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School Book

The Oregon School Register and Record Book

Student Name - Age - Parents/Guardians

Barzee, Lessie, 8, C. G. Barzee
Barzee, May, 6, C. W. Barzee
Bashor, Benjamin, 18, M. M. Bashor
Bashor, Nannie, 20, M. M. Bashor
Bashor, Sudie, 13, M. M. Bashor
Bassett, Maud, no age listed, __ Bassett
Bassett, Veva, no age listed, __ Bassett
Bowerman, Edna, 7, J. W. Bowerman
Bowerman, Justin, 8, J. W. Bowerman
Bowerman, Rose, 11, J. W. Bowerman
Briggs, Pearl, no age listed, __ Briggs
Carlile, Joe, 10, Joe. Carlile
Claypool, Guy, 7, Joe Claypool
Claypool, Willie, 14, Joe Claypool
Cooper, Clarence, 14, Samuel Cooper
Cooper, Edward, 9, Samuel Cooper
Cooper, Eva, 6, Samuel Cooper
Cooper, Maud, 12, Samuel Cooper
Cooper, May, 16, Samuel Cooper
Craft, Clay, 8, Charles Craft
Craft, Frank, 14, Charles Craft
Craft, Katie, 17, Charles Craft
Craft, Susan, 15, Charles Craft
Craft, William, 10, Charles Craft
Cushman, Mary, 16, Jas. Boyle
Dunaway, May, 8, Mrs. J. Pound
Dunaway, Minty, 14, Mrs. J. Pound [Manty]
Dunaway, Samuel, 16, Samuel Dunaway
Eichler, Linda, 12, Charles Eichler
Faulkner, Dallas, 12, Solon Faulkner
Faulkner, Granvil, 9, Solon Faulkner
Faulkner, Henry, 13, Solon Faulkner
Fisher, Claud, 8, R. W. Fisher
Flory, Burtred, 17, A. P. Flory
Flory, Carrie, 13, A. P. Flory [also listed as Clara]
Flory, Elza, 11, A. P. Flory
Flory, Fena, 18, A. P. Flory
Flory, Veva, 8, A. P. Flory
Fogle, Annie, 11, William Goan
Haupert, Melin, 12, Mrs. B. Haupert
Hazen, Mary, 14, F. Hazen
Hazen, Omer, age 19, F. M. Hazen
Hazen, Thomas, 17, F. M. Hazen
Hobson, Lillie, no age listed, Frank Hobson
Hobson, Roy, no age listed, Frank Hobson
Jackson, Ida, 17, Martin Jackson
Kime, Cora, 6, __ Kime
Kime, Dora, 12, __ Kime
Kime, Frank, 12, __ Kime
Kime, Viola, 10, __ Kime
Klum, Maud, 16, George Klum
McAlister, Edith, 6, Jas. McCalister
McAlister, Sylvander, 13, James McAlister
McElhoes, Annie, 12, G. W. McElhoes
McElhoes, Bertha, 9, G. W. McElhoes
McElhoes, Merna, 5, G. W. McElhoes
McElhoes, Pearl, 7, G. W. McElhoes
Millard, Bruce, 7, Nelson Millard
Millard, Cora, no age listed, Nelson Millard
Millard, Herbert, 4, Nelson Willard
Miller, Mary, 16, Ves Miller
Minnice, Johnny, 11, Emma Donaca
Mulkey, Anna, 14, __ Mulkey
Mulkey, Grant, 21, __ Mulkey
Mulkey, Ollie, 12, __ Mulkey
Mulkey, Virgil, 16, __ Mulkey
Parrish, Alda, 16, W. W. Parrish
Parrish, Allie, 12, Ai Parrish
Parrish, Edna, 9, W. W. Parrish
Parrish, Stella, 17, Ai Parrish
Peery, Amy, 7, Mrs. M. Peery
Peery, Edith, 13, Mrs. M. Peery
Peery, Edward, 16, H. W. Peery
Perry, Claud, 7, Mrs. M. Perry
Powers, Clyde, 13, R. Powers
Powers, Johny, no age listed, R. Powers
Sheppard, Calvin, no age listed, D. Sheppard
Sheppard, Cy, no age listed, D. Sheppard
Sheppard, Melissa, 13, D. Sheppard
Sheppard, Rose, 16, D. Sheppard
Simms, Edward, 20, William Simms
Simms, Nelia, 16, William Sims
Stringer, Perry, 20, E. Stringer
Thomas, Celia, no age listed, George Thomas
Thomas, George, no age listed, George Thomas
Thomas, Herbert, no age listed, George Thomas [age 12 in 1892]
Vehrs, George, 8, George Vehrs
Vehrs, Louie, 6, George Vehrs
Vehrs, Ruth, 6, G. Vehrs
Vehrs, Victor, 11, George Vehrs
Westcott, Archie, 14, George Westcott
Wilson, Clyde, 14, George Wilson
Yates, Frank, 6, William Yates

Additional names, Sept. 1892 - Dec. 1892, from Attendance Records:
Baxter, Alvin, 7
Flory, Jessie, 5
Haupert, Amelia, 13
Haupert, Henry, 6
Irelind, Ora Linn, 8
Jones, Leander, 12
Markhart, Charles
Markhart, Elza, 10
Markhart, Minnie, 8
Plowman, Cecil, 6
Plowman, Charley, 8
Plowman, Clara, 7
Plowman, Edith, 10
Plowman, Francis, 12
Plowman, Laurence, 14
Plowman, Renby, 5
Rolf, Louis
Tillotson, Clifford, 11
Tillotson, George, 13
Tillotson, Nellie, 8

Additonal Names, no date:
Cooper, Ester, 6
Flora, Elza, 17
Gatchell, May, 15
Hardman, Bertina, no age listed
Ireland, Benjamin, 14
Jones, Nettie, 8
Mosier, Bertha, 6
Mosier, George, 8
Powers, Eva, 6
Price, John, 11
Price, Lillie, 9
Price, Louie, 7
Richards, George, 12
Royse, Charley, 10
Royse, John, 15
Royse, Josie, 7
Royse, Pearl, 12
Springer, Francis, 12
Stevens, Frank, 15

Average Daily Attendance, Sept. 18, 1891 - May 20, 1892:
Sept. - 35
Oct. - 43
Nov. - 51
Dec. - 61
Jan. - 49
Feb. - 57
Mar. - 46
Apr. - 37
May - 24

General Statistics, Louis Barzee, Teacher, May 27, 1892:
How long have you taught in this school? Sixteen months.
Number of months in school term or year? Eight.
Monthy salary of Techaer, board included? $70 (without board)
What Journals of Education are you taking? New York Teachers' Institute
What Teachers' Institutes have you attended? All in this Judicial District.
What Books on Theory and Practice of Teaching have you used? Pages.
Grade and date of your certificate? First Grade, State, Nov. 27, 1891.
Number of visits made by School Directors, avg. time spent? Five, 30 mins.
Number of visits made by County Superintendent, avg. time spent? 1, 3 hrs.
Number of visits made by other persons? Twenty seven.
How many cases of corporal punishment? Six.
Have you used in School the State series of Text-books exclusively? Yes.
Have you suitable accommodations for all pupils who are entitled to attend in the district? No.
Is your School supplied with suitable furniture? Yes.
Has your School sufficient grounds? No.
Are the grounds suitably improved? No.
Is your School supplied with sufficient or insufficient apparatus, or wholly without apparatus? Supplied.
Is your School supplied with an Unabridged Dictionary? Yes. What kind? Websters.
Have you an ample supply of good water for your School? Yes.
Have you an amply supply of good wood for your School? Yes.
How many water closets? Two. In what condition? Average.
Is there a wood-shed on the premises? Yes. In what condition? Good
What means of ventilation - good or bad? Good.
Is your School sufficiently supplied with water-pails, cups, chalk, black-boards, a teacher's table, and other indispensable furniture? Yes.

Contributed: 1999-2004 Jan Phillips
Used here with permission


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School Records 1901-1902 School Records 1903-05 School Records 1907-11 School Records 1919-28
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