1871 - 1872

From The Columbia County Directory


G to J



NAMES Nos. of Acres OCCUPATION Post Office Address
Garison, John   Laborer Hillsdale
Garner, Martin H.     Hillsdale
Garrison, John H.   Laborer Hillsdale
Garrison, Peter 4 1-4 Carpenter and Farmer Hillsdale
Garrison, Rufus   Farmer Green River
Garrison, Stephen   Laborer Green River
Gilbert, Geo. M. 106 Farmer Hillsdale
Gilbert, Lorenzo 160 Farmer Hillsdale
Gilbert, John M. 75 Farmer Hillsdale
Gilbert, Rodney Rev.   Baptist Clergyman Hillsdale
Gilbert, R. A. 156 Farmer Hillsdale
Gildersleeve, A. H. 380 Farmer Hillsdale
Gorsline, Jas. K. 150 Farmer Hillsdale
Greene, David M. 186 Farmer Hillsdale
Groat, Charles   Carpenter Hillsdale
Groat, Daniel   Laborer Hillsdale
Hagaman, C. Mrs.     Hillsdale
Hall, Albert R. 113 Farmer Hillsdale
Hall, Salmon 150 Farmer Green River
Hallenbeck, Martin     Hillsdale
Halstead, Isaac 7 Shoemaker Green River
Hatch, M. Mrs. 223 Farmer Green River
Haun, James   Laborer Craryville
Haun, Joseph N.   Laborer Martindale
Hayes, Thomas S. 1 Boots & Shoes Hillsdale
Haywood, Alberdeen   Laborer Hillsdale
Haywood, Daniel 45 Farmer Hillsdale
Haywood, Lewis M.   Mason Hillsdale
Haywood, Martin 150 Farmer Hillsdale
Haywood, Orrin   Carpenter Hillsdale
Heslor, Elbert J.   Merchant Harlemville
Higgins, A. W. 180 Farmer Craryville
Higgins, John W.   Cigar Dealer Hillsdale
Hinkle, John   Wagon Maker Harlemville
Hoffman, George 120 Farmer Hillsdale
Hollenbeck, N. 119 Farmer Hillsdale
Hollenbeck, P. B. 243 Farmer Hillsdale
Hollenbeck, Thos.   Laborer Harlemville
Holsapple, M. H. 170 Farmer Craryville
Holsapple, W. T. 15 4-3 Blacksmith Harlemville
Hone, Geo. P   Laborer Hillsdale
House, Benj. 50 Farmer Hillsdale
House, Egbert 120 Farmer Hillsdale
House, N     Hillsdale
Hover, Edward H.   Laborer Martindale
Huggins, Henry   Miller Hillsdale
Hunt, Benson 175 Farmer Hillsdale
Hunt, Edward B. 50 Farmer Hillsdale
Hunt, Rutsen 450 Farmer Hillsdale
Hunt, Schuyler 262 Farmer Hillsdale
Hutchinson, C. B.   Horse Dealer Hillsdale
Johns, Chs. E.   Shoemaker Philmont
Johns, Daniel M. 3 Wagon Maker Hillsdale
Johns, John Q. 340 Justice of Peace Hillsdale
Johnson, Quincey     Hillsdale
Johnson, Wm. L. 150 Farmer Hillsdale
Joice, Patrick   Laborer Hillsdale
Jones, Charles A.   Laborer Green River
Jones, Denison 1 Grocer Green River
Jones, Moses 44 Farmer Hillsdale
Jordan, Abram I. 164 Farmer Martindale
Jordan, Wm. A. 264 Farmer Martindale
Judson, John E.     Craryville
Judson, Samuel 160 Farmer Hillsdale





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