, undertaker, 1417 Farnam
Maul Wm G, vice-pres Commercial National Bank., n w cor 16th and Farnam (see pages 36 and 37).
Maurer Ed, restaurant and saloon, 1212 and 1214 Farnam (see adv page 387).
Maurer Otto, saloon and lunch counter, 705 S 13th.
Maxon, Bourgeois & Cook (Stiles Maxon, L J B Bourgeois), architects, r 607-8 N Y Life bldg.
Maxwell G E Miss, dressmaker, 607 S 13th. [Ware blk.
Maxwell Henry E, attorney, r 8.
Maxwell W Cc, phys, r 409 Paxton blk.
Maxwell W J, real estate, 217 Sheely blk.
Mayer A Miss, manicure and chirpodist, 306 Sheely blk.
Mayhew E H, real estate, 703 N Y Life bldg.
Mayne A F, prop Commercial Hotel, 1920 Commercial ave.
Meacham A, nes depot, 422 S 13th.
Mead Investment Co (The), David Jamieson sec and treas, r 442 Bee bldg.
Meader George, saloon, 1022 N 16th.
Meadimber E D, prop Novelty Carriage Works, 1513 Chicago.
Meagher Charles E, real estate, r 725 N Y Life bldg.
Meals & McVea (Albert N Meals, Joseph McVea), contractors, r 933 N Y Life bldg.
Mears Charles I, notary public, r 25 Chamber of Commerce.
Mechanics Home, C M Geppner prop, 712 S 14th.
Medlock G W, prop Empire Steam Laundry and Dye Works, 45th and Nelson.
Meegan & Harding (F W Meegan, W K harking), wholesale brokers, 511 S 13th.
Megeath Joseph P, sole dealer for Nebraska and s w Iowa for Remington Standard typewriters, neostyles, bicycles, Standard sewing machines, typewriter supplies, 1607 Farnam (see adv page 403 and right side lines).
Megeath T A, register of deeds, county court house.
Megquier Wm H, asst cashier First Natl Bank, s e cor 13th and Farnam (see page 35 and back cover).
Mehlig M Mrs, dressmaker, 1615 Howard.
Meikle James B, attorney, 304 S 16th.
Meikle Wm B, city loans, r 506-507 First Natl Bank bldg. [N 16th.
Meinberg Alfred, musical mdse, 107
Meinrath Bros (A and J Meinrath), mdse brokers, 1216 Harney.
Melchior Bros (Edward, Ernest, Hugo and Fred Melchior), cutler, grinders, barber furniture and supplies, 1114-1116 Farnam (see adv page 589).
Melquest Benjamin, cut stone contactor, 501 Jones, office 1403 Farnam.
Memorial Supply Co, Layton & Foreman, 1015-1016 N Y Life bldg.
Menter Charles J, prop Windsor Livery Stable, 1416 Daveport.
Mentzel H, carpenter, 107 N 10th.
Mercantile agency (The), R G Dun & Co props, Charles J Bell mgr, First Natl Bank bldg.
Mercer Mrs, manicure, 404 Bee bldg.
Merchants Criterion (The), Criterion Co props, 514 N Y Life bldg.
Merchants Despatch Transportation Co, J T Stanhope agt, 222 S 13th.
Merchants Hotel, Nat Brown prop, 1508-1512 Farnam.
Merchants Nationl Bank (The), capital $5000,000, surplus and profits $130,000, Frank Murphy pres, Samuel E Rogers vice-pres, Den B Wood cashier, Luther Drake asst cashier, 1222-1224 Farnam (see adv page 34).
Mercur Printing House, John T Bell prop, 311 S 16th.
Meredith G, hay, grain, 4302 N 29th.
Merriam Harry, mgr The Pythian Spur, 310 S 12th
Merriam L A, phys, 220 S 15th.
Merriam N, pres Omaha Real Estate and Trust Co, 220 S 17th.
Merrill & Merrill, phys, 220 S 15th.
Messmer C Mrs, bakery, 2031 Pierce.
Metropolitan Hotel, Gay & Har props, 1124 Douglas.
Metropolitan Mfg Co, John G McNeal mgr, installment goods, 1607 Howard.
Metz Bros (Fred sr, Charles and Fred Metz jr), brewers and maltsters, S 6th and Leavenworth.
Metz Frederick sr, pres German Savings Bank, s e cor 13th and Douglas.
Meyer A J & Co (A J Meyer, G N Jones), coal nd coke, 109 S 15th.
Meyer A, meat market, 2211 Cuming.
Meyer Herman J, saloon, 207 S 13th.
Meyer & Knudson, brick mfrs, cor 40th and Blondo.
Meyer Max & Bro (Max and Adolph Meyer) jewelry and music, 1524 Farnam.
Meyer Max & Co, tobacco, cigars, 1522 Farnam.
Meyer & Raapke (Henry Meyer, Louis Raapke), wholesale groceries, 1403-1405-1407 Harney.
Meyer Wm, barber, 1302 Douglas.
Meyers C A, barber, 1444 N 16th.
Meyers H C, bakery, restaurant, 618 N 16th.
Mexican International Improvement Co, capital stock $2,5000,000, Charles B Mantell & Co genl agts, Geo N Rowe mgr, 401 N Y Life bldg.
Mezzetti Joseph & Co, confectioners, 1613 Farnam.
Michaelsen Charles O, prop Omaha Model Machine Works, 1401 Jackson.
Michal M J Mrs, dry goods, 1338 S 13th.
Michigan Mutual Life Insurance Co, A G Edwards supt, r 28-29 Continental blk.
Mid-Continent Boiler and Sheet Iron Works, Wilson & Drake props, cor S 19th and Pierce (see adv page 405).
Midland (The), Midland Publishing Co pubs, r 26-27 Arlington blk.
Midland Electric Co, A F Blundell receiver, 1304 Douglas.
Midland Guarantee & Trust Co (The), capital $300,000, Nathan Shelton pres, George I Gilbert vice-pres, S M Sadler asst sect, abstacts of titles, 1614 Farnam.
Midland Publishing Co, pubs The Midland, r 26 Arlinton blk.
Midland State Bank, capital $100,000, F C Johnson pres, Allen T Rector vice-pres, W G Templeton cashier, 524 N 16th.
Mieding Francis J, stenographer, r 428 Omaha Natl Bank bldg.
Mies Henry, saloon, 1254 N 24th.
Miles C S, phys, 1224 N 24th.
Miles J B, prop London Tailors, 313 S 15th.
Miles J L, pres Nebraska Savings & Exchange Bank, 1601 Farnam.
Milestone P & Co, coal, Cassius and Belt Line Ry.
Millard (The), Markel & Swobe props, cor S 13th and Douglas.
Millard Alfred, cashier Commercial National Bank, n w cor 16th and Farnam (see adv pages 36-37.
Millard George, lumber broker, r 721 N Y Life bldg.
Millard Joseph H, pres Omaha National Bank, 210 S 13th (see adv front cover).
Miller Bros (A and P Miller), chop house, 1603 Howard.
Miller Dick & Arthur, attys, r 509 N Y Life bldg.
Miller Edward, saloon, 1123 Douglas.
Miller George L, mgr New York Life Ins Co, r 312 N Y Life bldg.
Miller G S, boots, shoes, 612 N 16th.
Miller & Gunderson, sash, foors, blinds, etc, 29th and Belt Ry.
Miller H C, grain broker, r 311 First Natl Bank bldg.
Miller H C, phys, 921 S 11th.
Miller H, meat market, 1138 N 18th.
Miller John, bakery, 1816 N 16th.
Miller & Konvalin (Henry C Miller, John Konvalin), barbers, 214 S 12th.
Miller Lewis, hair goods and hair dressing), 1514 Douglas.
Miller & Stoltenberg (F Miller, Wm Stoltenberg), saloon, 401 S 14th.
Mills & Co, twines and cordage, 312 S 12th.
Mills George W, genl agt The Wilson & McCallay Tobacco Co, 402 N 16th.
Milroy W F, phys, r 420 N Y Life bldg.
Miner E W, mgr Grand Opera House, 205 N 15th.

Page 381 - Omaha Advertisements (tbs)


Minnich Emma Miss, dressmaking, 1724 Leavenworth.
Missouri Pacific Railway, J O Phillipi genl pass and freight agt, Thomas F Godfrey pass and ticket agt, Daniel E King contracting freight agt, George E Dorrington traveling pass agt, H B Hooser traveling stock agt, 1224 Fanam (see adv page 40).
Missouri Valley Sand Co, J E Riley prop, 4 and 5 Granite blk.
Mitchell C A, ticket agt M P Ry, C St P M & O, F E & M V and S C & P R R, cor. 15th and Webster.
Mitcchell John, atty, r 510 Sheely blk.
Mittnacht Fred, saloon, 708 S 16th.
Mobile & Ohio R R, Chas D Ward western traveling agt, r 210 First National Bank bldg.
Model Steam Laundry, Jas Ainscow sec and mgr, 1110 Dodge.
Modern Office Supply Co, W T Larimore pres, Frank E Bell sec, 1st floor N Y Life bldg.
Moeller Francis Mrs, music teacher, 2204 Farnam.
Moeller Henry, groceries, 724 S 14th.
Mohle F, pawnbroker, 1023 Farnam.
Moker & Thomas, billiards, 114 N 12th.
Moline-Milburn & Stoddard Co, J W Stoddard pres, A L Carson vice-pres, S W Croy secy and treas, agl implts, wagons, carriages, etc, 902-904-906 Pacific.
Moltzen Henry, meat market, cor S 29th and Dupont.
Moneack E, coal, 1225 S 20th.
Moneack E & Co, coal, 310 S 15th.
Monell John J, secret society goods, 1516 Douglas.
Monroe & Denison (Wm L Monroe, Y D Denison), flour and feed, 1916 Cuming.
Monsky W, hay and grain, 711 S 13th.
Montgomery & Adams (Samuel J Montgomery, James Adams), saloon, 101-103 S 14th.
Montgomery & Jeffrey, (Carroll S Montgomery, George Jeffrey, Eugene Montgomery), attys at law, r 24-29 U S Natl Bank bldg.
Montgomery & Murray (R S F Montgomery, James Murray), coal, 1519 Farnam.
Montgomery Sarah Miss, millinery, 2303 Leavenworth.
Moody C E Mrs, china, glassware, queensware, lamps, etc, 302 N 16th. (see adv page 371).
Moore Alex, real estate and loans, r 301 Sheely blk.
Moore C B & Co, groceries, 1515 Dodge.
Moore F G, collecting agt, r 806 N Y Life bldg.
Moore F W, bridge builder, r 211 Sheely blk.
Moore J, feed stable, 819 N 21st.
Moore J C, phys, r 308 J J Brown blk.
Moore J P, horeshoer, 1308 Howard.
Moore Richard C, phy, r 420 N Y Life bldg.
Moore & Sterner, painters, paints and oils, 2816 Ohio.
Moores Frank E, clerk district court, court house.
Moores Harry E, asst ticket The Wabash route and genl agt ocean steamship lines, 1502 Farnam.
Morehouse Bros (E P and S P Morehouse), hardware and stoves, 1818 Douglas.
Moriarty & Berka (James T Moriarty, Louis Berka), attys at law, r 609 N Y Life bldg.
Morrill Adam, barber, 1514 Farnam.
Morrill C E, contractor and builder, rear 1516 Dodge.
Morris J N, local stock agt, C M & St P Ry Co, 1501 Farnam.
Morris L M Mrs, dressmaker, 1923 Leavenworth.
Morrison J S, justice, 1505 Farnam.
Morrison S E, plumber, 1007 N 19th.
Morrison, White & Co (Jack Morrison, Charles White), Turf Exchange, 1313 Douglas.
Morrow Henry M, attorney, 825 N Y Life bldg.
Morse A D, boots and shoes, 1402 Farnam.
Morse Dry Goods Co (The), (S P Morse pres, W V Morse vice-pres), dry goods, notions, cloaks, carpets, etc, n w corner S 16th and Farnam.
Morse W V & Co (Wm V Morse, Owen J Lewis), boots and shoes, 202-206 S 11th.
Morsman Westel W, attorney, r 325 and 326 Omaha Natl Bank bldg.
Mortensen Samuel, merchant tailor, real estate, 1414 Farnam.
Morton C D, rental agt, r 517 Paxton blk.
Morton Jas & Son (James and Charles W), builders, hardware, tools etc, 1511 Dodge.
Morton J F, atty, 217 Sheely blk.
Mosauer E, queensware, 212 N 16th.
Mosier Bros (Thomas J, Lewis P Mosier), general agts St Paul German Ins Co, r 903 N Y Life bldg.
Moss Henry, groceries, 3314 Parker.
Moss M T & Co (M T Moss, J Moss), drugs, 1601 Howard.
Mottram Charles E, coal, 509 First Natl Bank bldg.
Motz S, fish market, 412 S 13th.
Mount & Griffin (David T Mount, J H Griffin), coal, etc, street sprinkling contractors, 213 S 14th.

Page 383 - Omaha Advertisements


Mount Hope Cemetery Association, Peter Birkhauser pres, Fred Blumer sec. Erastus A Benson treas, F W Melcher agt, R M Pruitt supt, r 210 N Y Life bldg.
Mowrey G W, clothing, 1419 Douglas
Moyer A, planing mill, 106-110 S 9th.
Mueller Fritz, saloon, 1724 Vinton.
Mueller & Schmoller, pianos and organs, 107 S 16th.
Muir & Gaylord (F D Muir, R E Gaylord), real estate, loans, ins, 1704 Farnam.
Muldoon G P, blacksmith, wagonmaker, 1614 Cuming.
Muller J J, confectioner, 1414 Farnam.
Mulligan T F, bakery, 1429 N 24th.
Mullen & McClain (C H Mullen, R e McClain), commission merchants, 319 S 10th.
Mulvihill & Shelby (J Mulvihill, J Shelby), groceris, 1623 Howard.
Mulvihil Thomas, city bill poster, office rear Boyds Opera House (see adv page 393).
Mumaugh & Fitchett (W P Munaugh, G H Fitchett), real estate, loans, 1503 Howard.
Mumaugh Francis B Mrs, artist, 616-617 Paxton blk.
Munch George, meat market, 2121 Leavenworth.
Munch Gustave, shoemaker, 1705 Leavenworth.
Munro G F, groceries, 304 N 16th.
Murdock Arthur H, atty, r 620 N Y Life bldg.
Murphy Andrew, horseshoer, wagonmaker and general blacksmith, 420-422-424 S 14th (see adv page 387).
Murphy F K, phys, 25th and Charles.
Murphy Frank, pres The Merchants National Bank, 1222-1224 Farnam (see page 34).
Murphy Hugh, contactor and builder, 1505 Farnam.
Murphy & Lovett (Frank Murphy, J L Lovett), insurance, 220 S 13th.
Murphy & Wasey, chair mfrs, Spaulding and Belt Line.
Murray A, livery, 407 S 18th.
Murray F X. physician, 112 N 26th.
Murray Hotel (The), B ;silloway prop, n w cor 14th and Harney.
Murray Wm, livery, 409 S 18th.
Murschel O, barber, 2215 Cuming.
Musselman Edwin, whol cigars, 1011 Howard.
Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Co, C W Johnson state agt, r 11 Continental blk.
Mutual Investment Co (The), G H Payne sec and treas, 1504 Farnam.
Mutual Life Insurance Co (The), W F Allen gnel agt, r 204 First Natl Bank bldg.
Mutual Loan and Building Association, G M Nattinger sec, 11 Chambe of Commerce.
Myers Edward, livery, 1718 Cass.
Myers H C P, flour, ffe, 914 N 16th.



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