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Andreas' History of the State of Nebraska
Dodge County
Produced by Karen Elliott.


Location and Natural Features | Water Powers
Grain and Fruit Raising | Early History

PART 2: Early History of Fremont | A Reminiscence

Organization | Means of Communication
County Schools--County Poor
The County Agricultural Society


Fremont:   Corporate History | Schools | City Park


Fremont (cont.): The Press | Fire Department | Fires
The First and The Last Murder | Societies
Business of Fremont | Banks | Shed's Opera House


Fremont (cont.): Hotels | Board of Trade
Manufactories | Biographical Sketches

Fremont (cont.): Biographical Sketches (cont.)
Fremont (cont.): Biographical Sketches (cont.)
Fremont (cont.): Biographical Sketches (cont.)
PART 10:
Fremont (cont.): Biographical Sketches (cont.)
PART 11:

North Bend:  Early History | The North Bend of Today
Biographical Sketches

PART 12:
North Bend (cont.): Biographical Sketches (cont.)
PART 13:

Scribner:  Biographical Sketches
Pebble:  Biographical Sketches

PART 14:

Hooper:  Biographical Sketches
Cuming Precinct:   (Biographical Sketches)

PART 15:

Biographical Sketches:
Everett Precinct | Maple Precinct

PART 16:

Biographical Sketches:
Union Precinct | Webster Precinct | Elkhorn Precinct

List of Illustrations in Dodge County Chapter


DR. L. W. GIFFIN, homoeopathic physician and surgeon, came to Fremont, Neb., May 1, 1880, and began the practice of his profession, opening an office June 1, 1880. He was born in Heuvelton, St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., February 6, 1853, and was about nineteen years of age when he began the study of medicine, entering the Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia, Penn., and graduated in March, 1876. He also took a course of clinical lectures at Blockley Hospital in the latter city, also of the State hospital in 1874-75-76 and '77. He went to Menasha, Wis.., in April, 1877, and practiced in that city and vicinity four years, after which he emigrated to Nebraska. He was made a member of the Masonic fraternity in New York, also a member of the I. O. O. F. He was married to Mrs. Amelia P. Fuller, of Menasha, Wis., who was born in the latter city July 4, 1854. They have two children--Genia F. and Leverett. The doctor is one of the State Censors of the Homoeopathic Association. Mrs. G's parent's names were: father, Melancthon Burroughs, and mother's name Amanda (Walker) Burroughs.

GEORGE E. GODFREY, farmer, P. O. Fremont, has a farm of 600 acres seven miles east of Fremont, on the old military road, 440 in Dodge and 160 in Douglas County. Of this farm, 300 acres are under cultivation; the remainder is pasture and meadow land under fence. His farm has good improvements, dwelling, creamery building, out-buildings etc.; he has on hand nearly two hundred head of cattle, 120 of which being dairy stock, consisting of Ayrshire and Holstine. His dealings in live-stock amount to $10,000 per year. He employs ten men and fourteen head of horses. He has been engaged in farming and dealing in live-stock since 1877; is at present largely engaged in the dairy business. He was born in Erie County N. Y., March 26, 1839; he is the son of Charles E. and Mary Godfrey. His mother's father, Justin Wells, participated n the battle of Lake Champlain in the war of 1812. When quite young, his parents moved to Canada, where they lived a few years, his father being a furniture dealer. They then moved to Oshkosh, Wis., where he lived about seventeen years. He left Oshkosh in 1875; and came to Nebraska, living two years at Omaha, engaged in the manufacture of cigars. He was married at Menasha, Wis., in 1861, to Miss Marie La Grange, daughter of Matthew La Grange. She was born at Sharon Springs, N. Y. They have one child--George H.

E. F. GRAY, attorney at law, came to Nebraska in 1867, and located at Fremont. He was born in Wayne County, Penn., January 30, 1837. In 1846, he removed with his father's family to Rock County, Wis. From thence, in 1853, to Minnesota, and in 1859 to the Pacific Coast, and, finally, began the practice of law in Idaho in 1862. From that Territory he came to Nebraska. From 1867 to 1873, he was District Attorney of the Third Judicial District, and was a member of the Constitutional Convention of 1871. Since 1873, he has given his whole attention to the general practice. He was married at Falls City, in January, 1868, to Marietta Hollebaugh, a native of Frederick City, Va. They have two children--Vesta and Marietta.

ROBERT GREGG, Sheriff of Dodge County, came to Fremont, Neb., in May, 1868, and engaged in carpenter and joiner work; he worked at contracting and building until 1870. In that year he was appointed City Marshal, and served two years, after which he served four years as Deputy Sheriff and Constable, and then again two years as Marshal. He was elected Sheriff in 1879, and re-elected in 1881. He was employed for some time in the United States secret service. He was born in County Cavan, Ireland, April 14, 1844, and came to America alone when fourteen years of age. He located at Bradford, Canada West, living there until two years prior to coming to Nebraska; then lived at Port Austin, Mich., two years. He was married at Bradford, Canada, May 19, 1864, to Eliza Greer, a native of Westport, County Mayo, Ireland.

JOHN GRUNKRANZ, County Treasurer, came to Nebraska in August, 1869; he was employed as a clerk in a mercantile establishment until he started in business for himself in the fall of 1871. He continued at this until 1876, when he entered the Treasurer's office as Deputy. He was elected Treasurer in 1879, and re-elected in the fall of 1881. Is a native of Austria, born May, 1844; he came to America in July, 1865, located first at New York City, thence he moved to Cincinnati, and Newport, Ky., and stopped briefly at Chicago before removing to Nebraska. He was married in Fremont, January, 1871, to Caroline Zingre, a native of Dubuque, Iowa. They have two children--Antoinette L. and Alma I. Mr. G. is a member of I. O. O. F., of the A., F. & A. M. Lodge and Commandery, the fire company, Knights of Honor, and the City School Board.

W. J. HARMON, dealer in live-stock, Fremont, Neb.; has dealt in live-stock during the past four years. Has on hand 250 head of cattle, of which he is feeding fifty head for market. Has 1,350 head of sheep, which he is keeping for breeding purposes, also twenty head of horses; he has also 150 head of hogs. Has invested $12,000 in live-stock. He owns a considerable quantity of land in Dodge and Saunders Counties, amounting in all to 580 acres, 150 acres being under cultivation. He was until recently the proprietor of the Platte bridge, which he and Mr. Staats built across the Platte River, three miles above Fremont. After the death of Mr. S. his interest was purchased by Mr. H., who then moved the bridge down the river, and consolidated with the old bridge and ferry company, carrying on that business until the spring of 1881, when he sold out. He is a member of Fremont Lodge, No. 15, A., F. & A. M. He was born in Suffield, Conn., January 30, 1849, living there until twenty years of age, when he came West. He is the son of Julius and Caroline E. Harmon. He married in Saunders County, Neb., January 1, 1879, to Miss Nellie Staats, daughter of J. F. and Mary E. Staats. They have one child--William F.

J. J. HAWTHORNE, farmer and real estate dealer, came to Nebraska in the summer of 1856, landing in Nebraska City, where he remained a short time and went to Topeka, Kan., being with the first party that went overland on that route to the latter place. He remained there until the following fall, and came to Fremont, Neb., and settled the following June, 1857, and took up some land near where the city is now located, and has made farming his principal business since. He was appointed Clerk of the Court of Dodge County in 1861, holding the office ten years. He was U. S. Assistant Assessor for Internal Revenue from 1863 until 1867. Served one term as County Commissioner for his county from 1871 to 1874. He was a member of an Indian scouting party in July, 1859, commanded by Gen. John M. Thayer, numbering 400, who were recruited to fight the Pawnee Indians, then making war-like demonstrations in that vicinity. The above number of men was composed of every good and substantial citizen that could be found in the then wild country. Mr. J. S. Black was the then Acting Governor of Nebraska Territory, and accompanied the hardy pioneers in their memorable raid, leaving Fremont July 4, 1857. They were gone seventeen days, and suffice it to say, that they were successful, and the army of 4,000 Pawnees was compelled to submit to the settlement of the country by the indomitable whites.

ROBERT HEWITT, dealer in all kinds of agricultural implements, Fremont, located in Fremont in October, 1879. Entered into his present business with a partner, and continued until August 29, 1881, when he purchased the entire interest, and has since continued alone. He sold implements, in 1881, to the value of $25,000. Mr. H. was born in County Cavan, Ireland, October 24, 1845. Came to America in May, 1850, with his parents, and located in Mendon, Adams Co., Ill., where he was raised on a farm, living in that country until the spring of 1879. Was married in Mendon, Ill., October 27, 1879, to Miss Harriet Lunn, who was born in Wales, June 27, 1847.

A. C. HULL, photographer, Fremont, began the business in Fremont in 1870. He first located in Omaha, in 1867, and there engaged in photographing for some time, then went West on the line of the Union Pacific Railway, taking landscape views in the Rocky Mountains, etc., but making his headquarters in Omaha until he went to Fremont. He spent much of his time from 1867 to 1870 amid the wild scenery of Colorado, Wyoming and Utah. He was born in Fort Wayne, Ind., April 14, 1846. Began photographing in 1861, in his native place. He practiced four years in Minneapolis and St. Cloud, Minn., before settling in Nebraska. Was married in Fremont, Neb., in 1873, to Miss Florence C. Miller, a native of Racine, Wis. They have five children--Arundel M., Clyde C., Florence C., Bessie and an infant daughter. Mr. H. is a member of Fremont Lodge, No. 15, A., F. & A. M., and Signet Chapter, No. 8, R. A. M.

CAPT. M. H. HINMAN, capitalist, Fremont, Neb., was born in Bradford County, Penn., in 1836, residing there until about the close of the war. He learned the trade of carpenter, and followed that until the breaking-out of the civil war. He served in the Pennsylvania militia, and afterward enlisted in Company D, One Hundred and Seventy-first Pennsylvania Volunteers, serving as Captain of that company until 1863, when he was discharged. He then returned to his home, and managed his father's firm until about the close of the war. He then came West, engaging in contracting and building upon the Union Pacific Railway. He located in Fremont in 1869, and engaged in the lumber business; afterward dealt in grain at Scribner. At present he is not engaged in active mercantile business, but is engaged, to some extent, in real estate and loan business. He has three-fourths a section of land in Dodge County, 100 acres of which is under cultivation. Has held the office of County Commissioner, and has frequently been a member of the City Council of Fremont. He was elected Assessor of his precinct in the fall of 1881. He is a Democrat, and takes a great interest and an active part in political matters. He is a member of Fremont Lodge, No. 15, Signet Chapter, No. 8, A., F. & A. M., and Mount Tabor Commandery, No. 9, K. T. He is also a member of McPherson Post, No. 4, G. A. R. He was married at Wyalusing Penn., April 8, 1869, to Miss Emma A. Ackley, daughter of Justus and Permillia Ackley. They have three children--Jessie Emma, Guy M. and Ackley Beach.

JOHN C. HORMEL, dealer in timber, Fremont, Neb. He came to Fremont, Neb., February 1, 1857, and started a blacksmith and wagon shop, being the first blacksmith in Fremont. In 1859, he built the first frame building in Fremont, on the corner of Sixth and F streets, which building has been removed twice since. In 1864 and 1865, John C. Hormel and John C. Flor had a steam saw-mill south of Fremont, on the bank of the Platte River, and were especially engaged in lumber and wood business. In 1868, J. C. Hormel retired from blacksmithing. In 1859, he went on a visit to Germany, and returned late in the fall. In 1870, he was married in Iowa City, Iowa, to Miss Julia Luther, who was also born in Germany. Returned thence to Fremont, where he is still residing, in 1882. During his residence in Dodge County, he has improved three good farms, with tree and fruit culture, and erected good buildings thereon. He is still engaged in farming and wood business. They have two children--Lily May and Luther C.

ORREN W. HODGE, Eureka Nursery. The nursery was first planted in the spring of 1868 by William H. Hodge. At the time of his death, O. W. Hodge came in possession of the property, which is fifteen acres of land inside the city limits, on North Broad street. The nursery at present is carried on by O. W. Hodge and L. P. Cummins. They deal in all kind of fruits and forest trees, vines and flowering shrubs of all varieties. O. W. Hodge was born in Camden, Oneida Co., N. Y., November 8, 1828, and, with his father, Jacob Hodge, removed to Rock County, Wis., in 1847. Raised as a farmer. At the time of the gold fever of 1850, went to California; remained nineteen years; engaged in mining for fifteen years, then engaged in store business, clothing, boots and shoes, in Yuba Co., Cal. Married to Miss Caroline E. Pierce in 1856. Removed to Napa City in 1865; carried on a boot and shoe store. In the fall of 1869, removed to Fremont, Neb., with his family, wife and two daughters--Laura and Carrie Hodge. Clerked in a dry goods store for four years; now engaged in nursery and fruit-growing business.

THEO HUETTE & SON, hardware merchants, Fremont, came to Nebraska in October, 1879, and engaged in the wholesale and retail hardware business, and do a large business. They also manufacture galvanized cornices, and make a specialty of creamery supplies. They give employment to ten men. They formerly resided in Sheboygan, Wis.

JAMES HUFF, Justice of the Peace and Police Judge for Fremont City and Precinct. He settled in Sarpy County, Neb., in June, 1862, and lived seven years engaged in various occupations. He enlisted in Second Nebraska Cavalry October 18, 1862, and served on the frontier, and was mustered out September 18, 1863. He located in Everett Precinct. Dodge County, in April, 1869, on a homestead, where he lived until November, 1875, holding various town offices. He moved to Fremont in the latter date, and engaged in various occupations until he was elected Justice of the Peace in November, 1879, and to Police Judge in April, 1880, and has held the same, by re-election, since said time. Was born in Elgin, Canada West, March 20, 1845. Married in Council Bluffs, Iowa, April 6, 1869, to Miss Laura E. Driskell, of Sarpy County, Neb. They have three daughters and two sons--May, Lee, Dennis, Eliza J. and Cora.

A. C. JENSEN, stock raiser and dealer, Fremont, buys, sells and raises stock, and has 150 head now on hand. He located in Fremont in 1864, and begun the business on a small capital, but by perseverance has accumulated quite a fine stock. He went to the Black Hills, and engaged in freighting two seasons; beginning the stock business in 1879. He was born in Denmark, November 5, 1833; came to America in 1862. He was married in Denmark, in 1857, to Miss Enger M. Jacobson, a native of Denmark. They have four children living--Abraham C., Isaac E., Jacob P., Francis N. He was one of the first members of the Fremont City Council.

W. T. JONES, proprietor Fremont marble works, and manufacturer of monuments and headstones of Scotch and American granite, Fremont, began business in March, 1878; employs six men besides his own work. In 1881, his sales equaled $8,000. He was born in Richland County, Wis., November 1, 1855. He attended the Worthington Business College, of Madison, Wis., two or three years; went to California in 1870, and remained four years, engaged in various occupations; returned to his native State a short time, and from thence to Fremont, Neb.; learning his trade in Lincoln. He was married in the latter city, February 27, 1877, to Miss Mary D. Converse, born in Plain City, Madison Co., Ohio, January 24, 1855. Mr. J. is a member of Masonic order of Lincoln, Neb., and I. O. O. F. of same place.

L. M. Keene, banker, Fremont, came to Fremont, Neb., March 31, 1867, and engaged in farming for two or three years. He was elected County Superintendent of Schools, serving one year; he was then elected County Clerk, and served four years; from that time until January, 1879, he was Clerk of the District Court. He has a large stock farm of 1,000 acres, east of Fremont; has other farming interests. He has been City and Precinct Assessor, and a member of the school board. He was born at Appleton, Knox Co., Me., September 16, 1845; he lived in that neighborhood until he came to Fremont. He was married at Fremont, December 7, 1875, to Jennie Marr, a native of Canada, and brought up in Jackson County, Iowa. They have one child--Louie M. Mr. Keene is a member of A., F. & A, M., Lodge, Chapter and Commandery.

G. C. KERKOW, County Clerk, and insurance agent and real estate dealer, Fremont, came to Nebraska in September, 1868, and located at West Point, where he resided until October, 1869. He then came to Fremont, and was employed as clerk until 1874. Then he built a store at Scribner and carried on a mercantile business until chosen County Clerk, in the fall of 1879. He was School Treasurer at Scribner. He was born in Prussia June 21, 1852, and came to America in 1867. He lived in Maysville, Dodge Co., Wis., until he removed to Nebraska. He was married at Fremont on May 20, 1877, to Emma Weich. She was born at Sheboygan, Wis. They have one child--Laura Leonora. Mr. K. is a member of the I. O. O. F.

JOHN KNOELL, now operating Turner Hall, opening the same in the fall of 1878, Fremont. The above hotel contains eight sleeping rooms and contains accommodations for twenty guests. Mr. K. located on a farm five miles northwest of Fremont, in 1858, where he followed stock-raising and farming for twenty years. He was born in Germany March 14, 1833; emigrated to America in 1849, and settled in Milwaukee County, Wis., where he lived until he came to Nebraska. He was married in Milwaukee County, Wis., February 16, 1865, to Miss Elizabeth Rohr, a native of the latter county, born February 21, 1849. They have a daughter Elizabeth , and a son John. Mr. K. enlisted in Company A, Second Nebraska Cavalry, in 1863, and served eleven months in the frontier Pawnee Indian raids.

HENRY J. LEE, hardware merchant, Fremont, came to Nebraska in 1865, and located at Fremont. He spent his first season freighting between here and Denver, and afterward took to merchandising between Omaha and Kearney, making Fremont his home. In 1870, he commenced the hardware business, on his present site, he and his brother, William E. having built the store in the month of July. The next season, H. J. bought his brother's interest. He is doing a wholesale and retail business. He has served several terms in the City Council, and is now County Commissioner. He was married at Herrick, Penn., to Sophronia S. Ellsworth, a native of Bradford County, in 1869. They have two children--Eva J. and Myra F. Mr. L. is a member of K. of H. He employs seven men in his various departments, and is now doing at least three times as much business as when he first started. His sales now run from $75,000 to $100,000 a year. He also had an interest in the firm of Lee, Blewett & Henry, in the cattle business, in Wyoming Territory, during 1878, 1879 and 1878. Mr. L. is also a member of the firm of Lee, Field & Co., Omaha, and Lee & Chubbuck, West Point. He has been Vice President of the First National Bank, and is still a Director. He was born at Herrick, Bradford Co., Penn., August 25, 1837, and lived there until he came to Nebraska, stopping a few weeks in Illinois and Iowa.

WILLIAM B. LEE, of Fremont, Neb. has resided in Dodge County since 1866, and located on Section 25, near Fremont, engaging in farming about eight years; he then moved into the town of Fremont, and began building houses, for renting purposes, on his property; he has followed that business since; he has also improved three farms; has now two farms, one of 140 acres, 125 of which is under cultivation. His other farm consists of 160 acres, 50 acres being in cultivation. He is a Republican in politics, though in local affairs he is Independent. He was born in County Monaghan, Ireland, November 13, 1833; came to America in 1851, living in Pennsylvania three years. He then went to Wisconsin, where he remained until August, 1856, when he went to Nebraska. He was married at Fremont, Neb., September 29, 1863, to Miss Margaret Cassidy, who was also born in County Monaghan, Ireland. They have five children--Mary Anna, Francis Thomas, Eliza Jane, Agnes Regina and Edwin Alexander. He is a member of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of which he is a Deacon. Accompanied by his wife and children, he visited Ireland in 1877, remaining one year with his friends.

LEE & BLEWETT, stock-dealers, Fremont, have been in live-stock business since 1873, when they began dealing in horses, continuing in that until the winter of 1876-77, when they went to dealing in cattle. In this branch of their business the Henry Bros. of Columbus, were partners. They continued in the cattle business until the spring of 1881, handling, during the year previous, nearly 11,000 head. They then began dealing in sheep, and the firm of Lee & Blewett & Henry Bros. drove 18,000 head, and the firm of Lee, Blewett & Balding, 16,000 head of sheep, and the firm of Lee & Blewett, 800 head of horses during the year 1881. They fed, during the winter of 1881-82, over 7,000 head of sheep. They do an average business of $200,000 per year. While in the cattle business, they required 350 saddle horses, and employed an average of eighty men. They obtain most of their stock from Oregon, and they were the first who fed Oregon cattle in Dodge County.

WILLIAM E. LEE (Lee & Blewett), Fremont, better known as "Commish" Lee, was born in Bradford County, Penn., in August, 1833, living there, until grown, with his father, who was a farmer and lumberman. When eighteen years old he was raft pilot, in the lumber region of Pennsylvania. He went to Wisconsin working at the carpenter's trade in the summer, in the pineries in the winter, and rafting on the Mississippi River in the spring. He then traveled through Minnesota and came to Nebraska, locating at Fremont in August, 1856. He remained there until the fall of 1858, when he went South, through the States of Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas, engaged in getting out ship timber for the navy. He was so engaged at the breaking-out of the rebellion, which destroyed his business. He then returned to Fremont,, having but $80 when he arrived. He went to freighting across the plains, following that until August, 1865, when he went to sub-contracting for the Union Pacific Railroad, at first in partnership with his cousin, John R. Lee, afterward with Edward Blewett, with whom he did most of his heavy contracting, and who has since been his partner. They built fifty-two miles of the road bed of Union Pacific Railroad, and after its completion they went to Texas, engaging in the same business until 1873, using their own teams in nearly all their contracts. He was married in Bradford County, Penn., in the spring of 1869, to Miss Mary C. Biles, who is a native of that county. They have two children--Ratie and Fred. He is a member of Mt. Tabor Commandery, No. 9, K. T., and other branches of the Masonic order, and of Fremont Lodge, No. 859, Knights of Honor. Mr. Lee was one of the first County Commissioners of Dodge County. He has served as Foreman of the Frontier Hook and Ladder Company, and of the Red Jacket Fire Company, and is an honorary member of both. He enlisted in 1862, in Company A, Second Nebraska Cavalry, serving nearly a pear; was in Sulley's Indian campaign. In politics he is a democrat.

EDWARD BLEWETT (Lee & Blewett), Fremont, was born in July, 1848, in England. His parents emigrated to America when he was an infant, locating in Pennsylvania, afterward moving to Wisconsin, where he lived until 1862, when he moved to Nebraska. He obtained employment on one of the overland freight lines, driving team until 1866, when, in company with another party, he engaged in sub-contracting. Through lack of funds to carry on the business and other causes, they failed with an indebtedness of $2,500. He then went to work on the railroad by the day. Though he was not legally bound for any part of the indebtedness incurred, being a minor, he has paid his half of it in full. He is a member of the Masonic order. He was married in April, 1870, to Miss Carrie Van Anda. They have three children, Nellie, Ralph and Myrtle.

J. W. LOVE, of the firm of Barnard & Love, real estate, loan and insurance agents, is a native of Ohio. He was born at Mt. Vernon, Knox Co., Ohio, December 10, 1850. He moved to Southeastern Iowa in 1860, where he spent the following ten years of his life in farming or getting an education. He is a graduate of the Wesleyan University with the degree of M. A. He was a teacher in the Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, High School and Female Seminary for nearly four years. In 1874, he went to Omaha, Neb., to accept a position as teacher in the city high school, where he remained two years, next going to Plattsmouth, Neb., to take charge of the city schools as Superintendent and Principal. He held this position three years, after which he located in Fremont in his present business. He represents some fifty thousand acres of the finest lands in Dodge, Washington, Douglas, Colfax, Platte and the adjoining counties, and is making a specialty of locating colonies and new-comers to this part of the State. Besides his land business, he is handling hay and stock. During the season of 1881, he put up some three thousand tons of hay; in 1882, nearly six thousand tons, which he bales and ships to all parts of the country. He was married in Illinois, near Chicago, in 1875, to Miss Thirza S. Cushman, of Lewiston, Me. They have one daughter--Para C. Mr. Love is a member of the State Teachers' Association, also of Omaha Lodge, No. 2, I. O. O. F.

GEORGE L. LOOMIS, attorney, came to Nebraska and located at Fremont, in 1876; he has practiced here ever since. He was born in Harmony, Chautauqua Co., N. Y., November 28, 1849. He graduated from the Albany Law School (law department of Union College) in 1875, and in August of that year settled in Winneshiek County, Iowa; he remained there one year. Mr. L. was Justice of the Peace for four years. He was married at Jefferson, Hillsdale Co., Mich., July 21, 1880, to Alice M. Hadley, a native of that town. They have one child--Bayard.

SIDNEY S. LOWE, lumber dealer, came to Nebraska in 1874, He spent a winter in prospecting, and finally settled in Fremont July, 1880. He represents the Eau Claire Lumber Company of St. Louis and Eau Claire, Wis. He is a native of Levant, Penobscot Co., Me., where he was born August 12, 1855; lived in Maine until the spring of 1871, when he came to Chicago, and engaged in the lumber business with T. W. Harvey, C. C. Thompson and Palmer, Fuller & Co. For the last two years he has been with the Eau Claire Company. He was married at Dover, Me., November, 1877, to Rhoda L. Crockett, a native of Dover. They have one child--Lettie E. He is a member of the North-western Traveling Men's Association.

OTTO MAGENAU, druggist, established his business at Fremont in the fall of 1869. In 1870, he engaged in the bottling business, manufacturing soda water and mineral waters. In 1871, he started with his brother, Eugene Magenau, the brewery now conducted by O. Muller. Since 1881, he has discontinued his interest in the brewery. He is a stockholder, Director and First Vice President of the Nebraska Creamery Association. He has a flourishing dairy farm, with a large herd of Holstein stock. He is a stockholder in the Dodge County Agricultural Association. He was born in Wurtemberg, Germany, April 25, 1844, and came to America in December, 1868. He stopped in Dubuque for two months, and then came to Omaha. He was married in Sheboygan, April, 1871, to Jennie Schrage, a native of Sheboygan, Wis. They have three children--Frieda, Isabella and William.

COL. WILLIAM MARSHALL, attorney at law, was born in New Rumley, Harrison Co., Ohio, July 20, 1832. His father moved from there to Coshocton County, Ohio, when William was a child. He raised a company, and entered the service in August, 1861, and served until July 23, 1863, in the Eightieth Ohio Volunteer Infantry. He was Captain of Company G, and was mustered out as a Lieutenant Colonel of the same Regiment. He returned to Ohio, and remained there until June, 1866, when he came to Monmouth, Ill., where he lived until October, 1876, engaging in the law practice there. He graduated in the Literary Department of the University of Michigan in 1859, and in the Law Department in 1866. He was a State Senator in Nebraska in 1879-80, and is at present County Attorney for Dodge County, Neb., and practicing law there. He removed to Fremont, Neb., October, 1876.

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