Columbia County,

New York

Deed & Wills

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Jacob W. Holsapple, Malinda E. Biser, Hannah M. Stalker, Carrie Peck, Philip H. Holsapple, and Rachael C. Bailey  Phebe Gaul wife of Cornelius D.

Charles M. Bray Harry Stoliker

Heirs of Philip & Catherine Schuyler, et al Samuel Mallery

Nehemiah Gale Asa Evans


Will of John STOLIKER, 24 January 1875

of Stuyvesant

Will of Margaret MILLER, 11 Sept. 1886 of Claverack. Wife of Stephen F.

Will of Samuel A. MILLER, 16 April 1816

of Claverack. Husband of Margaret Weiss

Will of Andrus S. MILLER

of Claverack.  Husband of Gertrude

Will of Walter SMITH, 6 July 1872

of Chatham.  Husband of Jennette

Will of John SMITH, recorded 10 Dec. 1891

of Stockport

Will of Hendrick H. SMITH

of Clermont

Will of Peter SMITH, 7 August 1884

of Hudson

Will of Mary E. SMITH, 18 October 1899

of Clermont

Will of William H. SMITH, 29 November 1883

of Clermont

Will of John SMITH, 20 January 1868

of Germantown

Will of Hanna SMITH, 20 January 1886

of Claverack

Will of Johannis SMITH, 21 March 1796

of Claverack

Will of Frederick F. SMITH, 20 September 1881

of Claverack

Will of Philp SAULBACH, 8 April 1788

of German Camp (now Germantown)

Will of Peter P. COLE, 20 October 1826

of Clermont

Will of Ruth Rand Ford, 22 November 1824

of Austerlitz, wife of Cyprian Fitch & Jacob Ford

Will of Nicholas Simmons

of Gallatin, wife Margaret Myers

Will of Jane Gale

Wife of Nehemiah Gale of New Lebanon

Will of Moses Jones, 20 August 1806

of Canaan

Will of Stephen M. Van Wyck

of Claverack

Will of Andries (Lwe) Lape

of Claverack