1871 - 1872

From The Columbia County Directory


O to R


NAMES Nos. of Acres OCCUPATION Post Office Address
O'Brien, John   Blacksmith Hillsdale
Ostrander, Benj. J. 250 Farmer Hillsdale
Ostrander, Peter I 158 Farmer Craryville
Overhiser, A. L. 325 Farmer Hillsdale
Overhiser, Barnet   Farmer Hillsdale
Palmer, Allen J. 220 Farmer Green River
Palmer, Dewitt C. 185 Farmer Hillsdale
Palmer, Geo. E. 150 Farmer Green River
Palmer, Jackson 243 Farmer Hillsdale
Palmer, Stephen M. 1 Farmer Harlemville
Park, Arthur F. 45 Farmer Hillsdale
Parrish, Wm. E.   Merchant Hillsdale
Parsons, Wm. O.   Carpenter Green River
Peck, Wilsey   Laborer Green River
Persons, Ward 5 Shoemaker Hillsdale
Phelps, Albert N. 160 Farmer Hillsdale
Phelps, John 160 Farmer Hillsdale
Phillips, Solomon   Laborer Hillsdale
Phillips, Harlow 100 Farmer Hillsdale
Phillips, Henry 70 Farmer Martindale
Phillips, John J. 40 Farmer Hillsdale
Plass, Henry 250 Farmer Hillsdale
Platzer, Erhard 167 Farmer Harlemville
Post, William   Laborer Craryville
Potterfield, Henry 33 Farmer Philmont
Prior, Betsey Mrs. 5 Farmer Hillsdale
Pultz, Frederick 1 Blacksmith Harlemville
Pultz, George 380 Farmer Harlemville
Pulver, Freeland   Clerk Harlemville
Pulver, Henry     Harlemville
Pulver, Nicholas     Harlemville
Pulver, Nicholas N. 97 Farmer Harlemville
Quick, John E. 200 Farmer Craryville
Reid, Jacob 36 Farmer Hillsdale
Rivenburgh, A. H. 98 Farmer Hillsdale
Robinson, Nicholas   Miller Hillsdale
Robison, Philo   Laborer Hillsdale
Roney, Chas. E.   Laborer Hillsdale
Roney, Edward   Laborer Hillsdale
Root, Allen   Laborer Hillsdale
Rowe, Dewitt N. 160 Farmer Hillsdale
Rowe, Henry J. 130 Farmer Green River
Rowe, John B. 80 Farmer Hillsdale
Rowe, John G. 160 Farmer Hillsdale
Rowe, Myron   Laborer Green River

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