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Aagaar, Andrew '78/p75
Abahamson, Rebecca '91/p51
Abart, Frank '80/p33
Abbey, Margret '83/p33
Abbey, Susan '82/p11
Abbot Luther J '83/p75
Abbot, Clara F '83/p75
Abbot, Henry '83/p75
Abbot, L J '88/p64
Abbott & Wood Mar '77/p1
Abbott, Blanche '82/p42
Abbott, Byron H. '92/p27
Abbott, C E '87/p70; '88/p18
Abbott, Clara (Culbertson) '89/p60
Abbott, Doctor '89/p24
Abbott, Dr '78/p73; '80/p26; '85/p63, 66
Abbott, Dr '90/p10; '91/p16
Abbott, E A Mar '77/p1; '78/p61, 75; '87/p3
Abbott, Eph '89/p23, 25
Abbott, Ephrian '89/p60
Abbott, Ephy '86/p9
Abbott, H A '86/p9
Abbott, H W C '86/p46
Abbott, Harry '80/p28
Abbott, Jane '89/p21
Abbott, John '86/p77
Abbott, John '89/p21
Abbott, John W C '88/p57
Abbott, Kate '89/p21
Abbott, Keene '89/p16
Abbott, L J '77/p1; '78/p75; '88/56, 62, 64, '92/p49, 42
Abbott, L J '89/p14
Abbott, L J Dr '80/p36; '88/p52
Abbott, L J Dr & Mrs '90/p34
Abbott, L J Dr '89/p50; '91/p67
Abbott, L J Dr/M '83/p62
Abbott, L J Mrs '86/p15,16
Abbott, Luther '85/p78
Abbott, Mary Dorsey '89/p60
Abbott, Mrs. Byron H. (Mrs. Edith Pryor) '92/p27
Abbott, Ned '91/p16
Abbott, Ned C Prof '89/p21
Abbott, Sulles I '79/p50
Abbott, W S '88/p42
Abbott, William '81/p49
Abel, Charles '85/p74
Abelle, Susan '87/p77
Abem, Francis '81/p49
Abercromby, Elizabetha Velma '82/p53
Abercromby, Emma Blackmar '82/p53
Abercromby, Warren '82/p53
Aberle, Frederick '81/p81; '86/p1
Abernathy, Moses '80/p28
Ably, Mabel '86/p32
Ably, Rudolph '86/p32
Abney, Banister '78/p40
Abney, C '78/p40
Abney, George C '78/p40
Abney, W '78/p40
Abott, Anna E '91/p75, 76
Abraham, Edward '86/p21
Abraham, Jacob M/M '81/p74
Abraham, Robert '85/p0; '86/p0
Abrahams, M '80/p40
Abrahams, Pauline '81/p13
Abrahams, Sadie '81/p30
Abrahamson, Rebecca '91/p49
Abrams, Eddie '89/p9
Abrams, Jakey '89/p9
Achenbach, Bertha '81/p21
Achenbach, Frederick '81/p21
Achilles, Nellie '85/p21, 28
Achmidt, Adolph '85/p75
Ackerman, Anton '82/p21
Ackerman, Byron C '89/p63, 66
Ackerman, Claud E '86/p1
Ackerman, David '87/p69
Ackerman, H A '86/p1
Ackerman, Harry '78/p64
Ackerman, J N Mar '77/p1
Ackerman, Peter '87/p20
Ackers, Jas '83/p39
Ackerson, Amanda '85/p57
Ackerson, Emma '85/p57
Ackerson, Sofia '85/p57
Ackley, Etta '88/p10
Acland, Katherine '81/p13
Acland, Lady '81/p13
Acom, Berthe '86/p32
Acom, Clara B '86/p32
Acom, Fred '89/p55
Acom, R Mar '77/p1
Acom, Thos R '85/p74
Acor, Sylvia C I '87/p11
Acor, William D '87/p11
Acord, Abraham '78/p7
Acorn, Thomas '91/p56
Action, J C '87/p70
Acton, Music Store '84/p8
Adair, Mary '88/p10
Adam, Eva (Lorenz) '79/p24
Adam, Michael '79/p23
Adamek, Josef '86/p38
Adams County Genealogical Society '81/p62
Adams village, NE '90/p12
Adams, Charles '81/p49
Adams, Charlotte M '87/p75
Adams, Clara '83/p79
Adams, Clark '79/p58
Adams, Deborah Jan '77/p4
Adams, Ephraim '81/p49
Adams, F D '84/p8
Adams, H I '86/p33
Adams, Henry '78/p5
Adams, J B '87/p49
Adams, J J '87/p50
Adams, Jacob '78/p13
Adams, Jane '84/p3
Adams, Jeannette '82/p55
Adams, Jeremiah '91/p76
Adams, John '82/p55; '84/p3
Adams, John T '83/p79
Adams, L M '86/p49
Adams, Mary '84/p3
Adams, Minnie '80/p37
Adams, Mollis '89/p56
Adams, Rachel '78/p13
Adams, Samuel M '87/p72
Adams, T L '78/p75
Adams, Theodore '92/p72
Adams, Thos '88/p69
Adams, William '78/p13
Adams, William '91/p59
Adamy, Nick '86/p83
Addis Lyda '83p75
Addis, A D '83/p75
Addis, E W Mar '77/p1
Addis, Electa '83/p75
Addis, Martha '85/p5
Addis, W C Mar '77/p1
Ade, Leonard '88/p64
Adell, Bowell G '80/p12
Adkins, Francis M '78/p8
Adkins, K Mar '77/p1
Adkins, Kathryne '85/p30
Adkins, P '83/p37
Adkins, Warren C '78/p17B
Adkinson, Eva L '86/p67
Adkisson, Simeon W '86/p3
Adler & Heller Mar '77/p1; '85/p66; '88/p54
Adler & Heller; Fremont, NE '90/p30
Adler, Ferdinand '88/p64
Adolph, Samuel '81/p49
Adrain, F P Mr '89/p28, 29
Adrain, Julia '91/p74, 76
Adriance, Effie L '82/p51
Adriance, Emory R '82/p51
Adriance, J Mar '77/p1
Adriance, J '89/p53
Adriance, J Rev '79/p47
Adriance, Jacob Mar '77/p1; 79/p47, 48; '82/p16
Adriance, Jacob Rev '79/p70; '82/p50; '84/p32; '87/p50
Adriance, Jacob Rev '84/p25
Adriance, Lillie '82/p51; '85/p77
Adriance, Myrtie '82/p51
Adriance, Rev J. '92/p77
Adriance, Rev Jacob '79/p46
Adriance, Rev Jacob '92/p76
Adsit, Jennie '83/p77
Adsit, Mary '83/p77
Adsit, Shuble '83/p77
Adventist Church; Fremont, NE '89/p57
Aetna Insurance Co Mar '77/p1
Affleck, Elizabeth '87/p76
Agard, Louisa '81/p21
Agert, Sophie '80/p67
Ahern, James '81/p64
Ahlquist, Anne '85/p58
Ahlquist, Ernst '85/p58
Ahlquist, Ester '85/p58
Ahlquist, L F '85/p58
Ahrendt, Rodolph '81/p49
Ahrens, Aug '86/p46
Ahrndt, Charles '91/p58
Aidem, Kasper Mar '77/p1
Aikens, W C Mar '77/p1
Aiker, Capt '82/p11
Aikin, Estelle '86/p9
Ailes, William '84/p22
Ainsworth village, NE '90/p12
Ainsworth, George '84/p50
Ainsworth, Ira '85/p73; '86/p9, 13
Airis, Bob '80/p39
Airis, E H '82/p61
Airis, Ed '80/p39
Aken, W E Mar '77/p1
Akerson, Swan '87/p75
Akin, Bertha '84/p56
Albers, Aug J '87/p70
Albers, Aug J Mrs (Looschen) '91/p15
Albers, August J '91/p15
Albers, August Mrs '91/p15
Albers, Christine '92/p40
Albers, Gertrude '78/p33
Albers, Jessie '91/p15
Albers, Otto '78/p33
Albert, I M Lieb '79/p2
Albert, Katie '81/p80; 86/p1
Alberts, Mar, '77/p1
Alberts, August Mar, '77/p1
Alberts, F G Mar '77/p1
Alberts, J G Mar '77/p1
Albertson, Cora May '86/p9, 14
Albertson, Issac '83/p48; '87/p43
Albertson, May '84/p50
Albertson, Mrs Mar'77/p1
Albertson, Richliffe '85/p21
Albertson, Rickliffe '85/p26
Albertson, Swan J '91/p51
Albertson, Swan John '91/p49
Albin, Benjamin '86/p25
Albion village, NE '90/p12
Albrech, Aug '87/p71
Albrecht, David '78/p63
Albrecht, Fraulein Hedwig '90/p68
Albrecht, Frederick '88/p64
Albrecht, Hans '90/p68
Albrecht, Hedwig '90/p68
Albrook, Frederick '79/p43
Alcorn, George '81/p49
Alcorn, John '82/p65
Alden, Hannah '86/p40
Alden, Isaac R '78/p24
Alderman, Frank '82/p21
Alderman, Henry '78/p10
Aldradge, R T '81/p36
Aldrich, Ann Eliza '88/p9
Aldrich, Elisha '83/p79
Aldrich, Mary '83/p79
Aldrich, Mary J '86/p2
Aldrich, Sarah Jane '88/p10
Alexander, A L '88/p64
Alexander, Joseph '82/p72
Alexander, L B '88/p64
Alexander, Russell '88/p47
Alexander, William '81/p64
Alexandria village, NE '90/p12
Alford, J H Mar '77/p1
Alfro, Victor '81/p13
Alger, R A '89/p46
Alkali station, NE '90/p18
All, John '78/p8
Allan, A P '81/p8
Allan, John '81/p8
Allan, Lillian '86/p66
Allan, Robert '81/p7
Allan, Thos '80/p57
Allan, Thos J '81/p7
Allberry, Annie '91/p25, 26
Allberry, R '78/p50
Allemang, May B '78/p34
Allen & Campbell '83/p57
Allen County Attorney '88/p70
Allen Thos '78/p19; '84/p21
Allen village, NE '90/p12
Allen, A E '79/p70
Allen, Agnes '91/p75, 76
Allen, Alfred '87/p1
Allen, Alfred H '83/p79
Allen, Andreas '82/p11
Allen, B C Mar '77/p1
Allen, B W '85/7p3
Allen, Bertha '86/p31
Allen, C D '78/p50
Allen, Charles Mar'77/p1
Allen, Christina '89/p29
Allen, Christine '89/p29
Allen, Clara '89/p56
Allen, Clark '78/p2, 11
Allen, D P Mar '77/p1
Allen, David '80/p68
Allen, Eliza M '82/p46
Allen, Elizabeth '92/p6
Allen, Elizabeth (Mrs. Benjamin Weigle) '92/p5
Allen, Elsie A '85/p78
Allen, Finley '89/p64, 66
Allen, G W Mrs '88/p42
Allen, Geo '84/p63
Allen, Georg Mar '77/p1
Allen, Hugh '86/p50
Allen, Hugh '90/p54, 55
Allen, John B Mar '77/p1
Allen, John Y '85/p78
Allen, Joseph Mar '77/p1
Allen, Josie '81/p19; '85/p30
Allen, Judge '80/p30; '86/p16
Allen, Kate L '81/p72
Allen, L A '89/p3
Allen, Lizzie '89/p56
Allen, Marie E '79/p50
Allen, Marion '84/p48
Allen, Nancy '83/p79
Allen, Rose Ealy Jan '77/p5
Allen, Sarah Jane '87/p75
Allen, Susie '86/p67
Allen, Thomas J '84/p24, 33
Allen, W H '84/p21
Allen, W W '81/p49
Allen, William Mar '77/p1
Allen, William '91/p6
Allen, William E '88/p9
Allerman, Frank '91/p25, 26
Alley, John S '87/p58
Alliance city, NE '90/p12
Alling, Mar '77/p1
Allis, Sam '78/p16
Allis, Samuel '78/p16; '81/p38
Allison, A R M/M '91/p54
Allison, Andrew '91/p54
Allison, Fanny '82/p70
Allison, Frank '91/p54
Allison, John G '81/p6
Allison, John S '78/p75
Allison, Pony '82/p70
Alloway, John '76/p50; '84/p51,52
Allyn, Cyrus M '90/p53, 55
Alma city, NE '90/p12
Almy, Wm '78/p18
Alperstedt, Gertrude '80/p41
Alsasser, Elizabeth '82/p53
Alsdorf, Jacob '84/p10
Althaus, A C '86/p9
Althaus, Adam '84/p41
Althaus, Cath Elisabeth '84/p41
Althaus, Catherine '84/p41
Althaus, Conrad '84/p41
Althaus, Justus '84/p41
Altheimer, Jesse '81/p13
Altheimer, Mrs '81/p13
Alvard, Augusta '81/p49
Alvard, Charles '81/p49
Alvard, Christina '81/p49
Alvard, Samuel '81/p49
Alwen, Jas R '82/p24
Amans, Brady G '81/p49
Amans, Charles '81/p49
Amazon Insurance Co Mar '77/p1
Amberg, Andrew '85/p51
Amberg, Carrie '85/p51
Ambrose, Br '86/p37
Ambrose, J L Mrs '81/p13
Ambrose, P Rev '86/p36
Ament, Bessie '87/p35
Ament, Billy '87/p35
Ament, James '92/p54
Ament, James E '81/p19
American Baptist Historical Society '91/p73
American Chicory Plant; Fremont, NE '89/p59
American Chicory; Fremont, NE '89/p78
American Civil War Confederate Forces '90/p58
American Express Co; Fremont, NE '89/p12
American Fur Co '78/p17; '83/p56
American Fur Company of St Louis '86/p61
American Legion '89/p45
American Volunteers, The '91/p67
Ames, J P '79/p70
Ames, Jos P '83/p54
Ames, Joseph P '84/p21
Ames, Oakes '91/p30
Amherst village, NE '90/p12
Amlong J L Rev Jan '77/p1; '81/p85
Amlong, J Rev '86/p50
Amort, Karel '86/p38
Ancestry Inc '91/p19, 38;
Ancestry Publishing Co '90/p59
Ancient Order of United Workman '86/p19
Ancient Order of United Workman; Fremont, NE '89/p19
Andel, Apollonia '83/p8
Andel, George '83/p8
Andereck, Paul A '91/p38
Andereck, Paul '90/p79
Anderesen, E M Mr '81/p78
Anders, I '87/p47
Anders, John '78/p75
Andersen & Meyer Mar '77/p1
Andersen, Anders C '87/p67
Andersen, Anne C '87/p67
Andersen, Anne M '87/p67
Andersen, C S '78/p75
Andersen, Christian '78/p75; '87/p67
Andersen, Christian S ''87/p67
Andersen, Christine '87/p67
Andersen, Cicilius '87/p67
Andersen, Elise M '87/p67
Andersen, Elsine '87/p67
Andersen, J S '87/p71
Andersen, J. '92/p49
Andersen, James '92/p72
Andersen, James '91/p49, 51; '92 72
Andersen, James B '78/p75
Andersen, Karen '87/p64
Andersen, Lars '87/p62
Andersen, Margrete '87/p62
Andersen, Marianne '87/p67
Andersen, Niels C '87/p67
Andersen, Oso C '87/p66
Andersen, Peter '87/p62, 64
Andersen, Peter '92/p72
Andersen, Petronelle '87/p62
Andersen, Silas E '78/p75
Andersen, Sophie '87/p62
Andersen, Susanne '87/p62
Andersens, '80/p63
Anderson '82/p21; '86/p20, 75
Anderson '92/p6
Anderson Hans Christian '87/p45
Anderson, Samuel Mar '77/p1; '88/p64
Anderson, A G '89/p74
Anderson, A Mr '91/p8
Anderson, A Mrs '86/p73
Anderson, A P '89/p74
Anderson, Abraham Mar '77/p1; '87/p75; '88/p64
Anderson, Albertina '92/p6
Anderson, Albertina (Mrs. Peter B. Olson) '92/p5
Anderson, Alex '78/p24
Anderson, Alice '81/p79
Anderson, Allen '84/p37
Anderson, America '85/p51
Anderson, Anders '84/p6; '85/p57
Anderson, Andrew '81/p42; '85/p51
Anderson, Andrew Gustaf '81/p81; '86/p2
Anderson, Andrew P '91/p76
Anderson, Andrew Peter '91/p75
Anderson, Anna '86/p4
Anderson, Anna M '85/p6
Anderson, August '91/p25, 26
Anderson, Austin '91/p9
Anderson, Ben John '92/p6
Anderson, Bettie '81/p81; '86/p1
Anderson, C '81/p20
Anderson, C D '81/p64
Anderson, C G Mar '77/p1
Anderson, C S Mar '77/p1
Anderson, C. A. '92/p47
Anderson, Cary '81/p80
Anderson, Charles '89/p72
Anderson, Charles P '91/p5
Anderson, Chas '82/p65
Anderson, Chris Mar '77/p1
Anderson, Christian '92/p5, 6
Anderson, Christian '74/p48; '88/p64
Anderson, Christian M/M '86/p9
Anderson, Clara '91/p50, 51
Anderson, Claus '90/p55
Anderson, D '81/p7
Anderson, D M '82/p22
Anderson, David '90/p16; '91/p33
Anderson, E P Mar '77/p1
Anderson, E P '89/p76; '90/p57
Anderson, Edward '89/p74
Anderson, Elizabeth '83/p77
Anderson, Ellen '92/p6
Anderson, Ellen (Mrs. Peter Thomson) '92/p3
Anderson, Ellen '91/p74,76; '92 3,6
Anderson, Elof P '88/p64
Anderson, Emma C '81/p44
Anderson, Eureka '85/p57
Anderson, Frank '87/p59
Anderson, G R '83/p46
Anderson, G W Mr '81/p78
Anderson, Gilbert '84/p22
Anderson, Gus Mrs '81/p63
Anderson, Gustave '88/p64
Anderson, Hannah '85/p41; '87/p76
Anderson, Hans '87/p45
Anderson, Hans '89/p71
Anderson, Harvey J '87/p49
Anderson, Henne S '90/p54, 55
Anderson, Henrika Peterson '87/p45
Anderson, Henry '83/p64
Anderson, Henry '90/p24
Anderson, Henry August '91/p61
Anderson, Idavina '82/p46
Anderson, Ivar '82/p63
Anderson, J B Mar '77/p1
Anderson, J O '81/p19
Anderson, J P Mar '77/p1
Anderson, James Mar '77/p1; '78/p75; 79/p46; '88/p64
Anderson, Jas '87/p70
Anderson, Jens '87/p70
Anderson, Jens C '88/p1
Anderson, Jno '89/p28, 29
Anderson, Johannah '79/p48
Anderson, John Mar '77/p1; '78/p59; '80/p53; '86/p9; '87/p2, 75; '88/p1, 64
Anderson, John '91/p61
Anderson, John B '78/p5
Anderson, John F '89/p74
Anderson, John L Mar '77/p1
Anderson, John P '89/p71, 72;
Anderson, Jonas '90/p53, 55
Anderson, Joseph Mar '77/p1
Anderson, Josie '86/p2
Anderson, Katherine '83/p46
Anderson, L M Mar '77/p1
Anderson, L P Mar '77/p1
Anderson, Lena '78/p61
Anderson, Levi '85/p4
Anderson, Lillie '81/p79
Anderson, Lina '87/p3
Anderson, Louis '90/p54, 55
Anderson, Lusie A '81/p64
Anderson, Lydia '86/p67
Anderson, Marian '86/p33
Anderson, Marrtin L '87/p45
Anderson, Martin ''92/p66
Anderson, Mary '86/p9; '87/p45
Anderson, Mary E '91/p33
Anderson, Mattie '84/p19
Anderson, Metta E '89/p65, 66
Anderson, Minnie '85/p51
Anderson, Minnie A '81/p4
Anderson, Mr '90/p24
Anderson, Mrs '81/p21; '83/p46
Anderson, Mrs. Ben John (Elizabeth L. Marshall) '92/p6
Anderson, Mrs. Christian (Christina M. Simonton) '92/p5
Anderson, Mrs. Nels (Anna Rasmusson) '92/p5
Anderson, N S Mr '89/p28, 29
Anderson, Neils S '91/p26
Anderson, Neils Stephen '91/p26
Anderson, Nels '92/p5, 6
Anderson, Nick '88/p1
Anderson, Nils '92/p15
Anderson, P Mar '77/p1
Anderson, P A Mar '77/p1; '82/p61
Anderson, P C Mar '77/p1
Anderson, P E Mr '81/p21
Anderson, Pastor E. R. '92/p78
Anderson, Pete '89/p73
Anderson, Peter Mar '77/p1; '82/p62; '84/p37; '86/p50; '87/p7, 58, 75
Anderson, Peter '92p72
Anderson, Peter 1st '78/p75
Anderson, Peter 2nd '78/p75; '88/p64
Anderson, Peter 3rd '78/p75; '88/p64
Anderson, Peter A '79/p48; '88/p64
Anderson, Peter C '88/p64
Anderson, R C '78/p15
Anderson, R P Mar '77/p1
Anderson, S E Mar '77/p1; '88/p64
Anderson, Samuel F '85/p7
Anderson, Sarah '91/p25, 26
Anderson, Sarah'78/p60; '87/p3
Anderson, Sine '87/p1
Anderson, Soren '84/p22
Anderson, Swen Johan '91/p5
Anderson, Theo A '81/p4
Anderson, Theodore '82/p45
Anderson, Thomas Mar '77/p1; '81/p64; '88/p64
Anderson, Walter '85/p57
Anderson, William M/M '86/p72
Anderson, William T '81/p60
Anderson, Wm '78/p7
Anderson, Zeola '81/p79
Andreas, A T '80/p2
Andreasen, Andrew Martin '92/p21
Andreasen, E H '88/p64
Andreasen, George Theodore '92/p21
Andreesen & Meyer '88/p54
Andreesen, A '88/p54
Andreesen, E H A '85/p21
Andreesen, E M '88/p54
Andreesen, John M/M '85/p21
Andreesen, Mr '90/p31
Andressen & Meyer '85/p66
Andrew, Forrest Mrs '88/p47
Andrew, Margaret '85/p3
Andrew, W W Mr '81/p21
Andrews '80/p58B
Andrews George M '87/p58
Andrews, A. H. '92/p55
Andrews, Abraham '91/p11
Andrews, Andrew '91/p25, 26
Andrews, Austin '91/p9
Andrews, C '87/p17
Andrews, Chris Mrs '88/p47
Andrews, Donald '88/p47
Andrews, Dr. '84/p33
Andrews, George '82/p23
Andrews, Gertrude '88/p22, 23, 24
Andrews, Harry Mrs '88/p47
Andrews, J W '84/p8
Andrews, J W M/M '88/p24
Andrews, Jacob '78/p5; '83/p80
Andrews, James '82/p27
Andrews, James '92/p3, 6
Andrews, John '85/p75; '88/p67
Andrews, Joseph '82/p17
Andrews, M '87/p17
Andrews, Michael '81/p49
Andrews, Mrs. James (Delilah McElhaney) '92/p3
Andrews, Raymond B '87/p17
Andrews, Sophia '86/p9
Andrews, T W '78/p19
Andrews, W A '78/p22
Andrlik, Marie '81/p21
Andrus, Adaline '81/p49
Andrus, Amanda '81/p49
Andrus, Cornelia '81/p49
Andrus, Dayton '80/p12
Andrus, Edward '81/p49
Andrus, Elizabeth '81/p49
Andrus, Euretta '81/p49
Andrus, Henry '81/p49
Andrus, Meonird '81/p49
Andrus, Viola '81/p49
Anfun, Caroline '84/p74
Anfun, Starke '84/p74
Angel, James B '81/p38
Angell, Edward '78/p75
Angell, Edward '89/p28, 29
Angels from Rotten Row '89/p56
Angier, M L Mar '77/p1
Anham, George D '91/p42
Aniscow, Mrs '85/p66
Ankin, Della O '84/p74
Ankin, Gertrude L '84/p74
Annan, Mary Jane '92/p6
Annan, Mary Jane (Mrs. Henry H. Fouts) '92/p3
Annan, Robert '86/58; '87/p14
Annis, Cynthia '79/p62, 66
Annis, Jinnie L '79/p53
Annis, Sophia '79/p45, 61-67
Annis, Sophia Est '79/p53
Annis, Timmie L '79/p66, 67
Annis, William '79/p62
Anselmo village, NE '90/p12
Ansley village, NE '90/p12
Anthony, Alfred '86/p25
Anthony, Susan D '79/p1
Anthony, W Mar '77/p1
Antles, H H '86/p46
Antram, Charles '82/p72
Antri, Caleb '82/p72
Antrim, E T '90/p49, 52
Antrim, Grace '89/p36
Antrim, John '89/p36
Anunds, Mary '85/p19
Apfelbeck, F R Mrs '86/p38
Appel, Christian '81/p81; '86/p1
Appel, Theodore '91/p58
Applebee, Jas K '87/p69
Appleby, Thomas '86/p9, 15
Applegrau, Johanna '89/p62, 66
Appler, Amalia '81/p43
Appleton, W. V. '92/p30
Ar, W C '86/p68
Araiden, Jospeh '84/p51
Aranson, S. '92/p34
Arapahoe Indians '80/p41; '83/p20
Arapahoe town, NE '90/p12
Arbert, John '87/p69
Arbow, Jacob '82/p73
Arbuthnot, Harry A '80/p13
Arcadia village, NE '90/p12
Archambree, E '81/p64
Archanbache, William '81/p42
Archard, Ethel '86/p66
Archard, Ethel L '85/p30
Archart, Jacob '82/p72
Archer & Co; Fremont, NE '89/p10
Archer, Arthur Mar '77/p1
Archer, B '84/p8; 85/p73
Archer, Harry L '87/p59
Archer, Harry M/M '86/p9
Archer, Henry '90/p54, 55
Archer, Michael '91/p33
Archer, Robert Mar '77/p1
Archer, Robt '78/p4
Archered, Ethel '84/p50
Archered, Florence '84/p50
Archives of Lutheran Church in America '91/p73
Arconet, Angelign '85/p4
Arell, George W '78/p22
Arey, Edward '83/p75
Arey, Gertrude '83/p75
Arey, H Mar '77/p1
Arey, Henry '83/p75; '88/p64
Argyle, Archibald B '78/p7
Arhenbark, W Mar '77/p1
Arkansas - Toothpickers '91/p41
Arlington Community Church; Arlington, NE '90/p66
Arlington German Methodist '90/p63
Arlington village, NE '90/p12
Arlington, Aaron '81/p37
Arlington, Amelia '81/p37
Arlington, Harriet '81/p37
Arlington, Mary '81/p37
Armington, Herrald '88/p64
Armour, George '78/p22
Arms, F B '83/p57
Armstead, Mar '77/p1
Armstead, Blanche '86/p32
Armstead, Dot '86/p28
Armstead, Gertrude '86/p31
Armstead, Hazel '86/p31
Armstead, Herbert '86/p31
Armstead, Kittie '86/p32
Armstead, Marjorie '86/p33
Armstead, Mea '86/p32
Armstead, Mr '91/p14
Armstrong, Billy '86/p9
Armstrong, C Mar '77/p15; '78/p54
Armstrong, Carrie '85/p10
Armstrong, Catharine '88/p10
Armstrong, Charles F Mar '77/p15; '78/p54
Armstrong, Earlyon '78/p63
Armstrong, Edward C Mar '77/p15; '78/p54
Armstrong, Elmer '78/p63
Armstrong, J V '78/p50
Armstrong, Lewis W Mar '77/p15; '78/p54
Armstrong, Lyda '85/p7
Armstrong, W Mar '77/p15; '78/p54
Army of Extermination '91/p72
Arnat, William '81/p49
Arndt, Charles '81/p44
Arnell, Ansulum '78/p23
Arneson, Arne '91/p50
Arnett, Jas M '78/p17
Arnold & Hull '88/p53
Arnold Anselum '78/p23
Arnold, A '81/p8
Arnold, Anselm '84/p21, 32
Arnold, Anselm M/M '84/p21
Arnold, Anselon '80/p56
Arnold, Charles '92/p28
Arnold, Chas M '89/p62, 66
Arnold, E W '82/p22
Arnold, E W '90/p21, 22, 23;
Arnold, Elinor '81/p13
Arnold, Elisabeth '84/p54
Arnold, Francis B '86/p3
Arnold, George Mar '77/p1
Arnold, George W '78/p22
Arnold, Helen '86/p31
Arnold, Julia '78/p23
Arnold, M Edwin '81/p13
Arnold, Mary '81/p72
Arnold, Mrs '81/p13
Arnold, Peter '86/p49
Arnold, Peter '91/p25, 26
Arnold, Rice '78/p23; '84/p21; '87/p50; '88/p8
Arnold, Rice '91/p33
Arnondes, F '78/p21
Arnot, Charles '84/5p7
Arnot, Charles '92/p56
Arnot, Charles '92/p57
Arnot, Chas '84/p55
Arpin Dredging Co '87/p70
Arps, Dorathea Margaret '85/p46
Arps, John '86/p22
Arps, John '92/p71
Arps, John '89/p48, 49
Arrensdorf, Jean '84/p10
Arrensdorf, Margaretha '84/p10
Arrensdorf, Maria '84/p10
Arries, Alex '91/p23
Arries, Chas '85/p72
Arrowood, Columbia Alice '81/p80
Arthur, Mabel '85/p30; '86/p67
Arthur, Robert '85/p75
Arthur, Robert '90/p53, 55
Arthur, T L M/M '81/p78
Artman, see Ortman '81/p37
Artman, W R '91/p33
Artman, W R Mr '83/p37
Artman, W R Mrs '82/p21
Asche, Ann '85/p41
Asche, Anna '85/p41
Asche, Emma '85/p41
Asche, Herny '85/p41
Aschenbrenner, Joseph '92/p21
Ash Bluff, NE '91/p31
Ashcraft, Jonathan '81/p72
Ashcraft, Nancy '85/p4
Ashcraft, Samuel '81/p49
Asher, Amy '81/p13
Ashford, Marjorie '81/p13
Ashland village, NE '90/p12
Ashley, Jacob '80/p54
Ashley, T B '78/p14
Ashley, Thomas '78/p14
Ashley, Thos B '78/p14
Ashton town, NE '90/p12
Ashton, Ann '84/p34
Ashton, B E '85/p56
Ashton, Meredith '85/p56
Ashton, Mn I '84/p34
Askrig, James '81/p27
Asmus, Carl '81/p52
Asmussen, Annie '81/p81; '86/p1
Aspinwall, Wm H. '92/p72
Asplund, Willis '86/p9
Assmussen, Hans '84/p37
Aston, Rev A. '92/p30
Astor, Althe '83/p71
Astor, Christoph '83/p71
Astor, John Jacob '83/p56
Astor, Lucy B '83/p71
Atcherson, '85/p48
Atkinson town, NE '90/p12
Atkinson, Colonel '91/p48
Atkinson, Dr '82/p6
Atkinson, Dr '90/p44, 45
Atkinson, Lizzie '79/p44; '85/p67, 68
Atkinson, Miss '85/p70.71
Atlantic & Pacific Co '82/p69
Atlantic Canning Co '87/p70
Attica, NE '91/p31
Atwater, Belle '92/p51
Atwood Hattie H '85/p30
Atwood, A L '90/p75
Atwood, H T '90/p75
Atwood, Hallie '84/p50
Atwood, J R '90/p75
Atwood, Lee '85/p78
Atwood, Nellie '84/p49
Atwood, Timothy M/M '90/p75
Atwood, W H '89/p10; '90/p75
Atzbach. Henry '92/p61
Auburn city, NE '90/p12
Aufin, Caroline '84/p74
Aufin, Della O '84/p74
Aufin, Gertrude L '84/p74
Aughe, Albert '85/p49
Aughe, Cecilia D '85/p51
Aughe, Elizabeth '83/p77
Aughe, Emily '83/p77
Aughe, Jacob '85/p49
Aughe, John F '85/p51
Aughe, Jonas '83/p77
Aughe, Winnie '85/p49
Augher, Celinda '81/p36
Augher, John '81/p36
Aughey, Samuel Rev '80/p46
August, John jr '88/p64
Augustus, Bessie '89/p36
Augustus, Ethel '89/p36
Augustus, Fred '89/p36
Augustus, William F '87/p58
Augustus, Wm '80/p48
Ault, Albert '81/p10
Ault, Mary '81/p13
Aunfin, Starke '84/p74
Aurora city, NE '90/p12
Austen-Amdreas, Elizabeth '81/p8
Austin, A '86/p48
Austin, Elisha '81/p49
Austin, F '81/p49
Austin, Hazel E '84/p56
Austin, Henry '81/p49
Austin, Juliet '81/p49
Austin, Marietta '81/p49
Austin, Miss '83/p62
Austin, Nathan '83/p62, 63; '88/p44
Austin, Nathan '90/p34
Austin, Rhoda '85/p21
Austin, Rufus '81/p27, 49
Austin, Sally '81/p27
Austin, Sarah M '87/p4
Austin, W J M '81/p49
Austins, '80/p58B
Austrander, Otto '78/p59
Auten, Alla Mae '88/p25
Auten, Mr '84/p59
Autin, James T '91/p59
Auton, Samuel '81/p3
Autsin, Charlotte '81/p49
Averill, Mabel '81/p23
Avery, Charlotte '81/p80
Avery, George Mar '77/p1; '86/p21, 55
Avery, Henry Mar '77/p1; ;84/p3; '86/p55, 58; '88/p64
Avery, Jane '84/p3
Avery, Jennie Elizabeth '86/p4
Avery, Louisa '87/p1
Avery, Mrs '88/p41
Avery, Mrs. J. Dixon '92/p27
Avoca village, NE '90/p12
Axen, Carl H '89/p63, 66
Axen, Charles '82/p31
Axen, Ernst M/M '87/p47, 48
Axtell village, NE '90/p12
Ayer, Sadie '88/p1
Ayer, W H '80/p69
Ayers, Lenora '84/p19
Ayers, Mr '90/p72
Ayers, S T '89/p11
Ayr village, NE '90/p12
Ayres, C T '81/p13
Ayres, D G '81/p13
Ayres, S H '81/p13

1977-1988 index compiled by Anna Lu Meltvedt; typed for web presentation by Marilyn Estrada.
"Anna Lu is one grand and gracious lady who never hesitates to volunteer her services, and that is
what our society is all about--helping those in need of our society research. Dedicated to Anna Lu Meltvedt

1989-2002 index compiled and typed for presentation by Anna Lu Meltvedt, Carmen Gross, and Judy Czarnecki. Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers who have donated their time to create this index.