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Andreas' History of the State of Nebraska

Richardson County
Produced by
Pam Rietsch.


Natural Resources | Early History | Stephen Story | A Severe Winter
Pioneer Hunters | Lynch Law for Horse-Thieves
The Half-Breed Line | The County Seat Troubles
The Killing of Davis and Meek | County Roster | the Epidemic of 1860


Claim Jumping | The Jayhawkers of '62 | The Underground Railway
The Grasshopper Scourge | Defunct Towns | War Record
Milling Interests | Railroads


Falls City:   First Permanent Residents | City Officials
Postal Business | The Press | Fire Record | Societies
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Falls City (conts.):   Banks | Manufacturing Interests
The Grain Business | Pork Packing | Falls City Hotels
Hinton's Driving Park | Public Schools | The Public School Building

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Humboldt:   Early Events | Railway Interests | The Public School
Churches | The Press | Societies | Hotels | Banks and Bankers
Manufacturing Interests, Etc.

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Humboldt:   Biographical Sketches
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Rulo:   Charles Rouleau | Elie Bedard
Early Events | The Press | Business Interests | Churches
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Dawson:   Early History | The Cyclone | Societies | Churches
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Salem:   Early History | Hotels | The Public Schools
Churches | Societies | Business Interests | Biographical Sketches

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Arago:   Biographical Sketches
Biographical Sketches:
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Speiser Precinct | Barada Precinct | Preston

List of Illustrations in Richardson County Chapter

Part 6



   REV. JOHN GALLAGHER, pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church, was born in St. Clair, Mich., January 11, 1846. Moved to Boston Mass., about 1853, and from thence to DeKalb County, Ill., in 1861. Settled in Nemaha County, Neb., in 1868. His early education was received in Boston, and he graduated from the Wesleyan University, Bloomington, Ill. He was engaged in teaching in Illinois and Nebraska until 1872, when he entered the Nebraska Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He has had charge since at Mount Pleasant, Milford, Humboldt, Ashland, Weeping Water and Plattsmouth, and was appointed to the present charge in September, 1881. Was married in Weeping Water, Neb., March 18, 1874, to Miss Emma DeLora Detwiler, of Weeping Water. They have two children--Mary Ida, and George Lemon. Mr. G. is a member of the Good Templars.

   A. E. GANTT, attorney at law, was born in Perry County, Pa., October 4, 1853. His parents, D. and Agnes T. Fulton Gantt, were old residents of that section. They moved to Nebraska in 1856, located in Douglas County, and in 1868 settled in Nebraska City, Neb. The subject of this sketch attended the first public school established in Omaha, and finished his education at the State University. While attending the University, he also read law under Seth Robinson, and was admitted to the bar in 1875. In the same year was appointed Deputy Clerk of the Supreme Court. Shortly after he returned to Nebraska City, where he engaged in practice for a time. He then moved to North Platte, Neb., where he published the Nebraskian about three years; then sold out, settled in Falls City, Neb., and engaged in the practice of his profession. He was married in Falls City, April 5, 1876, to Miss Emma, daughter of Anderson Miller. They have three children--D. Fulton, Z. Alice, Robert Anderson. Mr. G. is a member of the I. O. O. F.

   HON. J. F. GARDNER, farmer, Falls City P. O., located on present farm in 1866. He has 585 acres in the home farm; is engaged in raising horses, cattle and hogs, principally, though raising some grain. Mr. Gardener is a native of Indiana. He was born in Union County, August 12, 1824. He was educated partly at the Miami University, and then commenced reading law; was admitted to the bar in August, 1850; was engaged in practice in Indiana until 1865, in which year he moved to Nebraska and settled in Richardson County, where he practiced his profession several years, while engaged in farming operations also. He was married in Union County, Ind., October 6, 1850, to Miss Lydia B. Hoyden, of that county. They have three children living--Wm. A., Anna L., Mary E. Mr. G. is a Royal Arch Mason of Falls City. He was elected a Member of the first Nebraska State Legislature that met in Lincoln. During his residence in Nebraska, he has been twice nominated for Governor, once on the "Independent" ticket, and again on the "Greenback" ticket.

   WILLIAM A. GARDNER, farmer, has a farm of 240 acres, on which he settled in 1879. He is now engaged in raising grain, but with the intention of working into cattle exclusively. He was born in Union County, Ind., Jun 1, 1855; came to Nebraska with his parents in 1866; received his schooling in Indiana and in Richardson County, and then was engaged in farming with his father until 1879. Mr. Gardner was married in Richardson County, Neb., October 17, 1878, to Miss Elizabeth A. Lewis, of Richardson County. They have two children, Clarence H. and Elmer L. Mr. G. is a member of the Falls City Lodge, No. 9, A., F. & A. M, and Eureka Chapter, No. 5. R. A. M.

   G. H. GEDULTIG, wagon-maker and blacksmith, business established in 1872; employs two men. Mr. G. was born in Frederick County, Md., March 9, 1830. Learned his trade there and worked at it until 1856, when he settled in Iatan, Platte County, Mo., where he went into business for himself, and continued in it until 1872, when he moved to Nebraska, settled in Falls City and commenced business. He was married in Iatan, Mo., April 28, 1858, to Miss Mary J. Powell, of Iatan. She died in Falls City, Neb., leaving four children--Eugene, Samuel, Lillie, Mary A. He was married to his present wife in Falls City, in December, 1878. She was Mrs. (McCain) Vanderwenter. They have one child, Frank. Mr. G. is a member of the Presbyterian Church, and of Falls City Lodge, No. 13, I. O. O. F.


   S. GRABLE, proprietor Central Hotel; house built about 1870; contains thirty-five rooms. H. B. Grable was born in Licking County, Ohio, September 19, 1835. His father ran a woolen mill in the county, and H. B. was engaged in the mill until about 1855. After that time he engaged buying and shipping wool, for some years. After his father's death he engaged in broom manufacturing, having a partner in business and employing ten to twelve hands. He continued in this until 1871, when he removed to Nebraska, settled in Falls City, and engaged in banking, under firm name of C. L. Keim & Co. This continued about five years. The firm meeting with misfortune, the firm wound up its business, and Mr. Grable made some alterations in his residence and opened it as a hotel; has since enlarged the building. Is now also engaged in broom manufacture, turning out about five dozen daily. Mr. G. was married in Somerset County, Pa., February 14, 1861, to Miss Sallie, daughter of Hon. Jonas Keim, of Somerset County. They have seven children--Charles J., Mahlon J., Sherman C., Daisy D., Clarence M., June D., and March. Mr. G. and wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

   M. GEHLING & SON, proprietors City Brewery; business established in 1873, by Gehling & Smidt; the latter retired in 1876. In 1881, Mr. G. rented this brewery to his son, in company with Mr. Huber, and the firm was then known as Huber & Gehling until May, 1882, when present firm organized. The yearly output is about 500 barrels, with a capacity of about 1,500 barrels. Michael Gehling, senior member of the firm, was born in Bavaria, Germany, November 22, 1827. Learned the trade of stonemason, and followed that in Germany until 1854, when he came to the United States, and located in Rock Island, where he worked at his trade. In 1866, moved to St. Joseph, Mo. A few months after he settled in Richardson County, Neb.; engaged in brewing in Arago for a time, also working at trade and farming until 1871, when he settled in Falls City, and shortly after commenced building the brewery. He was married in Rock Island, Ill., to Miss Christiana Smidt of that city. They have eight children living--Mary E., Martin, Sophia, Amelia, Josephene, Susan, John, Bertha. Mr. G. is a member of the Falls City Lodge, No. 13, I. O. O. F., and the Gerin Society. Martin Gehling was born in Rock Island, Ill., January 24, 1862; has been with his father since.

   HAVELY & VERDIER, dealers in paints and oils, and house and sign painters and decorative paper-hangers, present firm organized in the spring of 1882. W. C. Haveley of above firm was born in Claiborne County, Tenn., May 10, 1852. His father was originally from Virginia. His mother was an old resident of Claiborne County. In 1869 W. C. moved to Knoxville, Tenn., where he learned his trade, and followed it then until 1872, when he settled in Falls City. Mr. H. was married in Falls City, September 25, 1873 to Miss Sallie E. Strother, a native of Clarke County, Indiana. They have four children--Daisey J., Laura B., Eva L., and an infant unnamed. Mr. H. is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church and of Falls City Lodge, No. 3, I. O. O. F.

   J. C. HASSERJAGER, farmer, P. O. Falls City, was born in Prussia, March 1, 1815, engaged in farming until 1841, when he came to the United States. He first settled in Warren County, Mo., where he followed farming until he moved to Nebraska, with the exception of three years, when he was located in St. Louis, Mo. He settled in Johnson County, Neb., in 1865, and removed to Richardson County in 1870. He owns and controls 310 acres of land in this county. Mr. H. was married in St. Louis, Mo., in 1844, to Miss Louisa Brinkman, a native of Germany. They have nine children, viz., Henry, Fred, Charles, William, John, Mary (now Mrs. Harkendorf), Christina (now Mrs. W. Oestwalt) Louisa, (now Mrs. J. Webber), and Eliza J. Mr. H. is a member of the Lutheran Church.

   "HELMAN FAMILY CONCERT TROUPE." The family consists of five members, father, mother and three daughters. Mr. Helman plays the tenor horn, Mrs. Helman, bass viol, and bass horn, Miss Helman, all instruments, though making a specialty of the violin. Miss Flora, B flat, in orchestra; Miss Myrta, all instruments, her specialty being vocal music, in which she gives great promise. J. A. Helman was born in Smith County, Tenn., May 20, 1825. At the age of twelve he commenced to look for himself. Resided for several years in Missouri and Arkansas. Then settled in Vermillion County, Ill., where he received his schooling. He then took up the profession of teaching, which he followed some six years in Bloomington, Ill., and about four years in Clinton, DeWitt County; then moved to Platt County, commenced reading law in Clinton and was admitted to the bar in 1859; commenced practice in Platt County. In 1861 was elected Clerk of the County Court, a position he retained four years. In 1865, he moved to Nebraska and settled in Lancaster County where he engaged in farming until 1868. Was then for about two years in law and real estate. Returned to the farm in 1870 and continued farming and milling in Lancaster County until 1875; since that time has been traveling almost constantly in concert tours. Settled in Falls City in the spring of 1882. Mr. Helman was married in Bloomington, Ill., February 3, 1850, to Miss Pamelia E. Babb, a native of Vermillion County. They have three children--Medea, Flora L., and Myrta. Mr. H. is a member of the Lodge and Chapter in the Masonic Fraternity, and of the Lodge and Encampment I. O. O. F.

   HERBST & BOYER, general store. Business established in December, 1880, by Dorrington & Herbst. Present firm organized October, 1881. They carry a stock of about $6,000. John Boyer was born in Stephenson County, Ill., October 30, 1846. Educated in his native county and engaged in farming until 1864, when he enlisted in Company A, One Hundred and Forty-second Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry, and served until mustered out at close of the war. He returned home where he remained until he moved to Falls City, Neb., in October 1881, when present firm was organized. He was married in Stephenson County, Ill., July 29, 1872, to Mary L. Howard, of that county. They have two children--William Ransom, Gilbert Allen. Mr. B. is a member of Veteran Post, No. 84, G. A. R.

   JOHN HINTON, proprietor Exchange Mills. The mill was built by Mr. Thacker in 1871, and bought by Mr. Hinton in 1874. The motive power is water, the building is 30x60 feet, two stories and basement, and has three-run of stone. Mr. H. was born in Birmingham, England, April 10, 1839. His father came to the United States in 1842, and settled in Taunton, Mass., and moved from there to Scranton, Pa. The subject of this sketch was educated in Kingston, Pa., in 1869, was appointed Secretary and Assistant Treasurer of L. & B. R. R. in Pennsylvania; resigned this position in 1871, moved to Nebraska, settled in Falls City and opened a banking house, the firm name being Smith & Hinton. The business succumbed to the financial crisis in 1878, but since that time Mr. H. has paid every dollar of his indebtedness, principal and interest. He was married in Kingston, Pa., February 20, 1866, to Miss Marilla Sealy, of Kingston. They have one child--George Sealy. Mr. H. is a member of the Presbyterian Church.

   WILLIAM B. HINTON, engineer on the A. & N. Division of the B. & M. R. R., was born in Somerset, Mass., November 29, 1852. He first commenced railroading in 1870 in Pennsylvania. He was fireman on engine at first, but in less than one year was put in charge of an engine, which he ran until 1875. At this time he came to Falls City, Neb., and purchased town lots and between that time and 1878, was employed as engineer on various roads. Returning to Falls City, he engaged in the Exchange Mills here, that being his pursuit till November, 1880, at which time he entered the service of the A. & N. Division of the B. & M. R. R. Mr. H. is a member of the Locomotive Engineer Brotherhood, No. 164, and also of the A. F. & A. M., Kingston Lodge, No. 395, Pennsylvania. He married in 1880, at Wilkesbarre, Pa., Miss Helen J. Devans.

   GEORGE W. HOLLAND, cashier Richardson County Bank, was born in Lee County, Iowa, June 13, 1852. He prepared for college at an academy in Fairfield, Iowa, and then entered the Wesleyan University at Mount Pleasant, Iowa, from which he graduated in June, 1876. In the same year he settled in Falls City, Neb., where he was engaged as principal of the graded schools. In 1877, he returned to Iowa, locating in Ottumwa, following law studies, preparatory to adopting that profession. Was admitted to the bar in February, 1878, and commenced practice at Osceola, Iowa, where he remained until he came to Nebraska, in 1880, to take present position. He was married in Falls City, March 16, 1880, to Miss Ida Schock, of Falls City. Mr. H. is a member of the Falls City Lodge, No. 9, A., F. & A. M.

   HOLLEBAUGH & MUSSELMAN, dealers in groceries, wooden and willow ware. Business established in January, 1882. They carry a stock of $3,500. A. F. Hollebaugh was born at Cedar Rapids, Iowa, January 18, 1857. His parents moved to Rulo, Richardson Co., Neb., in 1866. From there they went to White Cloud, Kan., and in 1875, settled in Falls City, Neb. The subject of this sketch commenced clerking at the age of fourteen, and continued to follow it until present business was established. Mr. H. is a member of Falls City Lodge. No. 9., A., F. & A. M.

   REV. W. M. HOWELL, pastor Presbyterian Church, was born in Kingwood, West Va., May 26, 1853. He entered West Virginia University at Morgantown, and graduated in 1874. After receiving his degree, he taught one year as vice-principal of the Amsterdam Academy, at Amsterdam, N. Y. Before the end of the year, he took entire charge of the institution. The next year he filled the position of vice-principal of the Alexander Military Institute, White Plains, N. Y. After this, he attended the Union Theological Seminary, New York City, about two years, and one year at the Theological Seminary of the Northwest, Chicago. He then took his first charge at Fairfield, Iowa, where he remained about one year, then removed to Nebraska, in April, 1880, and took charge at Fairmont, Fillmore County. In October, 1881, came to Falls City, and took present charge.

   D. R. HOLT, Deputy County Treasurer, was born in Platte County, Mo., March 22, 1842. His parents moved to Andrew County about 1843, where he received his education. In 1859, he moved to Nebraska, and settled in Salem, Richardson County, where he became connected with the firm of Lincoln & Holt, in general merchandising. In January, 1863, he moved to Falls City, and organized the firm of Holt & Scott, opening a general store. The firm continued until 1868, when Mr. Holt bought out his partner's interest, and managed the business alone until 1873, when he sold out. He was elected County Treasurer in 1865, and was twice re-elected, serving three terms in succession. Was also Deputy under John W. Holt four years. From 1873 to 1878, he formed a complete set of abstracts of Richardson County, which he still keeps up. Mr. Holt was married in St. Joseph, Mo., to Miss Emma Lee, of that city. They have one child--Emma J. Mr. Holt is a member of Falls City Lodge, No. 9, Eureka Chapter, No. 5, and Mount Sinai Commandery, No. 8, also Falls City Lodge, No. 13, I. O. O. F.

   MATTHIAS HUBER, proprietor Falls City Saloon. Business purchased by Mr. H. in 1882. Mr. H. was born in Bavaria, Germany, February 11, 1856; received his schooling in the old country. In 1871 he came to the United States and located in Rock Island, Ill., where he took a position with his uncle, I. Huber, the proprietor of a large brewery in that city. Was afterward employed in breweries in St. Louis, Chicago, Dubuque, Quincy, etc. In 1876 he returned to Rock Island to take the position of foreman in his uncle's establishment, remaining there until 1880, in which year he settled in Falls City, Neb., and organized the firm of Huber & Gehling, in brewing business. Sold out his interest in the spring of 1882. He was married in Dubuque, Iowa, March 21, 1875, to Miss Anna Gauahl, of that city. They have three children, Joseph, Francis and Matthias, jr. Mr. H. is a member of the German Society.

   DR. J. D. HUNTER, physician and surgeon, was born in Detroit, Mich., November 2, 1852. His parents came from Edinburg, Scotland, to Detroit, about 1838, and in 1860 they settled in Highland, Kansas. The subject of this sketch attended Ann Arbor University, Mich, during 1863, and finished his studies at Highland University. In 1870, he commenced the study of medicine, and during 1871 and 1872 attended Rush Medical College at Chicago, at the same time acting as assistant surgeon in the City Hospital. On account of his father's death and his own failing health, was obliged to resign. In 1874, he settled in Richardson County, Neb. Was engaged in practice and at the same time completing studies in the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Keokuk, Iowa, graduating in 1876, then returned to Nebraska ad opened an office in Falls City, where he has since continued in practice. Dr. Hunter is the examining physician for the Board of Insanity. He is a member of Falls City Lodge No. 13, I. O. O. F.

   JOHN HUTCHINGS, farmer, P. O. Falls City settled on present place in 1870. He has eighty acres in the house farm, and some timber land adjoining. Is engaged in grain and stock farming. Mr. Hutchins was born in Exeter, Devonshire County, England, December 21, 1830. He came to the United States in 1857, and settled in New York City some two years, then removed to Chicago. He worked at wagon making in these cities. In September, 1861, he enlisted in Company E, Twenty-eighth Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry. Was wounded at Shiloh and laid six months in hospital. After convalescence, was employed on detached service, in the Seventeenth Army Corps. Was finally mustered out in 1864, at expiration of term of enlistment and returned to Illinois, and the following year removed to Nebraska and settled in Richardson County, where he has since engaged in farming. Mr. H. was married in Richardson County in September 1869, to Miss Emma J. Minshall, of that county. They have one child, Alice A.

   INGHAM & BIGALOW, manufacturers of wind mills. Business established in 1878. They manufacture the Climax Mill, of which they have the patent. Employ twelve to fifteen men and turn out about fifty mills annually. F. W. Ingham, of above firm, was born in Saybrook, Conn., May 27, 1837. In 1857, he went to Kansas, engaged in farming until 1860, then moved to Colorado. In 1862 he settled in Nebraska City, Neb., engaged in freighting across the plains until U. P. R. R. was finished, then turned his attention to well boring and digging, a branch he still follows in connection with the other business. Came to Falls City in 1870. Mr. I. was married in Nebraska City, Neb., March 15, 1865, to Miss Harriet A. Kingman, of that city. They have six children, Arthur E., William F., Sidney K., Ruth E., Julia C., and Francis E. James Bigalow, of the firm, was born in Morris County, N. J., January 3, 1851. Was bound apprentice to the carpenter's trade and followed it until 1876, when he moved to Nebraska and settled in Falls City. He there engaged in contracting and building with his brother until present business was organized. Mr. B. is a member of the Methodist Church.

   A. C. JENNINGS, of Miller & Jennings Insurance, etc., was born in Hastings, Barry County, Mich., September 24, 1846. He was educated at Coldwater Academy, Coldwater Mich. In 1866 he settled in Falls City, Neb., engaged in teaching school and clerking. Then took up the study of law in the office of Schoenheit & Towle, had previously read law with his father, who was a practicing lawyer in Falls City. In 1868 he held the position of Deputy Sheriff of Lancaster County, which he retained for the summer. Was admitted to the bar December 5, 1878, and since that time until present firm was established has been engaged in different law offices, attending to the collection department, a class of work in which he has been very successful. Mr. Jennings has been married twice, his first wife was Miss Josephine Rearis, of Falls City, to whom he was married March 16, 1871. She died December 20, 1878, leaving four children, Amos R., Effie L., Frank and Edith. His present wife was Miss Mildred Cadman, eldest daughter of Hon. John Cadman, of Lincoln, Neb. They were married May 4, 1880, at Lincoln and have one child, Arch B. Mr. Jennings is the present City Clerk, a position he has retained about three years.

   C. L. KEIM, farmer, Section 4, P. O. Falls City, bought his present farm in 1869, and has operated it since 1873; he has 160 acres principally devoted to stock; the main grain crop being corn for feeding purposes. Mr. Keim is a native of Pennsylvania; was born in Somerset County, December 16, 1829. He was educated in his native county, and remained there engaged in cattle trading, milling, teaming and farming until 1871, in which year he settled in Falls City, Neb., and engaged in banking under the firm name of C. L. Keim & Co.; this continued until 1877, since that time has turned his attention to farming exclusively. Mr. Keim was married in Somerset County, Pa., December 8, 1858, to Miss Amanda C. Will of that county. They have seven children living--A. Russell, J. Brown, Seward, Carrie A., Martha, Grace G., and Jennie J. Mr. Keim was Mayor of Falls City one term.

   S. C. KEIM, proprietor Falls City Creamery. Business established in 1882. Mr. K. has 160 acres of land in Section 9, and raises some wheat though principally feed for his stock; keeps about twenty cows. Mr. Keim was born in Somerset County, Pa., November 3, 1848; was educated in his native county; then, after clerking some years, engaged in business for himself. In 1874 he removed to Nebraska, and settled in Falls City, where he engaged in drug business, in which he continued until he commenced farming. He was married in Somerset County, Pa., February 6, 1873, to Miss Hershberger, of Bedford County. They have five children--George H., Silas H., Sarah E., Laura S., and Esther H. Mr. Keim is a member of the Dunkard Church.

   ALEXANDER KERR, Sheriff, was born in County Antrim, Ireland, February 9, 1846, came to the United States with his parents in 1849, they settled in Monroe County, Ind., where he attended school. In 1863 he enlisted in Company E, One Hundred and Seventeenth Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry, and was mustered out in 1864. In 1867 he settled in Falls City, Neb., and engaged in staging on the Kansas and Nebraska Line. Was appointed Deputy under Sheriff Pearsen, about 1877, serving two years. Was elected Sheriff in November, 1881, and took charge of the office in January, 1882. He was married in Salem, Richardson Co., June 28, 1879, to Miss Celestia Currance of Salem. They have lost one child. Mr. Kerr is a member of I. O. O. F. and the G. A. R.

   KORNER & HEACOCK, hardware, stoves and tinware. Present firm organized in May 1880. The building, which is owned by Mr. K., is 20x85 feet, two stores, and basement, and is occupied entirely by the firm. They employ three men and carry a stock of $5,000 to $6,000. Mr. L. N. Korner was born in Flat Rock, Seneca Co., Ohio, March 30, 1851, and educated there. About 1867 commenced clerking in Bellevue Ohio, continuing in this until 1870, when he settled in Beatrice, Neb., Engaged in clerking there and at Falls City, where he afterwards moved, until present business was established, with the exception of one year which he spent in a sutler's store at Leavenworth, Kas., He was married in Oregon, Mo., September 1880, to Miss Hattie C. Kellogg, of Oregon. They have one child, Ruby. Mr. K. is Past Grand of the I. O. O. F. Is a Knight Templar in the Masonic Fraternity. He is also Secretary of the fire company and is now serving his third term as City Treasurer.

   CHARLES F. KREKER, farmer, P. O. Falls City. Located on present place in 1864. Has 165 acres and makes a specialty of stock raising. Has grade Durham cattle and Berkshire Hogs. Mr. K. was born in Prussia, October 6, 1836. Learned tinner's trade in Prussia. In 1854 he came to the United States and followed his trade in New York City. In 1858 he enlisted in the regular army and was assigned to Company H, Seventh Infantry. He served five years on the frontier in Utah, Arizona, etc. When discharged he returned to Indiana and shortly afterward settled on his present place. He was married in Indianapolis, Ind., November 8, 1864, to Miss Hettie Harr, of Dayton, Ohio. They have one child, Walter. Mr. K. is a member of the Christian Church.

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