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If the words are in BLUE, there is a page online for this cemetery. NOTE: These cemetery listings are not meant to be complete listings with family history, obituaries, or in-depth research, but are intended to be a starting point to help you locate the tombstones of your ancestors.

Visit the Linn County Tombstone Transcription Project for the USGenWeb Project. You might also want to visit Cemetery Records Online which is a repository of volunteer donated records for cemeteries all over the world.


Feature Name Established T/R/S Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map Description
Alford  * Link  to Linn Genealogy Society 1853 14S4W35 441836N 1230743W Harrisburg Just N. of Harrisburg on Hwy 99E
Alford Masonic 1851 T14S R4W Sec 35 See Masonic, Harrisburg On old road E of Alford area, N of Harrisburg
Posted March 2000
1885 T14S R4W Sec 36 Harrisburg On old road 1/2 mi. SE of Alford, just N of Harrisburg
Allphin 1848 10S3W8 444243N 1230450W Albany Syracuse area NW of Jefferson
New Complete Listing - October 1999
1863 13S1W36 442342N 1224441W Sweet Home W. edge of Sweet Home just S. of Holly Hwy.
Posted July 1999
1854 12S1W15 443139N 1224710W Onehorse Slough SE of Lebanon
Posted June 1999
1893 12S2E36 442859N 1224433W Sweet Home Located near Berlin on Peter Powell DLC
Bilyeu Den Cemetery &
Index of Names
1866 10S1E9-10 444245N 1224210W Jordan E. of Jordan near the Cath. Church
Black Burial 1883       1 grave of man named Black Reeves Hill, McDowell Creek area
1855 14S3W14 442058N 1230030W Indian Head SW of Brownsville
Brattain 1854 12S4W32 442853N 1231117W Peoria West of Peoria
Brownsville Pioneer
Index Here
Posted Nov. 1999
1851 13S2W32 442340N 1225720W Brownsville E. of Brownsville, N. side of river
Bruce/Klum 1865 12S1W32 442850N 1225032W Waterloo2 m. SE of Sodaville, 1 m. W. of Waterloo
Bunker Hill/
Savage Butte

Posted May 2000
1852 13S3W8 442734N 1230407W Halsey 1 m. E. of Thompson; old flour mill just W. of Saddle Butte near Brownsville
Central Christian 1856 11S2W18 443812N 1225840W Crabtree 1 m. SE of Knox Butte near Albany
Childs 1905 T12S R2W Sec 36   Located on old Skeels place W. of Sodaville
aka Parrish
1861 13S2W5 442745N 1225745W Brownsville SE of Rock Hill School near Brownsville
Cochran 1854 T13S R2W Sec 19     Polly Johnson Cochran burial William Cochran DLC
aka Prine
Posted Nov. 1999
  T11S R2W Sec 13   N and W of Griggs Station towards Crabtree
Crawfordsville Union and
Index of Names
Posted Sept. 1999
1852 14S1W17 442105N 1225020W Crawfordsville S. of Hwy. 226, about 1 m. E. of Crawfordsville
Davis 1860s 13S3W     Albany Hackleman place, S of Albany on Davis DLC
Dodge [Rock Hill] 1877 12S2W38 442937N 1225639W Lebanon SE slope of Peterson Butte, SW of Lebanon
Dundon         No data Child buried in back yard
Earl Family
aka East Knox Butte
Posted Nov. 1999
1880s T10S R3W Sec 36   E. side of Knox Butte near Albany
Elder Family 1851 T13S R3W Sec 17   SW of Savage Butte near Boston Mills
Fairview Memorial 1960s         East of Fairview
Fairview Mennonite 1950's 11S3W23 443607N 1230030W Tangent Near Albany on Goltra Road, off Spicer Road
Fairview aka Mill City, Gates 1883 9S3E34 444443N 1222551W Mill City South East of Fairview
Ferguson, aka Markes Ridge 1886 T13S R1E Sec 7   S. of McDowell Ck. School, E. of Lebanon
Fern Ridge 1854 T13S R1W Sec 34   SE of Liberty School, W of Sweet Home
Finley IOOF - See IOOF/Finley 1857 T14S R2W Sec 12   Near Calapooia Bridge near Crawfordsville
Fox Valley aka Lyons
Posted Aug. 1999
Index of Names
1854 9S2E20

2 mi. E of Lyons Just off Hwy 226
Franklin Butte
Posted Aug. 1999
Index A to L
Index M to Z
1859 10S1W36 444047N 1225043W Scio 1 m. S. of Scio
Fry 1856 T11S R1W Sec 2 All graves removed except 2 to Riverside in Albany
Posted Sept. 1999
1853 11S1W2 443815N 1224610W Scio W. of Larwood bridge on Koton farm near Lacomb
Garrison aka Upper Soda         Road crew found 3 graves near Upper Soda E. of Cascadia
Gilliland 1864 T13S R1E S34 442328N 12223818W Sweet Home On hill south of Wiley Creek east of Sweet Home
Hale-Syracuse aka Milton Hale * Link  to Linn Genealogy Society 1850 10S3W     Dever-ConnerE. of Dever-Conner overpass, I-5 N. of Albany
Halsey Pioneer
aka Smith or Rust
Posted Aug. 1999
1855 14S4W11 442150N 1230805W HarrisburgOn Muddy Ck. SW of Halsey, W. of Schrock Place
Harris   15S4W24 441503N 1230628W Indian Head 
Posted Sept. 1999
1851 11S3W4 443830N 1230400W AlbanyNear Waverly Lake E. of Albany
Humphrey 1865 10S1E9 444345N 1224220W Jordan2 m. NW of Jordan Church
IOOF/Harrisburg See Alford 441820N 1230741W HarrisburgN. of Harrisburg on Hwy. 99E
Indian Grave           Lost Prairie Hwy 20 E. of Sweet Home
Posted Sept. 1999
1857 14S2WS12 442130N 1225205W CrawfordsvilleMidway bet. 2 Calapooia bridges near Crawfordsville
James (see Lebanon I.O.O.F.)     443317N 1225427W Lebanon 
John Shelton 1866 10S1E17 444420N 1223950W Jordan1 m. S. of Jordan-Lyons Hwy.
John Swallow Grave     443446N 1215033W Marion Lake 
aka Bender Catholic
Posted Aug. 1999
1903 10S1E10 444301N 1224123W Jordanat Jordan
Knox Butte 1853 10S3W35 443918N 1230111W AlbanyW. slope of Knox Butte, E. of Albany
aka Fern Ridge, Nave
1888 11S1E31 443421N 1224426W Lacomb1 m. SE of Lacomb
Lebanon IOOF

Emma Greer's 2000 Survey of the Lebanon IOOF
1869 12S2W2 443317N 1225410W Lebanon1/2 m. N. of Lebanon on Hwy. 20
Lebanon Masonic 1869 12S2W2 443313N 1225410W Lebanon1/2 m. N. of Lebanon on Hwy. 20
Lebanon Pioneer 1850 12S2W12 443239N 1225415W LebanonEnd of N. Park St., Lebanon
Lewis 1867 13S1E23 442505N 1223935W Sweet HomeAbove Foster Reservoir on N. side
Liberty Baptist 1860 13S1W26 442450N 1224618W WaterlooLiberty District SW of Sweet Home
Linn Memorial 1960 13S1W4 442802N 1224835W WaterlooFairview
Malone           2 graves found on Fred Malone place
aka Keene, Muddy Creek
Posted Nov. 1999
1851 T15S R3W Sec 19   On Carl Keene place SE of Harrisburg
Masonic   Same as Alford Masonic 441823N 1230741W Harrisburg Harrisburg
Masonic [Albany] 1853 11S3W12 443750N 1230717W AlbanyAlbany
McHargue 1852 T14S R2W Sec 15   Crawfordsville, near Brownsville
McKnight         Tombstone of the McKnight boy on Tombstone Prairie, now in Sandridge Cemetery
Meeks 1863 T15S R3W Sec 26   8 1/2 mi. S. of Brownsville via Old Gap Rd. on Butte Top
Posted Nov. 1999
1859 T14S R3W Sec 23   6 mi. S. of Brownsville on Eli Michael DLC, 16 graves
Miller/Millersburg 1850 10S3W17 444152N 1230434W Albany6 m. N. of Albany, W. side of old Hwy. 99
Miller aka Shelburn 1860 10S2W1 444345N 1225157W Scio3 m. NW of Scio, 1 m. S. of Shelburn
Miller-Coon 1853 13S4W4 442800N 1231107W PeoriaAt Shedd near Greenback School
Mt. Home, aka Gunderson, Norwegian 1900 T13S R1W Sec 20   On Middle Ridge bet. Sodaville & Liberty Dist. NW of Sweet Home
Mt. Pleasant 1861 9S1E30 444510N 1224350W Stout Mountain1/2 m. NE of Mt. Pleasant Pres. Church, 2 m. N. of Jordan Church
Charity Noble & Infant Grave

1875 Charity Ann Noble was born January 23, 1856, and was married to James P. Marks on November 3, 1873. The Marks family was crossing the Santiam Pass in the fall of 1875 and was caught in a snow storm and did not get across before a child was born to Mrs. Marks. Charity Ann Marks and her infant child died, October 18, 1875 and are buried in this grave. NOTE: I might add that the marriage date is incorrect. They were married November 30, 1873. Marilyn Schwartz Willamette National Forest, near Fish Lake
Nye no data T13S R1W Sec 26   3 mi. NW of Sweet Home in Liberty Dist.
Full Listing
Posted March 2000
1853 13S1W26 443119N 1231118W RiversideNear Shedd
Orlean aka Cushman
Posted April 1999
1855 11S4W32 443410N 1231125W RiversideE. side of Willamette River between Corvallis and Albany
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic
aka Silbernagle
Posted March 1999
1884 10S1E10 444255N 1224010W JordanJordan area, 1 m. S. of church
Pietrock, aka Kiphart, Hollenbeck, Cusick no data 9S1E20 444630N 1224235W Stout Mountain5 m. W. of Lyons, N. of Kingston-Lyons
Pilcher no data T10S R3W Sec 10   Jefferson
Pine Grove 1853 13S1W32 442413N 1231237W PeoriaNear Peoria
Pleasant Butte, aka Brownsville Baptist
Posted Nov. 1999
1860 13S3W23 442510N 1230100W HalseyN. slope of Powell Hills, NW of Brownsville
Providence Baptist 1856 11S1W10 443728N 1224811W Onehorse Slough6 m. S. of Scio, NW of Lacomb
Pugh [see Shedd]
Posted July 1999
1853 13S4W13 442642N 1230744W PeoriaWest of Shedd
Rice           Rice grave on Shot Creek
Riverside 1847 11S4W12 443753N 1230706W AlbanyW. side of 6th St., Albany
Rockhill [see Dodge]

Russell         Enos Russell place in barn yard. May be Newton Russell grave. Now known to be Freeman Russell
St. John's aka Jewish, Hebrew 1877 T11 R3W Sec 3 Albany Near Waverly Lake, E. of Albany
Sand Ridge
Index of Names
Posted June 1999
1858 12S2W24 443059N 1225916W LebanonFoot of NW slope of Peterson Butte, SW of Lebanon
Shea Hill T13S R1E Sec 26     At Foster
Posted July 1999
1853 13S4W13 442642N 1230744W Peoria West of Shedd
Simison-Hale 1850's 10S3W3 444328N 1230248W AlbanyE. of Dever-Conner overpass, I-5 N. of Albany
Spring Family 1890's 13S2E7 442635N 1223704W Green PeterN. of Foster Reservoir, E. of Rd. from McDowell to Sunnyside
Soldiers           Evidence of Soldier graves found on side of Sand Mtn. W. of Tombstone Pass
Splawn no data T14S R1W Sec 10   Holley; farmed over, perhaps 3 or more graves
Sweet Home Valley     442411N 1224023W Sweet Home 
Thompson 1901 T14S R2E Sec 4 Foster 5-6 mi. SE of Foster, 7 graves found. Many have been moved to other cemeteries in the Sweet Home area.
Timber-Linn Memorial Park     443809N 1230313W Albany 
Twin Oaks Memorial Gardens 1940's 11S4W33 443432N 1231049W RiversideE. side of Albany-Corvallis Rd, N. of Orleans Church
Umphlet (Jane, single grave) 1850 T10S R3W Sec 15 Albany On Hill Farm 6 mi. N. of Albany - 1st white burial in Linn Co.
Union Point aka Keeney, Kirk, Overton 1862 T14S R3W Sec 3   SW of Brownsville 3 or 4 miles
Waverly Memorial
aka Houston
  15S3W3 443835N 1230400W AlbanyAlbany
Weger 1852 T15S R3W Sec 26   In Priceboro area
West Point/Willoughby 1853 15S3W3 441310N 1230400W CoburgPriceboro area N. of Coburg
Whitcomb Island     442839N 1222930W Cascadia  
White (Luther) 1847 T15S R3W Sec 13   Diamond Hill area
Wigle 1853 14S3W35 441817N 1230101W Indian Head5 1/2 m. SW of Brownsville
Wiley 1864 13S1E36 442328N 1223818W Sweet HomeOn hill on Andrew Wiley DLC, 2 m. S. of Foster
Willamette Memorial 1934 T11S R3W Sec 4   2 mi. N. of Albany on old Hwy. 99
Wisner 1847 9S1W26 444606N 1224620W Stayton2 m. S. of Kingston, SE of Stayton
Yarbrough   13S4W26     HalseyNW of Halsey on banks of Muddy Ck.
No Name no data         Moss Butte, 1 grave found
No Name 1866         On shelf S. of Hwy. 20, 3 graves, used to have wooden fence
No Name 1886       Harrisburg 3 cemetery, beyond the Masonic or Power Line Cemetery, Harrisburg

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