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Box Butte Farmers in 1890-1891*

*Taken from the 1891 Nebraska State Gazetteer
J. M Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509-510 Paxton Blcok 1890
Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J. W. Wolfe & Co., in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C.



                                                                  Farmers                           Location

Frank Abbott Box Butte
W. M. Abbott  Box Butte
Emery Abbey  Nonpareil
W. C. Acheson  Alliance
H. G. Adams Alliance
E. M. Adamson  Alliance
Frederick Alberts Burbank
M. Albertson Nonpareil
F. Albrecht Box Butte
G. E. Alcott Alliance
John F. Aldrich Alliance
A. D. Alexander Hemingford
J. C. Alexander Heingford
Ed Alworth Hemingford
Charles Ambler Nonpareil
Joe Ambro Lawn
H. M. Anderson Alliance
J. Anderson Nonpareil
John Anderson Alliance
J. R. Anderson Alliance
Peter Anderson Alliance
Robert Anderson Lawn
S. E. Anderson Alliance
W. T. Andrews Alliance
William Antell Alliance
John Armstrong Hemingford
J. F. Ash Alliance
W. E. Ashbaugh Alliance
J. E. Atkinson Alliance
Julius Atz Alliance


D. H. Badgley Alliance
John Babrk Hemingford
W. J. Bailey Nonpareil
W. P. Bailey Berea
W. H. H. Baird Lawn
Frank Baldwin Alliance
James A. Ball Lawn
W. J. Ball Lawn
H. G. Bamar Alliance
Jospeh Bame Lawn
William W. Bard Lawn
E. Barker Hemingford
Moses Barker Nonpareil
W. H. Barker Hemingford
Joseph Barkhurst Alliance
C. A. Barney Alliance
Charles L. Barney Alliance
George S. Barney Alliance
G. W. Barrett Alliance
Thomas P. Barrett Hemingford
John Barry Alliance
Lawrence Barry Alliance
Jon Barta Lawn
Joseph Jr. Barta Lawn
Joseph Sr. Barta Lawn
Moritz Barta Nonpareil
Vaclav Barta Lawn
Walkrod Barton Nonpareil
John O. Bartlett Hemingford
L. A. Bartlett Alliance
Charley Bartley Nonpareil
Moses Bass Nonpareil
Robert Basse Hemingford
Charles Bauer Aliance
Frank Jr., Bauer Alliance
Frank Sr. Bauer Alliance
Fred Bauer Box Butte
William Baurer Alliance
H. W. Baumgardner Box Butte
M. Baumgardner Box Butte
M. J. Baurmgardner Box Butte
Alfred Baxter Alliance
Henry Baxter Burbank
Robert Baxter Alliance
E. J. Beach Alliance
H. W. Beach Box Butte
Nelson Bearss Lawn
M. Baumont Hemingford
Tom Beck Nonpareil
William Behm Nonpareil
Fred Bebnke Alliance
William Behnke Alliance
Peter Belgam Alliance
A. O. Bell Alliance
George C. Bell Alliance
G. Benedick Lawn
J. E. Benedict  Box Butte
Frank Benesh Box Butte
H. O. Bennett Box Butte
A. S. Bent Alliance
E. S. Bent Alliance
John Berendt Box Butte
John P. Berger Berea
Dennis Bergin Hemingford
John Bernklan Nonpareil
C. F. Berry Alliance
James M. Berry  Box Butte
David R. Best Alliance
James A. Best Alliance
T. Betebenner Nonpareil
F. J. Betzold Alliance
F. P. Beyer Nonpareil
Bross Bignell Alliance
Joseph Bills Alliance
Hubert Binger Nonpareil
Joseph Birky Alliance
King L. Bisbe Berea
Perry P. Bishop Alliance
Sarah Bishop Alliance
W. A. Bissell Box Butte
A. Blackburn Alliance
William Blackburn Hemingford
William Blair Hemingford
T. Bland Hemingford
Herman Blatz Lawn
John Bliss Hemingford
M. Bliss Hemingford
P. W. Bliss Hemingford
John Blood Hemingford
Charles Blynn Hemingford
John William Bock Box Butte
William Bolan Alliance
S. H. Bolejack Hemingformd
W. E. Bolejack Hemingford
Simon Bollinger Box Butte
S. G. Bomgardner Box Butte
J. W. Book, Box Butte
J. O. Boon Alliance
Joseph Boyd Hemingford
Enoch Boyer Alliance
Samuel F. Boyer Alliance
F. E. Branch Hemingford
Aaron Branson Alliance
G. Brenaman Box Butte
Eddy Brewer Burbank
John Brewer Nonpareil
Joseph Brewer Butbank
John S. Bridge Alliance
Asa Briggs Alliance
George Brimacombe Box Butte
M. A. Brimacombe Box Butte
Peter Brininger Alliance
C. H. Britton Box Butte
W. J. Britton Hemingford
Albert Brossch Nonpareil
H. Broich Hemingford
J. W. Brosler Lawn
Jennie Brosius Hemingford
D. N. Brower Nonpareil
George Brower Nonpareil
David Brown Alliance
David Brown Nonpareil
Fred H. Brown Alliance
J. A. Brown Alliance
James Brown Nonpareil
J. B. Brown Burbank
J. C. Brown Alliance
S. A. Brown Hemingford
T. F. Brown Alliance
William C. Brown Burbank
A. B. Broyles Alliance
John Brozek Lawn
Jason Bruner Lawn
R. W. Bryles Alliance
J. W. Buchanan Alliance
N. G. Buchanan Alliance
J. H. D. Buddemyer Lawn
S. Bugherbaugh Alliance
A. C. Bundy Lawn
B. H. Burdett Nonpariel
A. V. Burk Box Butte
S. R. Burk Box Butte
Thomas Burkheart Alliance
C. A. Burlow Hemingford
H. H. Burnett Je,omgfprd
W. F. Burnett Alliance
Warren Burns Hemingford
Alex Burr Burbank
John L. Burton Alliance
William P. Burton Lawn
William T. Burton Lawn
A. L. Bush Box Butte
General Bush Alliance
G. P. Bush Box Butte
H. L. Bushnell Hemingford
F. M. Bussard Alliance
Christian Butler Nonpareil
Jacob Butler Nonpareil
John Butler Nonpareil
J. S. Butler Nonpareil
Michael Butler Nonpareil
Thomas Butler Nonpareil
William Butler Nonpareil
James Byrne Hemingford


John Cadek Lawn
Joseph Baha Nonpareil
Alonso Caldwell Alliance
W. T. Caldwell Alliance
E. H. Calvin Alliance
T. C. Calvin Nonpareil
J. H. Canright Berea
G. F. Cantwell Alliance
Joe Carey Alliance
Joseph Carey Nonpareil
R. Carey Nonpareil
Delos R. Carmicle Alliance
D. Carpenter Carpenter
H. D. Carpenter Carpenter
Rezin Carrington Box Butte
Silas Carrington Box Butte
William Carrington Box Butte
B. S. Caven Alliance
W. C. Caven Alliance
David I. Cheney Box Butte
Frank A. Cheney Box Butte
George Cherry Berea
John Cherry Berea
Joseph Cherry Berea
Anton Chitka Lawn
Peter Chrisman Box Butte
J. P. Christiansen Nonpareil
P. K. Christiansen Nonpareil
J. M. Christy Hemingford
J. W. Christy Alliance
William Christy Alliance
William L. Church  Hemingford
A. W. Civish Hemingford
Louis Civish Lawn
Vaclav Civish Lawn
A. P. Clark Box Butte
Charles H. Clark Lawn
George Clark Alliance
John Clark Alliance
Luke Clark Alliance
Thomas V. Clark Hemingford
William A. Clark Box Butte
Dean Clayton Nonpareil
G. H. Clayton Nonpareil
Seigie Clayton Nonpareil
George W. Clement Alliance
M. K. Cleven Hemingford
Ole Cleven Nonpareil
John G. Clifford Alliance
Mrs. H. Clouse Box Butte
E. A. Coates Hemingford
W. J. Cochran Alliance
William S. Coker Alliance
Mrs. Mary Collins Box Butte
Mike Collins Box Butte
Pat Collins Alliance
Joseph Coleman Hemingford
D. E. Colvin Alliance
James Conley Burbank
J. H. Conover Alliance
O. H. Conrad Alliance
W. L. Convis Hemingford
Claud Cook Nonparieil
Victor Cook Alliance
L. Cooper Box Butte
Samuel Cooper Box Butte
L. B. Corbin Nonpareil
Al Cornell Alliance
George Cottingham Nonpareil
C. M. Coverly Box Butte
C. J. Cowan Alliance
E. A. Cowden Box Butte
Jared Cowden Box Butte
Isaac N. Cox Alliance
Genev Crandell Box Butte
Charles Crane Alliance
W. F. Crane Alliance
James H. Craig Hemingford
Thomas T. Crosler Hemingford
Charles Crozler Lawn
Z. T. Cunningham Box Butte
J. Cunningham Heminford
J. Cunningham Hemingford
Albert Curry Alliance
D. B. Curry Alliance
James Curry Nonpareil
Stephen Curry Box Butte
Clarence Curtis Nonpareil
S. A. Curtis Nonpareil
Volney Curtis Nonpareil
Francis Cushing Alliance
Audary Cusick Alliance

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