1871 - 1872

From The Columbia County Directory


K to N


NAMES Nos. of Acres OCCUPATION Post Office Address
Keller, John H.   Undertaker Hillsdale
Kern, William 12 Blacksmith Harlemville
Kilmer, Mary Mrs.   Tailoress Hillsdale
Knox, Ann Mrs. 500 Farmer Hillsdale
Knox, Grosvener A.   Commis'n Merchant Hillsdale
Knox, Porter A. 115 Farmer Hillsdale
Lane, John   Laborer Hillsdale
Lasher, Eli   Laborer Hillsdale
Latting, Ambrose     Hillsdale
Latting, Refine 400 Farmer Hillsdale
Leach, Ephraim 1 Farmer Hillsdale
Lester, Rensselaer 1 1-2 Blacksmith Harlemville
Lockwood, J. R. Mrs 150 Farmer Craryville
Loomis, Ebenezer B.   Carpenter Hillsdale
Loomis, Ezra D. 4 Farmer Hillsdale
Loomis, Joseph H. 5 Farmer Hillsdale
Loop, Frank   Miller Hillsdale
Lucy, Cornelius   Laborer Hillsdale
Macdonald, Jas. M. 214 Farmer Green River
Mackern Family 12 Farmer Harlemville
Makely, Jacob 100 Farmer Hillsdale
Makely, Jacob W. 50 Farmer Hillsdale
Marston, Erastus D.   Blacksmith Hillsdale
McAlpine, John D. 286 Farmer Hillsdale
McAlpine, Orville 27 Farmer Hillsdale
McDonald Thos. 10 Farmer Hillsdale
McGonegal, Sarah     Hillsdale
McIntosh, James 130 Farmer Hillsdale
McIntosh, Wm.   Laborer Hillsdale
McNeil, Lewis B. 1 Merchant Harlemville
Mercer, Daniel   Laborer Green River
Mercer, Wm. D. 14   Physician Harlemville
Merril, Louisa Mrs. 1 Farmer Green River
Michael, Augustus 150 Farmer Craryville
Michael, Henry 20 Farmer Hillsdale
Miller, Alexander     Hillsdale
Miller, James M.   Laborer Hillsdale
Miller, Orson A. 112 Farmer Craryville
Miller, Walter 167 Farmer Craryville
Miller, William J.   Farmer Hillsdale
Minckler, George   Laborer Hillsdale
Minckler, James K.   Laborer Harlemville
Minkler, William 84 Farmer Hillsdale
Mitchell, Sam'l E. 95 Farmer Hillsdale
Mitchell, Stephen W. 55 Farmer Hillsdale
Moett, Charles 2 1-2 Farmer Harlemville
Monger, Aaron 200 Farmer Martindale
Morehouse, Alanson 325 Farmer Hillsdale
Morehouse, Jos. D. 125 Farmer Craryville
Morey, Austin 132 Farmer Hillsdale
Murphy, Peter   Laborer Hillsdale
Murray, Sarah Mrs.     Hillsdale
Murray, William   Clerk Hillsdale
Nash, David L. 160 Farmer Harlemville
Nichols, David A. 129 Farmer Hillsdale
Nye, Levi S.   Blacksmith Hillsdale



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