1871 - 1872

From The Columbia County Directory


A to C



Nos. of Acres


Post Office Address

Abel, William 135 Farmer Craryville
Adsit, Charles 300 Sawmill & Farmer Green River
Aims, W. F.   Laborer Craryville
Albert, Michael 5 Farmer Craryville
Albert, William 1 Wagon Maker Craryville
Allen, John A. 200 Farmer Hillsdale
Andrews, H. W. 180 Farmer Craryville
Andrews, Hezekiah 10 Carpenter Craryville
Atkinson, William 4 Moulder Craryville
Avait, Henry   Shoe Maker Craryville
Babcock, Richard 2 Carpenter Craryville
Bain, Isaac F. 30 Farmer Craryville
Baird, David C.   Track Master Green River
Baird, Richard   Baggage Master Hillsdale
Bartlett, Jackson 5 Farmer Hillsdale
Bartlett, Richard 133 Farmer Hillsdale
Beach, E. Pratt   Teacher Hillsdale
Becker, B. G. 160 Assessor & Farmer Philmont
Becker, Chas. F. 110 Farmer Green River
Becker, Geo. I. 1 Carpenter Harlemville
Becker, Henry L.   Carpenter Hillsdale
Becker, Moses 360 Farmer Philmont
Becker, N. A. 119 Farmer Harlemville
Becker, Obed U. 5 Farmer Harlemville
Becker, Peter M. 335 Farmer Harlemville
Becker, Peter J. 1 1-4 Carpenter Hillsdale
Becker, Peter O. 320 Farmer Hillsdale
Becker, Philip   Painter Hillsdale
Becker, Philip 14 Farmer Hillsdale
Becker, R. H. 190 Farmer Hillsdale
Becker, Stephen C. 165 Farmer Hillsdale
Becker, Wm. H. 335 Farmer Harlemville
Bell, Charles M. 1 Attorney at law Hillsdale
Best, Andrew J.   Farmer Hillsdale
Best, Henry 300 Farmer Hillsdale
Best, Sylvester 234 Farmer Craryville
Billings, Stephen   Laborer Green River
Birdsall, James   Scythe Maker Hillsdale
Bissell, Milo 250 Farmer Hillsdale
Bixby, Owen 1 Dealer in Hay, etc. Hillsdale
Blackman, Joel 110 Farmer Hillsdale
Boice, Eli 2 Farmer Craryville
Boice, Jonathan   Laborer Hillsdale
Boos, Frederick   Laborer Green River
Boyes, Elias 18 Farmer Hillsdale
Brace, Moses L.   Laborer Hillsdale
Brain, William 225 Farmer Green River
Bristol, Stephen     Hillsdale
Bruce, Alfred 210 Farmer Hillsdale
Brusie, Ambrose   Laborer Craryville
Brusie, Geo. 168 Farmer and Carpenter Hillsdale
Brusie, John 43 Farmer and Carpenter Hillsdale
Brusie, William   Laborer Martindale
Bulkeley & Bullock   Lumber and Coal Hillsdale
Bulkeley, Joshua H 1 Postmaster Hillsdale
Bullock, Major M. 2 Farmer Hillsdale
Bunt, Henry   Laborer Hillsdale
Burger, Charles 2 Blacksmith Martindale
Burtis, Wm. R. 250 Farmer No. Egremont, Mass.
Burton, George T. 25 Farmer Hillsdale
Burton, Henry 240 Farmer Hillsdale
Bushnell, E. W. 250 Farmer Hillsdale
Calkins, Almond   Collier* Hillsdale
Cameron, I. V. 182 Farmer Craryville
Campbell, Stanton A.   Collier* Hillsdale
Closson, Charles 157 Farmer Hillsdale
Closson, Nicholas 72 Farmer Philmont
Clum, Henry S. 130 Farmer Philmont
Cole, John W. 3 Farmer Hillsdale
Collin, John F. 100 Farmer Hillsdale
Collin, Solomon B. 234 Farmer Hillsdale
Collins, Jeremiah C.   Tailor Hillsdale
Consodine, Michael     Hillsdale
Converse, Wm. H.   Tanner Hillsdale
Cook, Alonzo A. 334 Farmer Hillsdale
Cook, Lemon 270 Farmer Hillsdale
Coon, Isaac, 153 Farmer Harlemville
Coon, Levi 158 Farmer Hillsdale
Coon, William   Stoves & Tinware Hillsdale
Coon, William H.   Laborer Hillsdale
Corbett, Lawrence 45 Farmer Hillsdale
Cornell, Henry 18 1-2 Farmer and Physician Hillsdale
Couse, Benjamin   Laborer Craryville
Crandell, Norman 100 Farmer Hillsdale
Crismon, Henry   Grocer Harlemville
Christie, Jas. E. 271 Farmer Hillsdale
Crow, Charles   Merchant Hillsdale
Cullin, John K   Clerk Hillsdale
Curtis, Alfred 224 Farmer Harlemville
Curtis, Joel 194 Farmer Hillsdale
Curtis, Palmer G. 224 Farmer Hillsdale

* A Collier is 1) a man who makes wood into charcoal; 2) a coal miner.

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