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Haune, Fre H ‘84/p42
Helly, J ‘81/p10, 31
K of H; Fremont, NE '89/p14
K T; Fremont, NE '89/p14
Kaasch, August ‘83/p49; ‘86/p49
Kaasch, Fritz ‘85/p41
Kaasch, Mary ‘85/p41
Kabran, Paul ‘81/p22
Kabzan, John ‘81/p22
Kadischoff, Joip ‘86/p36
Kadlec, Anton '92/p46
Kadlovec, Anna ‘83/p6
Kadolkoff, P ‘86/p35
Kadyc, Jacob ‘83/p5
Kadyc, Maria ‘83/p5
Kadyc, Maria ‘83/p5
Kaeser, Cathrina ‘84/p12
Kaeser, Hellan ‘84/p12
Kaeser, Jacob ‘84/p11
Kaeser, Judliza ‘84/p11
Kaeser, Margarethe ‘84/p12
Kaeser, Martin ‘84/p12
Kafka, F. '92/p47
Kafka, Joseph '91/p51, 52
Kafka, Maggie '91/p26, 27
Kafka, Mary '91/p25, 27
Kafka, Rosalia ‘83/p3
Kahanna, Frances '91/p26, 27
Kahl, Katrina ‘86/p12, 14
Kahler, Christian ‘87/p24
Kahler, Christiana ‘87/p24
Kahler, Herman ‘88/p75
Kahn, A E ‘88/p3
Kahn, Cate ‘84/p6
Kahn, Ernest ‘84/p6
Kahn, Ferdinand ‘84/p6
Kahn, Helen ‘81/p22
Kahnt, Joh H W ‘84/p42
Kahoun, Anna ‘83/p8
Kahoun, Frant ‘83/p8
Kahre, August ‘87/p25
Kahre, Carl ‘87/p25
Kahre, Charlotte ‘87/p25
Kahre, Friedrich ‘87/p25
Kahre, Heinrich ‘87/p25
Kahre, Ludwig ‘87/p25
Kahre, Wilhelm ‘87/p25
Kairns, Peter ‘81/p6
Kaiser, Sarah ‘86/p10
Kaiser, Sarah ‘86/p12
Kaisl, John ‘83/p73
Kalenback, Mar ‘77/p7
Kallenbach, Conrad M/M ‘82/p31
Kallenbach, Henry ‘86/p70
Kallenbach, Margaret ‘85/p22
Kallenback, Margaret (Mrs. Frederick Danbert) '92/p5
Kallenback, Margaret '92/p7
Kaltajek, Vencie ‘85/p51
Kaltenmachner, Christina '91/p50, 52
Kaltjek, Caroline ‘85/p51
Kampmann, Anna Fr ‘84/p42
Kampschneider, Catharina '91/p49, 52
Kander, Anton F ‘78/p66
Kander, Clarence J ‘78/p66
Kander, Jacob ‘78/p66
Kander, Maria ‘78/p66
Kander, Michael A ‘78/p66
Kane, James M/M ‘85/p24
Kank, George ‘84/p23
Kannelly, Ellenora Maria ‘82/p55
Kansas - Jayhawkers '91/p41
Kansas Pacific Railroad '91/p 1
Kansas, Marshall Co '90/p20
Kanuss, Ed ‘86/p27
Kaplan, A Mr ‘81/p22
Kaplan, Mrs ‘81/p22
Karbala, Barbara ‘83/p1
Karel, Josef ‘86/p28
Karges, Catherine ‘86/p36
Karges, Eva ‘86/p36
Karges, John ‘86/p46
Karna, P ‘87/p65
Karnik, Barbara ‘84/p75
Karnik, Frank ‘84/p75
Karnik, J S ‘87/p71
Karnik, Joseph ‘84/p75
Karst, John ‘83/p73
Karsten, Henry ‘88/p3
Karstens, Herman '91/p57
Karuza, W ‘84/p38
Kasal, Baby ‘78/p67
Kasal, Henry ‘85/p46
Kaspar, Joseph ‘85/p51
Kaspar, Mary ‘85/p51
Kaspar, Vaclav ‘83/p1
Kaspar, Vesly ‘85/p51
Kaspar, Wenceslau ‘83/p1
Kasparek, Petronella ‘83/p7
Kasparek, Rudolph ‘83/p7
Kasper, Anton ‘83/p6
Kasper, Anton J M/M ‘81/p74
Kasper, Joseph ‘83/p6
Kasper, Maria ‘83/p6
Kasper, Mary ‘84/p44
Kasper, Mary (Mrs. John Moller) '92/p5
Kasper, Mary '92/p7
Kasper, Wenceslaus ‘83/p6
Kassler, H B Mrs ‘88/p42
Kastl, Alys ‘83/p7
Kastl, Amma ‘85/p52
Kastl, Anna (Mrs. Joseph Sedlacek) '92/p4
Kastl, Anna '92/p7
Kastl, Jacob ‘83/p7
Kastl, Joh ‘83/p7
Kastl, Louis ‘83/p7
Kastl, Maria ‘83/p7
Kastl, Peter ‘85/p52
Kastle, Alois ‘85/p52
Kastle, Marion ‘86/p32
Kastle, Thos J ‘87/p71
Kastner, Vaclav ‘83/p8
Kastner, Wenceslaus ‘83/p8
Katzan, Mrs ‘81/p22
Kaucher, Sam ‘80/p66
Kaucky, Vac ‘86/p38
Kauffet, Ferdinand ‘87/p24
Kauffman '89/p37
Kauffmann, Ned Mrs ‘81/p15
Kauffold, Elsworth ‘78/35
Kauffold, J ‘79/p35
Kauffold, R ‘79/p35
Kaufman, Frederick W. '92/p66
Kaufman, Wm E. '92/p68
Kaufmann, Elise ‘84/p12
Kaufmann, Lucille V ‘81/p15
Kaufmann, Maria ‘81/p12
Kaufmann, Mathias ‘84/p12
Kaufmann, Pierse ‘84/p12
Kauka, John M/M ‘81/p74
Kaul, Dorothea Louise (Glaubius) ‘78/p27
Kaul, Fred ‘79/p40
Kaul, Fredrich ‘78/p27
Kaul, Hertha Louise ‘78/p27
Kaul, Ida Hedwig ‘78/p27
Kaune, Chr ‘84/p42
Kaune, H ‘84/p42
Kaup, Catharine ‘80/p4
Kaup, Catherine ‘80/p70
Kaup, Charles ‘83/p3
Kaup, Conrad ‘79/p9
Kaup, Ella C ‘78/p9
Kaup, Henry ‘80/p4, 67; ‘83/p3
Kaup, Herman ‘80/p68
Kaup, Herman '92/p46
Kaup, Herrman Mar ‘77/p7
Kaup, John G ‘79/p9
Kaup, Joseph ‘80/p4, 70
Kaup, Justina ‘79/p9
Kaup, Karel ‘83/p3
Kaup, Lois J ‘79/p18B
Kaup, Maria ‘80/p4
Kaup, Sophia ‘83/p3
Kavalec, Ludovic ‘83/p7
Kavalec, Rudolph ‘83/p7
Kavan (Kawan), Victoria (Mrs. James Nowacek) '92/p5
Kavan, Anna ‘83/p9
Kavan, F E ‘86/p48
Kavan, Frantisak ‘83/p8
Kavan, Frantiska ‘83/p7
Kavan, Frantiska (Mrs. Joseph Vinons (Vinous)) '92/p3
Kavan, Frantiska '92/p7
Kavan, Jacob ‘82/p75; ‘86/p48
Kavan, James '89/p 1
Kavan, John ‘86/p48
Kavan, John '89/p27, 30
Kavan, John B ‘82/p75
Kavan, Josef Mrs ‘86/p38
Kavan, Joseph Mar ‘77/p7; ‘81/p42; ‘83/p8
Kavan, M ‘82/p77
Kavan, Marie ‘82/p77
Kavan, Mr ‘84/p59
Kavan, Victoria '92/p5
Kaven, John '89/p27
Kavenaugh, H C ‘88/p65
Kavich, Byle '89/p64, 68
Kavich, Jacob ‘84/p38
Kavich, Jake ‘84/p8
Kavka, Arabtzata ‘80/p69
Kawalec, Ludovic ‘83/p7
Kawalec, Rudolph ‘83/p7
Kawan (Kavan), Victoria (Mrs. James Nowacek) '92/p5
Kawan, Frantisak ‘83/p8
Kawan, Frantiska ‘83/p7
Kawan, Joseph Mar ‘77/p7; ‘81/p42; ‘83/p8
Kawan, Victoria '92/p7
Kay, Joseph N ‘88/p10
Kaywood, ‘84/p54
Kaza, Josephine ‘83/p2
KcKnight, George ‘83/p76
KcKnigth, Ellen ‘83/p76
Kdyne, Nova ‘82/p79
Keagan, M. '92/p73
Kean, Patrick H '89/p27, 30
Keane, Bridget ‘85/p59
Keane, James ‘85/p59
Kearney city, NE '90/p13
Kearney Industrial School ‘82/p30
Kearney, Anna ‘83/p2
Kearney, F Mar ‘77/p7
Kearney, Phil ‘85/p24
Kearns, John ‘85/p24
Kearny, J W ‘81/p10
Keats, James ‘81/p55
Keberlin, S ‘88/p13
Keck, Mrs ‘87/p47
Keck, Wm ‘87/p47
Keef, John ‘81/p7
Keefer '89/p37
Keefer, S M ‘78/p6
Keefer/Kufer '89/p37
Keegan, Michael ‘81/p55
Keel, John Mrs '91/p44
Keele, E Mrs Mar ‘77/p7
Keeler, Elizabeth Mar ‘77/p7; ‘79/p44, 49
Keeler, Joseph ‘79/p53
Keeler, Joseph '89/p58
Keeler, Lorinda ‘79/p49
Keeler, Millie ‘88/p3
Keeler, Minerva ‘79/’44
Keeler, Minervia ‘79/p48
Keeler, Oliver '89/p27, 30
Keeler, Rebeca ‘79/p49
Keeler, Rebecca Ann ‘79/p44
Keeler, William F ‘87/p3
Keenan, James ‘82/p42
Keene & Morse Mar ‘77/p7
Keene & Sons ‘82/p31
Keene, Bertie '91/p24
Keene, L M Mar ‘77/p7; ‘87/p8; ‘87/p70; ‘88/p53
Keene, Lewis ‘84/p50
Keene, Lewis M '91/p76, 77
Keene, Louie '91/p24
Keene, Louis M ‘78/p76; ‘87/p76
Keene, Louis M. '92/p73
Keep, Theodore '91/p 7
Keep, Theodore F ‘78/p43
Keep, W M '91/p 7
Keep, W W ‘84/p28
Keep, W W Jr ‘78/p21
Keep, W W Rev ‘84/p28
Keep, William '91/p 7
Keep, Wm '91/p 7
Keeper, M ‘78/p17B
Keepers, Maria ‘80/p58; ‘85/p24, 28
Keeton, Addie ‘81/p20
Keeton, Bruce ‘86/p31
Keeton, Grace ‘86/p31
Keeton, J F Mar ‘77/p7
Keeton, Keon Y ‘86/p32
Keeton, Louise ‘86/p32
Keeton, Mrs ‘85/p35
Keeton, T. F. '92/p53
Keeton, Thomas ‘82/p51
Keeton, Vesta ‘86/p31
Keeton, Wm B ‘85/p75
Keffel, William Mar ‘77/p7
Kegan, Michael ‘78/p76
Keickhafer, Henry ‘84/p66
Keiffer, Antoine ‘81/p55
Keiffer, Daniel ‘82/p16
Keiffer, Elisabeth ‘82/p16
Keigh, George ‘84/p3; ‘85/p21, 25
Keigh, John Mar ‘77/p7
Keily, Elvire E ‘85/p9
Keim, Jas O ‘81/p67
Keiman, M H Mar ‘77/p7
Keiser, J N ‘84/p8
Keister, Hulda '91/p25, 27
Keisterman, Conrad Mar ‘77/p7
Keith, Susan E ‘84/p3
Keiting, Charles ‘81/p67
Kelberlau, Wilhelm ‘84/p38
Kellar, David '91/p25, 27
Keller, August Mar ‘77/p7; ‘87/p5
Keller, August H ‘82/p36
Keller, Fred '92/p24
Keller, Glen Mrs ‘81/p62
Keller, Jacob ‘88/p3
Keller, John Mar ‘77/p7; ‘82/p73; ‘88/p37
Keller, John '92/p3, 7
Keller, John D ‘83/p49
Keller, Joseph (Joseph, Keller) '92/p17
Keller, Math Mar ‘77/p7
Keller, Matthew Mar ‘77/p7
Keller, Mrs. John (Clara E. Smith) '92/p3
Keller, Paul Ludwig '92/p42
Keller, Preiscilla ‘86/p27
Keller, Priscilla ‘86/p29
Keller, W ‘78/p51
Keller, William Mar ‘77/p7
Keller, William L '89/p61, 68
Kelley, C Mrs ‘88/p42
Kelley, Charles ‘82/p53
Kelley, Cynthia S ‘86/p3
Kelley, Daniel ‘82/p53
Kelley, Elisabeth Smith ‘82/p53
Kelley, Frank M/M ‘85/p25
Kelley, John ‘82/p53
Kelley, M/M Jan ‘77/p2
Kelley, Michael ‘83/p20
Kelley, Mrs ‘88/p42, 51
Kelley, Patrick Mar ‘77/p7; ‘82/p52
Kelley, Patrick '92/p71
Kelley, R D Mar ‘77/p7; ‘85/p66; ‘88/p51
Kelley, Robert Mar ‘77/p7
Kelley, Thomas '92/p71
Kellgren, Gustaf Adolf '92/p66
Kellinghaus, J. W. '92/p46
Kellison, Saml ‘81/p31
Kellner, Adolph '91/p26, 27
Kellner, Frank (Domazlic, Frank Keliner) '92/p66
Kellogg, Emelina ‘85/p10
Kellogg, Henry I ‘88/p9
Kellogg, Julia M. (Mrs. Thomas J. Hashberger) '92/p3
Kellogg, Julia M. '92/p7
Kellom, J H ‘80/p22
Kellow, Albert C J ‘86/p52
Kells, Ralph W ‘87/p58
Kellso, Alson ‘80/p53
Kelly Cemetery ‘86/p57
Kelly Homer Mrs '89/p44
Kelly, Adah ‘86/p32
Kelly, Annie ‘86/p29
Kelly, Bridget ‘86/p37
Kelly, Carrie E '89/p64, 68
Kelly, Clara ‘82/p54
Kelly, E J ‘81/p31
Kelly, Edward ‘81/p55
Kelly, Elizabeth ‘86/p33
Kelly, Frank M/M ‘86/p27
Kelly, Gertrude ‘84/p56
Kelly, H D ‘78/p25
Kelly, Henry ‘81/p55
Kelly, Hugh ‘82/pp53; ‘86/p37
Kelly, J J Mar ‘77/p7
Kelly, James ‘81/p55
Kelly, James N ‘78/p2
Kelly, Johanna ‘82/p52
Kelly, John ‘82/p9
Kelly, Josephina Flossia ‘82/p53
Kelly, Julia ‘82/p54
Kelly, M J ‘81/p31
Kelly, Marcella ‘86/p32
Kelly, Margaret '89/p64, 68
Kelly, Margaret F ‘86/p23
Kelly, Margarita Keating ‘82/p53
Kelly, Marie ‘82/p49; ‘86/p44
Kelly, Mary ‘86/p11, 12
Kelly, Maurice ‘81/p67
Kelly, Michael ‘82/p52, 54; ‘84/p21
Kelly, Michael D ‘81/p55
Kelly, Mike M/M ‘86/p27
Kelly, Miss ‘86/p12
Kelly, Miss (Mrs. Luke Mundy) '92/p29
Kelly, Mrs ‘81/p22
Kelly, P R Father ‘82/p49; ‘86/p45
Kelly, Pat '89/p48, '92/p29
Kelly, Patrick ‘81/p55; ‘82/p48; ‘86/p43
Kelly, Patrick '92/p71
Kelly, Patrick Mrs '91/p64
Kelly, R D Mrs ‘80/p34
Kelly, R. D. '92/p57
Kelly, S ‘81/p27
Kelly, Seth ‘81/p31
Kelly, T F ‘82/p55
Kelly, Thomas ‘82/p33
Kelly, Thomas '89/p55
Kelly, Thomas Franciscus ‘82/p55
Kelly, Thos ‘87/p70
Kelly, William ‘81/p55
Kelly, William R ‘81/p9
Kelser, Birdie ‘86/p31
Kelser, Jacob J ‘85/p75
Kelso, Carrie ‘86/p72, 75
Kelso, Davis ‘83/p58
Kelso, E E Mr ‘81/p22
Kelso, Mrs ‘81/p22; ‘83/p58; ‘86/p72, 75
Kelton, Charlotte V ‘81/p5
Kemmele, Elisha '92/p34
Kemp, Alice W ‘86/p66
Kemp, Beth ‘88/p21
Kemp, Cora B ‘86/p27, 29
Kemp, Harry '91/p23
Kempcke, Gus ‘85/p15
Kemper, Charles ‘86/p32
Kemper, Mae ‘86/p32
Kemper, Tillie ‘84/p47, 48
Kempf, Pauline '89/p65, 68
Kempton, Pearl ‘81/p20
Kempton, Wm ‘78/p14
Kenard, W ‘81/p6
Kenburry, Mary I '90/p54, 56
Kendall '92/p49
Kendall, Albert ‘88/p3
Kendall, Albert S ‘88/p3
Kendall, C C Mar ‘77/p7; ‘78/p58; 87/p1
Kendall, C G Mar ‘77/p7
Kendall, C. E. '92/p54
Kendall, Charles ‘83/p75
Kendall, Charleville '92/p73
Kendall, Charleyville ‘78/p76
Kendall, Pearl ‘86/p31
Kendrick, Ben '91/p23
Kendrick, H '91/p59
Kendrick, J F Mr '91/p23
Kendrick, J F Mrs '91/p24
Kendrick, R Mrs ‘81/p15
Kendrick, Regina ‘81/p15
Kendricks, Mary ‘88/p14
Ken--dy, John ‘83/p41
Kenedy, J R ‘85/p72
Kenesaw village, NE '90/p13
Keney, Mary E '91/p26, 27
Kenion, Mar ‘77/p7
Kennan, William A ‘81/p67
Kennard Bros ‘84/p31
Kennard Cemetery, Ill ‘78/p53
Kennard town, NE '90/p13
Kennard, T P ‘84/p33
Kennard, Thomas P ‘83/59; ‘84/p21
Kennedey, Mar ‘77/p7
Kennedy, Amy ‘84/p50
Kennedy, Amy H ‘85/p30
Kennedy, Benjamin ‘79/p62
Kennedy, Earl ‘81/p19
Kennedy, Edward H ‘87/p58
Kennedy, H A ‘81/p67
Kennedy, H F ‘87/p59
Kennedy, Horace ‘82/p24
Kennedy, J A ‘86/p20
Kennedy, Jay ‘84/p50
Kennedy, John ‘81/p76
Kennedy, John J '89/p65, 68
Kennedy, Michael ‘81/p55
Kennedy, Patrick V '89/p65, 68
Kennedy, T W Mar ‘77//p7
Kennedy, Thomas ‘81/p67
Kennelley, J ‘78/p18
Kennelly, John ‘82/p55
Kenner, John ‘82/p32
Kenner, Louisa ‘87/p2
Kenney, Christiann ‘81/p45
Kenney, Robert ‘81/p1
Kennicutt, Lettie M ‘86/p3
Kennings, Arthur M ‘78/p58
Kennison, William ‘85/p25
Kenny, F W ‘78/p51
Kenny, F W Sr ‘87/p50
Kenny, F W Sr Mrs ‘84/p25
Kenny, Johanna ‘83/p45
Kenny, T A ‘81/p15
Kent, W E '89/p54
Kentucky - Corn Crackers '91/p41
Kenvitz, Arnold ‘80/p28
Kenyan & Co ‘86/p76
Kenyon, A A Mrs ‘86/p12
Kenyon, Charles P ‘80/p12
Kenyon, M J ‘86/p76
Kenyon, May ‘78/p58
Kenyong, M D Mar ‘77/p7
Keough, John W ‘81/p67
Keough, Mary Agnes ‘81/p67
Keplinger, Martin ‘78/p12
Kerchal, Family ‘79/p17
Kerfer, Adaline ‘85/p6
Kerkhoff, Mr ‘80/p66
Kerkley, Byron ‘83/p80
Kerkley, Joseph ‘83/p80
Kerkley, Mary ‘83/p80
Kerkow & Kuen; Fremont, NE '89/p13
Kerkow, Augusta ‘80/p68
Kerkow, Bertha '91/p49, 52
Kerkow, Ernst ‘81/p44
Kerkow, Frank ‘84/p74
Kerkow, Fritz ‘84/p45
Kerkow, Gus M/M ‘86/p12
Kerkow, Gustav C ‘85/p25, 29
Kerkow, Henrietta ‘84/p74
Kerkow, John ‘84/p74
Kerkow, W R ‘83/p38
Kerkow, Wm H '91/p57
Kerl, M E ‘83/p38
Kerl, Thomas '89/p 8
Kermott, Rev ‘78/p58
Kern, Abbie ‘86/p26, 27
Kern, Anna '89/p27, 30
Kern, Bernard ‘86/p35
Kern, Christina '91/p26, 27
Kern, D H Mar ‘77/p7
Kern, Dee ‘80/p16
Kern, Elsie ‘86/p32
Kern, Ernest '89/p55
Kern, Ernest M/M '91/p64
Kern, George ‘84/p66
Kern, George F '90/p54, 56
Kern, Henry Mar ‘77/p7
Kern, John Mar ‘77/p7; ‘80/p16
Kern, John '89/p54, 55
Kern, Katie ‘84/p16
Kern, Katie '89/p27, 30
Kern, L Mar ‘77/p7
Kern, Lucy ‘86/p31
Kern, Ludwica ‘82/p54
Kern, Marie ‘86/p32
Kern, Marion Mrs ‘88/p47
Kern, Mattie ‘81/p79
Kern, Michael '92/p62
Kern, Solly '91/p59
Kern, Solomon '89/p66, 68
Kern, Solomon, ‘86/p51
Kernan, Arthur ‘88/p14
Kernan, Stewart ‘88/p14
Kerns, Adam ‘81/p31
Kerns, J ‘78/p13
Kerns, J E Mar ‘77/p7
Kerns, Phoebe ‘78/p60
Kerns, Willis Dr ‘81/p45
Kerr, Emma ‘85/p77; ‘87/p8
Kerr, Emma '89/p 9
Kerr, Georgia '89/p56
Kerr, Howard L ‘82/p23
Kerr, J S Mar ‘77/p7
Kerr, Mr '90/p24
Kersenbrook, John H '91/p52
Kersenbrook, John Herman '91/p50
Kershal, Byran Victor ‘79/p17
Kershal, D Ray ‘79/p17
Kershal, Donna Rae ‘79/p17
Kersow, Frank R ‘84/p6
Kerstein, Anna ‘78/p35
Kerstein, Bertha ‘80/p70
Kerstein, Carl A E ‘78/p34
Kersten, Antoinette ‘78/p34
Kersten, Antoinette (Schlueter) ‘78/p35
Kersten, Edith (Mrs Meyer) ‘78/p35
Kersten, Emma I ‘78/p67
Kersten, Ernest ‘78/p67
Kersten, Heinrich ‘78/p35
Kersten, Heinrich K L ‘78/p28
Kersten, Henry ‘78/p34, 35
Kersten, Karl H ‘78/p28
Kersten, Marvin ‘78/p25
Kerstine, Carl '91/p50, 52
Kerwin, James ‘86/p27
Kesly, Peter ‘81/p67
Kessle, Anna ‘83/p76
Kessle, George ‘83/p76
Kessle,Rubin ‘83/p76
Kestenon, John C '91/p35
Ketchum, Abigail ‘81/p31
Ketchum, Oliver ‘83/p45
Ketchum, Silas Rev ‘78/p59
Kettle, R '91/p 9
Kettle, S P '91/p 9
Kettler, Henry ‘78/p36
Kettler, Martha ‘79/p36
Kettler, Roseda ‘79/p37
Kettleson, Anna ‘81/p31
Kettleson, Holver ‘81/p31
Kettuge, C H Mr '91/p 5
Keuster, Ferdinand ‘81/p41
Key, Green ‘78/p4
Key, Isabell ‘83/p49
Key, James ‘83/p50
Keye, Henry C ‘86/p2
Keyen, Victor ‘87/p70
Keyer, R B Mar ‘77/p7
Keyes, B ‘79/p45
Keyes, Juliaett ‘79/p45
Keyes, R B Mar ‘77/p7; ‘88/p65
Keyger, Leonard ‘87/p5
Keyrs, R B Mar ‘77/p7
Keys, Matailda A ‘88/p9
Keys, William ‘81/p55
Kibble, M/M ‘86/p12
Kibby, Sarah E ‘87/p50
Kibler, Ada ‘85/p44
Kibler, G W ‘85/p48
Kickapoo Indians '91/p 4
Kiddder, H M ‘85/p56
Kidney, H ‘78/p22
Kiefer, J J ‘83/p39
Kielty, Family ‘79/p17
Kienbaum, August Mar ‘77/p7
Kienbaum, Friedrich Mar ‘77/p7
Kienbaum, Neil ‘78/p63
Kienker, Mar ‘77/p7
Kierke, John '90/p53, 56
Kierks, Johanna ‘84/p6
Kiesbe, Anna ‘78/p60; ‘87/p3
Kiesbi, Christina (Mrs. Thomas Lorensen) '92/p4
Kiesbi, Christina '92/p7
Kieser, Henry M/N ‘87/p49
Kiesling, Friedrika ‘78/p29
Kiesling, Julius ‘78/p29
Kifer, Jacob '91/p42
Kighton, C ‘85/p19
Kihe, Annekea ‘84/p42
Kihe, Caroline ‘84/p42
Kihe, Chr ‘84/p42
Kihe, Christine ‘84/p42
Kihe, Heinrich ‘84/p42
Kihe, Johanna ‘84/p42
Kihe, Louise ‘84/p42
Kihe, Ludwig ‘84/p42
Kihe, Minchen ‘84/p42
Kilbourn, J ‘78/p4
Kilbourne, Henry ‘81/p55
Kilburn, James '90/p57
Kilker, Annie ‘86/p26, 27
Kilker, John ‘82/p48; ‘86/p43
Kilker, Rose ‘82/p7
Killain, Julius N ‘87/p58
Killeen, Mar ‘77/p7
Killeen, Catherine ‘82/p48; ‘86/p44
Killeen, Dennis ‘82/p48; ‘86/p43
Killeen, J P ‘87/p70
Killeen, James ‘86/p4
Killeen, Joseph ‘82/p49; ‘86/p44
Killeen, Kathryn ‘86/p33
Killeen, Michael ‘80/p14
Killeen, Pat ‘80/p14
Killeen, Sarah A '89/p61, 68
Killeen, Thomas ‘84/p62
Killeen, Thomas '89/p63, 68
Killen, Dennis Mrs ‘82/p3
Killer, Jacob Mar ‘77/p7
Killian Bros’ Store ‘88/p49
Killian, Albert '89/p 4; '92/p31
Killian, Amiel L ‘80/p13
Killian, Charles ‘86/p3
Killian, J N ‘87/p59
Killian, John ‘82/p42
Killian, Joseph ‘81/p22
Killian, Mrs ‘81/p22
Killian, Thomas ‘82/p75; ‘86/p48
Killian, Thomas M/M ‘82/p75; ‘86/p48
Killian, Tommy ‘85/p25, 29
Kilman, John ‘78/p15
Kilton, C V Mrs ‘85/p66
Kilton, Eline E '89/p27, 30
Kilton, George C. '92/p3, 7
Kilton, Mrs Mar ‘77/p7
Kilton, Mrs '90/p28
Kilton, Mrs. George C. (Marinda E. Hickok) '92/p3
Kimball village, NE '90/p13
Kimball, Capt ‘82/p17
Kimball, Charity ‘82/p9
Kimball, Cora A '91/p76, 77
Kimball, Fannie ‘86/p11, 12
Kimball, Father ‘82/p66
Kimball, Joseph A ‘85/p75
Kimball, Martha E '89/p27, 30
Kimball, Obadiah Mar ‘77/p7
Kimbell, J A Mar ‘77/p7
Kimbell, Lorenzo Mar ‘77/p7
Kimberland, Wm ‘78/p19
Kimberlin, Louis E '91/p75, 77
Kimberling, Wm '91/p 6
Kimble, Mar ‘77/p7
Kimble, Frank ‘86/p50
Kimbrough, Ed ‘80/p32
Kimbrough, Marg’r’t ‘86/p31
Kime, Levi ‘84/p25
Kimmel, J W ‘86/p22
Kimmel, Jonathan T ‘86/p27
Kimmell, John W '89/p65, 68
Kimmell, Thompson ‘85/p75
Kimsel, Fred '90/p33
Kind, Fried '92/p46
Kind, Friedrich ‘78/p28
Kind, Ida L M ‘79/p30
Kindred, M R ‘84/p22
King, A ‘81/p6
King, Andrew ‘83/p41
King, Anne ‘84/p6
King, B Kenelm ‘88/p28
King, Dora E ‘88/p13
King, Elisha '92/p4, 7
King, F W ‘87/p71
King, Frederick, V ‘80/p59
King, G '89/p12
King, G W ‘80/p40
King, George ‘81/p45, 67
King, Hanna ‘82/p55
King, I W '91/p27
King, I W Mr '91/p26
King, J Mar ‘77/p7
King, Jacob ‘82/p17
King, James ‘82/p55
King, Jeremiah Mar ‘77/p7
King, Jerusha ‘87/p2
King, Jno Mar ‘77/p7
King, John Mar ‘77/p7
King, Jonathan ‘78/p51
King, Maria ‘82/p53
King, Mrs ‘81/p15; ‘88/p3
King, Mrs. Elisha (Mary Louisa Bullock) '92/p4
King, Russell ‘83/p81
King, S E ‘78/p24
King, Soloman Mar ‘77/p7
King, Solomon S ‘87/p3
King, Susan ‘85/p5
King, Theodore ‘83/p81
King, Thomas '91/p26, 27,
King, Virginia ‘86/p32
King, W ‘84/p6
King, W H Dr ‘81/p15
King, W R & Co ‘88/p17
Kingdon, Katie E ‘85/p9
Kingdon, Margaret C ‘87/p73
Kingdon, W H ‘87/p73
Kingdon, W J ‘87/p73
Kingdon, William J ‘87/p73
Kingsley, A A ‘81/p45
Kingsley, Burt ‘83/p30
Kingston, Samuel J ‘81/p55
Kinnear, S ‘83/p46
Kinneien, James Mar ‘77/p7
Kinnell, James '89/p55
Kinner, Robert S Mar ‘77/p7
Kinney, Addie '91/p24
Kinney, C ‘81/p9
Kinney, Charles W ‘80/p53
Kinney, Francis Mrs '89/p61, 68
Kinney, Fred S. '92/p5, 7
Kinney, Georgie ‘80/p32
Kinney, J L ‘80/p32
Kinney, James F ‘85/p9
Kinney, Mrs. Fred S. (Sophia Flemming) '92/p5
Kinney, Warren ‘81/p80
Kinsel, Fred ‘83/p61
Kinsel, Kate '91/p26, 27
Kinser, John C ‘78/p22
Kinssel, August F Mar ‘77/p7
Kipel, Emanuel '92/p73
Kipel, Reuben '92/p73
Kipling, David ‘85/p58
Kipling, Jane ‘85/p58
Kipling, Robert ‘85/p58
Kipp, Frank ‘80/p30, 36
Kipp, Theordore ‘78/p53
Kirby, Marie ‘87/p55
Kirch, Albert ‘78/p34
Kirch, Anna E ‘78/p33
Kirch, Augusta H ‘79/p27
Kirch, Auguste (Valeska) ‘78/p22
Kirch, Elisa (Raabe) ‘78/p34
Kirch, Ferdinand ‘78/p33
Kirch, Franz ‘78/p27
Kirch, Frederick A ‘78/p27
Kirch, Mary ‘78/p27
Kirk, H ‘78/p70
Kirk, W ‘78/p70
Kirkegaard, A Rev '89/p57
Kirker, Adam ‘88/p9
Kirkley, John ‘85/p10
Kirkley, Joseph ‘85/p10
Kirkley, Joseph Simon ‘85/p10
Kirkley, Margaret Minnie ‘85/p10
Kirkley, Mary ‘85/p10
Kirkley, Mary Gertrude ‘85/p10
Kirkpatrick Grocery Co ‘87/p70
Kirlkey, Carolin ‘85/p10
Kirn, Bern ‘86/p36
Kirsch, Richard ‘84/p42
Kirschbraun & Son; Fremont, NE '89/p78
Kirstein, Christoph ‘88/p36
Kirstine, Augusta ‘86/p4
Kirth, Sophia ‘81/p81
Kiser, Henry '91/p44
Kiser, James G ‘78/p24
Kislinger, Julius ‘81/p22
Kislinger, Mrs ‘81/p22
Kissel, E Mar ‘77/p7
Kissel, Manuel ‘83/p76
Kissel, Marthy ‘83/p76
Kissel, Minnie ‘81/p81; ‘86/p1
Kissel, Nathaniel ‘83/p76
Kissel, R Mar ‘77/p7
Kissel, Reuben ‘78/p76
Kissell, E Mar ‘77/p7
Kissell, Emanuel ‘78/p60; ‘87/p3
Kissell, George ‘88/p3
Kissell, Jacob Mar ‘77/p7
Kissell, Mary ‘88/p3
Kissell, Nathaniel ‘88/p65
Kissell, R Mar ‘77/p7
Kissell, Reuben ‘88/p65
Kisselring, Micle ‘82/p73
Kister, Bertha ‘81/p44
Kister, Ferdinand ‘80/p69
Kister, P ‘86/p35
Kitchen, Albert M '89/p24
Kitchen, Cordelia-Sadie (Murlbut) '89/p24
Kitchen, Edwin B '89/p63, 68
Kitchen, Lillie C '89/p61, 68
Kitke-haha '89/p42
Kitnar, Anna ‘81/p44
Kittle '92/p48
Kittle '92/p49
Kittle R P Mar ‘77/p7
Kittle, ‘80/p59; ‘85/p68
Kittle, B E '91/p11
Kittle, Ella ‘85/p68
Kittle, Ella F ‘85/p21, 25
Kittle, Fred ‘85/p67; ‘86/p15, 12
Kittle, Fred '91/p12
Kittle, Fred R ‘85/p64, 65; ‘88/p56
Kittle, Fred R '91/p51, 52
Kittle, Helen S '91/p16
Kittle, Helen S Mrs '90/p46
Kittle, R Mar ‘77/p7
Kittle, R '89/p10;'90
Kittle, Robert Mar ‘77/p7; ‘78/p76; ‘78/p44, 45, 50; ‘82/p12, 28, 64
Kittle, Robert ‘85/p63, 66, 69, 70; ‘86/p79; ‘88/p52
Kittle, Robert '89/p31;'91
Kittle, Robert '92/p73
Kittle, Robert M/M '91/p12
Kittle, Robert M/N ‘85/p68
Kittle, Robt ‘88/p56, 65
Kittle, S P '91/p11
Klaes, Fred '92/p5, 7
Klaes, Mrs. Fred (Maggie E. Ryan ) '92/p5
Klalles, Fred ‘85/p27
Klamt, Anton '92/p42
Klapp, C. L. '92/p49
Klappal, Rose ‘86/p32
Klapproth, August ‘87/p24
Klapproth, Caroline ‘87/p24
Klapproth, Charlotte ‘87/p24
Klapproth, Georg ‘87/p24
Klatte, C L A Mar ‘77/p7; ‘85/p66
Klatte, C S A Mar ‘77/p7
Klatte, C. L. A. '92/p50
Klatte, Charles L ‘78/p76
Klatts, Chas L ‘88/p65
Klaw, Nathan ‘81/p15
Kleas, Fred ‘85/p25
Kleas, Mollie ‘84/p50
Klecka, Frank ‘81/p22
Kleffel, W ‘85/p66
Kleffel, Wm ‘78/p76
Kleffel, Wm '89/p14
Klein, Bertha ‘81/p22
Kleiner, Daniel ‘84/p12
Kleiner, Gott ‘84/p12
Kleiner, Johanna ‘84/p12
Kleiner, Samuel ‘84/p12
Klemke, E H '91/p57
Klemke, Reinhold ‘78/p63
Klemm, C M/M ‘85/p25
Klemm, Chris ‘82/p30
Klemm, Emma M ‘81/p81; ‘86/p1
Klemm, Ferdinand ‘84/p3
Klemm, Fredricka ‘84/p3
Klemm, Maggie '89/p 9
Klemm, Rosina ‘86/p2
Kletecka, Charme ‘81/p22
Kletecka, Frank ‘81/p22
Kletecka, Mrs ‘81/p22
Kletecka, Viola ‘81/p22
Klima, Joseph ‘81/p22
Klimes, Anna ‘83/p4
Klimes, Joseph ‘83/p4
Klimes, Ruzena ‘81/p22
Kline, L M Mar ‘77/p7; ‘83/p57; ‘84/p32
Kline, R E Colonel '89/p50
Kline, William Col ‘85/p25
Kline, Wm ‘78/p21, 22
Kling, Charlotta '91/p74, 77
Klingbeil, Auguste '91/p25, 27
Klingbeil, C Mar ‘77/p7
Klingbeil, Carl ‘85/p79
Klingbeil, Louisa A ‘87/p79
Klingwood, Lena ‘81/p81; ‘86/p1
Klinkenbeard, John Mrs ‘86/p72
Klinsing, Katie '90/p54, 56
Klintwort, Cathrina ‘87/p76
Klintworth, John W '89/p65, 68
Klipfel, J F ‘88/p65
Klitz, Elizabeth ‘86/p2
Klodkey, K L ‘82/p75; ‘86/p48
Kloke, Albert ‘88/p28
Kloke, Emma M '89/p33, 35
Kloke, Frank J '91/p51, 52
Kloke, Henry ‘80/p70
Kloke, Henry F '89/p 3
Kloke, Herman ‘80/p68; ‘83/p36
Kloke, Jno ‘80/p38
Kloke, John ‘83/p38
Kloke, John '89/p 3
Kloke, John Mrs ‘83/p32
Kloke, Mary '91/p50, 52
Kloke, Robert F ‘83/p38
Klomiske, Joseph Mar ‘77/p7
Kloppel, C B ‘86/p49
Kloss, Adam ‘83/p42
Kloss, Andresas ‘83/p42
Kloss, Caroline ‘85/p6
Kloss, Johann ‘83/p42
Kloss, Mathias ‘83/p42
Kloss, Susanne ‘83/p42
Kloth, C C Rev ‘88/p7
Kloth, Louis ‘88/p74
Klott, C L Mar ‘77/p7
Kloty, Sebastian ‘81/p55
Klotz, W. C. '92/p66
Kluck, David M/M ‘81/p74
Kluck, Julius ‘85/p42
Kluck, Louis M/M ‘81/p76
Kluck, Martha ‘85/p42
Kluck, Rosaline ‘85/p42
Klug, Caroline ‘83/p49
Klug, Ernst ‘83/p42
Klug, Friedrike ‘83/p42
Klug, Johann ‘83/p42
Kluge, Edward R '90/p37
Kluge, Victor J '90/p37
Klunder, Anna '92/p37
Klunder, Fritz '92/p37
Klusendorf, Emilie '92/p37
Klussman, Rudolf ‘78/p63
Klute, Angela ‘81/p45
Kluthe see Cluthe '91/p52
Klytoz, Frank Mar ‘77/p7
Kment, Anna ‘82/p78
Kment, Ant ‘82/p78
Kment, Antonin ‘82/p78
Kment, Frantisek ‘82/p78
Kment, Frantiska ‘82/p78
Kment, Jan ‘82/p78
Kment, Josefa ‘82/p78
Kment, Marie ‘82/p78
Knapp, Albert ‘85/p58
Knapp, Charles T ‘87/p58
Knapp, F B ‘87/p70
Knapp, Marguerite ‘82/p60; ‘87/p80
Knapp, Marguerite Mrs '90/p80
Knapp, Minnie ‘85/p58
Knapp, R H ‘82/p41
Knapp, Randall H ‘83/p66
Knapp, Willie ‘84/p48
Knapp, Wm D '89/p64, 68
Knechtel, John ‘84/p50
Knedlick, Barbara ‘83/p6
Kneebrig, Grace ‘86/p28
Knevel, Anton ‘83/p73
Knevel, Elizabeth ‘83/p73
Knevel, Theresa ‘83/p73
Knierien, Frank '92/p62
Knievel, Elizabeth ‘80/p67
Knievel, W T ‘83/p38
Knight, Amon L ‘78/p10
Knight, E F '89/p45
Knight, Jas ‘78/p17
Knight, Wm ‘78/p20
Knighton, Thos ‘85/p19
Knighton, Wm ‘85/p19
Knights of Pythias ‘86/p18, 19
Knightstown, Ind Jan ‘77/p6
Knippel, Goldie ‘81/p3
Knirien Bros ‘87/p71
Knirien, Jos ‘87/p71
Knittle, Mar ‘77/p7
Knoell, C Mar ‘77/p7
Knoell, Chris Mar ‘77/p8; ‘88/p65
Knoell, Christoph ‘79/p60
Knoell, Christopher ‘78/p59, 76; ‘87/p3
Knoell, Geo ‘78/p76
Knoell, George ‘85/p62; ‘88/p65
Knoell, George '90/p54, 56
Knoell, Henry ‘82/p16
Knoell, John Mar ‘77/p8; ‘78/p76; ‘78/p46; ‘85/p72; ‘88/p57
Knoell, John '89/p8, 12, '92/p73
Knoell, Lizzie '89/p27, 30
Knoell, Thomas ‘78/p76; ‘88/p65
Knoell, Thomas '89/p27, 30
Knoell, Valentine ‘88/p57, 65
Knoetzsch, Lena '92/p69
Knoffler, M ‘86/p35
Knoll, Miss ‘84/p47
Knolleisen, William ‘86/p35
Knopf, Gerald, M/M ‘81/p76
Knopp, Augusta W ‘81/p80
Knopp, Mary ‘81/p80
Knoth, Sophia '89/p18
Knott, Helen ‘81/p15
Knouse, Frank ‘87/p58
Knowles, R H Mr '91/p23
Knowles, Robert M/M ‘86/p28
Knowlton, A B ‘85/p73
Knowlton, Bert ‘80/p14
Knowlton, Edwin A ‘81/p55
Knowlton, Frank '91/p23
Knowlton, James ‘82/p12
Knowlton, Will ‘85/p78
Knox, Catharine E ‘81/p15
Knox, Daniel ‘87/p59
Knox, Emma ‘88/p50
Knox, George ‘81/p55
Knox, I M M/M ‘81/p75
Knox, J J Mar ‘77/p8
Knox, Maria P ‘81/p15
Knox, Mary Ann '90/p74
Knox, Thomas H ‘88/p10
Knox, Thos ‘84/p67
Knuckey, J T ‘80/p78
Knuckey, Rev ‘80/p76
Knudsen, Caroline ‘87/p62
Knudsen, Else M ‘87/p62
Knudsen, Robert C ‘85/p30
Knudson, H T H ‘88/p3
Knusson, Sina ‘84/p25
Knuth, Carsten Peter '91/p62
Knuth, Catharine (Knutzen) ‘82/p60
Knuth, Christina H '89/p29, 30
Knuth, Peter ‘82/p60; ‘86/p50
Knutson, Caroline ‘88/p8
Knutson, Lina (Sini) ‘81/p72
Knutzen, Anna ‘82/p60
Knutzen, Catharine Margaretha ‘82/p60
Knutzen, Claus ‘82/p60
Knutzen, Heinrich ‘82/p60
Knutzen, Henry ‘82/p60
Knutzen, Henry '92/p62
Knutzen, Mary C ‘82/p60
Knutzen, Mary D '91/p75, 77
Koberlin, Simon ‘84/p37; ‘87/p7, 70
Kobes, Marie (Filipi) ‘82/p78
Koblizek, Barbara ‘81/p22
Kobosh & Gorack ‘79/p17
Kocarnik, Father ‘82/p77
Kocarnik, James ‘86/p40
Kocarnik, Wenceslau Rev ‘86/p40
Koch, Bertha ‘83/p40
Koch, Catharine ‘84/p74
Koch, Emma ‘84/p74
Koch, F ‘82/p21
Koch, Ferdinand ‘84/p74
Koch, Ferdinand H '91/p26, 27
Koch, John Michael ‘83/p40
Koch, Louise ‘81/p42
Koch, Louise Caroline ‘83/p40
Koch, Maria Dorothea Melchert ‘83/p40
Koch, Wm ‘85/p49
Kocher, Martha Washington ‘82/p25A
Koci, Frances ‘85/p45
Koci, Frank ‘82/p59
Kock, Rasmus P ‘87/p64
Kocour, ‘88/p80
Kocour, Anna ‘86/p33
Kocour, Trudy ‘88/p80
Kocourek, ‘88/p80
Kodela, Frant ‘83/p7
Kodela, Frantiska ‘83/p7
Kodes, Barbara ‘86/p2
Koehler, Emma (Mrs. John C. Meister) '92/p4
Koehler, Emma '92/p7
Koehler, Frederick ‘85/p58
Koehler, Gus ‘82/p63
Koehler, Henry '91/p75, 77
Koehler, Minnie I ‘78/p28
Koehler, William ‘85/p58
Koehne, Charles Mar ‘77/p8
Koell, Chris Mar ‘77/p8
Koemmann, Catherine ‘79/p8
Koemmann, Christina ‘79/p8
Koemmann, Frank J ‘79/p8
Koemmann, Herman ‘79/p8
Koenig, Charles Mar ‘77/p8
Koerber, Elizabeth ‘83/p2
Koerber, Paul E. C. '92/p66
Koerner, William ‘86/p12, 15
Koesner, Annie ‘79/p6
Koester, Anna ‘88/p26
Koester, John ‘85/p25
Koester, Marie ‘88/p26
Kogg, Lena '91/p75, 77
Kohler, Chas M/M ‘81/p75
Kohler, Fred M/M ‘81/p75
Kohler, Henry M/M ‘81/p75
Kohn, August F '90/p54, 56
Kohnback, John H '90/p54, 56
Kohne, Josie ‘84/p50
Kohne, Theresa ‘81/p18
Kohnhack, John Henry ‘88/p44
Kohout, Barabary ‘81/p81; ‘86/p1
Kohoutek, Max ‘81/p15
Kohshack, Johan Henry ‘83/p63
Kolar, Evelyn ‘81/p22
Kolar, Josef ‘86/p38
Kolar, Mary ‘81/p22
Kolarik, Jan ‘86/p38
Kolarik, Josef ‘81/p22
Kolbe, Adam Mrs ‘81/p22
Kolbe, Adelaide ‘81/p22
Kolbeck, Richard ‘81/p22
Kolbeck, Stephanie ‘81/p22
Kolefr, Karoline ‘81/p22
Koler, John ‘81/p67
Koliha, Blazena ‘85/p45
Koliha, Jan ‘83/p5
Koliha, John ‘85/p45
Koliha, Josephine ‘85/p45
Kolk, John ‘81/p67
Kollenbach, A M Mar ‘77/p8
Kolm, Anne ‘84/p57
Kolteman, Charles '91/p49, 52
Koltz, August ‘84/p6
Koltz, Minnie ‘84/p6
Komaraek, Marie ‘81/p22
Komenda, Mrs ‘81/p22
Komenda, Viktor ‘81/p22
Kominek, Jan ‘83/p4
Kominek, Joseph ‘83/p4
Konasek, Anna ‘82/p10
Konasek, Maria ‘83/p10
Konbrough, Edward ‘82/p32
Konec, Frantisek ‘83/p6
Konec, Frantiska ‘83/p6
Konecek, Joseph ‘88/p74
Konicek, Emil ‘82/p47
Konicek, Jos ‘86/p49
Konvalin, Frank '89/p 3
Konvalin, V ‘82/p77
Konzen, Mathias ‘84/p12
Koodry, Elias E ‘86/p12
Koontz, D S ‘78/p45
Koontz, G ‘77/p44
Koontz, Gideon ‘77/p44
Koontz, J ‘77/p44
Koontz, John Martin ‘77/p44
Koontz, M R ‘77/p45
Koontz, Martha ‘77/p44
Koontz, Minnie C ‘78/p45
Koopman, Elsie L A ‘78/p66
Koopman, Gustav ‘78/p66
Koopmann, Alvin ‘78/p66
Koopmann, Geraldine ‘78/p66
Koopmann, Gerhard ‘78/p66
Koopmann, Johanne ‘78/p66
Kopac, Anton ‘85/p48
Kopac, Frant ‘86/p38
Kopac, Joe ‘85/p48
Kopecky, Ann ‘83/p1
Kopecky, Frank '91/p43
Kopecky, Vaclav Mrs ‘86/p38
Kopfelman, Harris ‘81/p15
Kopischke, Henry Mar ‘77/p8; ‘85/p76
Koplin, Gustave ‘81/p81; ‘83/p18; ‘86/p1
Kopp, Dorinda C '91/p77
Kopp, Dorinda Catharine '91/p75
Kopp, Martha A ‘87/p77
Kopp, Samuel Mar ‘77/p8; ‘88/p65
Koppelkon, August ‘88/p36
Koppelkorn, Maggie ‘86/p11, 12
Kopplekorn, Elizabeth (Mrs. Henry Lobe) '92/p4
Kopplekorn, Elizabeth '92/p7
Korack, Agnes ‘81/p22
Korack, William ‘81/p23
Koran, Berta ‘83/p43
Koran, Eduard ‘83/p43
Koran, Elisabeth ‘83/p43
Koran, Julie ‘83/p43
Koran, Wilhelm ‘83/p43
Korbelas, Polecrones Zaharias '92/p42
Korbmacher '89/p37
Korinek, Antonia ‘81/p23
Korinek, Vaclav ‘81/p23
Korlik, Anna ‘83/p8
Korlik, Jacob ‘83/p8
Kornbrink, Mary ‘83/p20
Kornbrink, Rudolph ‘83/p20
Korte, Corinne ‘84/p58
Koser, Barbara ‘84/p12
Koser, Elisabeth ‘84/p12
Koser, Jacob ‘84/p12
Koser, Maria ‘84/p12
Koser, Verena ‘84/p12
Koster, Doris Elizaeth ‘81/p15
Koster, Friedrich ‘87/p24
Koster, Hr ‘84/p42
Kosters, Henry A '91/p35
Kostka, Vaclav ‘81/p23
Kostlan, S ‘88/p13
Koth, Emil '91/p75, 77
Kotiza, Antoine ‘86/p12
Kotnosky, Anna ‘81/p44
Kott, Emil '91/p75, 77
Kottman, Julius '89/p61, 68
Kouba, Marie ‘84/p56
Koudele, August M/M ‘81/p74
Kough, Ellis Ann ‘81/p67
Koukal ‘78/p26
Koukal, Charles ‘86/p52
Kounhsok, John H ‘88/p65
Koutney, Frank ‘81/p4
Kovan, Jan ‘83/p5
Kovar, Anna ‘83/p5
Kovar, Emma ‘84/p55
Kovar, Johan ‘83/p4
Kovar, John '89/p 1
Kovarik, Adolf ‘82/p78
Kovarik, Emil ‘82/p78
Kovarik, Jos M/M ‘81/p75
Kovarik, Joseph '89/p 3
Kovarik, Maria ‘83/p3, 4
Kovarik, Marketa ‘82/p78
Kovarik, Matias ‘82/p78
Kovarik, Ruzena ‘82/p78
Kovarik, Vlasta ‘82/p78
Kovarik, Vratislav ‘82/p78
Kovarnik, Rsalia ‘83/p8
Koviak, Joseph Jasc ‘82/p53
Koviak, Maria Studa ‘82/p53
Koviak, Rosalia ‘82/p53
Kowarlind, Frank '90/p23
Kowiak, Jasc ‘82/p53
Kownowski, Ferdinand Mar ‘77/p8
Kowornik, Rsalia ‘83/p8
Koyen, William '91/p59
Koz, ‘84/p20
Koza, Anna Kadlec ‘83/p60
Koza, Antonia ‘83/p60
Koza, Frank ‘83/p60
Koza, Frantiska ‘83/p6
Koza, John ‘83/p60
Koza, Josef ‘83/p60
Koza, Josephine ‘83/p60
Kracl, Emil ‘87/p19
Kracl, Josef '91/p43
Kracl, Thomas ‘86/p51
Kraemer, Amalie ‘81/p23
Kraemer, Annnaliese ‘81/p23
Kraemer, Ferdinand ‘83/p2
Kraemer, Henrietta '90/p37
Kraemer, Peter ‘83/p1
Krafta, Anton ‘82/p75; ‘86/p48
Krahulik, Helen A ‘85/p46
Krajicek, Lewis ‘78/p63
Krajnicek, Elizabeth ‘87/p26
Krajnicek, Johann ‘87/p26
Krajnicek, Joseph ‘87/p26
Krajnicek, Mathias ‘87/p26
Kral, Anna ‘82/p77
Kramar, Lewis '91/p43
Kramer '89/p37
Kramer, "Brother"" '89/p 2
Kramer, Adam ‘81/p66
Kramer, Heinrich M ‘87/p45
Kramer, Helene ‘87/p45
Kramer, Henry ‘82/p31
Kramer, Herman ‘82/p31
Kramer, John K '90/p46; '91
Kramer, Katharina ‘78/p31
Kramer, Theodore ‘81/p55
Kramhoff, Christian Mar ‘77/p8
Krammer, J. B. '92/p56
Krampien, Louisa '90/p37
Kranke, Otilie ‘81/p44
Kranne, H Lied ‘84/p42
Kranse, Friedrich Mar ‘77/p8
Krantz, Hilda ‘88/p3
Krashal, V '90/p44
Krashin, Harris '89/p63, 68
Krasne, George ‘84/p38
Krasne, J ‘84/p38
Krasne, Simon ‘84/p38
Krasny, Gabriel '91/p62
Krathky, F B ‘86/p38
Kratocavel, Johrke ‘86/p46
Kratochvil, ‘78/p17
Kratochvil, Anton John '91/p44
Kratohwil, Amiel ‘85/p42
Kratohwil, Frank ‘85/p42
Krats, Ludwig Mar ‘77/p8
Kraus, Francis V P ‘81/p15
Kraus, John Walter ‘81/p15
Kraus, Margaret ‘87/p75
Kraus, Windlinus ‘79/p6
Krause, Adolph ‘88/p74
Krause, Alfred E ‘83/p38
Krause, Anna Steng Rong '92/p20
Krause, Bertha ‘86/p32; ‘87/p28
Krause, Bertie ‘87/p28
Krause, Carl Alexander '92/p20
Krause, Edward ‘86/p33
Krause, Emil ‘86/p32
Krause, Ferdinand '89/p61, 68
Krause, Frank ‘86/p48
Krause, Frederick W E '91/p52
Krause, Frederick Wm Eugene '91/p49
Krause, Gottleb ‘83/p73
Krause, John A ‘86/p32
Krause, Leopold ‘87/p19, 28
Krause, Lilly ‘88/p75
Krause, Lotis ‘84/p47
Krause, Lotus ‘84/p48
Krause, Mary ‘86/p32
Krause, Mrs. ‘86/p12; ‘87/p29
Krause, Ralph ‘79/p25
Krause, Rosalie Catharine ‘88/p25
Krayjiek, Waclar Mar ‘77/p8
Krbecek, Leonard ‘81/p23
Krbecek, Mrs ‘81/p23
Krcek, Marie ‘81/p23
Krchov, Louis ‘79/p17
Kreader, John ‘86/p8
Kreader, Ray E ‘85/p30
Kreader, Samuel Mar ‘77/p8
Kreger, Wm '92/p50
Kreikemeier, Ben M/M ‘84/p39
Kreikemeier, John ‘80/p59
Kreikemeir, Anton ‘84/p35
Kreinek, Anton ‘87/p26
Kreiser, Ada Warrick ‘87/p49
Krejca, Jan ‘86/p38
Krejcar, Maria ‘83/p10
Krejci, Bertha ‘81/p23
Kremecek, Gottfried ‘81/p23
Kremecek, Minnie ‘81/p23
Kremkewitz, Chmuel (Sam Rosen) '92/p25
Kremling, Lena '89/p63, 68
Kremmberg, Charles F. '92/p4, 7
Kremmberg, Mrs. Charles F. (Augusta Dorothea Dahl) '92/p4
Krenkovi, Fr ‘86/p38
Krenzer, Kasper ‘86/p51
Krepel, Joseph '91/p49, 52
Krepela, Jan ‘82/p79
Krepela, Vaclav ‘82/p79
Kres (Krz), Mrs. Peter (Mary Stuhulk (Stuhryk) '92/p3
Kres (Krz), Peter '92/p3
Kresak, Fannie ‘81/p23
Kresl, Joe '92/p17
Krespean, Ernest ‘81/p43
Krespien, Ernst ‘78/p76
Kretz, C Mar ‘77/p8
Kreuger, Mary ‘80/p69
Krey, Henry ‘87/p77
Kreye, Anna ‘79/p22
Kreye, Anna ‘79/p22
Kreye, Elise ‘78/p22
Kreye, Johann ‘78/p23
Kreymborg, Mr ‘85/p22, 25
Kribel, Karl Mar ‘77/p8
Krichbaum, Francisco '91/p49, 52
Kriebel, Carl '89/p 4
Kriebel, K Mar ‘77/p8
Kriebel, Karl Mar ‘77/p8; ‘85/p74
Krieg, Wm M ‘86/p28
Krieger, Amelia ‘81/p80
Kriger, Frank ‘84/p75
Kriger, Louisa ‘84/p75
Krigh, Heinreich Mar ‘77/p8
Krill, Hattie ‘82/p42; ‘86/p24; ‘88/p28
Krill, Mattie E ‘86/p67
Krispiern, Ernst ‘80/p68
Krissel, August Mar ‘77/p8
Krivanek, Catharine ‘83/p10
Krivohlavek, Frank M/m ‘81/p76
Kriz, Frank J ‘81/p43; ‘86/p12
Kriz, Wensl Mar ‘77/p8
Krnst, John ‘81/p67
Kroeger, Carl '89/p 4
Kroeger, Sheriff ‘80/p32
Krofta, Maria ‘83/p9
Krogen, Charles Mar ‘77/p8
Kroger, Charles Mar ‘77/p8
Kroger, Heinrich Mar ‘77/p8
Kroger, J Mar ‘77/p8
Kroger, John Mar ‘77/p8
Krogh, Carl Otto ‘85/p8
Krokragger, Mrs ‘84/p35
Kroll, Agnes ‘82/p55
Krool, Agnes Hetten ‘82/p54
Krool, Guilelme ‘82/p54
Krool, Margaritta ‘82/p54
Kroop, Erna ‘81/p15
Kropf, Fred ‘80/p78
Kropf, Frederick '91/p42
Kropf, Fritz ‘85/p48
Kropp, Wilhemina ‘80/p70
Kros, Elisa ‘87/p25
Kroupe, Anna '91/p74, 77
Krouser, Fred '89/p28, 29,
Krowkoff, Peter ‘83/p46
Krstzschmer, Richard '91/p62
Krueger, Albert F K '90/p37
Krueger, Anna '89/p62, 68
Krueger, Anna Augusta ‘78/p28
Krueger, Auguste ‘78/p28
Krueger, Chris ‘85/p58
Krueger, Daniel D ‘78/p35
Krueger, E F ‘85/p18
Krueger, Frank ‘80/p58
Krueger, Franz ‘79/p40
Krueger, Fred ‘78/p28
Krueger, Frederick '91/p51, 52
Krueger, Fredrick C ‘78/p28
Krueger, J F Rev ‘88/p7
Krueger, J F Rev '92/p78
Krueger, John F W '90/p37
Krueger, Louisa ‘78/p28
Krueger, Rev J. F. '92/p78
Krueger, William F '90/p37
Kruell, Wm '89/p14
Krug, Jacob ‘85/p2
Krug, Pierse Jac ‘84/p12
Kruger, Christen ‘87/p2
Kruger, Christoff '92/p4, 7
Kruger, Elisabeth Mar ‘77/p8
Kruger, Frederick ‘83/p74
Kruger, Heinrich J Mar ‘77/p8
Kruger, John ‘87/p5
Kruger, Louisa ‘87/p76
Kruger, Louisa '91/p26, 27
Kruger, Louise ‘83/p74
Kruger, Mary (Mrs. Fred Uehling) '92/p4
Kruger, Mary '91/p51, 52; '92/p7
Kruger, Mrs. Christoff (Mary Halback) '92/p4
Kruger, Mrs. William (Gertrude Wiesen) '92/p5
Kruger, William '91/p 2, 5, '92/p5, 7
Kruger, Wm ‘78/p76; ‘85/p76
Kruggs, C D ‘78/p60
Krugh, Christian M/M ‘86/p12
Krugmeier, Auguste ‘78/p28
Krugmeier, Johan ‘78/p28
Kruguer, Kaljen ‘84/p34
Krula, Emma A ‘84/p56
Krula, John M/M ‘81/p75
Krull, A Mrs ‘82/p6
Krull, A Mrs '90/p45
Krull, Frank ‘80/p39
Krull, Maggie ‘88/p30
Krull, Mamie ‘88/p30
Krull, Mr '90/p45
Krull, Mrs '90/p44
Krull, William Mrs '90/p68
Krumel, Mary ‘80/p17
Krumel, Mathias ‘80/p17
Krumenach, Fred A ‘88/p3
Krumpos, Mathias ‘83/p6
Krupicka, Frank ‘81/p23
Krupinsky, Willie '92/p24
Krupka, Josepha ‘83/p3
Kruse, Carl ‘87/p25
Kruse, H Mar ‘77/p8
Kruse, Henry ‘84/p6
Kruse, Henry M ‘81/p67
Kruse, J N A ‘84/p37
Kruse, Maria ‘84/p6
Kruse, Philippine ‘87/p24
Kruse, Wieb '91/p26, 27
Kruse, Wilhelm ‘87/p24
Kruser, Margaret ‘87/p75
Krutman, H ‘86/p35
Krutz, Anna ‘84/p20
Kruz, Charles F. '92/p3, 7
Kruz, Mrs. Charles F. (Anna M. E. Dobkowitz) '92/p3
Kryger, B L ‘83/p30
Kryger, Henry ‘82/p21
Kryger, L ‘78/p62
Krymberg, Louis '92/p5, 7
Krymberg, Mrs. Louis (Hannah Dierks) '92/p5
Kryz, Anna ‘85/p25, 28
Kryz, Anna (Mrs. John Stayal) '92/p5
Kryz, Anna '92/p7
Kryz, Anna '92 5, 7
Krz (Kres), Mrs. Peter (Mary Stuhulk (Stuhryk) '92/p3
Krz (Kres), Peter '92/p3
Krz, Peter '92/p7
Krzycki, Joseph ‘83/p5
Kuba, Antonia ‘83/p6
Kubalek, Anna ‘82/p77
Kubelos, James '92/p62
Kubersky, Andrew ‘87/p69
Kubes, Anna ‘83/p10
Kubesh, Clement Father ‘82/p49, 50; ‘86/p45
Kubik, Anna ‘83/p1, 6; ‘86/p45
Kubik, Ant M M/M ‘81/p76
Kubik, Franc ‘83/p1
Kubik, Frank ‘85/p52
Kubik, Frantisek ‘83/p6
Kubik, Vencel ‘85/p52
Kubista, Anna ‘83/p5
Kubovy, Louise ‘81/p23
Kucera, Anastazia ‘81/p23
Kucera, Barbara ‘81/p42
Kucera, Jaroslav ‘88/p59
Kucera, Jos W '89/p2
Kucera, Maria ‘83/p9, 10
Kucera, Petr ‘83/p9
Kuchler, Anna ‘81/p23
Kuchler, Dorothy ‘81/p23
Kudec, Chas '92/p46
Kudlac, Rudolph F ‘78/p66
Kudrna, Agnes T ‘80/p17
Kudrna, Joseph ‘83/p5
Kudrna, Joseph L ‘80/p17
Kudrna, Maria ‘83/p5
Kuehl & Evans ‘88/p58
Kuehl, Christian ‘85/p79
Kuehl, John ‘81/p84
Kuehl, Lina ‘85/p79
Kuester, A ‘79/p23
Kuester, Albert ‘79/p23, 25
Kuester, Anna ‘79/p25, 35
Kuester, August ‘78/p22
Kuester, August F ‘79/p29
Kuester, Bertha ‘79/p21, 26; ‘81/p44
Kuester, Caroline D E ‘78/p23
Kuester, Chr Fr ‘79/p23
Kuester, Edward ‘78/p22
Kuester, Emil F ‘79/p26
Kuester, Henry A ‘79/p38
Kuester, Johann ‘79/p23
Kuester, Julius ‘79/p26
Kuester, Lena Wendt ‘78/p64
Kuester, Leona ‘79/p29
Kuester, Martha ‘79/p29
Kuester, Martin ‘79/p26
Kuester, Martin F ‘79/p29
Kuester, Mary M ‘79/p37
Kuester, Nancy ‘79/p26
Kuester, Otto ‘79/p22
Kuester, Theo ‘78/p64
Kuester, Wilhelmine ‘79/p23
Kufer '89/p37
Kuhl, Claus ‘85/p25
Kuhl, Margerta D '89/p28, 30
Kuhl, Sophia (Mrs. Ernst H. Prinz) '92/p6
Kuhl, Sophia '92/p7
Kuhlman, Bro ‘80/p47
Kuhlman, Chas ‘84/p6
Kuhlman, D G Mar ‘77/p8
Kuhlman, D J Mar ‘77/p8
Kuhlman, D L Mar ‘77/p8
Kuhlman, Helenea ‘81/p81
Kuhlman, J F Dr ‘80/p43
Kuhlman, J F Rev ‘80/p46, 48; ‘84/p30
Kuhlman, J. P. '92/p57
Kuhlman, Jno H ‘87/p71
Kuhlman, Rev ‘80/p44
Kuhlmann, H. D. '92/p46
Kuhlmann, Helena ‘86/p2
Kuhman, J F Dr ‘80/p47
Kuhn, Cyrus C ‘81/p72
Kuhn, Jacob ‘81/p55
Kuhn, Robert ‘80/p70
Kuhns, Dr ‘80/p44, 45, 46, 47
Kuhns, H W Rev ‘80/p46, 48
Kuhns, Henry W ‘79/p50
Kuhns, Henry Welty Rev ‘80/p43
Kuhns, Luther M Rev ‘80/p41
Kuhns, Rev ‘78/p58
Kuiper, Henry ‘88/p3
Kujawa, Amalie ‘86/p36
Kula, Agatha ‘83/p2
Kula, Florian ‘83/p2
Kula, Veronica ‘83/p2
Kulh, J ‘86/p35
Kulisek, Frank ‘85/p46
Kulmier, Christine '89/p62, 68
Kumelos, James '92/p62
Kumm, Alma Minna ‘78/p65
Kumm, Angnis Olga ‘78/p65
Kumm, Christine ‘78/p28
Kumm, Ernst Otto ‘78/p65
Kumm, Ferdinandt ‘78/p65
Kumm, Fred H ‘79/p38
Kumm, Friedericke Ernestine ‘79/p27
Kumm, Helene Maria ‘78/p65
Kumm, Mary A ‘78/p35
Kumm, Otto Ernst ‘78/p65
Kumph, Caroline ‘81/p39
Kumph, Peter ‘81/p39
Kumph, Samuel ‘81/p39
Kun, Frank R Rev ‘86/p64
Kun, Rev ‘86/p65
Kunasek, Anna ‘83/p10
Kunasek, Maria ‘83/p10
Kunasek, Vincent ‘78/p63
Kunc, Mria ‘83/p9
Kunc, Thomas ‘83/p9
Kuncel, Thomas '89/p27, 30
Kuncl, Frank '92/p62
Kuncl, Vaclav Thomas '92/p62
Kunhart, Anton ‘86/p62
Kunkle, Sheriff ‘88/p70
Kuntz, ‘85/p69
Kuntz, J A ‘85/p68
Kuntz, John A '89/p31, 41,
Kuntz, Mr ‘85/p69
Kuntzman Bakery ‘84/p9
Kuntzzen, Teodor ‘87/p69
Kuony, J B ‘84/p33
Kuper, Sam ‘78/p3
Kupta, Jan ‘83/p10
Kupta, Maria ‘83/p10
Kureger, Karl Friedrich ‘78/p28
Kursten, Louisa ‘80/p67
Kurt, Mary '89/p27
Kurth, Sophia ‘86/p2
Kurtz, Louise ‘81/p23
Kurtz, Maria ‘84/p12
Kurtz, Mr ‘86/p70
Kurz, Anna ‘81/p23; ‘87/p24
Kurz, Friedrich ‘87/p24
Kurz, Heinrich ‘87/p24
Kurz, Louis ‘87/p24
Kurz, Marie ‘87/p24
Kurz, Wilhelm ‘87/p24
Kusel, Wm T '89/p62, 68
Kuser, Henry '92/p36
Kuss & Co ‘84/p8
Kuss, Clinty '92/p68
Kuss, Henry ‘87/p71
Kussel, August Mar ‘77/p8; ‘83/p76
Kussel, Augusta ‘83/p76
Kussel, Margrett ‘83/p76
Kuster, Albert '91/p26, 27
Kuster, Jan & family ‘86/p36
Kuster, John F '91/p27
Kuster, John Ferdinand '91/p25
Kustonborder, W O ‘87/p58
Kuttig, Alfred ‘86/p35
Kuvanee, Charles ‘88/p3
Kuypers, James ‘86/p50
Kuypers, Rev ‘82/p75; ‘86/p48
Kvetensky, Ladislav '91/p44
Kyger, Moses ‘78/p25
Kyle, Margaret ‘87/p69
Kyrist, Fredrich Mar ‘77/p8

1977-1988 index compiled by Anna Lu Meltvedt; typed for web presentation by Marilyn Estrada.
"Anna Lu is one grand and gracious lady who never hesitates to volunteer her services, and that is
what our society is all about--helping those in need of our society research. Dedicated to Anna Lu Meltvedt

1989-2002 index compiled and typed for presentation by Anna Lu Meltvedt, Carmen Gross, and Judy Czarnecki. Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers who have donated their time to create this index.