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 Page 395 - Omaha Advertisements


Pascale Vito, barber, 4003 Cuming.
Patch Joseph T, pension agr, r 54 Chamber of Commerce.
Patrick Bros (M T and A S Patrick), live stock breeders, r 2 Arlington blk.
Patrick Land Co of Omaha (The), capital $625,000, W H Craig pres, W K Kurtz sec, owners
     Dundee place, r 246 Bee bldg.
Patrick R W, atty, r 300 Bee bldg.
Patten S R, dentist, Commerica Natl Bank bldg.
Patterson G C, barber, 512 N. 16th.
Patterson & McLean, architects, r 424 Ramge bldg.
Patterson Richard C, broker, r 907 N Y Life bldg.
Paul C H, dentist, 1422 Dodge.
Paul George J, real estate, loans and ins, 1607 Farnam (see adv page 411)
Paul J W, real estate, 1609 Farnam,
Paul Wm J, real estate, 1609 Farnam.
Paulsen E, hardware, 623 N 16th.
Paulsen Henry, meat market, 921 Bancroft.
Paulson C T, prop Omaha Steam Dye Works, 1521 Howard.
Paxton (The), Kitteredge & Brainard props, s w cor 14th and Farnam.
Paxton & Gallagher (Wm A Paxton, Bej Gallagher) wholesale grocers, 705-711 S. 10th.
Paxton Wm A, r 539 Paxton blk.
Paynter W H, atty, r 406 N Y Life bldg.
Peabody Chas C, hatter, 217 S. 15th.
Peabody James H, phys, 217 Sheely blk.
Peabody J D, phys, asst surgeon U P Ry, r 207 Sheely blk.
Peacock & Kaneft (J Peacock, J Kaneft), meat market, 422 S. 15th.
Pearson Orlander, phys, 119 N. 16th.
Pease Bros (Robert E, Wm E and Henry L Pease), hatters, 122 S15th.
Peasner & Stockman (George W Peasner, H A Stockman), saloon, 1307 Douglas.
Peck G W, phys, r 4 Frenzer blk.
Peck G W jr. , real estate, loands, r 4 Frenzer blk.
Pedersen J C & Co, blacksmiths, 2019 Cuming.
Pellant Frank, hardware, 1319 S 13th.
Pendery A S, Phys, 1831 S. 10th.
Penfold H J, pub, The Omaha Clinic, 1110 Farnam.
Penn Mutual Life Insurance Co of Philadelphia, Pa (The). Henry A Lyman genl agt, r 402 Bee bldg.
Pennell J W, groceries, 1002 S. 13th.
Pennsylvania House, A B McAndrus prop, 212 N 10th.
Peoples Clothing House, S Arnstein prop, 1303 Douglas.
Peoples Ice Co (M D Karr, H Foreman, R D Chaney), ice dealers, 1102 N. 24th.
Peoples Mammoth Installment House, B Rosenthal & Co props, 618-619 N 16th.
Percy Frank & Co (Frank Percy), commission merchatns, 319 S. 11th.
Perkins, Gatch & Lauman ( O H Perkins, E S Gatch, P A Lauman), wholesale crockery and
     glassware, 1514-1516 Farnam.
Perrigo A H & Co ( A H Perrigo, W B Dabney), bicycles, 1315 Douglas.
Persel S, groceries, 935 N. 24th.
Peters M, stoves, tinware 939 N 24th.
Petersen Charles, music teacher, r 505 Sheeley blk.
Petersen Louis, saloon, 1121 S 6th.
Petersen P Carl, photographer, 1612 Farnam.
Petersen S T, real estate, r 510 Sheely blk.
Peterson Andrew, groceries, 2911 Leavenworth.
Peterson A O, merchant tailor, 2305 Leavenworth.
Peterson Bros, bakers, 2405 Cuming.
Peterson C, photographer, 512 S 13th.
Peterson, Geo, cigars, 1113 Douglas.
Peterson G R, shoemaker, 2219 Cuming.
Peterson, J A, meat market, 2720 Burdette.
Peterson J, blacksmith, 2911 Walnut.
Peterson J & Son, blacksmiths, 811 N 16th.
Peterson O, stationery, 618 S 13th.
Peterson Peter, lunch counter, 1724 St Marys ave.
Peterson P S, bakery, 1714 S 10th.
Peterson Rasmus, groceries, 2538 Pacific.
Peterson S, groceries, 4003 Leavenworth.
Peterson S P, shoemaker, 820 N 16th.
Petrelius A, meat market, 1909 Cuming.
Petrie Bros, house movers, 2815 Cuming.
Pettibone C I, agt R B Crouch, wholesale salt, 9th cor Jones.
Pettis Kate Mrs, dressmaking, 1815 Cass.
Peycke Bros Co, capital $100,000 (Ernest Peycke pres, Edmund Peycke vice-pres, Julius Peycke treas,
     Ed Wohlers sec0, wholesale fruits, produce, commission, cigars, and manufacturing confectioners,
     n w cor 11th and Howard (see right top lines and page 401).
Peycke Edmund, vice-president Peycke Bros Co.n w cor 11th & Howard.
Peycke Ernest, pres Peycke Bros Co, n w cor 11th and Howard.
Peycke Julius, trea Peycke Bros Co n w cor 11th and Howard.
Peyton & Owen, drugs, 2401 Leavenworth.
Pfeiffer Wm, mfr of carriages, buggies, spring and truck wagons, 2505 Leavenworth and 807 s 28th.
Pfister L, confectionery, 816 N. 16th.
Phelan Charlotte Mrs, dressmaker, 1806 S. 16th.
Phelan E , contractor, r 10 Ware blk.
Phelps A W & Son, carpenters, 122 N. 11th.
Phelps Bros (A F & H M Phelps), commission merchants, 1215 Howard.
Phenix Foundry & Machine Co (The), (John McLearier, E Oehrle, Donald Robertson),
     office 630 Paxton blk, works cor Pinkney and Belt Rv.
PHENIX INSURANCE CO OF BROLYN, N Y, H B Coryell agent, insurance 1511 Dodge.
Philadelphia Chop House, L Danbaum prop, 105 S. 14th.
Philadelphia Mortgage & Trust Co, Geo W P Coates agt, r 7 Chamber of Commerce.
Philbin John J, ticket broker, 1413 Farnam.
Phillippi J O , assistant general passenger freight agt M P Ry, 1224 Farnam.
Picard E J, confectionery, 1723 St Marys ave.
Picard & Sampson, cigar mfr, 1714 St Marys ave.
Pickering W J, groceries, 1713 S 29th.
Pierce Hotel, M Wallanz prop, 1320 Pierce.
Pierce John H, atty, r 28 Bee bldg.
Pierson & Moulton, contractors, 995 N. 24th.
Pietz H, pres and mgr Omaha Photographing Co, 311 N 16th.
Pilcher J D, atty, r 638 Paxton blk.
Pinkert E & Co, furriers, r 22 Creighton blk.
Pinzenscham F, saloon, 620 S 16th.
Piskal F, cornicemaker, 1219 S 16th.
Pitton Wm A, traveling freight agt N Y C & St L R R, r 210 First Natl Bank bldg.
Pixley Louis, barber 1116 Farnam.
Place G H, atty, 602 N Y Life bldg.
Platner & Adams, pension afts, 1405 N 24th.
Pleasants J H, real estate, 1517 Douglas.
Plummer Chair Co, 321 N 15th.
Plympton J V, flour, feed, 1410 N 24th.
Poesch L , groceries, 2010 S 4th.
Pofall Wm, meat market, Park nr M P track.
Polen Peter, shoemaker, 114 S 10th.
Polk Bros (D H and E G Polk), timmers, 1454 S. 13th.
Pokorney F, barber and cigar mfr, 1325 S 13th.
Pokrok Zapadu, published every Wednesday, J Rosicky editor, Pokrok Zapadu Printing
     Co pubs, 1211 S 13th.
Pokrok Zapudu Printing Co, pubs Pokrok Zapadu, John Rosicky pres, R V Miskovsky sec,
     F J Kaspar treas, 1211 S. 13th.
Pomy & Seagelke (Gustave Pomy, William Segelke), bottling works, 1114 S 10th.
Pond Engineering Co, Grant Beebe mgr, r 311 Granite blk.
Poppendick F, saloon, 209 S 15th.
Poppleton Andrew J, city atty, 316 First Natl Bank bldg.
Poppleton A J & W S(Andrew J and Wm S Poppleton), lawyers, r 314-316 First National Bank bldg.
Porter Bros Co, W Porter pres, Nate R Salsbury vice-pres, Jas S Watson sec and treas,
     O W Butts mgr. wholesale fruits, 801-811 Jones.
Post E M Mrs, massage, r 20 Withnell blk.
Postle & Unangst, groceries, 1706 N 26th
Potter Arthur S, sec and ganl mgr East Omaha Land Co, pres Potter & George Co, 1601 Farnam.
Potter Charles F, U S division engineer Missouri river improvement r 213 Sheely blk.
Potter, Cobb & Meikle (Arthur S Potter, E A Cobb, Jas B Meikle), abstracts of titles, 301 S 16th.
Potter & George Company, cap $500,000, Arthur S Potter pres, Charles C George treas and mgr,
     Edward R McMahon sec, real estate, etc, 1601 Farnam.
Potter Phillip, sec American Loan and Trust Co and treas American Savings Bank, 1420 Farnam.
Potter & Waring, Chas A Potter, Hanc M Waring props Omaha Shorthand Bureau, r 700 N Y Life bldg.
Powell A C, cashier American Savings Bank and American Loan and Trust Co, 1420 Farnam.
Power J, mfr of cooperage, 415 Jones.
Powers & Giller (James A Powers, Wm M Giller), attys, r 305 First National Bank bldg.
Powers H E, real estate, r 21 Frenzer blk.
Poynton G W, atty, 427 Paxton blk.
Pratt A M Mrs, dressmaker, 318 N 16th.
Pratt & Ferris Cattle Co (The), capital $400,000, J H Pratt mgr, r 408 Paxton blk.
Preiss Hotel, R Preiss prop, cor N 28th and Essex.
Presnell J F, phys, 1049 S 20th.
Preston J E, city pass agt C M & St P Ry Co, Farnam s w cor 15th.
Preston Wm & Co (Wm Preston, Geo Richardson) wholesale flour, 508 Pierce.
Prichard Geo A, notary, 215 S. 14th.
Priesman W, pawnbroker, 1107 Farnam.
Prince Sol, notary, Windsor Hotel.
Prischmann C P, groceries, 3024 Hamilton.
Pritchard Robert, chattel loans, r 3 Withnell blk.
Pritchett C H, contractor, 2038 Poppleton Ave.
Pritchett, Geo E, atty, r 401 Merchants National Bank bldg.
Pritchett & Hill (C H Pritchett, L R Hill)bottlers, 2038 Poppleton ave.
Proennick W H Mrs, dressmaking, 2205 Cuming.
Progress (The), Barnett & Bryant pubs, 1417 Farnam.
Pros F, groceries, S 13th nr Kavan.
Provident Saving Life Assurance Society of N Y, H W Sheldon mgr state of Neb, r 2 Barker bldg.
Provident Savings, Loan and Building Association of Omaha, John J Points pres, M F Sears vice-pres,
     Charles C Kneisly sec, r 406-407 J J Brown blk.
Pruitte R M, supt Mount Hope Cemetery Association, r 210 N Y Life bldg.
Pruyn Larmon P Co L P Pruyn pres, H J Pruyn sec, real estate ins brokers, loans, 2410 Cuming.
Pugh P H, mgr P P Mastt Co, 1321 Nicholas.
Pullman Palace Car Co. J F Richardson supt, r 7 U S Natl Bank bldg.
Pundt Henry, grocer and wine merchant, 1218 Farnam.
Purcell D, grocer, Fort Omaha.
Purcupile J I, com merchant, 507 S. 11th.
Purvis R, corn merchant 1217 Howard.
Pyburn H & Co , H Pyburn pres and mgr, J L Lloyd sec and treas, mfrs preserves, jellies, etc,
     122 N 12th, factory East Omaha.
Paxton& Sharp, omnibus line, 213 S. 14th.
Pythian Life Association, W F Bechtel pres, J A Pratt vice-pres, E E French treas, Geo Esmond director of agts,
     life ins, r 209 Omaha Natl Bank bldg.
Pythian Spur (The), monthly, Harry Merriam mgr, 310 S. 12th.
Pythian Spur Publishing Co (The), capital $20,000. Harry Merriam pres and genl mgr, props
     The Pythian Spur, 310 S 12th.
Quealey P J Soap Co, W F Roskie pres, P J Quealey vice-pres, J B Huse sec, soap mfrs, S 26th and U P tracks.
Quinlan P L, grocer, 1723 Leavenworth.
Quinnn Ed, saloon and billiards, 1023 N 16th.
Quistgart A J, grocer, 1624 Capitol ave.
Raber Lew W , printer, r 1003-1002 N Y Life bldg.
Rabinowitz B, groceries, 1002 Capitol ave.
Rachman A, groceries, 809-811 S 7th.
Rachman Wm, groceries, 1603 Leavenworth.
Rachman Wm & Co, groceries, 2403 Leavenworth.
Ragen J E, dry goods, 2505 N 24th.
Rahrig A, shoemaker, 1412 Dodge.
Railway News Reporter, Dan B Honin editor, 507 Sheely bldg.
Rainey Charles W, loan agt, r 315 Omaha Natl Bank bldg.
Ralph J B, phys, Commericial Natl Bank bldg.
Ramacciotti H L, city veterinary, 1810-1812 Harney.
Ramge Frank J, merchant tailor, r 201 Ramge bldg.
Ranson F T, atty, r 439 Paxton blk.
Rapp C G, drugs, 1352 N 20th.
Rapp Joseph, shoemaker, 102 N 16th.
Rasacke Amelia Mrs, dressmaking, 621 N 19th.
Rasgorshek John, merchant tailor, 1520 1/2 Dodge.
Rasmussen Amelia Mrs, milk depot, 807 S 7th.
Rasmussen C, clothing, 420 S 15th.
Rasmussen H, flour and feed, 2550 Leavenworth.
Rasmusson R, druggist, 1501 Vinton.
Rathbun, Ewing & Co , props Omaha Business College, 119 N 16th.
Rau A, bakery, 3123 Leavenworth.
Rawitzer A H , mgr Omaha Tent and Awning Co 703 S. 16th.
Ray J Miss, dressmaker, 1156 N 16th.
Raymer A C, hardware, 524 S 16th.
Raymond A, oculist, r 22 Douglas blk.

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