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H O Matz & Co; Fremont, NE '90/p24
Haas, Anna '87/p23
Haas, Cora L. (Mrs. Danford A. Hanshaw) '92/p5
Haas, Cora L. '92/p6
Haas, J Mar '77/p5
Haas, John Mar '77/p5
Haas, John '84/p38
Haas, Louis '91/p57
Haas, Margrete '87/p23
Haas, Miss '86/p26, 27
Haase, Bertha S '79/p28
Haase, Dora '89/p65, 67
Haase, E C '79/p24, 25
Haase, Friederike '78/p65
Haase, Henry '79/p29
Haase, Ida '79/p29
Haase, John '88/p65
Haase, John Wm '79/p26
Haase, L B '79/p24, 25
Haase, Louise E '79/p29
Haase, Lydia '78/p65
Haase, Wilhelm '78/p65
Haase, William F '79/p29
Haba, Ferd W '88/p59
Habel, Anton '83/p73
Habel, Barbara '80/p5
Habel, Henry '83/p73
Habel, Joseph '80/p5
Habel, Louisa '83/p73
Habel, Ottillia '80/p5
Haber, Randy '79/p26
Haberer, Mary '87/p77
Haberkorn, Elli '81/p22
Haberkorn, Margaret '81/p22
Habrook, Mar '77/p4
Habun, Matthias Mar '77/p5
Hacckce, J F '82/p27
Hacke, Lena '90/p60
Hacke, Magdalen (Lena) '90/p60
Hacker, L E '84/p8
Hackney, Father '79/p20
Hackney, J B '79/p47
Hada, Charlott '87/p2
Hadler, '86/p35
Hadley, Clara A Mrs '89/p18
Hadley, Clara B '81/p81; '86/p2
Hadley, Ed M/M '85/p23
Hadley, Frank '89/p36
Hadley, Joseph '78/p76; '84/p1; '87/p3
Hadley, Lulu '89/p36
Hadley, Willis S '81/p80
Hadly, C A '85/p55
Hadly, Joseph '85/p55
Hadraba, Jan '86/p38
Hadsell, J B '78/p15
Hadsell, Leon V '87/p59
Haefelin, Vera '84/p48
Haeffelin, Vera '84/p47
Haenkamp, Friedrick '80/p2
Haerdch, John '81/p54
Haerde, D F Mar '77/p5
Haffie, David M '81/p66
Hafner '89/p37
Hagan, Anna '81/p54
Hagan, Charles '81/p54
Hagan, Michael '81/p54
Hagan, Patrick '81/p54
Hagar, Eli Mar '77/p5
Hagar, Levi Mar '77/p5
Hagaraty, Alice '81/p15
Hageboon, Phoebe '85/p23
Hagedorn, Eugene Rev '83/p20
Hagedorn, H Mrs '88/p42
Hageman, Joseph '78/p16
Hageman, Marie F '87/p63
Hagen, Mary E '90/p56
Hagen, Mary F '90/p53
Hagen, Sylvia Mar '77/p5
Hagenbacker, J B '81/p15
Hagenbacker, Mrs '81/p15
Hagenroeder, Martin Mar '77/p5
Hagensick, Gus '91/p23
Hager, E Syliva Mar '77/p5
Hager, Eli Mar '77/p5; '78/p76; '79/p48; '80/p37; '85/p63; '88/p56, 63
Hager, Eli '92/p72
Hager, Franklin '91/p75, 77
Hager, George Mar '77/p5
Hager, H Mar '77/p5
Hager, Henry Mar '77/p5; '78/p76; '81/p71; '87/p77; '88/p65
Hager, Henry '92/p73
Hager, Jessie '80/p37
Hager, John '82/p7
Hager, Levi '78/p76; ‘8/p65
Hager, Levi '92/p73
Hager, Levi D '87/p76
Hager, Margaret A '79/p46
Hager, May '86/p33
Hager, Morris '80/p37
Hager, Morris M/M '86/p27
Hager, S Mar '77/p5
Hager, Sarah E '82/p44
Hager, Senaca S '87/p1
Hager, Seneca Mar '77/p5; '78/p76; '82/p7; '88/p65
Hager, Seneca '89/p53
Hager, Steadman '82/p7
Hager, Stedman '79/p53
Hager, Sylvia '82/p7
Hagerbaumer, Fred H. '92/p68
Hagerdorn, Margaret '80/p4
Hagerman, Eda '90/p53, 56
Hagerty, Maud '82/p26, 28
Haggander, Anton '85/p31
Haggander, Louis '85/p31
Haggard, Carrie '81/p18
Haggard, Daniel M/M Jan '77/p2
Haggard, James Jan '77/p2
Haggerty, Mary '87/p47
Hagle, James '85/p72
Hagle, Pauline '79/p50
Hagon, J W '78/p3
Hahan, Anna M '87/p77
Hahan, Ernest '91/p15
Hahan, Julia '91/p15
Hahan, Mrs '91/p15
Hahlbeck, Bertha '81/p80
Hahlbeck, Emma S '88/p27
Hahlbeck, George '78/p64
Hahlbeck, Henry Mar '77/p5
Hahlbeck, Nancy '78/p64
Hahlbeek, Henry '89/p52
Hahlbeek, Mary '89/p52
Hahn, Anton Mrs '81/p22
Hahn, Barbara '81/p22
Hahn, Carl J M/M '91/p15
Hahn, Elizabeth '87/p65
Hahn, Emil '91/p15
Hahn, Fred '84/p50
Hahn, Fred '91/p15
Hahn, Gladys Lewella '91/p15
Hahn, Henrietta '91/p15
Hahn, John Mar '77/p5
Hahn, Lena '91/p15
Hahn, Martha (Looschen) '91/p15
Hahn, Michael '81/p36
Hahn, Oscar W '82/p47
Hahn, Peter '87/p45
Hahn, Peter '89/p 1
Hahn, S '78/p12
Hahn, Samuel '85/p7
Hahn, Walter '82/p47
Hahrns, Gerhard Mar '77/p5
Hail, C Currin '78/p9
Hail, Francis (Bourne) '78/p9
Hail, Laura J '78/p9
Hail, Stephen '78/p9
Hail, W B '78/p9
Haimfaith, Noah '81/p54
Hain, C B '85/p8
Hain, Mary Tyson '87/p49
Haines, Celinda '85/p7
Hair, John '85/p75
Hair, John Mrs '86/p29
Hair, Julia Mrs '89/p54
Hair, Perle '88/p47
Hairhouse, J T '89/p13
Hajek, Anton '85/p49
Hajek, Barbara '85/p49
Hajek, Christina '82/p47
Hajek, Joe '82/p59
Hajek, Maria '83/p8, 9
Hajek, Mary '82/p47
Hajek, Wenzel '85/p49
Hakes, L B '80/p40; '84/p74; '86/p2
Hakins, Myra '86/p32
Halback, Mary (Mrs. Christoff Kruger) '92/p4
Halback, Mary '92/p6
Halbeck, W Mar '77/p5
Halberg, Gustav '84/p7
Halbert, Anna Bissie '85/p10
Halderman, Infant '81/p4
Hale, C C '78/p9
Hale, Henry W '81/p36
Hale, Julius F '86/p11
Hale, L F '78/p76
Hale, Mary (Mrs. John Haney) '92/p3
Hale, Mary '92/p6
Hale, Meshack '78/p5
Hale, Wm B '78/p9
Haley, M D '78/p21
Haliday, F '88/p65
Hall, A J Mar '77/p5
Hall, Angeline '81/p45
Hall, Augustus '82/p12
Hall, Catharine C '84/p52
Hall, Christine '91/p25, 27
Hall, Darwin, C '83/p65
Hall, E S '78/p24
Hall, Elizabeth Mar '77/p5
Hall, Ellen '80/p68
Hall, Emma '91/p5, 25,
Hall, Frederick Chas '92/p66
Hall, George W Mrs '80/p22
Hall, Ger '87/p47
Hall, Grace '87/p47, 48
Hall, Harriet '80/p67
Hall, Henry Mar '77/p5
Hall, Henry '91/p25, 27
Hall, Henry Hammond Dr '79/p42
Hall, Howard G '86/p4
Hall, I J Mrs '90/p68
Hall, J M '87/p17
Hall, J W Mrs '86/p26
Hall, J. W. '92/p78
Hall, James '85/p4
Hall, John A '87/p58
Hall, John C '88/p39
Hall, L A '87/p17
Hall, Lois Arline '87/p17
Hall, Mabel R '86/p33
Hall, Maggie J '85/p4
Hall, Mary '87/p47
Hall, Maude '86/p31
Hall, Minnie D '89/p62, 67
Hall, N '86/p46
Hall, Pal '84/p67
Hall, Richard '83/p57
Hall, Robert '80/p68
Hall, Samuel '84/p31
Hall, Sarrah T '81/p72
Hall, Susanna '85/p4
Hall, Thomas Mar '77/p5
Hall, W B '87/p58
Hall, W L '89/p14
Hall, W W '87/p36
Hall, Walker '78/p24
Hall, Wm '78/p10
Hallaway, Ina '85/p50
Hallbur, Barnard '80/p5
Halle, Turn Hotel; Fremont, NE '89/p13
Haller, Benjamin Franklin '85/p1, 2
Haller, Frances '82/p55
Haller, Jacob '85/p2
Haller, Lucian C '85/p1
Haller, Mary '85/p2
Haller, Miriam E '85/p1
Haller, Rosetta '85/p6
Haller, Samuel C '78/p51
Haller, Sarah '87/p49
Haller, Theodroe '78/p51
Haller, Will D '85/p4
Halliday, Rebecca E '81/p42
Hallock, Isaac S '81/p6
Halloway, Charles F '78/p15
Hallowell, Nellie '82/p27
Halls '92/p48
Halm, Carl '89/p 9
Halm, Ernest '89/p 9
Halon, Bridget '84/p8
Halper, Adeline '81/p15
Halper, Mrs '81/p15
Halper, Victor '81/p15
Halrn, S W '78/p16
Halsey, Harry '83/p30
Halstead, D B '80/p32
Halstead, Floyd M/M '81/p74
Halstead, Martha '83/p72
Halstead, Maude '83/p72
Halstead, Orange '83/p72
Halverson, Julie '85/p5
Hamaker, David '78/p37, 38
Hamaker, George E '78/p37
Hamaker, Sarah '78/p37, 38
Haman, Hans '85/p23
Haman, McDougall Mrs '81/p15
Hamann, W A A '86/p33
Hamann, Wilhelm Ma r '77/p5
Hamann, William '89/p28, 29
Hambel, W O '86/p27
Hamblin, John '91/p35
Hamburg Emigration Lists '90/p58
Hamel, James '91/p49, 52
Hamer, Andrew '86/p2; '88/p2
Hamer, Frank Mar '77/p5
Hamer, Friedrich '84/p11
Hamerschmeid, John '86/p35
Hamig, Richard '82/p73
Hamill, Robert Mrs '81/p15
Hamilton, '89/p80
Hamilton, Amanda '89/p 7
Hamilton, Ann (Jackson) '78/p15
Hamilton, C M '80/p57; '81/p9
Hamilton, Chester '83/p57
Hamilton, Ethel '86/p31
Hamilton, H R '78/p17
Hamilton, Hugone '82/p55
Hamilton, Irene '86/p32
Hamilton, J H & Co '81/p6
Hamilton, James Rev '82/p71; '88/p48
Hamilton, Jessie '78/p42
Hamilton, Kate '85/p50
Hamilton, Lida '89/p 9
Hamilton, Mary E '78/p72
Hamilton, Pat '82/p55
Hamilton, Peter '85/p50
Hamilton, Robert '78/p15
Hamilton, Thomas '86/p53
Hamilton, W R '82/p22
Hamilton, William '78/p15
Hamilton, Wm Rev '78/p15
Hamilton, Wm Rev '89/p 7
Hamm, Fr & family '86/p35
Hamm, Rossler Eng Co '87/p70
Hammang, Arthur '89/p36
Hammang, Christopher '85/p6
Hammang, John '85/p6
Hammang, Joseph '86/p19
Hammang, P M/M '85/p24
Hammann, Christine L '87/p76
Hammany, Peter '79/p50
Hammel, Mary E '91/p50, 52
Hammer, Annie J '89/p66, 67
Hammer, David '89/p67
Hammer, David V '89/p65
Hammer, Dina '92/p37
Hammer, Elizabeth '78/p36
Hammer, Frank A Mar '77/p5
Hammer, Franzisca '92/p37
Hammer, J '78/p36
Hammer, Joe '89/p14
Hammer, Mrs '90/p72
Hammer, Simetta '87/p72
Hammer, Simon '92/p27
Hammer, Simon, '88/p8
Hamming, Judge & Mrs '90/p72
Hammond Bros; Fremont, NE '89/p10
Hammond, Clara '87/p2
Hammond, Creed C '87/p59
Hammond, Frank '80/p40; '87/p70
Hammond, H Mr '91/p23
Hammond, Harry '89/p63, 67
Hammond, J C '78/p12
Hammond, Ray '84/p50
Hammond, Ray '91/p24
Hammond, Ray W '85/p30
Hammond, Ro '91/p24
Hammond, Ross '87/p70
Hammond, Ross '91/p23
Hammond, Ross L '89/p50
Hampbel, Raymond '91/p52
Hampel, Christina '91/p52
Hampel, Christinia '91/p50
Hampel, Klotilda '91/p49, 52
Hampel, Raymond '91/p49
Hampl, Alex '89/p 3
Hampton village, NE '90/p13
Hampton, W S Rev '88/p30
Hams, C '81/p10
Hamsa, Joseph '85/p46
Hamson, Helen, '82/p25
Hamza, Johannes '83/p2
Han, Maude '84/p56
Hanab, John C '82/p33
Hanagan, John '82/p44
Hanavan, Pat '85/p59
Hancock, Alida '88/p10
Hancock, B F '78/p53; '79/p43
Hancock, Dexter K '90/p55, 56
Hancock, Elisha '82/p73
Hancock, Estabilla C '79/p44
Hancock, Frank '87/p1
Hancock, J M '79/p44; '84/p24
Hancock, Lymann, Mar '77/p5
Hancock, Martha '88/p9
Hand, Charles S '81/p15
Hand, Mrs '81/p15
Hand, William '89/p62, 67
Handgren, Alfred '84/p37
Handke, Elwin '79/p38
Handke, Vernie '79/p38
Handlesen, Lorsens '81/p66
Handlir, Frant '83/p7
Handlir, Frantiska '83/p7
Handschur, Anna '81/p22
Handschur, Helen '81/p22
Handsel, Barbo '80/p69
Hanel, Anna '83/p4, 5
Hanel, Joseph '82/p59
Hanel, Ladislav E '82/p47
Hanel, Vaclav '83/p4
Hanel, Wenceslaus '83/p4
Haner see Hauer '81/p54
Haner, Christine '87/p77
Haner, Joseph '81/p54
Haney, Alphon '81/p79
Haney, D M '78/p76
Haney, James '83/p20
Haney, John '92/p3, 6
Haney, May '86/p67
Haney, Mrs. John (Mary Hale) '92/p3
Haney, Wm '78/p4
Hanff, Addie '91/p50, 52
Hanft, Gottfried '85/p18
Hangen, Peter '81/p4
Hangenberg, John '91/p50, 52
Hanger, Eva '86/p32
Hanger, Ilva '86/p31
Hanggi, John '87/p75
Hangi, John Mar '77/p5
Hank, Hans '87/p3
Hanks, Arthur '89/p46
Hanks, B F M/M '88/p25
Hanks, Betty '90/p40
Hanks, Cleora '90/p40
Hanks, E E Mar '77/p5; '82/p69
Hanks, Ethel '86/p31
Hanks, Everett '78/p60
Hanks, Everett E '87/p3
Hanks, Frank '89/p45
Hanks, John '90/p40
Hanks, Joseph '89/p45,46;
Hanks, Joseph Pvt '89/p47
Hanks, Laura '86/p31
Hanks, Laura '89/p46
Hanks, Myrtle '89/p46
Hanks, Nelli '86/p26
Hanks, Nellie '81/p20; '86/p27, 31
Hanks, Nellie E '89/p46
Hanks, Rebecca (McNeel) '90/p40, '89/p45
Hanks, Roberta '90/p40
Hanks, Ruth '81/p54
Hanley, Michael '81/p54
Hanlin, Patrick '84/p1
Hanlon, Bridget '89/p14
Hanlon, Frank '84/p8
Hanlon, Frank '91/p24
Hanlon, Nellie '84/p1
Hanlon, P Mar '77/p5
Hanlon, Pat Mar '77/p5; '84/p1; '85/p66
Hanlon, Patrick '82/p30; '84/p1; '85/p72
Hanlons, Pat '80/p35
Hann, John Mar '77/p5
Hann, M M '79/p43
Hanna, James '81/p54
Hanna, T K '82/p22
Hannan, W '90/p28
Hannan, Wm '80/p40
Hannegan, Geo L '89/p 3
Hannes, Arthur S '87/p58
Hannis, Harry E '87/p58
Hannon, Father '82/p48; '86/p44
Hans, F H M/M '85/p24
Hanscom, A J '78/p20
Hanscom, Georgia '85/p24, 27
Hanse, Chris '85/p50; '88/p2
Hansel, Franz '81/p44
Hansel, William '89/p28, 29
Hansen, Agnes '86/p32
Hansen, Albert '87/p46
Hansen, Alice '88/p40
Hansen, Alvan Ogden '87/p46
Hansen, Andw P '83/p41
Hansen, Anna '89/p28, 29, '92/p22
Hansen, Anna Maria '86/p3
Hansen, Anne '87/p61, 62
Hansen, Anne M '87/p64
Hansen, Arthur '85/p30
Hansen, Broder '86/p46
Hansen, Carl '92/p22
Hansen, Catharine (Mrs. F. A. Jessien) '92/p4, 6
Hansen, Christian '86/p4; '87/p59
Hansen, Christina '91/p25, 27
Hansen, Claus H '88/p59
Hansen, Detlef '89/p67
Hansen, Detliff '89/p66
Hansen, Ellen K '87/p61
Hansen, Emil T '87/p46
Hansen, Gens '89/p61, 67
Hansen, Georg E '87/p61
Hansen, George F '87/p58
Hansen, H Mar '77/p5
Hansen, H J Mar '77/p5
Hansen, H K '78/p76; '84/p16
Hansen, Hans '87/p64
Hansen, Hans '91/p74, 77
Hansen, Hans C '87/p61
Hansen, Hans K '87/p46
Hansen, Hans Peter '86/p3
Hansen, Harold '91/p62
Hansen, J C Mar '77/p5; '88/p65
Hansen, James Mar '77/p5’ '84/p36
Hansen, James '92/p16, 72
Hansen, James C '78/p76
Hansen, Jens '85/p50; '87/p61, 62
Hansen, Jens C '87/p61
Hansen, Jens Marinus '92/p22
Hansen, Jno J '87/p71
Hansen, John '78/p7
Hansen, John '91/p25, 27, '92/p22
Hansen, John H '91/p49, 52
Hansen, John Thomas '92/p16
Hansen, Jorgen '89/p63, 67
Hansen, Joseph '89/p 5
Hansen, Karen '87/p64
Hansen, Karen M '87/p46
Hansen, Kate M '91/p74, 77
Hansen, Kirsten '87/64
Hansen, L Mar '77/p5
Hansen, L B '84/p8
Hansen, Lars '85/p65
Hansen, Lauritz '87/p64
Hansen, Lena '90/p53, 56
Hansen, Lewis '80/p40; '84/p7
Hansen, Lewis '89/p 9
Hansen, Louis '92/p62
Hansen, Lydia '89/p 9
Hansen, M A '87/p46
Hansen, M P '87/p46
Hansen, M/M '89/p 6
Hansen, Maren '87/p64
Hansen, Marie '87/p61
Hansen, Mary '90/p54, 56
Hansen, Mathilde '84/p5
Hansen, Mette L '87/p64
Hansen, Mikel '87/p64
Hansen, Neil Mrs '86/p49
Hansen, Nels '82/p61
Hansen, Nelson '89/p 5
Hansen, Niels L '87/p64
Hansen, Ole Mar '77/p5; '87/p62; '88/p13
Hansen, Ole '90/p54, 56
Hansen, Oline C '87/p61
Hansen, Peter '87/p62
Hansen, Peter '89/p54, '92/p55
Hansen, Peter Judge '91/p45
Hansen, Rasmus Mar '77/p5; '78/p76; '85/p65; '87/p64; '88/p57, 65
Hansen, Sara C '87/p61
Hansen, Soren '88/p13
Hansen, Torvel '85/p50
Hansen, W K Mar '77/p5
Hansen, Walter '87/p71
Hansen, Wilson '89/p 5, 6
Hansen, Wm '86/p26, 27
Hansen. Joe '89/p 6
Hanshaw, Danford A. '92/p5, 6
Hanshaw, Mrs. Danford A. (Cora L. Haas) '92/p5
Hanslip, Fred '88/p2
Hansmoistel, Mary C. (Mrs. Hans C. Sorrenson) '92/p4, 6
Hanson , Z '85/p19
Hanson Bros '84/p8
Hanson see Hasson '91/p77
Hanson, Mar '77/p5
Hanson, A '81/p3
Hanson, Adolph '84/p37
Hanson, Arthur '91/p24
Hanson, Benedict '82/p45
Hanson, Charles '84/p53
Hanson, Christ '89/p28, 29
Hanson, Christine '89/p29
Hanson, Daisy '91/p24
Hanson, Dotte '79/p50
Hanson, Elna '87/p65
Hanson, Erzella '91/p23, 24
Hanson, Francis E '87/p58
Hanson, H I '87/p4
Hanson, H J '78/p61
Hanson, Hannah '91/p75, 77
Hanson, Hans Christ '85/p4
Hanson, Hans Christian '80/p67
Hanson, Hans H '85/p5
Hanson, Herman '85/p5
Hanson, J F '88/p32
Hanson, J F '91/p16
Hanson, Jacob '89/p72
Hanson, James Mar '77/p5
Hanson, James F '85/p65; '88/p57
Hanson, John '87/p5
Hanson, John G '84/p37
Hanson, John H '89/p71
Hanson, John Jacob '92/p3, 6
Hanson, Katrina '86/p11, 14
Hanson, Lars '87/p1
Hanson, Lawrence '85/p4
Hanson, Lewis '90/p54, 56
Hanson, Louis '91/p24
Hanson, Maggie '85/p5
Hanson, Mary '89/p28, 29;
Hanson, Mr '88/p31
Hanson, Mr '89/p71
Hanson, Mrs. John Jacob (Margaret J. Ewers) '92/p3
Hanson, N '89/p14
Hanson, Ole '79/p49
Hanson, Ole '89/p28, 29;
Hanson, Peter Mar '77/p5; '81/p1; '84/p37; '86/p4
Hanson, Rasmus '79/p49
Hanson, Rasmus '92/p72
Hanson, Rosa '91/p74
Hanson, Sec '88/p31
Hansson, Henry Alexander '92/p16
Hanst, Heinrich Mar '77/p6
Hanys, Anna '83/p9
Hanys, Joseph '83/p9
Hanys, Marie '83/p9
Hanzel, Joseph Mar '77/p6
Hanzl, Ruzena '82/p77
Harbort, Julius V '78/p60; '87/p3
Hard, Rev '84/p39
Harden, J C Col '84/p33
Harder, Elizabeth '82/p55
Harder, Lizzie '87/p50
Harders, John '88/p65
Hardes, John Mar '77/p6
Hardes, Joseph '88/p65
Hardes, Louisa '87/p77
Hardik, Jos '86/p36
Hardin, E F '81/p54
Hardin, L A '81/p54
Harding, Arthur '83/p80
Harding, Elizabeth '81/p80
Harding, John '82/p40; '85/p72; '88/p65
Harding, Louise '83/p80
Harding, Martin '79/p42
Harding, Othello '83/p80
Hardis, John '87/p75
Hards, Irene '81/p80
Hardt, Elisabeth '83/p80
Hardt, Fred '89/p27, 29
Hardt, Fritz '83/p80
Hardt, Joschim '83/p80
Hardtke, Emile '78/p61
Hardy village, NE '90/p13
Hardy, A W Mr '89/p29
Hardy, Clara E Mar '77/p15; '78/p54
Hardy, Cynthia '85/p3; '88/p10
Hardy, Elizabeth '89/p65, 67
Hardy, John '85/p3
Hardy, John W Mar '77/p15; '78/p54
Hardy, S W '85/p48
Hare, Aford '78/p3
Hare, Chauncy M/M '81/p76
Hare, Henry '78/p3
Harese, William '83/p63; '88/p44
Harfs, Herman '80/p65, 66; '86/p11
Harfst, Herman '86/p11
Harging, Nancy Mar '77/p6
Hargis, Simpson '78/p9
Haris, R B '78/p18
Harkendorf, John '78/p5
Harkendorff, John F '78/p5
Harkins, William Jr Mar '77/p6
Harkins, Wm Jr '78/p76
Harkins, Wm. Jr. '92/p72
Harkless, Sarah P '82/p46
Harklig, Martin '82/p73
Harklig, Norton '82/p73
Harl, H D '78/p19
Harlan, A S '86/p27
Harlan, C '89/p13
Harlan, Calvin '87/p34
Harlan, Margaret '87/p34
Harlan, Ora V '87/p34
Harley, Chris L '88/p2
Harley, Ellen M '79/p45
Harley, J H '82/p41
Harley, John W '79/p48
Harlin, Charlie '89/p 9
Harlin, Otto '86/p51
Harling, Meta Adelheid (Barning) '79/p22
Harlkess, Albert '82/p46
Harlow, Jessie '84/p50
Harman, Ethna '81/p4
Harmel, John C Mar '77/p6
Harmon, Clara '78/p59; '87/p2
Harmon, Col H R '78/p71
Harmon, H R '88/p65
Harmon, Hermon R '78/p71
Harmon, J Mar '77/p6
Harmon, L A Mar '77/p6; '78/p76; '88/p65
Harmon, L A '89/p13, '92/p73
Harmon, L H Mar '77/p6
Harmon, Lucous Percival '78/p71
Harmon, M B Mar '77/p6
Harmon, M C Mar '77/p6
Harmon, M Cornelia '78/p71
Harmon, M/M '86/p11
Harmon, Miss '87/p8
Harmon, Mrs Mar '77/p6
Harmon, Olive A '78/p45
Harmon, Ollie '89/p 9
Harmon, Ollie V '89/p61, 67
Harmon, Percival '78/p71
Harmon, R J Mar '77/p6
Harmon, W C '83/p57
Harmond, Elizabeth Jane '81/p72
Harms, Anna '82/p33, 34
Harms, August H '81/p81; '86/p1
Harms, Barbara '88/p14
Harms, C Mar '77/p6
Harms, Claus '84/p37
Harms, Ernest Christian '92/p16
Harms, George '91/p57
Harms, Gerh Mar '77/p6
Harms, H Mar '77/p6
Harms, Harm '85/p24
Harms, Harold '78/p63
Harms, Henrietta '86/p1
Harms, Henrietta G '81/’81
Harms, Henry '84/p36
Harms, Henry Mrs '82/p34
Harms, Katie '85/p76
Harms, Mr '90/p29
Harms, O D '80/p40
Harms, O D '89/p10
Harms, Ohno H '85/p76
Harms, W Mar '77/p6
Harms, William '82/p22, 24
Harms, Williams M/M '82/p31
Harmsen, Hans Carl Paul '92/p42
Harner, Al '89/p18
Harner, James A '81/p81; '86/p1
Harness Shop; Scribner, NE '91/p57
Harney Maheley '83/p71
Harney, Abesha '83/p71
Harney, Ervin '83/p71
Harney, William '81/p66
Harnisch, Herm '84/p39
Harold B Simpson Hill College '92/p26
Harper & West '80/p57
Harper, Almena '87/p2
Harper, D W '86/p76, 77
Harper, Samuel '81/p54
Harpo, Naomie '87/p41
Harpo, Tucho '87/p41
Harps, Jacob '88/p65
Harrier, William '87/p77
Harriger, C. J. '92/p55
Harrington '81/p71
Harrington, Claire '82/p28
Harrington, E C '81/p30
Harrington, Hannah '81/p30
Harrington, J Mar '77/p6
Harrington, J P Mar '77/p6; ‘88p65
Harrington, J. P. '92/p30,72
Harrington, James Mar '77/p6
Harrington, Job '80/p52
Harrington, Livingstone '81/p30
Harrington, Lodiska '81/p30
Harrington, Lovina M '90/p54, 56
Harrington, O '81/p34, 35
Harrington, R E '81/p30
Harrington, S P '80/p46
Harrington, Theo '81/p30
Harrington, Wlll M '81/p30
Harrintgton, Olney '80/p52; '81/p30
Harrinton, J P '78/p76
Harris, Annie '88/p50
Harris, Dr Mrs '82/p57
Harris, George '92/p22
Harris, Glen '90/p79; '91
Harris, Ida Philena '81/p81; '86/p1
Harris, Iola C. '92/p6
Harris, J W '85/p74
Harris, J W '89/p11, 75
Harris, James '82/p31
Harris, James F '88/p8
Harris, Joseph Mar '77/p6
Harris, Lillian '81/p15
Harris, Lottie '81/p15
Harris, Lydia Jane '85/p3
Harris, Maurine '90/p79; '91
Harris, Nannie C '86/p3
Harris, Nellie '88/50
Harris, Oiola C. (Mrs. John T. Twamley) '92/p5
Harris, Roy E '78/p63
Harris, Roy Miss '81/p15
Harris, William '88/p2
Harris, William Mrs '81/p61
Harris, Wm '87/p21
Harrison Co, NE '91/p 3
Harrison town, NE '90/p13
Harrison, Bertha A '78/p69
Harrison, Charles '85/p57
Harrison, Clyde '78/p69
Harrison, E R '78/p59
Harrison, Fleming '86/p27
Harrison, G T '88/p2
Harrison, H E '87/p59
Harrison, Ira J '85/p57
Harrison, James '81/p8, 54
Harrison, John '91/p28
Harrison, Kelly '86/p11
Harrison, L A Mar '77/p6
Harrison, Lela '79/p17
Harrison, Lucretia '85/p57
Harrison, M B Rev '84/p39; '88/p28
Harrison, M B Rev '91/p59
Harrison, Mark '91/p36
Harrison, Mr '86/p11, 12
Harrison, Paul '85/p30
Harrison, Pursilla J '82/p78
Harrison, R E '78/p69
Harrison, Samuel '86/p11, 12
Harrison, W H '85/p73
Harrison, William G '85/p5
Harrison, Wm G '85/p6
Harrison, Wm G '91/p35
Harrison, Wm H '85/p75
Harrisson, M B Rev '82/p42; '86/p24
Harrower, Alexander '80/p74
Harrower, Hannah Neale (Talbott) '80/p74
Harstick, Christian '87/p23
Harstick, Franciska '80/p67
Harstick, Henry '80/p4
Hart, Amelia '87/p3
Hart, Edward '84/p34
Hart, Elizabeth '78/p70
Hart, Ella '86/p3
Hart, Ellen '83/p73
Hart, George '81/p54
Hart, James '83/p73
Hart, John '85/p24
Hart, Martin '81/p66
Hart, Mary '80/p51; '81/p43
Hart, Michael '81/p66
Hart, Minnie C '81/p85; '85/p24, 29
Hart, Patrick '81/p66
Hart, Peter '92/p46
Hart, Silvina C '87/p4
Hart, Sylvia C '78/p61
Hart, Sylvia Caroline '82/p29
Hart, V. P. '92/p56
Hart, W H '78/p70
Harter, Dr '89/p22
Harter, Elizabeth H '86/p42
Harter, Elizabeth H. (Mrs. Frank Bullock) '92/p5
Harter, Elizabeth H. '92/p6
Harter, Jane Abbott '89/p21
Harter, Jennie A '91/p75, 77
Harter, M L Dr '89/p21, 22
Harter, Mary Jewett '89/p60
Harter, Matt '89/p25
Harter, Mrs Mar '77/p6
Hartfield, Eva '89/p28, 29
Hartford, Alice '91/p76, 77
Hartford, Lavinia '87/p76
Hartford, Mrs. William H. (Eliza R. Saunders) '92/p3
Hartford, William H. '92/p3, 6
Hartington city, NE '90/p13
Hartl, Elsie Stephani '79/p17
Hartl, Wenceslaus '83/p6
Hartley, John '81/p66
Hartley, Margret '81/p66
Hartley, Mary Ann '81/p66
Hartley, Susan E '80/p70
Hartman, Delilah '78/p39
Hartman, Ernest '89/p63, 67
Hartman, George '78/p39
Hartman, Hyman W '78/p39
Hartman, Wm M '89/p63
Hartmann, Dorothea '87/p22
Hartmann, Emma '90/p37
Hartmann, Ernest M/M '86/p27
Hartmann, Julius '82/p32
Hartmann, Powell '90/p37
Hartmann, Wm M '89/p67
Hartung, A W '84/p39; '86/p17
Hartung, John F '91/p25, 27
Hartung, Mary '81/p80
Hartung, W Mar '77/p6
Hartwell, John C '91/p35
Hartwig, Eva '82/p63
Hartwig, Herman '82/p63
Hartwig, Mrs '82/p63
Hartwig, Wm Sr '82/p63
Hartwood, A Miss '83/p39
Hartzell, T B '78/p59
Harvard city, NE '90/p13
Harvath, Ladislav '81/p22
Harvath, Mrs '81/p22
Harvel, Joseph Mar '77/p6
Harvey, Andreo '81/p54
Harvey, Andrew '82/p71; '85/p30; '86/p31; '87/p21; '88/p48, 67
Harvey, Andrew Mrs '82/p74’
Harvey, Andrew sr '88/p67
Harvey, Annie '85/p30
Harvey, David '86/p32
Harvey, James '82/p71; '88/p47, 48
Harvey, Jennie '88/p44
Harvey, Maggie '90/p54, 56
Harvey, Margaret '82/p71; '88/p47, 48
Harvey, Nellie '86/p31
Harvey’s Lumber Yard '88/p35
Harvy, Andres Sr Mar '77/p6
Harwood, A C Mar '77/p6
Harwood, A D Mar '77/p6
Harwood, Abner D '81/p80; '85/p74
Harwood, Aurelia '78/p58; '87/p2
Harzke, Herman M/M '81/p74
Hasberger, Dan '80/33
Hasbrander, Magdeline '82/p55
Hasbroock, Etta '88/p63
Hascall, Isaac S '91/p35
Haschke, Fred '81/p22
Haschke, Hedwig '81/p22
Haschke, Mrs '81/p22
Hase, Samuel W '78/p38
Hasebrock, Henniricka '89/p65
Hasebrock, Hennricka '89/p67
Hasebroock, W H '83/p38
Hasebrook, Etta '89/p 9
Hasebrook, Lena '88/p63
Hasebrook, Lena '89/p 9
Haselbring, John Mar '77/p6
Hasemann, Henry '82/p31
Hasenkamp, Anna O '79/p28
Hasenkamp, D F '79/p23
Hasenkamp, Daniel F '80/p2
Hasenkamp, Daniel K '79/p26
Hasenkamp, Fredrick '79/p26
Hasenkamp, Frieda '79/p26
Hasenkamp, Helena '79/p22
Hasenkamp, Judith '79/p26
Hasenkamp, Kenneth '79/p26
Hasenkamp, Maria '80/p2
Hasenkamp, Marie '79/p23
Hasenkamp, Mary '79/p30
Hasenkamp, Rudolph '79/p30
Hasenkamp, Walter '78/p25
Hasenkamp, William F '79/p28
Hash, Zachariah '79/p42
Hashberger, Bernard '88/p59
Hashberger, Daniel '91/p42
Hashberger, E D '85/p48
Hashberger, J C '85/p48
Hashberger, J M '85/p48
Hashberger, Laura '91/p76, 77
Hashberger, Mrs. Thomas J. (Julia M. Kellogg) '92/p3
Hashberger, Thomas J. '92/p3, 6
Hashburger, Ann '78/p4
Haskell, John E '78/p42
Haskett, J A Mar '77/p6
Haskett, J H '88/p65
Haskin, Michael J N '80/p52
Haskinson, J H '81/p6
Haslam, Geo '87/p70
Haslam, George W Dr '84//p37
Haslett, Elize Ann '78/p41
Haslett, Samuel '78/p41
Hason, Infant '81/p3
Hass, '79/p35
Hass, Anna '79/p36
Hass, August Mar '77/p6
Hass, Caroline '81/p41
Hass, Gustav J '79/p37
Hass, Ida '79/p38
Hass, Ida M '79/p37
Hass, John Ma r '77/p6
Hass, John '92/p47
Hass, Miss '90/p41
Hass, R Mar '77/p6
Hass, Wilhelm '79/p36
Hassebring, Charlotte '85/p24
Hassen, Elsie '86/p67
Hassen, Matilda '91/p74, 77
Hassen, Mr '80/p66
Hassett, A Mar '77/p6
Hassett, S Mar '77/p6
Hassett. Anthony 78/p76; '88/p6
Hasshe, Franke '87/p77
Hassin, Hester '85/p24, 28
Hasson, A J '87/p71
Hasson, A R '90/p44, '91
Hasson, Jacob Mar '77/p6
Hasson, R C M/M '81/p78
Hasson, Robert C '86/p2
Hasson, Rosa '91/p74, 77
Hasson, William Mar '77/p6
Hastick, Anna '80/p4
Hastick, Augusta '80/p4
Hastick, Dorado '80/p4
Hastick, Henry '80/p4
Hastick, Mary '80/p4
Hastig, Dorothea '83/p3
Hasting, Franciska '80/p67
Hastings city, NE '90/p13
Hastings, Herbert '91/p58
Hastings, Mrs '82/p5
Hastorf, Adele '89/p 9
Hastorf, Adele A '85/p78
Hatch, J B '89/p19
Hatch, Lucile '84/p45
Hatchen, John G Mar '77/p6
Hatcher Mar '77/p6
Hatcher, J G '88/p65
Hatcher, J. '92/p49
Hatcher, John '78/p76
Hatcher, Mel '86/p46
Hatcher, Nena '88/p44
Hatcher, Ollie M '89/p63, 67
Hatcher, Theresa '87/p52
Hatfield, James T '81/p54
Hathaway, H D '82/p22
Hatton Lumber Yard; Dodge, NE '90/p45
Hatton, Frank '80/p40
Hatton, W '82/p6
Hatton, W '90/p44
Hatton, Wm '90/p43
Haubensak Meat Mkt '84/p8
Hauck, A A '81/p18
Hauer, Jeremiak '81/p22
Hauer, see Haner '81/p54
Hauggi, John '88/p65
Haugh, W C Mar '77/p6
Haughn, Maude '86/p66
Haun '92/p48
Haun, Amelia '80/p39
Haun, J W '87/p70
Haun, John '80/p39; '84/p62
Haun, Lizzie '82/p32
Haus '92/p49
Haus Millinery Store; Fremont, NE '92/p49
Haus, Jacob '84/p11, 13
Haus, John George '80/p68
Hauser, B B '80/p1
Hauser, George W '80/p40; '84/p8; '86/p4
Hauser, John '89/p10, 19;
Hauser, John Mrs '85/p24
Hauser, Josephine '81/p22
Hauser, Margaret '88/p14
Hauser, V '85/p35
Hausse, Wilhelmine '78/p56
Havekluft, Henry '78/p47
Havekock village, NE '90/p13
Havekost, Donald G '78/p63
Havekost, Gerhard '86/p3
Havekost, Gerhard '89/p62, 68
Havel, Barbara '83/p9
Havel, Joseph '86/p11
Havel, Joseph '91/p62
Havel, Martin '86/p38
Havel, Mattheus '83/p9
Havelka, Amiel Frank '86/p52
Havelka, Annie '89/p62, 68
Haven & West; Fremont, NE '89/p12
Haven, A M Mrs '86/p11
Haven, Chester '91/p24
Haven, Flossie '84/p49
Haven, Neltie '84/p49
Haven, R M '85/p72, 74
Haven, Warren '86/p4
Havens, E M '86/p46
Havens, James W Mar '77/p6
Havens, Manse '85/p62
Havens, Mrs. William H. (Mary A. Owens) '92/p3
Havens, Nellie M '86/p3
Havens, R M Mar '77/p6
Havens, Vina '89/p 8
Havens, William '88/p44
Havens, William H. '92/p3, 6
Havercost, Mar '77/p6
Haverfield & Vincent; North Bend, NE '89/p54
Haverfield, Efflyn '86/p31
Haverfield, F S '86/p69
Haverfield, Loraine '86/p33
Haverfield, R H '87/p48
Haverfield, R H '89/p45
Haverkost, H Mar '77/p6
Haverkost, Hermann Mar '77/p6
Havlicek, Cathrine '87/p25
Havlicek, Franz '87/p25
Havlicek, George '87/p25
Havlicek, Jos Rev '89/p 2
Havlicek, Wenzel '87/p25
Havlovic, Jan '83/p8
Havluj, Anna '83/p3
Havrda, Anna R '85/p46
Haw, J J '86/p49
Hawel, Barbara '83/p9
Hawel, Mattheus '83/p9
Hawercamp, Casena '90/p56
Hawerkamp, Casena '90/p53
Hawes, A. '92/p72
Hawes, Alice '92/p28
Hawes, Coon '80/p57
Hawk, Iron Pvt '86/p27
Hawk, J C '91/p35
Hawkings, Lyle '86/p32
Hawkins, Earl T M/M '86/p27
Hawkins, Inez '86/p31, 68
Hawkins, J E '86/’72, 74
Hawkins, J E M/M '86/p73
Hawkins, Mark '86/p31
Hawkins, Milo '86/p32
Hawkins, Miss '86/p73
Hawkins, Mrs '86/p73, 74
Hawkins, Vida C '86/p27
Hawkins, William '82/p10
Hawley, C F '78/p17B
Hawley, D B '83/p57
Hawley, Dewin '78/p23
Hawley, Eberd '83/p57
Hawley, Frank '84/p50
Hawley, Jennie '91/p24
Hawley, John B '85/p73
Hawley, Nellie '89/p65, 68
Hawley, Thomas & Co Mar '77/p6
Hawley, William H '85/p24, 28
Hawley, Wm T '78/p17B
Hawlowic, Jan '83/p8
Hawthorn, Mar '77/p6
Hawthorn, J J '78/p76
Hawthorn, J. J. '92/p72
Hawthorn, Joseph J '79/p45
Hawthorne, Mar '77/p6
Hawthorne, D C Mar '77/p6
Hawthorne, J J Mar '77/p6; '82/p68; '85/p63, 68; '88/p56, 65
Hawthorne, J J Mr '89/p43
Hawthorne, J J Mrs '85/p71
Hawthorne, J. J. '92/p78
Hawthorne, Joseph '80/p58
Hawthorne, Joseph I '79/p45
Hawthorne, Mr. '92/p48
Hawthorner, J. J. '92/p49
Haxby, Mary (Mrs. Joseph Smith) '92/p4
Haxby, Mary '92/p6
Haxelbring, Charlotte '92/p6
Hay Springs village, NE '90/p13
Hay, Agnes '83/p50
Hay, E R '81/p10
Hay, G '78/p17B
Hayball, Jacob '91/p71
Haybrook, Fritz '80/p44
Hayden, Martin '78/p12
Haydock, William '81/p54
Haye, Jno '87/p71
Haye, Johanna '81/p79
Haye, John F. '92/p68
Hayes & CO Mar '77/p6
Hayes, Arthur '92/p35
Hayes, Arthur R. '92/p35
Hayes, Bob '92/p35
Hayes, Carrie '92/p35
Hayes, Carrie E '85/p24, 26
Hayes, Edward '79/p70
Hayes, Edwin '79/p70
Hayes, F S '88/p65
Hayes, F W Mar '77/p6; '80/p66; '85/p66; '88/p65
Hayes, F W '90/p27
Hayes, F W M/M '83/p62
Hayes, F W M/M '90/p34
Hayes, Frank '92/p35
Hayes, Frank Jr Mar '77/p6
Hayes, Frank S. '92/p35
Hayes, Frank W. '92/p35
Hayes, Garrison '81/p54
Hayes, Glenn W. '92/p36
Hayes, J A '82/p39
Hayes, J Newt Mar '77/p6
Hayes, J W Mar '77/p6
Hayes, L N Mar '77/p6
Hayes, Maggie '87/p77
Hayes, Martha '92/p36
Hayes, Mary A (Shephard) '92/p35
Hayes, Mrs. Frank (Mary A. Shephard) '92/p35
Hayes, Reuben '82/p13
Hayes, S N Mar '77/p6
Hayes, S W Mar '77/p6; '78/p76; '88/p65
Hayes, S W & Co '90/p57, '92/p 50
Hayes, S W '90/p1,2,3,4
Hayes, S W Mr '83/p62
Hayes, S W Mr '90/p34
Hayes, S. W. '92/p50, 72
Hayes, Supervisor '82/p39
Hayes, Will A. '92/p35
Hayger, Senaca S '87/p1
Haygerbenner, Adolf '88/p9
Hayman, Marcus Mar '77/p6
Hayne, Mar '77/p6
Hayne, John Mar '77/p6
Hayne, John H '87/p76
Haynes, Alfred '90/p54, 56
Haynes, Alfred P '80/p12
Haynes, Frank '89/p64, 68
Haynes, Superintendent '86/p77
Hayrs, J Aaerot Mar '77/p6
Hays, David '81/p66
Hays, J N '78/p76
Hays, J Newt '78/p61; '88/p65
Hays, John '78/p22
Hays, Mahlon, T '81/p54
Hays, Mary A '81/p39
Hays, Wm '78/p2
Hayward, Jay '84/p49
Hayward, John '87/p57
Haywood, George E '78/p51
Haywood, Joe '91/p58
Haywood, Thomas Mar '77/p6
Hazard, David '78/p22
Hazard, John '78/p22
Hazelbring, Charlotta (Mrs. Christian F. Miller) '92/p5
Hazelbring, Charlotte '92/p6
Hazelett, Manager '89/p58
Hazen, Belle '88/p29
Hazen, Geo S '79/p68; '88/p65
Hazen, George Mar '77/p6
Hazen, George S Mar '77/p6
Hazen, R W Mar '77/p6; ‘778/p76; '79/p45; '85/p64; '88/p56, 65
Hazen, R W '89/p51
Hazen, Reuben W. '92/p72
Hazen, Stella '82/p57
Hazen, V Belle '88/p30
Hazlett, John '82/p32
Hazlip, John '78/p51
Hazlitt, John '82/p31
Hazzard, Ellen M '86/p3
Hdrman, John '85/p4
Head, C '86/p46
Head, D B '78/p51; '85/p75
Head, Daniel F '90/p68
Head, Flora A '89/p65, 68
Headland, NE '91/p31
Headley, Joseph '78/p0
Heald, Benn R Jan '77/p4
Healea, Martha C '81/p41
Healey, B N '88/p31
Healey, Frank '85/p74
Healy, Ann '81/p30
Healy, F M '85/p62
Healy, Frank '91/p23
Hearly & Murray; Fremont, NE '89/p75
Hearne, John '78/p10
Hearrington, James '82/p15
Heath, Albert B '88/p8
Heath, Michael '83/p46
Heaton, Charlotte '79/p46
Heaton, I E Mar '77/p6; '79/p47, 48, 49, 61, 66, 67; '85/p32
Heaton, I E '89/p53; '92
Heaton, I E M/M '85/p68
Heaton, I E Rev '78/p62; '80/p23, 58; '85/p32
Heaton, I. E. '92/p49
Heaton, I. E. '92/p72
Heaton, Isaac C Mrs '85/p71
Heaton, Isaac E '78/p76; '79/p44, 46, 47, 49, 50, 62, 63, 64, 67; '85/p63; '88/p56, 65
Heaton, Isaac E Rev '78/p60; 85/p63
Heaton, Isaac E Rev '90/p46; '91
Heaton, Isaac F Rev '86/p79
Heaton, Isaac Rev '82/p28, 64; '85/p67, 68
Heaton, Issac E '78/p45
Heaton, J E Mar '77/p6
Heaton, Lottie '85/p68
Heaton, Mary '85/p68
Heaton, Mary '92/p53
Heaton, Mary E '79/p45
Heaton, Miranda N '85/p32
Heaton, Mr '89/p18
Heaton, Nathan '85/p32
Heaton, Nathan '89/p58
Heaton, Nethan '85/p68
Heaton, Rev Father '89/p50
Heatons, Additon Mar '77/p6
Heayon, Rev '78/p59
Hebebrand, Ella '81/p79
Hebebrand, Martha '81/p79
Hebert, Phigime '85/p21
Hebron city, NE '90/p13
Heck, Emil '86/p35
Heck, Louise '84/p56
Hecker, A E '91/p58
Hecker, Anna '89/p24
Hecker, August '82/p20; '88/p50
Hecker, Frank J (Colonel) '89/p24
Hecker, Frank J '89/p24
Hecker, Kurt '81/p22
Hecker, Mary '88/p50
Hecker, Miss '88/p27
Hecker, Mr '88/p27
Hecker, W C '82/p50
Hecker, William A '88/p27
Hecker, Wm B '85/p64; '88/p56
Hecker, Wm C '85/p74; '87/p75
Hecker, Wm C '89/p51
Hecko, Mrs '81/p22
Hecko, Paul '81/p22
Hedebol, Friedrich Christian Nielson '92/p22
Hedgcock, James A '87/p59
Hedlicka, Anton '81/p4
Hedlund, J Rev '89/p74
Hedlund, Jacob '81/p3
Hedrick, John W '81/p2
Hedrick, Mary M '87/p77
Heermann, Anna '79/p37
Heermann, Anna (Broekemeier) '79/p36
Heermann, Emma M '79/p35, 38
Heermann, Frank '79/p37
Heermann, Harvey H G '79/p38
Heermann, Heinrich '79/p36
Heermann, Hugo F '79/p37
Heermann, Loren '79/p35
Heermann, Loriane '79/p35
Heermann, Wilhelm F '79/p35, 38
Heermann, Wilhelmina '79/p37
Heers, Augusta '79/p38
Heers, Ernest August '79/p37
Heers, Paul C '79/p38
Heese, Chas '92/p46
Heese, Thesse '81/p44
Heese, William Mrs '88/p47
Heesterman, C Mar '77/p6
Heffly, David '88/p67
Heffner '89/p37
Heffner, F W '85/p48
Heffner/Hafner '89/p37
Hefron, Mary E '84/p56
Hefti, Annie '85/p46
Hegemayer, Casper Mar '77/p6
Heglund, Oliver '89/p37
Hegner, Henry '86/p35
Hehemann, Wilhelm '79/p23
Hehlis, Michael '81/p16
Heifer, Andreas '84/p11
Heiger, Dorathea '92/p37
Heiger, Wilhelm '92/p37
Heigham, N '83/p45
Heiken, E '89/p51
Heil, H N '88/p65
Heil, John '81/p54
Heiman, Frank '92/p46
Heiman, Maria '79/p23
Heiman, Mary '91/p49, 52
Heimann, Theresa '80/p69
Heimbaugh Mar '77/p6
Heimbeck Carl, Mar '77/p6
Heimbeck John Mar '77/p6
Heimbeck, C Mar '77/p6
Heimbeck, Carl '92/p50
Heimer, George A '88/p8
Heimrich Brick Yard; Hooper, NE '90/p39
Heimrich, John '85/p74
Heimrich, Mr '90/p39
Hein, D '89/p12
Hein, J C '84/p8
Hein, J V '85/p48
Hein, Jno C '87/p70
Hein, Leonard '84/p37
Hein, Max '92/p42
Hein, Wm '82/p21
Heinbeck, Mar '77/p6
Heine Bros '85/p66, 76
Heine, A J '84/p4; '85/p74
Heine, Anna '84/p4
Heine, Augustus J '90/p55, 56
Heine, Carrie '85/p76
Heine, Daniel '88/p14
Heine, Fred '82/p30; '85/p72
Heine, Fred’k '85/p73
Heine, Geo '82/p19
Heine, Geo F Mrs '86/p11
Heine, Geo M/M '86/p11
Heine, George '82/p61; '88/p50
Heine, Howard '88/p50
Heine, J Howard '91/p58
Heine, John '89/p 4
Heine, John F '85/p74
Heine, L M Mar '77/p6
Heine, Margaret '87/p77
Heine, Oliva A '86/p67
Heine, Vincent '84/p4
Heine, W H '87/p71
Heineman, Geo H '87/p71
Heinemann, Herman '86/p1
Heinerich, John Charles '86/p4
Heinerick, John '89/p29
Heinerick, John M/M '86/p11
Heinie Brothers Mar '77/p6
Heininge, Walter Christian Marens '92/p42
Heinmann, Herman '81/p81
Heinnrick, John '89/p27
Heinrich, Chas '89/p12
Heinrich, Margaret M '81/p17
Heinrichs, Annine '81/p80
Heinrick, John '88/p65
Heinrickson, Claus '84/p37
Heins, Elizabeth '81/p22
Heins, George F '91/p75, 77
Heinsoff, Cole Mar '77/p6
Heinsohn, Frank Peter '92/p42
Heinsohn, Kenneth '89/p13, 40;'92/p74
Heinsohn, Marle '86/p0; '87/p0, 37
Heinsohn, Marlene '89p/0; '91/p13,40, '92 0,9,46, '92/p9, 46, 74
Heinz, Julia '81/p44
Heinz, Philippina '81/p45
Heitmann, John August '92/p62
Heitshuson, Dale '82/p62
Heizberg, A '86/p35
Hejna, Joseph '91/p62
Hejny, Josefine '82/p77
Helbrooke, Flora Arabella '86/p4
Held, '84/p58
Held, Conrad '87/p22
Held, Katy '83/p50
Held, Margrette '87/p22
Heldt, E Miss '81/p20
Helen, Jones M '78/p2
Helgenberger, A L '78/p63
Helgenberger, Ferd '92/p6
Helgenberger, Ferdinand Mar '77/p6; '87/p2
Helgenberger, Ferdinand '92/p6
Helgenberger, Mrs. Ferdinand (Augusta Davis) '92/p6
Hellenberg, Casper F. '92/p4, 6
Hellenberg, Mrs. Casper F. (Anna Erb) '92/p4
Heller, Mar '77/p6
Heller, A Mar '77/p6
Heller, Albert '85/p24, 28; '88/p65
Heller, Albert '92/p5, 6
Heller, Aliz Margaret U '87/p75
Heller, Amelia '80/p70
Heller, Anna (Kerstein) '78/p35
Heller, Anna E (Dabarkow) '78/p34
Heller, Anton '78/p29, 30
Heller, August Mar '77/p6
Heller, August '91/p58, 74,
Heller, August J H '78/p31
Heller, Augusta '81/p41
Heller, B '78/p31
Heller, Bernard '87/p71
Heller, Carl '78/p34
Heller, Carl H '78/p34
Heller, Caroline A '78/p29
Heller, Caroline A A '78/p34
Heller, Carrie '81/p79
Heller, Casper '85/p33
Heller, Ed E C '78/p34
Heller, Emil '78/p35
Heller, Emilia '91/p50, 52
Heller, Emilie W (Bloedorn) '78/p34
Heller, Erna (Schulz) '78/p35
Heller, Eunice (Schultz) '78/p35
Heller, F '78/p31
Heller, Frank F '78/p26
Heller, Fredericka '80/p69; '81/p45
Heller, Friedrich '78/p26
Heller, G '78/p21
Heller, G A Mrs '79/p41
Heller, George C '78/p35
Heller, H '78/p21
Heller, Heinrich '78/p34
Heller, Henry J '78/p34
Heller, Herman '78/p35; '81/p41
Heller, Herman A '79/p21
Heller, Hugo '78/p34
Heller, Janet '78/p34
Heller, Jeffrey L '78/p34
Heller, John '79/p36
Heller, Julius F '79/p21
Heller, LaVern '78/p34
Heller, Levi '84/p35
Heller, Louisa '80/p67
Heller, M Mar '77/p6
Heller, Martha '78/p26
Heller, Mary '90/p53, 56
Heller, Mathias '85/p33
Heller, Matthias Mar '77/p6
Heller, Michael '78/p21
Heller, Mrs. Albert (Louise Von Borries) '92/p5
Heller, Paul W '78/p31
Heller, Rose '78/p34
Heller, Tami '78/p33
Heller, Wilhelm E F '91/p50, 52
Heller, William '91/p25, 27
Heller, William F '78/p26
Heller, Wilmine '79/p36
Helling, Wm A '78/p3
Hellingsworth, Isbella '88/p10
Hellmers, C '78/p66
Hellmers, Edward '78/p66
Hellmers, H '78/p66
Hellstrom, John '78/p76
Helm, Albert '86/p11
Helm, Belle '86/p11
Helm, Charlie '86/p11
Helmbold, Dorothea '87/p23
Helmbold, Heinrich '87/p23
Helmbold, Margrete '87/p23
Helmbold, Sophie '87/p23
Helmer, Tailor '88/p8
Helmerick, Judge '88/p9
Helmes, George A '88/p8
Helstromg, John Mar '77/p6
Helstron, John '88/p65
Helstrow, Jno Mar '77/p6
Helt, Eva '81/p19
Helt, Mina '89/p64, 68
Helt, Olvie '81/p20
Helver, Mary '88/p14
Helvly, Joel '78/p6
Heming, Anton Mar '77/p6
Heming, Anton '90/p22
Hemingford village, NE '90/p13
Hemling, A '85/p19
Hemlock, Joseph '82/p10
Hemmingsen, Mrs '80/p51
Hemmingsen, Phyllis '80/p51
Hemp, Otto '82/p24
Hemper, Frederick '80/p28
Hemzacek, Josepha '81/p22
Henatsch, Gus '82/p31
Henatsch, Gus '91/p57
Henault, O A '87/p69
Henderon, Dallas '82/p24
Henderson village, NE '90/p13
Henderson, Celonia '85/p58
Henderson, Charles '78/p22
Henderson, John W '78/p51
Henderson, Mariah '87/p75
Henderson, Martha '83/p49
Hendricks, Charles '85/p27
Hendricks, Mary '85/p27
Hendrickson, Anna '89/p62, 68
Hendrickson, C F '84/p38
Hendrickson, John '84/p38
Hendrickson, Thomas '89/p68
Henek, Adam '85/p51
Henek, Anna '85/p51
Henek, Joseph '85/p51
Henel, Mary '87/p2
Hengen, Joseph H '82/p53
Hengen, Susan '85/p6
Hengen, Susanna '85/p6
Henggler, George '86/p36
Hengler, Emma '91/p50, 52
Henke, Anna '85/p44
Henke, J B '85/p44
Henke, Mary Alice '88/p40
Henkel, Hermann F '91/p50, 52
Henkel, Minnie '81/p79
Henkens, Hellett F. '92/p7
Henkens, Hellett Frederick '92/p3
Henkens, Mrs. Hellett Frederick (Augusta Uehling) '92/p3
Henley, B H '78/p6
Henly, And '78/p2
Henly, Harry '78/p2
Henly, Wm '78/p2
Henneman, Chris '85/p74
Henneman, Christian Mar '77/p6
Henneman, Jacob Mar '77/p6
Hennessey, Ellen '84/p34
Hennessey, M '78/p76
Hennessey, Morris '79/p50
Hennessy, M Mar '77/p6
Hennesy, Dennis '81/p54
Hennig, Anne '81/p30
Hennig, Caroline '81/p30
Hennig, Laura '81/p30
Hennig, M '81/p30
Henning, H M '84/p8
Henning, Louisa '81/p30
Henning, William Ernest Henry '92/p23
Henning, Wm Mrs '83/p32
Henningbaum, Wm '88/p49, 50
Henrich, Claus '92/p66
Henrick, F D M/M '82/p33
Henricks, A L Mar '77/p6
Henricks, William '91/p76, 77
Henrickson, E P '86/p50
Henrickson, Jno '87/p71
Henrickson, Thomas '89/p61, 68
Henry & Bro; Fremont, NE '90/p32
Henry and Brothers Mar '77/p6
Henry, '89/p80
Henry, Alford '78/p17
Henry, F C '81/p15
Henry, F J '86/p49
Henry, Frank J '86/p49
Henry, George J '81/p81; '86/p1
Henry, J R '86/p49; '88/p13
Henry, J Rex '87/p70
Henry, J V '87/p70
Henry, John '81/p54
Henry, John C '88/p65
Henry, John C '90/p54, 56
Henry, John C M/M '86/p11
Henry, Matthew Rev '85/p1
Henry, Miss '83/p41
Henry, Mr '90/p32
Henry, Mrs '81/p15
Henry, Pat '85/p59
Henry, Rex '84/p8
Henry, Rex '91/p24
Hensal, Henry '82/p6
Hensel, Eduard '84/p5
Hensel, Henry Mar '77/p6
Hensel, Wilhelm Mar '77/p6
Hensel, Wilhelmine '84/p5
Hensel, William '91/p75, 77
Hensel, Wm '84/p5
Henshaw, Wm '78/p76
Hensil, '90/p44
Hensley, Hugh A '87/p59
Hensohn, Kenneth '87/p37
Henwood, E '87/p3
Henwood, E Miss '78//p60
Henwood, Josephine (Mrs. George N. B. Benton) '92/p4
Henwood, Josephine '92/p7
Henwood, Mrs '91/p59
Henwood, William Mar '77/p6
Henys, Anna '83/p9
Henys, Joseph '83/p9
Henys, Maria '83/p9
Henzberg, A '88/p2
Henzel, Anna '91/p49, 52
Henzel, Henry Mar '77/p6
Henzel, Mary '80/p69
Hepburn, C W '87/p21
Hepburn, George W '81/p6
Hepburn, James A. '92/p4, 7
Hepburn, John Mar '77/p6
Hepburn, Mrs. James A. (Clarissa A. McKinney) '92/p4
Hepburn, W A '86/p11, 12
Her, John Rev '90/p19
Herald, Frank Mar '77/p6
Herald, The; Fremont, NE '89/p76
Herald-Daily & Weekly; Fremont, NE '89/p13
Herbert, Joseph '81/p22; '82/p53
Herbert, Mary '82/p53
Herbert, Mrs '81/p22
Herbert, Mrs. Thigime (Louisa Buchner) '92/p5
Herbert, Phigime '85/p24
Herbert, Susanna Virina '82/p53
Herbert, Thigime '92/p5, 7
Herbort, J V Mar '77/p6
Herburt, Jospeh '82/p54
Herburt, Maria '82/p54
Herchenroder, Heinrich '87/p24
Hercik, Frank '81/p22
Herder, Lizy '88/p9
Herdon House '83/p24
Herfordt, Lena '85/p50
Herfordt, Susan '85/p50
Herfordt, T C '85/p50
Herfurth, A '80/p40
Herfurth, Fred '89/p 9
Herfurth, Max '89/p 9
Hergenbroder, Martin Mar '77/p6
Hergenroder, Frederick '89/p62, 68
Hergert, Anna '82/p77
Herin, Laura V '89/p62, 68
Herin, Sidney A '86/p2
Heritage, Mar '77/p6
Herlen, Charles '78/p60
Herling, Alvina '84/p55
Herling, J Henry '87/p45
Herling, Kathrine '87/p45
Herling, Wm '85/p45
Herman Cemetery, Ill '78/p53
Herman Federated Church; Herman, NE '90/p67
Herman village, NE '90/p13
Herman, B '82/p77
Herman, Charles B '87/p50
Herman, Frederick '91/p51, 52
Herman, George E '86/p3
Herman, Grace '88/p21
Herman, J E Mar '77/p6
Herman, Jno E Mar '77/p6
Herman, John E '78/p76; '87/p1; '88/p65
Herman, John E. '92/p72
Herman, Josepha '83/p4
Herman, Lena '89/p68
Herman, Lizzie '86/p2
Herman, Ludvik '86/p35
Herman, M Mar '77/p6
Herman, Mabel '84/p49
Herman, Mable '82/p7
Herman, Maria '83/p4
Herman, Michael Mar '77/p6; '85/p64; '88/p56
Herman, Mike '80/p37
Herman, Mike M/M '90/p70
Herman, Mike Mrs '88/p41
Herman, Mollie '91/p50
Herman, Pauline '83/p4
Herman, Samuel '83/p58
Herman, Tresa '80/p68
Herman, Vaclav '83/p4
Herman, Wenceslaus '83/p4
Herman, Zella '88/p21
Hermann, Adolf '86/p35
Hermann, Charlotte F W (Voesch) '78/p29
Hermann, Fred W '78/p28
Hermann, Gabriel '84/p11
Hermann, Johan F '78/p29
Hermann, John E '78/p58
Hermann, Mary '91/p50, 52
Hermann, Mollie '91/p52
Hermannes, Friedrike '84/p41
Hermannes, Louis Chr '84/p41
Hermon, Lena '89/p63
Hernbeck, C Mar '77/p6
Hernenka, Jan Mar '77/p6
Herner, Mary '88/p8
Herout, Anna '83/p9
Herpolsheimer, Martin '87/p58
Herre, Charlotte '85/p77
Herre, Charlotte '89/p63, 68
Herre, R M '82/p6
Herre, Rob '91/p23
Herre, Robt M '87/p70
Herreilers, Anna M '90/p37
Herreilers, John H '90/p37
Herrington, J. '92/p49
Herrington, James '78/p58
Herrington, James P '79/p49
Herrman, Olga '78/p28
Herrman, Paul '78/p28
Herrmann, Ernest '78/p28
Herrmann, Friedrich '78/p28
Herrmann, Mary L '78/p28
Herron, John '89/p55
Hersch, Herman Wilhelm Friedrich '92/p16
Herse, Betta '86/p4
Herse, F O '86/p46
Herse, Frank '91/p23
Hershlog and Leifermann; Howells, NE '89/p 3
Hershlog, Fred '89/p 3
Herst, Jennie '78/p61
Herst, Jenny '87/p4
Hertel, Fred M/M '86/p35
Herten, William '82/p6
Herton, W '90/p44
Hertzman, Jerome F Dr '91/p35
Hervert, V '86/p38
Herzberg, Carl '81/p43
Herzog, H H '86/p73
Herzog, Johanna '81/p22
Herzy, '85/p74
Hess, Gottlieb J '86/p4
Hesse, August '87/p23
Hesse, Auguste '87/p23
Hesse, Heinrich '87/p23
Hesse, Johann '87/p23
Hesse, Louise '87/p23
Hessel, William '92/p37
Hesterman, C Mar '77/p6
Hetise, Joseph '83/p71
Hetise, Lizzie '83/p71
Hetise, Mary A '83/p71
Hetrick, Adam '87/p72
Hetrick, Eliza J '87/p72
Hetrick, Ester A '87/p72
Hetrick, Frederick '87/p72
Hetrick, George R '87/p72
Hetrick, Jessie M '87/p72
Hetrick, Maris J '87/p72
Hetrick, Perry B '87/p72
Hetten, Margaritta '82/p54
Heuman, Theresa '80/p59
Heun & Hrubesky; Howells, NE '89/p 2
Heun, Claude '88/p80
Heun, Ferdinand '88/p80
Heun, G W '86/p49
Heun, George '88/p80
Heun, George '89/p 2
Heun, John '86/p49
Heun, Wilhelm '88/p80
Heurmann, Fredericke '84/p52
Heurst, Eligra '81/p54
Hevrbrok, Mar '77/p6
Hewis, '84/p51
Hewitt, Belle '82/p57
Hewitt, Elizabeth '86/p66
Hewitt, Frank L '88/p42
Hewitt, Jno Rev '88/p39
Hewitt, R '89/p10
Hewitt, Robert '80/p40
Heyduk, Anton '91/p50, 52
Heymann, Master '81/p22
Heymann, Mrs '81/p22
Heyne, C H '87/p71
Heyne, C. H. '92/p56
Heyne, Carl '82/p63
Heyne, Carl '92/p56
Heyne, Gerhard Mar '77/p6
Heyne, Gerhard '89/p28, 29
Heyne, John Mar '77/p6
Heyns, William '81/p41
Heywood, Thomas H '91/p75, 77
Hezl, Franz '81/p44
Hiatt, J W '78/p51
Hiawatha (Ferry Boat) '91/p 7
Hiawatha Cigar Factory; Fremont, NE '89/p76
Hibbard, C Mrs '83/p41
Hiberm, D D '78/p5
Hibner, Anna '86/p36
Hickey, Ed '86/p46
Hickey, Ella '85/p78
Hickey, Jas '78/p17B
Hickey, John '81/p66; '86/p69
Hickey, John '92/p4, 5, 7, 46
Hickey, Kate '80/p1
Hickey, Katherine '84/p47
Hickey, Margaret '86/p67
Hickey, Margaret G '89/p33, 35
Hickey, Margarete M '85/p30
Hickey, Marguerite '84/p50
Hickey, Mirs '86/p69
Hickey, Mrs. John (Anna Maloney) '92/p5
Hickey, P '80/p40; '88/p65
Hickey, Pat Mar '77/p6
Hickey, Pat '90/p31
Hickey, Patrick '85/p66
Hickman village, NE '90/p13
Hickman, Harriet '78/p48
Hickman, Joseph '78/p48
Hickman, Mrs '88/p58
Hickman, Newman '78/p48
Hickman, Oron '78/p48
Hickman, Robert '88/p2
Hickman, Samuel '78//p48
Hickman, Thomas '78/p48
Hickman, William '78/p48
Hickock, Myron G Mar '77/p6
Hickock, Myron W Mar '77/p6
Hickok, Cornelia '87/p77
Hickok, Elmer '88/p44
Hickok, Eva C '87/p77
Hickok, Ida '88/p44
Hickok, M W Mr '89/p27, 29
Hickok, Marinda E. (Mrs. George C. Kilton) '92/p3
Hickok, Marinda E. '92/p7
Hickok, Myron '88/p67
Hickok, Myron W '85/p75
Hickok, W C '85/p74
Hicks, Ada '87/p8
Hicks, E '84/p25
Hicks, Emma '87/p8
Hicks, Emma '89/p 8
Hicks, J D '86/p46
Hicks, Ruth '79/p18, 18B
Hicks, Wm '78/p25
Hickworth, Zedikiah '78/p3
Hiden, Charles '87/p3
Hiebenthal, Henry '82/p31
Hiedrich, Anna '84/p34
Hieper, Christoph C '84/p42
Hiett, P H '89/p55
Hifflates, Wm '92/p73
Higbee, Benjamin '92/p74, 75
Higginbotham, Ephraim B '82/p13
Higginbotham, George S '87/p58
Higginbottom, B Mrs '81/p15
Higgins, & Co; Fremont, NE '90/p29
Higgins, Andy '78/p11
Higgins, Catharine '83/p41
Higgins, Cathere '83/p41
Higgins, Charles S '88/p9
Higgins, Elizabeth '82/p55
Higgins, James '86/p3
Higgins, Jonathan '78/p10
Higgins, Joseph M '83/p41
Higgins, Louise '85/p55
Higgins, M J M/M '81/p74
Higgins, Mary '83/p41
Higgins, Michl '83/p41
Higgins, Nettie A '81/p80
Higgins, True '84/p1
Higgins, Will S '91/p75, 77
Higgins, Williard S '91/p75
Higgins, Woolsey '88/p17
High, Bertha '86/p58
High, Margaret A '89/p33, 34
High, S C '82/p21
Highes, Myrtle '89/p36
Highland, James '81/p66
Higins, Henry '78/p8
Higley, Almon '81/p37
Higley, Clarence Henry '82/p52
Higley, E S '81/p37
Higley, Emma '82/p54
Higley, Henry '82/p52, 54
Higley, M C '81/p37
Higley, Maria Kane '82/p52
Higley, Marria '82/p54
Higley, Mary E '81/p37
Higley, S W '78/p17B
Hijek, Annie '89/p63, 68
Hikok, Anson '88/p67
Hikok, Myron G '88/p67
Hikok, Truman T '88/p67
Hikova, Veronika '87/p26
Hiland, Catharine '83/p2
Hiland, Thomas '83/p2
Hilbers, Mar '77/p6
Hilbers, Gerhard '87/p77
Hilbers, John Mar '77/p6; '87/p75
Hilbers, Louise '78/p67
Hilbers, Oltmann '87/p4
Hilbers, Pauline '84/p5
Hilbert, Ottman Mar '77/p6
Hilbriss, Gerd '84/p5
Hilbriss, Gesine '84/p5
Hildebrand, John '84/p37; '87/p7
Hildreth village, NE '90/p13
Hildreth, '91/p60
Hile Banghart, Elizabeth '87/p20
Hilgencamp, H H '86/p11
Hilgendorf, J A '88/p7
Hilgendorf, Rev '90/p19
Hilgenkamp, Mar '77/p6
Hilgenkamp, Caroline '83/p80
Hilgenkamp, Emma '83/80
Hilgenkamp, Henry '88/p10
Hilgenkamp, Henry '91/p35
Hilgenkamp, Herman '92/p4, 7
Hilgenkamp, Mary '84/p53
Hilgenkamp, Mrs. Herman (Anna Monderloh) '92/p4
Hilgenkamp, William '80/p45
Hilgenkamp, Wm '83/p80
Hilgenkamps, '84/p23
Hill & Baer’s Clothing Store '88/p35
Hill, Mar '77/p6
Hill, A J D '81/p54
Hill, Abel '78/p62
Hill, Alvira '81/p30
Hill, Bertha Gertrude '85/p10
Hill, Celestia B '91/p27
Hill, Celestia Belle '91/p26
Hill, Clarrissa '81/p39
Hill, David B '81/p41
Hill, Fanny '81/p30
Hill, H J Mar '77/p6
Hill, Harriet '81/p30, 39
Hill, J D '80/p78
Hill, J N '80/p78
Hill, Jacob '78/p70
Hill, James '81/p66
Hill, James '91/p42
Hill, John C '91/p42
Hill, Jonathan '82/p10
Hill, Mary '85/p10
Hill, Minnie '91/p42
Hill, President '92/p67
Hill, Ruth '81/p30
Hill, S H '89/p 1, 3
Hill, S R '80/p78
Hill, Samuel '81/p39
Hill, Sarah P '78/p19
Hill, Selah '80/p53
Hill, T B '85/p10
Hill, W W '81/p30
Hill, Walter E '80/p13
Hill, Walter J. '92/p67
Hill, William '81/p54
Hill, Wm '78/p19
Hille, William '82/p32
Hillicket, Agnes '88/p14
Hillman, B '78/p56
Hillman, E '78/p56
Hillman, Ellen C. (Mrs. Charles Carver) '92/p3
Hillman, Ellen C. '92/p7
Hillman, John H '78/p56
Hillmann, Anna '87/p23
Hillmann, Heinrich '87/p23
Hillmann, Herrmann '87/p23
Hillmann, Marie '87/p23
Hillmann, Sophie '87/p23
Hills, Charles B '81/p54
Hills, E B '81/p54
Hills, Emma '81/p54
Hills, George '81/p54
Hills, James H '85/p32, 33
Hills, Jerusha M '81/p54
Hills, Louise '81/54
Hills, Lucy '81/p54
Hills, Marintha L '90/p55, 56
Hills, Mary '81/54
Hills, Mary F '86/p11, 12
Hill-Smith, Francis '81/p15
Hilman, P H '88/p33
Hilpret, Rev H. A. '92/p46
Hils, Otto '86/p80; '87/p20
Hilsabeck, Terry M '87/p58
Hilsden, Edward '89/p79
Hilton, Jane '83/p73
Hilton, Rev T. B. '92/p76
Himbaugh, O Mrs '89/p 8
Himebaugh, '90/p42
Himebaugh, A A '83/p75
Himebaugh, E Dewey Mar '77/p6
Himebaugh, Elsina '83/p75
Himebaugh, Nettie B '83/p75
Himebaugh, O '89/p 7
Himebaugh, O A Mar '77/p6
Himebaugh, O Mr '88/p72
Himebeck, Carl Mar '77/p6
Himes, Father '80/p77
Himes, Joshua V '80/p77
Himes, Joshua V Rev '80/p77
Himland, S '81/p7
Hinchman, J V Dr '78/p51
Hinck, Helena '84/p11
Hinck, Johann '84/p11
Hinck, Philipp '84/p11
Hinckle, Anna Carter '87/p49
Hindermark, Adam '88/p65
Hindermark, Wm '88/p65
Hindley, Edwin '78/p51
Hindley, George '79/p44
Hindley, Ned '84/p67
Hindmarsh, Adam '88/p13
Hindmarsh, Elizabeth J '87/p73
Hindmarsh, Margaret (Mrs. James Jennings) '92/p4
Hindmarsh, Margaret '92/p7
Hindmarsh, William '87/p73
Hindmarsh, William G '87/p73
Hinds, A W Mrs '81/p57
Hine, Henry Mar '77/p6
Hineline, Soloman '79/p70
Hinemark, Mar '77/p6
Hines, Albert S '86/p32
Hines, Alice '86/p33
Hines, Amma '81/p19
Hines, F R '86/p48
Hines, Florence '86/p2
Hines, Frank '86/p48
Hines, H H '84/p31
Hines, James '82/p55
Hines, John '86/p48
Hines, Smith '89/p63, 68
Hines, T J '86/p76
Hines, Thomas '83/p58; ‘86./p72
Hingst, Christ '92/p23
Hinks, Dorris '87/p75
Hinman, A B '84/p8
Hinman, Beach I '78/p59
Hinman, Jessie '88/p39
Hinman, Jessie E '89/p61, 68
Hinman, John Mar '77/p6
Hinman, John F '85/p24; '88/p65
Hinman, M E Mar '77/p6; '78/p73; '80/p40; '85/p65, 73; '88/p31, 57, 65
Hinman, M H '90/p10
Hinman, R Mar '77/p6
Hinman, W H Mar '77/p6
Hinmark, Mar '77/p6
Hinmarsh, A Mar '77/p6
Hinmarsh, William Mar '77/p6
Hinneman, C Mar '77/p6
Hinneman, Jacob Mar '77/p6
Hinrichsen, Minnie '82/p7
Hinrova '78/p26
Hinz, Johanna '92/p37
Hipke, Charles '81/p81; '86/p1
Hirdes, Charlotte '81/p15
Hirdes, Mrs '81/p15
Hirdes, Vincent '81/p15
Hirsch, Fred F '80/p13
Hirsch, Herman '92/p66
Hirschman, Kattie '88/p74
Hirst, William '78/p7
Hirt '89/p37
His Final Resting Place '89/p7-8
Hiscox, James Mar '77/p6
Historian of Midland Archives '92/p32
Historical Center; Lincoln, NE '90/p51, 52,
History of Fremont Normal College '92/p31-32
Hitchcock, Carlista P '83/p80
Hitchcock, Cassius '83/p80
Hitchcock, Clara E '86/p3
Hitchcock, Gideon '85/p10
Hitchcock, Gideon P '85/p7
Hitchcock, H '81/p6
Hitchcock, H M '85/p10
Hitchcock, Horace '83/p80
Hitchcock, J F '78/p76
Hitchcock, James F Mar '77/p6; '88/p57
Hitchcock, Jas F '85/p74
Hitchcock, Jas Mrs '88/p42
Hitchcock, Roleis A '81/p72
Hitchcock, Warin '84/p52
Hitchock, Mr '85/p70
Hittle, Perry '82/p73
Hix, B F '78/p17
Hix, Wm '78/p17
Hixon, Andrew '78/p8
Hlavac, Albina '81/p22
Hlavaty, D '82/p77
Hlavaty, Marie '82/p77
Hlavy, Veitech '82/p77
Hlinak, F F '88/p2
Hnilirka, Elisabeth '87/p26
Hnilirka, Marie '87/p26
Hnilirka, Mathias '87/p26
Hnilirka, Wenzel '87/p26
Hoagland & Springer; Fremont, NE '89/p12
Hoagland, '80/p58B
Hoagland, G D Mar '77/p6
Hoagland, John '86/p25, 27
Hoagland, John F '80/p78
Hoagland. J F Mrs '80/p78
Hoard, Kittie '89/p56
Hoback, Robert '78/p7
Hobart, C H '87/p2
Hobbs, Cyrus '85/p8
Hobbs, H A '81/p31
Hobbs, Joshua '85/p75
Hobbs, L W '81/p31
Hobbs, Lorenzo '81/p31
Hobbs, M M '81/p31
Hobbs, Rebecca '81/p31
Hobbs, Samuel '83/p57
Hobbs, Samuel C '80/p54; '81/p9
Hober (Hover), Mary '90/p53, 56
Hober, Mary '90/p53, 56
Hobert, Gilbert H '78/p59
Hobert, J V Mar '77/p6
Hobza '92/p78
Hobza-Vyhlidal wedding '92/p78
Hock, Darius M '85/p17
Hockingberry, Jno H '89/p61, 68
Hoctor, John '88/p2
Hodge, James '88/p65
Hodge, O W Mar '77/p6; '88/p65
Hodge, O W '89/p13
Hodge, O W M/M '86/p11
Hodge, Oran W '83/p75
Hodge, W. H. '92/p49
Hodge, William '83/p75
Hodge, Wm H '78/p76
Hodges, G H Mr '91/p23
Hodges, Jennie '79/p2
Hodges, Joe M/M '86/p27
Hodgkins, Aaron '82/p14
Hodik, Barbora '82/p77
Hodsale, Elizabeth S '91/p74, 77
Hoecher, Henry '81/p54
Hoecher, Mary '81/p54
Hoefe, M '80/p3
Hoefeed, David '82/p44
Hoefeed, Hans Peter '82/p44
Hoefeldt, Hans Peter '82/p44
Hoefer, Gussie M '86/p3
Hoefer, Jacob '78/p21
Hoefer, Johanna '79/p21
Hoefer, Louis H '79/p21
Hoefer, William '81/p42
Hoeffer, Johanna (Stark) '79/p21
Hoefs, E W '80/p3
Hoefs, F '80/p3
Hoefs, Matilda '81/p44
Hoefs, Otto '80/p3
Hoefs, T '80/p3
Hoefs, W '80/p3
Hoegemeyer, Henry M '89/p29
Hoehne, Anna '91/p51, 52
Hoehne, Julius '91/p51, 52
Hoelner, Helene '78/p33
Hoelsceer, Henry H '82/p39
Hoeman, Terry Mrs '81/p62
Hoene, John '79/p40
Hoes, Friedrich Cristian Diedrich '92/p16
Hoetfelker, H '90/p44
Hoetfelker, Henry '82/p6
Hof, Heinrich '87/p45
Hof, Luise '87/p45
Hoff, Henry W '87/p45
Hoff, Lovina '87/p1
Hoffele, Christina '84/p11
Hoffele, Christine '84/p11
Hoffele, Friedrich '83/p11
Hoffele, Gotlob '84/p11
Hoffele, Johann '84/p11
Hoffele, Pauline '84/p11
Hofffman, Joseph '88/p65
Hoffie, August '79/p36
Hoffie, Pauline E '79/p36
Hoffman, Anna '89/p56
Hoffman, Carl Mar '77/p6
Hoffman, Charles '81/p43
Hoffman, Edward C '78/p63
Hoffman, Emma '86/p27
Hoffman, Fred '81/p7, 15
Hoffman, George M/M '82/p31
Hoffman, Guy '86/p32, 33
Hoffman, Herbert W '87/p45
Hoffman, Herman '92/p47
Hoffman, J W '82/p75; '86/p48
Hoffman, Jiri '86/p38
Hoffman, Johanna '90/p53, 56
Hoffman, John '81/p54
Hoffman, Katherine '87/p45
Hoffman, Lee '88/p65
Hoffman, Leonard '81/p84
Hoffman, Lorenz '81/p54
Hoffman, Margareta '83/p8
Hoffman, Marie '83/p7
Hoffman, Mary '85/p6; '88/p14
Hoffman, Mrs '81/p15
Hoffman, Paul '92/p37
Hoffman, William '87/p45
Hoffmann, Carl '81/p11, 42
Hoffmann, Christina '84/p11
Hoffmann, Gottlieb John '92/p16
Hoffmann, Joh '84/p11
Hoffmann, Johann '84/p11
Hoffmann, Kunigunde '81/p45
Hoffmann, Marie '83/p44
Hoffmeister, E '89/p14
Hoffmeister, Emil '91/p15
Hoffmeister, Wilhelm '87/p25
Hoffner, S '86/p35
Hofmeister, Max '81/p22
Hoftalen, '88/p51
Hoftman, Mary '85/p3
Hoga, Joseph '83/p2
Hogan, Clee '79/p17
Hogan, Ellenora Kane '82/p54
Hogan, Hennietta '82/p53
Hogan, Henrietta Murphy '82/p53
Hogan, Joannes '82/p53
Hogan, John '82/p53, 54
Hogan, John Patrick '87/p20
Hogan, L '85/p19
Hogan, Michael '86/p27
Hogan, Nona '82/p54
Hogan, Pat '82/p54
Hogan, Theresa Rosa '82/p54
Hogan, William '82/p53
Hoge, Henry '82/p31
Hogel, Elisabeth '84/p11
Hogeland, Geo Mrs '81/p5
Hogemeyer, Henry F '89/p28
Hogh, Anna '81/p22
Hogne, T Wilson, Mrs '81/p15
Hogue, Walter W '87/p58
Hohenbein, Diedrich '87/p22
Hoile, J T '82/p22
Hoile, J T '91/p35
Hoist, Daniel '83/p73
Hokanson, John '81/p2
Hoke, '88/p45
Hola, Joseph '83/p2
Holan, Joseph '83/p60
Holbrock, A L M/M '85/p24
Holbrook, A L Mar '77/p6
Holbrook, Augustus L '86/p58; '88/p67
Holbrook, Benjamin F '82/p49
Holbrook, Edith '90/p68
Holbrook, Elda (Mrs. Delimer Rogers) “92/p4
Holbrook, Elda '92/p4, 7
Holbrook, Mabel '86/p66
Holbrook, Roxana P '86/p58
Holbrook, W D '91/p58
Holcomb, Frances S '82/p60
Holcomb, James '88/p2
Holcomb, Jim '92/p36
Hold, Antonie Mrs '81/p22
Holden, John '92/p6, 7
Holden, Mary '90/p54, 56
Holden, Mrs. John (Dollie McGuire) '92/p6
Holderman, George H '87/p58
Holdrege Area Genealogy Club '81/p62
Holdrege High School '92/p52
Holdrege village, NE '90/p13
Holdrege, Geo W '86/p11, 12
Holecek, Jos '82/p77
Holecek, Mary '81/p22
Holenda, Vera '81/p22
Holeton, Francis H '85/p7
Holladay, Andrew S '91/p35
Hollanbaugh, Edw '85/p75
Holland, Isham '78/p11
Holland, Frederick C '82/p13
Hollaway, Wm '78/p14
Hollen, Clarence '89/p 2
Hollen, J C '89/p 1, 2
Hollenbeck, C '80/p40
Hollenbeck, C '89/p10
Hollenbeck, Judge '84/p37; '87/p7
Holliday, John Walter '86/p2
Holliday, Jonas P '81/p54
Hollingsworth, Albert H '82/p23
Hollingsworth, Amanda '85/p11
Hollingsworth, Edward W '85/p5
Hollingsworth, James '87/p76
Hollingworth, Albert B '87/p58
Hollins, William G '81/p38
Hollister, Abner W '78/p15
Hollister, Edgar D '83/p24
Hollister, George W '78/p15
Hollister, Mr '83/p26
Hollmann, Gesine A '78/p66
Hollmann, John G '78/p66
Holloway & Fowler Bldg '88/p52
Holloway & Fowler Store '82/p29
Holloway, Grace Pearl '88/p23, 24
Holloway, L F M/M '88/p24
Holloway, Pearl '88/p22
Hollowbaugh, Edward '82/p27
Holly, Pavel '81/p22
Holm, Detlif '84/p3
Holm, Dorathy '84/p3
Holm, Elizabeth C '91/p75, 77
Holmberg, Christine '88/p2
Holmers, John Hinr '84/p42
Holmes, H B '78/p5
Holmes, James '87/p69
Holmes, L D '86/p46
Holmes, Liberty '81/p54
Holmes, Oliver Wendall '80/p45
Holmes, Oliver Wendell '86/p27
Holmes, William '79/p42
Holms, Henry '88/p2
Holoborn, Jamrach '78/p49
Holroid, John '88/p65
Holroid, John E '78/p76
Holsclaw, Minton '92/p34
Holson, Hattie '80/p67
Holst, John '82/p20
Holstead, William '88/p2
Holstees, H H '88/p39
Holstein village, NE '90/p13
Holsten, D '85/p74
Holsten, Herman '87/p36
Holsten, Herman '89/p64, 68
Holsten, Marguerite '88/p30
Holster, Sabastian '83/p41
Holtlz, Henry '79/p28
Holton, Seth A '79/p43
Holtz, Anna Ida '79/p27
Holtz, Arthur '79/p27
Holtz, Elmer O G '78/p27
Holtz, Fred '79/p26
Holtz, Hadwig '79/p23
Holtz, Johan '78/p23
Holtz, John F '79/p30
Holtz, John W '79/p27
Holtz, Ricka '79/p27
Holtz, Wilhelm '78/p21
Holtz, Wilhelmine M (Feyerherm) '79/p30
Holub, '78/p26
Holub, Anna '83/p5; '87/p26
Holub, Constable '80/p33; '86/p16
Holub, Mathias '87/p26
Holub, Wenzel '87/p26
Holubar, Martin '85/p22, 24
Holubar, Martin '92/p5, 7
Holubar, Mrs. Martin (Mary Chmerka) '92/p5
Holy Trinity; Heun '89/p 2
Holy, Frant '86/p36
Homan, G W '79/p63; '81/p8
Home for the Friendless '89/p 6
Home Guards '87/p48
Home Saloon, The; Scribner, NE '91/p57
Homelka, Charles '82/p75; '86/p48
Homer village, NE '90/p13
Homer, Fred '82/p75; '86/p48
Homes, David '82/p73
Homestead Notices 1879-1880, Nebr '88/p36-38
Homestead, Mar '77/p6
Hon, Joseph '78/p5
Hon, Thomas '78/p5
Honer, Jacob '78/p3
Honer, John '86/p69
Honey, D A '86/p69
Honey, Della '85/p9
Honey, R. S. '92/p56, 57
Honnius, Carl '84/p42
Honroid, John '88/p65
Hood, Ester Ann '86/p2
Hood, Esther '87/p8
Hood, James '83/p46
Hood, Robert B '86/p3
Hood, William J '80/p13
Hooflan, H V '80/p65
Hoofman, Christ '81/p81; '86/p1
Hoofs, Amelia '78/p35
Hook, George D '89/p63, 68
Hook, J H '87/p71
Hooker County Genealogical Society '81/p62
Hooker, E W '82/p39; '85/p75
Hooker, E W '91/p58
Hooker, E W M/M '90/p68
Hooker, Elijah '85/p51
Hooker, Jesse '85/p51
Hooker, Rachel '85/p51
Hooley, T '85/p19
Hoope, Wm J '91/p35
Hooper Bottling Wks '87/p71
Hooper J T '81/p54
Hooper Lodge No 72, A F & A M '89/p 8
Hooper Telephone Co '82/p63
Hooper village, NE '90/p13
Hooper, Ann '79/p50
Hooper, B Mar '77/p6
Hooper, Belle '89/p66, 68
Hooper, Charles H '85/p64; '88/p56
Hooper, Charlie '89/p47
Hooper, Lina '86/p27
Hooper, Luida W Philleo '85/p10
Hooper, R Mar '77/p6
Hooper, R. '92/p49, 73
Hooper, Rev '78/p42
Hooper, Richard '78/p76; '82/p13
Hooper, Richard '91/p59
Hooper, Wm '78/p50
Hooten, John '81/p54
Hooth, W P '86/p46
Hoover, Albert '84/p65
Hoover, Frederick '88/p9
Hoover, Fredrick '88/p9
Hoover, H C '87/p58
Hoover, Wm H '91/p35
Hope, John '85/p19
Hopkins & Millard '80/p40
Hopkins, A B '86/p74
Hopkins, A B M/M '86/p72
Hopkins, A P Mar '77/p6; '88/p53
Hopkins, A P M/M '85/p24
Hopkins, Anderson '83/p58; '86/p72, 75
Hopkins, C C '78/p3
Hopkins, C H Mar '77/p6
Hopkins, Ella '86/p72, 75
Hopkins, Frank A '81/p31; '85/p6
Hopkins, J C '80/p54
Hopkins, Joel '78/p3
Hopkins, Joseph '78/p3
Hopkins, L '81/p29
Hopkins, Laura A '81/p31
Hopkins, Laura H '85/p3; '88/p10
Hopkins, Miles '85/p6
Hopkins, Miles F '78/p51
Hopkins, Mr '86/p75, '88/p53
Hopkins, Sylvestor '83/p3
Hopkins, W S '77/p31
Hoppe, E '84/p47
Hoppe, Fred '82/p32
Hoppe, Maxine A '79/p37
Hoppe, William '83/p49
Hopper, Mary E '81/p41
Hopple, J A '85/p72
Horace, C '86/p13
Horack, Amelia '86/p31
Horak, Ameliz '86/p68
Horak, Anne '87/p22
Horak, Cathrine '87/p22
Horak, Dudek '79/p17
Horak, Frank C '87/p71
Horak, Jarmila '81/p22
Horak, Joseph '87/p22
Horak, Marie '87/p22
Horak, Wenzel '87/p22
Horalek, Ed V M/M '81/p75
Hork, Albert Father '82/p49; '86/p44
Horkie, Joseph '81/p31
Hormal, Jacob '88/p65
Hormal, John A '87/p1
Horman, Christopher B '85/p4
Horman, David '85/p4
Hormel Brothers Mar '77/p6
Hormel, J A Mar '77/p6
Hormel, J C Mar '77/p6; '78/p76
Hormel, J. C. '92/p50
Hormel, Jacob Mar '77/p6; '85/p66; '87/p76
Hormel, Jacob '89/p10
Hormel, Jake Mar '77/p6
Hormel, Jno C Mar '77/p6
Hormel, John A '78/p76; '87/p1; '88/p65
Hormel, John C '78/p61; '82/p13, 24; '88/p65
Hormel, John C '89/p19
Hormel, John M/M '86/p11
Hormel, John O. '92/p72
Hormel, Lily '85/p78
Hormel, Littlie '91/p24
Hormel, Luther '91/p24
Horn, Albertina '80/p1
Horn, Albertine '80/p70
Horn, Carl '80/p1
Horn, David '81/p54
Horn, Fred '79/p36
Horn, G '78/p69
Horn, Ira '88/p2
Horn, Jimmy R '78/p69
Horn, Joel A '78/p11
Horn, Julia '79/p36
Horn, M '78/p69
Horn, Mr '80/p2
Horne, Louisa '80/p68
Hornel, Geo '86/p36
Horner, John Mar '77/p6; '78/p47
Horner, John M/M '86/p11
Horsefield, John '78/p3
Horssall, Joseph '78/p21
Horst, August '79/p38
Horst, Augusta '79/p35
Horst, Delores D '78/p37
Horst, Emma A (Steenken) '79/p37
Horst, Fred '79/p37
Horst, George '92/p62
Horst, Martha F '79/p38
Horst, William H '78/p38
Horstman, H '86/p35
Horten, M Mar '77/p6
Horton, Calvin Mar '77/p6
Horton, Carrie '89/p63, 68
Horton, Ella '81/p18
Horton, George Mar '77/p6; '87/p2
Horton, Ray '78/p69
Hosig, Benjamin '83/p40
Hosig, Emil Benjamin '83/p40
Hosig, Frank John '83/p40
Hosig, Jacob B '83/p40
Hosig, John Martin '83/p40
Hosig, Louisa '83/p40
Hosig, Mary A '83/p40
Hoskins town, NE '90/p13
Hospital '84/p8
Hosser, Emilie '80/p75
Hosses, Friederike Dorothea Elisabeth '80/p75
Hotchkiss & Johnson '87/p70
Hotel de Mallone '89/p56
Hotel Unthank '86/p59
Hoth, Augusta '81/p80
Hoth, Minnie '89/p62, 68
Hottel Bros; Fremont, NE '89/p11
Hottell, Matilda '86/p11, 14
Houbka, Maria '83/p10
Houch, Ludwick '87/p77
Houck, Chief '89/p56
Houck, Ludwig '81/p80; '86/p1
Houck, Ludwig '91/p75, 77
Houck, Wm '86/p11, 12
Houdescheldt, J '78/p13
Houfek, Mary '91/p75, 77
Hough '92/p48
Hough, Helen A '87/p76
Hough, J A Mar '77/p6
Hough, James A Mar '77/p6
Houghten, Stephen '78/p53
Hoummel, Sarah J '86/p11, 15
Hour, L E '81/p66
Hour, M '81/p67
Hour, Mary '81/p66
Hour, Max '81/p66
House Seth W '83/p75
House, Adeline E '84/p25
House, Alfred '84/p25
House, C J M/M '86/p11
House, Eliza '83/p75
House, Eliza A '90/p53, 56
House, Francis M '89/p28, 29
House, George W '78/p36
House, Gracie '85/p77
House, Katharine '81/p72
House, L S '78/p76
House, Mrs S Mar '77/p6
House, Ollie '87/p8
House, S Mar '77/p6
House, S W '78/p76
Housewirth, Ruth '88/p2
Houska, Aloisie '81/p22
Houston, Albert '81//p54
Houston, Dorcas '81/p54
Houston, Frederick '81/p54
Houston, Joel A '78/p9
Houston, Noah B '81/p54
Houston, O B '81/p66
Houston, William '81/p55
Hovendick, R H '78/p51
Hover, Mary '90/p53, 56
How, Charles '78/p23
How, George '78/p23
Howard & Bothwell; Fremont, NE '89/p11
Howard city village, NE '90/p13
Howard, A H Mar '77/p6
Howard, A J Mar '77/p6; '78/p76; '88/p65
Howard, A. J. '92/p72
Howard, Asa '88/p74
Howard, Chas E '86/p67
Howard, D B Mar '77/p7
Howard, D C '84/p1
Howard, D Mason '87/p36
Howard, Dr '84/p45
Howard, Elder '82/p66
Howard, Elizabeth '84/p1
Howard, F Mar '77/p7
Howard, F C Mar '77/p7; '87/p77
Howard, H L Mar '77/p7
Howard, Harry James '81/p2
Howard, Hattie '88/p74
Howard, Henry Luke '92/p40
Howard, Hugh '88/p21
Howard, Jessie '87/p5
Howard, John '85/p44
Howard, John A '88/p2
Howard, Josie '78/p62
Howard, Judah '85/p78
Howard, M R Mar '77/p7
Howard, Mary '85/p44
Howard, Mason '88/p75
Howard, Noses R '88/p67
Howard, P R '87/p71
Howard, Serena '89/p27, 29
Howard, Thomas Mar '77/p7
Howard, William '78/p23
Howard, Willie '84/p1
Howarth, H H '83/p38
Howarth, Thomas J '85/p7
Howe, A F '81/p55
Howe, Charles '92/p4, 7
Howe, E A '80/p10
Howe, E J Mar '77/p7; '85/p65; ‘'88/p57
Howe, Fred A '91/p59
Howe, J '78/p17
Howe, Jennie A '86/p4
Howe, Jerry '91/p23
Howe, John '82/p65
Howe, Martha '82/p25B
Howe, Mary '89/p29
Howe, Mrs. Charles (Kattie Ann Faust) '92/p4
Howe, Myra B '86/p32
Howe, Olive '82/p32
Howe, W H '91/p28
Howe, William '86/p32
Howel, Annie '84/p52
Howell village, NE '90/p13
Howell, Daniel '80/p12; '85/p57
Howell, John '85/p57
Howell, P Mar '77/p7
Howell, Sarah '85/p57
Howell, Sarah E '87/p77
Howells Milling Co; Howells, NE '89/p 4
Howells State Bank; Howells, NE '89/p 3
Howenstein, J C Mar '77/p7
Howerton, David '78/p4
Howery, Anges '87/p47
Howery, Charles '91/p74, 77
Howery, James '87/p47
Howery, Jas '87/p47
Howery, Jessie '87/p47
Howes, Chas R '89/p63, 68
Howland, H '78/p14
Howser, Laura E '81/p15
Howser, Mr '83/p37
Howsner, Josephina '81/p4
Hoy Bros; Fremont, NE '89/p13
Hoy, Geo P. '92/p47
Hoy, John '85/p24
Hoy, V S '85/p73
Hoyt, John C '81/p15
Hoyt, Leon Wade '81/p15
Hoyt, Mary '81/p15
Hrabak, C J '84/p35
Hrabak, Chas '90/p45
Hrabak, J J '91/p58
Hrabak, Mable '88/p30
Hraban, Maria '81/p11
Hranda Joseph '83/p3
Hranda, Maria '83/p3
Hrauck, Jos '90/p45
Hrauda, Joseph Mar '77/p7
Hrobsky, Theresa '83/p3
Hromadka, Jan '82/p77
Hromas, Aloisie '81/p1
Hromas, Anna '83/p7
Hromas, Catherina '83/p1
Hromas, Elizabeth '83/p1
Hromas, Frantisek '83/p10
Hromas, Jan '81/p1, 10
Hromas, Louisa '83/p1
Hromas, Vaclav '83/p1
Hromas, Wencesl '83/p7, 10
Hromas, Wenceslau '83/p1
Hromas, Wenceslaus '83/p7
Hrouschka, Anna '87/p25
Hrouschka, Anton '87/p25
Hrouschka, Barbara '87/p25
Hrouschka, Marie '87/p25
Hruban, Albert '81/p22
Hruban, Irene '81/p2
Hrubecky Anna '82/p79
Hrubecky, Edward '82/p70
Hrubecky, Jira '82/p79
Hrubecky, Josephine '82/p79
Hrubecky, Tomas '82/p79
Hrubesky, F J '89/p 1, 2
Hruby, Hermina '81/p22
Hruby, Mary '81/p22
Hrulka, Jacob '90/p44
Hruska, Fred '81/p22
Hruska, Josephine '81/p22
Hruska, Mrs '81/p22
Hruza, Anna C '91/p74, 77
Hruza, Frantisek Jospeh '86/p52
Hruza, Maria '83/p1
Hruza, William '86/p4
Hubar, Susan '91/p75, 77
Hubbard village, NE '90/p13
Hubbard, Anson Jan '77/p3
Hubbard, Eliza L '85/p53
Hubbard, Henrietta '87/p75
Hubbard, John '82/p73
Hubbard, Luella E Jan '77/p3
Hubbell village, NE '90/p13
Hubber, Professor '92/p55
Hubbert, C W '78/p5
Hubbert, Wm '78/p5
Hubble, Rebecka '88/p2
Hubenka, Louisa (Mrs. Ernst Busch) '92/p4
Hubenka, Louisa '92/p7
Hubenska, Eman Mrs '86/p38
Huber, Eli Rev '80/p46
Huberman, Mr '86/p11
Hubert, Anna '86/p36
Hubka, Maria '83/p10
Hubler, David M. '92/p60
Hubler, Elmer '92/p60
Hubler, Mrs. David M. (Laura Margritz) 'p92/p60
Hubler, Susan '92/p60
Hublitz, Mary A '91/p13
Hublitz, Mrs '91/p13
Hubunken, Emanuel '91/p25, 27
Huck, Alexander '86/p27
Huck, Arline Isabel '86/p27
Huck, C A '86/p27
Huck, C A M/M '86/p27
Huck, M M '80/p78
Huck, M M '90/p48
Huck, M M M/M '86/p27
Huck, M/M '86/p27
Huckfeldt, Hulda '84/p47, 48
Huckly, William '88/p67
Huck's Insurance; North Bend, NE '90/p48
Huddleson, S D '78/p51
Hudec, William '80/p13, 14
Hudgens, John '78/p12
Hudson Bay Company '86/p56
Hudson, Elder '91/p71
Hudson, Geo '85/p24
Hudson, George Mar '77/p7
Hudson, Hattie '85/p24
Hudson, Henry '91/p73
Hudson, Henry J '91/p35
Hudson, Henry James '91/p70
Hudson, J C '88/p2
Hudson, Jane E '85/p24
Hudson, Louisa M '85/p30
Hudspitch, Edward '88/p65
Hue, Percey '92/p1
Huebener, '79/p40
Huette, Otto '89/p18; '91
Huette, Otto Mrs '91/p24
Huette, Theo & Son; Fremont, NE '89/p11, 12
Huettman, Marie '89/p36
Huff, A E Dr '89/p54
Huff, Cora '84/p50
Huff, Edward T '91/p35
Huff, Emma E '91/p35
Huff, Ferro '82/p73
Huff, James Mar '77/p7; '88/p67
Huff, Jas '85/p73
Huff, Jas '91/p23
Huff, Jno A '89/p28, 29
Huff, John Mar '77/p7
Huff, John A '88/p67
Huffman, Alice '79/p46
Huffman, Lillie '89/p62, 68
Huffman, Manervia J '79/p46
Huffman, W E '78/p76; '78/p46
Huffmann, W H '87/p77
Hufford, Daniel Mar '77/p16
Huftalen, W H Mar '77/p7
Huftalen, W H '78/p76; '78/p45; '88/p65
Huftalen, W H '90/p57
Huftalen, William Mar '77/p7
Huftalen, William C Mar '77/p7
Huftalen, Wm '92/p49
Hugel, Edwin '85/p49
Hugelman, Louis '84/p54
Hugenback, Keokee '89/p36
Hugershoff, Professor '81/p15
Huggard, Richard '81/p55
Hughens, Patrick '83/p2
Hughes, A Mar '77/p7
Hughes, Andrew '78/p3
Hughes, Archer '88/p65
Hughes, Charles T '78/p51
Hughes, Clinton D '80/p12
Hughes, E E Mrs '86/p49
Hughes, Ed '91/p59
Hughes, Edward '81/p66
Hughes, Elizabeth Lamar '82/p53
Hughes, Grace A '89/p36
Hughes, Isaac '79/p45
Hughes, Ivan '88/p2
Hughes, J '85/p66
Hughes, J J '88/p65
Hughes, Jud '90/p29
Hughes, Judson '91/p74, 77
Hughes, M J '82/p21
Hughes, M J Jr '80/p38
Hughes, Major '90/p18
Hughes, Manervia J '79/46
Hughes, Margaraet '86/p66
Hughes, Myrtle '82/p57
Hughes, Myrtle Margretta '82/p53
Hughes, N L M/M '92/p27
Hughes, N. L. '92/p27
Hughes, N. S. '92/p27
Hughes, Newton L '88/p65
Hughes, R '85/p19
Hughes, Rachel A '87/p76
Hughes, Samuel '82/p53
Hughes, Thomas '78/p2
Hughes, W A Mrs '86/p49
Hughs, Lucy E '78/p45
Hughs, M Sr '83/p25
Hughs, Mr '79/p67
Hughs, Nathan '78/p13
Hughs, P T Mr '87/p42
Hughs, Sophia '79/p63
Hughs, Sophia Annie '79/p66
Hughs, Sophia Annis '79/p53, 63
Hughs, Thomas E '82/p73
Huglo, Maria Anna '79/p6
Huhner, Mary '88/p8
Hujs, Marg '82/p52
Hulbut, C D '85/p52
Hulbut, Eliza A '85/p52
Hulbut, Ulysses G '85/p52
Hulenc, Charles '87/p3
Hulkova, Anna '81/p22
Hull, A C Mar '77/p7; '80/p40; '85/p66; '88/p53, 65
Hull, A C '89/p14; '90
Hull, A C Mr '89/p28, 29
Hull, Bessie '86/p66
Hull, Frank L '86/p27
Hull, H L '87/p58
Hull, Harry L '82/p23
Hull, Henry R '79/p42
Hull, May '86/p68
Hull, Rundle M '87/p59
Hulse, C G Mrs '86/p27
Hulse, Merlin Mrs '81/p62
Hult, Andrew '83/p63; '88/p44
Hultenschmidt, Barbara '86/p35
Humboldt city, NE '90/p13
Huml, Anna '81/p22
Huml, Helen '81/p22
Hummell, F F '80/p12
Humparey, Orson E '82/p24
Humphrey village, NE '90/p13
Humphrey, E P '80/p28
Humphrey, John '80/p28
Humphries, E J '80/p56
Humphries, Ed '85/p2
Humphries, Edmund '80/p56; '85/p2
Humphries, Edward '78/p51; '84/p22
Humphries, Emma Elizabeth '85/p2
Humphries, James '91/p55
Humphries, Mr '91/p56
Humphry, E '81/p6
Huncocker, Daniel '82/p73
Hungate, Charles '83/pp58
Hungate, J H Mr '85/p3
Hungate, Jake '78/p51
Hungate, Jehu H '87/p40
Hungate, T C '81/p10; '83/p58; '84/p22
Hungate, Thos '80/p57
Hungats, T C '83/p57
Hunke, Bernard '79/p9
Hunke, Catherine '79/p9
Hunke, David H '79/p9
Hunke, Henry C '79/p9
Hunke, John '79/p7
Hunker, Henry '80/p38
Hunker, Annie '88/p74
Hunker, F D '83/p38
Hunker, Heimrich Mar '77/p7
Hunker, Joseph Mar '77/p7
Hunker, Mary '88/p74
Hunker, Otto '87/p21
Hunt, A B Drug Store; North Bend, NE '90/p48
Hunt, A B M/M '86/p27
Hunt, Constable '89/p79
Hunt, David '83/p71
Hunt, Ellen (Mrs. Wilber S. Otto) '92/p4
Hunt, Ellen '92/p7
Hunt, F Mr '91/p 5
Hunt, G '78/p21
Hunt, J H '82/p59
Hunt, James '83/p71
Hunt, Lucy A '86/p3
Hunt, Mrs. Randall B. (Jennie Quigley) '92/p5
Hunt, R B Mar '77/p7
Hunt, Randall B. '92/p5, 7
Hunt, Roda '83/p71
Hunt, Samuel '85/p5
Hunt, William '81/p55
Hunteman, Anna '81/p79
Hunter, C B '82/p27
Hunter, Ester A '88/p23
Hunter, Esther '88/p22
Hunter, Esther Amelia '88/p25
Hunter, J H '82/p31
Hunter, James '81/p66
Hunter, John '88/p67
Hunter, John C '83/p45
Hunter, Judge '89/p66
Hunter, M H Dr/M '88/p25
Hunter, M H Mr '91/p24
Hunter, Maryett '91/p51, 52
Hunter, Thomas '81/p55
Hunter, W H '89/p10
Hunter, W H M/M '89/p18
Hunter, William M/M'85/p24
Hunter, Wm H '80/p40
Hunting, Walter J '87/p58
Huntington village, NE '90/p13
Huntington, C. K. '92/p55
Hurd, Castine '91/p11
Hurd, Chas A '91/p 9, 11
Hurd, Edgar H '85/p9
Hurd, Ella (Mrs. Henry Miller) '92/p5
Hurd, Ella '92/p7
Hurd, Schuyler, E '91/p35
Hurd, Thos I '91/p11
Hurd, Thos J '91/p 9
Hurfel, '87/p35
Hurge, William '86/p36
Hurich, Chas M/M '81/p75
Hurlburt, E B Rev '80/p23
Hurlburt, E D '85/p56
Hurlburt, M E '85/p56
Hurlburt, S E '85/p56
Hurlbut, E B '79/p44, 45
Hurley, C '78/p17
Hurley, Henry '78/p17
Hurrell, Fred '86/p73
Hurst, Bishop '92/p77
Hurst, James Mar '77/p7; '78/p76; '88/p65
Hurst, Jas Mar '77/p7
Hurt see Hart '81/p66
Hurt, Jan '83/p10
Hurt, Maria '83/p10
Husak, Marie '90/p53, 56
Huscher, Andras '78/p60; '87/p3
Huscher, P F '86/p50
Huse, Alvine '87/p26
Huse, Carl, '87/p26
Huse, Eva '87/p26
Huse, Eveline '87/p26
Huse, Henriette '87/p26
Husenetter, Frances '88/p25
Husenetter, Frances E '88/p23
Husenetter, Francis '88/p22
Husman, Jonney '81/p66
Husman, Kate '81/p66
Husman, Sidney '81/p66
Husman, Theadore '81/p66
Husman, Theodore '81/p66
Husmann, Heinrich '87/p22
Huss, Marg '82/p52
Huss, Margaritta '82/p54
Huss, Mary '82/p52
Huss, R Mar '77/p7
Huss, Rudolph '88p65
Huss, Rudolph '92/p49
Husted, John '79/p42
Hustone, George '83/p46
Husum, Anna '87/p25
Husum, Berhard '87/p25
Hutcheson, Grote '87/p57
Hutchings, Belle N '78/p41
Hutchings, Hattie J '78/p41
Hutchings, J '78/p41
Hutchings, Jane McHenry '78/p41
Hutchings, Liddie A '78/p41
Hutchings, Mary E '78/p41
Hutchings, Rachel L '78/p41
Hutchings, U '78/p41
Hutchinson, George '82/p73
Hutchinson, Johnthon '82/p73
Hutcman, Maria '83/p1
Hutson, John C '80/p25
Hutton, Jan '81/p67
Hvidt, Kristian '80/p63
Hyatt, Chauncey W '85/p75
Hyatt, Gussie E '85/p24
Hyatt, Harvey '91/p24
Hyatt, J W '85/p75
Hyatt, L. J. '92/p34
Hyatt, Mary L '89/p66, 68
Hyatt, Sid '91/p23
Hybl, Anna '81/p22
Hyde, Bena M Jan '77/p5
Hyde, C D '81/p31
Hyde, Charlton B '87/p58
Hyde, CV B '81/p31
Hyde, J R '81/p31
Hyde, James Jan '77/p3
Hyde, M D '81/p31
Hyde, Marshal J '87/p69
Hyden, Judy '85/p59
Hynek, Josef '82/’79
Hynek, Katerine '82/p79
Hynek, Marie '82/p79
Hynek, Marketa '82/p79
Hynes, Jacob Bernard '82/p52
Hynes, Mary '84/p34
Hynes, Mary (Mrs. John Belek) '92/p3
Hynes, Mary '92/p7
Hynes, Mary McLoughlin '82/p52
Hynes, Will '82/p52
Hyns, William '81/p41
Hyson, Henry '87/p68

1977-1988 index compiled by Anna Lu Meltvedt; typed for web presentation by Marilyn Estrada.
"Anna Lu is one grand and gracious lady who never hesitates to volunteer her services, and that is
what our society is all about--helping those in need of our society research. Dedicated to Anna Lu Meltvedt

1989-2002 index compiled and typed for presentation by Anna Lu Meltvedt, Carmen Gross, and Judy Czarnecki. Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers who have donated their time to create this index.