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1890-1 Business Directory & Farmer's List of the Nebraska State Gazetteer 




~ R (cont) ~
Raymond Bros (E W and A A Raymond), contractors and bridge builders steam and horse pile driving, 1404 Farnam.
Raymond C S, jeweler, s e cor Douglas and 15th.
Raymond E W, agt Raymond Bros, 1404 Farnam.
Rayner W H, Churchill Pump Co, 918-920 Farnam.
Read A C (Read & Hitt), attorney and notary, 508 Sheely blk (see adv page 577).
Read Hack & Cab Co, G F Read prop, 1922 N 16th.
Read & Hitt (A C Read and H C Hitt), attorneys-at-law and notaries public, 201 S 15th (see adv page 577).
Read Guy R C, attorney and notary public. 811 N Y Life bldg.
Ready & Williamson, groceries, 4601 Cuming.
Record Link, blacksmith, wagonmaker, 2202 Cuming.
Rector & Welhelmy Co, capital $200,000, P C DeVol pres, F B Hocbstetler vice-pres, Allen T Rector treas,
     W S Wright sec, J F Wilhelmy, wholesale hard ware, 519-521-523 S 10th (see adv page 393).
Rector W S, asst cashier Natl Bank of Commerce, 1501 Farnam.
Redfield Printing Co (The), M H Redfield pres and treas, Ivyl O'Flyng vice-pres and sec, 101 S 12th.
Redick J I, real estate, 1509 Farnam.
Redick W A, atty-at-law, 1509 Farnam.
Redle Wm, groceries, 1806 S 13th.
Red Line Past Freight, W W Cope land agt, 218 S 15th.
Reed Byron, pres the Byron Reed Co, 212 S 14th.
Reed Byron Co (The) Byron Reed pres, Abraham L Reed sec and trea, real estate, loans, abstracts of title, 212 S 14th.
Reed C F & Co (Charles F Reed,
Rollin M Strong), real estate and loans, 319 S 13th.
Reed Harry D, real estate and loans, r 13 Chamber of Commerce.
Reed Job Priniting Co (The), Lewis Reed sec, and treas L R Reed mgr, printers, r 611-612 Bee bld
Reed L R, mgr The Reed Job Print ing Co, r 611-612 Bee bldg.
Reeder Z H, Bakery, 1306 N 18th.
Reel H F, groceries, 4701 Center.
Rees Printing Co, Samuel Rees pres, J F Fairlee vice-pres, Ed Haymaker sec, 1019 Howard.
Reese Wm, restaurant, 918 Douglas.
Reeve. John B, real estate, r 303 N Y Life bldg (see adv page 397).
Reeves R B, agt Adams Express CO, avid Southern Express Co, 214 S 14th
Reif George, saloon, 602 S 10th.
Reilly P J, painting, 506 S 18th.
Reinbold H & Co, H Reinbold, cigars and tobacco, 1308 Farnam.
Reis Alois, painter, 2059 S 20th.
Reis U, hay and grain. 2023 S 20th.
Rembe F H, barber, 1802 S 13th.
Remington & Hall (Arthur Rem ington, Netherton Hall), insura nce, r 1 Union blk, 224 S 15th.
Reuck A J & Co (A J Reuck, Edw Allen), cigars and tobacco, 1505 Farnam.
Reuland C Mrs, saloon, 801 N l6th.
Reuland Matt, saloon prop Wallanz Hotel, 1318 Leavenworth.
Reum G, meat market, 1912 N 20th.
Reuther G, confectionery, 2223 Cum ing.
Reynolds & Grant (A E Reynolds, Wm Grant), confectionery, 109 S 16th.
Reznichek John, meat market, 2707 Leavenworth.
Rhoads D G & Co (D G Rhoads, A Hald), coal, 1525 Dodge, yds 912 S 13th.
Rhoades E L, barber, 1020 Capitol ave.
Riall Ernest & Co, real estate and loans, 309 S 16th.
Ribak F J, groceries, 1824 Clark.
Ribbel & Smith, commis merchants, 1207 Howard.
Rice A Mrs, dressmaking, 115 S 16th
Rice J L, real estate, r 413 Bee bldg.
Rich C, fancy goods, stationery, 607 N 16th.
Richard J H, cigar mfr, 1017 Farnam
Richards & Co (James Richards and G I Le Veille), contractors, builders and superintendents,
   r 327 Omaha Natl Bank bldg (see adv page 409).
Richards David H, notary public, r 417 First Natl Bank bldg.
Richards J, physician, Bee bldg and 118 N 18th.
Richards Jos M, state agt Penn Fire Ins Co, r 816 N Y Life bldg.
Richards O H Mrs, employment, 201 S 15th.,
Richards & Rogers, dress makers, 2305 Leavenworth.
Richardson Drug Co, capital $200 O00, J O Richardson pres C F Welter vice pres. Amos Field sec and treas,
     wholesale druggists, paints, oils, varnishes, window glass, etc, 1007 - 1011 Jones.
Richardson Frank M, real estate, r 818 N Y Life bldg.



Richardson J F, supt Pullman Palace Car Co, r 7 U S Natl Bank bldg.
Richmond Legge & Bainbridge, r 57 Chamber of Commerce.
Rick C, wall paper, etc, 1816 S 13th.
Ricketts M O, phys, 1208 Douglas.
Riddell & Co (Alex Riddell), commission, 1112 Howard.
Riddell Wm E, wholesale butter, 815-817 Howard
Redling A G, notary, r 2 Withnell blk.
Riebe Fred C, employment agt, 1308 Farnam.
Riewe Anna Mrs, dry goods and feed, 2606 Walnut.
Rigour & Co (J M Rigour), groceries, 1401 S 10th.
Riis Chr, phys, 2211 Cuming.
Riley A real estate, notary, r I I Continental blk.
Riley C W phys. r 209 JJ Brown blk
Riley Brothers (A, Ed and B F Riley), wholesale liquors, cigars, 1309, Douglas.
Riley & Co, J E Riley mgr, brick mfrs 13th and Center.
Riley 3 E & Co (J E Riley and E A Wickham), contractors public works and buildings, street sewer age,
     pavements and sidewalks, r 4-5 Granite blk.
Riley J, saloon, N 11th and Locust.
Riley Thos J, license inspector, r 212 N Y Life bldg.
Rind Geo E, supt government printing office, r 609 Bee bldg.
Rinehart F A, photographer, 1522 Douglas.
Ringer & Bradley, real estate, ins, 1519 Farnam.
Ringer O A Mrs, milliner 119 N 15th.
Ringer E F, real estate, 119 N 15th.
Ringle J, merchant tailor, 910 N 24th
Ringwalt Bros (John R, Theodore L), Ins, r 37 Barker blk.
Ringwalt R R, agt Empire Line, r 38 Barker blk.
Riordan J, meat market,1705 Cuming
Risdon & Kaege Co, agts Brumfields Rebate System, r 620 Paxton blk.
Risdom M R, ins, r 200 Omaha Natl Bank bldg.
Rish Jas, sec Killpatrick-Koch Dry Goods Co, 1101-1105 Harney.
Ritche A S, atty, r 635 Paxton Wk.
Ritchie Frank E, asst mgr Wood man Linseed Oil Works, 207 to 209 First.Natl Bank bldg.
Ritter H, meat market, 2003 Cuming.
Roach Wm, tailor, cor N 30th and Brown.
Robbins Silas, atty at law, r 902 N Y Life bldg.
Robbins Willett H, real estate, r O24 N Y Life bldg.
Roberts H E, real estate. 402 N 16th
Roberts & Roberts, C De and M De Roberts props, The Collateral Bank, 312 S
Roberts & Waterman (W R Rob erts, L Waterman), real estate, loans, rental agts, r 620 Paxton blk
Robertson E L & Bro (E L and C W Robertson), cigars and tobacco, 216 S 15th.
Robinson Amos, saloon, 1524 Dodge
Robinson & Garmon (Jack A Robinson, Fred C Garmon), clothing, etc, 1311 Farnam.
Robinson H, saloon, Cut-off-Lake
Robinson J T pres and treas, J T Robinson Notion Co, n e cor 12th and Howard.
Robinson J T Notion Co, capital $65,000 J T Robinson pres and treas, G E Stokes sec, wholesale mens
     furnishing goods and mfrs clothing, n e cor l2th and Howard..
Robinson Philip E, con agt Blue & Canada Southern Lines, r 303 First Natl Bank bldg.
Robinson S, groceries, 1432 S 13th.
Rochester Loan & Banking Co, N Y Life bldg.
Rodgers W O, phys, 1601 lIoward.
Roe J W, phys, 1302 Douglas.
Roeder & Bell, mgrs the Colise um, N 20th and Spruce (see adv top of page.)


Roeder D R, cigars and tobacco, 1416 Farnam.
ROEDER M L, mqr Western department National Life Insurance Co of Vermont, rooms 401-402 and 403 Paxton blk.
Roenfeldt Henry, saloon, 611 N 16th
Rogers J W, atty-at-Iaw, 213 N 16th.
Rogers Milton Sons (Milton, Thom as J and Warren M Rogers),stoves furnaces, mantels, etc, 1321-1323 Farnam.
Rogers Samuel E, vice-pres The Merchants National Bank, 1222 1224 Farnam (see adv page 34).
Rogers W O, phys, res 2401 Leavenworth.
Rogner A D Bros (Adam D, John J Rogner), wall paper and painting, 618 S 16th.
Rohlff Henry, Saloon, 2056 Popple ton ave, 2602 Walnut.
Rohrbaugh Bros (M G, L J and G A Rohrbaugh), props Omaha Commercial College, 15th cor Dodge.
Rohrs A, music teacher, 913 Leav enworth.
Rood Albert, real estate, r 301 N Y Life bldg.
Roos F, meat market, 2502 Cuming.
Root A L, groceries, 614 N 16th.
Roper John A, barber, 615 S 13th,
Rose Bros (Joseph U and Samuel B), artists Supplies, pictures, etc, 1521 Dodge.
Rosenbery A, planing mill, 1501 Marcy.
Rosenberg & Brussell (S Rosenberg, I Brussell) Second-hand goods, 420 S 13th..
Rosenberg J, mgr Omaha Extract & Spice Co, 312 S 11th.
Rosenblats A, Second-hand goods, 121 N 11th.
Rosenthal B & Co, prop Peoples Mammoth Installment House, 613 and 619 N 16th.
Rosenstein J, game fish 207 S 12th.
Rosewatar C, phys, r 4 Continental blk.
Rosewater & Chrysler (Andrew Rosewater, Frank Chrysler), civil engineers, r 422-424 Bee bldg.
Rosewater Edward editor The Omaha Bee, pres The Bee Publish -ing Co, pres The Bee Buildin Co, Bee bldg,
     n w cor 17th and Farnam (see adv page opp inside back cover,).
Ross George F, mgr U S Wind Engine and Pump Co, 916-918 Jones (see adv page 393).
Ross W L, physician, 1928 Lake.
Rosso, C & Co (C Rosso, I Randazzo), wholesale fruits, 1213 Howard.
Rosso F, confectionery, 1120 1/2 Farnam
Rothenberg M, pawnbroker, 416 S 10th.
Rothery Albert, artist, r 525 Paxton blk.
Rothery Arthur, saloon, 424 S 10th, 711 N 10th.
Rothery Edgar, Saloon and sporting headquarters, 323 S 11th.
Rothholz H, pawnbroker. 320 S 10th
Rousek J W, hay, grain, 1227 S 13th..
Rowe John & Co (J Rowe, T Heuck, Chas Baxter), plumbing, steam and gas fitting, 1618 Howard.
Rowley Ernest V, cigars, tobacco, 512 N 16th.
Rowley John B, insurance adjuster, r 503 N Y Life bldg.
Rowley & Patterson, barbers, 512 N l6th.
Roy J, chiropodist, r 7 Frenzer blk.
Royster Henry, brick mfr, S 13th and Spring.
Rubenstein A, dyer and cleaner 215 S 15th
Ruben A, tailor, 511 N 16th.
Rubin Louis, clothing, 518 S 10th.
Robin S hardware, 507 S loth.
Rudd John, jewelry, 305 N 16th.
Ruddy N M, optician, 211 S 15th.
Rudowsky J, groceries, 1216 S 20th.
Rudloff Gustave, saloon, 424 N 16th, 2810 Cuming.
Ruemping F, galvanized iron cornice, tin, iron and slate roofer, 811 Farnam.
Rufe P & Go, Reading Pa, J H Bokel mgr, whol cigars, 1413 Farnam.
Ruhe F, saloon, 4008 Leavenworth
Rumohr J F C, meat market, 1704 Clark.
Runner F F, phys, 974 N 24th.
Rushmann John, cigars and tobac co, 508 S 16th.
Ruser H, Saloon, Park nr M P tracks.
Rush Creek Land and Live Stock Co. Capital $150,000, W H Burns pres, N R Persinger treas and mgr,
     J T Clarke sec, range in Cheyenne and Deuel counties, office, 1505 Farnam
Rush John, city treas, 1712 Farnam.
Russell Geo F. notary public, r 13 Chamber of Commerce.
Russell, Pratt & Co (F M Russell, 0 H Pratt gas and electric fixt ures, 319 S 16th.
Rutherford E F, marble works, 2216 Cuming.
Rutherford G A, atty, r 612 Paxton blk.
Ryder & Glick (John Ryder, F H Glick), Commission merchants, 1307 Leavenworth.
Ryder E A, coal, 1916 Lake.
Rylen & Leveen, merchant tailors, 322 S 15th.
Rypinski. M, merchant tailor, 219 S 12th.


~ S ~
St Clair Hotel, G R Davis prop, 101 to 111 S 13th.
St Josephs Hospital, 1217 Mason.
St Paul German Insurance Co of St Paul Minn,, capital $300,000, Albert Scheffer pres
     W C Bredenhagen vice-pres and genl mgr, J Quincy Haas sec, Thomas J Mosier state agt, r 309 Sheely blk
Saalfeld G, shoemaker, 418 1/2 S 13th.
Sack Chas, prop Hotel Garni, 1010 Mason.
Sackett F J. real estate, 208 S 15th.
Sackett N P, reaI estate, ins, notary, r 11 Frenzer blk.
Sadler S M, asst sec The Midland Guarantee and Trust Co, 1614 Far nam.
Safety Tug Fastening Co, H Kava naugh mgr, 310 S 15th.
Salisbury J C, contractor, builder, r 611 Paxton Wk.
Salmon F B & Co, mdse brokers, r 34 U S National Bank bldg.
Sams Jewelry Co (The), Walter Sams mgr, r 48 Barker Blk.
Sanborn F E Co, F E Sanborn pres, E E Bruce vice-pres, T C Havens sec and treas. Standard horse and
     cattle food mfr, 1508 Howard.
Sander A H, clothing, 310 S 10th.
Sanderson Robert, pattern and model maker, cor S 15th and Jack son (see adv page 383).
Sandstedt H, drugs, 303 N 16th.
Sanson Bros, tinsmiths, 1324 N 24th.
Sargent Henry, boots and Shoes, 322 N 16th.
Sass N P, groceries, 2704 Cuming.
Sasstrom F, groceries, 2627 Lake.
Saunders Alvin, vice pres Omaha Real Estate and Trust Co. 220 S 17th.
Saunders Charles L, asst sec and treas, Omahas Real Estate and Trust Co, 220 S 17th.
Saunders T K, prop Waterloo Stock Barn, 1614 Manderson.
Saunders L E Mrs, dressmaker, 707 S 16th.
Saunders & Macfarland (Wm A Saunders, John M Macfarland), attorneys at Iaw, notarles and collections,
     14 2 Farnam (see adv page 577).
Sautter Frank, saloon, 923 Bancroft.
Sautter George, brick manufacturer, Gibson Station.
Savage E, hardware, 4323 Cuming.
Savage Edward, second-hand goods, 1918 Cuming.
Savage Ed, groceries, 4323 Cuming.
Savage, Morris & Davis (James W Savage, Wm R Morris, Herbert J Davis. attorneys at law,
     r 26, 27 28 and 29, Neb Natl Bank bldg.
Saville J J, drugs, bakery, 1102 N 24th.
Saxe D W, druggist, S 15th and Far nam.
Sayrs & Walker, dry goods, 616 N 16th
Scanlan M Miss, Dressmaker, 1411 Howard.
Schadell F M & Co, millinery, 1522 Douglas.
Schaefer August, drugs, 1923 N 16th
Schaeffer Herman, saloon, 324 S 13th
Schaf Fred, blacksmith and wagon-maker, 1518 S 13th.
Schall A & Co (A Schall, L Herr ing), cut-stone contractors, Jones between 5th and 6th.
Scharnweber Christ, prop Bellevue House, 2322 Hickory.
Scheid Andrew, saloon, 2001 Pierce
Schiller A Mrs, baker 13th.
Schirrbach A, picture frames, 1322 S 13th.
Schlander C. tailor, 2417 Cuming,
Schlank & Prince (C Schlank, Sol Prince), props Windsor Hotel, 520-524 S 10th.
Schlitz Jos Brewing Co, R R Grotte Western agt 719 S 9th.
Schmeling A, hardware, 1002 N 24th
Schmidt C Bernhard, sec The Equitable Trust Co, vice-pres German Savings Bank, 3d floor
     Nebraska National Bank bldg (see adv page 397).
Schmidt C J, boot and shoemaker, 313 S 12th.
Schmidt Fred, brick mfr, S 25th nr Hickory.
Schmidt G, blacksmith, 1112 S 10th.
Schmidt H, groceries, 1942 Vinton.
Schmidt.J, meat market, 801 S 24th.
Schmidt J H, druggist, 2402 Cuming.
Schmidt J M L, saloon, 101 S 13th.
Schmidt S F, meat market, 1702-1704, S 10th.
Schmidt S, barber, 1924 S 20th.
Schmidt Wm, saloon, 612 S 9th.
Schmitt R, tailor, 1311 William.
Schmittroth N, bakery, 1917 Clark.
Schnauber Henry, meat market, 1704 N 26th.
Schnauber O C, meat market, 621 S 10th.
Schneider & Loomis (C M Schneider, C J Loomis), importers and jobbers of notions and
     gents furnishings,1109-1111 Howard (see adv opp title page).
Schnetz Express Co, Frank Schnetz mgr, 1505 Howard.
Schnetz Frank, flour, feed and hay, 1506 Howard.
Schoedsack G A. prop Twin City Dye Works, 1621 Farnam, Omaha, 621 Broadway
     Council Bluffs.
Schoelply John W, boots and shoes, 1415 Douglas.


Schomp & Corson (John Schomp, Will A Corson), attys, r 415-419 First Natl Bank bldg.
Schonberger H, prop Omaha Extract and Spice Co. 312-314 S11th.
Schonberger Henry, groceries, 1103 Farnam.
Schouboe Hans, saloon, 1716 S 10th.
Schroeder A, saloon, 2401 Cuming.
Schroeder George E, sign painter, 1401 Douglas.
Schroeder L, real estate. 309 S 13th.
Schroter A, druggist, 1623 Farnam.
Schroth Charles 13, saloon, 1523 S 3d
Schuler Geo, saloon, 1024 S 13th.
Schultz Gus, saloon, 123 N 11th.
Schultz H C, flour and feed commission, 302 N 15th.
Schultz K H, saloon, 621 Pacific.
Schumann Hans, saloon, 2923 Spaulding.
Schupe Wm, barber, 920 N 16th.
Schutt M, gunsmith, 321 S 11th.
Schwaab & Co, (Mrs C D Schwaab), bakery. 1109 Douglas.
Schwartz M J, prop Omaha Hat Factory, 1610 Dodge (see adv page 373).
Scott L M, phys, 1718 Leavenworth.
Scott & Scott (Cunningnam. R and Edgar H Scott), attys at law, r 620 N Y Life bldg.
Seaman Wm T, carriage and wagon dealer, 1335 N 16th.
Search J W, phys, 402 N 16th.
Seares Wm M, attorney, 842 N Y Life bldg.
Sears M F, real estate, 406 J J Brown blk.
Seaton J H, real estate, 1330 N 24th.
Seavey W S, chief of police, 1619 Jackson.
Security Abstract of Title Co, Geo L Miller pres, Geo N Hicks vice-pres, E F Seaver sec and treas
     Chas A Roebrig mgr, 1st floor N Y Life bldg.
Sedgwick A, barber, 515 S 13th.
Seger Joseph F, manufacturer of harness, saddles, bridles, etc, 2548 Leavenworth.
Sehstedt George, tinner. 2003 Pierce.
Seiberling J F & Co, agl implements, Wm E Mead state agt, cor S 6th and Pacific,
Seieroe Nels, brick mfr, S 31st and Leavenworth.
Selby Walter L, real estate and loans r 13 Chamber of Commerce.
Selden Chas D employment agt, r 5 Bushman blk.
Selden D J, real estate, r 5 Bushman blk.
Senf Paul, saloon and confectionery, 1906 Vinton.
Seseman Gustave. prop Florence Lake.Hotel, e s Florence Lake.
Setzner Simon, second-hand goods, 610 S 10th.
Seward O P, atty, 1505 Farnam.
Shane D L, contractor and builder, r 611 Paxton blk.
Shane Isidore, groceries, 1613 N 27sh.
Shane M W, groceries, 20th and Miami.
Shartow Chas, saloon. 802 S 13th.
Shaw Chas, clothing, 316 S 10th.
Shaw Ed A, justice, 502 N 16th.
.Shaws Express Co, Robt McEachon prop, 504 S 16th.
Shaw J R, contractor, 622 Paxton blk
Shear Wm F, meat market, 803 S 29th ave.
Sheely J F, prop Sheely blk, r 209 Sheely blk.
Sheely John M, planing mill, sash. doors, blinds, mouldings, store fronts, etc,
     1006 S 18th & Mason (see adv page 381).
Sheldon Frank, Barber, 1402 S 13th.
Sheldon Henry W, state agt Provident Savings Life Assurance Society of N Y, r 2 Barker blk.
Shelley D C, job printer, 1402 Farnam
Shelton Nathan, pres The Midland Guarantee and Trust Co, 1614 Farnam.
Sherman Charles R (Sherman McConnell), 1513 Dodge.
Sherman &McConnell (Chas R Sherman, Andrew B McConnell), drugs, druggists sundries, etc, 1513 Dodge.
Sherman & Martin, boarding stable, 315 S 28th
Sherwood C C, novelties and ladies furnishing goods, 1st floor N Y Life bldg.
Sherwood C C, painter, 1708 Burt.
Sherwood E H, real estate, r 15 Chamber of Commerce.
Sherwood Ephraim, physician, r 422 N Y Life bldg.
Shields Geo NV, county judge, court. house.
Shipman H A, treas the E M Hulse Co, 1307 Nicholas.
Shiller J, groceries, 720 N 16th.
Shiverick Charles & Co, furniture, carpets, etc, 1206 to 1210 Farnam (see adv page 401).
Silverstein N, grocer, 1918 S 20th.
Shoemaker W S, asst city attorney, 315 Ramge blk.
Shoffler John, shoemaker, 2324 Pierce
Sholes D V Co (D V Sholes, John R Hamilton), real estate, r 213 First Natl Bank bldg.
Shonfeldt H, books. 1413 Farnam.
Shook, Summers & Co (Chas L Shook, W A Summers), wholesale jewelers, Sheely blk.
Short Electric Railway Co, Brush Electric Co rep (see adv right top lines and page 405.)

Short, J H, bakery 1310 Dodge
Shortliff & Ahlquist, sheet iron workers, 2414 Cuming
Showalter Mortage Co, capital $300,000, AP Martin pres, John P Freese sec
     and treas, S K Humphrey northwestern mgr, r 622 N Y Life bldg.
Showen J N, confect'ry. 1920 Lake
Shriver Bros (F M and H W), dentists, 44 to 47 Barker blk.
Shriver W G, real estate loans, 12 and 14 Franzer blk.
Shukert G E, practical furrier, 407 S 15th.
Sichra A, harnessmaker. 1402 1/2 S 13th.
Siefken A, box mfr, 1611 Farnam.
Sieh George, saloon, 516 N 16th.
Silloway B, prop The Murray, n w cor 14th and Harney.
Silver L, groceries, 1108 S 6th. ave.
Silver M, groceries, 402 Woolworth
Silverman A N, junk dealer, 112 S 11th
Simanek John, prop Metz saloon, restaurant, hall and beer garden, 1315 S 13th.
Simeral Edward W, atty, r 221-222 First Natl Bank bldg.
Simeral, James M, real estate, r 221- 222 First Natl Bank bldg.
Simmonds C P, carpenter and contractor, 712 S 25th.
Simon A, tailor, 108 N 12th.
Simon E, dry goods, 806 N 16th.
Simon John, tailor, 2422 Cuming.
Simons L A, phys, 701 S 16th.
Simpson A J, carriage mfr, 1409-1411 Dodge.
Simpson E D, second-hand goods, 604 No 16th.
Simpson F W, blacksmith 2212 Cumming.
Simpson & Smith, brick mfr, No 37th and Patrick ave.
Singer Manufacturing Co, A J Dunne mgr, 1516 Douglas
Sinhold T, hardware, 1611 Leavenworth
Sioux Falls Granite Co, J E Riley pres and mgr Omaha office, r 4-5 Granite blk
Sioux City & Pacific RR, J R Buchanan genl passenger agt, 1222 Farnam.
Sjoberg A, mgr Omaha Swedish Tribune, 310 S 15th.
Skinner L S, superintendent Tental Agency Midland Guarantee & Trust Co,
     1314 Farnam
Slabaugh, Lane & Rush (Wm W Slabaugh, Edmund C Lane, Sylvester R Rush),
     attorneys-at-law, r 919-920 N Y Life bldg.
Slatter J O, groceries, 601 N 16th.
Slaughter Bradner D, U S marshal, Post Office bldg.
Slee & Vinsy, barbers, 1102 N 16th.
Sloan, Johnson & Co (W G Sloan, Jonas P Johnson), wholesale grocers, 722-724 S 9th.
Sloman E E, phys, 2212 Farnam.
Sloman Morris H, real estate, r 216-217 First National Bank bldg.
Slominski L, phys, 507 S 13th.
Sloup & Kruml (A Sloup, P Kruml), saloon 1323 S 14th.
Slunecko F J, boots, shoes, 1416 S 13th.
Small C A Mrs, dressmaker, 1714 N 24th.
Smart T H, artist, r 15 U S National Bank bldg.
Smeaton & Allen (David D Smeaton, George R Allen), real estate, loans and insurance,
     rental and collecting agts, 1607 Farnam (see page 401)
Smith Bridge Co of Toledo, O, Andrews Bros genl agts, r 246 Bee bldg.
Smith Bros (S H and T W Smith), drugs, 1025 S 10th.
Smith C E, dentist, r 42 Douglas blk
Smith D W C, druggist, 2424 S 16th.
Smith F A, notary public, r 246 Bee bldg.
Smith George H & Co, genl agts Yost writing machine in Iowa and Nebraska,
     letter files, etc, r 19 Chamber of Commerce.
Smith J B & Co (J B and H D Smith), contractors, r 20 Chamber of Commerce.
Smith John B, expert accountant, r 910 N Y Life bldg.
Smith Peter F, brick mfr, N 37th and Patrick ave.
Smith J S & Co (J S Smith, J H Warren), hides and tallow, 1408 to 1412 Leavenworth.
Smith M E & Co (M E Smith, E A Houghton, A C Smith, G M Tibbs, W B Smith),
     wholesale dry goods and mfrs of overalls, 1101 to 1107 Howard
Smith P, saloon, N 9th and Locust.
Smith & Potter (W T Smith, T A Potter), contractors, 801 N 20th.
Smith & Powell, attys, r 612 N Y Life bldg.
Smith Richard, brick mfr and contractor, r 206 1/2 N Y Life bldg,
     yard S 24th and dorcas.
Smith Sidney, A.I.A, architect, r 503-504-505 First National Bank bldg
     (see adv page 371 and left side lines).
Smith T W, groceries, 1023 S 10th.
Snapp, Geo, flour, feed, 2513 N 20th.
Snider, C E, groceries, 1629 N 20th.
Snow, Church & Co. J A Cav- anagh, pres, H C Atwell treas, E G Thomas sec,
     collections, r 14-15-16 Granite blk, 316 S 15th (see adv page 577)
Snyder Adam, county treas, court house (Adam, Snyder & Co).
Snyder, A H, flour, feed and grain, 809 N 16th.
Snyder H A, genl agt freight depot C R I & P Ry, n w cor 16th and Farnam.
Snyder H W, mfr soda water, 1511 N 16th.
Snyder S, pawnbroker, 410 S 10th.
Snyder William, mfr fine carriages and wagons, 1320-1324 Harney.
Sohrauer J, confectionery, 408 S 10th.
Sokol John, saloon, 1332 S 13th.
Sollberger John, harness mfr, 1403 N 24th.
Solomon J J, physician, 1414 S 13th.
Somers A B, physician, r 22 Continental blk.
Sommers Bros, groceries, meat market, 1302 N 13th, 2723 Farnam.
Sonka J W, meat market, 1321 S 13th.
Sonnenberg H, pawnbroker, 1305 Douglas
Sonnenschein Henry, confectionery, junk, 517 N 16th
Soper, Wells & Co (D Soper, A M Pinto, C M Wells, C H Wells), contractors,
     r 301 First Natl Bank bldg.
Sorenson & Jensen, florists, 2904 Bristol.
South Omaha Land Co., Herman Lountze pres, John H Bosler vice-pres, Peter E Iler sec,
     John A Creighton treas, Alf C Kennedy asst sec, r 10 Chamber of Commerce
Southern Express Co, R B Reeves agt, 214 S 15th.
Southern Hotel, Hill & Calnon, 721-723 S 9th.
Southmayd & Bunnell, groceries, 1010 N 16th.
Spalding SK, phys, r11 Arlington blk.
Specht C, prop Western Cornice Works, 614-618 S 14th.
Specht & Co (C Specht), boots and shoes), 514 S 18th.
Spelman J J, restarurant, 1104 N 17th
Spelman Wm H, plumbing, steam and hot water heating, 1212 Douglas.
Spencer W A, real estate and loans, 1524 Douglas.
Spigle & Co (A Spigle and J Lkine), saloon, 2024 Cuming.
Spigle Jos, glove mfr, 1423 N 24th.
Spingle & Lewis, furniture, 718 N 16th
Spotswood Charles C, real estate, r 941 N Y Life bldg.
Sprague C D, phys, 1437 N 24th.
Sprague Chas G, phys, 442-43 Douglas blk.
Sprisman F, second-hand goods 2020 Cuming.
Squire James W, investment banker, 1219 Farnam.
Stabrei Fred, groceries, 501 N 13th.
Stackpole J H, veterinary surgeon, 1914 N 20th.
Stadelmann Wm, cigars, tobacco, 310 S 15th.
Stafford & Co, groceries, 2728 Lake.
Stahmer Chas, bakery, 1802 Vinton.
Standard Business College and School of Shorthand, W T Larimore pres and bus mgr,
     first floor N Y Life bldg (see right top and left bottom lines and page 25).
Standard Jewelry Co, Edholm & Akin western mgrs, r 423 Bee bldg
Standeven Joseph H, boiler inspector, 1519 Jackson.
Stanfiedl Ferdinand, merchant tailor, cleaning, dying, repairing, 1719 St Marys ave.
Stangl W Charles, harness mfr, 1707 Leavenworth.
Stanhope Joseph T, agt Merchants Despatch Transportation Co, 222 S 13th.
Stapenhurst T, groceries, 836 S 16th.
Star Land & Loan Co, capital $50,000, C C Shimer pres, W M Kelso sec and treas,
     real estate, loans, 1609 1/2 Farnam (see adv page 379).
Star Union Lumber Co, J R Davis pres, R Stevenson vice-pres and mgr, A J Whidden
     sec and treas, 626-627 Paxton blk.
Stark Wm, blacksmith, S 44th and Leavenworth.
Starr Clarance A, mgr Central Loan & Trust Co, 1205 Farnam.
Start G G, painter, 1119 S 19th.
Stastny C E, ins and advertising agt, 309 Sheely blk.
State of Nebraska Secret & Detec- tive Service of Omaha, Dan O'Connor supt,
     A F Ward sec and treas, r842-43 N Y Life bldg.
Stattler Bros, contractors, 119 N 16th.
Stebbins R, phys, 532 S 25th ave.
Steel John, genl agt Northwestern Mutual Life Ins Co. r 400 Bee bldg.
Steele D M & Co (Dudley M Steele, Dudley Smith, John M Steele), wholesale grocers
     and importers of teas and cigars, cor S 12th Jones.
Steiger Bros (J H and Charles Steiger) groceries 1417 William.
Steiger H, cigars, tobacco, 518 S 13th.
Stein F, saloon, 1401 Jackson.
Stein Julia Mrs, dressmaker, millinery, 322 S 13th.
Stein Paul F, constable, notary, 209 S 15th.
Stein R E, barber, r 1000 N Y Life
Stein W, groceries, 4004 Hamilton.
Steinberg M, junk dealer, 101 N 10th.
Steinhaus Engraving Co (Wm Steinhaus prop), engravers, 634 Paxton blk.
Steinhaus Wm, prop Steinhaus Engraving Co, 634 Paxton blk.
Stenberg E M, real estate, 1417 Farnam
Stephan August G, prop Turf Exchange saloon, 1309 Douglas.
Stephenson James, prop Stephenson livery.Western stage line and mgr Omaha
     Cab Co., 402 S 10th.
Stephenson Wm C, phys, 506 S 13th.
Stern M, tailor, 201 N 13th.
Sternsdorff George J, real estate, r 317 First Natl Bank bldg.
Stevens N, groceries, 1908 N 33d.
Stevens R & Sons (Richard, Richard A and Wm J Stevens), carpenters, builders, contractors,
     planing mill, mill 214 N 28th ave, office r 413 Bee bldg.
Stevens Z, groceries, 913 N 21st.
Steward J J, groceries, cor Spring and Poppleton ave.
Steward M V, restaurant, 421 S 11th.
Stewart A A & Co. importers and jobbers bar glassware 1405 Jackson.
Stewart A Express Delivery Co (The), props Council Bluffs and South Omaha
     transfer line, 1306 Howard.
Stickney E M, real estate, loans and insurance, r 537 Paxton blk.
Stiles Galvanic Oil Co, 319 1/2 S 15th.
Stimmel Phil Co (Phil Stimmel, Geo E Bennett), whol seeds, storage and forwarding, 911-13 Hones.
Stock Peter, saloon, 801 S 7th.
Stockdale James, real estate, r 4 Frenzer blk.
Stockham A E, boots and shoes, 706 N 16th.
Stoddard H P, atty, 52-53 Chamber of Commerce.
Stoecker Wm F, cigar mfr and jobber, 710 S 16th.
Stoetzel W F, hardware and stoves, 1621 Howard.
Stokes G E, sec J T Robinson Notion Co, n e cor 12th and Howard.
Stolspart J, groceries, 1124 S 2nd.
Stone Max, clothing, 506 S 10th.
Stone R M, phys, 1517 Douglas.
Stonecypher A L, job printer, r 27 Ware blk.
Storz Chas, saloon, 1401 N 24th.
Storz & Iler, brewers, 1521 N 18th.
Stout J K, phys, 1270 S 13th.
Stowe Richard K, first mortgage loans, r 810 N Y Life bldg (see adv left botton lines).
Strahl L, groceries, 1234 Park ave.
Strang A L & Sons (A L, L C and G H Strang), steam and water machinery and
     supplies, 1002-1004 Farnam (see adv page 411).
Stransky A, shoemaker, 1401 William.
Stratton Chas E, atty, r 409 Merchants National Bank bldg.
Strawn Winfield S, atty, r 408 First National Bank bldg.
Stribling J, contractor and builder, 1305 N 19th.
Stribling K Miss, dressmaker, 1818 Charles.
Stringer & Penny (Ed Stringer, Frank Penny), real estate, loans, r 20 Douglas blk.
Stuben John, prop Gillmore dairy, 605 S 13th.
Stuben J, restaurant, 1624 Nicholas.
Stuben T, cigars and tobacco, 1624 Nicholas.
Sturgeon Melville S, real estate, r 13 Chamber of Commerce.
Sturges Hiram A, patent atty, r 8 Creighton blk.
Sues Geo W & Co, patent solicit- ors, r 411 Bee bldg (see adv page 377)
Sugarman E, second-hand clothing, 1111 Douglass.
Sugnet Madame, dressmaking, r 432 Ramge blk.
Sulley Bros (T F and A J Sulley, M E Houlton), props Parcel Delivery Co, 318 S 15th.
Sullivan J H & Co, furnaces, 1121 18th.
Sumberg Samuel, groceries, flour and feed, 902 S 18th, 1822 S 20th.
Summers C T, groceries, meat market, 2922 Leavenworth.
Summers J E, phys, 208 S 15th.
Sunderland Wm C, sec Nebr Lumber Dealers Assn, wholesale lumber, r 708 N Y lIfe bldg.
Sunshine Publishing Co, M Risdon mgr, 520 Paxton blk.
Sussdorff G E, phys, 1504 Farnam.
Sutcliffe Frank J, stenographer, r 314 First National Bank bldg.
Sutherland Hotel Co, capital $150,000, C T Taylor pres and treas, W W Lowe vice-pres,
     E L Bierbower sec, r 1 Barker blk (see inside back cover).
Sutorius H P music teacher, 311 Sheely blk, 1821 Cass.
Sutphen D C and Charles D, carriage repository, 1003 Farnam.
Svacina Bros (J and P Svacina), groceries, 1326 S 13th.
Svacina John, brick mfr, S 5th and Castellar.
Svacina Mary Mrs, dry goods and mllinery, 1328 S 13th.
Svanson G & Co (Gustav Svenson, August Schipporeit), merchant tailors, 318 S. 13th.
Svenson Elias, boots and shoes, 1519 N 24th.
Swanson & Holst, drugs, 2602 Cuming.
Swanson P, groceries, 2719 Burdette.
Swanson & Sellgren, groceries, 3201 3201 Ames ave.
Swanson, Valien & Co (N P Swanson, Geo C Valien, N Nilson, un- dertakers, 1701 Cuming.
Swartz F C & Co, grain commission, 305 S 13th.
Swartz & McKelvy, job printing 1404 Dodge.
Swartzlander Albert, attorney, r 520 First Natl Bank bldg.
Sweeney J V, prop Nebraska Marble Works, 212 N 15th.
Sweeney P, blacksmith, 2009 N 16th.
Sweesy & Cochran (John F Sweesy, Elbert H Cochran), real estate and loans, r 214-215 N Y Life bldg.
Swetnam J M, physician, 324 S 15th.
Swift & Co, drugs, 315 N 25th.
Swift G F & Sons, Everett G Dill mgrm wholesale meats, 1221-1233 Leavenworth.
Switzler & McIntosh (Warren Switzler, James H McIntosh), attorney-at-law, r 615 N Y Life bldg.
Swoboda Frank, saloon and groceries, 1251 S 16th.
Sylvester Isaac, printer, rubber stamp mfr, 114 S 13th.
Sylvester Nath, groceries, 2102 S 20th.

~ T ~
Taggart, A T, physician
Taggart L A, undertaker, 207 N 16th.
Tagger & Walker, bookbinders and bland book mfrs, 1121 Farnam.
Talbot David, pres Arctic Ice Co, 220 S 12th.
Talbot N O, pub Douglas County Daily Reporter, r 24 Ware blk.
Tarpley Bros (J P and JJ Tarpley), props Globe Hotel, 1312 Douglas.
Tarpley J J, restaurant, 313 S 14th.
Tate John H, real estate and loans, r 15 Chamber of Commerce.
Tate Sam, land, r 416 Sheely blk.
Taylor Anderson, barber, 321 S 12th.
Taylor Bros, nurseries, r 803 N Y Life bldg.
Taylor Cadet, vice-pres, Globe Loan and Trust Co, G L & T Co Savings Bank
     and Gate City Abstract Co, 307 S 16th.
Taylor C T, pres Sutherland Hotel Co, real estate, r 1 Barker blk.
Taylor F W, treas, Gate City Ab- stract Co, 307 S 16th.
Taylor John W, attorney, r 838 N Y Life bldg (see adv page 389).
Taylor Mercantile Agency, J W Taylor mgr, collection agency, r 838 N Y Life bldg
     (see adv page 389).
Taylor Publishing Co (George D Jones mgr), props The Daily Rec- ord, r 839 N Y
     Life bldg. (see adv page 389).
Taylor W B, sec and treas Globe Loan and Trust Co and cashier G L & T Co
     Savings Bank, 307 S 16th
Templeton & Morrow (John A Templeton, R S Morrow), bridge builders,
     r 15-18 Nebraska Natl Bank bldg.
Ten Eyck Wm B, atty, r 716 N Y Life bldg.
Terkelsen Maurice, groceries, 3911 Leavenworth.
Terry Fred, notary, 520 S 13th.
Thayer A, restaurant, 118 N 11th.
Theilgaard Hans, prop Atlantic Hotel and saloon, 611 S 10th.
Thieman C A, saloon, 4801 Cuming.
Thies Charles, saloon, 1520 S 13th.
Thomas Charles L, real estate, r 8 Creighton blk.
Thomas D L, cashier Nebraska Savings and Exchange Bank, 1601 Farnam.
Thomas Elmer E, atty, r 806 N Y Life bldg.
Thomas John, brick mfr, S 24th and Dorcas.
Thomas R, stair builder, 2709 Cuming.
Thomas & Roche (Benjamin F Thomas, Michael D Roche), abstracts and pension agts,
     r 215-216 N Y Life bldg.
Thompson, Belden & Co. (Henry A Thompson, Charles C Belden), dry goods,
     s w corner 16th & Douglas.
Thompson Eva C Mrs, prop Thompson Spa. 1021-1022 N Y Life bldg.
Thompson C, saloon, 1119 Farnam.
Thompson & Co ( W W Thompson, W W Donnely), saloon, rear 1517 Douglas.
Thompson J, furniture, 2219 Cuming.
Thompson W H, painter 2?20 Lake.
Thompson Will H, atty, r 428 Omaha Natl Bank bldg.
Thomsen, Claus, saloon, billiards, 1119 Farnam.
Thomson, G, groceries, 3724 N 16th.
Thorn Lucy Mrs. prop Empire Steam Laundry, 818 N 17th.
Thorton D D, mgr White Sewing Machine Co, 121 N 15th.
Thum Amelia Mrs., prop Green Tree Hotel, 1718 William.
Thurston G, barber, restaurant, 1122 Dodge.
Tibke & Horst, flour, 2702 Cuming
Tidemann, John, notary public, saloon, 1824 S 20th.
Tierney & Jansen, saloon, 9th and Locust.
Tiffany F B, mgr Omaha Barbed Fence & Nail Co, 14th and Nicholas
Tighe & Duffy (Patrick J Tighe, Patrick Duffy), wholesale and retail cigars, 1615 Farnam.
Tilden G, phys, r 406 N Y Life bldg.
Tillson Geo W, city engineer, basement county court house.
Timmins James, confectionery, s w cor N 20th and Lake.
Timms, M F, groceries, 223 No 13th.
Tipton J G, atty, 812 N Y Life bldg.
Toce Domenico, confectionery, musician, 316 N 16th.
Toft Christ, saloon, 312 S 15th.
Toft Mads, cigars, 1123 Farnam.
Toledo St Louis & Kansas City R R A J Davies contracting agt, r 220 First Natl Bank bldg.
Tong David, merchant tailor, 805 S 10th.
Tooley & Houder (Thos J Tooley, Jacob W Houder), attys, r 18 Chamber of Commerce.
Towle Geo C, pres Nebraska Fuel Co, 214 S 13th.
Towne S R, phys, r 22 Continental blk.
Townsend Geo, atty, r 418 N Y Life bldg.
Tracey J V M & Co, drugs, 26th and Blondo.
Traphagan & Connolly (A H Trapha- gan, M Conolly, horseshoers, 1708 St Marys ave.
Trautman H, cigar mfr, 916 N 25th.
Travelers Insurance Co of Hartford Conn (The), John L Way state agt for Iowa and Neb,
     W I Hawks district agt, r 316 Ramge bldg.
Travis & Co., scavengers, 1506 Webster.
Treitschke Julius, saloon, 501 S 13th.
Tremain Bros, groceries, 2121 N 24th.
Tremont House, Mrsl Catherine Rueland prop, 801 N 16th.
Trenerry J H, pawnbroker, 1021 Farnam.
Trevett T M., elevator mfr, 714 S 14th.
Trick, Joseph, cigars and tobacco, 216 S 13th.
Trippe & Green, dentists, r 7-8 Crounse blk.
Troiel M, hardware, 2703 Leavenworth.
Trostler B, cigar mfr, 1105 Farnam.
Trott A V, cigar mfr, 422 N 16th.
Troup Alex C, atty, 215 S 14th.
Tuchek Joseph, drugs, 1102 S 13th.
Tukey Alonzo P, real estate, r 818 N Y Life bldg.
Turkelson Peter, asloon, 1113 S 6th.
Turnipseed N, hay and grain, 1713 S 16th.
Tuthill S C, laundry, 2019 N 24th.
Tuttle Charles F, atty, r 811 N Y Life bldg.
Tuttle Frank H, clk Mayors office, r 211 N Y Life bldg.
Tuttle Thomas F, sec Acme Pressed Brick Co, r 588 First Natl Bank bldg.
Twin City Dye Works, G A Schoedsack prop, 1521 Farnam, Omaha,
     621 Broadway, Council Bluffs.
Tzchuck George B, sec and treas The Bee Publishing Co, Bee bldg, n w cor 17th
     and Farnam (see adv page opp inside back cover).

~ U ~
Udell G Mrs, dressmaker, 1617 Howard.
Ulrich Peter, agt Manville Covering Co, r 620 Paxton blk.
Ulmer A, cigars, 1521 Douglas.
Umsted W W, mgr W U Tel Co, 2112 S 13th.
Undeland A L & Co (A L Unde- land. John Steffenson), barbers supplies, 106 S 14th,
     (see adv page 590).
Union Club, W A Paxton pres, Frank Colpetzer vice-pres, Frank B Johnson treas,
     N N Crary sec, s e cor 15th and Farnam.
Union National Bank, W W Marsh pres, E S Rowley vice-pres, Chas E Ford cashier,
     cor 16th and Dodge.
Union Pacific Medical Department, Dr Wm J Galbraith surgeon, 122 S 14th.
Union Pacific RyTicket Office, Harry P Deuel ticket agt, 1302 Farnam
     (see adv pages 335 and 850).
Union Pacific Ry Co Hotel Department, F Washburn supt, 9th cor Jones.
Union Pacific Railway, E L Lomax genl pass agt, genl offices 820 Farnam,
     depot S 10th and Marcy (see adv pages 335 and 850).
Union Trust Co (The), Wm A Paxton pres, Wm G Maul vice-pres, Alfred Millard
     treas, Dana S Lander cor and acting sec, second floor Commercial Natl Bank bldg.
United States Express Co, S A Huntoon agt, 1401 Harney.
United States Hotel, A W Olesen Prop, 1002 Douglas.
United States National Bank (The) capital $4000,000, surplus $48,000, C W Hamilton
     pres, M T Barlow cahier, C Will Hamilton asst cashier, 1201 Farnam.
United States Wind Engine and Pump Co, George F Ross mgr, George Turner
     vice-pres, Halliday Standard wind mills, steam, water and plumbers supplies,
     916-918 Jones (see adv page 373).
U P R R Hotel, Thos Casey prop, 624 S 12th.
Upton M A, cigars and tobacco, 1603 Farnam.
Upton M A Co, real estate, loans, ins, notary, 309 S 16th.
U S Publishing House (western branch), R L Fortney mgr, subscription books,
     r 841 N Y Life bldg.
Vaill Wm F, city pass and ticket agt Burlington & Missouri. Chicago, Burlington &
     Quincy, Kansas City, St Joseph & Council Bluffs Railroads, office 1223 Farnam.

~ V ~
Valentine & Wheeler, stenographers, 1515 Farnam.
Van Buren S S, real estate, 1401 Douglas.
Van Buren T C, mgr Marshall Dental Co, 113 S 16th.
Van Camp Ira, phys, Arlington blk.
Vance, J H, phy, 703 1/2 N 16th.
Van Cott D W, jeweler, 1324 Farnam.
Van Court & Lemist, props Weeping Water Stone Quarry, 604 Pax- ton blk.
Vancroft Fred, brick mfr, S 2d nr Martha.
Van Etten S, electrician, r 55 Chamber of Commerce.
Van Gilder & Co (J E VanGilder, H McKendry), meat market, 1621 Howard.
Van Gilder W C, atty, r 207 Omaha National Bank bldg.
Vankirk & Halpin (A M Vankirk, John Halpin), restaurant, 1511 Farnam.
Van Pelt Jacob, contractor, r 55 Chamber of Commerce.
Van Sant A C, genl agt The Caligraph Typewriter, 311 S 16th.
Van Sickel H W, genl agt D M Osborne & Co, farm machinery, 1503 Howard.
Van Etten David, atty, r 55 Chamber of Commerce.
Vasak Frank, bakery, 1309 S 13th.
Veirs Bros (E D and J P Veirs), groceries, 519 S 13th.
Vencl A, meat market, 1224 S 14th.
Venuto Bros, music teachers, 106 S 11th.
Vickers J F, drugs, 1923 Lake.
Vienna Hotel, Oscar Manger prop, 1013-1015 Farnam.
Vierling A J, mgr Paxton & Vierling Iron Works, S 17th and U P Ry (see adv page 407).
Viles James jr, mgr Omaha Packing Co. 705 N 16th.
Vodicka Frank, merchant tailor, 319 S 12th.
Vodicka V L, real estate, 1306 S 13th
Vodrie & Erickson, bakery, 1720 Leavenworth.
Vodrie W D, bakery, 1718 Nicholas.
Voegele & Dinning (Charles H Voegele, Robert J Dinning), mfrs confectionery, 1110 Howard.
Vogel Bros (L D Vogel, J D Vogel) planing mill, cor S 26th and Walnut.
Vogel Charles, cigars, 211 S 13th.
Volkmeier Ernst, meat marker, 2535 Cuming.
Vom Weg Wm, groceries, 2123 Leavenworth.
Von Kroug & Pahl, groceries, 1702 Clark.
Von Lackum P, phys, 2110 Lake.
Voss Bros (Wm, H J and BC Voss), wallpaper, 711 S 16th.
Voss Henry, architect, 220 S 15th.

~ W ~
Wabash Railroad Co (The), Geo N Clayton northwestern pass and ticket agt, Jos Teahon
     traveling pass agent, Geo M Entrikin com agt, 1502 Farnam (see adv page 40).
Waddell George, carpenter, 1119 Douglas.
Wade H C, sign painter, 303 N 15th.
Wade & Van Dusen, attorneys, 625-6 N Y Life bldg.
Wagner A W, oils and gasoline, 410 N 16th.
Wagner Bros (C A and W C Wagner), agl implements, 411 S 14th.
Wagen J, meat market, 1252 S 16th.
Wagner W J, capitalist, 1401 Douglas.
Wagner O C, bakery, 1516 Webster.
Wah Goey, laundry, 317 S 14th.
Wakefield John A, wholesale and retail lumber, cement, building material, etc.
     cor S 18th and Peirce.
Wakeley Arthur C, atty, 505 N Y Life bldg.
Wakeley B C, stenographer of district court, 505 N Y Life bldg.
Wakeley E, judge distriact court, 505 N Y Life bldg and court house.
Walasek Frank, carpenter and contractor, S 10th and Homer.
Walker & Bailey (J A Walker, W M Bailey), barbers, 1601 Howard.
Walker & Best (C Howard Walker, Herbert R Best), architects, r 909 N Y Life bldg.
Walker Calvin, meat market, 3104 Leavenworth.
Walker H D, fancy dye works, 705 S 16th.
Walker R C, phys, 50 Barker blk.
Walker & Spray, carpenters and builders, w s Military ave nr Parker.
Walker Will I, atty, r 201 Omaha Natl Bank bldg.
Wallace A E, plumber and gasfitter, 623 S 16th.
Wallace George G, real estate, r 311 J J Brown blk.
Wallace Madame, importer and dressmaker, 1519 to 1523 Howard, tel 772
     (see adv page 389).
Wallace W A, genl western agt The Brunswick & Company, mfrs billiard and pool tables,
     bank, office and saloon fixtures, 613 S 13th.
Wallace Wm, cashier Omaha National Bank, 210 S 13th (see front cover and page 33).
Wallanz Hotel, M Reuland prop, 1318 Leavenworth.
Wallanz Michael, prop Pierce hotel and saloon, 1320 Pierce.
Waller Emily Mrs, restaurant, 104 N 13th.
Walnut Hill Saving/and Investment Co, B M Mohr sec, 703 1/2 N 16th.
Walsh E Miss, dressmaking, 1318 Capitol ave.
Walsh T W, tel operator Gibson Station.
Walton Albert, agt Blue and Canada Southern lines, r 303 First Natl Bank bldg.
Walworth C H, pres Commercial Trust Co, r 32 and 33 Douglas blk.
Wanamaker & Brown, J McVean agt, merchant tailors, 318 S 15th.
Wappich Wm F, attorney, r 315 Ramge blk.
War Kem, laundry, 110 S 10th.
Ward Al F, sec and treas State of Neb Secret and Detective Service of Omaha,
     r 842-843 N Y Life
Ward J M, groceries, 1902 Cuming.
Ward T R, phys, r 417 N Y Life bldg
Wardin Frank, meat market, 1201 S 6th.
Ware John, attorney, r 40 Douglas blk.
Warner Harry T, wall paper, paints, 823 N 20th.
Warner Lucius C, mgr National Building, Loan & Protective Union
     r 209 N Y Life bldg.
Warren Hamilton, phys, 119 N 16th.
Warren Nannie V, phys, 119 N 16th.
Wassermann L Mrs, confectionery, 617 Pacific.
Watenpaugh Bros (I E and F M Watenpaugh) printers, r 517 Sheely blk.
Waterloo Creamery Co, Corliss & Johnson props, 214 N 16th.
Waterloo Stock Barn, J K Saunder prop, 1614 Manderson.
Waters & Hamsher (Geo W Waters, Daniel Hamsher), brick and plastering
     contractors, r 206 1/2 N Y Life bldg.
Watson James H W, agt Iowa Central Ry, r 509 Merchants National Bank bldg.
Watson W A, horseshoer, 1415 Harney.
Watters Emma Mrs, dressmaker, 1120 S 22nd.
Watts & Compton (James G Watts. Edward A Compton), attorneys,
     r 10 U S National Bank bldg.
Weabaseak Wm, lodging, 104 S 11th
Wearne Bros ( Richard and John W Wearne), iron and brass foundry, 1409 Jackson.
Weaver Frank L, attorney, r 30-31-32 Chamber of Commerce.
Weber A jr, pianos repaired and refinished, 605 N 16th.
Weber Anthony, saloon, 418 N 16th.
Weber H R, phys, 404 N 16th.
Weber M, boots, shoes, 416 N 16th.
Webster Chas R, livery, S 28th and Leavenworth.
Webster, George H, pres The Commercial Co, r 11-12-13 U S National Bank bldg.
Webster & Howard (John R Webster, John C Howard), genl insurance, r 444 Bee bldg.
Webster John L, attorney, r 826 N Y Life bldg.
Weckbach Gust, saloon, 418 S 14th.
Weckbach Wm, wholesale cigars, 1312 Pierce.
Wedeles & Co (E Wedeles), wholesale leaf tobacco, 1005 Farnam.
Weeks & Crasper (L F Weeks, A P Crasper), mfr agts, 1514 Farnam.
Weeks F E agt Bandera Flagstone Co, 1011 N 16th.
Wefel J F, flour, feed, 1906 Cuming.
Weinberg Sol, genl mdse, 706 S 10th.
Weinberger A H, groceries, 2901 Dodge.
Weinberg Louis, dressmaker, 1420 Capitol ave.
Weir A M, ins, r 503 N Y Life bldg.
Weishartinger Joseph, prop American House, 920 Douglas.
Weisman L, second-hand goods, 516 S 13th.
Weitzel, John N, saloon, 213 S 13th.
Welburn A Mrs, dressmaking, 1422 Capitol ave.
Welch Peter A, meat inspecter, 1519 Jackson.
Welch R E & Bro (R E and J M Welch), meat market, 2201 Farnam.
Welch W M, publisher, 601 Paxton blk.
Wells A B, grocer, 4041 Tuttle ave.
Wells Auction & Storage Co, R Wells mgr, auction, 1111 Farnam
Wells, Fargo & Cos Express, Dudley Evans genl supt, A A Andrews supt Neb division, C S Potter local agt,
   11th and Farman, office 305 N Y Life bldg, local office 11th and Farnam.
Wells George, tinware, 1515 S 16th.
Wells & Quivey (J E Wells, I B Quivey) groceries, 1923 Leavenworth.
Wells R, prop, Wels Auction & Storage Co, 317 S 13th.
Wells & Yeaton, grocers, N 37 nr F E & M V R R.
Welsh & Co, meat market, 2828 Farnam.
Welshans & Gibson ( W J Welshans, J S Gibson), brick building mfrs,
     N Y Life bldg (see page 2).
Welsh J L & Co (J L Welshans), plumbing, 1420 Harney.
Welshans & McCullock, real estate, 213 N 15th.
Welty F, barber, 616 S 13th.
Welty & Guy (D M Welty, George H Guy), harness, 1316 Farnam.
Wenger X, meat market, 4002 Leavenworth.
Wenstrand C A, genl aft Home Life Insurance Co of New York, r 412-413 J J Brown blk.
Wertz Geo W, dentist, 1607 Douglas.
Wessel & Wessel, gents furnishings, 1222 Douglas.
Wessells F W, managing director Omaha Savings Bank, s w cor Douglas and 13th.
West & Fritscher ( J B West, C L Fritscher), cigar mfrs, 1011 Farnam.
West J W, atty, r 301 Paxton blk.
West & Truman, props Gate City Laundry, 1122 N 16th.
Westberg John N, sec and treas Gate City Ice Co, 1403 Farnam.
Western Advertising Agency, Hubbard & Smith props, r 913 N Y Life bldg.
Western Car Service Assn, John S Clayton mgr, r 406 Bee bldg.
Western Cold Storage Co, Murray & Chalmers props, 9th and Davenport.
Western Cornice Works, C Specht prop, 614-618 S 14th.
Western Gravel Co ( E D VanCourt, E Benedict, S B McLeran), gravel, sand
     and stone, r 604 Paxton blk.
Western Land & Loan Exchange, Geo Hendee pres, A E Garten sec and treas,
     H K Hendee mgr, real estate and koans, r 821 N Y Life bldg (see adv page 395).
Western Newspaper Union, Geo A Joslyn pres and genl mgr, W H Remington vice-pres and eastern mgr,
     W H Welsh sec, H C Akin treas, auxilliary publishers and wholesale paper, etc. 509-511 S 12th.
Western Portrait Co, Max Hamburger mgr, 601 S 13th.
Western Printing Co (The), A Dyer pres, A B Dean sec and treas,
     job printing, cor 10th and Farnam.
Western Real Estate and Land Co, A Larson, Anton Kratz, Geo Gude
     props, 517 1/2 N 16th.
Western Stockman and Cultivator (The), Hugh F McIntosch prop,
     r 16 Arlington blk.
Western Tinware Manufacturing Co (M G Kibbe, M M Gowdy, C G Newell),
     tinware, 614-616 S 11th.
Western Union Telegraph Co, W W Umsted mgr, 212 S 13th.
Westin J, shoemaker, 315 S 7th.
Weston & McCrone, tinware and furnaces, 623 N 16th.
Wetzig Ernest, saloon, 2818 Farnam and 163? N 20th.
Wheeler J H, sec Bishop & Wheeler Loan Co, 4 Barker blk.
Wheeler & Wheeler (Daniel H sr, Daniel H jr), genl ins, r 1 Creighton blk.
Whelan Jas, groceries, 1325 N 24th.
Whelan W T, plumber, gasfitter, 624 N 16th.
Whinnery Jay C, dentist, r 212 J J Brown blk.
Whipple E W, atty, r 30-31-32 Chamber of Commerce.
White, Charles P, coal, feed, etc, Leavenworth and M P Ry and 2924 Leavenworth.
White C W, atty, r 13 Continental blk.
White Geo W, western frt agt C M & St P Ry Co, Farnam sw cor 15th.
White H E, prop Omaha Employment Bureau, 119 N 16th.
White D D, plumber, 213 N 15th.
White Wm, meatmarket, 1120 N 20th.
Whitehouse W J, drugs, 702 N 16th.
Whiteside B W, prop Occidental Hotel, 424 S 10th.
Whitlock Geo C, supt of buildings, basement court house.
Whitmore Will, aft Diebold Safe and Lock Co, 419 S 15th.
Whitney & Co, commission merchants, 105 S 13th.
Whitney C S & Co, (C S Whitney, H T Cleaver), coal, 1515 Farnam, 18th and Izard.
Whitney Wm N, boots and shoes, 1421 Douglas.
Wiatt W L, hay and grain, 1206 S 13th.
Wickenburg Gustaf, watchmaker, 510 N 16th.
Widenor G, shoemaker, 506 N 16th.
Wiese Henry, saloon, 1921 Pierce.
Wiese H G, phys, Arlington blk.
Wright C T, western agt B & O R R r 510 First Natl Bank bldg.
Wiig G, dry goods, clothing, 2225 Cuming.
Wilber John E, cashier Omaha Savings Bank, s w cor Douglas and 13th.
Wilcox Robert S, mgr Browning, King & Co, 1501 Douglas.
Wilcox S G, atty, r 13 Ware blk.
Wilcox W P, phys, 209 S 15th.
Wilde O J, show case mfr, 1317 Cass.
Wilde O J & Co (O J sr and O J Wilde jr), groceries, 603 S 13th.
Wilde Richard, saloon, 1124 Farnam.
Wilding W K, harnessmaker, 701 S 16th.
Wiley & Williams, groceries, 3523 Farnam.
Wilke & Sautter (W Wilke, L W Sautter), groceries, 1047 S 20th.
Wilkie John L, prop Omaha Paper Box Factory, 1317-1319 Douglas.
Wilkinson Geo P, specialist throat, nose and ear, 1404 Farnam.
Wilkinson John J, real estate loans, r 618 Paxton blk.
Willie Chris, barber, 1006 Farnam.
Williams & Burns ( L B Williams, M J BUrns), genl ins. r 1-2 Whitnell blk.
Williams Ed B, merchant tailor, 1408 Farnam.
Williams John A, phys, 1622 S 10th.
Williams P J, barber, 110 S 12th.
Williams R L, 943 N Y Life bldg.
Williams Theodore, lessee city circuation The Omaha Bee, Bee bldg, 1702 Farnam
     (see adv page opp inside back cover).
Williams, Van Aernam & Harte (Oscar B Williams, Wilbert J Van Aernam, G Harte),
     wholesale boots and shoes, 1212 Harney.
Williams & Williams (Wm N and John T Williams), attys at law, r 1008 N Y Life bldg.
Williams Wm W, real estate, 11 Frenzer blk.
Williamson C E, asst cashier Glove Loan & Trust Co Savings Bank, 307 S 16th.
Willis John G (Willis Land Co), real estate, loans, 1414 Dodge.
Willis S A, groceries, 3213 Leavenworth.
Willow Spring Distilling Co, J B Greerbut pres, P E Iler treas, H Suessenbach sec, cor S 4th and Pacific.
Willrott Chris, confectionery, news 814 N 16th.
Wills John, blacksmith, wagonmaker, N 14th and Nicholas.
Wills & Son, blacksmiths, 1322 Nicholas.
Wilson C A, phys, 1514 Dodge.
Wilson & Craven, millinery, 1222 N 24th.
Wilson & Drake (J M Wilson, G H Drake), props Mid-Continent Boiler & Sheet Iron Works,
     Pierce cor 19th (see adv page 405).
Wilson E D, dentist, 16 Frenzer blk.
Wilson, drugs, 2701 Leavenworth.
Wilson, J M, civil engineer, 1607 Farnam.
Wilson & McCallay Tobacco Co (The), Geo W Mills genl aft, wholesale tobacco, 402 N 16th.
Wilson Thomas P, stenographer district court, r 620 N Y Life bldg.
Wilson T T, Omaha Art Stained Glass Works, 1012 Farnam.
Wilson Wm A & Co, wholesale teas cigars, etc. 1416-1418 Harney.
Wincote & Riley (Charles E Wincote Baron W Riley), contractors and planing mill), S 8th and Pierce.
Wind N P, saloon, 621 N 16th.
Windheim P, wall paper etc, 516 S 16th.
Windsor Hotel, Schlank & Prince props, 520-524 S 10th.
Windsor, Kemp & Co. (Henry J Windsor, Frank A Kemp, Horace C Plunkett),
     capitalists, r 203 N Y Life bldg.
Windsor Stables, Chas J Menter prop, 1416 Davenport.
Wineroth I, confectionery, 924 Cap- itol ave.
Wing Kim, laundry, 1308 Jackson.
Winona Implement Co, T O Eichelberger mgr, 1321 Nicholas.
Winship & Co, wall painters, painters 1406 N 24th.
Winter A E, drugs, 209 S 16th.
Wirth Edward, phys, 1523 S 16th.
Wirth Fritz, prop City Hotel and saloon, 324 S 10th.
Wirth I H, drugs, 4018 Hamilton.
Wethnell John, brick mfr, S 22nd nr UP tracks.
Withnell John sr, brick mfr and contractor, r 622 Paxton blk.
Withrow J T & Co, livery, 1307 to 1311 Harney.
Wittig Ed, saloon and restuarant, 1416 Farnam.
Wittum George F, attorney, r 518 N Y Life bldg.
Wix Wm H, phys, r 7 Ware blk.
Wohlers Ed, see Peycke Bros Co, n w cor 11th and Howard (see adv page 401)
Wohlgeh C, cigars, 209 S 13th.
Wolf A, pawnbroker, 520 S 10th.
Wolf Bros & Co, mfrs of awnings, tents, drop curtains, wagon and seat covers,
     tarpaulins, umbrella, etc. All kinds of duck coverings made to order. Repairing
     promptly attended to Al Wolf mgr, tel 604 (see adv page 387).
Wolfe J M & Co, pubs Omaha City Directory, Nebraska State Gazeteer, Union Pacific
     Railway Gazeteer and maps of Omaha and Nebraska, r 509-510 Paxton blk (see back fly leaf).
Wolfe L W Electric Co, electricians, electrical goods, anunciators, etc. agts Shipman
     engines, 1616 Capitol ave (see side lines).
Wolff A F, saloon, 2201 Cuming.
Wolff Otto, mng editor Danneborg Pub Co, 2418 Cuming.
Wolff P A, brick mfr, S 10th and Valley.
Wolff Theo, jewelry, 704 N 16th.
Wollenhaupt John, merchant tailor, 2717 Leavenworth.
Wollstein M & Co, prop Chicago Liquor House, 224 N 16th, wholesale 522 S 13th.
Wolly John, saloon, 1004 S 13th.
Womans Exchange, restaurant, 1518 Farnam.
Womersley E E, phys, 313 1/2 N 15th.
Wood Agency (The), E C Wood prop, commercial law, r 420-421 First National
     Bank bldg (see adv page 371.)
Wood & Bancroft (A P Wood, Geo F Bancroft), railroad contractors, r 22 Nebraska
     National Bank bldg.
Wood Ben B, cashier The Merchants National Bank, 1222-1224 Farnam (see adv page 34).
Wood Charles D, western traveling agt Mobile & Ohop R R, r 210 First National Bank bldg.
Wood & Elmer (Elijah C Wood, Walter D Elmer, attorneys-at- law,
     r 419-424 First National Bank bldg (se adv page 371).
Wood Henry N, res sec Omaha branch North British and Mercantile Insurance Co, 210 S 13th.
Wood J H, livery, 417 S 14th.
Wood O S, phys, 1502 Capitol.
Wood & Whitmore (J A WOOD, E E Whitmore), saloon, 213 S 15th.
Woodbridge Bros, musical mdse, 1412 Capitol.
Woodbridge C M, pianos and organs, 209 N 16th.
Woodford I C, mfr electric goods, 702 N 16th.
Woodman Clark, mgr Woodman Linseed Oil Works, r 207-209 First National Bank bldg.
Woodman Clark & Co (Clark Woodman, Frank E Ritchie), grain and seeds,
     r 410 First Natl Bank bldg.
Woodman Linseed Oil Works, capital $412,500, Clark Woodman mgr, Frank E Ritchie
     assistant mgr, offices 207-209 First National Bank bldg, works 1012-1024 N 17th.
Woodman & Ritchie Co, Clark Woodman pres, F E Ritchie vice-president, C L Harris sec
     and treas, grain elevator, 1010 N 17th, r 219 First Natl Bank bldg.
Woodworth C D & Co (C D Woodworth, G A Weldon), harness, 1512 Douglas.
Wooldridge Harry, dairy, Park nr M P Ry.
Woolworth James M, atty-at-law, r 413 First Natl Bank bldg.
World Publishing Co, props Omaha World-Herald, 1412 Far- nam.
Worley Howard A, phys, 208 S 15th.
Worth Wm, tailor, 1501 N 24th.
Wright C B, bakery, 2420 Cuming.
Wright J, flour, feed, 1219 N 18th.
Wright & Lasbury (C L Wright, G B Lasbury, real estate and investment, brokers,
     r 3 and 4 Arlington blk.
Wright L R, lawyer, 1324 Douglas.
Wright Sisters, dressmaking, 1416 Capitol.
Wright W L, crockery and glassware, 1207 Howard.
Wuethrich Gotlieb, saloon, 1724 St. Marys ave.
Wuethrich Christ, prop Elkhorn Balley House and Sample Room 1024 and 1420 Dodge.
Wuethrich John, saloon, 124 N 15th.
Wulff Fritz, blacksith, 823 S 7th.
Wyatt G D, lumber, 2002 Izard.
Wylie & Darst (A E Wylie, Wm Darst), wholesale liquor saloon, 314 S 13th.
Wyman Evan, books etc, 118 S 15th.
Wyman Peter, blacksmith and wagonmaker, 1621 Vinton.
Wynans Harry, upholsterer, 1721 Cuming.
Wyoming Coal Co, M I Patterson pres, 1519 Farnam.

~ Y~
Yager N, saloon, 1108 Farnam.
Yates C H, saloon, 1101 Farnam.
Yates H W, pres the Nebraska National Bank, n w cor 12th and Farnam.
Yeiser John O, attorney, r 904 N Y Life bldg.
Young Bros, saloon, 906 N 16th.
Young & Ebbitt, props Nebraska Veterinary Infirmary, 1510 California.
Young Jacob, saloon, 111 N 16th.
Young Mens Christian Association, Chas E Williamson acting genl secy, 208 S 16th.
Young W M, saloon, 416 S 15th.
Youngerman Geo H, brick mfr and contractor, s w S 13th and Valley.
Younkin Jacob, hay and grain, 2222 S 10th.

~ Z ~
Zabriskie Edgar, accountant, r 317 Omaha Natl Bank bldg.
Zabriski J A, agt D Appleton & Co, 1418 Harney.
Zacrara Woolf, second-hand goods, 704 S 13th.
Zaug Wm, saloon, S 13th nr Kavan.
Zerzan J W, sign painter, 1306 S 13th.
Zimmerman Gottlob, city agt Anheuser-Busch bottled beer, cor S 13th and Jones.
Zittle Jacob D, real estate, r 914 N Y Life bldg.
Zunder & Harris, boots and shoes, 1520 Douglas.



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