1871 - 1872

From The Columbia County Directory





Nos. of Acres


Post Office Address
Dakin, Ambrose L   Carpenter Hillsdale
Dakin, Chester H. 103 Farmer Hillsdale
Daley, L. D.   Stone Mason Hillsdale
Dams, James   Laborer Hillsdale
David, Abram Rev.   M. E. Clergyman Hillsdale
Dean, Randol 170 Farmer Hillsdale
Debell, Weeden   Laborer Hillsdale
Degroff, James B.   Carpenter Hillsdale
Delamarter, George 100 Farmer Hillsdale
Dimmick, Eliphalet   Merchant Hillsdale
Disbrow, Davis 142 Farmer Harlemville
Disbrow, Willis 42 Farmer Harlemville
Doherty, James   Harness Maker Hillsdale
Dorr, H. P. Mrs. 3 Farmer Hillsdale
Dorr, Joseph P.   Physician Hillsdale
Dorr, Martin H.   Attorney Hillsdale
Douglass, Geo. 100 Farmer Hillsdale
Downing, Allen B. 165 Farmer Hillsdale
Downing, Chas. H. 226 Farmer Harlemville
Downing, Geo. W. 280 Farmer Harlemville
Downing, Isaac 226 Farmer Harlemville
Downing, James O.   Laborer Green River
Downing, Peter N. 1 Blacksmith Harlemville
Downing, Wm. T. 280 Farmer Harlemville
Drum, Elijah 54 Farmer Craryville
Duncan, Henry 168 Farmer Hillsdale
Dunn, Martin 160 Farmer Green River
Dunn, Patrick   Laborer Hillsdale
Duntz, John L.   Hotel Green River
Duplain, Justin   Collier* Harlemville
Evans, Richard 9 Farmer Hillsdale
Evans, Thomas 90 Farmer Hillsdale
Evarts, David M.   Laborer Hillsdale
Fargo, Jerome M. 1 Hotel Hillsdale
Fellows, A. J.   Post Master H.R.R.R. Hillsdale
Fellows, C. M. 3 1-2 Farmer Hillsdale
Ferguson, Francis 150 Farmer Hillsdale
Finkle, Ebenezer 60 Farmer Craryville
Finkle, Jacob   Laborer Harlemville
Finkle, Joseph W.   Hotel Harlemville
Finkle, Nicholas   Laborer Hillsdale
Flannagan, John 140 Farmer Hillsdale
Flannigan, John 40 Farmer Hillsdale
Foland, Philip   Farmer Hillsdale
Fornier, Joseph   Collier* Green River
Foster, Allen T. 203 Farmer Craryville
Foster, Geo. M.   Speculator Hillsdale
Foster, Sarah Mrs. 130 Farmer Hillsdale
Fuller, Orson   Produce Dealer Hillsdale

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