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The details below the photo read: "Russell, Minn., Oct. 26 
A former Dixon county, Nebraska family now living here and at Marshall, Minn., has attracted attention recently because there are four generations represented and also because the senior of them all, Walter Lyle, 87 years old, is still alive and able to do so much work as many men many years younger. The four generations are shown in the picture above and are as follows: Standing, J.O. Lyle, 48, Russell, Minn.; at left, D.C. Lyle, 21, Russell, Minn., his son, Donald Roy Lyle, 4 months old, and Walter Lyle, 47, Marshall, Minn. Submitted by Heather Lyle DeCarlo, Rock Hill, SC 

McFadden - Teacher certificate 
from Wayne State Normal School

2-3 inside 


Holy Trinity School, Hartington, NE

Richard R. Williamson
158 W Santa Paula
Tucson, AZ 85706

Offsite Pixley Photos

I have photos listed on a Madison County web site of an Osborn/e - Boyer collection. Some I have gotten identified, but many I have not. Many are photographer's from Madison County, NE that have taken the pictures. Some I have identified were from Grayson Co. VA. Many of the Osborn's migrated from Grayson County, VA to Madison County, NE. 

Please contact Donna if you can help identify these photos or if you would like a scanned image for yourself.
Madison Lost

Photo to share
The back of the photo reads: Henery C. Caulk, June 16, 1892. It was taken by C. A. Admire, photographer, Wauneta, Nebraska. Submitted by Kathy Sidenstricker

I have 5 (five) photographs that were taken in Nebraska in the late 1800's. I believe they were in my Great-grandmother's album (who lived in New Hampshire). 

1. E. Warren Hayes to Sue Young 1871 
Photographer: A. C. Hull, E Street - Fremont, Neb. A young man in bow tie and mustache. 

2. Ethridge Warren Hayes (can't read photographer's name, but it was taken in St. Joseph, Mo. Man looks a little older than in first photo. 

3. Unknown middle aged lady. Photographer: Farnham - Fremont, Neb. 

4. Mary Edith McClary Age 4 (four) years August 2nd 1882 (the 2 is not clear, may be another #) Hand written on back "This was her age when taken." Photographer: Noble Portraits, North Side Post Office Square, Lincoln, Neb. Little girl seated on a swing. 

5. Sammie Hayes McClary Age 11, Photographer: Noble (same as #4) Young man seated on a wall with hat in hand. 

I will be pleased to post these and return them to a family member. Submitted by Ethel Blow

Unknown Photos
We are not 100% certain who these people really are, just who they are supposed to be.

#1 - PREWITT STUDIO - Mildred Montgomery / Jessie Leone Montgomery: Birth date September 24th circa 1892-- Des Moines, IA -- Her mother was Frances Montgomery -- Married Jesse James Andis September 4, 1908 in Golden, CO -- Mother of Richard Rilva Andis and Jesse James Andis, Jr. (both born in Denver, CO) -- Clyde Roy McDonald was listed as 'spouse' on her Death Certificate: Pocatello, ID June 16, 1919. No divorce or additional marriage records have been found to date.

#2 - KEENE BROS. - Mabel McCullough: Birth date December 30th circa 1874 -- Illinois (county / exact location unknown at this time) -- Died April 13, 1924 -- Mother of James "Walter" McClain (born May 30, 1907, Denver, CO).

#3 - J. B. SHANE/Photo Car - Sister to Mabel #2

#4 - ANDREWS STUDENT'S GALLERY Possibly Jesse James Andis or a Montgomery child - Jesse James Andis: Birth date November 27, 1886 -- Lincoln, NE -- Married Jessie Leone Montgomery (a.k.a. Mildred Montgomery) September 4, 1908 Golden, CO -- Father of Richard Rilva Andis and Jesse James Andis, Jr.

#5 - ELITE STUDIO - unknown sibling of #4 either an Andis or Montgomery child. Submitted by Barbara & Walt McClain 

Group picture
This photo was taken in the Holdrege area of Phelps County, Nebraska. It was taken in the 1890's sometime and the two little girls with Long over them are Effie May b. 9/11/1883 in IL and Nellie Louise b. 4/5/1885 in NE. The two gentlemen in the back are Loren Samuel Long (the girls father) and his wife's cousin, Isaac Barber.

I hope this information is sufficient I did not know for sure where they had homesteaded but recently have found out that they took the train to Hastings, NE and from there went to Phelps County. Submitted by Betty Coffman 

Phelps County Photos

Taken at the John "Will" W. and Mary Francis (WHITE) ROBINSON farm, Holdrege, Phelps County, NE. I know the identity of some of the people, but there are several that I don't know.

This is the wedding of Mary Ellen JACKSON and Edgar Clarence STEVENS, June 9, 1909. Mary Ellen is standing directly behind Aunt Mary ROBINSON. Behind Mary Ellen (on her left) is Ann (Lostetter) JACKSON and on her left is her husband, Everett Edward JACKSON, (Mary's brother.) Clarence Edgar STEVENS is on the far left of Mary Ellen. He is the man farthest on the right of the photo. No one else in the photo is known. John W. ROBINSON died before the wedding.

This one is Mary Ellen JACKSON and her Mother's sister, Mary Francis (White) ROBINSON. It was taken at the ROBINSON farm, near Holdrege, NE on June 9, 1909. Mary Ellen was marrying my grandfather, Clarence Edgar STEVENS.

Mary Francis ROBINSON, sitting on the porch. Anna (Lostetter) and Everett Edward JACKSON, June 9, 1909. Submitted by Mary Miller 

All photos came from albums owned by my grandmother, Mary Christine Hamlow, wife of Albert P. Anderson of Waverly, Lancaster county, Nebraska. Her parents, Swedish immigrants Andrew and Christine Hamlow, purchased railroad land near Waverly on the Cass County line in 1878. The family was Lutheran.

Mary was a Nebraska Wesleyan graduate and a schoolteacher in the area before her marriage in 1900. Albert and his cousin August Brandeen once owned the general store in Waverly. Most of the family are buried in the Rosehill Cemetery in Waverly.

The title assigned to each photo is exactly as written on the photo. The time frame appears to be about 1895 to 1910. I have no additional information on any of these persons; they were not related to the Hamlow's, to my knowledge.

I am willing to send the originals to family members. 
Please contact me at:
Marilyn Mertens
2 Alamito Lane
Hot Springs Village, Arkansas 71909


I recently purchased a decorative marriage document - that people used to frame & hang on their wall - well I would like to contribute the information to your NEGenWeb project. Here's what it reads:

This Certifies That Charles F. Cutler of Hastings, Nebr. and Mary Margaret Joyce of Hastings, Nebr. were united in Holy Matrimony According to the Rites of the Holy Roman Catholic Church and the Laws of the State of Nebraska at St. Cecilia's Church, Hastings Nebr. on the 20th day of January in the Year of Our Lord 1922.

James F. Crowley
Mrs. George Pierce

Rev. Joseph Haskauf

What therefore God hath joined together let no man put asunder.

I would be glad to scan & send to anyone interested in seeing it. If the family who it belongs to should show up - refer them to me - I will part with it so they can have it as an heirloom. It is not in the greatest shape...but it is still a neat item that could be framed nicely. It measures 11.25 x 17 inches & has been rolled into a tube - thereby causing serious wrinkling, and has a tear at the top in the center about 2.5" long - but does not detract from the beauty of the piece.

Charlotte Belden
I have many old photos with direct Nebraska connections, as two sets of grandparents, some great-grandparents and many great-uncles, aunts and cousins settled in the state, mainly in Fillmore and York Counties. 

# 0001
my maternal grandparents) Lucinda May (CREECH) GROVER and husband, George Washington GROVER, with their firstborn, William Jesse GROVER, born 19 May 1890, at St. Paul, Howard Co., NE. Photo taken by H. P. Christensen, St. Paul, Nebraska.

# 0007 Unidentified young couple related to Creech-Grover families. Photo by Thorne, York, NE.

# 0022 Maternal Gr.grandmother) Margaret Catherine (ANDERSON) CREECH, buried 3 August 1907, at Waco, NE cemetery. Born 1 April 1849, in Hawkins Co., TN; died 1 August 1907, on farm near Bluevale, York Co., NE. (Married in Hawkins Co., TN, to William Jesse CREECH.)

# 0023 Martha Margaret CREECH, daughter of David D. and Louise (Miltner) CREECH. Married Lester DIETSCH. She died, age 30, at Utica, NE, 22 November 1934. Submitted by, Naomi Long Hopperstad

John J. Coard, taken around 1885 at the studio of Howard Ellis, Photographer, at Pawnee City, NE.

Listed below is the research I have proof of on this individual:

John J. Coard, b. abt. 1844 in New Brunswick Canada, was first married to Sarah Adelaid Whaley who d. 25, Jul, 1877. They had 4 children. John fought for the Union with the 118th IL Inf. Post 95 and was listed with NE Civil War Veterans. John was a member of the Interior Lodge No. 9,I.O.O.F. which was instituted 1, Aug, 1864. At one time, John J. was the N. G. (Officer).

He was also a member of the Golden Rule Encampment, No. 17, I.O.O.F. which was instituted 18, Jan, 1882 and was Secretary of the organization. He and Martha Spencer Marshall had photographs taken abt. 1885 in Pawnee City, NE. In the Spencer Family photo album, his picture is labeled as Martha's husband. They were married abt. this time. On the 1885 NE State Census, John/Martha and their children were living in Pawnee City, NE.

They later migrated to AR. John died 2, Aug, 1919 in Hot Springs, AR.
Submitted by Carolyn Griffin Tucker

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