1871 - 1872

From The Columbia County Directory

S to T



Nos. of Acres


Post Office Address

Sabin, Myron M.   Wagon Maker Hillsdale
Sackett, Myron M. 23 Farmer Green River
Schonder, Frederick,   Laborer Hillsdale
Schutt, C. Mrs. 2 Farmer Hillsdale
Scott, Edward L. 1 Farmer Hillsdale
Scott, Harvery   Farmer Hillsdale
Scott, John   Laborer Hillsdale
Scoville, Geo. B 140 Farmer Hillsdale
Scutt, Martin   Farmer Green River
See, Frederick   Blacksmith Hillsdale
Seider, Anton 120 Farmer Hillsdale
Shadic, Peter   Laborer Green River
Sharts, Hubert L. 62 Farmer Hillsdale
Sharts, John G. 2 Laborer Hillsdale
Sharts, Marvin 1 Painter Hillsdale
Sharts, Wm. B. 230 Farmer Craryville
Shaver, Philip C. 2 Merchant Harlemville

Shaver, Walter

70 Farmer Hillsdale
Shepard, Albert 400 Farmer Green River
Shepard, Allen 118 Farmer Hillsdale
Shilling, Henry d. 100 Farmer Hillsdale
Shufelt, John   Laborer Hillsdale
Shufelt, Leonard   Laborer Hillsdale
Shufelt, Thomas 150 Farmer Hillsdale
Shultis, David 175 Farmer Hillsdale
Shutts, Cortez 220 Farmer Hillsdale
Shutts, John 188 Farmer Craryville
Shutts, Nehemiah 150 Farmer No. Egremont, Mass
Simmons, John     Hillsdale
Simmons, Tunis   Teacher Hillsdale
Simons, Friend E. 223 Farmer Hillsdale
Simpson, Titus 170 Farmer Craryville
Simpson, William 40 Farmer Hillsdale
Simpson, Wm. H.   Blacksmith Hillsdale
Smith, Edward     Hillsdale
Smith, Leonard   Ticket Agent, H.R.R. Hillsdale
Snyder, Alex J. 1 1-2 Wagon Maker Hillsdale
Snyder, Anthony 210 Farmer Hillsdale
Snyder, Cornelius   Stone Cutter Hillsdale
Snyder, John W.   Laborer Craryville
Snyder, Joseph 317 Farmer Harlemville
Snyder, Peter V. 150 Farmer Craryville
Sornborger, Geo. 28 Farmer Hillsdale
Speed, Luther 150 Farmer Hillsdale
Spencer, Norman 110 Farmer Craryville
Spencer, Seymour 122 Farmer Craryville
Staats, William   Miller Hillsdale
Stalker, Peter   Laborer Craryville
Steitz, Philip P.   Shoe Maker Harlemville
Steitz, Valentine 150 Farmer Harlemville
Stempel, William 110 Farmer Harlemville
Seuerwald, Chas. 160 Farmer Hillsdale
Steuerwald, Peter 262 Farmer Hillsdale
Steuerwald, Adam 120 Farmer Hillsdale
Stever, E. Mrs. 117 Farmer Hillsdale
Steward, Ephraim   Carpenter Hillsdale
Stewart, Maria Mrs.     Hillsdale
Stickle, G. F. 362 Farmer Hillsdale
Stickle, Jacob H.   Laborer Harlemville
Stickles, Julia A. 125 Farmer Philmont
Stickles, Peter A.     Hillsdale
Swarts, John     Hillsdale
Sweet, Martin J. 182 Farmer Hillsdale
Tanner, William   Teamster Hillsdale
Taylor, John L.   Blacksmith Green River
Teats, David N. 8 Miller Hillsdale
Ten Broeck, E. A. 55 Farmer Harlemville
Ten Broeck, W. B. 3 1-2 Blacksmith Hillsdale
Terry, Harvey E. 150 Farmer Craryville
Tiffany, Edward   Laborer Hillsdale
Tipple, David H. 192 Farmer Craryville
Tipple, Winthrop 192 Farmer Craryville
Trabilcox, James 143 Farmer Craryville
Trabilcox, Joseph 143 Farmer Craryville
Trabilcox, Robert 230 Farmer Craryville
Traffod & Hallenbeck   General Merchants Hillsdale
Truesdell, John Q. 33 Painter & Farmer Hillsdale
Tyler, Cyrenius F.   Laborer Hillsdale
Tyler, Nicholas C. 148 Farmer Hillsdale

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