1871 - 1872

From The Columbia County Directory


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Nos. of Acres


Post Office Address

Usner, Conrad 125 Farmer Harlemville
Van Benschoten, H.   Merchant Hillsdale
Van DeBoe, A. D. 150 Farmer Craryville
Vanderpool, James   Painter Hillsdale
Van Deusen, Lewis 130 Farmer Craryville
Van Hoesen, P. D. 300 Farmer Green River
Van Hoesen, Wm. L.   Attorney at Law Green River
Van Tassel, Martin 165 Farmer Craryville
Van Tassel, Philip 165 Farmer Philmont
Vele, Samuel R.   Farmer Hillsdale
Vincent, Charles 129 Farmer Hillsdale
Vosburgh, H. K.   Tinsmith Hillsdale
Wagner, John H. 150 Farmer Hillsdale
Wagner, Martin 80 Farmer Craryville
Wagner, Martin   Wagon Maker Harlemville
Waldorph, John H.   Laborer Hillsdale
Ward, Chas. D. 165 Farmer Hillsdale
Ward, David B.   Laborer Hillsdale
Ward, Richard 9 Farmer Harlemville
Ward, William 42 Farmer Hillsdale
Washburn, Wm. 215 Farmer Harlemville
Weed, Darius 350 Farmer Hillsdale
Westlake, H. G., M.D. 22 Physician Hillsdale
Wheeler, Abram   Bookkeeper Hillsdale
Wheeler, Herriman 50 Farmer Hillsdale
Wheeler, Richard A. 45 Farmer Hillsdale
Whitbeck, Richard 55 Farmer Martindale
White, John S. 186 Farmer No. Egremont, Mass.
White, Rufus S. 5 Carpenter Hillsdale
White, Thomas   Wagon Maker Hillsdale
Whiteman, George 8 Farmer Hillsdale
Wilbur, Mrs. Matilda 75 Farmer Hillsdale
Wilbur, Lewis B. 18 Farmer Hillsdale
Wiley, David T. 130 Farmer Hillsdale
Wiley, Geo. L. 140 Farmer Hillsdale
Wilkinson, Hiram H.   Carpenter Harlemville
Williams, Adam   Fruit Gardener Hillsdale
Williams, Casper     Hillsdale
Williams, Cuyler J.   Artist Hillsdale
Williams, D. Mrs.     Hillsdale
Williams, David 200 Farmer Craryville
Williams, David M.   Laborer Craryville
Williams, Edward R.     Hillsdale
Williams, Henry M.   Sawyer Hillsdale
Williams, Henry P. 2 Farmer Hillsdale
Williams, John F. 2 Carpenter Hillsdale
Williams, Levi 160 Farmer Hillsdale
Williams, Levi Jr.   Laborer Hillsdale
Williams & Loomis   Iron Foundry Hillsdale
Williams Manning   Carpenter Hillsdale
Williams, Maria     Hillsdale
Williams, Phebe     Hillsdale
Williams, Sandford   Saw Mill Hillsdale
Willis, Stillman H.   Laborer Hillsdale
Winchell, Harvey   Farmer Hillsdale
Winchell, Ira J.     Hillsdale
Winchell, Seymour   Hotel Hillsdale
Winchell, James 65 Farmer Hillsdale
Winters, David   Laborer Hillsdale
Winslow, Hiram   School Commissioner Green River
Wise, Arnold 8 Farmer Craryville
Wolf, Frederick 136 Farmer Philmont
Woodin, Wm. H   Carpenter Hillsdale
Woodin, Chas. T. 30 Farmer Green River
Woodin, Harvey   Collier* Hillsdale
Woodin, Henry C. 170 Farmer Green River
Wodden, Timothy 14 Carpenter Green River
Woolcot, Norman   Farmer Hillsdale
Wurster, George 1 Blacksmith Hillsdale
Zeh, Levi   Saloon Keeper Hillsdale

 * A Collier is 1) a man who makes wood into charcoal; 2) a coal miner.


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