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Paalman, Gerhard '92/p18
Paasch, Hans C '89/p61, 69
Pabian, Kate '89/p65, 69
Pabler, George H '91/p 5
Pacific House; Fremont, NE '90/p31
Paden, '91/p20
Padien, '91/p20
Pagaler, Gesine '89/p28, 30
Pageler, Maria '89/p27, 30
Pailing, Lovina (Rickner) '91/p46
Paine '92/p48
Paine, H O '89/p44, 53;
Paine, H O Mr '90/p53
Paine, H O Mrs '90/p70
Palensky, F J Dr '89/p 1
Palisade village, NE '90/p14
Pallencky, Flora (Mrs. Albert Burda) '92/p6
Pallencky, Flora '92/p7
Palm, C. G. '92/p56
Palmer Dr & Mrs '90/p72
Palmer, Henry E '91/p36
Palmer, Jessie '90/p18
Palmquist, Adolph '89/p74
Palmquist, Andrew '89/p72, 74
Palmyra village, NE '90/p14
Palsley, Mary A '91/p74, 78
Panning, Frederick '92/p3, 7
Panning, Henry '92/p68
Panning, Mrs. Frederick (Doretha Schroder) '92/p3
Papillion village, NE '90/p14
Papillion, NE '89/p23
Pappio, NE '89/p23
Parcel, F G Mr '90/p30
Parcell, Joel M/M '90/p75
Parish, Geo Rev '89/p 2
Parish, Ralph '89/p 2
Park, A. '92/p73
Parker '92/p48
Parker, Cora '89/p64, 69
Parker, Geo W. '92/p34
Parker, Henry G '89/p61, 69
Parker, Ira Mrs '91/p 5
Parker, Jennette '91/p75, 78
Parker, John A Jr '91/p11
Parker, Pearl '89/p36
Parker, William J '91/p74, 78
Parkert, Mrs. Peter (Louisa Wendt) '92/p5
Parkert, Peter '91/p58; '92 5
Parkert, Peter '92/p5, 7
Parks, Cynthia '91/p75, 78
Parks, Mary A '91/p74, 78
Parlor, Furniture & Mattress Co; Fremont, NE '89/p75
Parmalee, Hattie L '89/p64, 69
Parmele, Evangeline '90/p54, 56
Parr, Adam '91/p49
Parrish Family '91/p20
Parrish, Alonzo '89/p18
Parrish, Brent Rev '91/p20
Parrish, Effie '89/p18
Parrish, Ella H '89/p18
Parrish, William R '91/p 6
Parrott, Sarah A '91/p25, 27
Parrott, W S '89/p11
Parsons, George B '89/p 4
Parsons, Grant '91/p23
Parsons, Morton '91/p24
Pasco '92/p49
Pass, Adam '91/p53
Passey, P. H. '92/p34
Passick, Lavilda '92/p0
Pat Clausen '90/p0
Paterfield, Clara I '90/p54, 56
Patrick, John A. '92/p34
Patten, S R '89/p11, 19
Patterson, Ellis R '89/p63, 69
Patterson, Geo R '89/p30
Patterson, George R '89/p29
Patterson, James M '91/p36
Patterson, Rosa '89/p62, 69
Patterson, S C '91/p36
Patterson, Sadie E '89/p61, 69
Patterson, Thomas '91/p55, 56
Patterson, W H '89/p12
Patteson, James L. '92/p5, 7
Patteson, Mrs. James L. (Mary Valla) '92/p5
Pattison, Jno W '91/p 7
Paul, Seretta Mrs '91/p63
Paulsen, Henry '92/p46
Paulsen, Henry G '89/p61, 69"
Pawnee Indian village '90/p76; '91/p69
Pawnee Indians "'89/p33,42; '90/p14;"
Pawnee war in 1858 '89/p43
Paxton, Wm A '91/p36
Pearlman, Sophia '92/p43
Pearson, Axel '92/p66
Pearson, Jens '91/p74, 78
Pearson, Per Fred '92/p66
Pearson, Samuel Rev '89/p 2
Pease, Ned '91/p22
Pebble Roller Mills; Scribner, NE '91/p57
Pedersen, Amandus Julius Marius '92/p63
Pedersen, Frederik Martinus '92/p63
Pedersen, Jens Kristian '92/p43
Pedersen, Levin '91/p63
Pedersen, Rasmus '92/p18, 43
Pederson, William Arthur '92/p63
Peider, Mary '91/p25, 27
Peirce, H A '89/p77; '90/p57;'92 49
Peirce, H. A. '92/p49
Peller, A M Mrs '90/p48
Peller, A. '92/p55
Pellins, Johann W. '92/p3, 7
Pellins, Mrs. Johann W. (Adela Englisch) '92/p3
Peluer, Mary '91/p25
Pence, Richard '90/p79
Pence, Richard A '91/p38
Pender town, NE '90/p14
Penn, R '89/p53
Pennsylvania - Leatherheads '91/p41
Penny, Henry '89/p60
Penny, John Peter '89/p60
Penny, Julius '89/p60
Penny, Mary (Shlenz) '89/p60
Penny, Matthew '89/p60
Penny, Matthias (Matthew) '89/p60
Penny, Peter '89/p60
Pepoon, H S '89/p14
Perina, Josef '91/p43, 44"
Perkins, Melvin A '89/p36
Perrin, Esther E '90/p53, 57
Perry, Franklin '90/p54, 57
Person, Dr '90/p45
Person, Kjersti '89/p27, 30
Person, Olivia '89/p33
Person, Olivis '89/p35
Person, Stephen '92/p47
Persons, Edw Dr '89/p 3
Pert, Joseph '89/p61, 69"
Peru State Normal School '92/p51
Peru village, NE '90/p14
Pesek, James '89/p 3
Pestel, Lena '91/p26, 27
Petarson, Jens '90/p21
Peters, Cephas '91/p42
Peters, Emma '92/p53
Peters, Jim '90/p42
Peters, John '91/p75, 78
Peters, Martha '92/p32
Peters, Mrs. Nels (Mate M. Larsen) '92/p3
Peters, Nels '92/p3, 7
Petersburg village, NE '90/p14
Petersen, Fredrick Christin '92/p43
Petersen, Ole Christian '92/p24
Peterson & Trenhaile; Fremont, NE '89/p10
Peterson Bros; Fremont, NE '89/p12
Peterson, (Pedersen), Levin '91/p63
Peterson, A M '89/p72
Peterson, Anders E. '92/p66
Peterson, Andrew '91/p74, 78
Peterson, Andrew M '89/p74
Peterson, Anna (Mrs. George S. Eaton) '92/p3
Peterson, Anna '92/p7
Peterson, Annie '89/p64, 69
Peterson, Annie C '89/p64, 69
Peterson, Annie K '89/p62, 69
Peterson, Arthur '90/p36
Peterson, C A '89/p72
Peterson, Carl A '89/p73
Peterson, Cecil Q '89/p65, 69
Peterson, Christ '89/p76
Peterson, Ellen '89/p27, 30
Peterson, Gorgen H '91/p74, 78
Peterson, Hans '89/p27, 30
Peterson, Hilda '89/p64, 69
Peterson, Jacob '92/p73
Peterson, Jas P '89/p28, 30
Peterson, Jens '91/p75, 78
Peterson, Jergen '91/p26, 27
Peterson, Johanna (Mrs. Aaron Wermlin) '92/p3
Peterson, Johanna '92/p7
Peterson, John A '89/p73
Peterson, Jonas '89/p74
Peterson, Kate '89/p28, 30
Peterson, Lars '91/p58
Peterson, Levin '91/p63
Peterson, Louis '89/p 9
Peterson, Louisa '89/p 9; '91/p76, 78
Peterson, Mary '89/p19; '90/p36
Peterson, Mr '89/p72
Peterson, Mrs. Rasmus (Hannah M. Davidson) '92/p3
Peterson, P A '89/p11
Peterson, Peder '89/p65, 69
Peterson, Peter '89/p78; '91/p75, 78 '92/p73
Peterson, Peter Alfred '92/p18
Peterson, Rasmus '92/p3, 7
Peterson, Sandra A. '92/p20
Peterson, Swan '89/p73
Peterson, Victor '92/p56
Petrow, James Christ '92/p18
Petterson, John '92/p36
Pettijoh, Jesteen '89/p62, 69
Pettit, Harry '91/p24
Pfaff, Nicholas '91/p26, 27"
Pfeiffer '89/p37
Pfeiffer, Christian '89/p65, 69"
Pfeiffer/Piper '89/p37
Pflegar '89/p37
Pflegar/Pfluger '89/p37
Pfluer, Mary '91/p27
Pfluger '89/p37
Pfortner '89/p37
Phebus, Joseph S '91/p36
Phelps, H E '89/p 1, 4
Phelps, John '89/p 4
Phelps, John W '90/p53, 57
Phelps, Mr '90/p35
Philips, Jennie '91/p75, 78
Phillips village, NE '90/p14
Phillips, Edwin George '91/p63
Phillips, John A '91/p75, 78
Phillips, Mary O '89/p27, 30
Phillips, Mrs. '92/p52
Phipps, Emma '89/p 9
Phipps, Maggie '89/p 9
Picha, Alois '92/p43
Pieper, Henry '92/p56
Pierce Co, NE '91/p 3
Pierce village, NE '90/p14
Pierce, Cretie '89/p36
Pierce, Henry A. '92/p73
Pierce, Katie '89/p 9
Pierce, Maggie '89/p56
Pierce, William '90/p55, 57
Pierson, Hannah '89/p27, 30
Pierson, M. '92/p34
Pierson, Margaret Mrs '91/p44
Pilger village, NE '90/p14
Pilling, E '91/p71
Pilsbury, Veazie & Co; Fremont, NE '89/p12
Pilsen, NE '91/p31
Piniaschker, Elli (Friedman, Elis '92/p41
Pinney, Barnard & Co; Fremont, NE '89/p31
Pinney, Geo M '89/p31
Pioneer Day Sep 17 1895 '91/p33
Pioneer Days '91/p55-56
Pioneer Townsite Co; Howells, NE '89/p 2
Piper '89/p37
Pirrie, William '91/p43
Pitte-how-we-dots '89/p42
Placek (Plaick) Frank '89/p28
Placek, Catharine (Mrs. Anton Chucel) '92/p3
Placek, Catharine '92/p7
Placek, Frank '89/p28, 30
Plaick, Frank '89/p28
Plainview village, NE '90/p14
Plambeck Bros; Fremont, NE '89/p12
Plambeck, John '89/p18
Plambeck, Tony '89/p 8
Plasi, NE '91/p31
Platt, Nathan '91/p75, 78
Platte Center village, NE '90/p14
Platte River Zeitung-Weekly; Fremont, NE '89/p13
Platteville Circuit, NE '90/p64
Platteville, NE '91/p31
Plattsmouth city, NE '90/p14
Pleasant Hill, NE '90/p64
Pleasant Valley, NE '90/p52
Pleasanton village, NE '90/p14
Plehvie '92/p48
Ploehn, Claus '92/p44
Ploen, Annie '89/p61, 69
Plummer, Eli '91/p36
Plymouth village, NE '90/p14
Pobanz, John '90/p53, 57
Pohocco, NE '91/p31
Poinsett, John '89/p 4
Pokorny, Anton '92/p4, 7
Pokorny, Mrs. Anton (Anna Nowak) '92/p4
Polcine, M '90/p44
Poledna, Milada (Malida) '89/p40
Poledna, Milada '89/p40
Polizois, Efthemios '92/p44
Polizois, Kostantinos '92p44
Pollard, Geo '92/p66
Pollard, James B '91/p74, 78
Pollen, John '89/p64, 69
Pollock, Elizabeth '91/p74, 78
Pollock, Erwin '92/p30
Pollock, Hannah '91/p75, 78
Pollock, Irving '91/p59
Pollock, James N '89/p63, 69
Pollock, John '92/p73
Pollock, Madora '89/p61, 69
Pollock, Mr '90/p42
Pollock, Mrs. Erwin (Annie Bronson) '92/p30
Polstam, NE '91/p31
Ponca city, NE '90/p14
Ponca Indians '91/p69
Pont, Benj '89/p 1, 3
Pop, Joseph '90/p53, 57
Popelar, Anton '89/p 2
Popp, Claus Johann '90/p80
Popp, George '90/p80
Popp, Jacob Friedrich '90/p80
Popp, Sophia (Loding) '90/p80
Poppleton & Byers; Omaha, NE '91/p 9
Porter House; Dodge, NE '90/p45
Porter, A. N. '92/p54
Porter, Freeman C '89/p29, 30
Porter, John M. '92/p73
Porter, Maggie J '90/p53, 57
Porter, Mrs '89/p36
Porterfield & Co; Fremont, NE '90/p31
Porterfield & Newman '90/p57
Porterfield Bros; Fremont, NE '89/p14
Porterfield, Jerry '91/p68
Pospishil, Joseph '91/p50, 53
Pospishil, Nettie '91/p50, 53
Pospisil, Jos '92/p46
Post Office; Lilly, NE '90/p42
Post Office; North Bend, NE '90/p47
Post Office; Ogan, NE '90/p42
Post Office; Swaburg, NE '92/p56
Post Office-1879 '91/p5
Post, A M Judge '91/p44
Post, Judge '89/p18
Pott, John H '89/p30
Pott, John J '89/p27
Potter, Samuel S '91/p25, 27
Potter, W S Mr '89/p44
Pottraz, Gustav E '91/p50, 53
Powell, Anna '89/p28, 30
Powers, Grace H '89/p62, 69
Powers, John '89/p55
Powers, Mattie J. (Mrs. Tom Robeson) '92/p5
Powers, Mattie J. '92/p7
Powers, William M '91/p 6
Powers, Wm M '91/p 6
Powlike, S Mr '91/p44
Prague village, NE '90/p14
Pratt & Wheeler; Fremont, NE '89/p13
Pratt's Jewelry Store; Fremont, NE '89/p57
Pray, F R '91/p36
Pray, G R '91/p36
Pray, John W '91/p36
Prediger, Charles '89/p20
Preininger, Jos '91/p57
Prenslow, Wilson '89/p44
Presbyterian Church Records '91/p73
Presbyterian Church; Fremont, NE '89/p14,57; '91/p66;
Presbyterian Church; Purple Cane, NE '91/p64
Presbyterian Historical Society '91/p73
Prescott, F. M. '92/p73
Prester, M L '91/p36
Preston village, NE '90/p14
Price, Conductor '89/p 1
Price, Thomas '89/p27; 30
Priebnow, Ida '91/p49, 53
Priebnow, Otto '91/p25, 27
Priest, G E Mr '89/p44
Priest, W F Mr '89/p44
Prigge, Henry Fredrich '92/p18
Primrose, W J Rev '91/p45
Prine, G H & Bro; Fremont, NE '90/p29
Prine, Wm. A. '92/p73
Prinz, Ernst H. '92/p6, 7
Prinz, Mrs. Ernst H. (Sophia Kuhl) '92/p6
Prochaska, William '91/p45
Prokas, Martin '92/p6, 7
Prokop, John '92/p44
Provaznik, Mary '89/p62, 69
Prusa, Anton '89/p 1
Prusa, Joseph '89/p 1
Pruss, Charles '91/p25, 27
Pryor, Mrs Edith (Mrs. Byron H. Abbott) '92/p27
Pscherer, Jean '92/p69
Pscherer, Lena (Knoetzsch) '92/p69
Psota, Anton '91/p50, 53
Pucelik, T '90/p44
Pule, Jurgen F. '92/p66
Pundt, Henry '91/p36
Purcell, T. B. '92/p55
Purchase & Blanchard '91/p 8
Purchase, M W G '91/p 8
Purchase, Morris W E '91/p 8
Putnam, Ella A. (Mrs. William K. Wright) '92/p4
Putnam, Ella A. '92/p7
Pvlicka, Jacob '92/p66
Paalman, Gerhard '92 18
Pythian Hall; Fremont, NE '91/p65

1977-1988 index compiled by Anna Lu Meltvedt; typed for web presentation by Marilyn Estrada.
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