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Andreas' History of the State of Nebraska

Richardson County
Produced by
Pam Rietsch.


Natural Resources | Early History | Stephen Story | A Severe Winter
Pioneer Hunters | Lynch Law for Horse-Thieves
The Half-Breed Line | The County Seat Troubles
The Killing of Davis and Meek | County Roster | the Epidemic of 1860


Claim Jumping | The Jayhawkers of '62 | The Underground Railway
The Grasshopper Scourge | Defunct Towns | War Record
Milling Interests | Railroads


Falls City:   First Permanent Residents | City Officials
Postal Business | The Press | Fire Record | Societies
County Buildings


Falls City (conts.):   Banks | Manufacturing Interests
The Grain Business | Pork Packing | Falls City Hotels
Hinton's Driving Park | Public Schools | The Public School Building

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Biographical Sketches:

PART 10:

Humboldt:   Early Events | Railway Interests | The Public School
Churches | The Press | Societies | Hotels | Banks and Bankers
Manufacturing Interests, Etc.

PART 11:
Humboldt:   Biographical Sketches
PART 12:

Rulo:   Charles Rouleau | Elie Bedard
Early Events | The Press | Business Interests | Churches
Societies | Biographical Sketches

PART 13:

Dawson:   Early History | The Cyclone | Societies | Churches
Business Interests | The Old Mill | Biographical Sketches

PART 14:

Salem:   Early History | Hotels | The Public Schools
Churches | Societies | Business Interests | Biographical Sketches

PART 15:

Arago:   Biographical Sketches
Biographical Sketches:
Porter Precinct | Ohio Precinct | Franklin Precinct | Liberty Precinct
Speiser Precinct | Barada Precinct | Preston

List of Illustrations in Richardson County Chapter

Part 9


   J. P. TARPLEY & CO., general store. Firm composed of J. P. Tarpley and W. H. Hay. Present firm succeeded Tarpley and Mettz in 1881. They carry a stock of $10,000 to $15,000. J. P. Tarpley was born in St. Francois County, Mo., November 12, 1831. Educated in his native county. In 1849 removed to Iowa County, Wis., where he learned the mason's trade. In 1855 he settled in Jo Daviess County, Ill., where he followed his trade until the breaking out of the war. He enlisted in 1862 in Company I, Ninety-sixth Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry. Was commissioned First Lieutenant in September, 1862, and in 1864 received his commission as Captain of Company I. Served under Rosecrans till after the battle of Chickamauga, then under Sherman until the battle of Atlanta, after that under Gen. Thomas. Mustered out at the close of the war and returned to Illinois and engaged in mercantile business until 1870 in which year he settled in Richardson County, Neb., where he engaged in farming until 1876 when he moved to Falls City and since that time has been engaged in mercantile business in the city. Mr. T. is a member of the Christian Church and is a Knight Templar in the Masonic Fraternity.

   LEVI THACKER, proprietor of the Merchant and Exchange Mills. The mills are situated on the Muddy River half way between Rulo and Falls City. They were built by Mr. Thacker in 1869 and in 1871 moved to the opposite side of the river and rebuilt and run by water power. It has two run of stone. Mr. Thacker was born in Clermont County, Ohio, February 23, 1843. He was educated in his native county and at an early age learned the milling business which he followed there until 1864, with the exception of the period of war during which time he was a division teamster in the government service. In 1864 he located in White Cloud, Kan., where he engaged in the milling business until 1869 when he moved to his present location. Mr. T. was married in Craig, Mo., April 17, 1873, to Miss Elizabeth C. Jones, of Richardson County, Neb. They have four children, Otho, Edgar, Gertrude and Leona.

   E. W. THOMAS, attorney at law, was born near Charleston, S. C., May 16, 1830. His parents were old residents of that section. He moved into the city with his mother in 1839 and he here received his preliminary education and graduated from Charleston College in 1852. After teaching school two or three years in South Carolina and Tennessee he spent a year in Europe, completing his education at the German universities. Commenced reading law in Charleston, S. C., continued it while in Germany and was admitted to the bar when he settled in Nebraska, in 1858. He first located in Brownville, Nemaha, where he engaged in practice until 1877, in which year he settled in Falls City and opened an office. He was married in Brownville, Neb., in March, 1865, to Miss Kate Allison, of that town. They have six children, Anna, Cornelia, Edward, T. Gaillard, Walter, Kate. Mr. T. is a member of the State Bar Association.

   ASA VEACH, farmer, Section 6, P. O. Falls City. Located on present farm in 1874. It consists of 320 acres of prairie and twenty-five acres of timber. Mr. V. rents the farm at present and devotes his attention to fine stock. He has a fine Norman Percheron stallion and Kentucky Jack. The latter is of Black Mammoth stock, sixteen and one-half hands high and weighing 1,100 pounds. Mr. Veach is a native of Indiana. He was born in Orange County, November 25, 1820. When he was about eight years old his mother moved to Hendricks County where he remained engaged in farming until 1849. He then moved to Clayton County, Iowa and from there in 1874 to Nebraska. He was married in Hendricks County, Ind., February 6, 1845, to Miss Nancy Parks of that county. She died leaving six children, William F., Moses A., James M., Benjamin F., Charles H., and Luella. He was married to his present wife in Hendricks County, Ind., September 26, 1869. She was Miss Lucinda C. Atkins, of Hendricks County. They have one child living, Myrtle. Mr. A. is a member of the Christian Church and A., F. & A. M. of Salem, Neb.

   W. H. VOILS, of Clegg & Voils, proprietors city drug store, was born in Washington County, Ind., December 25, 1844. Receiving his schooling there. In September, 1862, he enlisted in Company H, Eighty-fifth Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry, and served until the close of the war. Was attached to the Twentieth Army Corps under Gen. Sherman, in his "March to the Sea." On being mustered out he returned home, where he remained until September, 1867, then located in Fulton County, Ill. In 1869 he moved to Nebraska, settled in Richardson County, and engaged in farming and stock raising, in which he continued until 1880, when he moved to Falls City and bought an interest in a drug store, selling out shortly after. He was married in Washington County, Ind., September 1, 1867, to Miss Maggie L. Roberts, of that county. They have five children, Otis E., Maud L., William T., James A., Fred. Mr. V. is a member of Veteran Post No. 84, G. A. R.

   CHARLES F. WALTHER, old resident, was born in Wiesbaden, Prussia, May 20, 1835. His parents came to the United States in 1843, and settled in Buffalo, N. Y., in 1854. He left home and visited different parts of the State, looking up a location; then returned to Buffalo. In 1858, he moved to Nebraska and settled in Arago, Richardson County, where he engaged in mercantile business for about three years, then sold out and engaged in dealing in real estate. In 1864, he added grain and merchandise to his business, sold out real estate business in 1869 and disposed of the rest of his business in 1871. In 1859 he was elected Probate Judge of Richardson County, a position he retained until about 1867. In 1871 he was appointed State Commissioner of Emigration. From 1879 to 1881 was engaged in drug business; sold out in the latter year. In April, 1882, moved to Falls City. He was married in Buffalo, N. Y., in August 1856, to Miss Emily Fischer, of that city. She died in Arago, Neb., leaving two children, Louisa (deceased) and Julia. Was married to his present wife in Council Bluffs, Iowa, January 22, 1866. She was a Miss Kate Beresheim, of that city. Mr. W. is a member of the A., F. & A. M. and the I. O. O. F.

   W. W. WARDELL, proprietor, "The Drug Store." Business established about 1859 by James Campbell. Present proprietorship was established in 1881. W. W. Wardell, attorney-at-law, was born in New York City, July 4 1837. Received preliminary schooling in the city and then entered the Albany University and Law School, from which he graduated in 1857. He then located in Lawrenceville, Ill., where he read law under Judge Shaw, a very prominent lawyer, and was admitted to the bar in 1859. In the same year Mr. W. settled in Nebraska City, Nebraska, and engaged in the practice of his profession until 1875, when he settled in Falls City, where he is still practicing. He was married in Nebraska City, July 19, 1859, to Miss Hattie Gregg, of Nebraska City. They have three children, Winona, William W., Aouda.

   JONATHAN WARNER, minister in German Baptist Church and farmer, Section 28, Falls City Precinct, settled on present place in 1873. He has eighty acres of land in the home farm. His principal crop is corn, which he feeds to hogs. Has at present a herd of about 200 head. Mr. W. was born in Wells County, Ind., March 21, 1840. Was brought up in his native county. In 1862 he enlisted in Company H, Fifty-fourth Regiment Indiana Volunteers for one year; served about fourteen months and then returned home, where he remained until he moved to Nebraska, in 1873, with the exception of one year spent in Missouri. He was married in Wells County, Ind., February 28, 1864, to Miss Gehrett, of Wells County. They have six children living, Samuel, Jacob, Rebecca, Mary, Susannah, Jonathan.

   D. M. WATTS, general store. Business established in December, 1879. Carries a stock of about $5,000. Mr. W. was born in Marion County, Ind., May 26, 1843. He was brought up and received his education in Marion and Boone Counties. About 1871 he commenced in mercantile business in Whitestown, Boone County. Four years later he removed to Pittsboro, Henry County, Ind., where he continued the same business until 1879. He then removed to Nebraska, and settled in Falls City. He was married in Chillicothe, Mo., September 29, 1867, to Miss Sarah E. Leer, of Livingston County, Mo. They have two children, Lena May and Clatie. Mr. W. is a member of the Christian Church, and of Falls City Lodge No. 9, A. F. & A. M.

   HON A. J. WEAVER, Judge First Judicial District, is a native of Pennsylvania. He was born in Susquehanna County, April 15, 1844; brought up on a farm and attended common school until 1861, in which year he entered Wyoming Seminary, Kingston, Pa., attending this institution three years as a student. One of the Professors leaving at that time, he was placed temporarily in charge, and later given the place permanently, remaining in the position about three years. After leaving the seminary, he read law with the Hon. Henry Hoyt for a time, then entered the law department, Harvard University, remaining one term, then resuming his reading under his former preceptor for a time, returning to Harvard for another term. In 1869, he went to Boston, where he was admitted to the bar, and proposed remaining, but was persuaded to change his mind, and in the same year he settled in Falls City, Neb., and commenced the practice of his profession. In 1871, he was elected a member of the Constitutional Convention. Held the position of District Attorney during the years 1873 and 1874. In 1875, was elected member of the Constitutional Convention, held at Lincoln; was elected Judge of the First Judicial District, and took his seat January 1, 1876, and re-elected in 1879. He was married in Kingston, Luzerne County, Pa., September 10, 1867, to Miss Martha A. Myers, of Kingston. They have four children--Ruth, Arthur, Lawrence and Paul. The Judge is Knight Templar in the Masonic Fraternity, and also a member of the I. O. O. F.

   R. A. WHERRY, general store; business established in 1872, by Leland & Wherry. In 1876, Mr. W. bought out his partner, and has since been alone. He carries a stock of about $8,000, and employs two clerks. Mr. W. was born in Clinton County, Ohio, November 4, 1844. He received his schooling there. In 1862, he enlisted in Company D, Seventy-ninth Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry; was commissioned First Lieutenant of Company F, in 1864, and at the close of the war had just received his commission as Captain of the same company; was attached to the Twentieth Army Corps, Army of the Cumberland, in which he took part in Sherman's march to the sea. He returned to Clinton County, and in 1866, located in Des Moines, Iowa, where he engaged in grocery business; sold out one year later and returned to Ohio. In May, 1868, settled in Richardson County, Neb., where he bought a farm, where he remained until 1871, when he removed to Falls City, Neb., and followed his trade of carpenter until 1872. He was married in Falls City, Neb., to Miss Maria L. Hoyt, of Falls City. They have three children--John Carlton, Robert Edgar, Lois Anna. Mr. W. is a member of the State Senate, having been elected in 1880; has been a Member of the School Board six years; City Council one term; City Treasurer one term. He is a prominent member of the Masonic fraternity, and is at present Treasurer of Eureka Chapter, No. 5; is P. W. M., P. H. P., and P. E. C.; is also Senior Vice-Commander of Veteran Post, No 84, G. A. R.

   J. A. WHITMORE, dealer in diamonds and jewelry, queensware and glassware, chinaware, pianos, organs, musical merchandise, sewing machines, etc.; business established in 1877, by Mr. W.; has a storeroom 90x32 feet, and carries stock of about $8,000. Mr. W. was born in Fulton County, Ill., December 26, 1853; was educated in his native county. In 1871, he settled in Falls City, and engaged in the sale of agricultural implements, an interest he still retains. He was married in Falls City, Neb., June 19, 1876, to Miss Hettie Schoenheit. They have two children--Clyde and Madge. Mr. W. is a member of the K. of P.

   J. D. WICKS, of Donner & Wicks, contractors and builders, was born in Huntingdon County, Pa., February 29, 1848, educated there and learned his trade. In 1869, he settled in Falls City, Neb., engaging in carpenter work about two years then settled on a farm. In 1879, returned to Falls City and engaged alone in contracting and building until present firm was formed. Mr. W. was married in Falls City, Neb., December 11, 1871, to Miss Mary A. Nedrow of Richardson County. They have four children, Frank, Jacob, John and Maggie.

   HON. J. R. WILHITE, County Judge, was born in Jacksonville, Ill., March 21, 1845. His parents moved to Tallula, Menard Co., Ill., where he received his schooling. He enlisted May 20, 1861, in Company E, Fourteenth Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry, attached to the Seventeenth Army Corps, in the Army of the Tennessee. Was wounded October 5, 1863, at Hatchie River, Miss., and was discharged on account of disability. He returned home, where he remained until 1865, in which year he settled in Nemaha County, Neb., where he engaged in farming. In 1867, he removed to Richardson County, near Humboldt, and settled in Falls City, in 1873, where he pursued his law studies in the office of Schoenheit & Towle, and was admitted to the bar in 1876, where he engaged in practice. Was elected Justice of the Peace in the fall of 1875, and the fall of 1879, was elected County Judge, taking his seat January, 1880. Judge W. is a member of the Falls City Lodge, No. 9. A., F. & A. M., Falls City Lodge, No. 36, I. O. O. F.

   C. H. WILLARD, agent Missouri Pacific railroad, was born in Grafton, Vt., October 19, 1843. In 1853, he left home and located in Stark County, Ill., from there moved to Wisconsin. Enlisted in 1861 at Milwaukee, Wis., in the Seventh Wisconsin Battery, Light Artillery. Was discharged in 1863, on account of disability caused by wounds received at Parker's Cross Roads, Tenn., December 31, 1862. He returned to Wisconsin and located in Waukesha County. In 1869, he moved to Nebraska and located at Blair, as agent of the S. C. & P. R. R. About 1878, he accepted the position of agent at Omaha, for the C., St. P. M. & O. R. R Was appointed to present position December 1, 1881. He was married in Blair, Neb., November 5, 1872, to Miss A. A. Carson of Blair. They have one child, Lulu Mabel. Mr. W. is a Knight Templar in the Masonic fraternity, Lodge and Chapter in Blair Commandery of Omaha, is "P. W. M." and "P. H. P."

   R. G. WILLS, contractor and builder, was born in Pike County, Ill., February 22, 1837. Was brought up there and learned the carpenter trade, and followed it there until 1873, when he settled in Richardson County, Neb. In 1875, he moved to Falls City and established present business. Mr. W. was married in Griggsville, Ill., July 4, 1865, to Miss Hanlin of Griggsville. They have one child, Nettie May. Mr. W. was elected Assessor in 1875, for one year.

   DR. E. M. WILSON, physician and surgeon, was born in Wilmington, Ohio, January 27, 1840. He attended the Ohio Wesleyan University at Delaware, Ohio, and then entered the Cincinnati College of Medicine and Surgery, and graduated June 18, 1864. Was soon after appointed Assistant Surgeon of Twenty-fifth Regiment, Ohio Volunteers, and served in this capacity until June 18, 1866. He then returned to Ohio, and in 1867, settled in Falls City, Neb., and has since been in active practice, with the exception of one year. Dr. Wilson is a member of the A., F. & A. M. and I. O. O. F.

   SETH WILSON, brick manufacturer, commenced business here in 1877. Now employes about six men, and will turn out this season about 400,000 brick. Mr. Wilson was born in Pekin, Ill., February 11, 1827. Learned his trade there and followed it uninterruptedly (in the latter years in business for himself) until 1877, in which year he settled in present location. He was married in Pekin, Ill., November 1, 1858, to Miss Bridget O'Donnell of Pekin. They have six children, Charles, Sarah Jane, William, Alice, John and Margaret.

   WILSON & RYAN, dealers in furniture, carpets, wall paper, and undertakers' goods, business established in 1873, by Wilson & Stowe. Present firm organized in January, 1881. They carry a stock of $6,000. M. C. Ryan was born in County Galway, Ireland, November 3, 1851. Came to the United States with hi parents in 1853. Received his preliminary schooling in Jewett City, Conn. Finished at St. Jo Commercial College, St. Joseph, Mo. In 1869, he settled in Richardson County, Neb., when he engaged in farming until 1875, then moved to Falls City, engaged in County Clerk's office a few month, then opened a meat market, in which continued until present firm was organized. He was married in Rulo, Richardson County, Neb., November 30, 1876, to Miss Mary Kanaly of Rulo. They have one child, Mary Theresa. Mr. R. is a member of the Catholic Church. Falls City Ice Company, M. C. Ryan, proprietor. Mr. R. bought a third interest in 1877, another third in 1880, and became sole owner in 1882. Has one house 30x60 feet, holding 600 tons.

   DR. J. D. WOODS, physician and surgeon, was born in Jefferson County, Ind., April 17, 1849. In 1858, he removed with his parents to Pawnee City, Neb., there engaged in farming first, afterward in hotel keeping. He remained with them, receiving his schooling in Pawnee County, and then took up the study of medicine, and practiced about five years in Saline County, then to finish his studies he attended lectures at the college of physicians and surgeons in St. Joseph, Mo., and graduated February 23, 1882. In March, 1882, he settled in Falls City, and opened an office. He was married in Tecumseh, Johnson County, Neb., February 26, 1878 to Miss Elizabeth Holden, of that town. They have one child--Lulu Mabel. Dr. Woods is a member of the Christian Church.

   DR. R. L. WOOD, physician and surgeon, is a native of Missouri. He was born in Liberty, Clay County, September 19, 1849. His father, Dr. Joseph M. Wood, is a prominent surgeon, of Kansas City, Mo., having settled there in 1857. He is Emeritus Professor of Surgery in Kansas City Medical College. His special line of practice is Ovariotomy and Lithotomy. He was a United States Army Surgeon for about twenty years, and is a contributor to all of the prominent medical magazines. The subject of our sketch received his preliminary schooling in the Kansas City High School. In the fall of 1861, he enlisted in the Seventh-eighth Regiment Missouri State Militia, and served until the close of the war. He returned to Kansas City, and in 1869, entered Westminster College, at Fulton, Mo., graduating in 1871. Then commenced the study of medicine, and graduated from the Kansas City Medical College in March, 1873, receiving an ad eundem degree in 1876, from Missouri Medical College. Was admitted to practice in 1874. In 1876, he settled in Ouray County, County, Colo., where he engaged in the practice of law. Was the first prosecuting attorney of the county, and was also the Coroner. Was also at the time acting as contract surgeon for the Government. In 1878, he removed to Hamburg, Iowa, where he engaged in the practice of medicine for a time, and then moved to Troy, Kan., and from there settled in Falls City, May 23, 1882. Dr. Wood, was from 1874 to 1875, consulting surgeon of the Widows and Orphans' Home in Kansas City, and from April, 1875, to April, 1876, City Physician. He is now surgeon for the Missouri Pacific Railroad, on this division. Dr. Wood is a member of the Kansas City Medical Society, the Jackson County Medical Society, and the Kansas City District Medical Society.

   J. C. YUTZY, dentist, was born in Somerset County, Pa., March 24, 1843. Received his education in his native county. He enlisted August 1, 1862, in Company C, Fifty-fourth Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. Was wounded and taken prisoner May 15, 1864, and was confined for ten months in Libby, Belle Isle and Salisbury (N. C.) prisons. Was then exchanged, and returned to his regiment, at Annapolis, Md., mustered out in 1865, and returned home June 8, of same year. Began the study of his profession at Meyersdale, in 1866, and has been in constant practice since 1867. In the fall of 1878, he moved to Nebraska, settled in Falls City, and the next spring opened an office. He was married in Meyersdale, Pa., October 20, 1867, to Miss Sarah E. Beal, of Somerset County. They have five children--W. Charles, Grace G., H. Clay, Elizabeth C. S., Nellie M. He is Commander of Veteran Post, No 84, G. A. R. Is also a member of the A., F. & A. M., and I. O. O. F., and has represented the latter order several sessions in the Grand Lodge.

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