Douglas County NEGenWeb Project  

1890-1 Business Directory & Farmer's List of the Nebraska State Gazetteer 


Dahlstrom John G, restaurant, 835 S 17th.
Dailey Eleanor, phys, 424 N 17th.
Daily Record (The), Taylor Publishing Co, props, r 839 N Y Life bldg.
Daily T H & Co, real estate and general agts, National Cash Register, 310 S 16th.
Dale John, ins, 613 N Y Life bldg.
Dale John F, special agt Phoenix Ins Co, r 818 N Y Life bldg.
Dallinger C J, wagonmaker, 416 S 18th.
Dallow S Mrs, saloon, 1008 Chicago.
Daley D B, barber, 1633 N 29th.
Dalzell J A, confectionery, 115 N 16th.
Danbaum L, prop, Philadelphia Chop House, 105 S 14th.
Daniels & Baldridge & Co, fire ins. 1505 Farnam.
Daniels Edward, atty-at-law, r 403 First Natl Bank bldg.
Daniels J B & T E (Joseph B & Thomas E Daniels), props, Daniels Real Estate
     & Mercantile Exchange R 838 N Y Life bldg.
Daniels Real Estate & Mercantile Exchange, J B & T E Daniels, props, 838 N Y Life bldg.
Danna Francis, agt German-American Ins. Co of N Y, r 50 Douglas blk.
Dannebrog Pub Co, Otto Wolff, mang editor, 2418 Cuming.
Danske Pioneer (Den), Sophus F Neble editor and pub, 408 S 18th.
Dargaczewsky Nicholas, horseshoer, 1804 S 20th.
Darling F K, real estate, loans, ins, notary, r 43 Barker blk.
Darling L B, blacksmith, 1335 S 13th.
Darrow & Logan (George M Darrow, George W Logan) wholesale hats and caps,
     21402 Harney.
Darrow R H, phys, r 8 Arlington blk.
Darst Wm, wholesale wines and liquors, 1313 Farnam.
Davies A A J, contracting agt, T St L & K C R R , r 220 First National Bank bldg.
Davies Bros (S T & F G Davies) groceries, meat market, 324 N 18th.
Davies E J, physician, 4 3 N 15th.
Davies H B Mrs, phys, 403 N 15th.
Davies James H & Co (J H Davies, H C Hobbie), railroad ticket brokers, 807 S 10th.
Davies R H Mrs. millinery and hair goods, 111 S 15th.
Davis & Cowgill Iron Works, E P Davis pres, J B Cowgill supt, H S McDonald sec,
     mfrs iron work, machinery and engines, 15th cor Jackson.
Davis E J, heavy hauling, 419 S 15th.
Davis Frederick H, cashier First National Bank, s e cor 13th and Farnam.
Davis G R, prop St. Clair Hotel, cor S 13th and Dodge and 101-111 s 13th.
Davis J C, physician, 2114 Cuming.
Davis J M, clothing, 320 N 16th.
David Jos, restaurant, 511 S 10th.
Davis J W E K, phys, 2001 N 27th.
Davis Latham, real estate and loans, r 320 First Natl Bank bldg.
Davis OF Co (The) Thos A Creigh pres, P L Perine sec and treas, real estate brokers
     and mortgage loans, 1545 Farnam.
Davis R T Mill Co, C G Underwood mgr, flour depot, cor S 8th and Jackson
Davis & Stevens, attorneys, 903-904 N Y Life bldg.
Davis T D Mrs, dressmaker, 1611 Howard.
Dawson Brick Co, A H Cooley mgr, s218 S 15th.
Day H Dr Mrs, hot spring baths, 1408 Dodge.
Day Herman L, attorney, r 915 N Y Life bldg.
Day J F, mgr, American Fuel Co, 215 S 15th.
Day J H, contractor and builder, 414 S 19th.
Dayton E A & Co (E A Dayton, S R King) wholesale jewelers material, 406 Sheely blk.
Dean, Armstrong & Co, (Wm O Dean, Gardner M Armstrong, Geo A black)
     wholesale cigars, 402 N 16th.
Deane A L & Co (A L Deane, J W Donnell), sales, vaults, 323 S 10th.
DeBevoise J L, genl agt pass dept Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Ry,
     n w cor 16th and Farnam.
Deering Wm & Co, C W Keith genl agt, binders, mowers and reapers, 801-803 Capitol ave.
DeFrance & Richardson (W H DeFrance, R W Richardson), attys, r 517 N Y Life bldg.
Degen F, cigar factory, 113 S 28th.
Deiss & Collins (Joseph Deiss, David J Collins), props, The Dennis Kiln Co, r 207 N Y Life bldg.
Deiss Henry, brick mfr, S 14th and Kavan.
Deiss Joseph & Co, contractors, mfrs of building and paving brick, yards, N 14th and Locust.
Delfs Kattie Miss, dressmaker, 1015 S 13th.
Dellecker O K, cigar mfr, 117 N 16th.
Dellone Frank & Co (F X Dellone) wholesale wines and liquors, 1203 Douglas.
Democrat Publishing Co, props, W R Vaughan pres, Omaha Daily, Weekly and
     Sunday Democrat, 214-216 S 14th.
Demoratsky I, junk dealer, 713 S 13th.
Dempsey J S, prop, Omaha House and saloon, 1205-1207 Harney.
Denise J C, oculist and aurist, 320 S 15th.
Denmark Hotel, Lars Hansen prop, 819-821 S 7th.
Denney C B, stenogapher, r 544 Paxton blk.
Denney J T, contractor, 931 New Y Life bldg.
Dennis George L, supt of plumbing, basement Court House.
Dennis Kiln Co (The), Deiss & Collins, kiln builders, r 207 N Y Life bldg.
Denniston A B C, asst pass and ticket agt, U P Ry, 1302 Farman.
Dent E W, pass agt C R I & P Ry, n w cor 16th and Farnam.
Derbyshire & Brown, school furniture, 604 S 30th.
Despecher F J, dentist, 307 Sheely blk.
Desmond Patrick, saloon,314 S 10th.
Deuel Harry P, city pass and ticket agt U P Ry, 1302 Farnam.
Deverell Bros (George and W P Deverell), brick contractors, r 603 Paxton blk.
De Volt Frank, librarian, N Y Life Law Library, r 1029 N Y Life bldg.
Devoon E, shoemaker, 504 N 16th.
Devries H O, pres Globe Loan & Trust Co, G L & T Co Savings Bank and
     notary, 307 S 16th.
Dewey & Stone Furniture Co., E L Stone vice-pres, Wm Gyger sec, Geo E Crosby
     treas, Wm J Kierstead mgr, wholesale furniture,1115-1119 Farnam,
     warehouse 716 S 10th.
DeWitt, Herckt & Wheeler (Arthur De Witt, Henry Herckt, George E Wheeler),
     fresco painters, R 1004 N Y Life bldg.
Dickey Charles, mgr collection dept. Saunders & MacFarland, 1402 Farnam.
Dickey Wm Lyle & Co (Wm Lyle and J J Dickey, J Burns, A L Williams), stoves,
     tinware, house Furnishing goods, 1403 Douglas.
Dickover S L, restaurant, 1306 Farnam.
Didam John, saloon, cor 30th and Walnut.
Dietrick & Guth (J E Dietrick, J P Gust), architects, 15 Creighton Blk.
Dietz C N, wholesale lumber, sash doors and blinds, cor N 13th and California.
Dike Albyn P, real estate and loans, 39 Barker blk.
Dill E G, mgr G F Swift & Sons, wholesale dealers in meats, 1221-1223 Leavenworth.
Dillon & Co (T A Dillon), wholesale liquor dealers, 108 S 14th.
Dillon J F, atty, r 804 N Y Life bldg.
Dillon John T, atty, real estate, 423 N Y Life bldg.
Dillrance N E, livery and feed stable, 414 S 17th.
Dime Savings Bank, W H Russell pres, W F Allen vice-pres, G H Payne
     cashier, 1504 Farnam.
Dimmock W S, mgr, Postal Telegraph-Cable Co, Pacific Telegraph co, 1220 Douglas.
Dinsmoor Charles M, phys, 30-31-32 Douglas blk.
Disbrow M A & Co (M A Disbrow, M B Copeland), mfrs sash, doors, blinds,
     etc N 12th and Izard.
Distlehorst Charles R, restaurant, 406 N 16th.
Doane & Parrotte ( D G Doane, M L Parrotte), real estate, r 17 Chamber of Commerce.
Dodge J A, druggist, 1049 S 20th.
Doerwald F, veterinary surgeon, cor 18th and Pierce.
Doherty Joseph, livery, 2502 Cuming.
Dolan Bernard, atty, 602 S 13th.
Domestic Credit Co, furniture, 715 N 16th.
Donaghue A, florist, greenhouse, N 24th opp Fort Omaha and S 16th n w cor Douglas.
Donahoo J J, shoemaker 215 N 16th.
Donnelly R P, saloon, 1204 Farnam.
Doolittle M C, magnetic phys, 1607 N 20th.
Doran House, P H Cary prop, 422 S 18th.
Dorfmeier A W Mrs, confectionery, genl mdse, 3016 Ames ave.
Dorrington George E, traveling pass agt M P Ry, 1224 Farnam.
Dorward J L, dentist, 1517 Douglas.
Doty & Darst (Henry Doty, E J Darst), saloon and billiards, 102 S 14th.
Doud C W, ins, r 1008 N Y Life bldg.
Douglas County Daily Reporter, N O Talbot pub, r 24 Ware blk.
Douglas County Nurseries, n 48th & Military road.
Douglas Jas, saloon, 1324 Douglas.
Douglass G W & Co, hardwood lumber, 119 N 16th, yards 1310 N 16th.
Douglas W C, hardwood lumber, 1302 N 16th.
Dow Bros (Peter and Malcolm Dow), roofers, r 933 N Y Life bldg.
Dow F T, harness mfr, 708 N 16th.
Downs P T, carpenter, 414 N 18th.
Downey R M, groceries, 2107 Farnam.
Downes C W, phys, surgeon, 1316 Douglas.
Downs F E, dressmaker, 1441 N 20th.
Doyle Joseph B, cigar mfr, 2719 Leavenworth.
Drake L J, genl mgr consolidated Tank Line Co, 5th floor Merchants Natl Bank bldg.
Drake Luther, asst cashier The Merchants National Bank, 1222-1224 Farnam.
Dreifus Samuel, meat market, 1517 Dodge.
Drews Fritz, saloon, 622 S 13th.
Drexel & Foll (Fred and H P Drexel, Albert Foll), cut stone contractors and stone saw
     mills, Cor 5th and Jones.
Drexel & Harte, props, Hotel Esmond, 620 N 16th.
Drexel H C, boots, shoes, 322 S 10th.
Drexel & Rosenzweig, boots and shoes, 1419 Farnam.
Driscol John, carriage mfr, 1511 Capitol ave.
Driver Mae E Miss, notary public, e 421 First Natl Bank bldg.
Drummond Wm R & Co, carriage maker, 314-318 S 18th.
Duffy-Trowbridge Stove Mfg Co, J Hobrecker mgr, Omaha branch,
     1213-1219 Leavenworth.
Dufour H, meat market, 3922 Hamilton, 4 05 cuming.
Duke E T, hardware, 1404 Douglas.
Dun R G & Co Mercantile Agency (The), Charles J Bell mgr, r 304 First Natl Bank bldg.
Duncan C, baths, 1519-1/2 Farnam.
Duncan Samuel, barber, 1333 N 24th.
Dundee Brick Co, J E Riley mgr, r 3 Granite blk.
Dunn I, justice, 718 N 16th.
Dunn W G, phys, 101 S 16th.
Dunne A J, mgr, Singer Mfg Co, 1516 Douglas.
Du Pont gunpowder Co, H G Clark. Agt, 1218 Harney.
Durnall Walter F, stenographer, r 10 Commercial Natl Bank bldg.
Dusold J, boots, shoes, 1018 N 24th.
Duval Walter K, prop Grand Union Tea Co, 321 S 15th, 2002 Grace.
Duvall N R, barber, 2403 Cuming.
Duve Henry, meat market, 1605 Leavenworth.
Dwyer John, drugs, 2902 Hamilton.
Dygard & Hogan (Thomas Dygard, Thomas Hogan), merchant tailors, 1515 Harney.
Dygert & Smith (Ed Dygert, B C Smith), groceries, 20223 Farnam.
Eagle Cornice Works, John Epeneter prop, 1110 and 1112 Dodge.
Eagle House, B Bierbach prop, 414 S 14th.
East Omaha Land co, capitol $1,250,000, Richard B Cushing pres, G W Holdredge
     vice-pres, A S Potter secy and genl mgr, H W Tate treas, W A Webster
     representative, 1601 Farnam.
Eaton E L, photographer, 1320 Farnam.
Eden Musee, Will Lawler mgr, 1104 Farnam.
Ederer John, florist, 2904 Bristol.
Edgerton & Farnsworth (Joseph W Edgerton, Edward Farnsworth), attys-at-law,
     r 614 N Y Life bldg.
Edgerton & Wyeth (Chas W Edgerton, H M Wyeth), real estate r 13 Continenetal blk.
Edholm & Akin (N J Edholm, A M Akin), western mgrs Standard Jewelry Co, 423 Bee bldg.
Edholm Albert, jewelry, 107 N 16th.
Edmiston Aaron W, phys, r 3 Crighton blk.
Edwards A G, supt Michigan Mut Life Ins o, r 8-9 Continental blk.
Edwards Burner Co (O S Wood, C H Colburn, W C Faye), mfrs oil,
     gas burners, 1521 Farnam.
Edwards G D, mgr Columbus Buggy co, 313-315 S 16th.
Edwards J E, real estate and chattel loans, notary, r 12 Barker blk.
Edwards & Lund (L H Edwards, A Lund), R R ticket brokers, 1505 Farnam.
Egleston W P, painter, wallpaper, 803 N 20th.
Ehlers Claus, saloon, East Omaha.
Ehlers D C, shoemaker, 4104 Hamilton.
Ehrenpfort Henry, florist, 1918 S 11th.
Eichelberger T O, mgr Winona Implt Co, 1321 Nichols.
Eicher & Kiplinger (Daniel F Eicher, Oscar D Kiplinger), cigars and tobaccos,
     1219 Farnam.
Eichhorn H & Co, groceries, 2635 Lake.
Eisele H, engraver, 1513 Douglas.
Ekwall Jm, shoemaker, 1207 Cass.
Elastic Metallic Packing Co, Hon E P Weatherby pres and treas, I B Miller sec,
     V W Mason Jr genl mgr, packing mfrs, 1208 Douglas.
Eldridge & Bauserman, teas, 1104 N 24th.
Elgin D, meat market, 1505 N 20th.
Elkhorn Valley House, Chris Wuethrich prop, 1024 Dodge.
Elksjer & Hansen, flour and feed, 2518 Cuming and 2717 N 24th.
Eller Frances E Mrs, kindergarten, r 939 N Y Life bldg.
Eller J W, atty, r 1001 N Y Life bldg.
Elliott M J, restaurant, 3920 Hamilton.
Ellis F M & Co (F M Ellis, J H Kent), architects, r 430-432 Bee bldg
     Merriam blk, C B Ia
Elsasser G F, barber, 223 S 14th.
Elsasser P E, barber, 314 S 14th.
Emerson Seed Co, F T Emerson pres, A H Comstock sec and treas, seed,
     421-423 S 15th.
Emerson, Talcott & Co, W F Manning genl agt, agl implts, 9th cor Jones.
Emery Elias L, real estate, r 16 Ware blk.
Emmel S P, barber 1409 Farnam.
Emminger Jacob B, real estate and loans, r 517 Paxton blk.
Emmons J H, phys, 411 Sheely blk.
Empire Fast Freight Line, R R Ringwalt agt, r 38 Barker blk.
Emslie B, marble works, 2003 N 24th.
Enewold J C, dry goods, shoes, 2523 N 24th.
Enewold R C, dry goods, 1719 Cuming.
Engel J P, restaurant, 2419 Cuming.
Engleman S, dry goods, 2916 Farnam.
Engler E, weiss beer brewer, 1110 N 18th.
English Bros (Paul A & Arthur E English), commission, 314 S 12th.
English H H, photographer, 1402 S 13th.
Engqvist John, boot and shoemaker, 1722 Vinton.
Epeneter John, prop Eagle Cornice Works, 1110-12 Dodge.
Episcopal Rooms, George Worthingson S T D and L L D bishop, Rev Wm Osgood
     Pearson sec, r 24 and 25 Arlington blk.
Epley H V, brick mfr, 14th nr Spring.
Epperson S C, vice-pres Bishop & Wheeler Loan Co, 4 Barker blk.
Equitable Life Assurance Society of New York, Hale & Neely mgrs,
     r 25 U U Bank bldg.
Equitable Trust Co (The), capital $20,000, Lewis S Reed pres, J W Savage Vice-pres,
     C B Schmidt sec, H W Yates treas, Savage, Morris & Davis attys,
     3rd floor Neb Natl Bank bldg, r 17 to 21.
Erdman W F, soda water and cider mfr, 1`324 Capitol ave.
Erfling E C, florist, 1158 N 16th.
Erhard Peter, upholsterer, 1521 Leavenworth.
Erickson C L & Co, jewelry, 206 N 16th.
Erickson T, shoemaker, 816 S 16th.
Erk J H, groceries, 3602 Hamilton.
Erlich & Langstadter (Henry Erlich, Henry Langstadter), cigars and tobacco, 116 S 15th.
Ernst J C, meat market, 1304 N 18th.
Ervine R S, atty, 938 N Y Life bldg.
Estabrook Henry D, attorney at law, r 915 N Y Life bldg.
Estelle Lee S, atty, r 40 Chamber of commerce.
Esterly Harvesting Machine Co, 1308 Izard.
European Hotel, Leon Kopald prop, 622-624 S 10th.
Evans C T, groceries, flour, feed, 2912 Grant.
Evans Dudley, genl supt Wells, Fargo & Co Express, r 310 N Y Life Bldg.
Evans J H, prop City Steam Laundry and Omaha Towel Co, 207 to 211 S 11th.
Evans J, garden seeds, 1406 Dodge.
Evans John B, real estate, r 308 N Y Life bldg.
Evans J W, atty, 409-410 J J Brown blk.
Evans T R, real estate, 1404 N 24th.
Everitt W, carpenter, 2100 Farnam.
Ewell V A, real estate and loans, 931 N Y Life bldg.
Expressman Delivery Co, Gordon & Wilson props, 214 N 16th.
Fabrin Mads, shoemaker, 1103 S 7th.
Fahs Charles F, real estate, r 242 Chamber of Commerce.
Fairbank Inveswtment Co (The), C L Wright pres, G B Lasbury sec and treas
Fairbanks, Morse & Co, F C Ayer mgr, scales, engines, pumps, boilers, etc 1018 Farnam,
Fairfield Edmond M, notary public, r 21 Neb Natl Bank bldg.
Faist Louis, barber, 121 S. 15th.
Falconer N B, dry goods, 1505 Douglas.
Falk John, shoemaker, 1210 Dodge.
Fanferlik James, groceries, 1316 William.
Faris S J, prop Hotel Faris, 301 S 9th.
Farmers Home (The), monthly, the Farmers Home Publishing Co props,
     S W Croy west mgr, 1222 Harney.
Farnsworth S H, drugs, 2115 Cuming.
Farnsworth W B, sol agt B & O R R, r 510 First Natl Bank bldg.
Farquhar D P, constable, 602 S 13th.
Farrell & Co, (D Farrell), refiners and dealers syrups, molasses and vinegars, 217 S 8th.
Farrell Michael, groceries, 1915 Lake.
Faux J F, Turkish baths, 1424 Farnam.
Fawcett, Davis & Sturdevant (Jacob Fawcett, John P Davis, Frank M Sturdevant),
     attys-at-law, r 1-2-3 U S Natl Bank bldg.
Feckenscher FC, & Co, cigar and packing box mfrs, 220 N 14th.
Feddie Peter, saloon, 724 N 16th.
Feil N P, sec and treas, The Bee Building Co, cashier the Omaha Bee, Bee Building,
     n w cor 17th and Farnam.
Feilbach J H & Co, (J H Feilbach, H G Straight, M H Howes), commission merchants,
     509 S 11th.
Feiler Bros, groceries, 1140 N 18th.
Felker W S, atty, r 613 Paxton blk.
Ferguson Arthur N, atty-at-law, r 319 First Natl Bank bldg.
Fermentum Riverdale Compressed Yeast Co, E A Archibald agt, 1515 Harney, tel 1428.
Ferris C S, atty, 707 N Y Life bldg.
Festner Printing Co, job printing, 1307-9 Howard.
Fiala Adolph, barber, 1250 S 16th.
Fibiger J, watch repairer, 1208 S 13th.
Fidelity & Casualty Co, Wm C Beer genl agt, r 314 Omaha Natl Bank bldg.
Fidelity Oil Co, Case & Baughman props. S 20th and U P tracks.
Field Geo W, architect, Bee bldg.
Field John, carpenter and builder, 1218 Nicholas.
Figenbaum G A, physician, 702 N 16th.
Filley, Kramer & Co, railroad labor agts, cor 11th and Farnam.
Findley & Shields, (Wm E Findley, Alexander Shields), architects,
     r 49 and 50 Chamber of Commerce.
Finlayson & Douglas, Samuel Finlayson, John Douglas, printers, 310 S 12th.
Finley Belle Miss, notary public, 806 N Y Life bldg.
Finley H L, barber, 2207 S 13th.
Finley Jno P, real estate, r 25 Chamber of commerce.
First National Bank, capital $500,000, surplus and undivided profits $100,000,
     H Kountze pres, J A Creighton vice-pres, F H Davis cashier, W H Megquier
     and H E Gates asst cashiers, s e cor 13th and Farman.
First National Safety Deposit Vaults, officers same as First National Bank, 307 S 13th.
Fischer August, tailor, 417 S 13th.
Fischer Wm, meat market, 1004 Capitol ave.
Fischer Wm I, general agent New England Mutual Life Insurance Co,
     r 28-29 Chamber of Commerce.
Fish John M, subscription books, r 929 N Y Life bldg.
Fisher J A, meat market, 119 N 10th.
Fisher P F, meat market, 1923 Pierce.
Fisher W W, dry goods, 2023 Leavenworth.
Fitch F W, atty, 6 Barker blk.
Fitch Wm, pres and sec Crystal Ice Co, 218 S 15th.
Fitzgibbon Ella Mrs, restaurant, 1414 N 24th.
Fitspatrick D, plumbing, gas fitter, 114 N 15th.
Fitzpatrick Hugh, gold pen maker, 1452 S 13th.
Flack & Baright (John F Flack, Irving G Baright), insurance, r 11 Chamber of Commerce.
Flack John F, real estate, r 11 Chamber of Commerce.
Flanagan & Heafey, livery, horseshoer, 420 N 19th.
Flannagan Nellie Mrs, dressmaker, 1708 Nicholas.
Flannagan John H, freight agt C St P M & O, C N W and F E & M V R R, 1402 Webster.
Flannagan Thomas, saloon, N 12th and Locust.
Flannery Jas, street commissioner, basement Court House.
Fleischmann & Co, Elmer E Bryson mgr, compressed yeast, 1013 Howard.
Fleming J K, genl agt patented specialties, 316 N Y Life bldg.
Fleming Wm & Co, grocers, special family agts Curtis Bros canned goods,
     agts for Manitou Mineral Waters, 1401 Douglas.
Fliegel J H, merchant tailor, 1320 Douglas.
Flodin L Theo, key maker, 102 S 16th.
Flodman P E & Co, jewelry, 220 N 16th.
Flood & Miller, brick mfrs, S 6th and Center.
Florence Lake Hotel, G Sesemann, prop, e s Florence Lake.
Floyd E G, prop The Diamond, 1313 Douglas.
Flury Nick, cigar mfr, 2901 Pinkney
Fogg F W, drugs, 124 B 12th.
Foltick John & Co, hardware, 1905 Vinton.
Foley T J, saloon, 1412 Douglas.
Folger M Mrs, fancy goods, 1418 Capitol ave.
Foote D A, physician and surgeon, r 309 Range bldg.
Foran P, tobacco, cigars, 207 N 16th.
Forbes Robert, Omaha Trust Co, 307 N 16th.
Forby C H, trunk maker, 1406 Douglas.
Ford J Wilkes Roofing Co, J Wilkes Ford pres, F J Lewis sec and treas,
     felt and gravel roofers 1607 Farnam.
Foreign Immigration Co, 310 S 15th.
Forest Hall, B F Madsen prop, 1119 S 6th.
Forest Lawn Cemetery Association, J J Brown pres, S T Joselyn treas,
     H I Plumb agt, r 408 Paxton blk.
Forgy Theodore B, genl agt Jo-He Remedy, 13208 Farnam.
Forman Alfred, ticket broker and coal dealer, 1220 Farnam.
Forsyth James, drugs, 202 N 16th.
Fortney R L, mgr U S Publishing House (western branch), 841 N Y Life bldg.
Foster & McEachron, coal, flour and feed, 1916 Lake.
Foster W H & Son, florists, 1622 Capitol ave.
Foushe A Mrs, notions, 2411 N 24th.
Fowler & Beindorff,(B A Fowler, C F Beindorff), architects, 220 S 13th.
Fowler CD A, atty, 1509 Farnam.
Fowler elevator Co, B Fowler pres, C T Brown sec, C H Fowler treas, grain dealers,
     r 514 First Natl Bank bldg.
Fowler L D, cashier, German Savings Bank, 218 S 13th.
Fowler William P, cashier C E & C M Anthony, r 318 N Y Life bldg.
Fox & Case (A D Fox, L H Case), groceries, 1528 Vinton.
Fox Geo J, real estate, 1218 Harney.
Fox J R, meat market, 1809 Lake.
Fox Wm, meat market, 3018 N 16th.
Frank Jacob, barber, 410-1/2 S 10th.
Franklin G F, barber, 707 N 16th.
Franklin Printing Co, Dan Shelly prop, job printing, 1402 Farnam.
Frederick Calvin H, hats, caps, furs, etc, 120 S 15th.
Fredman H, groceries, 720 N 16th.
Free M E sanitary engineer, plumber, 1620 Capitol ave.
Freeland, Loomis & Co, props Continental Clothing House, 14222-1424 Douglas.
Freiden Wm, groceries, 2309 S 10th.
Freitag F J, saloon, 1802 S 13th.
Fremont, Elkhorn & Missouri Valley R R, J R Buchanan genl pass agt,
     general offices Merchants Natl Bank bldg.
French Charles, barber, 418 S 10th, 412 S 13th.
French Edward R, atty, r 801 N y Life bldg.
French E E, real estate, 1516 Douglas.
French J M & Co, (J M French, I L Beisel), book publishers, r 512-513 Paxton blk.
French & Pixley (E E French, Louis Pixley), commission merchants, 1119 Howard.
Frenzer John N, real estate and fire ins, r 3 and 5 Frenzer blk.
Frenzer Joseph P, diamonds, jewelry, etc, 101 S 15th.
Fretwell D S M, auctioneer, 1305 Douglas.
Freyhan J A, mgr Kentucky Liquor House, 503 S 13th.
Freytay John J, drugs, 1614 N 24th.
Frice Chas J, drugs, 1224 Douglas.
Frick A & Co, (A Frick, C Herbertz), wholesale liquors, 804 to 808 S 10th.
Fridman H, pawnbroker, 514 S 10th.
Friedman S, pawnbroker, 508 S 10th.
Fries & Civer (Louis Fries, M V Civer) props, Omaha Scale Works, 121 Jones.
Frohberg Gust, saloon, Park and M P R R.
Frontier Steam Laundry, M Collins prop, 1512 Howard.
Frost George A, contractor, and builder, 612 South 18th.
Frost & Harris (Harry Frost, L D Harris), carriage-makers, Izard and 23rd.
Fruehauf J I, news depot, 414 S 15th.
Fuhs John, notary, steamship agt, 710 S 16th.
Full Dress (The), saloon, Postoffice Court.
Fuller F A, saloon, 123 N 12th.
Fuller J A & Co, (John A Fuller, John H Dumont), drugs, paints and oils, 1401 Douglas.
Fuller & Whittingham, coal, flour and feed, 4313 N 24th.
Fullerton J H, railroad contractor, 1404 Farnam.
Fullridge A W, boots and shoes, 1209 Douglas.
Furay & McArdle, street, railway adv agt, Arlington blk.
Furnam E Miss, dressmaker,708 S 16th.
Furnas J W & S, stone contractors, N 14th and Nicholas.
Furth Julius, clothing, 502 S 10th.
Galbraith & Morris (H K Galbraith, L M Morris), attys, 510 Sheely blk.
Galbraith Wm J, surgeon U P Ry, 122 S 14th.
Gall Emil, saloon, 902 Douglas.
Gallagher C V (H L Cremer & Co) 120 S 14th.
Galligan John J, chief of fire dept, No. 3 Engine House.
Gamble Wm R, barber, 211 S 13th.
Gannon, Donovan & shea (M V Gannon, D Donovan, J C Shea), attys,
     r 33-34-35 Chamber of Commerce.
Gapen Clarke, city physician, r 15 Barker blk.
Garden City Billiard Table Co, C W Mount mgr 415 S 15th.
Gardner C F, warm air furnaces and mantle, 1320 Capitol ave.
Gardner W A, real estate, notary, r 316 N Y Life bldg.
Garfield Hall, P H Green prop, 1513 Howard.
Garlichs R L, real estate, 1614 Farnam.
Garmong C W, carpenter, 1812 Izard.
Garneau Bakery of the American biscuit and Mfg Co, Jos Garneau Jr mgr,
      cracker mfrs, 1202 Jackson.
Garner Lafayette A, genl supt Am Ex Co, r 411 First Natl Bank bldg.
Garten Alvin E, sec and treas Western Land and Loan Exchange, r 821 N Y Life bldg.
Garvey Bros (John and Thomas Garvey), saloon, 7022 S 13th.
Gaston J Q, loans, r 319 Omaha Natl Bank bldg.
Gate City Abstract Co, capital $20,000, Wm Coburn pres, Cadet Taylor vice-pres,
     F W Taylor treas, R E Gaylord sec, 307 S 16th.
Gate City Auction co (W P Browne, E A Hull), auctioneers, 213 S 12th.
Gate City Coal Co, Geo Snapp, pres, P L Zilch sec, F E Lee treas, 214 N 16th.
Gate City Hat Co, Alexander Gunther pres and treas, Herman Drissaus vice-pres and
     sec, Ed J Roe mgr, wholesale dealers hats, caps, gloves, straw goods, 1623 Harney.
Gate City Ice Co, B Melquist pres, P D Mattson vice-pres, John N Westberg sec and
     treas, 1403 Farnam.
GateCity Laundry, West & Truman props, 1122 N 16th.
Gate City Planing Mill, A Moyer prop, 106-110 S 9th.
Gate City Stove Repair Works, Thos Birmingham prop, 504 N 16th.
Gate City Wood Works, S Johnson prop, 1223-1225 N 19th.
Gates Herbert E, asst cashier First National Bank, s e cor 13th and Farnam.
Gates Wm H, real estate and loans, r 503 N Y Life bldg.
Gatton O S & Co, groceries, 1122 N 20th.
Gaunt G C, barber, 1921 N 16th.
Gavin P A, mgr Lovell Mfr Co, 2416 Cuming.
Gay & Hoar ( G M Gay, John Hoar), props, Metropolitan Hotel, 1124 Douglas.
Gaylord R E, sec Gate City Abstract Co, 1608 Farnam.
Gaynore J M, dancing academy, 1515 Dodge.
Gedney Pickle Co, J W Bishop pres, Jno P Gedney vice-pres, W A Smith secy, cor 11th and Grace.
Geest H, meat market, 1802 S 16th.
Geisler Max, birds, fish and animals, 417 S 15th.
Gentlemen Wm, groceries, 501 N 16th, 2503 N 24th.
George Charles C, treas and mgr, Potter & George Co, 1601 Farnam.
Geppner C M, prop Mechanics Home, 712 S 14th.
Grald Charles, architect, r 1009 N Y Life bldg.
Gerland H, shoemaker, 1218 S 13th.
German-American Insurance Co, N Y, Francis Dana special agt, r 50 Douglas blk.
German-American Savings Bank, capital $250,000, Jeff W Bedford pres, J R Harris vice-pres,
     J W Harris cashier, John S King asst cashier, n w cor 16th and Farnam.
German Savings Bank, capital $500,000, Frederick Metz Sr pres, C B Schmidt vice-pres,
     L D Fowler cashier, Henry Bollen managing director, 201 S 13th.
German Yeast Co, Consolidated Coffee Co, props, 1414 Harney factory 28th and Boyd.
Germania Life Insurance Co (The), Udo Brachvogel mgr, r 306 First National Bank bldg.
Gernandt Paul F, cigar manufacturer, 1448 S 13th.
Gerock & Co, (Christ Gerock and Chas Falck), marble works, 2012 Cuming.
Getty J B, restaurant, 1417 Douglas.
Getzschmann C H, confectionery, 1412 S 13th.
Gibbs Wm & Co, furniture, 412 N 16th.
Gibson & Chapman, cigars and tobacco, 1511-1/2 Farnam.
Gibson George H, pub Omaha Leader, r 27 Ware blk.
Gibson J H, state agt Granite State Provident Assn of Manchester, N H, r 51 Douglas blk.
Gibson John J, real estate, 3 Creighton block.
Gibson M E, saloon, N 12th and Locust.
Gibson Miller & Richardson (Henry Gibson, George L Miller, Lyman Richardson), lithographers,
     printers, stationers, binders etc, 1215 Harney.
Gideon J L, pub Nebraska Agriculturalist, printer, 119 N 16th.
Gielow & Nuslen, clothing, 2412 Cuming.
Gifford F, contractor and builder, 207 N 17th.
Gifford Harold, phys, 1404 Farnam.
Gilbert Bros, taxidermists, etc, 815 N 16th.
Gilbert Geo W, contractor and builder, 1705 St Marys ave.
Gilbert James, gas inspector, 1519 Jackson.
Gilman D F, physician, 1216 N 24th.
Gilmer J D, news depot and confectionery, 1523 Leavenworth.
Gilmore & Adams, meat market, 4024 N 24th.
Gilmore Dairy, John Stuben prop, 605 S 13th.
Gilmore Harry, supt Belt Line Ry, 1504 Nicholas.
Gilmoe & Ruhl (James G Gilmore, Joseph A Ruhl), wholesale clothing, 1109 Harney.
Ginsberg N, dry goods, 1020 Douglas.
Givin A P, physician and surgeon, 324 S 15th.
Gladish Wm, drugs, 102 S 12th.
Gladstone Bros (A H and Max Gladstone), groceries and liquors 1308-1310 Douglas.
Glencoe Mill, Marsh & Smith prop, 2220 Izard.
Blickman H, groceries, 2809 Walnut.
Glikbarg A, pawnbroker, 714 S 13th.
Globe Hotel, Tarpley Bros props, 1312 Douglas.
Globe Loan & Trust Co, capial $150,000, H O Devries pres, Cadet Taylor vice-pres,
     W B Taylor sec and treas, 307 S 16th.
Globe Loan & Trust Co Savings Bank, capital $50,000, H O Devries pres, Cadet Taylor
     vice-pres, W B Taylor scashier, C E Williamson asst cashier, 307 S 16th.
Gloe Wm, shoemaker, 2402 Leavenworth.
Gluck Isidor, oculist and aurist, r 18 Barker blk.
Goate R, restaurant, 1504 Webster.
Godfrey Thomas F, pass and ticket agt M P Ry, 1224 Frnam.
Godwin Parke, atty, 314 Ramge blk.
Goedecke & Co(W Goedecke), cigar, tobacco, 304 S 15th.
Goldberg Bros, (N E and P M Goldberg), merchant tailors, 410 S 13th.
Goldberg H, furniture, 616 S 13th.
Goldberg H, groceries, 1223 S 5th.
Golden M, pawnbroker, 203-1/2 S 13th.
Goldgraber B H, groceries, 1503 N 20th.
Goldsmith J, clothing 1300 Farnam.
Goldsmith L A, saloon, 127 N 9th.
Goldstein H, tailor, 404 S 15th.
Goldstein S, tailor 1806 St Marys ave.
Goodrich Charles S, city comptroller, 1710 Farnam.
Goodman Drug Co, capital $50,000, C F Goodman pres and treas, O P Goodman sec,
     Wholesale drugs, surgical instruments, etc. 1110 Farnam.
Goos Peter, saloon, 1419 Jackson.
Gordon A, saloon, 1501 Webster.
Gordon Wolf, picture frame maker. 203 N 15th.
Gorham Maggie Mrs, dressmaker, 1307 Park ave.
Gormley C T, agt N K Fairbank & Co, lard and soap, 815-817 Howard.
Goss C A, atty, 910 N y Life bldg.
Gottheimer Ph, mgr Omaha Shirt Factory, 1314 Farnam.
Gould Charles W, cashier The Massachusetts Mutual Life Ins Co, r 200 Bee bldg.
Gould M, agt The Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Co, r 416 Bee bldg.
Government Printing Office, Geo E Rind supt, r 609 Bee bldg.
Graack Henry, saloon, 2610 Walnut.
Grable Francis C, sec La Platte Land Co, 16 chamber of Commerce.
Graddy L B, oculist and aurist, 1404 Farnam.
Graham C W, shooting gallery, 1318 Douglas.
Graham W T, real estate, 8 Ceighton blk.
Gralfs A, meat market, 2622 Leavenworth.
Gram & Jensen (R P Gram, J Jensen), saloon, 2001 Cuming.
Gram J J , saloon 701 Leavenworth.
Gram & Johnson, groceries, 1121 N 24th.
Grand Hotel, A gross prop, 919 S 11th.
Grand Opera House, I W Miner mgr, 205 N 15th.
Grand Union Tea and Coffee Co, W K Duval prop, 321 S 15th.
Grand View Brick Co, F D Cooper pres, C F Goodman sec and treas, cor 2nd and Dorcas.
Granite State Provident Assn of Manchester N H, J H Gibson state agent, r 51 Douglas blk.
Grant C L, restaurant, 1307 N 24th.
Grant & Grant, props Painless Dental Co, 1506 Farnam.
Grant John, paving contractor, r 352 Bee bldg.
Gratton W E, real estate loans, 311 Paxton blk.
Gaves J B, tailor, cor 30th and Garfield.
Gray T, groceries, Gibson station.
Gray Fred W, wholesale and retail lumber, cement, lime etc, and planing mill, secy and treas,
     E E Naugle Co, Douglas cor 9th.
Gray H E, photographer, 213 N 16th.
Gray Stephen W, supt N Y Life bldg. R 207 N Y Life bldg.
Great Eastern Fast Freight Line, Geo A Rogers agt, R E Owings soliciting agent, 930 N Y Life bldg.
Great Western Stove Co, E A Trussell warehouse mgr, 908-910 Jones.
Great Western Type Foundry, W F Cornell mgr, 1114 Howard.
Grebe Henry, hay sweep and corn stalk rake mfr, 1712 St Marys ave.
Grebe Henry J, wagon maker, 1712 St Mary's ave.
Greeley & Co (T M Greeley, M A Greeley), corn merchants, 1007 Howard.
Green Alexander, attorney, 215 Sheely blk.
Green Duff, real estate, r 19 Continental blk.
Green E W & Co, flour and feed, 102 N 16th.
Green H D, barber, 2008 Lake.
Green John W, saloon, 1415 Farnam.
Green P H, prop Garfield Hall and saloon, 1513 Howard.
Green Tree Hotel, Mrs A Thum prop, 1718 William.
Green & Williams, (Wm H Green, Frank F Williams), loans, real estate and insurance,
     r 521-522 First National Bank bldg.
Green & Williams, agts Palace Stables, 1619-23 Davenport.
Greenberg H, dressmaker, 313 Sheely blk.
Greenberg S, second-hand goods, 104 N 10th.
Greene & Baxter (Charles J Greene, Irving F Baxter) attys at law,
     r 709-710-711N Y Life bldg.
Greenwood A E & Co, (A E Greenwood, F Terry), real estate, 520 S 13th.
Gregory, Day & Day, (Daniel D Gregory, George A and Curtis L Day), attys,
     r 432 Omaha National Bank bldg.
Grier C, meat market, 2409 N 24th.
Griffith W H, groceries, 3122 Leavenworth.
Grigor T S & Co, coffee and teas, 1509 Douglas.
Grimm G A, meat market, 2119 N 24th.
Gring C W & Co (C W Gring, R E Hanley), undertakers and embalmers, 1009 Farnam.
Grimstead C S, real estate and loans, r 206 Douglas blk.
Gross & Durbin, commission merchants, 324 N 13th.
Gross J G, rubber stamps, 102 S 16th.
Gross M H, groceries, 1348 N 20th.
Grossmann P, phys, 122 S 17th.
Grotmak C, groceries, 119 N 12th.
Grotte R R, wholesale wines and Liquors, agt Schlitz beer, 719 S 9th.
Groux B, phys. 321 N 15th.
Groves John, city clerk, basement court house.
Grub A, restaurant, Fort Omaha.
Guckert & McDonald (Nicholas L Guckert, J H McDonald), merchant tailors, 315 S 15th.
Gue & Cotton, livery 1502 Cass.
Guelk J, saloon, 1814 Military ave.
Guill I N, saloon, 1419 Dodge.
Guill W W, saloon, 223 N High.
Guildner F, meat market,613 S 10th.
Gulick H, phys, 3014 Ames ave.
Gurley & Marple (Wm F Gurley, Charles H Marple), attys, r 707 N Y Life bldg.
Gurney C B, drugs, 1224 N 24th.
Guye L, barber, billiards 520 S 13th.


Haarman Brothers (Ferdinand, Carl and John Haarman), vinegar mfrs, 1714-1718 S 20th.
Haas Benedict, florist, 1813 Vinton.
Haegen & Boyd (H Haegen, Wm Boyd), bakery, 516 S 10th.
Haegen Henry, prop Haegen Steam Laundry, 517 S 13th.
Haegen Steam Laundry, Henry Haegen prop, 517 S 13th.
Hagedorn H A, Planing mill, store fixtures, Cuming nr 48th.
Haines I, Horesehoer, 1518 Webster.
Halberg J, stove repairer, 596 N 16th.
Hale L F, atty, notary, 203 Sheely blk.
Hale & Neely (Oliver H P Hale, Henry D Neely), mgrs Equitable Life Assurance
     Society of New York, r 5 U S Natl Bank bldg.
Haley C M, wholesale mdse broker, 1110 Jones.
Halk G T, Barber, 1117 N 24th.
Hall E B, state mgr Aetna Life Insurance Co of Hartford Conn,
     Merchants National Bank bldg.
Hall, McCulloch & English (Richard S Hall, J H McCulloch, J P English),
     attys-at-law, r 430 Omaha National Bank bldg.
Hall Netherton, real estate, loans and ins, 224 S 15th.
Hall Safe & Lock Co, A L Deanne & Co genl agts, 321-323 S 10th.
Hall Thomas F, real estate, r 317 Paxton blk.
Hallar J P, restauramt, 418 S 15th.
Haller C W, atty, r 501 Paxton blk.
Halligan C P, atty, 1504 Farnam.
Hambek Frank, bakery, 2902 Walnut.
Hamburger Max, mgr Western Portrait Co, 610 S 13th.
Hamilton Bros, contractors and builders, 414 S 18th.
Hamilton C W, pres United States National Bank, 1201 Farnam.
Hamilton C Will, asst casher United States National Bank, 1201 Farnam.
Hamilton D, chop house, 803 S 10th.
Hamilton H P, phys, 2412 Cuming.
Hamilton J F, meat market, 1114-1116 S 13th.
Hamilton Loan & Trust Co., L C Nash branch mgr, r 321 Omaha Natl Bank bldg.
Hamlin & Brown, real estate, 917 S 13th.
Hammond G H Co, ET Welch mgr, wholesale meats, 1313 Leavenworth.
Hammond Isaac N, real estate, r 54 Chamber of Commerce.
Hammond Lewis P, real estate, loans, r 1 Creighton blk.
Hamon Henry, groceries, 121 N 10th.
Hanchett W H, phys, r 6 Withnell blk.
Hancock A U, atty, r 317 Omaha Natl Bank bldg.
Hand H E & H M, real estate, chattle loans, 1519 Farnam.
Hanel Frank, boot and shoemaker, 612 S 10th.
Hanighen John J, practical plumber, steam and gas fitter, 2705 Leavenworth,
     tel 1146 (see adv page 375).
Hanley Charles, groceries, 812 S 10th.
Hanscom A J, real estate and loans, 1506 Farnam.
Hanscom J D, real estate and loans, 1506 Farnam.
Hansen A P, saloon, s 13th nr Kavan.
Hansen B, meat market, 1313 N 24th.
Hansen H P, blacksmith, 2505 Leavenworth.
Hansen Jens, merchant tailor, 2111 Caming.
Hansen & Jensen, saloon, 1335 N 24th.
Hansen Lars, prop Denmark Hotel & saloon, 819-821 S 7th.
Hansen Nicholas, barber, 1122 S 13th.
Hansen S E, notions, 2423 Cuming.
Hanson Chas, meat market, 2610 Cass.
Hanson & Nelson, blacksmith, wagon makers, 2511 Cuming.
Hanson Theodore, blacksmith, Park N R M P Ry.
Harden J E, barber, 210 S 14th.
Harding L, Junkshop, 2206 Cuming.
Hardy H & Co (Henry Hardy), 99c store, 1319 Farnam.
Harm Carl, basket maker, S 13th s Kavan.
Harmon C, painter, 311 N 27th ave.
Harmon & Weeth, coal and coke, 119 N 16th, yards 1310 N 16th.
Harold James, saloon 2402 Leavenworth.
Harr C H, book agt, office 118 N 18th.
Harrigan C P, physician, 201 S 13th.
Harris & Co, groceries, 2921 Leavenworth.
Harris Geo E, saloon, 1325 Howard.
Harris J W, cashier German-American Savings Bank, n w cor 16th and Farnam.
Harris Wm M, real estate, loans and notary, 912 N Y Life bldg.
Hart A J, justice, 209 S 15th.
Hart Ed, P J Soloman mgr, merchant tailor, 212 S 16th.
Hart J H, carpenter, 840 S 17th.
Hart & Kilgallon, saloon, 1123 Chicago.
Hart M E Mrs, dressmaking, 1410 Capitol ave.
Hart M W, griceries, Eckermann Place.
Hart Orlow W, contractor, Eckermann Place.
Hart W F, mgr Hotel Esmond, 620 N 16th.
Hartegan Wm, mgr The Armour-Cudahy Pkg Co. wholsale dealers in meat, 1217-1219 Leavenworth.
Harter J T, confectionery, 609 N 16th.
Hartinger O, tailor, 911 Jackson.
Hartley, McNaughton & Co., job printers, 202 N 14th
Hartman & Collins (H Hartman, M H Collins, mfrs agts r 603 Bee bldg.
Hartman & Robbins (C Hartman, John W Robins), real estate, r 209 N Y Life bldg.
Harty H C, cigar mfr., 1116 Farnam.
Harvey Charles A, mantles, grates and tile floors, 1514-1516 Farnam.
Haskell George M, job printer, 1513 Harney.
Hassig R A, asst ticket agt M P Ry, 1224 Farnam.
Hast J T, confectionery, 2420 S 16th.
Hatt & Dille, confectionery, 104S 15th.
Haughawout John W, dentist, 1509 Douglas.
Havens C B & Co, coal, office 1502 Farnam, yards 1407 Webster.
Havens Thos C, coal, 1508 Howard.
Havlicek Joseph, saloon, restaurant, 1401 S 13th.
Hawkins John H W, architect, r 423-422 First Natl Bank bldg.
Hawley & Athey (Billy Hawley, Billy Athey, Stheneum Club an sample room, 1211 Douglas.
Hayden Bros (William, Edward and Joseph Hayden), dry goods, carpets, draperies, clothing,
     millinery, boots and shoes, hats and caps, cloaks and suits, toys, watches, clocks and
     jewelry, books and stationery, hardware, groceries, drugs and glassware,
     102 to 112 S 16th (See left top lines and pages 450 and 451).
Hayes C W, physician, 2122 Lake.
Hayes D D, physician, 321 N 15th.
Hayes DD & Co, drugs, 1319 N 15th.
Haynes D Q, art painting, 121 N 15th.
Haynes J B, managing editor TheOmaha Bee, Bee bldg, n w corner 17th and Farnam
     (see page opp inside back cover).
Hays & Sevey, horse shoers, 916 N 16th.
Hayward Bros (James W, Edward E and Charles S Hayward), boots and shoes, 1515 Douglas.
Hazard & Russell, livery, 1809 N 16th.
Head Thomas, foreman Omaha Building Co, r 418 N Y Life bldg (see adv page 411).
Heafey & Heafey (P C & M Heafey), undertakers, 218 S 14th.
Heath Bros, meat market, 1811 St Marys ave.
Heath M T, builder and contractor, 2617 N 24th.
Heaten W S, tin, sheet iron, zinc and copper works, 2805 Leavenworth
     (see adv page 385).
Heckerman G H, Omaha Art Stained Glass Works, 1012 Farnam.
Hedding H B,foreman Omaha Building Co, r 418 N Y Life bldg
     (see adv page 411).
Hedding H W, pres and treas Omaha Building Co, r 418 N Y Life bldg
     (see adv page 411).
Hedgcock H W, prop New England Furniture Co, 710 N 16th.
Heflin C R, expert locksmith, gunsmith, unbrellas recovered and repaired,
     119 N 16th (see side lines).
Heft Frank R, cigar box mfr, 1501 to 1505 Jackson.
Hegarty D & Son, tinsmiths 822 N 16th.
Hegglung M C Mrs, midwife, 1715 California.
Heimrod & Co, groceries, 606 S 13th.
Heimrod & Hansen, groceries, 701-3 N 16th.
Heinzman Wm, meat market, 714 N 16th.
Heitman K Mrs, confectionery, 311 N 15th.
Helin F A, groceries,2404 Cuming.
Helin & Thompson (John F Helin,Chas W Thompson), merchant tailors, 317 S 15th.
Helin, Thompson & Co, wholesale woolens, 317 S 15th.
Heller Louis, butchers tools and supplies, 1116 Jackson.
Hellman M & Co (Meyer Hellman, Mrs M Hellman) colthing, 1301 Farnam.
Helshaw J B, restaurant, 4016 N 24th.
Helsley Lee, police judge, 1519 Jackson.
Hendee George, pres Western Land & Loan Exchange, r 821 NY Life bldg
     (see page 395).
Hendee Horatio K, mgr Western Land & Loan Exchange, r 821 N Y Life bldg
     (see page 395).
Henderson & Berlinghof, florist, 1910N 16th.
Hendrickson James, clothing, dry goods, 2217 Cuming.
Henderson J P prop New York Hotel, 1519 Webster.
Henderson Mortgage & Investment Co, H H Henderson pres, M A Henderson treas,
     Geo J Henderson sec, mortgage loans, r 400 Paxton Bldg.
Henderson & Parish, carpenters and builders, 1441 N 24th.
Henderdon W, notions, 1443 N 24th.
Henderson Wm R, editor The Central West, r 428 Bee bldg.
Hengen & Son (Joseph H, Morris Hengen), shoemakers, 1615 Farnam.
Heningson M Mrs, dressmaker, 706 S 13th.
Henoch Heiman, cigar mfr, 1220 Farnam and 1522 Dodge.
Henriksen M. saloon, 2516 Cuming.
Henrickson Rasmus, groceries, 802 Leavenworth.
Henry & Coats worth Co, Jay Coatsworth pres, F W Brown vice-pres, G W Henry treas,
     WW Bell sec, wholesale lumber 712-713 N Y Life bldg.
Hensel L M, phys, 119 N 16th.
Heritage John, blacksmith, wagonmaker, 1824 N 24th.
Herr W M B, merchant tailor, Fort Omaha.
Herrmann F, blacksmith, 115 S 11th.
Herrmann Lew, saloon, 3002 Walnut.
Hertzman J F, private diseases, 607 and 702 N 16th.
Herzog F, bakery, 1002 N 20th.
Hess Joseph, second-hand goods, 602 N 16th.
Hess & Swoboda (Jacob Hess, Geo Swoboda), florists, 205 S 15th.
Hesselberg I, prop Boston Installment Furniture Co, 606 N 16th.
Hetzel F J, groceries, 2224 Cuming.
Hetzel L G, groceries, 4007 Cuming.
Hewitt & Carnahan, horseshoers, 1611 Cass.
Hewitson H L, phys, 313 N 15th.
Heyman & Deiches (Elias Heyman, Augustus Deiches, dry goods, etc, 1520 Farnam.
Heyn George, photographer, 317 S 15th and 1312 Farnam.
Heyn H, photographer, 1406 Farnam.
Heyn S, photographers supplies, picture frames and mouldings, 1414 Dodge.
Hibbeler H L, saloon, S 45th and Leavenworth.
Hibben L O, saloon, 22 S 13th.
Hickman C F Mrs, millinery, 211 S 16th.
Hiestand John A, atty, r 815 N Y Life bldg.
Hickstein Frederick, meat inspector, 1519 Jackson.
Higgins George, genl mgr Omaha Vitrified Paving Brick & Tile Co, r 401 Bee bldg.
Higgins L S, ins agt, 1 Barker blk.
High I, meat market, 3022 Hamilton.
Hilditch F W, accountant, r 507 J J Brown blk.
Hill & Calnon (L Hill, L F Calnon), props Southern Hotel and saloon, 721-723 S 9th.
Hill Nelson, barber, 704 S 16th.
Hill V M Mrs, dressmaker, 1239 Park ave.
Hill & Young (L D Hill, J M Young), furniture, 1213 Farnam.
Hiller Henry, clothing, 608 S 13th.
Himebaugh & Taylor, wholesale and retail builders, hardware, Buffalo scales, mechanics
     tools, etc, 1405 Douglas (see adv page 411).
Hinchcliff Geo, brick mfr, S 40th and Center.
Hine E C, bakery, 1805 St Marys ave.
Hinman Milk Can Co, Frank D Pierce mgr, 1808 St Marys ave.
Hinrichs Gus, meat market, 2205 S 13th.
Hinz Charles, groceries, 1907 Vinton.
Hirshberg S, clothing, 2210 Cuming.
Hirshstein J Mrs, cigar mfr, 103 S 13th.
Hirt Michael, groceries, 1820 S 10th.
Hitchcock G M, editor Omaha World-Herald, 1412 Farnam.
Hitt H C, (Read & Hitt), attorney and notary, r 508 Sheely blk. (see adv page 577).
Hidek F, meat market, 1324 S 13th.
Hoagland Geo A, lumber, building material, 9th ne cor Douglas.
Hoagland J, shoemaker 217 N 16th.
Hobert A J, harnessmaker, 1722 Cuming.
Hoblit Harry, groceries, 1520 S 10th.
Hochstrasser John, mgr Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co, 407-409 S 10th.
Hodder R W, prop Central Lumber yard, 523 N 14th.
Hodgin Robert F, sec and genl mgr the Commercial Directory Co, r 11-12 U S Natl Bank bldg.
Hodgins Eli, notary, r 26 U S Natl Bank bldg.
Hodgson I jr, architect, r 515 J J Brown bldg.
Hodson P W, livery, 110 N 16th.
Hoffman George, livery, 423 S 18th.
Hoffman Oscar S, phys, 122 S 14th.
Hoffman S H, millinery, 1408 Douglas.
Hoffmann Ernest H, phys, 523 S 13th.
Hoffmann C, horseshoer, 1320 N 24th.
Hogan Wm, saloon, 212 S 12th.
Hoge W B, phys, 518 S 16th.
Hoglen & Whitmore (F M Hoglen, H P Whitmore), art goods, 1519 Dodge.
Holbrook Geo W, sec and treas Omaha Real Estate & Trust Co, 220 S 17th.
Holdorf Wm, restaurant, bakery, 1715 Leavenworth.
Holland John S, attorney at law, notary public, 220 S 15th.
Holmes Geo jr, justice, 602 S 13th.
Holmes H P, homeopathic phys, r 31-32 Douglas blk.
Holmes, Wharton & Baird (L D Holmes, J C Wharton, Wm Baird), attys, r 51-53 Barker blk.
Holovtschiner E, phys, r 210 Sheely blk.
Holsman H B, atty, r 638 Paxton blk.
Holtslander J W Mrs, dressmaking, 424 N 18th.
Holzheimer A Max & Co, jewelers, 1413 Douglas.
Homan Henry A, boarding stable, 413 S 13th.
Homan W R, real estate, loans, r 6 Frenzer blk.
Home Fire Insurance Co of Omaha, Neb, capital $100,000, S H H Clark pres,
     Fred Krug vice-pres, C W Hamilton treas, C J Barber sec, 1515 Douglas.
Home Investment Co, capital $300,000, Edwin S Rowley pres, E D Keyes vice-pres,
     Chas K Collins sec, r 303-306 Paxton blk.
Home Life Insurance Co of New York, C A Wenstrand genl agt, 4 412-413 J J Brown blk.
Honack Bros ( A and G Honack), coppersmiths, 1214 Jones.
Honin Dan B, pub the Railway News Reporter, 507 Sheely blk.
Honnef H, meat market, 1008 N 16th.
Honnef I*, meat market, 1403 S 10th.
Honnef P, meat market, 717 Pacific.
Honore C, chop house, 1871 S 16th.
Honza John W, prop Hotel Honza, 1109-1111 S 13th.
Hop Lee, laundry, 1012 Capitoo ave.
Hop Wa, laundry, 605 S 10th.
Hope J T, blacksmith, 3115 Cuming.
Hopewell S E, restaurant, 111 S 14th, 414 N 16th.
Hopkins A P, pres Commercial National Bank, n w cor 16th and Farnam
     (see adv pages 36 and 37).
Hopkins C M & Co, western agent Prof Deans veterinary remedies, 324 N 16th.
Hopkins, Jones & Phillips (A M Hopkins, H P Jones, T J Phillips), law and
      general stenographers, r 428-429 Paxton blk.
Horton John A, capitalist, 5 Creighton.
Horn J, meat market, 1202 S 13th.
Hornberger H, saloon, 1321 Douglas.
Horton & Bevens (Wm H Horton, John Bevens), real estate, r 922 N Y Life bldg.
Horton S W, contractor and builder.
Horwich M & Son (Moses and Kasper Horwich, junk, 1113 Harney.
Hose Andy, saloon, 1513 Farnam.
Hospe A jr, wholesale and retail pianos, organs, music and musical instruments,
     musical mdse, state agt Hallet & Davis pianos, Kimball pianos, Emerson pianos
     and Kimball organs, 1513 Douglas.
Hostetter W A, drugs, 1106 N 16th.
Hotchkiss Bros (R F and F S Hotchkiss), storage, 710 and 712 Leavenworth.
Hotel Barker, F A Balch prop, 617 to 623 S 13th.
Hotel Casey, James Casey prop, se cor 13th and Douglas.
Hotel Coverdale, Thomas Coverdale prop, 642 S 17th ave.
Hotel Derby, E Jennings prop, 143 N 13th.
Hotel Esmond, Drexel & Harte props, W F Drexel mgr, 620 N 16th.
Hotel Faris, S J Faris prop, 801 S 9th.
Hotel Garni, C Sack prop, 1010 Mason.
Hotel Honza, J W Honza prop, 1109-1111 S 13th.
Hough & Gillen (Jerry Hough and Chas Gillen) plumbers, 2022 Cuming.
Houser A, tobacco, cigars, 312 N 16th.
Houska J, meat market, 1919 N 16th.
Howard R H & Co, meat market, 1011 N 24th.
Howe Charles, groceries, 1424 N 26th.
Howe John D, attorney, r 716 N Y Life bldg.
Howe & Mack, props Oriental Steam Laundry, 2222 Izard.
Howe R M, physician, r 219 Arlington blk.
Howell & Co (Samuel J Howell), hard and soft coal, coke, charcoal, etc, 217 S 14th.
Howell Lumber Co (S R Howell, H W Jewett), lumber, S 26th and U P tracks.
Howell & McShane (E E Howell, J H McShane), ins, 215 S 14th.
Howell S E drugs, 2924 Leavenworth.
Howell W S, trav frt agt C M & St P Ry Co, 1501 Farnam.
Howers J C, vitapathic physician, 2001 Spruce.
Hoye E M Mrs, dressmaking, 415 N 15th.
Hubbard, Dawley & Hubbard, attorneys at law, r 926 N Y Life bldg.
Hubbard & Smith, props The Implement Dealer and Farm Journal, Western Advertising
     Agency, r 943 N Y Life bldg.
Hubbard, Smith & Co, insurance, 942 N Y Life bldg.
Hubermann Adolph B, jeweler, 203 S 13th.
Hudson O B, barber, 2218 Cuming.
Huestes E D, prop, Nebraska Steam Laundry, 1523 Howard.
Huffzky W F, druggists, 1270 S 13th.
Hughes & Co, photographers, 991 N 24th.
Hughes & Evans, groceries, 1220 N 24th.
Hughes James, stove repairs, 607 S 13th.
Hughes W H S, cashier The Nebraska National Bank, n w cor 12th and Farnam.
Hughes W J, drugs, 624 N 16th and 2238 Farnam.
Hulbert & Blum (J H Hulbert, E A Blum), coal, lime and cement, 214 S 15th,
     yards 13th and Nicholas.
Hulse E M Co (The), E M Hulse pres, A Lehman secy, H A Shipman treas,
     mfrs lounges and parlor furniture, 1307 to 1313 Nicholas.
Humphrey H H, contracting and electrical engineer, 1034 N Y Life bldg.
Humphrey Seth K, n w mgr The Showalter Mortgage Co, r 622 N Y Life bldg.
Hungate J H, prop The Kimball Ice Co, 213 S 14th.
Hunt & McCabe (F Hunt, W McCabe), brick mfrs, S 10th nr Valley.
Hunter W J, groceries, 2502 N 24th.
Huntington L C & Co (L C Huntington, C S & A S Huntington), hides,
     leather, 1114 Jackson.
Huntoon Sylvester A, agt Pacific and U S Ex Cos, 1401 Harney.
Hunziker Fred, saloon, 412 S 13th.
Hupp L U, barber, 1722 Vinton.
Hurlbert M A, billiards, 131 N 24th.
Hurlbut W E, notary, 309 S 16th.
Hussey & Day Co (The), Nathan B Hussey pres, Frederick A rnd [sic.] vice pres,
     Franklin B Hussey sec and treas, plumbers, 409-11 S 15th.
Hussie John, Hardwar, stoves, 2407 Cuming.
Huston Irwin E, phys, 1524 Vinton.
Huston W J, restaurant, 1518 Dodge.
Hutchison H B, livery, 1124 N 16th.
Hutchinson & Wead (Carlton D Hutchinson, Fred D Wead), real estate, 1524 Douglas.
Hyatt W H, baarber, 2507 N 24th.
Hyde H W, phys, r 21 Continental blk.
Hyde M D, atty, r 507 Merchants Natl Bank bldg.
Hymer J P, mdse broker, r 21 Douglas blk.
Hynek K Mrs, millinery, 1324 S 13th.


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