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M E Church; North Bend, NE '92/p54
M’Cart, Henry O ‘87/p58
M’Coy, Fannie L ‘88/p29
Maach, L. '92/p47
Maas, Geo ‘80/p66
Maas, Heinrich '91/p63
Maas, Theo ‘86/p35
Mabbett, S ‘85/p20
Mabel Gray's Bagnio '89/p56
Maben C P Mar ‘77/p8; ‘87/p20; ‘87/p17
Maben, Andrew J ‘87/p17
Maben, C Mar ‘77/p8
Maben, C P ‘87/p17
Maben, Charles C ‘87/p17
Maben, Chester P ‘87/p17
Maben, H ‘87/p17
Maben, H M ‘87/p17
Maben, Hannah ‘87/p17
Maben, James ‘82/p44
Maben, James D ‘87/p17
Maben, James D '91/p59
Maben, L ‘87/p17
Maben, L B ‘87/p17
Maben, Luther B ‘88/p36
Maben, Luther B. '92/p4, 7
Maben, Luther B. Mrs. (Lydia Ikenberry) '92/p4
Maben, M D ‘87/p17
Maben, Mrs ‘84/p62
Maben, Phebe ‘87/p17
Maben, Phoebe ‘81/p20
Maben, W H ‘87/p17
Maben, William J ‘87/p17
Maben, William H ‘87/p17
Maben, Wm ‘81/p20; ‘87/p17
Mabin, C P ‘88/p36
Mabin, Mary '91/p74, 77
Mabin, Sarah E '89/p27, 30
MacCameron ‘84/p22
MacCarthy, James Mar ‘77/p15; ‘78/p54
MacDonald, Daniel ‘85/p20
MacGill, John '92/p1
MacGill, Ralph '92/p1
Macguire, Jerl’d ‘85/p20
Macguire, Margt ‘85/p20
Macguire, Wm ‘85/p20
Mach, Anna ‘85/p52
Mach, Anna M ‘88/p26
Mach, Charles ‘83/p1
Mach, Joseph ‘85/p52
Mach, Joseph '92/p4, 7
Mach, Joseph, Mrs. (Mary Faymon) '92/p4
Mach, Karel ‘83/p1
Mach, Prantisek ‘83/p1
Mach, Wenzel '92/p4, 7
Mach, Wenzel, Mrs. (Mary Siroka) '92/p4
MacInro, Patrick ‘82/p38
Mack, C ‘86/p46
Mack, Fanny ‘81/p68
Mack, Frank ‘86/p28
Mack, Jas G M/M ‘84/p39
Mack, O D ‘81/p66, 69
Mack, Winton ‘84/p39
Mackaey, David Mar ‘77/p8; ‘82/p13
MacKenzie, James '89/p20
Mackprang, Gret’h’n ‘86/p32
Macks, C H Mrs '90/p48
MacLeish, Archibald '90/p15
MacMurphy, John A '91/p36
MacMurphy, John A Mrs '91/p36
Macras, Ruth F ‘81/p16
Macumber, Mattie K '91/p49, 52
Macy, Bruce E ‘87/p58
Macy, John ‘82/p73
Madale, Russie ‘88/p42
Madden, William J ‘78/p42
Maddock, Joseph ‘82/p73
Maddox, Chas M/M ‘86/p28
Maddox, Francis (Williams) ‘78/p8
Maddox, J W '90/p27
Maddox, Louisa ‘85/p22, 25
Maddox, Margaret '91/p35
Maddox, Mary E. '92/p7
Maddox, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. David Scott) '92/p3
Maddox, Michael ‘78/p8
Maddox, Nelson M ‘78/p8
Maddox, Wilson M ‘78/p8
Maddox, Wilson M '91/p35
Mader, Adam ‘85/p48
Mader, Conrad '91/p49, 52
Mader, Francisca ‘83/p3
Madison city, NE '90/p14
Madison County Genealogical Society ‘81/p62
Madison Mission '90/p49
Madison, James ‘79/p20
Madison, Roberts ‘87/p76
Madison, William ‘81/p56
Madox, William ‘82/p23
Madrid village, NE '90/p14
Madro, Wellhamneeno ‘80/p67
Madsen, Anne M ‘87/p63
Madsen, Jens ‘87/p63
Madsen, Lauraine ‘87/p63
Madurazski, Stanislaw Mar ‘77/p8
Magale, E ‘81/p56
Magenau & Brunner; Fremont, NE '89/p11
Magenau, D & E ‘85/p66
Magenau, E Mar ‘77/p8; ‘88/p51
Magenau, Etta ‘86/p42
Magenau, Eugene Mrs ‘85/p25
Magenau, Frieda '91/p24
Magenau, Jennie ‘86/p42
Magenau, O Mar ‘77/p8; ‘88/p51
Magenau, Otto ‘80/p40; ‘84/p38; ‘86/p42; ‘88/p66
Magenau, Otto '91/p22, 23
Magenau, Otto M/M ‘85/p25
Magenau, Otto Mrs '91/p24
Magenau, P Mar ‘77/p8
Magenau, William ‘84/p38
Magenaus '90/p32
Maggagau, Mar ‘77/p8 Magill, Arthur ‘84/p69
Magill, Arthur '92/p2
Magill, George '92/p2
Magill, Henry '92/p2
Magill, Henry Harrison '92/p1, 2
Magill, John '92/p2
Magill, Ken '92/p1
Magill, Mrs. Henry Harrison (Sarah Jane Cranshaw) '92/p2
Magnusson, C M '89/p72
Magoon, D M ‘85/p66
Magoon, Dr '90/p26
Magruder, Mary C Mrs '91/p12
Maguire, Dr '90/p10
Maguire, J H ‘78/p51
Maguire, John H ‘88/p9
Mahanna, H C ‘85/p72
Maher, Anna ‘82/p52
Maher, Augustus ‘81/p56
Maher, Daniel ‘84/p22
Maher, Grance ‘82/p55
Maher, H C ‘87/p56
Maher, J E ‘82/p55
Maher, J M ‘88/p31
Maher, Jacobus ‘82/p53, 55
Maher, James ‘82/p53
Maher, James Mrs ‘82/p53
Maher, Lizzie ‘82/p53
Maher, R C ‘80/p13, 14
Maher, Robert ‘82/p55
Maher, William ‘82/p52, 53; ‘84/p22; ‘87/p50
Maher, William P ‘80/p13
Mahers, Edward ‘81/p56
Mahler, Catharine ‘87/p2
Mahlsteadt, ‘88/p3
Mahnka, Elise ‘79/p22
Mahnke, Carl ‘79/p26
Mahnke, Eliebe ‘79/p24
Mahnke, H ‘79/p23
Mahnke, Harold D ‘79/p24
Mahnke, Heinrich ‘79/p23
Mahnke, L ‘79/p23
Mahnke, W Mar ‘77/p8
Mahnke, Wilhelm Mar ‘77/p8; ‘78/p24
Mahnken, Hinrich '89/p68
Mahnken, Norbert R '91/p 1
Mahoney, Owen ‘81/p56
Mahoney, William ‘85/p25
Mahuken, Hinrich '89/p64
Mail, Fred '89/p47
Mailley, James A ‘87/p58
Main, Iva ‘86/p31
Maine - Foxes '91/p41
Mains, Josepha ‘78/p45
Mains, M ‘78/p45
Mains, Oscar ‘78/p45
Mains, William ‘78/p45
Majers, Chas E '90/p11
Majewski, Gottl ‘84/p42
Make, A K Mr ‘81/p23
Makkilson, Emil ‘83/p39
Mako, Mary ‘81/p23
Makofsky, Samuel '92/p63
Makousky, Edward ‘82/p47
Makousky, Richard ‘79/p17; ‘82/p59
Malchow, Augusta ‘80/p2
Malchow, Auguste ‘78/p29
Malchow, Christian ‘80/p2
Malchow, Flora ‘88/p74
Malchow, Frank ‘81/p46
Malchow, Franz ‘78/p29
Malchow, Gussie ‘88/p75
Malchow, Hannah '91/p49, 52
Malchow, Iada ‘80/p2
Malchow, Johanne ‘80/p2
Malchow, Laura ‘80/p2
Malchow, Lizzie L ‘88/p28
Malchow, Otto ‘78/p29
Malchow, Pauline W (Meske) ‘78/p32
Malchow, Roger ‘78/p67
Malchow, William ‘78/p33; ‘80/p2
Malchow, William Fredrick ‘80/p2
Malchow, Wm F ‘78/p32
Malcolm ‘84/p64
Malcom, John ‘88/p3
Malden, John ‘78/p9
Malecom, A B ‘78/p23
Malensten, L John '90/p55, 56
Malina, Joseph ‘83/p10
Malina, Josepha ‘83/p10
Mallan. August Edward '92/p42
Mallat, A G '90/p48
Mallery, J H ‘78/p77
Mallet, ‘86/p61
Mallet, Thomas Mar ‘77/p8
Mallett, T H ‘82/p62
Mallon, J P ‘85/p72
Mallon, James P ‘85/p72
Mallon, Sheriff ‘81/p12
Mallory, Emma ‘80/p68
Mallory, Frances '91/p17
Malloy, E P ‘86/p51
Malloy, Harold D ‘86/p32
Malloy, J C ‘84/p67
Malloy, J G ‘88/p66
Malloy, Joe M/M ‘86/p28
Malloy, John ‘86/p33; ‘88/p66
Malloy, Joseph B '89/p61, 68
Malloy, Leroy E ‘86/p32
Malloy, Miss ‘84/p65
Malloy, Pat M/M ‘86/p28
Malloy, Pat T '89/p65, 68
Malloy, Patrick Mrs ‘86/p28
Malloy, Sarah F ‘81/p16
Malm, John ‘81/p1
Malmgren, Caroline ‘87/p63
Malmo village, NE '90/p14
Malmsten, Robert K ‘78/p64
Maloany, George '91/p49, 52
Malon, Simon Mar ‘77/p8
Malone, Family ‘79/p17
Malone, S S ‘78/p51
Maloney, Ann Mar ‘77/p14; ‘78/p54
Maloney, Anna (Mrs. John Hickey) '92/p5
Maloney, Anna '92/p7
Maloney, Anthony M/M ‘86/p28
Maloney, Ellen Mar ‘77/p15; ‘78/p54
Maloney, James Mar ‘77/p15; ‘78/p54; ‘81/p68
Maloney, Michael J Mar ‘77/p15; ‘78/p54
Maloney, Pat M/N ‘86/p28
Maloney, Thomas ‘81/p56
Maloney, Thomas F O ‘81/p68
Malto, see Masto ‘81/p68
Maly, Anna ‘83/p7
Maly, Emily ‘82/p78
Maly, Jan ‘86/p38
Maly, Jaroslav ‘82/p78
Maly, Joseph ‘83/p10
Maly, Joseph J '91/p54
Maly, Maria ‘83/p10
Maly, Petr ‘83/p10
Maly, V ‘82/p78
Maly, Venzel ‘80/p68
Maly, Wenceslaus ‘83/p10
Malzahn, Gustav F ‘78/p63
Malzahn, J. C. '92/p47
Mamacay (Namacay) Mrs. James (Mary Shamanag (Simanek)) '92/p4
Mamacay (Namacay), James '92/p4
Manak, Joseph '92/p42
Mandel, Christian Mar ‘77/p8
Mandel, Christian '91/p25, 27
Mandel, Conrad ‘87/p23
Mandel, Theodore Mar ‘77/p8
Mandsley, Robt ‘83/39
Manetti, Antoine ‘81/p56
Maney, James ‘84/p23
Maney, Johanna ‘82/p53, 54
Maney, Maria ‘83/p54
Maney, Mariah ‘82/p55
Maney, Michael ‘82//p54
Mangel, Riley ‘87/p71
Mangels, Carsten ‘81/p23
Mangler, Mary '89/p65, 68
Manha, Joseph '92/p17
Mann, A C ‘78/p6
Mann, Anna R ‘81/p45
Mann, C C Mr '91/p24
Mann, Fred L ‘87/p58
Mann, John Mar ‘77/p8; ‘78/p77; ‘82/p30, 73; ‘85/p66, 72; ‘88/p66
Mann, John '90/p32
Manner, George ‘80/p14
Manner, Joseph ‘80/p12
Manners, George ‘85/p57
Manners, Joseph ‘85/p57
Manners, Mary ‘85/p57
Mansfield, '89/p80
Mansfield, A ‘87/p73
Mansfield, Albert '89/p36
Mansfield, Amos ‘87/p73
Mansfield, Bruce ‘82/p57
Mansfield, L A ‘87/p73
Mansfield, Lettie '89/p36
Mansfield, Lydia ‘86/p68
Mansfield, Lydia '89/p36
Mansfield, M/M '90/p72
Mansfield, Mary ‘85/p23, 35
Mansley, Alathea Howard '90/p40
Mansley, Alathea Howard '92/p40
Manstedt, Erick W ‘88/p59
Mantecek, James '92/p56
Mantel, John ‘81/p1
Mantle, Fred ‘83/p76
Manuel, Joseph M/M ‘83/p47
Manville, C A ‘81/p19
Manville, Prof '90/p46
Manwarren, Albert ‘85/p42
Manwring, Ellen E ‘87/p4
Manzel, C ‘86/p46
Manzel, Charles '92/p5, 7
Manzel, Mrs. Charles (Louisa Stearnpf) 92/p5
Mapes '92/p20
Mapes, Albert ‘88/p66
Mapes, Alice ‘86/p3
Mapes, Freelove '91/p75, 77
Mapes, Melissa ‘85/p25
Mapes, Sherman ‘80/p78
Maple Grove Cemetery ‘86/p57
Maple, Florence ‘84/p55
Maple, J B ‘86/p49
Maple, J M ‘86/p49
Maple, J M M/M ‘86/p50
Maple, J P ‘86/p49
Maple, J P '91/p42
Maple, J P Jr ‘80/p32
Maple, J P M/M ‘81/p76
Maquire, Dr ‘78/p73
Maquire, Michael ‘85/p25
Mara, Patrick ‘81/p68
Maraica, Josef ‘81/p23
Marasmus, ‘84/p76
Marble Works ‘84/p8
Marble, Hiram ‘85/p52
Marble, NE '91/p31
Marble, Rosanna ‘85/p52
Marburg, Joseph ‘88/p75
March, Peter ‘80/p12
March, Samuel ‘79/p53
Marchbank’s Shoe Store ‘88/p35
Marcia, Frances ‘81/p23
Marcusson, Carrie ‘85/p18
Mardyn, Michl ‘83/p41
Marek, Frank M/M ‘81/p76
Marek, Jno ‘87/p71
Marek, John ‘80/p69
Marek, Karla ‘81/p23
Marek, Lydia ‘81/p23
Marek, Paul ‘81/p23
Marek, Stefan ‘81/p23
Mares, Albert ‘83/p11
Mares, Barbara '91/p25, 27
Mares, C ‘83/p81
Mares, C. '92/p50
Mares, Claire ‘78/p81; 79/p18, 18B, 42, 53; ‘80/p11, 17, 20, 58, 74, 75; ‘81/p20B;
Mares, Claire ‘82/p20B; ‘82/p20B, 25A, 60; ‘83/p19, 39, 41, 60, 68; ‘84/p20, 60, 69;
Mares, Claire ‘85/0, 80; ‘86/p0, 42; ‘87/p0, 26, 74; ‘88/p0, 40, 63
Mares, Claire '89/p0, '92/p40, '92/p69
Mares, Clarabelle ‘80/p17
Mares, Jacob ‘83/p1
Mares, Jakub ‘86/p39
Mares, Karel ‘82/p77
Mares, Maria ‘83/p1, 11
Marg, David ‘82/p73
Margretz, Carrie C ‘87/p17
Margritz, C O ‘78/p63
Margritz, George '92/p60
Margritz, John '92/p60
Margritz, John R ‘86/p4
Margritz, Laura '92/p60
Margritz, William '92/p60
Marguet, Carl '90/p54
Marhon, Dorothea ‘83/p48
Marhone, Dorothea ‘83/p48
Marhone, Matilda ‘83/p49
Mariegard, Niels Larsen '91/p63
Marietta Precinct, NE '90/p63
Marik, Mary '91/p74, 77
Maring, Ralph ‘88/p3
Marion, Pat Mar ‘77/p8
Mariposa, NE '91/p31
Maris, Anna ‘87/p75
Mark, Frank '91/p24
Mark, Harrison '91/p35
Mark, W H '91/p36
Markel, Anna ‘81/p2
Markel, J E M/M ‘86/p12
Markel, Jacob E '91/p35
Markel, Jacob Ely ‘86/p12
Marker, Mayme '89/p 2
Markgraff, Lewis ‘81/p56
Markham, Roy ‘86/p32
Marking, Jacob Mar ‘77/p8
Markley, Elizabeth ‘87/p75
Markley, Helen ‘87/p75
Marko, William ‘81/p16
Marks, Chas ‘87/p69
Marks, Emilie ‘86/p28
Marks, Ethel R ‘81/p16
Marks, Jane E ‘81/p42
Marks, T F & Co; Fremont, NE '89/p77
Markus, Herman '92/p37
Markussen, Markus ‘84/p36
Markwood, Francis V ‘83/p78
Markwood, Joannah ‘83/p78
Marlaw, Henry ‘81/p56
Marlin, Chester W ‘87/p58
Marlow & Ghost ‘87/p8
Marlow, W A Ma ‘77/p8; ‘88/p52, 66
Marlow, William A Mar ‘77/p8; ‘81/p81; ‘86/p1
Marmorstein, Agnes ‘81/p23
Maroney, Brudget ‘81/p56
Maroney, Patrick H ‘81/p56
Marovski, Caroline ‘83/p44
Marquardt, Adam ‘83/p44
Marquardt, Anna ‘83/p44
Marquardt, August ‘83/p44
Marquardt, John H '91/p75, 77
Marquardt, Juliane ‘83/p43
Marquardtson, Chas W M/M ‘81/p78
Marquart, Johann ‘87/p23
Marquet, Carl '90/p56
Marquette village, NE '90/p14
Marquette, David ‘80/p78
Marquette, T M '91/p36
Marr, Ann E ‘81/p32
Marr, C D '89/p13; '90/p11, '91/p23
Marr, Charlie Jr '91/p24
Marr, E J ‘81/p32
Marr, Edward ‘81/p68
Marr, Jane ‘78/p59
Marr, L B ‘81/p32
Marr, M A ‘81/p32
Marr, M E ‘81/p32
Marr, Madeline ‘88/p21
Marr, R R ‘81/p32
Marr, Willie ‘81/p32
Marr, Wm ‘81/p27, 32
Marsahll, John T ‘85/p51
Marsh, Ambrose ‘81/p1; ‘86/p1
Marsh, Annetta ‘81/p32
Marsh, Belle D ‘85/p57
Marsh, Henrietta ‘81/p32
Marsh, Henry ‘81/p32
Marsh, Nettie ‘85/p3
Marsh, Sybil ‘85/p3
Marsh, W E ‘78/p60; ‘87/p3
Marshal, Humphrey ‘81/p56
Marshal, John ‘78/p42
Marshal, Lewis H ‘81/p56
Marshal, Mary L ‘78/p42
Marshalek, Vinc M/M ‘81/p74
Marshall, A Mar ‘77/p8
Marshall, A H '89/p13
Marshall, Addie ‘85/p43
Marshall, Allen Mar ‘77/p8; ‘88/p66
Marshall, Allen '89/p13
Marshall, Arie ‘85/p51
Marshall, Arthur ‘85/p77
Marshall, B A ‘87/p73
Marshall, C W ‘87/p73
Marshall, Captain J W ‘78/p61
Marshall, Catherine Mar ‘77/p8; ‘85/p43
Marshall, Charles ‘78/p56
Marshall, Chas '89/p13
Marshall, Chester ‘88/p60
Marshall, Elizabeth '92/p7
Marshall, Elizabeth L. (Mrs. Ben John Anderson) '92/p6
Marshall, Emegeen ‘83/p71
Marshall, Emily H. (Mrs. John L. Brown) '92/p3
Marshall, Emily H. '92/p7
Marshall, Geo ‘88/p31
Marshall, George Mar ‘77/p8; ‘80/p37; ‘85/p43, 62
Marshall, George E ‘80/p13
Marshall, Grafton ‘85/p51
Marshall, Huldah '89/p 8
Marshall, J M M/M ‘86/p12
Marshall, Jake ‘80/p37
Marshall, James C ‘87/p73
Marshall, James S Mar ‘77/p8
Marshall, James Sr ‘78/p56
Marshall, Judge '91/p12
Marshall, Lavantia H ‘87/p73
Marshall, Ludisca ‘78/p61
Marshall, Lydia '89/p28, 30
Marshall, M W ‘87/p73
Marshall, Martha J ‘87/p73
Marshall, Myrtie '89/p 8
Marshall, Pardon ‘88/p66
Marshall, R M Mar ‘77/p8; ‘88/p66
Marshall, Rachel C ‘87/p73
Marshall, Sadie ‘86/p32
Marshall, Samuel A ‘80/p13
Marshall, Samuell ‘78/p24
Marshall, Sarah '89/p 8
Marshall, T J ‘78/p5
Marshall, Virgie ‘86/p33
Marshall, W A ‘87/p73
Marshall, W J ‘80/p28
Marshall, William Mar ‘77/p8; ‘83/p71; ;85/p72
Marshall, Willie ‘83/p71
Marshall, Wm ‘85/p74
Marshall, Wm '89/p10
Marso, Michael ‘81/p56
Marsoun, M '90/p44
Martan, Alzb Mrs ‘81/p23
Martan, Elizabeth ‘81/p23
Martan, Joseph ‘81/p23
Martek, Orris ‘85/p56
Martek, Ottis ‘85/p56
Martens, Fred ‘82/p31
Martens, Friedrich William '92/p63
Martens, George Hermann '92/p24
Martens, Hans Mar ‘77/p8; ‘82/p31
Martens, Henry '91/p57
Martens, Jno D ‘87/p71
Martens, Walter ‘78/p63
Martensen, Christ ‘84/p37
Martensen, Christian Engelbrecht '91/p63
Martensen, Fred ‘84/p36
Martenson, N Mar ‘77/p8
Martenson, Nels '91/p58
Marther, Sallie K ‘83/p48
Martig, Susana K ‘78/p32
Martin & Townsend Mar ‘77/p8
Martin, Alexander ‘78/p51
Martin, Amanda ‘88/p56
Martin, Bertha ‘84/p57
Martin, C A ‘88/p13
Martin, C A & Co; Fremont, NE '90/p32
Martin, Christian ‘78/p77
Martin, Corporal '91/p47
Martin, E W Dr ‘84/p8
Martin, Edgar ‘88/p3
Martin, Eliza ‘81/p56
Martin, Elizabeth ‘85/p6
Martin, Elizabeth '89/p63, 68
Martin, Ella ‘78/p69; ‘85/p55
Martin, Eva L ‘78/p69
Martin, Faye ‘86/p67
Martin, Frank Mrs ‘81/p56
Martin, Geo W Rev ‘82/p30
Martin, George ‘84/p24
Martin, George W ‘78/p70; ‘88/p9
Martin, Hazel ‘80/p32
Martin, Helen ‘87/p8
Martin, Ida B '90/p54, 56
Martin, James B ‘81/p68
Martin, Joanna '90/p54, 56
Martin, Johanna Mar ‘77/p8
Martin, John ‘81/p68; ‘82/p64; ‘84/p53; ‘86/p43
Martin, John '89/p 9
Martin, Kate '91/p24
Martin, L Mar ‘77/p8
Martin, L A ‘78/p69
Martin, L E ‘84/p55, 57
Martin, Louis ‘86/p28
Martin, Lucinda A ‘78/p69
Martin, Mrs Mar ‘77/p8; ‘85/p52
Martin, Neil ‘81/p68
Martin, Nellie '89/p18
Martin, Orris ‘85/p56
Martin, Ottis ‘85/p56
Martin, P ‘78/p69
Martin, Priscilla ‘83/p55
Martin, Roxanna ‘78/p69
Martin, S ‘78/p13, 14
Martin, Samuel ‘78/p13
Martin, Solomon ‘78/p8
Martin, W H ‘85/p56
Martin, William Mar ‘77/p8; ‘81/p56; ;86/p28; ‘88/p52
Martin, William '90/p 8
Martin, William M ‘86/p2
Martin, Wm ‘80/p40; ‘85/p27, 73; ‘88/p66
Martin, Wm '89/p11
Martin, Z S ‘79/p70
Martindale, Emma J '91/p26, 27
Martindale, William '91/p71
Martinek, Fr ‘86/p39
Martinka, Marie ‘82/p77
Martins, Capt ‘82/p11
Martins, H C ‘84/p38
Martley, William Mar ‘77/p8
Martley, Wm ‘88/p66
Marton, W H ‘88/p42
Martyn, Christian '91/p42
Martyn, Geo ‘80/p56
Martz, Peter J '91/p55
Marusak, Catharina ‘83/p9
Marusak, Catherine ‘83/p1
Marusak, Jan ‘81/p1, 9
Marusak, Julia ‘83/p9
Marusak, Vaclav ‘83/p9
Marusak, Wenceslaus ‘83/p9
Marv’s Cash Saver ‘82/p63
Marvin, Alice ‘85/p31
Marvin, Alice Mary ‘84/p1
Marvin, Alicia ‘82/p10
Marvin, Alicia J ‘79/p44
Marvin, Alonsone ‘78/p23
Marvin, Emery ‘82/p43
Marvin, Glen ‘85/p25
Marvin, Glenn M '91/p75, 77
Marvin, Lovie ‘86/p12, 13
Marvin, Seth '89/p58
Marvin, Seth M/M ‘85/p68
Marvin, Seth P ‘85/p68
Marvin, Seth P '89/p31
Marx, Emil Oscar '92/p63
Marx, Frank O ‘78/p28
Marx, William F ‘78/p28
Mary, Miss ‘82/p20
Maryland - Clam Thumpers '91/p41
Maryott, ‘88/p3
Mason city village, NE '90/p14
Mason, Albert ‘81/p32; ‘83/p72
Mason, Claude ‘83/p71
Mason, E H Mar ‘77/p8
Mason, Emma ‘86/p51
Mason, Eva ‘85/p11
Mason, Eva (Karges) ‘86/p36
Mason, H E ‘81/p32
Mason, H M ‘81/p32
Mason, H O ‘81/p32
Mason, Harry C ‘86/p4
Mason, Ida '89/p12
Mason, J F ‘81/p32
Mason, J Y ‘80/p54
Mason, John '89/p27, 30"
Mason, John C ‘83/p71
Mason, John M ‘83/p72
Mason, Lucy H ‘83/p71
Mason, Mary Ann Mar ‘77/p8
Mason, Philip ‘86/p36
Mason, R D Mar ‘77/p8
Mason, S Rufus ‘86/p55, 58
Mason, Thomas ‘78/p22
Mason, William ‘86/p36
Mass, A ‘86/p35
Mass, Beverly ‘86/p27
Mass, Gilbert ‘78/p63
Mass, Jane ‘87/p2
Mass, Joseph ‘81/p68
Massachusetts - Bay State '91/p41
Massam, Henry ‘85/p74
Massey, Stephen ‘80/p52
Masson, Henry Mar ‘77/p8
Master, Azariah ‘86/p59
Mastera, Frantisek ‘83/p6
Mastera, Martin ‘83/p6
Masters, A ‘84/p23
Masters, Cynthia S ‘87/p73
Masters, Maria ‘82/p57
Masters, Mary ‘87/p73
Masters, S W ‘87/p73
Masters, Silas ‘84/p23; ‘887/p73
Masterson, Charles ‘81/p56
Mastich, Eleanore ‘85/p44
Mastin, Geo ‘81/p7
Mastine, Mar ‘77/p8
Mastny, Joe John '91/p63
Mastny, John ‘86/p65
Masto, Alfred ‘81/p68
Matan, Slavka ‘81/p23
Mathause, Adela ‘88/p30
Mathauser, Adela ‘88/p30
Mathei, Christian '92/p37
Mathenson, Nels ‘86/p70
Mather, E ‘78/p19
Mathes, Mr ‘88/p3
Matheseck, Cathrina '91/p76, 77
Matheson, Maria ‘83/p49
Mathews, '91/p55
Mathews, C W ‘78/p42
Mathews, Edna ‘81/p79
Mathews, Emmy R ‘78/p42
Mathews, George W ‘87/p76
Mathews, James ‘78/p3, 4
Mathews, Jas E ‘84/p54
Mathews, John ‘88/p3
Mathews, Joseph ‘78/p3
Mathews, McRea ‘78/p3
Mathews, Orlovar ‘78/p3
Mathews, Reece ‘84/p50
Mathews, S ‘85/p20
Mathews, T L '90/p11
Mathews, William Mar ‘77/p8
Mathews, Wm ‘78/p3
Mathewsen, Angell Mar ‘77/p8
Mathewson, C P ‘82/p22
Mathewson, Charles A ‘81/p80
Mathewson, Edna ‘86/p12
Mathewson, Frank ‘86/p12
Mathewson, Jennie ‘86/p12
Mathias, John ‘80/p67
Mathieson, A '89/p13
Mathis & Brothers Mar ‘77/p8
Mathis, Anna '91/p75, 77
Mathis, John ‘86/p59
Mathis, W R ‘88/p66
Mathison, Jacob ‘81/p80
Mathison, James ‘78/p77; ‘88/p6
Mathison, James '92/p73
Mathson, M Mar ‘77/p8
Mathwick, Christian Mar ‘77/p8
Matney, Charles ‘87/p20
Matskus, Doris ‘79/p47
Matson, Effie P ‘84/p5
Matson, James M '91/p49, 52
Matson, John A ‘88/p59
Matson, Martha J ‘84/p5
Matson, Sarah Elizabeth ‘87/p4
Matson, W ‘84/p5
Matson, William Mar ‘77/p8
Mattes, Agatha ‘80/p67
Mattes, Lars '89/p71
Mattes, Olof '89/p71
Mattesen, Abigail E ‘88/p9
Matteson, Ida ‘85/p11
Matteson, Mary ‘80/p65; ‘86/p12, 13
Matthes, Augusta '91/p51, 52
Matthew, Martha Ida ‘78/p35
Matthews, A J ‘81/p32
Matthews, Archie ‘81/p32
Matthews, Ethel ‘84/p47, 48
Matthews, Harry Bradshaw '89/p38
Matthews, J D ‘86/p28
Matthews, J H ‘81/p32
Matthews, Jennie ‘86/p12
Matthews, Job ‘78/p11
Matthews, John ‘81/p32
Matthews, Joseph Mar ‘77/p8
Matthews, Marshal ‘86/p70
Matthews, Mary E ‘81/p32
Matthews, S R L ‘81/p32
Matthies, Louise A ‘78/p33
Matthis, Luella ‘88/p3
Mattis, John ‘84/p23
Mattison, George W ‘78/p51
Mattison, John '92/p38
Mattson, Albert ‘80/p13
Mattson, Henry ‘86/p4
Mattson, John '92/p38
Mattson, M Mr '89/p44
Mattson, Marvin ‘82/p62
Mattwick, Mr ‘80/p31
Mattz, H O Mar ‘77/p8
Matwick, Augusta ‘86/p1
Matwick, Louisa ‘81/p81
Matz H O & Co; Fremont, NE '90/p24
Matz, Anna ‘83/p76
Matz, Clause ‘83/p76
Matz, H G ‘82/p30
Matz, H O '89/p12
Matz, H O Mrs '90/p24
Matz, Hans ‘85/p25, 27
Matz, Hans '89/p14
Matz, Hans D ‘83/p76
Matz, Hans O ‘88/p66
Matz, W O Mar ‘77/p8
Matzen, John ‘86/p66
Matzen, Marion ‘88/p27
Matzen, Max '91/p58
Matzen, Minne ‘81/p19
Matzler, Francis ‘81/p68
Maubent, Otto ‘81/p56
Mauck, Ann ‘85/p50
Mauck, Jacob ‘85/p50
Mauck, John ‘85/p50
Maul, N C Mar ‘77/p8
Maun, Laura ‘85/p8
Maupin, W T Mrs ‘86/p28
Maupin, Will M ‘82/p37; ‘86/p28; ‘87/p45
Maupin, William M/M '91/p64
Maurer, Emilie ‘86/p28
Maurer, Mary E ‘86/p12, 15
Maurice, Hugh ‘81/p56
Maves, Frederick ‘85/p25
Maxfield L B ‘78/p34
Maxfield, Ellen ‘88/p8
Maxfield, J B ‘88/p8
Maxfield, J B Rev ‘86/p10, 12; ‘88/p43
Maxfield, L B M/M ‘85/p25
Maxfield, L G '91/p51, 52
Maxfield, Lucas G ‘80/p70
Maxfield, Mr ‘88/p43
Maxson, Capt ‘82/p10
Maxwell Foundry; Fremont, NE '90/p24
Maxwell, Andrew '89/p 9
Maxwell, Anna ‘84/p50
Maxwell, Anna M ‘85/p30
Maxwell, E B Mr '91/p 5
Maxwell, Ella '89/p 9
Maxwell, Ellen M Mar ‘77/p9
Maxwell, Fannie ‘87/p8
Maxwell, Frank '91/p23
Maxwell, George Mar ‘77/p9’ ‘85/p66’ ;87/p8; ‘88/p66
Maxwell, George '90/p28
Maxwell, Georgie ‘85/p77
Maxwell, Henry ‘84/p77
Maxwell, Henry '89/p 4, 8; '92/p31
Maxwell, Jake '91/p24
Maxwell, Judge ‘82/p36
Maxwell, Mary A ‘81/p81; ‘86/p1
Maxwell, Mary E ‘81/p16
Maxwell, Miss '89/p 8
Maxwell, Robert ‘83/p74
Maxwell, Samuel M/M ‘88/p24
Maxwell, Sarah ‘88/p22
Maxwell, Sarah Harte ‘88/p23, 24
Maxwelll, Sam’l ‘82/p22
May Bros ‘84/p63
May Brothers Mar ‘77/p9
May Brothers; Fremont, NE '89/p11,12,14;'90/p32
May Joe Mrs ‘86/p12
May, Arthur L ‘87/p59
May, Bert W ‘85/p30
May, Burt ‘84/p50
May, Dorothy M ‘78/p26
May, Etta '89/p9; '91/p23
May, I Rev ‘78/p61
May, J K ‘88/p66
May, J K '90/p71
May, John ‘84/p50
May, Joseph ‘88/p66
May, Lou ‘88/p66
May, Lou '91/p24
May, M Mar ‘77/p9
May, Maud '91/p24
May, Mill ‘88/p26
May, Milt Mar ‘77/p9
May, Milton ‘78/p77; ‘85/p75; ‘88/p66
May, Milton M/M ‘85/p26
May, Mrs ‘84/p59
May, Mrs L Mar ‘77/p9
May, Ollie ‘84/p59
May, Petra C '89/p64, 68
May, W L '90/p71
May, Wm L ‘88/p66
Mayberry, John ‘81/p68
Maye, Helen M Mar ‘77/p9
Mayer, F G Mar ‘77/p9
Mayer, Katharine ‘83/p45
Mayer, William Mar ‘77/p9
Mayes, Julia ‘81/p81; ‘86/p1
Mayfield, C G '91/p36
Mayhew, Allen B ‘78/p10
Mayhew, George ‘81/p16
Maynadier, Henry E ‘81/p56
Maynard, D '91/p58
Maynard, Wm W ‘78/p23
Mayner, Wm ‘84/p34
Maynz, Emanuel ‘81/p16
Mayo, Addie ‘85/p77
Mayo, Helen M '89/p29, 30
Mc Clintock, George H '91/p76
Mc Cully, William ‘82/p53
McAfee, J B ‘80/p46
McAllister, Margaret ‘85/p4
McAndrew, Maria ‘82/p54
McArthur, Mary Jane ‘88/p80
McAul, J W ‘78/21
McBaine, Mr ‘80/p66
McBeth, Abby ‘83/p74
McBeth, Abby A ‘83/p74
McBeth, Andrew ‘83/p74
McBeth, Isabelle '91/p51, 52
McBeth, Lloyd '92/p60
McBeth, Margaret '92/p60
McBlade, Daniel ‘81/p56
McBride, ‘85/p9
McBride, Benjamin R ‘79/p13
McBride, H W ‘85/p4
McBride, Laura ‘85/p4, 5
McBride, Michael ‘81/p67
McBride, William ‘81/p67
McBroom, H Mar ‘77/p9
McBroom, Huey ‘86/p2
McBroom, Mary ‘78/p58; ‘87/p1
McBurney, Clifford Mrs ‘87/p43
McCabe, J ‘81/p36
McCaddon, Frank ‘82/p32
McCaffrey, James ‘81/p56
McCain, David ‘82/p73
McCall, F ‘78/p13
McCalpin, John ‘81/p67
McCandlish, W M ‘78/p62
McCann, Carrie ‘86/p3
McCann, Ellen ‘81/p67
McCarn, Archibald ‘88/p66
McCarn, Esther (Mrs. Alexander Bruckman) '92/p5
McCarn, Esther '92/p7
McCarn, John Mar ‘77/p9; ‘88/p66
McCarn, Miss ‘87/p8
McCarn, Miss '89/p17
McCarn, Nanette E ‘82/p68
McCarns, Esther ‘85/p21, 25
McCartay, Enoch ‘78/p17, 17B
McCartay, Pat ‘78/p18
McCartay, R ‘78/p17
McCartay, Robt ‘78/p17B
McCarter, Hattie ‘84/p47, 48
McCarter, Hattie M ‘88/p28
McCarthey, Eliz ‘83/p39
McCarthey, John ‘83/p39
McCarthey, Mary ‘83/p39
McCarthey, Mrs ‘83/p39
McCarthey, Wm ‘83/p39
McCarthy, August Patrick ‘82/p53
McCarthy, James ‘87/p55
McCarthy, Jerry ‘85/p59
McCarthy, Johanna ‘82/p54
McCarthy, John Mrs ‘86/p57
McCarthy, Margareth ‘82/p23
Mccarthy, Maria ‘82/p55
McCarthy, Mary ‘82/p54
McCarthy, Michael ‘82/p54
McCarthy, Mike ‘82/p53
McCarthy, Mike L ‘87/p49
McCarthy, Minnae Beubennick ‘82/p53
McCarthy, Nancy '89/p65, 69
McCarthy, Pat ‘82/p55
McCarthy, Patrick ‘82/p52, 53
McCartney, Mar ‘77/p9, ‘85/p67, 68
McCartney, Rev ‘86/p79
McCartney, Thos M Rev ‘86/p20
McCartney, Thos Rev ‘82/p74
McCarty, Abigaile ‘85/p1
McCarty, Bruce Arthur ‘85/p1
McCarty, C R ‘78/p21
McCarty, James ‘81/p56
McCarty, John ‘85/p1
McCarty, Pat ‘82/p53
McCarty, Robt ‘78/p21
McCasland, Roberta (Hanks) '90/p40
McCasun, H ‘78/p14
McCauley, John B ‘80/p13
McCaw, Fred W ‘85/p30
McCaw, Mrs ‘85/p33
McCay, J ‘78/p19
McCayhey, Elizabeth ‘84/p34
McChesney, E S Rev ‘82/p29
McChesney, E. J. '92/p76
McClain, David ‘82/p73
McClaran, L B Dr ‘87/p48
McClary, J S ‘78/p73, 76
McClary, John ‘83/p61
McClary, John '90/p33
McClary, Johnny ‘83/p61
McClary, Johnny '90/p33
McClary, M/M '90/p34
McClary, Mr ‘83/p62
McClary, Mrs ‘83/p61, 62
McClary, Mrs '90/p33
McClary, U S '90/p10
McClatchey, Elizabeth (Mrs. John Coie) '92/p4
McClatchey, Elizabeth '92/p7
McClatchie, Maggie '92/p54
McClean, J. K. '92/p66
McCleary, John Mar ‘77/p9
McCleland, M Miss '89/p44
McClely, Hugh ‘78/p18
McClement, Drum Major Sergeant '91/p47
McCleod, Samuel '90/p54, 56
McClintock, Amanda M. (Mrs. Almon B. Thurber) '92/p5
McClintock, Amanda M. '92/p7
McClintock, Anna ‘87/p76
McClintock, Elizabeth ‘87/p76
McClintock, Elizabeth '90/p36
McClintock, George H '91/p78
McClintock, James '90/p36
McClintock, Maggie '91/p74, 78
McClintock, Mary ‘86/p11, 12
McClintock, Mary '89/p28, 30
McClintock, Robert '90/p36
McCloud, J ‘78/p5
McClroy, Lizzie ‘82/p52
McCluhan, John ‘86/p33
McCluhan, Richard ‘86/p48
McClulhan, Lena ‘86/p32
Mcclulhan, Pearl ‘86/p32
McClure, A L ‘78/p43
McClure, Alex ‘78/p41
McClure, Amanda ‘78/p41
McClure, Levi Springer ‘78/p43
McClure, Louisa A ‘78/p41
McClure, Martha Jane ‘85/p3
McClure, Mary ‘85/p6
McClure, S E ‘78/p41
McClure, Samuel ‘78/p41
McClure, W P ‘78/p43
McCollister, Minnie ‘85/p8
McCollom, R. M. '92/p34
McColly, William ‘83/p80
McComber, Charles ‘83/p80
McComber, Teresa ‘83/p80
McComer, Almer ‘83/p80
McCondlish, William ‘78/p45
McConiga, S '91/p36
McConnaughey, Hattie ‘86/p23
McConnaughey, Hattie '92/p51
McConnel, Mar ‘77/p9
McConnel, George Q '90/p53
McConnel, James ‘81/p56
McConnel, John '89/p55
McConnel, Quinn ‘87/p20
McConnell, ‘85/p9
McConnell, Barney ‘80/p32
McConnell, Cynthia Rew ‘78/p42
McConnell, Eugene ‘86/p79
McConnell, George O '90/p56
McConnell, John ‘86/p58
McConnell, John '91/p58
McConnell, Mr ‘88/p43
McConnell, Pat ‘78/p17B
McCook city, NE '90/p14
McCool Junction village, NE '90/p14
McCord, D N ‘85/p40
McCord, Rev William ‘78/p47
McCord, W D Jan ‘77/p1
McCormic, J J ‘78/p17B
McCormick, Lydia C ‘81/p80
McCormick, M ‘85/p48
McCormick, M '91/p42
McCormick, Mary ‘83/p42; ‘85/p10
McCormick, Michael ‘81/p56
McCorn, D N ‘80/p33
McCourt, Delma '89/p80
McCowan, W H ‘82/p41
McCowan, W H Mr ‘82/p41
McCowin, W H '90/p31
McCoy, A A '91/p36
McCoy, Eliza '89/p36
McCoy, Fannie ‘88/p20
McCoy, Fannie, '89/p36
McCoy, Ida ‘86/p66
McCoy, Irene ‘88/p14
McCoy, Milton ‘80/p13
McCoy, Thos ‘85/p54
McCracken, ‘78/p53
McCracken, Jake ‘78/p51
McCrady, Ellen T ‘88/p9
McCrady, Jessie ‘85/p8
McCready, E Samantha ‘85/p10
McCready, Emma Samantha ‘85/p7
McCreary, James ‘86/p12
McCreath, Albert ‘86/p46
McCreath, Clara ‘86/p31
McCreath, Margaret ‘79/p47
McCreath,Jjames Mar ‘77/p9; ‘78/p47
McCreery, Wm H '91/p36
McCrety, Mary Mrs ‘81/p45
McCullen, I Walter '91/p36
McCulloch, Addie (Murlbut) '89/p24
McCulloch, Bruce '89/p24
McCullough John ‘85/p75
McCullough, Benjamin ‘81/p56
McCully, Gulielmus (William) ‘82/p53
McCully, Maria Elizabetha ‘83/p52
McCully, Mina Welton ‘82/p53
McCurdy, Alexander L ‘88/p3
McCurdy, Susie ‘84/p56
McCurry, J C Mr '91/p23
MCDaniels, E B ‘78/p76
McDermed, Horace B '89/p63, 69
McDermot, Cassie ‘80/p69
McDermot, Hugh ‘81/p56
McDermot, Margaret '91/p26
McDermott, Charles ‘78/p76
McDermott, Chas ‘83/p27
McDermott, Jas ‘83/p27
McDermott, Margaret '91/p27
McDolald, D ‘78/p19
McDonald William ‘87/p49
McDonald, A Rev ‘78/p61
McDonald, Agnes ‘82/p61
McDonald, Carrie ‘85/p77
McDonald, Catherine ‘81/p16; ‘82/p53
McDonald, Charley '89/p 8
McDonald, D ‘84/p25
McDonald, David ‘81/p72; ‘82/p22
McDonald, Davis ‘79/p70
McDonald, Dr ‘84/p8
McDonald, Edna Mary ‘82/p53
McDonald, Edward ‘82/p53
McDonald, George ‘87/p49
McDonald, Harry ‘85/p77
McDonald, J Rev ‘78/p62
McDonald, James ‘78/p11
McDonald, John ‘85/p9; ‘88/p66
McDonald, John A ‘87/p49
McDonald, Judge ‘84/p25
McDonald, Laura ‘84/p50
McDonald, M A Mar ‘77/p9
McDonald, Mary Mar ‘77/p9
McDonald, Mary J ‘887/p8; ‘88/p64
McDonald, Mary J '89/p 9
McDonald, Mattie '92/p78
McDonald, Micale ‘79/p59
McDonald, Michael ‘79/p53, 59, 61
McDonald, Michale ‘79/p60
McDonald, N A Mar ‘77/p9
McDonald, N. A. '92/p55
McDonald, Norman ‘86/p22
McDonald, Norman A '90/p54, 56
McDonald, Patrick ‘80/p17
McDonald, Patrick Father ‘82/p48; ‘86/p44
McDonald, Rev Mr '92/p77
McDonough, James ‘81/p41
McDougal, Andrew ‘83/p47
McDowel, H. J. '92/p55
McDowel, John ‘78/p2
McDowell, Bridget ‘84/p34
McDowell, W C Mr '89/p44
McEachron, Albert '92/p34
McElhaney, Delilah (Mrs. James Andrews) '92/p3
McElhaney, Delilah '91/p49, 52; '92 3, 7, '92/p7
McElhinney, J Hoy ‘86/p20
McElliver, Samuel ‘87/p58
McElrath, D R Mr ‘85/p47
McElroy, Mar ‘77/p9
McElroy, Frank '89/p4; '91/p23, 31, '92/p31
McElroy, J A Mar ‘77/p9
McElroy, J N ‘78/p76
McElroy, J N ‘80/p40
McElroy, J N '89/p10, 14
McElroy, John ‘82/p52
McElry, Alexander ‘82/p66
McElvee, Rev ‘88/p48
McEnther, Flora '91/p25, 27
McEntire, Albert ‘88/p66
McEvers, Charles ‘85/p5
McEvers, Daniel ‘85/p5
McEvers, Rhoda ‘85/p5
McEwen, Charles ‘81/p56
McEwen, Charles W ‘81/p56
McEwen, Clarrisa ‘81/p56
McEwen, Harry ‘81/p56
McEwen, Mary ‘81/p56
McEwen, William A ‘78/p9
McFadden, James ‘83/p57
McFadden, Joseph ‘81/p38
McFadden, Wm ‘81/p10
McFadeden, William ‘81/p56
McFalk, Frances ‘82/p73
McFall, Frances ‘82/p74
McFally, Anna ‘81/p68
McFally, Mary ‘81/p66
McFarland, '90/p36
McFarland, James ‘81/p68
McFarland, Susan ‘78/p58
McFarlane, June ‘84/p57
McFarlane, Thomas ‘83/p40
McFarling, Susan ‘87/p1
McFarran, Robert ‘81/p56
McFerson, Robert ‘78/p20
McGahey, Albert '89/p55
McGaughey, Joseph ‘86/p26
McGaughey, Joseph Ames ‘86/p28
McGavin, Catherine ‘85/p59
McGavin, Denis ‘85/p59
McGavin, Jospeh ‘85/p59
McGavin, Mary ‘85/p59
McGavin, Michael ‘85/p59
McGaybey, B ‘84/p34
McGee, M/M ‘86/p15
McGiddagan, J T ‘79/p70
McGideligan, A ‘81/p6
McGill, Arthur H. '92/p2
McGill, Eunice (Van Valin) '92/p1
McGill, Hannah S. '92/p2
McGill, Henry ‘78/p51
McGill, Henry H. '92/p2
McGill, John '92/p1
McGill, Mrs. Ralph (Eunice Van Valin) '92/p1
McGill, Sarah J. '92/p2
McGinnis, Frank ‘82/p39
McGinnis, John ‘81/p56
McGinniss, Daniel ‘86/p3
McGiverin, Daisy ‘84/p50; ‘85/p30
McGiverin, Daisy '91/p24
McGiverin, Ethel '91/p24
McGlofflin, John ‘78/p23
McGorman, Owen ‘81/p56
McGowan, Capt ‘81/p70
McGowan, Cormick ‘81/p68
McGowan, J P ‘81/p68
McGrann, Ann ‘81/p68
McGrann, Emma ‘81/p68
McGrann, John ‘81/p68
McGrann, Thos M ‘81/p68
McGrath, J C Mar ‘77/p9
McGrath, S Mar ‘77/p9
McGree, Mr ‘80/p35
McGrew, Sarah E ‘87/p1
McGrew, Susan ‘87/p1
McGuire Charles ‘79/p66
McGuire, Charles '89/p27, 30
McGuire, Dollie (Mrs. John Holden) '92/p6
McGuire, Dollie '92/p7
McGuire, Elisha ‘81/p32
McGuire, Ellenora Gertrude ‘82/p54
McGuire, Ida ‘82/p54
McGuire, Johanna ‘82/p52
McGuire, John ‘85/p7
McGuire, Joseph ‘82/p52, 54
McGuire, Lizzie '92/p54
McGuire, Louisa '91/p74, 78
McGuire, Marg ‘82/p52
McGuire, Mary ‘87/p76
McGuire, Mary Anne ‘80/p70
McGuire, Mary Elisabeth ‘82/p52
McGuire, Thomas ‘82/p52
McHenry, Isabelle ‘78/p41
McHenry, Jacob ‘78/p41
McHenry, James ‘78/p41, 42
McHenry, James D ‘78/p41
McHenry, Jane ‘78/p41
McHenry, John ‘78/p41
McHenry, M ‘78/p42
McHenry, Margaret ‘78/p41
McHenry, Mary ‘78/p41, 42
McHenry, Nancy ‘78/p41, 42
McHenry, Sarah H ‘78/p42
McHenry, William ‘78/p42
McIndoo, J. M. '92/p54
McIntosh, James Mrs ‘80/p77
McIntosh, John ‘80/p32; ‘83/p48
McKane, Clara '89/p63, 69
McKanzie, J C ‘85/p24
McKay, Frank '91/p 5
McKay, William ‘86/p3
McKean, Esther L ‘78/p42
McKean, Gertrude L ‘78/p42
McKean, M M ‘78/p42
McKee, Mar ‘77/p9
McKee, Joseph ‘86/p20
McKee, Joseph Rev ‘82/p74
McKee, Rev ‘86/p79
McKeegan, John ‘82/p27
McKeegan, Mary ‘84/p47, 48
McKelvey, Chas ‘88/p66
McKelvey, James Mar ‘77/p9
McKelvey, James ‘87/p17
McKelvey, Rev ‘78/p62
McKelvey, Rev Charles '92/p76
McKelvey, Rev Mr '92/p77
McKen, John ‘88/p66
McKenna, Anna '89/p69
McKenna, Annie '89/p65
McKenna, Maurice ‘80/p10
McKenna, Thomas ‘81/p56, 68
McKenna, Wilbur W '91/p36
McKennan, Charles ‘85/p79
McKennan, James ‘81/p56
McKennan, Martha ‘85/p79
McKenney, Agnes ‘83/p72
McKenney, Elisabeth ‘83/p72
McKenney, Herry ‘83/p72
McKenzie, George ‘79/p70; ‘88/p8
McKenzie, J C ‘85/p25
McKenzie, James ‘80/p32
McKenzie, James C ‘80/p32
McKenzie, M D ‘86/p49
McKenzie, M D M/M ‘81/p75
McKeone, Jno Mar ‘77/p9
McKesson, J C F '91/p36
McKesson, S M '91/p36
McKesson, S M Mrs '91/p36
McKibbon, Mattie ‘81/p20
McKinahan, Jno ‘81/p37
McKinley, President ‘80/p12; ‘88/p52
McKinney, Clarissa A. (Mrs. James A. Hepburn) '92/p4
McKinney, Clarissa E. '92/p7
McKinney, George ‘79/p70
McKinney, J ‘78/p56
McKinney, James P ‘82/p23
McKinney, Lizzie ‘86/p11, 12
McKinney, Martha ‘78/p56
McKinney, W D ‘78/p56
McKinsey, G E ‘78/p17
McKinsten, Lee ‘81/p56
McKinzie, Flora ‘81/p18; ‘86/p1
McKinzie, Green ‘78/p6
McKirahan, John ‘80/p5; ‘83/p22
McKirahan, Josiah ‘80/p5
McKirahan, Josiah M/M ‘83/p24
McKirahn, Elizabeth ‘80/p5
McKirahn, Joseph ‘83/p37
McKissick, Daniel ‘78/p7
McKnight '92/p48
McKnight, George Mar ‘77/p9
McKnight, George '92/p73
McKnight, William ‘83/p76
McKone, John Mar ‘77/p9
McLachlin, Dr ‘83/p57
McLain, Jacob ‘85/p4
McLain, John '89/p29, 30
McLain, Mary A ‘85/p4
McLalughlin, J R ‘85/p11
McLaughlin, Anna ‘85/p11
McLaughlin, David H '91/p36
McLaughlin, James Ross ‘85/p11
McLaughlin, Janet ‘78/p7
McLaughlin, John '91/p50, 52
McLaughlin, Katherine ‘81/p23
McLaughlin, Lulu ‘85/p11
McLaughlin, Mary '91/p50, 52
McLaughlin, P J ‘81/p23
McLaughlin, Warren R ‘87/p58
McLaughlin, Wm ‘78/p15
McLea, R ‘83/p46
McLean, Erwin '91/p58
McLean, Pearl ‘86/p67
McLennan & Kerr ‘85/p66
McLennan, Kenneth ‘78/p7
McLennan, Mr '90/p24
McLennan, William ‘78/p7
McLeod, Conductor ‘83/p61, 62
McLeod, Conductor '90/p33, 34
McLin, A ‘78/p38
McLin, Wm F ‘78/p38
McMahan, Edward ‘78/p76; ‘88/p66
McMahan, Thos ‘88/p66
McMahn, Lizzie ‘82/p53
McMahon, Jane ‘87/p2
McMahon, John ‘82/p52
McMahon, Marg ‘82/p52
McMahon, Margarietta ‘82/p54
McMahon, Mary ‘85/p25
McMahon, Michael '91/p74, 78
McMahon, Thomas Mar ‘77/p9
McMahon, W. J. '92/p34
McMaken, H C '91/p36
McManigal, Adda ‘85/p8
McManus, Charles H ‘84/p20
McManus, Herman D ‘84/p20
McManus, John ‘84/p20
McManus, Julia Niblack ‘84/p20
McManus, Matie ‘84/p20
McManus, Stella ‘84/p20
McMartin, George Howard '91/p63
McMatly, Russel ‘78/p21
McMenemy, C ‘78/p51
McMillan, James ‘81/p81; ‘86/p1
McMillen, Daniel ‘88/p9
McMillen, James '91/p 6
McMllen, J W ‘85/p9
McMorren, Margaret ‘83/p49
McMullen, Chas G '89/p61, 69
McMullen, E G ‘78/p5
McMullin, Eli ‘78/p5
McMullin, I W '90/p42
McMullin, Lucy ‘87/p75
McMurphy, John D ‘85/p25
McMurray, A. '92/p54
McNab, William ‘81/p56
McNabb, Johnn ‘81/p56
McNally, Wm D '91/p57
McNamara, Dan’l ‘83/p39
McNamara, John ‘84/p1
McNamara, Rev '89/p17
McNamara, Sarah E ‘84/p1
McNarmara, Bessie C ‘84/p1
McNaught, John ‘85/p74
McNaughter, John '92/p36
McNaughton, Catharine ‘82/p47
McNaughton, George '91/p55
McNeal, Abran ‘84/p17
McNeal, Allen ‘85/p49
McNeal, Eley ‘85/p49
McNeal, J ‘84/p33
McNeal, Ruth ‘85/p49
McNeale Co, NE '91/p 3
McNeel, A '91/p 9
McNeel, Rebecca '90/p40
McNeeley, Hugh ‘84/p32
McNeeley, Margarette ‘85/p11
McNeely, Alice ‘85/p10
McNeely, Ema Virginia ‘88/p8
McNeely, Hugh ‘79/p70; ‘81/p7; ‘84/p24
McNeely, Mary Luisa ‘88/p8
McNeely, Mrs ‘85/p11
McNeil, Eliza '89/p28, 30
McNeil, Rebecca '89/p45
McNeil, Robert L '91/p75, 78
McNeill, ‘85/p65
McNeilly, Hugh M/M ‘85/p2
McNeilly, Virginia Taylor ‘85/p2
McNicholson, Minnie '92/p34
McNicol, John ‘83/p48
McNight, Geo ‘78/p76
McNish, C Clark '91/p50, 52
McNish, Clark C ‘80/p38
McNorton, Catherine '89/p27, 30
McNorton, M ‘88/p66
McNorton, Mrs C Mar ‘77/p9
McNown, F. L. '92/p54
M'Coniga, S '91/p 2
MCord, Blaine M ‘88/p31
McPersian, William ‘79/p47
McPherson, Agnes ‘83/p42
McPherson, Alexr ‘83/p42
McPherson, Anna M ‘88/p3
McPherson, Duncan ‘83/p42
McPherson, H D ‘88/p3
McPherson, Hattie ‘88/p44
McPherson, John H ‘87/p59
McPherson, Mary ‘83/p42
McPherson, Pearl Mrs '91/p45
McPherson, Saml ‘83/p42
McPherson, William Mar ‘77/p9
McPherson, William M/M '91/p68
McPherson, Willie ‘88/p44
McPherson, Wm ‘85/p75
McProud, B E ‘86/p66
McProud, B. E. '92/p54
McRae, Denton ‘87/p59
McRay, Emily (Jenkins) ‘78/p26
McRay, Kenneth ‘78/p26
McRay, Rachael ‘78/p26
McRay, William ‘78/p26
McReynolds, Logan '92/p70
McVey, J O Prof ‘86/p60
McVey, James ‘81/p56
McVicker, Ella ‘86/p31
McVicker, Fred ‘84/p85; ‘86/p31
McVicker, George ‘86/p45, 58; ‘87/p36
McVicker, Grace ‘86/p32
McVicker, Hugh M/M ‘86/p28
McVicker, Irma ‘86/p31
McVicker, James Mar ‘77/p9
McVicker, Jas G ‘82/p51
McVicker, Jean Miller ‘85/p35
McVicker, Jessie ‘86/p31, 66
McVicker, Margaret J ‘86/p28, 30
McVicker, Margret S ‘87/’2
McVicker, Matthew '90/p54, 56
McVicker, Minnie (Mrs. William J. Gregg) '92/p3
McVicker, Minnie '92/p7
McVicker, Minnie ‘86/p53
McVicker, Mrs ‘85/p36, 38
McVicker, Rob’t ‘85/p65
McVicker, Robert Mar ‘77/p9; ‘86/p31, 53
McVicker, Robert '91/p16
McVicker, Roberta ‘84/p45
McVicker, Robt ‘88/p57
McVicker, Robt '90/p48
McVicker, W J Mar ‘77/p9; ‘86/p46; ‘87/p48
McVicker, W J Capt '89/p45
McVicker, Will J ‘82/p51
McVicker, William Mar ‘77/p9; ‘83/p50’ ‘86/p21, 55; ‘87/p76
McVickor, D C ‘78/p76
McWarner, Pat Mar ‘77/p9
Meackson, A. '92/p34
Mead village, NE '90/p14
Mead, Emma '89/p63, 68
Mead, Giles ‘78/p51
Mead, Guy ‘82/p53
Mead, J ‘83/p67
Mead, J H ‘78/p51
Mead, James H ‘82/p53
Mead, John ‘82/p30; ‘84/p22; ‘85/p72
Mead, M ‘80/p66
Mead, Nellie Kephner ‘82/p53
Mead, William M/M ‘85/p26
Meade, T A ‘82/p1
Meadow Grove village, NE '90/p14
Meagaer, W ‘86/p35
Meageath, J C Mar ‘77/p9
Meagher, ‘88/p4
Meagher, Patrick ‘81/p68
Meagreath, J G Mar ‘77/p9
Meakler, William ‘88/p14
Mealchow, Augusta ‘84/p75
Mealchow, Etta ‘84/p75
Mealchow, Frank ‘84/p75
Mealey, Bridget '89/p64, 68
Mealley, P ‘80/p40
Mealley, P '89/p12
Mealley, Regina '89/p 8
Means, Francois ‘84/p12
Mearny, Thomas ‘81/p56
Mears, James K '91/p49, 52
Mecham, E S ‘80/p56; ‘81/p7
Mechesney, E S Rev ‘78/p61, 62
Mechling, J H '89/p 2
Mecke, ‘88/p40
Mecke, William ‘81/p42
Meckling, J H '89/p 2
Medanihean, A ‘81/p9
Mederow, Elise A ‘78/p33
Medersen, Marinus Valdemar '92/p63
Medwedof, Henry '92/p42
Meecum, Nancy ‘81/p7
Meehan, Daniel ‘81/p16
Meehan, Harold ‘81/p16
Meehan, Mrs ‘81/p16
Meek, Hiram ‘78/p21
Meeker, Electa ‘85/p55
Meene, Louis ‘84/p12
Meens, Ferdinand ‘84/p12
Meens, Guillaume ‘84/p12
Meens, Paul ‘84/p12
Meerholz, Harman W ‘79/p49
Meese, Jno Irvin ‘85/p49
Meeske, Charlotte ‘78/p32
Meeske, Fred ‘83/p38
Meeske, Heinrich F C ‘78/p34
Meeske, Minnie '91/p25, 27
Meeske, Simon ‘78/p32
Meewes, William '92/p17
Mefferd, A ‘85/p40
Mefford, A ‘80/p33
Mefford, A H Mar ‘77/p9
Mefford, A H jr ‘88/p66
Mefford, A H sr ‘88/p66
Mefford, A W Jr Mar ‘77/p9
Mefford, A W Sr Mar ‘77/p9
Mefford, Andrew ‘78/p62; ‘83/p76; ‘88/p66
Mefford, Lida ‘78/p62
Mefford, Nancy ‘83/p76
Mefford, Newton L ‘83/p76
Mefford, W G Mar ‘77/p9; ‘88/p66
Megeath, J G ‘82/p22
Megeath, James G '91/p35
Megeath, Virginia C '91/p35
Megreath, James G ‘80/p44
Megrew, Andrew ‘78/p77
Megrew, Joseph ‘78/p77
Megrew, Joseph '92/p73
Megrew, Susan ‘78/p58
Megrew, W W ‘78/p77
Megrew, Wm. M. '92/p73
Mehaffey, Harold S ‘86/p32
Mehaffey, Helen ‘86/p33
Mehaffey, Mabel ‘86/p32
Mehaffey, Marie ‘86/p33
Mehaffey, Maxine ‘88/p49
Mehaffey, Raymond ‘86/p33
Mehaffey, Robert M/M ‘86/p28
Meher, Herm ‘86/p36
Mehl, E Rev '89/p57
Mehrberger, Anna ‘86/p37
Mehrens, Herman ‘78/p51
Mehring, Henry Mar ‘77/p9; ‘88/p66
Mehrmann, Fritz Mar ‘77/p9
Mehrmann, Henry Mar ‘77/p9
Meier, Diedrich '92/p43
Meier, Eliza ‘81/p81; ‘86/p1
Meier, Emma ‘84/p42
Meier, H W ‘87/p70
Meier, Hans Otto '92/p17
Meier, Henriette ‘84/p42
Meier, Henry W ‘78/p63; ‘86/p46
Meier, Hermann ‘84/p42
Meier, J. Henry '92/p67
Meier, Jacob J. '92/p46
Meier, Johanna ‘84/p42
Meier, Karoline ‘78/p30
Meier, Kath Margaretha ‘78/p21
Meier, Leo ‘88/p74
Meier, Louis ‘84/p42
Meier, N H ‘87/p71
Meier, Peter ‘83/p2
Meier, Philipp ‘84/p42
Meiergerd, Caroline ‘79/p9
Meiergerd, Coletta E ‘79/p9
Meiergerd, Delores ‘79/p9
Meiergerd, Elisabetha ‘79/p8
Meiergerd, Gottfried ‘79/p8
Meiergerd, Herman J ‘79/p9
Meiergerd, Joseph F ‘79/p7
Meikle, Alexander ‘85/p43
Meikle, Elizabeth ‘85/p43
Meikle, John ‘85/p43
Meiklejohn, G D ‘82/p23, 24
Meiling, A Mar ‘77/p9
Meinger, Thomas Mar ‘77/p9
Meirs, Henerette '90/p36
Meisebach, Harry ‘84/p37
Meiselbach, Henry ‘82/p32
Meisinger, Eldon ‘79/p17
Meisinger, Eva ‘78/p17
Meisinger, Family ‘79/p17
Meisner, Minnie ‘80/p68
Meisner, Wilhelmina ‘81/p41
Meissner, Fredrica ‘80/p68
Meissner, Marketa ‘86/p36
Meister, Bertha ‘84/p4
Meister, Fred ‘84/p4
Meister, Gust ‘82/p31
Meister, John C. '92/p4, 7
Meister, John Herman '91/p49
Meister, Mrs. John C. (Emma Koehler) '92/p4
Meister, Wilhe ‘84/p4
MeKean, J B ‘78/p42
Melanger, Edward ‘81/p56
Melch, M ‘86/p35
Melcher, August ‘80/p69
Melcher, Charlette ‘78/p30
Melcher, E R ‘78/p30
Melcher, Emma '91/p50, 52
Melcher, F W ‘84/p74
Melcher, Frederick W '91/p49, 52
Melcher, Hanna W J ‘78/p30
Melcher, Ida ‘84/p74
Melcher, Matilda '91/p25, 27
Melchner, B Mr ‘81/p16
Melchner, Mrs ‘81/p16
Melclher, J Friedrich ‘78/p30
Meleck, Chas ‘82/p24
Melkus, O Mrs ‘86/p39
Mellen’s Food Company ‘84/p38
Mellick, Charles ‘87/p58
Mellick, Charles A ‘87/p59
Mellies, John '89/p66, 68
Melrose, NE '91/p31
Melton, Alwina ‘81/p2
Melton, Frances Jane ‘88/p9
Meltvedt, Anna Lu ‘88/p79
Melvard, Ralph '89/p36
Memphis, '90/p64
Mencik, Frantiska (Mrs. John Stava) '92/p3
Mencik, Frantiska '92/p7
Mencke, ‘84/p51
Mendal, Charley ‘83/p29
Mendal, Chas ‘83/p27
Mendenhall, Elijah ‘82/p73
Menderling, M ‘86/p35
Mendlik, John '89/p65, 68
Mengal, Isaac R ‘83/p66
Mengedoht, Mary ‘86/p12
Menke, Mary ‘81/p80
Menking, Dora ‘87/p73
Menking, Fred ‘87/p73
Menking, H Mar ‘77/p9
Menking, Sophia ‘87/p73
Menn, August ‘84/p35
Menshic, John ‘82/p63
Menshik, Tillie ‘86/p32
Mentz, C W Mr ‘85/p47
Mentzer, C W ‘80/p33
Mentzer, Charles '91/p42
Mentzer, Chas Sr ‘85/p48
Merback, ‘85/p56
Mercer, Mr '90/p47
Mercer, W G ‘84/p8
Mercer, W G '89/p10
Merchant, J ‘81/p56
Merchants Bank; Fremont, NE '89/p10
Merd, James E ‘81/p56
Meredith, J B Mar ‘77/p9; ‘80/p40
Meredith, John ‘83/p41
Merek, Frank ‘85/p48
Merke, William ‘81/p42
Merkel, Catharina '92/p37
Merna village, NE '90/p14
Merrell, Bishop '92/p77
Merrell, Chas '90/p36
Merriam, Mrs. '92/p54
Merriam, N '91/p76
Merriam, N Mr '91/p77
Merrick & Maguire ‘84/p32
Merril, C ‘81/p10
Merrill, Moses Rev/M ‘86/p61
Merrill, Samuel Pearse ‘86/p61
Merrill's Horse '90/p11
Merritt, Fred '90/p42
Merryweather, Sarah E. (Mrs. Louis W. Jackson) '92/p4
Merryweather, Sarah E. '92/p7,
Merton, Walter ‘88/p14
Mervwin, Wyman '89/p36
Merwin, Ruby '89/p36
Merz, Herm ‘86/p35
Meservey, Claire ‘88/p21
Meservey, Elmer ‘88/p21
Meservy, Emma ‘81/p18
Mesiter, John Herman '91/p52
Meske, Pauline W ‘78/p32
Meskentine, Christine ‘80/p67
Mesko, Simon ‘78/p32
Messenger, E ‘88/p50
Messnich, Henry ‘81/p56
Mestl, Herman ‘82/p47
Mestl, Hermann Mar ‘77/p9
Mestrom, Peter E ‘86/p3
Metcalf Bros ‘81/p789
Metcalf, Betsey ‘85/p3
Metcalf, Geo ‘80/p29
Metcalf, George A '91/p74, 77"
Metcalf, J ‘84/p34
Metcalf, Mary ‘84/p34
Methodist Archives ‘86/p8
Methodist Church ‘82/p64; ‘88/p58
Methodist Church; Ames, NE '90/p50
Methodist Church; Bethel, NE '90/p50
Methodist Church; Cedar Bluffs, NE '90/p61
Methodist Church; Fremont, NE '89/p14;'91/p65; '92 49
Methodist Church; Hooper, NE '90/p51, 52
Methodist Church; Howells, NE '90/p49
Methodist Church; North Bend, NE '90/p52
Methodist Church; Purple Cane, NE '90/p52
Methodist Church; Richland, NE '90/p49
Methodist Church; Scribner, NE '92/p29
Methodist Episcopal Chruch; Pebble Creek, NE '90/p52
Methodist Episcopal Church ‘84/p33
Methodist Episcopal Church '90/p52; '91/p79
Methodist Episcopal Church; Ames, NE '90/p50
Methodist Episcopal Church; Arlington, NE '90/p66
Methodist Episcopal Church; Ashland, NE '90/p61
Methodist Episcopal Church; Belle Creek, NE '90/p66
Methodist Episcopal Church; Bethel, NE '90/p50
Methodist Episcopal Church; Blair, NE '90/p66
Methodist Episcopal Church; Cedar Bluffs, NE '90/p61
Methodist Episcopal Church; Cedar Hill, NE '90/p61
Methodist Episcopal Church; Ceresco, NE '90/p62
Methodist Episcopal Church; Clear Creek, NE '90/p62
Methodist Episcopal Church; Colby, NE '90/p66
Methodist Episcopal Church; Colon, NE '90/p62
Methodist Episcopal Church; Cuming City, NE '90/p66
Methodist Episcopal Church; Dale, NE '90/p66
Methodist Episcopal Church; DeSoto, NE '90/p66
Methodist Episcopal Church; Eldred, NE '90/p62
Methodist Episcopal Church; Estina Class '90/p62
Methodist Episcopal Church; Fontanelle, NE '90/p67
Methodist Episcopal Church; Fort Calhoun, NE '90/p66
Methodist Episcopal Church; Glencoe, NE '90/p50
Methodist Episcopal Church; Gregory, NE '90/p62
Methodist Episcopal Church; Herman, NE '90/p67
Methodist Episcopal Church; Hooper, NE '90/p50
Methodist Episcopal Church; Ithaca, NE '90/p63
Methodist Episcopal Church; Jamestown, NE '90/p51
Methodist Episcopal Church; Kennard, NE '90/p67
Methodist Episcopal Church; Leavitt, NE '90/p51
Methodist Episcopal Church; Leigh, NE '90/p49
Methodist Episcopal Church; Leshara, NE '90/p63
Methodist Episcopal Church; Maple Grove, NE '90/p51
Methodist Episcopal Church; Mapleville, NE '90/p51
Methodist Episcopal Church; Mead, NE '90/p62, 63
Methodist Episcopal Church; Memphis, NE '90/p64
Methodist Episcopal Church; Morse Bluff, NE '90/p64
Methodist Episcopal Church; Mt Zion '90/p64
Methodist Episcopal Church; Nickerson, NE '90/p51
Methodist Episcopal Church; North Bend, NE '90/p51
Methodist Episcopal Church; Richland, NE '90/p49
Methodist Episcopal Church; Rogers, NE '90/p49
Methodist Episcopal Church; Rose Hill, NE '90/p67
Methodist Episcopal Church; Schuyler, NE '90/p49
Methodist Episcopal Church; Scribner, NE '90/p52
Methodist Episcopal Church; Union Class, NE '90/p65
Methodist Episcopal Church; Vacoma, NE '90/p67
Methodist Episcopal Church; Valparaiso, NE '90/p65
Methodist Episcopal Church; Wahoo, NE '90/p65
Methodist Episcopal Church; Weston, NE '90/p65
Methodist Records '91/p73
Metschke, Carl ‘81/p80
Metschke, Louise '89/p61, 68
Metschke, Wilhelm Mar ‘77/p9
Metschke, William ‘82/p32
Metska, Charley Mar ‘77/p9
Mettelstadt, Frederick ‘80/p70
Mettler, Marjor C G ‘81/p16
Mettler, Mrs ‘81/p16
Metz '92/p48
Metz, Peter ‘86/p28
Metzger '89/p37
Metzger, Mazie ‘85/p8
Metzinger, Dr ‘84/p8
Metzmaker, J ‘78/p43
Metzmaker, Susan ‘78/p43
Meusborn, J ‘87/p45
Meusborn, L ‘87/p45
Meusborn, Louie ‘87/p45
Mevis, O H '89/p12
Mevix, O H ‘80/p40; ‘85/p73
Mewell, Elizabeth ‘79/p49
Mewes, Friedrich Mar ‘77/p9
Mewis, Alma ‘84/p47
Mewis, C F ‘79/p41
Mewis, Ottilie ‘88/p74
Meyer & Jorgensen; Uehling, NE '92/p57
Meyer & Schurman ‘81/p78
Meyer & Schurman; Fremont, NE '89/p11, 12, 13, 14
Meyer, ‘79/p35
Meyer, A Mar ‘77/p9
Meyer, Amalie ‘78/p67
Meyer, Anna H ‘78/p67
Meyer, Annie ‘80/p39
Meyer, C H L ‘83/p18
Meyer, Charles H ‘78/p67
Meyer, Charles Jr ‘86/p35
Meyer, Chas ‘84/p6
Meyer, Chl ‘81/p85
Meyer, Christ '92/p46
Meyer, Christian ‘84/p42
Meyer, Claus '91/p58
Meyer, D G ‘82/p31
Meyer, Darrel ‘78/p67
Meyer, Derald ‘78/p67
Meyer, Earl ‘78/p67
Meyer, Edith ‘78/p35
Meyer, Emma ‘82/p34
Meyer, F Miss ‘82/p27
Meyer, Fred ‘82/p34; ‘88/p54
Meyer, Fred '91/p15; '92 46
Meyer, Fred '92/p46
Meyer, Fred Mrs '91/p15
Meyer, Fredrick ‘78/p66
Meyer, Fritz ‘82/p31
Meyer, Genevieve W ‘85/p55
Meyer, Geo ‘78/p67
Meyer, Gerhardt ‘82/p62
Meyer, Gerhardt D ‘78/p67
Meyer, Gottfried '92/p37
Meyer, H Mar ‘77/p9
Meyer, H G ‘87/p71
Meyer, H H ‘82/p33
Meyer, H. F. '92/p56
Meyer, H. F. '92/p57
Meyer, Heinrich Friedrich Conrad '92/p24
Meyer, Henry ‘88/p8
Meyer, Herman ‘82/p62, 63
Meyer, Herman G ‘82/p39
Meyer, J H M/M ‘85/p26; ‘86/p12
Meyer, J G Mar ‘77/p9
Meyer, J G Jr Mar ‘77/p9
Meyer, J Gerhardt ‘82/p62
Meyer, J H Mar ‘77/p9; ‘80/p40
Meyer, J H Mrs '89/p18
Meyer, J Hermann Mar ‘77/p9
Meyer, J W Mar ‘77/p9
Meyer, Jessie '91/p15
Meyer, Johann H ‘78/p67
Meyer, John ‘79/p47; ‘81/p44; ;82/p62; ‘83/p37
Meyer, John '92/p46
Meyer, John D ‘78/p63
Meyer, John G Jr '90/p56
Meyer, John Gerhard Jr '90/p53
Meyer, John H ‘85/p30; ‘86/p3
Meyer, John H '90/p53, 56
Meyer, Julius ‘82/p21
Meyer, Laura ‘78/p67
Meyer, Lawrence ‘82/p62
Meyer, Lena '91/p15
Meyer, Louise ‘84/p50; ‘85/p30
Meyer, M ‘80/p39
Meyer, Margaret ‘87/p3
Meyer, Marie W ‘78/p67
Meyer, Mary ‘81/p45
Meyer, Mary '91/p49, 52
Meyer, Mary Beth ‘78/p67
Meyer, Mathilda ‘81/p3
Meyer, Mr '90/p31
Meyer, Otto M/M ‘81/p74
Meyer, R H ‘82/p6
Meyer, Rudolph ‘85/p77
Meyer, Rudolph '90/p45
Meyer, Sophia ‘81/p81; ‘83/p18; ‘86/p1
Meyer, W H ‘82/p31
Meyer, W Jr Mar ‘77/p9
Meyer, W Sr Mar ‘77/p9
Meyer, William ‘80/p70
Meyer, Willie ‘88/p75
Meyer, Wm ‘82/p25; ‘87/p71
Meyer, Wm '92/p46
Meyerhof, Heinrich ‘84/p42
Meyers and Andreeson Mar ‘77/p9
Meyers, Catharine ‘87/p1
Meyers, Fred Mrs (Looschen) '91/p15
Meyers, J H '90/p31
Meyers, Julius ‘88/p4
Meyers, Malissa ‘81/p16
Meyers, Margaretta '90/p56
Meyers, Margeretta '90/p53
Meyers, Solomen ‘85/p6
Mezer, Bernhart ‘78/p15
Michael, F M ‘81/p32
Michael, Fred ‘81/p32
Michael, Fredricka ‘88/p8
Michael, John ‘81/p32
Michael, Minda ‘78/p46
Michael, Thomas ‘86/p43
Michaelis, Sylvia ‘81/p23
Michaels, Alex ‘78/p6
Michaels, Clara R '89/p63, 68
Michaels, Maggie ‘84/p52
Michaelson, Christian '91/p50, 52
Micheal, Peter A ‘81/p68
Micheal, Peter W ‘81/p68
Michel, Francisca ‘81/p23
Michel, Rosina '91/p26, 27"
Michelwait, W ‘78/p13
Michigan - Wolverines '91/p41
Micholson, Edward E ‘81/p56
Mick, George '89/p27, 30"
Micthell, Floyd T ‘87/p69
Middaugh, Wm ‘87/p71
Middelstadt, Ernst ‘81/p43
Middendorf, Anna ‘87/p22
Middlekauff, H K '89/p19
Middlekauff, Kemp Mrs ‘84/p38
Middlestadt, Ernest '91/p25, 27
Middleton, David M/M ‘86/p28
Middleton, John '90/p45
Middleton, Silas '91/p74, 77"
Midland College; Atchison, Kan '92/p32
Midland College; Fremont, NE '92/p32
Mielenz, Charles L '91/p76, 77
Mielenz, Franz ‘80/p67
Mifford, Lidia ‘87/p5
Might, C H Mar ‘77/p9
Mikep, Hedevig D ‘87/p64
Mikep, Maren P ‘87/p64
Mikep, P ‘87/p64
Mikep, Simmer R ‘87/p64
Mikkelsen, C M ‘86/p51
Mikuelson, Mr '90/p31
Mikulski, Antonia ‘83/p41
Mikulski, Joseph ‘83/p41
Milacaek, Aloysia ‘83/p10
Milacek, Jan ‘83/p10
Milacek, John ‘85/p54
Milacek, Louisa ‘83/p10
Milacek, Mary ‘85/p54
Milan, Francis A ‘78/p23
Mildford village, NE '90/p14
Milenz, Louis Mrs ‘80/p37
Milenz, Louis Mrs '90/p70
Miles, Angelina '91/p49, 53
Miles, Anna M ‘78/p60; ‘87/p3
Miles, Bruce J ‘82/p39
Miles, Dr ‘86/p28
Miles, Flora ‘86/p12
Miles, J D ‘85/p48
Miles, J Rev ‘82/p71; ‘88/p48
Miles, Mary M ‘83/p74
Miles, Perry ‘81/p80
Miles, Rev ‘80/p24
Miles, Wm A ‘78/p3
Milgrim, Chas A '89/p64, 68
Miligan, John '92/p36
Mill, Grist ‘82/p73
Mill, Saw ‘82/p73
Millar Grain Co; North Bend, NE '89/p55
Millar, Alex ‘85/p35
Millar, Alexander '91/p55
Millar, Archie ‘86/p79
Millar, C A ‘87/p48
Millar, C A Mrs ‘84/p45
Millar, Charles A ‘86/p31
Millar, Eliza ‘85/p35
Millar, Fred ‘85/p36
Millar, Georgia ‘86/p32
Millar, Gilbert ‘86/p33
Millar, Harold ‘86/p32
Millar, Jean ‘85/p35, 36, 37
Millar, John Mar ‘77/p9; ‘84/p17; ‘86/p53
Millar, John '91/p55
Millar, John M/M ‘85/p35; ‘86/p79
Millar, John Mrs ‘85/p36, 37; ‘86/p79
Millar, Laura ‘84/p45; ‘86/p31
Millar, Mr ‘85/p36
Millar, Robert ‘85/p35, 37; ‘86/p79
Millar, Robert '91/p55; '92/p53
Millar, Robert M/M ‘85/p35
Millar, Robert Mrs ‘85/p37
Millar, Ruby ‘85/p33
Millar, William ‘85/p35, 37
Millar, William '91/p55
Millar, Willis ‘86/p33
Millar, Wilmar L ‘86/p32
Millard village, NE '90/p14
Millard, E Mar ‘77/p9
Millard, Ezra ‘88/p53
Millard, Fred ‘88/p53
Millard, J H Mar ‘77/p9
Millard, J W Mar ‘77/p9
Millard, Lucy Ann ‘81/p72
Millars, ‘82/p38
Millegan, J O Mar ‘77/p9
Miller '92/p49
Miller village, NE '90/p14
Miller, A ‘85/p18
Miller, A E ‘80/p15
Miller, Abraham ‘87/p77
Miller, Ada ‘85/p11
Miller, Adam ‘80/p68
Miller, Alfred '89/p 9
Miller, Amanda ‘88/p8
Miller, Andrew ‘83/p63, 76; ‘88/p44
Miller, Angeline '92/p71
Miller, Anton Mar ‘77/p9
Miller, August ‘82/p31
Miller, Augusta ‘87/p4
MIller, B F ‘87/p74
Miller, Capt ‘82/p9
Miller, Cathern ‘87/p76
Miller, Charles Jan ‘77/p6
Miller, Charlotte ‘79/p47
Miller, Chas ‘80/p15
Miller, Chris '89/p48, 49
Miller, Chris Jr '89/p48
Miller, Chris Sr '89/p48
Miller, Christ ‘88/p4
Miller, Christian ‘86/p22
Miller, Christian F Mar ‘77/p9
Miller, Christian F. '92/p5, 7
Miller, Clara S ‘85/p11
Miller, Clyde ‘81/p3
Miller, Colonel ‘87/p43
Miller, Conrad ‘78/p7
Miller, D H ‘82/p33
Miller, D K Rev '92/p78
Miller, Dan '90/p41
Miller, David ‘82/p73
Miller, Delormy ‘88/p63
Miller, Delormy '89/p10
Miller, Dora '91/p74, 77
Miller, E Mrs ‘80/p15
Miller, E R ‘87/p59
Miller, Ed ‘78/p63
Miller, Elizabeth ‘82/p45; ‘83/p76
Miller, Elizabeth C '90/p54, 56
Miller, Ella ‘86/p9, 12
Miller, Ellen Jan ‘77/p2; ‘78/p59; ‘87/p2
Miller, Ellen E Jan ‘77/p6
Miller, Elsie '90/p37
Miller, Emily ‘88/p10
Miller, Emma ‘88/p74
Miller, Emma '89/p48, 49, 63, 68
Miller, Emma E ‘87/p54
Miller, Emma R ‘84/p47
Miller, Ethel ‘80/p15
Miller, F L ‘80/p15
Miller, Florence C '89/p28, 30
Miller, Frances '90/p55, 56
Miller, Frank ‘80/p15; ‘81/p56
Miller, Frank '90/p37; '91/p43, 44
Miller, Fred ‘86/p36
Miller, G L ‘78/p19
Miller, George '89/p29, 30; '90/p37
Miller, George A '89/p24
Miller, George Bishop '91/p69
Miller, George L Dr ‘78/p18; ‘83/p55
Miller, George Mrs ‘82/p70
Miller, Gertrude '89/p35
Miller, Gertrude E '89/p33
Miller, Hattie ‘86/p4
Miller, Helen ‘80/p15
Miller, Helene '89/p 9
Miller, Henry P ‘78/p51
Miller, Henry '91/p25, 27; '92/p5, 7
Miller, Henry Andrew ‘84/p40
Miller, Herbert A '90/p23
Miller, Herman '89/p48
Miller, I Q ‘83/p57
Miller, Isaac ‘78/p4
Miller, J ‘85/p74
Miller, J B ‘81/p9; ‘83/p57
Miller, J C ‘78/p6
Miller, J G Rev ‘78/p61
Miller, J Henry ‘80/p12
Miller, J W '90/p48
Miller, Jacob Mar ‘77/p9; ‘78/p77; ‘82/p31, 33; ‘87/p1
Miller, Jacob '90/p54, 56
Miller, James ‘78/p6, 51; ‘82/p33
Miller, Jane ‘88/p8
Miller, Jennie ‘88/p46
Miller, Jennie H ‘87/p76
Miller, Jens Christian Marius '91/p63
Miller, Jno Mar ‘77/p9
Miller, Johanna ‘82/p33
Miller, John Mar ‘77/p9; ‘78/p51; ‘84/p7;’ ‘88/p66
Miller, John D ‘82/p33
Miller, John '89/p11, 28, 30
Miller, John B ‘87/p58
Miller, John C ‘78/p6
Miller, John D '90/p53, 56
Miller, John M ‘88/p66
Miller, John M/M ‘86/p12
Miller, Joseph ‘88/p14
Miller, Joseph Mrs ‘84/p65
Miller, Julia ‘84/p40
Miller, Kater ‘86/p35
Miller, Katherine '90/p37
Miller, L Mar ‘77/p9; ‘78/p18
Miller, L B Mar ‘77/p9
Miller, Laura '89/p28, 30
Miller, Lawrence M ‘80/p19
Miller, Leo F ‘80/p19
Miller, Levi ‘82/p59
Miller, Lillian D ‘88/p4
Miller, Lizzie ‘82/p33; ‘85/p77
Miller, Lizzie '89/p48, 64, 68
Miller, Lorin ‘87/p43
Miller, Lorin Col ‘78/p18; ‘83/p55; ;84/p32
Miller, Louis '90/p42
Miller, Louisa A ‘85/p26, 27
Miller, Lulu ‘88/p14
Miller, M & M ‘88/p35
Miller, M O Mar ‘77/p9
Miller, M/M ‘85/p26
Miller, Margaret A ‘78/p8
Miller, Mary '89/p24
Miller, Mary A ‘80/p19
Miller, Mary E '90/p54, 56; '92/p7
Miller, Mary E. (Mrs. John W. Shultz) '92/p4
Miller, Michael ‘80/p19
Miller, Mr ‘84/p66
Miller, Mrs Jan ‘77/p2; Mar ‘77/p9
Miller, Mrs. Christian F. (Charlotta Hazelbring) '92/p5
Miller, Mrs. Henry (Ella Hurd) '92/p5
Miller, Nettie ‘82/p33
Miller, Nicholas Jan ‘77/p6
Miller, Orly ‘88/p63
Miller, Orly '89/p10
Miller, Peter ‘85/p62; ‘88/p4
Miller, Peter M/M ‘85/p26
Miller, Phillip Peter ‘84/p40
Miller, R D Mar ‘77/p9
Miller, Rachel A Jan ‘77/p4
Miller, Roan ‘84/p21
Miller, Robert Mar ‘77/p9; ‘88/p46
Miller, Rome ‘88/p45, 46
Miller, Roy L ‘81/p23
Miller, S B ‘78/p77
Miller, Sarah ‘84/p52
Miller, Sarah Ann ‘86/p28
Miller, Theda Anna Vonneau ‘82/p52
Miller, Theresa ‘88/p14
Miller, Vensl Mar ‘77/p9
Miller, Vivian ‘86/p32
Miller, W B ‘88/p45
Miller, W H Mr '89/p44
Miller, W J ‘78/p51
Miller, W V ‘78/p51
Miller, Walter ‘82/p63
Miller, Will '92/p78
Miller, William ‘80/p69
Miller, Willie ‘88/p45
Millers, Wm Mrs ‘83/p32
Millet, R D Mar ‘77/p9
Millhorn, '89/p80
Milligan & Hrabak ‘82/p6
Milligan & Hrabak; Dodge, NE '90/p44, 45
Milligan village, NE '90/p14
Milligan, Dora ‘80/p39
Milligan, Gus M/M ‘85/p26
Milligan, J C ‘88/p37
Milligan, J O Mar ‘77/p9; ‘78/p63
Milligan, Mr ‘88/p43
Milligan, William '91/p49, 53
Milligan's Store; Scribner, NE '91/p57
Milliken, Harvey ‘84/p50; ‘85/p30
Milliken, Henry ‘85/p8
Milliken, Jas ‘87/p70
Milliken, John R ‘78/p77
Milliken, Sheriff '89/p56
Milliken, Spencer B ‘78/p77
Milliken, W F Mar ‘77/p9
Mills, Anna ‘82/p7
Mills, B B ‘81/p57
Mills, C M ‘86/p12
Mills, Cressey ‘81/p2
Mills, E J Miss ‘80/p37
Mills, Herbert A ‘83/p50
Mills, Miss ‘88/p74
Mills,Charles C ‘81/p57
Milsom, Mrs ‘81/p16
Milsom, Thomas ‘81/p16
Milsson, Anna '91/p24
Milton Class, NE '90/p64
Milton, James Henry ‘83/p46
Milton, M/M ‘85/p26
Milton, NE '91/p31
Miltonberger, Geo ‘86/p28
Milucek, John '91/p75
Milueck, John '91/p77
Milulski, Max ‘83/p41
Milz, Emma '89/p65, 68
Milz, Michael Mar ‘77/p9
Min, Peter ‘78/p21
Minarik, Emma ‘82/p47
Minden city, NE '90/p14
Mindermann, Ida Augusta ‘78/p67
Mindermann, M ‘78/p67
Mindermann, W ‘78/p67
Minds, Delores ‘78/p34
Miner, Charles ‘87/p59
Miner, Guy ‘82/p24
Miner, William Mar ‘77/p9
Mines, H A '89/p45
Mines, Herman ‘86/p46
Mines, Robert A ‘86/p32
Mines, Wm H ‘81/p85
Minig, Lenora J ‘86/p4
Mink, Olvier W Mrs ‘81/p16
Minke (Monke), Anna (Mrs. Heny Sohl) '92/p5
Minke, Anna '92/p7
Minke, Mary ‘81/p80
Minnesota - Gophers '91/p41
Minnick, Alice A Mrs '91/p36
Minor, M Alice ‘85/p76
Minor, William P '89/p30
Minor, William P or T '89/p27
Minshall, Sake E ‘78/p59
Minter, Joseph H ‘78/p3
Mintken, John H ‘81/p81; ‘86/p1
Mintken, Mr '90/p29
Miny, Ewing ‘78/p2
Mire, Henry ‘88/p8
Mirge, Vilhelmina ‘86/p36
Mirkle, Cathrine ‘81/p66
Mirkle, Chas F ‘81/p68
Misek, Stacy ‘82/p33
Misen, Annie Maria ‘86/p2
Misfeldt, F ‘84/p23
Misher, Gertie ‘88/p42
Mission Union; Oakland, NE '89/p74
Mississippi - Tadpoles '91/p41
Misskelly, Eddie ‘80/p28
Misslace, Lewis ‘78/p5
Missouri - Pukes '91/p41
Missouri River Bridge ‘86/p52
Misura, Maria ‘81/p23
Mitchel, Jacob ‘78/p77
Mitchel, James C ‘78/p12
Mitchell, Tommy ‘80/p29
Mitchell, A A Rev ‘82/p71; ‘88/p48
Mitchell, Agusta '89/p63, 68
Mitchell, Amanda ‘84/p3
Mitchell, Bertha ‘86/p31
Mitchell, C L M/M ‘86/p28
Mitchell, Chas M/M ‘81/p75
Mitchell, Cirrell ‘86/p49
Mitchell, G W L ‘85/p74
Mitchell, Ilda ‘86/p31
Mitchell, Isiah Mar ‘77/p9
Mitchell, Jeremiah ‘78/p56
Mitchell, John ‘80/p53; ‘86/p49; ‘87/p15
Mitchell, John J ‘80/p13
Mitchell, Jonas ‘78/p16
Mitchell, Josephine ‘86/p32
Mitchell, Lena ‘81/p81; ‘86/p1
Mitchell, M C Mar ‘77/p9; ‘84/p3; ‘85/p75
Mitchell, Martha J '89/p63, 68
Mitchell, Mary ‘81/p81; ‘86/p1; ‘87/p2
Mitchell, Mary Mrs '91/p 5
Mitchell, Michael ‘81/p57
Mitchell, Milton ‘84/p3
Mitchell, Mira '90/p54, 56
Mitchell, W S ‘85/p2
Mitman, Chas M/M ‘84/p39
Mitmore, John ‘85/p62
Mittelstadt, Ernst ‘81/p43
Mittelstaedt, Bertha (Stark) ‘79/p21
Mitterling, George ‘88/p31
Mitterling, John ‘81/p84
Mittlestadt, Carl ‘78/p40
Mittleton, J M ‘85/p48
Mitzner, Frederick ‘85/p26
Mix, John ‘81/p57
Mizera, Anna '92/p7
Mizera, Frank ‘84/p59; ‘86/p28
Mizera, Frant ‘86/p39
Mizera, John ‘86/p48
Mizera, Mr ‘84/p59
Mlady, Barabara ‘83/p2
Mlnarik, Frank '92/p43
Mlnarik, Tillie '89/p62, 68
Moackler Bros; Fremont, NE '90/p31
Moackler, James ‘80/p40
Moackler, James '89/p27, 30
Moaklen, John Mar ‘77/p9
Moakler, John ‘88/p66
Mobelier, Credit '91/p30
Mobley, A Mar ‘77/p15; ‘78/p54
Mobley, M Mar ‘77/p15; ‘78/p54
Mobley, Simon Mar ‘77/p15; ‘78/p54
Mock, Arramenta M ‘87/p73
Mock, John M/M ‘85/p36
Mock, P R ‘87/p73
Mock, R A ‘87/p73
Moderow, A ‘78/p29
Moderow, Agnes I ‘78/p34
Moderow, Anna ‘78/p32
Moderow, Augusta ‘81/p46
Moderow, Ben ‘78/p33
Moderow, E W ‘78/p29
Moderow, Otto P ‘78/p29
Moderow, Wilhelm ‘78/p32
Modlin, John ‘81/p57
Mody, Robert ‘87/p2
Moe, J H Mar ‘77/p9; ‘88/p66
Moe, L B ‘88/p13
Moe, L S Mar ‘77/p9; ‘88/p66
Moe, L S Mrs ‘85/p69
Moe, Lewis S ‘82/p29
Moe, Lewis S '90/p54, 56
Moe, Locke ‘84/p50; ‘85/p30
Moe, Rex ‘84/p50
Moe, Rex Rogers ‘85/p30
Moehlenbrock, Henry ‘84/p36
Moehring, Rudolph Rev ‘80/p48
Moeller, Henry ‘84/p39
Moeller, Peter ‘84/p37
Moench, August ‘81/p79
Moench, John ‘84/p39
Moerker, Alvina ‘81/p80
Moffett, Jesse C ‘80/p13
Mohanna, Robert Mar ‘77/p9
Mohler, George H. '92/p31
Mohney, M M ‘87/p70
Mohr, Anna ‘85/p54
Mohr, C J Mrs ‘86/p49
Mohr, Frank ‘85/p54
Mohr, John Mar ‘77/p9; ‘82/p31; ‘85/p54
Mohr, John '89/p28, 30
Mohr, John A ‘88/p4
Mohr, Jurgen '92/p24
Mohr, Mary E ‘83/p49
Mohr, Minnie ‘85/p54
Mohr, Nettie ‘81/p80
Mohring, Carl Mar ‘77/p8
Mohring, Joh Fr ‘84/p42
Mojek, John ‘82/p75; ‘86/p48
Mokelman, John '92/p4, 7
Mokelman, Mrs. John (Margaret Westphalen) '92/p4
Mokler, Albert J '89/p68
Mokley, Albert J '89/p66
Molacek, F C M/M ‘81/p75
Molacek, Joseph ‘83/p4
Molacek, Maria ‘83/p4
Molacek, Rosie (Mrs. Chas Janda) '92/p29
Molacek, Tom ‘86/p62
Molacek, Vinc J. '92/p29
Mole, Otto ‘87/p71
Molen, A Mar ‘77/p9
Molenbeck, Henry ‘88/p68
Molgard, Peter '92/p47
Molkenthin, Minnie ‘84/p50
Moll, J H Mar ‘77/p9
Moll, John ‘87/p76
Moll, Oliver '89/p 9
Molle, Freidrich Mar ‘77/p9
Molle, Friedrich ‘85/p75
Molle, Johanna '89/p61, 69
Molle, Matilde ‘84/p39
Molle, Melani ‘84/p39
Mollenbeck, Henry '91/p74, 77
Moller Bros; Fremont, NE '89/p10
Moller, August ‘87/p42
Moller, Caroline ‘87/p24
Moller, Casper Mar ‘77/p9; ‘84/p5
Moller, George Mar ‘77/p9
Moller, Henerick '92/p40
Moller, Johane ‘84/p5
Moller, Johann ‘84/p37
Moller, John Mar ‘77/p9; ‘78/p77; ‘84/p44; ‘88/p31, 66
Moller, John '92/p5, 7
Moller, John M/M ‘88/p24
Moller, Lucile M ‘88/p23, 24
Moller, Lucille ‘88/p22
Moller, Marianne ‘87/p68
Moller, Mary '92/p40
Moller, Mildred ‘84/p44
Moller, Mrs. John (Mary Kasper) '92/p5
Moller, Nettie ‘84/p44
Moller, William ‘84/p5
Moller’s Shop ‘88/p54
Molnux, Irene ‘85/p24, 26
Molynency, Samuel ‘83/p46
Monager, William H ‘86/p3
Monday, Daniel ‘85/p75
Monderloh, Anna (Mrs. Herman Hilgenkamp) '92/p4
Monderloh, Anna '92/p7
Monderloh, M Mar ‘77/p9
Monderloh, Mary Mar ‘77/p9
Mondon, Julie '90/p53, 56
Monegan, James ‘81/p68’
Monegan, Mary ‘81/p68
Monich, Mar ‘77/p9
Monihan, John ‘85/p8
Monke (Minke), Anna (Mrs. Henry Sohl) '92/p5
Monke, Mar ‘77/p9
Monke, Henry '90/p42
Monke, Henry S ‘80/p48
Monke, John Henry ‘80/p48
Monke, Mr ‘80/p48
Monke, see Minke
Monnich & Monnich ‘87/p71
Monnich & Soderling Implement ‘82/p63
Monnich, B '91/p54
Monnich, Eddie ‘81/p79
Monnich, G Mar ‘77/p9
Monnich, George Mar ‘77/p9
Monnich, Gerhard ‘86/p12
Monnich, Gertha Mar ‘77/p9
Monnich, Henry ‘87/p71
Monnich, Herman ‘86/p18
Monnich, J Mar ‘77/p9
Monnich, Jno A ‘87/p71
Monnich, Mary ‘87/p4
Monnich, Nettie ‘88/p14
Monnich, T C Mar ‘77/p9
Monnich, T H Mar ‘77/p9
Monnich, Tonges Mar ‘77/p9
Monning, Gesine ‘87/p77
Monnish, Bernard '92/p68
Monnsek, Mary ‘87/p4
Monro '92/p49
Monroe Co, NE '91/p 3
Monroe village, NE '90/p14
Monroe, Anna ‘83/p48
Monroe, Bella ‘83/p50
Monroe, Caroline ‘87/p76
Monroe, Catharine ‘83/p11
Monroe, Charles '89/p20
Monroe, Christiaun '91/p74, 77
Monroe, E H ‘78/p51
Monroe, Francis ‘78/p51
Monroe, Geo ‘86/p13
Monroe, George '92/p54
Monroe, James W '91/p27
Monroe, James William '91/p25
Monroe, Jim '91/p23
Monson, H C ‘78/p70
Monson, J F ‘78/p70
Monson, Otto Ray ‘78/p70
Montfort, Peter ‘78/p77; ‘88/p66
Montgomery, ‘80/p58B; ‘82/p25A, 31
Montgomery, C W Mar ‘77/p9; ‘88/p68
Montgomery, D W ‘81/p12
Montgomery, David Mrs ‘84/p35
Montgomery, Floyd A ‘88/p2
Montgomery, J W Mar ‘77/p9
Montgomery, Lilly ‘81/p68
Montgomery, Mary '91/p76, 77
Montgomery, Mary Ann ‘81/p68
Montgomery, Ora ‘81/p12
Montgomery, Sarah M ‘87/p75
Montgomery, T C ‘88/p31
Montgomery, Wilbur ‘88/p31
Montgomery, William ‘81/p68
Montgomery, William H ‘81/p68
Moodey, William '89/p27, 30
Moodie, P M ‘83/p38
Moodie, Robert Mar ‘77/p9; ‘87/p2
Moodie, Robert '91/p26, 27
Moody & Patton ‘87/p8
Moody, Caroline ‘88/p9
Moody, James ‘85/p4
Moody, Mary Ann ‘85/p4
Moody, Matthew ‘86/p51
Moody, William ‘85/p26, 28; ‘86/p51
Moolich, Anna ‘86/p32
Moon, Emma ‘85/p52
Moon, Helen G ‘86/p9, 13
Moon, Job ‘78/p16
Moon, R ‘85/p52
Moon, Robert ‘85/p52
Mooney, E Mr '91/p24
Mooney, Geo ‘83/p78
Mooney, Kate ‘83/p78
Mooney, Mary C ‘83/p78
Mooney, Nell '91/p24
Mooney, O M Mr '91/p23
Mooney, Pearl '91/p24
Moor, G Ezra '91/p40
Moore, Abram ‘80/p67; ‘81/p37
Moore, Albert ‘84/p69
Moore, Albia B ‘88/p10
Moore, Anna ‘80/p2; ‘81/p37
Moore, Arimite ‘85/p58
Moore, B B ‘80/p2, 5: ‘81/p37; ‘83/p22
Moore, Benjamin ‘83/p74
Moore, Benjamin B ‘83/p25, 33
Moore, C H ‘83/p63; ‘88/p44
Moore, Catharine ‘80/p69
Moore, Cora ‘84/p69
Moore, Daniel ‘84/p4
Moore, F R ‘84/p5, 57
Moore, Flo K Jan ‘77/p5
Moore, Frank ‘87/p73
Moore, G E M/M ‘86/p49
Moore, Geo ‘81/p37
Moore, George '89/p28, 30
Moore, George B Jan ‘77/p5
Moore, George S ‘81/p57
Moore, H Rev ‘84/p8
Moore, Harry '89/p 9
Moore, Hattie ‘85/p11
Moore, Helen ‘81/p19
Moore, Henry ‘88/p4
Moore, Ida M ‘86/p4
Moore, J J ‘88/p66
Moore, James W '91/p35
Moore, John ‘85/p11
Moore, John '92/p74, 75
Moore, John A ‘84/p53
Moore, John J ‘78/p59; ‘87/p2
Moore, John W '90/p55, 56
Moore, Joseph Frank ‘85/p11
Moore, Kate ‘80/p5; ‘81/p37
Moore, Lucinda ‘85/p3
Moore, Lydia M ‘80/p67
Moore, Mary L ‘87/p73
Moore, Matilda Jane ‘78/p56
Moore, Mrs ‘82/p57
Moore, Muriel '89/p36
Moore, N B Rev '89/p 2
Moore, N M ‘84/p4
Moore, Nellie ‘81/p16
Moore, Oscar ‘80/p2; ‘81/p37
Moore, Peter ‘85/p3
Moore, Rosette P ‘84/p4
Moore, S F ‘85/p73
Moore, Thomas S ‘78/p56
Moore, W B ‘87/p73
Moore, William Mar ‘77/p9; ‘81/p7
Moore, William B ‘87/p73
Moore, William Dr ‘83/p55; ‘84/p21, 32
Moore, William K ‘82/p24; ‘87/p59
Moore, Wm ‘80/p56; ‘88/p66
Moore, Wm W ‘78/p4
Moores, Frank ‘87/p57
Moores, Marion ‘81/p16
Moorhead, Charles ‘81/p16
Moorhead, Mrs ‘81/p16
Moorland, Mrs '89/p53
Moorland, Robert '89/p31
Moran, '91/p20
Moran, Bridget (Mrs. John Quinn) '92/p30
Moran, Lawrence ‘86/p20
Moran, Lawrence '91/p20
Moran, Marcissa ‘81/p57
Moran, Margaret '91/p20
Moran, Mary A '91/p25, 27
Moran, Michael ‘81/p68
Moran, Richard ‘78/p70
Moran, Richard W ‘78/p69
Moravec, Frantiska ‘83/p1
Moravec, Jan ‘83/p9, 10; ‘86/p39
Moravec, Joseph ‘83/p9, 10
Moravec, Maria ‘83/p9
Moravian Brothers ‘80/p59
Mordhurst, John H ‘88/p4
More, A J Mar ‘77/p9
More, James D ‘78/p52
More, Mrs A J Mar ‘77/p9
More, William ‘78/p23
Moreen, A '91/p58
Morefeldt, Minnie '91/p49, 53
Morehead, Lizzie '89/p29, 30
Morehead, Mr ‘88/p4
Morehouse, Mar ‘77/p9
Morehouse, B F ‘80/p40
Morehouse, B F '91/p54
Morehouse, Benjamin F ‘86/p3
Morehouse, Carlos ‘87/p70
Morehouse, H E ‘85/p66
Morehouse, Henry E ‘86/p42
Moreland, M/M ‘86/p79
Moreland, Mrs Mar ‘77/p9
Moreland, Robert M/M ‘85/p68
Morell, Andrew ‘88/p36
Morell, Andrew '89/p71
Morell, Eric '91/p58; '92/p38
Morell, Mary '90/p55, 56
Moresy, Katarina Mar ‘77/p9
Morfeld, Gertrude ‘81/p42
Morford, Garret ‘82/p12
Morg, David ‘82/p73
Morgan, '89/p80
Morgan, Elizabeth '90/p53, 56
Morgan, Frank E '91/p36
Morgan, Henry '91/p74, 77
Morgan, James ‘81/p80
Morgan, Louisa '89/p27, 30
Morgan, M Mar ‘77/p9
Morgan, Margaret R M ‘86/p3
Morgan, Martin, ‘85/p59; ‘88/p66
Morgan, Mary ‘87/p20
Morgan, Mary '90/p53, 56
Morgan, Sarah ‘79/p49
Morgan, Volney ‘79/p48
Morgan, W H ‘88/p42
Morgan, Willian ‘85/p59
Morgan, Wm ‘78/p20
Morgensen, Caroline ‘86/p68
Morgenthaler, Marg ‘82/p52
Morian, C A ‘80/p33; ‘85/p40
Moriarty, C A Mr ‘81/p16
Moriarty, Thomas Father ‘82/p49; ‘86/p44
Moritz, Helene '91/p50, 53
Moritz, Marie ‘81/p16
Mork, Anton G ‘87/p46
Morley, C ‘87/p73
Morley, Calvin ‘82/p57; ‘87/p73
Morley, Commie ‘87/p73
Morley, Delana J ‘87/p73
Morley, Delila A ‘87/p73
Morley, JoAnna E ‘87/p73
Morley, John ‘88/p4
Morley, M ‘87/p73
Morley, M/M '90/p72
Morley, Maria ‘87/p73
Morley, Phebe E ‘87/p73
Mormon Church '91/p69
Mormons ‘85/p26
Mormorstein, Alfred C ‘81/p23
Morre, Cordelia G ‘87/p73
Morre, William E ‘81/p57
Morrell, Anna ‘87/p77
Morrell, Carl ‘82/p61
Morrell, Charles Mar ‘77/p9
Morris & Hoebener; Fremont, NE '89/p12, 13
Morris, A ‘78/p47
Morris, Albert L ‘85/p75
Morris, D '90/p35
Morris, Ettie ‘80/p32
Morris, Freddy A ‘78/p47
Morris, John A ‘78/p77
Morris, John A. '92/p73
Morris, John B ‘78/p5
Morris, Jonah B ‘79/p44
Morris, M ‘78/p14
Morris, Margaretty ‘78/p47
Morris, Margaritta ‘82/p53
Morris, Nancy '91/p75, 77
Morris, Nancy Jane ‘79/p47
Morris, Washington ‘78/p3
Morris, Wiliam ‘82/p53
Morris, William '91/p11
Morris, Wm ‘78/p47
Morris, Wm '91/p 9
Morrison, ‘88/p4
Morrison, A Marr ‘82/p50
Morrison, Alex M/M ‘86/p79
Morrison, Alexander ‘86/p79
Morrison, Alexander '91/p55
Morrison, Donald ‘83/p47
Morrison, Donald A ‘88/p4
Morrison, Edward ‘78/p38
Morrison, Elizabeth ‘78/p38
Morrison, Ellen ‘78/p38
Morrison, James ‘80/p12
Morrison, Janet ‘79/p45
Morrison, Mary ‘88/p14
Morrison, Milo ‘80/p14
Morrison, Mr '91/p56
Morrisons, A & Co ‘79/p57
Morrissen, John '89/p73
Morrmann, Henry '91/p50, 53
Morrow, A ‘78/p45
Morrow, A A '89/p13
Morrow, C ‘78/p45
Morrow, Col Mrs ‘88/p42
Morrow, Frank ‘80/p13, 14
Morrow, John Milton ‘78/p45
Morrow, Susan C ‘78/p45
Morse & Haman; Fremont, NE '89/p13
Morse '92/p49
Morse Bluffs village, NE '90/p14
Morse, C G Mar ‘77/p9
Morse, C L Mar ‘77/p9; ‘88/p66
Morse, Chester L ‘85/p75; ‘87/p76
Morse, E N Mar ‘77/p9; ‘82/p4, 8; ‘85/p65, 73; ‘87/p70; ‘88/p57, 66
Morse, E N '90/p 5, 6, 7, 8, 30, '92/p72
Morse, E W Mar ‘77/p9; ‘87/p5
Morse, Ed ‘82/p26
Morse, Ed N M/M ‘85/p26
Morse, Edward ‘78/p77
Morse, Edward '92/p73
Morse, Edward N. '92/p72
Morse, Eleazar A ‘86/p42
Morse, Frances ‘88/p21
Morse, H ‘81/p6
Morse, Harry ‘86/p28
Morse, J C Mar ‘77/p9
Morse, Jackson ‘81/p68
Morse, Jennie ‘88/p21
Morse, Johnnie '89/p 9
Morse, Martin V ‘81/p68
Morse, Mary J ‘86/p42
Morse, Mary Jane ‘86/p42
Morse, Meroe Marston ‘78/p49
Morse, Mr ‘82/p5; ‘84/p59; ‘87p7
Morse, Mrs ‘84/p59
Morse, Peter ‘78/p10
Morss, A A Mrs ‘88/p42
Morten, Steven ‘82/p73
Mortensen, A R '90/p38
Mortensen, Anne K ‘87/p65
Mortensen, Anne M ‘87/p67
Mortensen, Bodil ‘87/p65
Mortensen, Christian Esekiel '92/p24
Mortensen, Diderick ‘87/p65
Mortensen, Dorthea M ‘87/p65
Mortensen, Elise K ‘87/p65
Mortensen, Inger ‘87/p65
Mortensen, Johan ‘87/p65
Mortensen, Lewis ‘84/p74
Mortensen, Mary ‘84/p74
Mortensen, Morten ‘87/p65
Mortensen, Wm '92/p46
Mortenson, James ‘81/p43
Mortison, M ‘84/p8
Mortison, Mark M/M '90/p74
Mortizen, A ‘82/p4
Morton, C W Mar ‘77/p9
Morton, J W Mar ‘77/p9
Morton, J W Mar ‘77/p9
Morton, James M ‘81/p68
Morton, Julius '91/p35
Morton, M F ‘88/p36
Morton, Mark '91/p35
Morton, Marks ‘82/p36
Morton, R B Dr ‘83/p66
Morton, Thomas ‘78/p16; ‘86/p61
Morton, Thos ‘78/p16
Mortson, George J ‘82/p18
Mortz, Bertha '91/p49, 53
Mos, J H ‘78/p77
Moschage, Wm ‘80/p44
Moschen, J ‘86/p35
Mosehage, William ‘78/p43
Mosely, Harvey '89/p 8
Mosemann, Anna ‘83/p80
Mosemann, Bernhard ‘83/p80
Mosemann, Dietrich ‘83/p80
Mosemann, Menke Henry ‘81/p81; ‘86/p1
Mosen, Joseph Mar ‘77/p9
Moser, Joseph '92/p43
Moshage, A Mar ‘77/p9
Moshage, Anna ‘86/p4
Moshage, Louisa ‘86/p13
Mosharge, William Mar ‘77/p9
Mosher, George ‘88/p8
Mosher, Mamie (Mrs. John Tessier) '92/p30
Mosier, Anna C '89/p65, 69
Mosier, J W '90/p44
Moske, Charlotte ‘78/p32
Mosler, C Mar ‘77/p9
Mosler, Christopher Mar ‘77/p9; ‘88/p66
Mosley '92/p49
Moss, Alonzo ‘81/p40
Moss, George ‘81/p40
Moss, Mary ‘81/p40
Moss, Thomas ‘81/p40
Mossage, William Mar ‘77/p9
Mosserman, M Mar ‘77/p9
Mote, J. G. '92/p54
Mother Lipp '89/p56
Motley, John F ‘87/p76
Motley, William Mar ‘77/p9
Mott, Abrams C Mrs ‘81/p16
Mottler, Rudolph ‘81/p84
Mottley, Mar ‘77/p9
Motzkue, F E Rev ‘80/p48
Moulton, F P ‘78/p60
Moulton, G T ‘87/p3
Moulton, H Mar ‘77/p9
Moultroppe, D C ‘78/p52
Mount, David T '91/p36
Mount, Elizabeth A Mrs '91/p36
Moural, John ‘82/p59; ‘86/p49
Mowrey, Sam Mar ‘77/p9
Moyer, F G Mar ‘77/p9
Moyer, G W M/M ‘86/p28
Moyer, Geo '91/p23
Moyer, George B '89/p63, 69"
Moyer, Harry ‘86/p33
Moyer, Johann Mar ‘77/p9
Moyer, Miles ‘79/p63
Moyer, Myrtle A ‘86/p32
Moyes, Robert ‘85/p30
Mrazek, Vac Mrs ‘86/p39
Mroizinska, Cath ‘83/p41
Mrs. George E. Banta (Laura C. Stewart) '92/p3
Mrs. George Spatz (Mary Dvelka) '92/p5
Mt Zion Cemetery '90/p64
Mt Zion Methodist Episcopal Church '90/p64
Muckley, John Mar ‘77/p9
MuClure, Samuel Dr ‘79/p42
Mudge, Wm '91/p36
Mueksch, Ernest ‘78/p63
Mueller, Anna ‘84/p47, 48
Mueller, Christ '89/p65, 69
Mueller, Henry ‘88/p4
Mueller, Joan Coventry '92/p20
Mueller, Maggie '90/p54, 56
Mueller, Oswold ‘81/p84
Mueller, Oswold '89/p14
Mugan, Father ‘80/p76, 77
Mugan, Father '91/p66
Muhe, Christine ‘87/p23
Muhe, Heinrich ‘87/p23
Muhe, Miena ‘87/p23
Muhe, Minna ‘87/p23
Muhle, Eileen Mildred '89/p40
Muhle, Henry '89/p40
Muhle, Malida (Poledna) '89/p40
Muhle, Milada (Malida) (Poledna) '89/p40
Muhle, Milada (Poledna) '89/p40
Mulcahy, James ‘81/p68
Muldone, James ‘81/p68
Mulford, Colonel ‘87/p59
Mulford, Harry B ‘87/p58
Mulford, J Mar ‘77/p9
Mulford, Major ‘87/p58
Mulhern, Robert J ‘80/p69
Mulherr, Herman '89/p36
Mullen, Dorothy ‘87/p36
Mullen, John J ‘78/p6
Mullen, M J ‘83/p20
Mullendore, Wm ‘85/p55
Muller '89/p37; '92 48
Muller '92/p48
Muller Homestead Mar ‘77/p9
Muller, A ‘86/p35
Muller, Andrew Mar ‘77/p9
Muller, Anna ‘82/p32; ‘87/p23
Muller, Anton ‘83/p63; ‘88/p44
Muller, Carl ‘83/p43
Muller, Chas '92/p55
Muller, Christoph Mar ‘77/p9
Muller, Darwin ‘78/p63
Muller, Doritha '91/p25, 27
Muller, Elert Mar ‘77/p9
Muller, Elisabeth ‘87/p23
Muller, F ‘84/p37
Muller, Franz ‘83/p43
Muller, Friedrich ‘83/p43
Muller, Henriette ‘83/p43
Muller, Herman J '89/p62, 69
Muller, Joh Jac ‘84/p12
Muller, John '89/p29, 30
Muller, Karl '89/p37
Muller, Kinigunde ‘87/p22
Muller, Laura '89/p29, 30
Muller, Maria '91/p51, 53
Muller, Milton ‘78/p63
Muller, Mrs. Peter (Katie Ebers) '92/p5
Muller, Nick ‘86/p46
Muller, Oswald '89/p11
Muller, Peter ‘85/p23, 26
Muller, Peter '92/p5, 7
Muller, Wilhelm ‘83/p43
Mulley, Charlie ‘80/p37
Mulligan, Gus Mar ‘77/p9
Mulligan, James ‘81/p16
Mulligan, James ‘84/p69
Mulligan, Pat ‘80/p26
Mulligan, Tom ‘84/p69
Mulliken, H A ‘78/p77; ‘85/p64; ‘88/p57
Mulliken, H A M/M ‘88/p25
Mulliken, H A Mrs ‘88/p42
Mulliken, H Nikita ‘88/p23, 25
Mulliken, Horatio A '90/p54, 56
Mulliken, Nikita ‘88/p22
Mullin, Johanna O’Brien ‘82/p53
Mullin, Pat ‘82/p53
Mullins, Ellenora ‘82/p53
Mullins, Ellmona ‘82/p53
Mullins, Tom ‘88/p4
Mullis, Conrad ‘78/p8
Mullis, Johnn W ‘78/p10
Mullison, Ed '91/p23
Mulloy, Anna C '89/p63, 69
Mulloy, Charles '91/p59
Mulloy, Edward '92/p4, 7
Mulloy, Elvera H ‘87/p76
Mulloy, J G Mar ‘77/p9
Mulloy, J G Mr ‘84/p64
Mulloy, J R Mar ‘77/p9
Mulloy, John R ‘85/p26
Mulloy, John R '91/p75, 77
Mulloy, Mrs ‘87/p8
Mulloy, Mrs. Edward (Anna Delany) '92/p4
Mulloy, Nannie ‘81/p19
Mulloy, Nanny ‘80/p37
Mulson, William ‘88/p4
Mulvany, Donald ‘87/p36
Mumaugh, Morgan ‘85/p6
Mumaugh, W P ‘85/p6
Mumfford, Thomas '91/p47
Mumford, G A ‘81/p20
Mumford, K. L. '92/p78
Mumford, W H Mar ‘77/p9
Mumm, John Mar ‘77/p9
Mumper, B S Mr '91/p 5
Mundalo, Gered ‘81/p72
Munder, W T ‘88/p66
Munderloh, George ‘81/p81; ‘86/p1
Munderloh, Gered ‘81/p72
Munderloh, John ‘86/p2
Munderloh, Kate ‘86/p9, 13
Munderlohn, Mathilda '89/p61, 69
Mundorf, Zachariah Taylor ‘78/p52
Mundy, Daniel ‘82/p48; ‘86/p43
Mundy, Luke ‘86/p66
Mundy, Luke '92/p29
Mundy, Mrs. Luke (Miss Kelly) '92/p29
Munford, W H '89/p27, 30
Munger & Courtright ‘88/p52
Munger, Adda ‘84/p2
Munger, Dr ‘85/p62
Munger, Eunice (Coleman) '89/p24
Munger, H ‘78/p77
Munger, Henry '92/p49
Munger, Jennie M ‘84/p2
Munger, John ‘86/p28
Munger, W H ‘88/p52
Munger, W H '89/p10; '90/p71
Munger, W T ‘80/p40
Munger, William '89/p24
Munger, William H ‘84/p2
Munger, William Mrs Mar ‘77/p9
Munger, Wm ‘78/p77
Munger, Wm H ‘887/p75; ‘88/p66
Munger, Wm H '89/p18
Munger, Wm T ‘87/p75
Mungler, W T Mar ‘77/p9
Mungler, William H Mar ‘77/p9
Munk, Johanna K '90/p54
Munk, Johannah K '90/p56
Munn, George ‘81/p57
Munnecke, V H ‘87/p59
Munnell, Frank M ‘88/p10
Munro, H L Mar ‘77/p9
Munroe J H Mar ‘77/p9
Munroe, Caroline ‘83/p76
Munroe, Charles ‘83/p76
Munroe, Ed ‘85/p1
Munroe, George ‘85/p42
Munroe, H L Mar ‘77/p9
Munroe, Myrticie Alda ‘85/p1
Munroe, William ‘85/p2
Munso, H L Mar ‘77/p9
Munson, E. C. '92/p34
Murane, Maria ‘87/p1
Muray, James ‘78/p5
Murdock, Elizabeth ‘85/p7
Murdock, Harry S ‘87/p58
Murer, E D ‘79/p17
Murer, Melva ‘79/p17
Murfey, ‘82/p73
Murie John ‘82/p52, 53
Murie, Clara Adelaide ‘82/p52
Murie, James ‘81/p38
Murie, Julia Kelly ‘82/p52
Murie, Lizie ‘82/p53
Murie, Peter ‘81/p38
Murlbut, Addie '89/p24
Murlbut, Cordelia-Sadie '89/p24
Murlbut, Lila '89/p24
Murley, Simon ‘86/p2
Murphy, '91/p20
Murphy, A W ‘82/p69
Murphy, Anna ‘81/p43
Murphy, Bernard ‘82/p54
Murphy, Bridget ‘84/p34
Murphy, Catherine ‘81/p68
Murphy, E M ‘78/p56
Murphy, E Mary Ellen ‘88/p9
Murphy, Edward W ‘78/p56
Murphy, Elisebeth ‘81/p68
Murphy, Jacobus M/M ‘82/p53
Murphy, James Mar ‘77/p9
Murphy, James ‘84/p74
Murphy, Johanna ‘80/p76; ‘82/p55; ‘87/p75
Murphy, John ‘80/p66; ‘81/p68
Murphy, John '90/p53, 56
Murphy, John C ‘78/p14
Murphy, Joseph C ‘81/p57
Murphy, Kate ‘84/p74
Murphy, Katie ‘88/p75
Murphy, L W ‘78/p56
Murphy, Libbie ‘88/p8
Murphy, M ‘84/p23
Murphy, Mabel ‘84/p47, 48
Murphy, Margaret ‘83/p80; ‘87/p75
Murphy, Margritta ‘82/p54
Murphy, Maria (Tiernan) ‘78/p14
Murphy, Maria Frances ‘82/p54
Murphy, Martin ‘82/p54
Murphy, Mary E '91/p50, 53
Murphy, Maude ‘84/p47, 48
Murphy, Michael ‘78/p11, 44; ‘83/p80
Murphy, Ocima ‘81/p68
Murphy, P B '91/p36
Murphy, R W ‘80/p32
Murphy, Sarah ‘82/p54
Murphy, W ‘86/p28
Murphy, William T ‘81/p57
Murphy, William Willard ‘86/p20
Murray, A Rev ‘88/p48
Murray, Alexander Rev ‘82/p71
Murray, Bridget ‘83/p20
Murray, Estella ‘86/p66
Murray, H E ‘87/p59
Murray, James ‘80/p12; ‘81/p57, 68; ‘84/p7; ‘85/p73; ‘88’p46
Murray, James '89/p18, 53
Murray, James Judge '89/p18, 19
Murray, John ‘82/p17
Murray, John C. '92/p34
Murray, Joshua '91/p35
Murray, Judge ‘83/p18
Murray, Judge '89/p18
Murray, Kate ‘85/p5; ‘86/p67
Murray, Keith ‘83/p45
Murray, Mamie ‘81/p20
Murray, Maria Luella ‘84/p7
Murray, Mrs ‘83/p45
Murray, Patrick ‘83/p20, 41
Murray, Thomas '91/p51, 53
Murray, W. P. '92/p76
Murrell, Bert ‘86/p46
Murrell, Delbert L ‘82/p39
Murrell, J A ‘84/p8
Murrell, John W ‘85/p75
Murrell, Maud ‘85/p78
Murrell, Maud '90/p75
Murrey, Ellenora ‘82/p54
Murrey, Jas ‘82/p54
Murrey, Joannes Jacobus ‘82/p54
Murrey, John ‘82/p54
Murrey, Mrs ‘82/p51
Murrey, Pat ‘82/p51, 54
Murrey, Thomas ‘86/p13, 14
Murry, A ‘78/p12
Murry, J ‘78/p12
Murry, Joshua ‘78/p12
Murry, Mrs Mar ‘77/p9
Murtha, Chris ‘82/p30
Murtha, Christian ‘85/p26
Murthe, C ‘85/p72
Musbach, Malenda ‘81/p80; p86/p1
Musel, Joseph Mar ‘77/p9
Musgrave, P H ‘82/p61
Musgrove, Capt ‘82/p13
Mushuy, Louisa ‘86/p12, 13
Musil, Albertina ‘83/p9
Musil, Joseph ‘81/p43
Musil, Vaclav ‘83/p9
Musil, Wenceslaus ‘83/p9
Mussgrove, George ‘78/p19
Mutcheler, Mary ‘80/p5
Myer, Anton ‘81/p44
Myer, Charles ‘81/p57
Myer, Howard ‘82/p62
Myer, J G ‘82/p62
Myer, John ‘81/p44; ‘87/p75
Myer, Mary ‘78/p58; ‘87/p2, 75
Myer, R H '90/p44
Myers '92/p48
Myers, ‘85/p9
Myers, Capt ‘82/p14
Myers, Frank ‘82/p39
Myers, Frank L ‘85/p9
Myers, H C ‘80/p78
Myers, Harry A ‘87/p73
Myers, J H ‘88/p66
Myers, Jacob ‘81/p57
Myers, Joseph ‘81/p57
Myers, Josie '89/p65, 69
Myers, Nathan ‘78/p11
Myers, Samuel H ‘85/p75
Myers, William H '91/p51, 53
Myerson, Edward ‘81/p68
Myles, Tillie ‘81/p18
Myres, Benjamin ‘82/p73
Myrs, T S ‘78/p52

1977-1988 index compiled by Anna Lu Meltvedt; typed for web presentation by Marilyn Estrada.
"Anna Lu is one grand and gracious lady who never hesitates to volunteer her services, and that is
what our society is all about--helping those in need of our society research. Dedicated to Anna Lu Meltvedt

1989-2002 index compiled and typed for presentation by Anna Lu Meltvedt, Carmen Gross, and Judy Czarnecki. Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers who have donated their time to create this index.