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LetterANCASTER County was conceived in speculation and born of promotion. The first territory legislature which convened at Omaha in 1855 was largely composed of "carpetbaggers" from Iowa and Missouri who came to Nebraska to hold office and to exploit the resources of the new country. In future years Lincoln was destined to become a pawn in the oft-recurring battle for location of the state capitol. In the fall of 1854, acting Governor Thomas R. Cuming proclaimed the boundaries of Lancaster, along with seven other counties, for election purposes. The legislature of 1855 shifted these boundaries with the result that Lancaster County was left in a strip 72 miles from north to south, and 24 miles wide.
   While the first legislature was in session in 1855, rumors reached the ears of promotional-minded politicians that there was a region just west of Cass County where salt of excellent quality could be gathered like manna from heaven along the shores of a river and lake, to be sold at a handsome profit. Plans were laid to corner these saline lands for speculative purposes. William Kempton of Cass and Gideon Bennett of Pierce undertook to engineer the legislative end while their associates, James Cardwell, Simon Thrapp, William Whitmore and others staked claims to the best locations along Salt creek from the present site of Hickman to the Salt basin. In the years following many "salt companies" developed in this region.
   It was the earliest practice of the legislature to define the boundaries of a county and establish a seat of justice. Kempton and Bennett had themselves appointed, along with William Corfield, a commissioner, to locate a seat of government for the new county of Lancaster. They named the county seat Chester. Later a bill was introduced to make it the capital of Nebraska Territory. A plat of Chester Town Claim, filed with the Cass County clerk in 1856, showed its location as being approximately two miles south of the present site of the penitentiary. A later change in the law gave settlers the right to choose their own county seat and soon this paper capital was forgotten.
   The first actual settlement in Lancaster County, as then constituted, was by Captain Donovan and family in 1857, near the mouth of Oak creek. During the next two years settlements were started on lower Salt creek and on Camp creek, both near Waverly, and on Stevens creek in the eastern part of the county. To escape annoyance by the Indians, encamped in large numbers at the Salt basin in the summer of 1858, Donovan moved his family to Stevens creek. For the same reason practically all the settlers in southern Lancaster County abandoned their claims.
   When the free homestead law became effective Jan. 1, 1863, Captain Donovan was the first in the county to enter a homestead, just east of the present State Hospital.
   The first move toward county organization was in 1859, when a commission was appointed to locate the county seat. In the county election in 1863 J. S. Gregory was elected to the territorial legislature from the Lancaster County district, and John Cadman, who lived in Clay County, was elected from the Clay, Johnson and Gage district.
   Cadman, fearing that proponents of a more central location might win a fight to locate the county seat in some other place than his choice south of the present State Hospital site, proposed to abolish Clay County and divide its territory between Lancaster and Gage. In 1864 the legislature approved his plan, and the county seat was relocated, not at Cadman's Yankee Hill, but in Elder Young's new village, Lancaster, later called Lincoln.
   Lancaster County's first postoffice, established in 1863 near Salt Basin, was in charge of John S. Gregory, who drew a salary of $3 per year with an added allowance of $12 annually for carrying mail to and from Saltillo in Clay County.
   The first term of district court was held in November, 1864, in Jacob Dawson's log cabin, Judge Elmer S. Dundy presiding.
   The first organized school district was established in 1864 with Miss Phoebe Elliott as school teacher. From this small beginning Lancaster's present school system has developed.
   The first place of worship was established by the Methodist Protestant Church in 1866 and in the same year the Congregationalists organized. Within four years of the founding of the city, the Methodists, Congregationalists, Roman Catholics, German Methodists, Christians, Presbyterians and Episcopalians had erected buildings in which to worship.
   In 1867 the fourteen-year struggle between the South and North Platte factions was climaxed when the state capital was removed from Omaha to Lincoln. In September of that year the city was platted and lots were reserved for a capitol building, a state university, an agricultural college, a state penitentiary, the State Historical Society, and other commercial, social, educational and religious structures.


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   Although considerable difficulty was encountered in obtaining funds for building the capitol, the structure was completed and ready for occupancy when the legislature convened early in 1869. Lincoln then consisted of four grocery stores, one bakery, one cabinet shop, two paint shops, two livery stables, two meat markets, two lumber yards, five or six hotels, a bank, two churches, a one-room schoolhouse and two daily papers, one of each political faith. Population had increased from about 30 in 1867 to more than 500 in 1869.
   The year 1871 was one of great building activity but a setback came when enemies of Lincoln impeached Governor Butler. Claiming that capital removal from Omaha was illegal, they launched a move to locate the seat of government at some point on the Union Pacific. The move was defeated and the city recovered in due time. In 1873-74 the streets around Government Square were graded. Construction on the City Hall began the following year.
   Despite these improvements, Lincoln in 1880 had few of the conveniences of a modern city. Streets were unlighted, poorly policed and there was no paving. Wooden sidewalks were to be found only in the business district. The university on the north and the capitol on the southeast were on the outer limits of settlement. The high school was on the eastern edge of town. The first sanitary sewers were laid in 1887 and paving began in 1888. The Lincoln Electric Light Company, organized in 1884, was later merged with the Gas Company under the name of the Lincoln Electric Light and Gas Company. Gas street lights, installed in 1886, were replaced by the city electric light system in 1905. The first street car, horse drawn, appeared in 1883. The Lincoln Telephone Exchange was organized in 1879 and in 1880 the new Burlington depot was completed. Fifty-one business houses and one thousand homes were built in 1881. Free mail delivery began the following year. Meanwhile the population was growing; it increased from approximately 7,000 to 13,003 in 1880.
   The Funke Opera House was built in 1885 and 1880-1900 saw the beginning of Lincoln's fine library system, which includes at least seven outstanding libraries. The University Library, the State Law Library, the library of the Nebraska State Historical Society, the Lincoln public library, Nebraska Wesleyan, Union College, and Lancaster County Medical Society Libraries.
   Another bitter legislative fight for capital removal flared in 1875 but the effort was defeated, restoring confidence in the future of Lincoln.. C. H. Gere, member of the Constitutional Convention of 1875, obtained adoption of a section which forbade capital removal unless approved by majority of popular vote. However, the old rivalry over location of the capital did not die easily. In the first decade of the 1900's, Omaha and Lincoln were often deadlocked over the question. A quarrel arose over regulation of the liquor traffic. Anti-saloon sentiment in Lincoln steadily gathered momentum until in 1909 drink emporiums were voted out. Omaha, however, remained "wet," and due to the strong influence of saloon men, nearly won the battle for removal of the capital. In the election which followed, saloons were restored to Lincoln. With the completion of the new ten million dollar capitol building in 1932, after ten years of construction, Lincoln breathed with greater freedom. A masterpiece of Bertrand G. Goodhue, famous architect, the structure is today recognized as one of the most beautiful in the world.
   During the first three years of its existence, Lincoln depended entirely upon stage coach and wagon train for transportation; the names of Cal Parmalee, Samuel Fowler, Stephen Mills, Hyatt & Dorrington, and the Western Stage Company are remembered as pioneers in these fields. In 1869 the legislature authorized land grants to encourage railroad building in the state and Lancaster County voted $50,000 in bonds to the Burlington as an inducement to build a line through Lincoln. In July, 1870, the first Burlington train reached Lincoln and since then it has been a Burlington town. As the Burlington then owned much arable land in the state, energetic measures were adopted to assure its colonization. A pamphlet prepared by Rev. George Alexander of Nebraska City on "The Resources of Nebraska," printed in English, German and Scandinavian, and containing advertisements of its land and a map of its system were sent to all parts of the world. Many foreigners came to America knowing only one person -- the Burlington Land Agent -- and only two towns, New York and Lincoln.
   In later years transportation development in Lincoln kept pace with the nation. The city became "air minded" and Page Field was established approximately one and one-half miles south of the penitentiary. Here Charles A. Lindbergh learned to fly in 1922. In 1927 the Arrow Aircraft Company was started in Havelock and in the same year, according to the city directory, three other companies were engaged in the manufacture of airplanes. Arrow also had a flying field.
   One of the several floods which have inundated the Salt creek bottoms occurred in 1902; the worst of these floods came in 1908 when hundreds of residents were driven from their homes and nine lives were lost. Salt creek again flooded the Lincoln bottoms in 1913. In later years the development of storm sewers greatly reduced hazards from this source.
   While Lincoln has one of the lowest homicide rates per capita in the nation, it has not entirely escaped criminal depredations and outbreaks. A spectacular prison break at the penitentiary on March 13, 1912, resulted in the killing of the warden, the deputy warden and two other employes. Shorty Gray, John Dowd and Charles Morley escaped in a blinding snowstorm but were overtaken four


in Nebraska


days later near Gretna, where a running fight ensued. Shorty Gray and Roy Blunt, a young farmer whom the convicts had captured, were killed; Dowd committed suicide to escape capture and Morley was returned to prison.
   On Sept. 17, 1930, a daring daylight holdup of the Lincoln National Bank netted the robbers more than $1,000,000, the biggest haul in the history of American crime. Although three men were subsequently convicted of the robbery, considerable mystery has always surrounded the crime.
   In 1916 and 1917 several strikes occurred in Lincoln, including construction workers' and traction employes' attempts at higher wages and unionization. War fervor marked 1917 and 1918. Industry was speeded up to meet war demands; labor was scarce and prices soared. Inflated credit led to wild speculation.
   Draft registration began in July, 1917, and before the Armistice was signed nearly four thousand of the county's young men were in training camps or on the battlefields of Europe. Ninety of them died in the service.
   The end of the war found Lincoln prosperous and growing. Havelock railroad shops were enlarged, residential additions were plotted, and business concerns were further developed. However, in about 1920 business failures and unemployment heralded a period of deflation. Lincoln however, managed to adjust itself to post-war conditions, and by 1923 building activities were renewed. The Lincoln General Hospital was opened in 1925, and Bryan Memorial Hospital in 1926.
   Changes in the form of government used by Lincoln also have been witnessed during the years.
   Frank Zehrung was the first mayor under the commission form of government, adopted in 1913. Somewhat more than twenty years later, agitation resulted in the adoption in May, 1936, of the unsalaried seven-man council, a modified city manager plan.
   The pinch of unemployment became severe in early 1931. An "Unemployed League" was formed in December, and within a year grew to a membership of two thousand. The "League" existed until 1933. In the fall of 1932 the federal government stepped into the picture with direct relief and employment for jobless men. State and government expenditures were increased, work projects were begun, streets were paved, sewers and waterworks were extended, parks were improved, new buildings, including the zoo in Antelope Park and the Student Activities building were erected, all with the aid of the relief administration.
   Waverly was an early Lancaster County settlement before the coming of the Burlington. Roca, platted in 1872, Hickman, Firth, Bennet, Raymond, Walton, Princeton, Panama, Martel, Emerald, Malcolm, Hallam, Denton, Davey, and Cheney are thriving centers of local trade established by the railroads as stations. Other small village postoffices are at Holland, Kramer, Prairie Home, Saltillo, Sprague, and Agnew.
   In 1939, encouraged by federal funds, a building boom developed in Lincoln, thus enabling the city to give renewed emphasis to its slogan, "A New Skyline Every Morning." Moisture during the winter months gave promise of being more abundant than during the drouth years and residents of the community turned hopeful eyes to the future.

   AALBERG, HENRY A: Assistant Chief Engineer; b Minneapolis, Minn Sept 6, 1898; s of Martin Aalberg-Pauline Quam; ed Henning Minn HS 1907; Des Moines Ia U 1910; m Elizabeth Lowe Jan 15, 1916 Denver (dec 1938); one son (dec); 1910-11 draftsman for CB&Q RR, 1911-12 rodman, 1912-16 instrument man, 1916-37 division engr, 1937- asst chief engr lines west of Missouri River; had chg of engineering in connection with improvement of line between Omaha & Denver by reduction of curvature, centralized traffic control & other improvements to condition track for high speed operation; had chg of restoration of part of main line following Republican river flood of 1935; Amer Railway Engrs Assn; Uni Club; AF&AM; hobby, horses; res 1035 S 17th, Lincoln.

    ACKERMAN, JAMES N: Attorney; b Pleasant Dale, Neb Mar 16, 1912; s of A F Ackerman-Irma M Berlet; ed Jackson HS 1929: Neb Wes, BA 1983; Harvard, LLB 1938; Crescent; Jeremiah Smith Law Club, Harvard; Pi Kappa Delta; Theta Alpha Phi; Pi Gamma Mu: m Jean C Doty Aug 8, 1989 Lincoln; 1938- prac law with Davis & Stubbs, Lincoln; Lincoln Real Est bd, secy & counsel; Lincoln Barristers Club; Lancaster Co & Neb St Bar Assns; Uni Club; Westminster Presby Ch: off 1521 Sharp Bldg; res 930 S 16th, Lincoln.

    ACKERSON, CLIFTON WALTER: Educator; b Elbow Lake, Minn Dec 29, 1896; s of Jonathon Francis Ackerson-Christine Olson; ed Elbow Lake Minn HS; U of Minn, BSc 1921, MSc 1922; U of N, PhD 1926; Tau Kappa Epsilon: Alpha Chi Sigma; Sigma Xi; Gamma Sigma Delta; Phi Lambda Upsilon; m Harriet Wooster Smith June 27, 1925 Somerset Mich; d Kathleen Wilmot, Elizabeth Christine, Harriet Jean; 1922-38 asst chemist, U of N agrl experiment station, Lincoln: 1938-39 assoc prof, U of N & assoc chemist agrl experiment station; 1939- acting chmn of agrl chemistry dept, U of N Coll of Agr; during World War enl in US army June 1918 stationed OTC Fort Sheridan Ill, commd 2nd lt of field arty Sept 16, 1918, tsfrd Sept 1918, to Camp Zachary Taylor, Louisville Ky. stationed Fort Sill, Lawton Okla sch of fire Jan-Apr 1919, disch Apr 1919, maj field arty ORC US army; Amer Leg; ROA, past comm Lancaster Co unit; Mil Order of World War; Amer Chemical Soc, past chmn Neb section; AAAS; Rep; hobbies, stamp collecting, hunting, fishing; off U of N Experiment Station Hall; res 3928 Dudley, Lincoln.

    ADAMS, ROY BENNETT: Physician; b Martinsville, Ind Jan 10, 1880; s of George Andrew Adams-Martha Bennett; ed Lincoln; Worthington Mil Acad 1897; U of N, BA 1902; Rush Med Coll. MD 1907; Phi Gamma Delta, past pres; Alpha Kappa Kappa, past VP; 1907-08 interne St Joseph Hosp, St Joseph Mo; 1908-25 prac med, Lincoln; 1925- phys, Lincoln pub schs; Lancaster Co Med Soc, past pres, past secy; Neb St Med Assn, secy-treas since 1919; fellow AMA; Amer Pub Health Assn; Lincoln Tchrs Coun; NSTA; NEA; AF&AM 54; Scot Rite; hobbies, fishing, gardening; off Center Administration Bldg; res 2972 O, Lincoln.

   ADAMS, WALTER S: Executive Vice-President Securities Co; b Mt Hope, Wis Dec 25, 1874; s of Charles F Adams-Emily Snider; ed Tilden HS; Gates Coll, Neligh1; m Minnie Haffle Dec 25, 1901 Fonda Ia; s Alfred H Jr; d Kathryn: 1895-1900 cash Fonda Ia Creamery Co; 1901-15 with Adams Hdw Co, Fonda Ia; 1916-26 in whol



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auto bus, Card-Adams Co, Lincoln & Omaha & Central Ia Motors Co, Des Moines; 1927 org & opr State Securities Co, Lincoln; Industrial Bankers Assn; SAR; Uni Club; YMCA; C of C; AF&AM; First Presby Ch; off 124 S 12th; res 1225 S 17th, Lincoln.

   1Gates Coll, Neligh, merged with Doane Coll, Crete.

   AGEE, JOHN HERCULES: Telephone Executive; b Sangamon Co, Ill July 27, 1883; s of Edwin Hercules Agee-Annie Wilson; ed Friend HS 1900; Springfield Ill Bus Coll 1902; George Washington U 1908; U of N, LLB 1910; Chi Phi; m Bertha Howard June 21, 1911 Lincoln; s Howard Hercules, Richard Wallace; 1904 tele contr; 1910 adm to Neb bar; 1910-12 ptr law firm Agee, Murphy & Sawyer, Lincoln; 1912 moved to Superior, 1916-21 city atty; 1920-23 atty & dir Southern Neb Power Co; 1923-26 secy & gen counsel for United Power & Light Co & assoc cos, Abilene Kas; 1926-29 dir & gen mgr Lincoln Tele & Teleg Co, 1929- VP & gen mgr; 1927-29 VP & dir Continental Co of St Paul & Lincoln; dir Peninsular Tele Co, Tampa Fla, Securities Acceptance Corp, Omaha, F H Woods & Co, Chicago; US Indep Tele Assn, Chicago, pres 1937-38, mbr exec com; dir Lincoln C of C, pres 1931; natl councilor US C of C; Rotary; 1929-30 pres Lincoln Comm Chest; trustee U of N Foundation; 1934- 35 pres U of N Alumni Assn; Beaux Arts; Saturday Nite Club; Fifty Fifty Club; Garden Club; Lincoln & Shrine Country Clubs; Bapt Ch; Rep; off 1842 M; res 2945 Van Dorn, Lincoln.

   AGER, CHESTER E: Superintendent of Parks; b Ord, Neb May 20, 1886; s of J H Ager-Alice Dean; ed Lincoln HS; U of N Coll of Agr 1909; Sigma Chi; m Beth Crutcher Oct 5, 1909 Lincoln; s Allan Lee, James H; d Elizabeth (Mrs Kenneth Mullowney); 1933- dir of Lincoln parks; sr fellow in Natl Park Exec Assn; dir of Lincoln Zological Garden; mbr Amer Soc of Zoologists; mbr Lincoln park bd; org & pres of Neb Fish & Game Assn; NYA, mbr advisory bd; Neb Wildlife Fedn; 15 years mbr BSA bd; Izaak Walton; KP; father came to Neb in covered wagon 1870, set up hdw bus in sod store, Beaver City, hauled mdse 200 miles in old freight wagon, sold 12 tons of shot & powder in 1 year, in 1880 started bank in North Loup, 1882 moved to Ord, was lbr & coal dIr, also wrote for Ord Quiz, wrote story of Minnie Freeman; 1891 came to Lincoln, mbr editorial staff of State Journal, 1893 special agt for CB&Q RR; originator of first game laws in Neb, org of Natl Sportsmans Assn; off 27th & C; res 2805 C. Lincoln.

   AITKEN, PHILIP MARTIN: Attorney; b Lincoln, Neb Apr 1, 1902; s of Martin Inglis Aitken-Clara Carmody; ed Lincoln HS 1919; U of N, BA 1923, golf letter 1922-23; Harvard, LLB 1926, scholarship second year; Harvard Legal Aid; Phi Kappa Psi; m Josephine LaMaster June 1928 Lincoln; s Philip Martin; d Jean Ann; 1926 adm to Neb bar; 1926- ptr in law firm Woods, Woods & Aitken, Lincoln; firm became Woods, Aitken & Aitken in 1936; 1927-30 asst US dist atty; Lancaster Co & Neb St Bar Assns; Uni Club; Lincoln Country Club; First Plymouth Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, golf, Lincoln city champion 1926 & 1927, Lincoln Country Club champion 1925-27; off 402 Woodmen Accident Bldg; res 3055 Sheridan, Lincoln.

   AITKEN, MRS HELEN MARY: Homemaker; b Woonsocket, R I Sept 22, 1899; d of Chester A Cook-Martha Richardson; ed Evanston Ill; Wellesley Coll, BA 1921; m William I Aitken Sept 22, 1923 Evanston Ill; d Martha, Mary, Nancy; Junior League; Neb Art Assn; Fortnightly Club; Colonial Dames of Amer; res 2246 Woodsdale Blvd, Lincoln.

   AITKEN, WALTER: Clergyman; b Stirlinshire, Scotland June 28, 1869; s of Walter Aitken-Margaret Brownlee; ed priv tutor; HS; Ill Conference Sch of Theology 1897-99, gold medalist; Oskaloosa Ia Coll, BD 1918, DD 1919, PhD 1920; Neb Wes, LittD 1926; m Maude Fay Cole July 18, 1897 Springfield Ill; s George C (dec 1903); d Morgradell (Mrs Harry Riddle), Geraldine (Mrs Louis R Berner, dec 1928), Coleita; came to US 1893, became Amer citizen 1898; 1895 ordained deacon Meth Ch, 1897 ordained elder; 1888-94 evangelistic work in England & Scotland; 1894-97 pastor, Cantrall Ill, 1897-98 Raymond Ill, 1898-1905 Williamsville Ill, 1905-07 Monticello Ill, 1907-10 Charleston Ill, 1910-13 First Ch at Danville Ill, 1913-17 Grace Meth Ch at Bloomington Ill, 1917-20 First Ch at Urbana Ill, 1920- pastor St Paul Meth Ch, Lincoln; Neb conf Meth Ch, chmn bd of edn 10 years, mbr hosp bd; pres bd of trustees, Neb Wes, chmn faculty com; trustee Bryan Memorial Hosp; mbr Meth Ecumenical Conf 1931 & 1936; uniting conf Meth Ch, May 1939; del to Faith & Order Conf, Edinburgh Scotland 1937; trustee Wesley Foundation, Lincoln; C of C; Rotary; Lincoln Country Club; AF&AM, Ill grand chaplain 1917-19; KT, grand prelate of Neb, 32o; IOOF; KP; MWA; hobbies, golf, Cairngorm stones, amethysts; off 12th & M; res 1919 D, Lincoln.

   AITKEN, WILLIAM INGLIS: Attorney; b Lincoln, Neb Oct 4, 1896; s of Martin Inglis Aitken-Clara Carmody; ed Lincoln, U of N, BA: Harvard U, LLB; Phi Gamma Delta; Alpha Kappa Psi; m Helen Cook Sept 22, 1923 Evanston Ill; d Martha, Mary, Nancy; ptr in Woods, Aitken & Aitken, Lincoln; during World War, 1918-19 2nd lt 27th field arty, 9th div US army; dir Lincoln Tele & Teleg Co; dir Woodmen Central Life Ins Co, Frank H Woods & Co, Inc; 1929-35 past pres, treas & dir Lincoln Country Club; dir Uni Club 1929-35; 1931-35 mbr Greater Lincoln Planning Commission; Lancaster Co, Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; C of C; Neb Art Assn; Round Table Club; off 402 Woodmen Accident Bldg; res 2240 Woodsdale Blvd, Lincoln.

   ALABASTER, FRANCIS ASBURY: Dean Emeritus; b Rochester, N Y June 10, 1866; s of Rev John Alabaster-Harriet Ann Bemish; ed Northwestern U, HS prep dept & BA 1890; U of N, MA 1898, grad work 1898-99; grad work U of Chicago 1901-02; Dickinson Coll, Carlisle Penn LittD 1918; Phi Kappa Psi; Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Gamma Mu; Phi Kappa Phi; m Blanche Robinson June 27, 1895 Omaha; s Wendell R, Francis T; d Ruth C (Mrs Clair Weatherhogg); 1893- prof of classics, Neb Wes; 1911- dean of Coll of Liberal Arts, now dean emeritus & tchr of classics; 1909- editor of Neb Wes bulletins; NSTA, life mbr; past pres Lions; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, hunting, fishing & collecting strange epitaphs; off Nebraska Wesleyan, Library Bldg; res 5226 Madison, Lincoln.

   ALBIN, JOSEPH: General Manager Life Insurance Co; b New York City, N Y July 15, 1886; adopted s of Charles Albin-Emma P Revelle; ed Pawnee City Acad; PSTC, EdB 1910; U of N, 1910-12; Delta Sigma Rho; m Martha M Collins Jan 3, 1915 Lincoln; s Don E, George C; d Flora E; 1906-09 tchr, Richardson & Pawnee Cos; 1912-14 salesman & dist mgr Commonwealth Life Ins Co of Omaha, hdqrs Lincoln; 1914-19 state mgr Commonwealth Life Ins Co of Omaha, hdqrs Topeka Kas; 1919- an org Lincoln Liberty Life Ins Co, secy & gen mgr; mbr Amer Life conv group; contributor to various ins magazines; C of C; Lincoln Country Club; Uni Club; AF&AM 227; Scot Rite; Sesostris Shrine; Westminster Presby Ch; Dem; hobbies, golf, fishing; off Lincoln Liberty Life Bldg; res 2611 Ryons, Lincoln.

   ALBIN, WALTER L: Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist; b Albany, Mo Nov 9, 1876; s of John N Albin-Mary Jane Rund; ed Albany Mo HS; Central Christian Coll, Albany Mo BA; St Louis U, honor grad MD 1902; grad work N Y Post Grad Med Sch 1919-20; U of Vienna, 1923-24; 3 months grad work Berlin, Germany 1927; interne Alexian Hosp, St Louis; m Anna Foy Hanson June 26, 1913 Crete; d Mary Catheryn (Mrs William N Huff); prac med, Blue Springs 5 years; now eye, ear, nose & throat specialist, Lincoln; staff mbr Lincoln Gen & St Elizabeth's Hosps, Lincoln; during World War active in Belgian relief work; 1939 with Mrs Albin took trip around the world; Lancaster Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; past pres Amer Interprofessional Inst; AF&AM; hobby, antiques; off 619 Federal Securities Bldg, res 4621 South, Lincoln.

   ALDER, FRED EDWIN: NYA Assistant; b Cherry Co, Neb Mar 21, 1889; s of Simon H Alder-Nancy M Leeper; ed Burwell HS 1910; Fremont Normal; Neb Wes, BSc; U of N, MA 1939; Phi Delta Kappa; m Marie Anna Urban Aug 11, 1914 Prague; s Verne Hugo; 1911-17 supt Prague HS: 1917-20 Saunders Co supt, Wahoo; 1920-22 supt Mead schs, consolidated dists & erected new bldg; 1922-38 supt Pierce schs, 1938 supt O'Neill schs; 1939- asst in chg of NYA student aid, Lincoln; during World War food administrator Saunders Co, 1917-18; NSTA, pres dist 3. chmn maj com of finance, revenue & taxation; NEA; past pres Lions, Pierce; AF&AM; OES, past patron; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, gold, reading, hunting; res 2958 N 47th, Lincoln.

   ALDRICH, FREDERICKS: Bank Vice-President; b David City, Neb Dec 13, 1899; s of Chester H Aldrich-Sylvia E Stroman; ed Lincoln HS 1918; U of N; m Ethel Joy Bailey Sept 26, 1921 Lincoln; s William Bailey; 1919-29 teller Neb St Bank later consoli-


in Nebraska


date with & became Continental State Bank, 1929-34 in bond dept, head paying & receiving teller, in discount dept, 1934-37 asst cash, VP since 1937, Lincoln; during World War mbr SATC, U of N; Amer Leg; C of C; Uni Club; Lincoln Country Club,, AF&AM 54; Westminster Presby Ch; Rep; hobbies, golf, hunting; father past mayor of David City, past mbr Neb legislature, gov of Neb 1911-12, past judge Neb supreme court; off 11th & O; res 2832 Jefferson, Lincoln.

   ALDRICH, JOHN GORDON: Public Relations Director; b Summit, Ore Aug 10, 1879; s of James Harry Aldrich-___; ed Portland Ore HS; Oregon St Coll, BSc 1900; m Anna L Frost Aug 10, 1904 Olympia Wash; s John Gordon Jr; 1900-07 in hotel bus, Ellensburg Wash; 1907-17 representative of A Schiling & Co, San Francisco; 1915-18 org water & light system, Malden Wash; 1918-38 with Woods Brothers Cos, Lincoln; 1929-30 secy & treas of Arrow Aircraft Corp; city coun, mbr stabilization com; C of C; Uni Club; past mbr Rotary; AF&AM 19; Hiram Club, ch mbr; dir Camp Fire Girls coun; pres Neb Safety Coun; First Plymouth Congl Ch; hobbies, golf, pub welfare & civic matters; off 132 S 13th; res 2121 Sheridan Blvd, Lincoln.

   ALEXANDER, JOHN MERRIAM: Realtor; b Sigourney, Ia, Apr 28, 1888; s of Harry E Alexander-Katie Cogley; ed Sigourney Ia, HS; U of N, BA 1910; Phi Delta Phi; m Helen Boggs June 1913 Lincoln; s John C, Robert E, Philip A; d Mary K; 1909-10 economics instr, U of N; 1911-13 in real est bus, Lincoln; 1913-33 In gen contracting, bldg & realty bus in Lincoln & vicinity; 1933- active in real est & property management; C of C; Lincoln Real Est Bd; East Hills Country Club; hobbies, golf, mechanical engineering; off 601 Stuart Bldg; res 1848 C, Lincoln.

   ALEXIS, JOSEPH EMANUEL ALEXANDER: Educator; b York, Neb July 22, 1885; s of Rev John N Alexis-Ingrid Swenson; ed Augustana Coll, BA 1905; U of Lund, Sweden 1911; U of Madrid, Spain 1921; U of Paris, France 1921 & 1930; docteur de Universite, Paris 1930; Phi Beta Kappa; m Marjorie E Odman Aug 28, 1917 Valparaiso; s Carl Odman, Hilbert Verne Joseph; d Edith Josephine, Marjorie Selma Theodora; 1907-08 instr in languages, Coeur d' Alene Coll, Cour d'Alene Ida; 1910-12 instr in German & Swedish, U of N, 1912-13 adjunct prof, 1913-19 asst prof, 1919-24 assoc prof of modern languages; 1924-33 prof of Romance languages; 1933-40 prof of Germanic languages & chmn of dept; 1940- prof of modern languages & chmn of dept; Modern Language Assn of Amer; Linguistic Soc of Amer; Soc for Advancement of Scandinavian Study; Rotary; author of grammars & texts for study of French, German, Spanish & Swedish; contributor to Encyclopedia Brittanica; Rep; Luth Ch; off U of N, Andrews Hall; res 1924 S 17th, Lincoln.

   ALFORD, SIMON WAYNE: Veterinarian; b Allen Co, Kas Jan 23, 1886; s of Anthony Wayne Alford-Rachel Edwards; ed Chanute Kas HS 1904; Kansas City Veterinary Coll, DVS 1910; Alpha Psi; m Harriet Cannon June 23, 1913 Kansas City Mo; d Mary Louise; 1910-13 veterinarian, Fremont; 1913-39 supt of serum plant, U of N Coll of Agr; 1939- livestock sanitation specialist, U of N extn dept; secy Neb St Veterinary Med Assn; mbr Neb veterinary med examining bd; Amer Veterinary Med Assn; org June 1923 & co comm Co 110 veterinary med reg of NNG; org & scoutmaster 3 years troup 50 BSA; AF&AM; Scot Rite; Sesostris Shrine; First Chris Ch; hobbies, music, military work; off Animal Husbandry Bldg, U of N; res 1311 N 37th, Lincoln.

   ALLEN, MORONI H: District Manager of Store; b Huntsville, Utah Mar 5, 1897; s of Ammon Allen-Elizabeth Hislop; ed Ogden Utah; Weber Coll, Utah; m Emma Evans May 18, 1920 Salt Lake City; s Bruce Evans, Robert M; d Bernice; 1920-21 with Safeway store in Ogden Utah; 1921-25 mgr of Safeway Store in Provo Utah; 1925-27 supvr Safeway Stores in Salt Lake City dist; 1927-29 mgr Cheyenne Wyo dist, 1929- mgr of Lincoln dist; Rotary; C of C; Lincoln Country Club; hobbies, golf, ice skating; off 905 N 16th; res 3220 S 31st, Lincoln.

   ALLEN, THOMAS STINSON: Attorney; b Paynes Point, Ill Apr 30, 1865; s of Benjamin Franklin Allen-Harriet Maria Ely; ed Cass Co; U of N, BA 1889, LLB 1891, class orator & lettered in baseball; m Mary Elizabeth Bryan June 28, 1898 Salem Ill; 1891 adm to Neb bar; 1892-96 mbr Talbot, Bryan & Allen at Lincoln, 1895-1915 Talbot & Allen; 1915-21 US dist atty for Neb; 1921-37 with Allen & Requartte, now Requartte & Wood; gen atty Beatrice Creamery Co; gen atty Farmers Mutual Ins Co of Neb; treas & gen atty Woodman Accident Co; dir & treas Central Health Co; pres Comml Mutual Surety Co; Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; life mbr C of C; MWA; Royal Highlanders; YMCA; Social Welfare Soc; ARC; Knights & Ladies of Security; Knife & Fork Club; Professional Mens Club; Laymen's Club; Lincoln Country Club; Uni Club; Natl Geographic Soc; AF&AM; Scot Rite 32o; Sesostris Shrine; Bapt Ch; Dem, chmn Neb St Central Com 1904-09 & 1921-32; off Woodmen Accident Bldg; res 1260 S 20th, Lincoln.

   ALMY, JOHN EDWIN: Professor of Experimental Physics; b Centralia, Ill Oct 13, 1875; s of Horace M Almy-Abbie C Grinnell; ed U of N, BSc 1896, MA 1897; Berlin, PhD 1900; Sigma Xi; m Amy C Bruner July 1903 West Point; d Constance (Mrs Harold L Kipp); 1900-02 instr in physics, U of N; 1902-05 adjunct prof, 1905-07 asst prof, 1907-09 assoc prof, 1909- prof of experimental physics, U of N, 1919-22 chmn of dept; has conducted experiments with accidental double refraction, spark potentials, discharge thru gases, dielectric strength glasses & double refracting media, cathode potential, minimum spark potentials, corona discharge currents; AAAS; Neb Acad of Sciences; fellow Amer Physical Soc; Knife & Fork Club; hobby, mountain climbing; several ancestors were passengers on the Mayflower in 1620, his genealogy shows relationship to John Alden; off U of N, Brace Laboratory; res 2300 A, Lincoln.

   ALVORD, CLIFFORD W: Pharmacist; b Cook Co, Ill Aug 1, 1893; s of Hiram Alvord-Mary Cummings; ed Cortland HS 1910; Creighton U,, PhG 1912; m Vivienne Tait Dec 31, 1914 Nebraska City; d Patricia; 1912 with Crudy's Drug Store, Julian; 1912-13 in drug bus, Syracuse; 1913-14 in drug bus, Nebraska City; 1914-30 in drug bus, Garland; 1930-37 with Fenton Drug Co, Lincoln; 1937- owner & opr Alvord Pharm, Lincoln; 1939 pres Lincoln Retail Druggists Assn; Neb Pharm Assn; vol fireman; hobby, photography; off 33rd & A; res 3418 Randolph, Lincoln.

   AMEN, HENRY J: Merchant; b Frank, Russia Sept 1876; s of Henry, Amen-Anna Bauer; ed Lincoln; m Barbara Wacker Jan 20, 1898 Lincoln; s Reinhold D, Godfred H, Henry J Jr, Paul J; d Alice (Mrs T E Heinz), Ruth M; 1889-99 in grain elevator bus, Lincoln; 1898-1901 with Sun Elevator Co, Kansas City Mo; 1901-02 in mechanical dept CB&Q RR; 1902- owner & opr groc & meat bus, Lincoln; 1927 owner coal bus, oprd by son Reinhold; 1935- owner oil bus, oprd by son Reinhold; 1937- mbr city coun; during World War mbr Lancaster Co coun of defense; past pres Lincoln Food Dlrs Assn; past pres Neb Food Retailers Assn; C of C; Kiwanis; secy-treas Amer Savings & Loan. Assn, Lincoln; Amer Bd of Foreign Missions; Ebenezer Congl Ch, past bd mbr 15 years, SS supt several years; hobbies, home modernization, church; off 201 F; res 601 D, Lincoln.

   AMES, ERNEST CAPRON: Vice-President Insurance Co; b, Lincoln, Neb June 14, 1875; s of John Henry Ames-Lidia Capron; ed Lincoln HS 1892; U of N, BA 1896; Beta Theta Pi; m Grace Andrews Oct 3, 1907 Fairbury; s John Henry II; d Margaret C; 1898 adm to Neb Bar; 1898-1910 with father in firm Ames & Ames; 1905-38 actuary & dir Bankers Life Ins Co of Neb, 1938- VP & actuary; Amer Inst of Actuaries; Lincoln Country Club; Uni Club; C of C; AF&AM 54; Scot Rite 32o; Rep; hobbies, horseback riding, photography; off 301 Bankers Life Bldg; res 1750 S 20th, Lincoln.

   AMMON, CHARLES DEWITT: Manufacturer; b Raleigh, Ill June 6, 1887; s of John Franklin Ammon-Adele Burnett; ed Benton Ill HS 1903; m Emah Bruns June 23, 1910 El Campo Tex; s Robert Hill, William Burnett; 1901-05 asst agt for IC RR, Benton Ill; 1905-06 opr groc store with father, Sidell Ill: 1906-07 with father on rice farm near El Campo Tex; 1907-20 opr hdw, plumbing & heating bus, David City, branch stores in Shelby, Columbus, Creston, Valley & Osceola; 1913 estab Easy Mfg Co, David City, mfr Easy Pipe Pusher; 1920 sold hdw stores, devoted full time to Easy Mfg Co; 1923 pur Yale Hopewell Co, moved Easy Mfg Co to Lincoln; 1933- owner & opr Cushman Motor Works; pres Assoc Industries of Neb; treas Lancaster Co Taxpayer's League; pres Amer Liberty League; Natl Assn of Mfrs; past VP Natl Retail Hdw Assn; C of C; ch mbr & org David City C of C, past dir; YMCA; treas Broadview Club; AF&AM 51; RAM; Scot Rite 32o; Sesostris Shrine; Rep; hobbies, golf, handball; off 921 N 21st; res 4621 A, Lincoln.



Who's Who

   AMOS, ALWIN GEORGE: Treasurer Coal Co & President Appliance Co; b Lincoln, Neb Apr 13, 1894; s of James H Amos-Charlotte L Wittstruck; ed University Place HS; Neb Wes; LSC: in Ethel M Foreman Sept 1, 1922 Papillion; step s Richard Foreman; s James H, Alwin George Jr (dec); 1913 with Powers Merc Co of Minneapolis Minn; 1914-21 with Hutchins-Hyatt Coal Co, 1921- ptr & treas, Lincoln; 1933- org & opr Neb Appliance Co; during World War July 1917 enl in US army, 134th machine gun Co, O/S approximately 8 mos, disch May 1919; Amer Leg; 40 & 8; VFW; C of C; AF&AM 314; Warren Meth Ch; hobbies, golf, travel, woodwork, fishing; off 502 L; res 1306 N 45th, Lincoln.

   AMOS, HARLAN R: Treasurer, Credit & Office Manager; b Pleasant Hill, Neb Oct 8, 1888; s of James H Amos-Charlotte L Wittstruck; ed Lincoln HS; Neb Wes 1907-08; m Florence Britting Nov 24, 1910 Lincoln; s Harlan R Jr, Robert W; d Virginia R (Mrs Karl F Manke); 1908-10 collector for Hutchins & Hyatt Coal Co; 1910- off & credit mgr, Magee's, 1915-18 secy, 1918-24 secy-treas, 1924 treas; 1929 pres Lincoln Retail Credit Assn; 1938 pres 6th Dist Natl Retail Credit Assn; AF&AM 300, past master; Scot Rite 32o; Sesostris Shrine; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, flowers; off 1201 O; res 1018 S 33rd, Lincoln.

   ANDERSEN, EMMA NATHALIA: Assistant Professor of Botany; b Ames, Neb; d of N S Andersen-Laura Margaret Miller; ed Dodge Co; U of N, BA 1910, MA 1913; U of Chicago, PhD 1927; Iota Sigma Pi; Sigma Delta Epsilon; Sigma Xi; Phi Sigma; 1913-17 tchr, Lincoln HS; 1917- asst prof of botany, U of N; with E R Walker co-author, Ecological Study of Algae, published in Transactions of Amer Microscopical Soc Vol XXXIX 1920; with L B Walker, Relation of Glycogen to Spore-ejection, published in Mycologia Vol XVII No 4, July-Aug 1925; author, Morphology of Sporophyte of Marchantia Domingensis, Botanical Gazette Vol LXXXVIII No 2, Oct 1929; author Discharge of Sperms in Marchantia Domingensis, Botanical Gazette Vol XCII No 1 Sept 1931; Amer Acad of Sciences; Neb Acad of Sciences; Botanical Soc of Amer; Amer Phytopathological Soc; Amer Microscopic Soc; Plant Morphology & Microchemistry; off U of N, Bessey Hall; res 1439 R, Lincoln.

   ANDERSON, AARON E: Agricultural Statistician; b Eskridge, Kas Mar 1, 1887; s of J P Anderson-Olive Smith; ed Kansas St Coll, mechanical engineering 1905-07, BSc in journalism 1911, BSc in agr 1914; m Minnie D Johnson Apr 3, 1915 Lincoln; s Lloyd Edward, Clyde Lemoyne; 1914- state & fed agrI statistician, Lincoln; owner & mgr city & farm properties in Neb; state chmn AAA Wheat & Corn Programs: supvr dist fed census 1925; assisted in CWA price project which began 1934, to ascertain prices paid by farmers for commodities & now part of USDA; mgr several WPA projects; mbr Neb St Agri Advisory Coun; mbr drouth coms; contributor to Neb press; in chg of annual state agrl census; publishes Nebraska Crop Reporter, author special crop & livestock releases; publisher Cornhusker News & annual report of Neb agrl statistics; Luth Ch; hobby, real est; off State Capitol; res 2648 Everett, Lincoln.

   ANDERSON, ARTHUR: Associate Professor of Agronomy; b Ulysses, Neb June 29, 1899; s of John C Anderson-Sarah N Hill; ed David City HS; U of N, BSc 1916, MSc 1923; Ohio St U, PhD 1932; Alpha Zeta; Sigma Xi; Gamma Sigma Delta; m Gretchen Elizabeth Haslam June 29, 1922 Fremont; s George Arthur; d Mary Elizabeth; 1916-17 opr father's farm, Harlan Co; 1917-18 asst & instr, dept of agronomy, 1919-30 prof; 1932-34 assoc prof of agronomy, U of N; 1930-32 asst, dept of farm crops, Ohio St U; 1919-34 asst agronomist, agrI experiment station, U of N; 1934- Neb representative bur of agr economics USDA in co-operative program U of N & fed govt land planning; author & co-author of more than 30 agrl publications; during World War 1918-19 priv 355th inf, 89th div US army, O/S in 3 maj engagements, upon being gassed ent army of occupation in Germany, tchr div sch of agr, Hermeskeil Germany, disch June 1919, Camp Funston; Amer Leg; Amer Soc of Agronomy; AAAS; AF&AM 19, Scot Rite; Shrine; First Plymouth Congl Ch; Indep; off U of N, Plant Industry Bldg; res 1140 S 52nd, Lincoln.

   ANDERSON, ESTHER SANFREIDA: Assistant Professor of Geography; b Lincoln, Neb; d of Frank Anderson-Anna Swenson; ed Lincoln HS; U of N, BSc 1915, MA 1917: grad work U of Wis 1921-22, U of N; summer session Columbia U 1923; Clark U, Worcester Mass, research fellow 1929-30, PhD 1932; Sigma XI; Sigma Delta Epsilon; Phi Sigma; Sem Bot; 1919-20, 1921-29, 1930-35 geography instr U of N, 1935- asst prof; 1920-21 grad asst U of Wis; 1925 summer geography prof, Sam Houston State Tchrs Coll, Huntsville Tex; U of N geography dept del to Internatl Geographical Congress, Warsaw Poland Aug 1934, presented paper A Geographic Study of the Sugar Beet Industry in the US; contributor various geographical publications, author 30 articles; has traveled in US, Europe, Canada, Mexico, Bermuda & Cuba; Neb Coun of Geography Tchrs, mbr exec com 1938; Natl Coun of Geography Tchrs, state dir; Neb Acad of Sciences; AAAS; AAUP; Prot; hobbies, photography, travel; off U of N, Former Museum 103; res 4414 Vine, Lincoln.

   ANDERSON, ROLAND MAX: Attorney; b Beloit, Kas June 8, 1879; s of George Wycliff Anderson-Mary Townsend; ed Beloit Kas HS 1897; U of Kas, LLB 1900; Sigma Nu; Phi Delta Phi; m Mary Finley May 10, 1904 Beloit Kas, (dec 1917); s Park Finley, Roland Max II; d Rosemary; m Ruth Olson Dec 5, 1919 Lincoln; 1900-01 prac law, Duncan & Lawton Okla; 1901-27 prac law, Beloit Kas; 1927 prac law, Lincoln; while residing in Kas, fed purebred, Milking Shorthorns; mayor & city atty of Beloit Kas 8 years; during World War maj 4th batt Kas NG, named by Gov Capper as maj for service in off of judge advocate gen, qualified for field service; Kas St Hist Soc; Amer Hist Assn; Amer Shorthorn Breeders Assn; Lancaster Co, Neb St, Kas St & Amer Bar Assns; C of C; Rotary; Marquette Club; Lincoln Country Club; Uni Club; BPOE; IOOF; MWA; Holy Trinity Episc Ch; Rep, dir speakers bur for State Central Com 1928; hobbies, reading, big game hunting; off & res 1621 A, Lincoln.

   ANDERSON, VICTOR EMANUEL: Hardware Merchant; b Lincoln, Neb Mar 30, 1904; s of Ernest E Anderson-Mary S Larson; ed Havelock HS 1920; U of N, 1923; Sigma Phi Epsilon; 1924- owner hdw bus, Anderson Hdw & Plumbing, Lincoln; trustee Lancaster Co sanitary dist 1936-40; mbr bd of dirs Havelock Farriers Inst; mbr bd of dirs Summer Sweet Peach Orchard, Wynne Ark; pres 1937 Neb Retail Hdw Assn; Lincoln Master Plumbers Assn; pres Lions, Havelock; C of C; Lincoln Country Club; YMCA; AF&AM 52; IOOF; Meth Ch; Rep; YR Club; hobby, sports; off 6132 Havelock Ave, res 6744 Ballard, Lincoln.

   ANDERSON, WALTER LINCOLN: Attorney; b Sidney, Ia Feb 19, 1868; s of Albert Raney Anderson-Sarah Jane Woods; ed Sidney Ia HS 1885; U of Ia, BA 1889, LLB 1891; Beta Theta Pi, past secy; m Helen Marie Nance Oct 29, 1902 Chicago; 1891-92 prac law with father, Sidney Ia; 1892-98 Prac law with father in Hot Springs S D; 1892-99 state's atty, Hot Springs S D; 1892-99 US circuit court commr with jurisdiction covering Fall River Co, Pine Ridge & Rosebud Sioux Indian reservations; 1898-99 indep law prac; 1921-22 mbr Neb legislature, speaker of house of representatives; secy state bar commission 1902-33; mbr bd of trustees Wyuka Cemetery; dur Sp-Amer war enl in Rough Riders, Fort Mead S D Apr 1898, 2nd lt troop D 3rd US vol cavalry, disch Sept 1898; during World War capt of inf Dec 4, 1917-May 1919, Lincoln, draft exec for Neb under selective service act; USWV; Amer Leg, first adjt post 2; 40 & 8; Lancaster Co & Neb St Bar Assns; first pres & org Lincoln Kiwanis; Uni Club; Hiram Club; C of C; AF&AM 54; Scot Rite; KT; BPOE, past secy & past exalted ruler; 1900-04 Rep, chmn Lincoln City Central Com, 1904-08 chmn Lancaster Co Central Com; mbr Lincoln Charter Conv which adopted home rule charter; off 405 Richards block; res 2134 Euclid Lincoln.

   ANDREWS, CLAYTON FARRINGTON: Physician & Surgeon; b St Paul, Neb Jan 4, 1891; s of Ernest I Amdrews-Josephine Wait; ed St Paul HS 1907; Creighton U, PhG 1909; became registered Pharm 1909; U of N, 1910-12; U of Penn, MD 1916. pres John B Deaver Surgical Soc 1916; 1916-17 interne Germantown Hosp, Philadelphia; U of Minn, MSc in surgery 1922; Delta Upsilon, natl VP 1938; Phi Rho Sigma; m Mildred Wells Aug 28, 1919 New York; s David Irving; 1919-23 fellow in surgery Mayo Foundation, Rochester Minn, first asst in surgery 1921-23; lic by bd of med examiners, Minn 1920; lic by state of Neb 1923; 1923- prac surgery, Lincoln; 1923- attending surg Bryan Memorial & Lincoln Gen Hosps; author various articles on surgery published in med magazines; during World War commd 1st





















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