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D’Agristina, Gaetano '92/p21
Dabarkow, Anna E '78/p34
Daberkow, Arnold '79/p26
Daberkow, F W Pastor '78/p33
Daberkow, Frederick '79/p27
Daberkow, Friederike E '78/p28
Daberkow, Friedrich '79/p24
Daberkow, Gus '92/p47
Daberkow, Gustine (Wellnitz) '79/p22
Daberkow, Harry W '79/p24
Daberkow, Helena '79/p24, 27
Daberkow, Helena (Hoelner) '78/p33
Daberkow, Mildred '79/p26
Daberkow, Wilhelm '79/p23
Dabney, Mr '84/p67
Dabney, T H Mrs. '81/p18
Dacherm, Andreas '92/p37
Dachole, Andreas '92/p37
Dage, J Mar '77/p3
Daggel, Mar '77/p3
Dagget, Harvey '82/p73
Daharsh, Edwin M '85/p22
Dahl, August '82/p33
Dahl, August '90/p53, 55
Dahl, Augusta Dorothea (Mrs. Charles F. Kremmberg) '92/p4
Dahl, Augusta Dorothea '92/p6
Dahl, C F Mar '77/p3
Dahl, Christena P '86/p4
Dahl, F M '87/p71
Dahl, H H '82/p19
Dahl, Herman H '91/p57
Dahl, J H '91/p54
Dahl, John '82/p33
Dahl, John H Mar '77/p3
Dahl, John Jr '82/p31
Dahl, Katie '89/p28, 29
Dahl, Lars '89/p71
Dahl, Louis F M/M '86/p26
Dahl, Martha F '82/p33
Dahl, P '84/p19
Dahl, P D Mar '77/p3
Dahl, Peter '82/p61
Dahl, Peter '89/p71
Dahlberg, Oscar '89/p36
Dahlburg, Alice '89/p36
Dahlin, Bror H '88/p59
Dahlin, Bror Henning '92/p66
Dahlke, Fred '88/p64
Dahlman, A '84/p38
Dahlstrom, August Andrew '92/p66
Dahlstrom, Nels '88/p2
Daidone, Calogero '92/p22
Dailey Herald '88/p54
Dailey, Elizabeth '82/p54
Dailey, Francis '81/p52
Dailey, Timothy '91/p34
Dailey, William M '80/p12
Daily & Johnnson '84/p76
Daily & Johnson; North Bend, NE '90/p48
Daily, Daniel Mar '77/p3
Daily, J W '86/p26, 27
Daily, J W '90/p48
Daily, James '88/p2
Daily, Jerry Mar '77/p3
Daily, John '81/p52
Daily, Josie '80/p37
Daily, Louis '88/p74
Daily, Michael '81/p52
Daily, Nellie E (Hanks) '89/p46
Daily, Tim '82/p54
Daily, Wesley '89/p4; '92/p31
Daily, Wesley '92/p31
Daily, Willie '88/p75
Daines, Geo W '85/p68
Daiss, Joseph Rev '80/p48
Daivis, W H '78/p12
Dakan, John F '85/p9
Dake, A B '79/p58
Dake, Charles '79/p58
Dake, O C Mar '77/p3; '78/p75; '88/p64
Dake, O C Rev '78/p59, 60, 62; '80/p58
Dake, O. C. '92/72
Dake, Orasmus C 79/p48, 50
Dake, Rev '92/p48
Dakin, Julia W Mrs '91/p34
Dakin, T D '91/p34
Dakota City village, NE '90/p12
Dala Horse '88/p61
Dalaney, John Mar '77/p3
Dale, Capt '82/p10
Dale, John Dale '78/p40
Dale, Luella Georgia '78/p40
Dale, Raymond E '78/p1; '80/p1
Dale, Rev John '78/p40
Dale, Sophia Alexander '78/p40
Dale, William W '78/p40
Daley, Alice '86/p33
Daley, Charley '82/p27
Daley, Mabel '86/p33
Daley, William '84/p33
Dallaw, Ed '83/p27
Dallman, Otto '82/p32
Dallman, Otto '91/p61
Dallow, Ed '83/p37
Dalof, M Mar '77/p3
Dalrymple, John '81/p29
Dalsten, Sarah C '91/p51
Dalsten, Sarah Carl '91/p50
Dalton, A C General '81/p14
Dalton, Bill '86/p26
Dalton, Brget '85/p52
Dalton, Bridgett '83/p78
Dalton, Charles '85/p52
Dalton, Edward '83/p77
Dalton, Elizabeth '83/p77
Dalton, Francis '81/p65
Dalton, Genies '81/p62
Dalton, Mary '83/p77, 78
Dalton, Mrs '81/p14
Dalton, S M Mr '91/p44
Dalton, Thomas '83/p78; '85/p52
Daly, Jerry '78/;75
Daly, R Miss '81/p14
Daly, Timothy '84/p23
Dam, Anna '82/p54
Dam, Casper '82/p54
Dama, Christ Mar '77/p3
Damas, Alexander '92/p15
Damben, Gambel '88/p61
Dame, A K '88/p15
Dame, Katie '88/p14
Dame, Mr '88/p16
Damen, J W '78/p70
Dames, Francis '88/p14
Dames, William '81/p80
Damherst, Brigitta '86/p35
Damm, Casper '82/p52
Damm, John Nicholas '82/p52
Damon, J W '80/p57
Dana, Lena '86/p2
Danahues '92/p48
Danbert, Frederick '92/p5, 6
Danbert, Mrs. Frederick (Margaret Kallenback) '92/p5
Danbury village, NE '90/p12
Dancak, Tomas '86/p38
Dance, Geo W '78/p75
Danes, G '79/p46
Danes, G W '78/p71
Danes, Geo W. '92/p72
Danes, Henry '78/p75
Danes, Henry '92/p72
Danforth, Mar '77/p3
Danforth, R. E. '92/p59
Daniel, Anna '83/p6
Daniel, James '87/p76
Daniel, Mathias '83/p46
Daniel, Matthias '83/p6
Daniel, Mine '83/p50
Daniels, Frank '83/p57
Daniels, James '78/p50
Daniels, Richard '89/p64, 67
Daniels, Sherrill '91/p32
Daniels, Wm '85/p72
Danish & Norwegian M E Church; Fremont, NE '89/p57
Danish Lutheran Church in America ‘887/p51
Danish Lutheran Church; Fremont, NE '89/p57; '91/p66;
Danish Lutheran Publishing Co '87/p51
Dankowski, Kathryn Betlach '90/p20, 60
Danley, Jas E '81/p29
Dannebrog village, NE '90/p12
Danra, Catharina '83/p3
Danra, Joseph '83/p3
Danskowski, Kathryn Betlach '89/p60
Danville, George F M/M '86/p21
Dare, Wm '91/p58
Darling, John Frank '86/p4
Darling, Syrenus '78/p17B
Darnell, Lasiter '83/p72
Darnell, William '83/p72
Darr, Conrad '78/p79
Darrington, Mrs '87/p55
Darwin, John '78/p1
Darwin, Joseph '78/p1
Dasher, Samuel '85/p7
Dat, P P Mar '77/p3
Datel, '82/p75
Datel, Frank '82/p75
Datel, Frank B '87/p71
Datel, Lizzie '89/p64, 67
Datel, Rose L '89/p28, 29
Daubert, Earl '82/p63
Daubert, Fred '82/p62; '85/p22
Daubert, John '82/p62
Daugherty, J '83/p39
Daugherty, Jesse '81/p52
Daugherty, John M/M '85/p22
Daugherty, Joseph '81/p52
Daughtery, Juanita '85/p22
Davenport Brothers Mar '77/p3
Davenport village, NE '90/p12
Davenport, Mar '77/p3
Davenport, Jack '91/p24
Davenport, Mary '78/p4
Daves, H Mar '77/p3
Davey Swedish Methodist Church; Ceresco, NE '90/p61
Davey, George W '82/p68
David City, city, NE '90/p12
David, Feliz Mrs '85/p11
David, James F Mar '77/p3
David, R R '80/p9
Davidson, Andrew '87/p5
Davidson, B '89/p11
Davidson, Fleming '78/p18
Davidson, Hannah M. (Mrs. Rasmus Peterson) '92/p3
Davidson, Hannah M. '92/p6
Davidson, James '88/p14
Davidson, Joseph '78/p11
Davidson, Lois '86/p33
Davidson, Mary '88/p44
Davidson, Morris '86/p10, 12
Davidson, Sarah '84/p1
Davidson, W C '86/p20
Davies, Cassie '91/p24
Davies, Dr '84/p8
Davies, James '85/p66
Davies, Mary '89/p9
Davies, Mary A '81/p81; '86/p1
Davies, Mrs '88/p7
Davies, Ora '91/p24
Davies, W J '87/p70
Davies, W J '89/p11
Davies, W J Dr '88/p51
Davies, William J '89/p61, 67
Davis & Magoon '90/p26
Davis & McKrcky Implement House '88/p35
Davis James Vernon '81/p14
Davis Lizzie O '86/p3
Davis, Mar '77/p3
Davis, John '78/p7; '85/p22
Davis, A C '77/p44
Davis, A J Mrs '86/p10
Davis, Adson '83/p80
Davis, Alexander '78/p18
Davis, Amelia '85/p8
Davis, Anna '89/p28, 29
Davis, Augusta (Mrs. Ferdinand Helgenberger) '92/p6
Davis, Augusta '92/p6
Davis, Bill Capt '80/p49
Davis, C H '87/p1
Davis, C S Mrs '81/p14
Davis, Caroline '79/p43
Davis, Catharine H '79/p48
Davis, Charles '79/p48; '81/p52
Davis, Charles '92/p72
Davis, Charles D '83/p55
Davis, Chas D '80/p56; '84/p24
Davis, Clifford R '85/p46
Davis, Cora P '85/p22, 26
Davis, Cornelius E '91/p75, 76
Davis, Daniel G '90/p65
Davis, E C Miss '81/p43
Davis, E W '87/p71
Davis, Edward Mar '77/p3; '81/p65
Davis, Egbert H Jr '81/p14
Davis, Egbert H Mrs '81/p14
Davis, Elizabeth Coffey '77/p44
Davis, F Mar '77/p3
Davis, F S Mar '77/p3
Davis, Felix R '83/p80
Davis, Fontanelle '84/p28
Davis, Frances '89/p28, 29
Davis, Fred '84/p59
Davis, Geo P '78/p75; '85/p74
Davis, George P Mar '77/p3
Davis, Gertie '89/p56, 65, 67
Davis, Isaac M '78/p75
Davis, J '78/p22; '81/p6
Davis, J E Mar '77/p3
Davis, J L '78/p20
Davis, Jack '85/p68
Davis, James '78/p7; '84/p1; '85/p22; '86/p64
Davis, James L Mar '77/p3
Davis, James M Mar '77/p3
Davis, Jams '78/p3
Davis, Jan '83/p70
Davis, Janice '82/p1
Davis, Janice '89/p79
Davis, Jesse P '79/p70
Davis, Jesse T '80/p56
Davis, Jessee '78/p8
Davis, Joanah E '77/p44
Davis, Joseph '85/p49
Davis, Kate Summers '81/p14
Davis, Lafayett '85/p7
Davis, Lizzie '86/p10
Davis, Llewellyn '77/p44
Davis, Lucile A '84/p55
Davis, Lucy '87/p69
Davis, Lue Mrs '87/p55
Davis, M L Mar '77/p3
Davis, Mary, E '83/p80
Davis, Maude '84/p69
Davis, Milton C '77/p44
Davis, O Mar '77/p3; '81/p7
Davis, O F Mr '83/p24
Davis, Percy H '84/p51
Davis, Richard '85/p68
Davis, Rosa '84/p51
Davis, S M '86/p72
Davis, Sam’l H '81/p10
Davis, Sarah G '85/p44
Davis, Sidney '81/p52
Davis, Theodroe '78/p63
Davis, Theophilus L '87/p75
Davis, Thomas '78/p17; '81/p65
Davis, Vincen P '78/p75
Davis, W E '87/p69
Davis, W F '91/p34
Davis, W H '78/p14
Davis, W R '78/p63; '85/p32; '86/p50
Davis, William '81/p52
Davis, William C '88/p2
Davis, William E '91/p7
Davis, William H '84/p28
Davis, Wm H M/M '84/p28
Davis, Wm H '89/p63, 67; '91/p 7
Davis, Wm R '91/p34
Davison, A Mar '77/p3
Davison, B '80/p40
Davison, James '78/p50
Davison, Jenney '78/p54
Davison, Jenny Mar '77/p15
Davison, John Mar '77/p15; '78/p54
Davison, Mary '85/p4
Davsses, Jos Mar '77/p3
Dawa, Thekla '86/p36
Dawsen, Mar '77/p3
Dawson Cemtery Linwood, Nebr '80/p75
Dawson County Genealogical Society '81/p62
Dawson village, NE '90/p12
Dawson, Mar '77/p3
Dawson, G Mar '77/p3
Dawson, G N Mar '77/p3
Dawson, G W Mar '77/p3
Dawson, George '85/p7
Dawson, George W Mar '77/p3
Dawson, John '78/p17B
Dawson, Mary A '86/p2
Dawson, William '86/p50
Day, Amanda '86/p3
Day, Asher '81/p65
Day, Carolyn '81/p14
Day, Charles '86/p50; '88/p2
Day, Clarissa '85/p4
Day, Edward '82/p23
Day, Edward D '87/p58
Day, Emma '86/p78
Day, Florence '86/p31, 67
Day, Fred '86/p31
Day, Harris '78/p21
Day, Ira C '78/p22
Day, J C '88/p48
Day, Olive J '87/p75
Day, Orlend '79/p47
Day, W B '85/p62
Day, Wm B '85/p74
Daykin village, NE '90/p12
De La Matya, Mar '77/p3
De La Matya, George W Mar '77/p3
De La Matya, Gilbert Mar '77/p3
De La Matya, Norris Mar '77/p3
De Silva, M G Mrs '81/p14
De Wolf, L R Mrs '80/p78
Dea, Johanna O '82/ \/p55
Deal, Vera '89/p56
Dean, D M '85/p54
Dean, Dora '85/p54
Dean, Mary B '85/p54
Dean, S C B '85/p22
Dearborn, Thomas '82/p24
Dearinger, Rufus T '91/p5
Deaver, Sam '86/p76
Decamp, William E '82/p73
Decatur village, NE '90/p13
Decatur, Abbie L '81/p29
Decatur, Elish '81/p29
Decatur, J W '81/p29
Decatur, M A '81/p29
Decatur, Stephen '78/p15; '80/p54; '81/p29
Dech, Ralph '80/p13
Dechorette, Paul '80/p53
Deck, Ralph '87/p59
Decker, Isaac '81/p65
Decker, James H '78/p9
Decker, Louisa '81/p81; '86/p1
Decker, Mr '88/p68
Deckert, Michael '92/p37
Deconick, Susanne '84/p10
Dedermann, Sophia '91/p50, 51
Dee, Davis '78/p17
Dee, Michael '81/p52
Dee, Moris '78/p17B
Deeh, Ralph '80/p14
Deemer, Mary Kay '92/p60
Deforest, Charlotte '88/p27
Dege, F '85/p66
Dege, F '90/p30
Dege, Frederick A '85/p22
Dege, Margaret (Mrs. Joseph Duras) '92/p5
Dege, Margaret '92/p6
Deger, Hulda '82/p32
Degerick, Charles '81/p21
Degner, Sophie '80/p1
Deharsh, Earl '80/p13, 14
Deicey, Johanathan E '79/p47
Deickman, Hanna '87/p5
Deickmann, Martha '89/p62, 67
Deils, John '78/p75
Deily, Henry D '91/p51
Deimmock, Samuel R '91/p75, 76
Deitrich, E '90/p44
Deitrick, Dora '90/p53, 55
DeLa Matyr, G W '88/p67
Delamatyr & Lee; Fremont, NE '89/p76
DeLaMatyr, '84/p8
DeLaMatyr, Abbie E '86/p4
Delamatyr, F '89/p11
DeLaMatyr, Fred '79/p68
DeLaMatyr, Fred '90/p54, 55
DeLaMatyr, G W Rev '80/p65
DeLaMatyr, Rev Geo W. '92/p76
DeLaMatyr, Rev Gilbert '92/p77
DeLaMatyr, Rev/M '86/p10
Delan, Geneva Reeves '82/p52
Delan, Harry Thomas '82/p52
Delan, W Henry '82/p52
Delaney, Franis '82/p55
Delaney, John Mar '77/p3; '86/p4; '88/p64
Delaney, Julia '89/p64, 67
Delaney, Magt '84/p34
Delaney, Mary '90/p53, 55
Delaney, Mike '86/p50
Delaney, Patrick '85/p76
Delany, Anna (Mrs. Edward Mulloy) '92/p4
Delany, Anna '92/p6
Delany, John Mar '77/p3; '78/p75
Delaware - Blue hen's chickens '91/p41
Delbove, J M Father '82/p49; '86/p44
Delbove, Rev '92/p29
Delcampe, Henry A '81/p65
Delenega, Patrick '81/p65
Delett, Jas C '78/p15
Delezal, Edward '81/p1
Delezal, Elizabeth '88/p14
Dellanoe, James '91/p6
Dellett, Jas C '80/p56
Dellier, Ezra '83/p49
DeLong, A H M/M '88/p23
Delong, H Mar '77/p3; '78/p17B; '85/p65; '88/p57
Delong, H H '85/p65; '88/p57
Delong, H. '92/p72
Delong, Herny Mar '77/p3; ‘78p75; '88/p64
Delong, Inez '88/p22
Delong, Inez R '88/p23
Delong, William '88/p64
DeLong, William '89/p27, 29
Delong, William B Mar '77/p3
Delong, Wm '78/p75
Delong, Wm M/M '86/p10
Delsman, Clara '86/p37
Delsman, J B '86/p37
Delsman, John Bernard '86/p37
Demaree, Mr '80/p42; '84/p29
Demarest, Peter '81/p52
Demary, C S '83/p24
Demary, Charley '81/p42
Deming, Wm H '85/p75
Demist, Fredricka '87/p3
Dempsey, Pat '81/p20
Dempster, Nelson '88/p2
Dempy, William '81/p65
Demuth, '88/p35
DeMuth, Jacob '89/p28, 29
Den, Wm T '91/p34
Denesia, Frances '84/p47, 48
Dengel, Jacob '81/p52
Dengler, Carl '89/p12
Dengler, Charles '81/p84
Dengler, Lulu '86/p67
Denham, Jeanette Beattie '88/p25
Denihue, Andrew J '78/p7
Denin, Elizabeth '78/p9
Denise, J C '90/p1- 23; '91/p 2
Denk, Adam '90/p35
Denney, P D '89/p11, 14, 19
Denney, Peter '87/p1
Denning, M '85/p19
Dennis, Capt '82/p14
Dennis, F A '83/p57
Dennis, George M/M '82/p31
Dennis, Henry '84/p51
Dennison, Joseph '82/p10
Dennison, Thankful L '81/p10
Denny & Lumbarad '88/p55
Denny P D Mar '77/p3
Denny, E M '87/p50
Denny, Edward '81/p65
Denny, James '78/p50
Denny, Lilly '78/p40
Denny, Louie '85/p9
Denny, M Mrs '86/p76
Denny, P '88/p55
Denny, Peter Mar '77/p3; '78/p58
Denny, Peter '92/p72
Denny, Peter D '78/p75; '88/p64
Densel, Peter '81/p52
Denselow, Jerry '78/p58; '87/p2
Denslow, Jerry Mar '77/p3; '85/p64; '88/p56
Denslow, Jerry '89/p50, 51
Denslow, Jerry Mrs '85/p22
Dent, William '82/p16
Dentherler, M S Mar '77/p3
Denton, Jon '78/p17B
Denton, Joseph '87/p4
Denton, W A '82/p22
Denver House; Fremont, NE '89/p13
Deon, Carroll Ferdinand '82/p54
Deon, Catharine '82/p54
Deon, Martha '82/p54
Deon, William '82/p54
Depew, M '91/p46
DePuy, Elvira H '82/p15
Derby, Fred '89/p11
Derike, Henry '88/p64
Derkschneider, Anna '84/p75
Derkschneider, Henry '84/p75
Derkschneider, John '84/p75
Derkschneider, Joseph '84/p75
Derkschneider, Mary '84/p75
Dern, Eliabeth '87/p75
Dern, Fred '91/p24
Dern, George '88/p50
Dern, George '91/p23
Dern, John Mar '77/p3; '82/p4; '87/p75
Dern, John M/M '86/p10
Dern, Mary '88/p50
Dern, Mr '82/p5
Dernis, Katie '85/p44
Dernis, Mary '85/p44
Dernis, Peter Jr '85/p44
DeRoin, Francis '83/p56
Deroin, John '78/p1
Deroin, Joseph '78/p1
Derrek, Andreas Mar '77/p3
Derrickson, S A '86/p26, 27
Derringer, Geo C '85/p22
Derringer, George C '85/p29
Derry, Amelia '79/p57
Derry, George Mar '77/p3
Derschel, '90/p20
Dervey, C Mar '77/p3
Deserire, Charles '81/p52
Deshler village, NE '90/p13
DeSoto Bank '84/p31
DeSoto Bugle '84/p32
DeSoto Enquirer '84/p32
DeSoto Pilot '84/p32
Dessamond, Clabaugh '84/p55
Destehouse, Charles '81/p38
DeTemple, Catharine Murrey '82/p54
DeTemple, Frank S Jas '82/p54
DeTemple, Fransascus S Jas '82/p54
DeTemple, George '78/p50
DeTemple, George F '78/p54
Detlefsen, Peter Henry '91/p62
Detlefson, '87/p21
Detloff, Henry '81/p43
Detson, Columbia '88/p8
Dettie, Frank '81/p38
Dettra, John M '81/p14
Deuel, Blanche '85/p22
Deuel, Harry P '91/p34
Deulter, Thomas '87/p77
Deutsch, Mrs '81/p21
Deutsches Gasthaus '83/p37
Devine, Frank '92/p34
Devoice, Mr '84/p67
Devries, A '86/p35
DeVries, Carol E '84/p20
DeVries, Carol Evans '83/p60
Devries, Dr '91/p23
Devries, J S '87/p70
Devrlendt, Jerome H '87/p58
Dewar, Daniel '81/p52
Deweber Amos A Z M '78/p39
DeWeber, '88/p80
Deweber, Benjamin T '79/p39
Deweber, E J '78/p39
Deweber, Emily '78/p39
Deweber, George A '78/p39
Deweber, John '78/p39
Deweber, Margaret T '78/p39
Deweber, Martha '78/p39
Deweber, S '78/p39
Deweese, J M '82/p22
Deweley, Ethan '81/p52
Dewey, Anthony '81/p42
Dewey, Carrie H '86/p4
Dewitt village, NE '90/p13
DeWitt, Ellen '86/p67
DeWitt, Simon '81/p72
Dewitz, George '92/p47
Dewitz, Otto, '92/p47
DeWolf, G. E. '92/p54
DeWolf, L R '80/p78
Dexter Harvey H '87/p76
Dexter, Eva '84/p50
Dexter, H B '87/p51
Dexter, H H Mar '77/p3; '85/p73; '88/p64
Dexter, H H '89/p18
Dextry, Loomis '88/p35
Dey, O F '86/p10
Diamond, Mr '79/p34
Dibble, Anna '88/p40
Dibble, Anna Koch '88/p40
Dibble, Edward L '88/p40
Dibble, J P '88/p40
Dibble, Lorenzo '78/p6
Dicen, Joseph '78/p16
Dicis, John '88/p64
Dick, Anna '81/p21
Dick, Charles '82/p54, 55
Dick, Irene Elizabeth '82/p55
Dick, Jacobus H '82/p53
Dick, James '82/p52
Dick, James H '82/p52
Dick, Joseph '82/p55
Dick, Maragarita '82/p52
Dick, Marg '82/p52
Dick, Margaritta '82/p53, 55
Dick, Morris '82/p54
Dick,, Jas '82/p55
Dickenson, Ann '78/p61, 62
Dickermeyer, Ulerick '79/p34
Dickermeyer, Ulerick M/M '85/p22
Dickerson, Mar '77/p3
Dickerson, Charles Mar '77/p3
Dickerson, Charles A Mar '77/p3; '87/p77
Dickerson, Charles P Mar '77/p3; '83/p50
Dickerson, Cliff '87/p30
Dickerson, Cliff '89/p55
Dickerson, Clifftne '87/p28
Dickerson, D Mar '77/p3
Dickerson, David '82/p70
Dickerson, David '91/p56
Dickerson, David W Mar '77/p3
Dickerson, E W Mar '77/p3
Dickerson, Edward W '78/p47
Dickerson, Ellis '84/p3
Dickerson, Ellis M '87/p77
Dickerson, Fred '80/p37
Dickerson, Grandma '87/p28
Dickerson, John '80/p37; '87/p31
Dickerson, John M Mar '77/p3
Dickerson, John M '90/p54, 55
Dickerson, Josiah Mar '77/p3
Dickerson, Josiah '90/p55
Dickerson, Katherine Adeline '87/p28
Dickerson, Levina '78/p47
Dickerson, Lillei '87/p30, 34
Dickerson, Lizzie '80/p37
Dickerson, Lucinda '86/p58
Dickerson, Maggie '87/28, 31
Dickerson, Margaret '87/p28
Dickerson, Mary Katherine '87/p35
Dickerson, May '80/p37
Dickerson, N R Mar '77/p3
Dickerson, Phebe '84/p3
Dickerson, Ray '87/p31, 32, 43, 35
Dickerson, Sarah '84/p3
Dickerson, Silas '84/p3; '86/p22
Dickerson, Silas Jr Mar '77/p3
Dickerson, Silas Sr Mar '77/p3
Dickerson, W R Mar '77/p3
Dickerson, William R Mar '77/p3
Dickey, J J '87/p71
Dickinson, William H '83/p65; '87/p75
Dickman, Ann '85/p22
Dickman, Augusta '86/p2
Dickman, C Mar '77/p3
Dickman, Rachal '86/p10, 15
Dickmann, Jacob '82/p33
Dickout, Mrs '88/p2
Dickson, E F '83//p57
Dickson, Geo A '88/p64
Didlik, Lulu '86/p33
Diechman, Charles Mar '77/p3
Dieck, Hans W '78/p66
Dieckmann, Charles Mar '77/p3
Dieckmann, Mary '81/p21
Diedericksen, Johanne '87/p63
Diege, Mrs '85/p22, 23
Diegel, A '82/p31
Diehl, Anna Mar '84/p10
Diehl, Cathrina '84/p10
Diehl, Chas '86/p13
Diehl, John '91/p58
Diehl, L S Miss '89/p44
Diehl, Phillip '84/p10
Diekman, Magadelena '81/p4
Diels, Adolph F '82/p32
Diels, Annie L '88/p13
Diels, G A Mr '81/p78
Diels, Gus '82/p31; '88/p55
Diels, Jno Mar '77/p3
Diels, John '81/p4; '88/p55
Diels, Rickie '81/p78
Dier, '90/p42
Diercks, Claus Friedrich Wilhelm '92/p61
Diercks, John H '82/p30
Dierk, John F '88/p64
Dierke, John F '80/p40
Dierker, Ella '89/p64, 67
Dierks, Annie '84/p4
Dierks, Emma '84/p4
Dierks, Frauke '84/p4
Dierks, H J Rev '89/p57
Dierks, Hannah '85/p22, 25
Dierks, Hannah (Mrs. Louis Krymberg) '92/p5
Dierks, Hannah '92/p6
Dierks, Henry M/M '86/p10
Dierks, Herny '84/p4; '87/p77
Dierks, J F Mar '77/p4
Dierks, J F '89/p12
Dierks, John Mar '77/p4
Dierks, John F '89/p29
Dierks, John H '86/p10
Dierks, M E Mr '91/p44
Dierks, Peter '82/p34
Diers, F J '87/p71
Diers, Fred Mar '77/p4
Diers, Robert '92/p47
Diesterbach, August '81/p80
Diesterhaupt, William '91/p51
Dieticker, Anna '84/p10
Dietrich, E '82/p6
Dietrich, Gus '80/p15
Dietz Lumber Co '82/p63
Dietz, Eugene '82/ p32
Dietz, George Mar '77/p4
Dietz, Matilda '81/p79
Dietzmann, Joh Gottfried '84/p41
Diffendal, Anne P '82/p25
Diffey, Charles '91/p64
Diffey, Edna '86/p32
Diffey, Elizabeth J '89/p62, 67
Diffey, Harold '86/p32
Diffey, Shirley '88/p49
Dildine, Hezekiah '82/p12
Dill, John '84/p47, 48
Dill, Ross J '83/p38
Dill, Thomas A '78/p24
Dill, Thomus J '78/p23
Dill, William W '86/p4
Dill, Wm '83/p38
Dillabaugh, Mar '77/p4
Dillen, James L '86/p2
Diller village, NE '90/p13
Dillon, Sam I S '78/p21
Dimick, Edwin C. '92/p27
Dimick, Mrs. Edwin C. (Sarah E. Rarick) '92/p27
Dimman, Thos '89/p44
Dimmick, A '81/p9
Dines, Forrest '91/p80
Dingeldien, George Mar '77/p4
Dingledein, Cora '89/p9
Dingledein, Flora '89/p9
Dingledein, Mamie '89/p9
Dinkldine, George Mar '77/p4
Dinne, John '81/p65
Dinneen, John '82/p27
Dinser '92/p48
Dinslage, Catherine '79/p8
Dinslage, Georg '79/p6
Dinslage, Josef '79/p6
Dinslage, Joseph '79/p8
Dinslow, Rachel '79/p44
Dion, Jerry Mar '77/p4
Dion, May '84/p45; '86/p31
Dippel, August '85/p73
Dirks, Henry Mar '77/p4
Dirks, John Mar '77/p4
Dirkschneider, Joh '83/p3
Disbrow, William H '87/p59
Disch, Nicholas '85/p3; '88/p9
Discher, C '82/p21
Discher, John '85/p18
Dischner, Margretha '89/p63, 67
Discow, Lorinda '79/p20
Disterhaupt, William '91/p49
Ditcher, Cristann '83/p73
Ditcher, John '83/p73
Ditcher, Mary A '83/p73
Dittenhoefer, Lester '81/p14
Dittenhoefer, Mrs '81/p14
Dittman, Mine '79/p43
Divine J Mar '77/p4
Divine O E '87/p17
Divine, C A '87/p17
Divine, C A '91/p59
Divine, C L '87/p70
Divine, Charles A '87/p17
Divine, Ed '87/p17
Divine, Eliza A '87/p17
Divine, Frank A '87/p17
Divine, George M '87/p17
Divine, Hazel '86/p33
Divine, Martha A '87/p17
Divine, W H '81/p20
Divine, William H '87/p17
Divine, Wm H '87/p17
Divis, Frank J M/M '81/p76
Dix, John A '91/p41
Dixon village, NE '90/p13
Dixon, Benjamin '78/p50
Dixon, Jessica '82/p55
Dixon, M K '84/p67
Dixon, Mrs '81/p14
Dixon, Mrs Robert '78/p39
Dixon, Robt '88/p64
Dixon, Will '81/p14
Doan, Dr '90/p48
Doan, Ira Dr '80/p16
Doan, Ira M/M '86/p16
Doan, L Mrs '85/p71
Doan, Wilson '86/p31
Doane College '84/p29
Doane College Crete, Nebr '80/p41
Doane George M '84/p33
Doane, Chas W '89/p62, 67
Doane, George W '84/p21
Doane, Homer '86/p69
Doane, Ira Dr '82/p74
Doane, Josiah '86/p10, 13
Doats, '78/p17
Dobbins, C S M/M '86/p26
Dobbs, Hugh J '91/p34
Dobkowitz, Anna M. E. (Mrs. Charles F. Kruz) '92/p3
Dobkowitz, Anna M. E. '92/p6
Dobkowitz, Joseph Mar '77/p4
Dobrasky, Anna '83/p7
Dobrovolny, Frantisek '84/p40
Dobrovolny, Jaroslav '92p22
Dobrovolny, Leopold '84/p40
Dobrovolny, Marie Sakl '84/p40
Dobry, J W '86/p49
Dobry, Mayme '85/p46
Dobson, C '83/p45
Dobson, Hannah '78/p40
Dobson, John '78/p40; '81/p65
Docekal, Antonin '83/p6
Docekal, Maria '83/p6
Docekal, Veronica '83/p6
Docekal, Wenceslaus '83/p6
Dodendorf, Alvin '88/p74
Dodge 1895, Nebr '82/p6
Dodge Co NE from Vol I '91/p61-64
Dodge Co Old Settlers’ Association '85/p56
DODGE CO, NE '90/p20
Dodge Co, NE '91/p3
Dodge Co, NE Naturalizations microfilm '91/p64
Dodge County Old Settlers Assn '88/p57
Dodge County Old Settlers' Asso '90/p46
Dodge G Mar '77/p4
Dodge I '85/p23
Dodge John Mar '77/p4; '79/p48
Dodge village, NE '90/p13
Dodge, Annie '91/p6
Dodge, Augustus Caesar '86/p58
Dodge, C F '80/p39
Dodge, Charles '84/p7
Dodge, Charlie '82/p26
Dodge, Clark Mar '77/p4
Dodge, Clark M '90/p53, 55
Dodge, D Mar '77/p4
Dodge, Denea Mar '77/p4
Dodge, E C '85/p65; '88/p57
Dodge, Emily E. (Mrs. George L. Beckwith) '92/p3
Dodge, Emily E. '92/p6
Dodge, G M '91/p6
Dodge, Geo O '85/p64, 74; '88/p56
Dodge, Geo O M/M '85/p23
Dodge, George Mar '77/p4
Dodge, George D '87/p75
Dodge, H P '84/p8
Dodge, Harry '85/p23
Dodge, Harry E '85/p23
Dodge, Henry '90/p77
Dodge, J A Mar '77/p4
Dodge, J D Mar '77/p4
Dodge, J M Mar '77/p4
Dodge, Jno Mar '77/p4
Dodge, John D Mar '77/p4; '78/p75; '82/p7; '85/p64; '86/p57; '88/p56, 64
Dodge, John D M/M '91/p54
Dodge, John D. '92/p72
Dodge, L D '79/p49; '85/p65, 74; '88/p57
Dodge, Marian T '81/p14
Dodge, Martha '86/p48
Dodge, Mary E '79/p49
Dodge, May L '85/p6
Dodge, Mrs '78/p14
Dodge, N P '78/p75
Dodge, N. P. '92/p72
Dodge, Oscar '91/p16
Dodge, Oscar M/M '85/p23
Dodge, S H '87/p1
Dodge, Sophia '83/p63; '88/p44
Dodge, Stella '80/p39
Dodge, W C Mar '77/p4
Dodge, W N Mar '77/p4
Dodge, W V Mr '91/p23
Dodge, William O '89/p66, 67
Dodge, Willie '85/p77
Dodge, Willis '85/p9
Doernemann, August F '79/p6
Doescher, A '79/p23
Doescher, Bertha M L '79/p23
Doescher, C C '79/p23
Doescher, C G '79/p23
Doescher, Carl '79/p23
Doescher, Edward '79/p24
Doescher, Emma M S '79/p22
Doescher, Henry A '91/p49, 51
Doescher, John A '79/p28
Doescher, Metha '79/p23
Doescher, Wilhelmine '79/p23
Doffin, Henery '84/p76
Doffin, John '85/p18
Doggett, Jennie '86/p3
Doharsh, Earl '80/p13, 24
Dohen, Charles '83/p71
Dohen, David '82/p71
Doherty, Joshua Mar '77/p4
Dohse, Eliza '91/p49, 51
Dolalson, John A '81/p65
Dolalson, Margaret '81/p65
Dolalson, Margret '81/p65
Dolalson, Mary Ann '81/p65
Dolan, John '81/p65
Dolan, Margaret A '91/p75, 76
Dolan, Margaritta '82/p55
Dolan, Sarah C. (Mrs. Thomas Johnson) '92/p3
Dolan, Sarah C. '92/p6
Dold, Jacob '81/p52
Dolech, Anna (Mrs. Carl Renter) '92/p3
Dolech, Anna '92/p6
Doles, Maria '83/p1
Dolesch, Joseph '91/p50, 51
Dolesch, Mary '91/p50, 51
Dolezal, Edward '81/p1
Dolezal, Helen '82/p77
Dolezal, Joseph '83/p5
Dolezal, Josepha '83/p4, 10
Dolezal, Mary '87/p77
Dolezal, Peter '90/p53, 55
Dolise (Doreshe), Josie (Mrs. James Slope) '92/p5
Dolise, see Doreshe '92/p6
Doll, Michael '87/p69
Dolph, Augusta '87/p76
Domazlic, Frank Keliner (Kellner, Frank) '92/p66
Dome, John '81/p21
Domey, Edmond '84/p11
Domey, Franc '84/p11
Domey, Jules '84/p11
Domey, Natalie '84/p11
Domey, Oidonie '84/p11
Domey, Romi '84/p11
Dominicus, Franz P '84/p41
Dominicus, Wilhm '84/p41
Donahe, Briget '85/p43
Donahe, Mary '85/p43
Donahe, Patrick '85/p43
Donahoe, Elizabeth Campel '82/p53
Donahoe, Joseph Patrick '82/p53
Donahoe, Pat '82/p53
Donahoo, Absolem '78/p7
Donahoo, Thomas '78/p7
Donahue, John '81/p65
Donahue, Thos '85/p73
Donaldson, Joseph '84/p22
Donato, Prof '88/p26
Donelan, Albert '81/p14
Donelan, Mrs '81/p14
Donelly, John '85/p59
Doneque, Paul '80/p53
Doniphan village, NE '90/p13
Donivan, Aanl '85/p19
Donivan, Jerimah '85/p19
Donivan, Johana '85/p19
Donivan, John '82/p55
Donivan, Thomas '82/p55
Donivan, William '81/p52
Donn, Ludwig '92/p37
Donnelly, Cath '85/p59
Donnelly, E '81/p39
Donnelly, Edward '81/p39
Donnelly, Judy '85/p59
Donoho, Johanna '85/p59
Donoho, Maurice '85/p59
Donoho, Michael '85/p59
Donohue, Mar '77/p4
Donohue, J O Mar '77/p4
Donovan, H '85/p19
Donovan, H '85/p19
Donsiren, L '78/p17B
Donslow, May B '88/p27
Dooley, Miss '88/p27
Dooley, Nellie '84/p50
Doolittle, Irwin B '91/p26, 27
Doolittle, Mary '83/p32
Doom, William J '82/p27
Doppe, Amalie '87/p24
Doppe, Emielie '87/p24
Doppe, Friedrich '87/p24
Dora, Miss '80/p39
Doran, R E '85/p73
Doras, James '81/p52
Dorathy, David Mar '77/p4
Dorathy, Dennis '89/p55
Dorbecker, Miss '88/p29
Dorchester village, NE '90/p13
Dorei, Elisabeth '84/p11
Dorei, Jacob '84/p10
Dorei, Maria '84/p11
Dorenfort Mar '77/p4
Doreshe (Dolise), Josie (Mrs. James Slope) '92/p5
Doreshe, Josie '92/p6
Dorie, Louis '84/p11
Dorius, Caroline A '87/p61
Dorius, Dorothea N '87/p61
Dorius, Juline K '87/p61
Dorius, Nicolai '87/p61
Dormann, August '79/p41
Dornacker, Nicholas '84/p23
Dornemann, Gottfried '79/p6
Dorney, Edmond '84/p11
Dorney, Franc '84/p11
Dorney, Jules '84/p11
Dorney, Natalie '84/p11
Dorney, Oidonie '84/p11
Dorney, Romi '84/p11
Dornfeldt, Anna Sophia '83/p40
Dorothy, Dennis '87/p29
Dorsett, Clarissey B '84/p53
Dorsey & Toncray; Fremont, NE '89/p13
Dorsey, Mar '77/p4
Dorsey, Emma R '85/p23, 38
Dorsey, Emma R. (Mrs. Check H. Toncray) '92/p5
Dorsey, Emma R. '92/p6
Dorsey, G W E Mar '77/p4, '85/p70; '88/p64
Dorsey, G W E '89/p13, 14
Dorsey, Geo E '88/p53
Dorsey, Geo W E '80/p66; '81/p78; '85/p73
Dorsey, Geo W E '90/p26, 71
Dorsey, George W E '78/p59
Dorsey, H Mar '77/p4
Dorsey, H H '83/p65
Dorsey, H M Mar '77/p4
Dorsey, J Mar '77/p4
Dorsey, J E Mar '77/p4; '82/p68; '85/p75
Dorsey, J W E Mar '77/p4
Dorsey, Jack '92/p55
Dorsey, Jonathan '79/p46
Dorsey, Mary '89/p60
Dorsey, Mary J '78/p61; '87/p3
Dorsey, Mrs. '92/p78
Dorsey, N M Mar '77/p4
Dorsey, Samuel '78/p50
Dorsey, Sarah H '87/p76
Dorst, Jacob Mar '77/p4
Dort, Albert D '91/p34
Dort, Annie '81/p44
Dort, Cora '91/p34
Dort, John C '91/p34
Dosek, Andreas '83/p8
Dosek, Anna '85/p51
Dosek, Anton '85/p51
Dosek, Frances '85/p51
Dosek, Joseph '85/p51
Dosek, Vaclav '83/p8
Dosek, Vencel '85/p51
Dosek, Wenceslaus '83/p8
Dostal, Emma '83/p10
Dostal, Fr '82/p77
Dostal, Joseph '83/p10
Dottschalk, '84/p58
Doubrava, Alaonzo '85/p31
Doubrava, Ethel '86/p31
Doubrava, Harry '86/p31
Doubrave, John '86/p26
Doud, Kate '86/p3
Dougherty, Anthony '91/p59
Dougherty, J W Mar '77/p4
Dougherty, Margret J '80/p69
Dougherty, Melissa H '81/p42
Dougherty, Michael '82/p48; '86/p43
Doughtery, '83/p32
Doughty, George '80/p78
Doughty, John T '78/p13
Douglas Co, NE '91/p3
Douglas village, NE '90/p13
Douglas, Geo W '81/p29
Douglas, H '81/p32
Douglas, Hannah '81/p29
Douglas, J E Mr '83/p61
Douglas, J E Mr '90/p33
Douglas, Jane '83/p45
Douglas, Luella '81/p29
Douglas, NE '91/p31
Douglas, Thomas '83/p45
Douglass, Ellen '81/p42
Douglass, F W Mar '77/p4
Douglass, George '80/p53
Douglass, J E '83/p30
Douglass, Johnathan H '80/p53
Douglass, Thomas Rev '87/p75
Dowd, James '89/p54
Dowd, Jas F '87/p71
Dowd, Mike '85/p45
Dowden, Albert '86/p32
Dowden, J. A. '92/p54
Dowden, James A '82/p39
Dowinning & Keller '88/p35
Dowling & Purcell Mar '77/p4
Dowling, Harry '86/p31
Dowling, M '82/p37
Down, Sallie (Botsford) '78/p18
Downey, James '88/p64
Downing, Caroline '85/p8
Downing, Mary M '85/p10
Downs, '85/p16
Downs, C H '78/p18
Downs, Charles H '78/p18
Downs, Fred L '89/p61, 67
Downs, H P '78/p9
Downs, Henry '78/p18
Downs, Hiram P '78/p9
Downs, J W '87/p59
Downs, Jennie '89/p36
Downs, Lena '86/p66
Downs, Lena '89/p36
Downs, Lulu May '87/p72
Downs, M '81/p8
Downs, M E '87/p72
Downs, Mary '81/p14
Downs, Mermie '89/p36
Downs, Roger '81/p14
Downs, Sherman Mrs '81/p14
Downs, W B '87/p72
Downs, Willard '85/p23, 35
Dowson, Isaac Mar '77/p4
Dowson, Joseph Mar '77/p4
Dowty, Hiram '85/p48
Doyer, John '89/p27, 29
Doyle, Col '91/p7
Doyle, E R '78/p15, 20
Doyle, Eli R Col '78/p15
Doyle, Ellenora '82/p54
Doyle, Good '85/p78
Doyle, J Good '81/p18
Dozer '92/p48
Draeger, Virginia F '83/p40
Draemel, Arlan '78/p63
Draemel, F W M/M '88/p23
Draemel, Harry '88/p22
Draemel, Harry N '88/p23
Draemel, Harry O G '78/p63
Drage, Mary '91/p44
Drahas, Augustus A '91/p51
Drahas, Augustus August '91/p50
Drahas, Minnie '81/p43
Drahen, Patrick Mar '77/p4
Drahos, Gus M/M '85/p23
Drahos, Wenzel '83/p38
Drahus, Gus M/M '88/p59
Drain, Walter '91/p24
Drake, Catherine '88/p14
Dramel, Fritz '88/p37
Dranguis, John Mar '77/p4
Draper, Lucille '81/p14
Drauman, John H '81/p52
Draymond, Maurice '80/p67
Drebert, William '91/p25, 27
Dreeke, Frank '80/p67
Dreesen, Peter '88/p64
Drehen, Patrick '78/p75
Dremel, Fred Mar '77/p4
Drengius, Mary '82/p32
Drenguis, Henry S '87/p71
Dressen, Peter Mar '77/p4; '78/p60
Dretterl, Geo '86/p36
Dretzen, Dolly '81/p21
Dreuss, J '86/p35
Dreves, Herm '86/p36
Drexler, Mahias '84/p11
Dreyfus, Philip S '81/p14
Dricek, Frank '85/p54
Drieling, Anna M '91/p76
Drieling, Anna Margaret '91/p74
Drieling, J H Mar '77/p4
Driggs, Lorenzo A '78/p23
Driike, Gertrude '80/p67; '83/p3
Drimbe, A '86/p35
Driscoll, C Mar '77/p4
Driscoll, Cornelius '88/p64
Driskell, C. '92/p50
Drobny, Marie '81/p21
Drogue, John '78/p4
Drohen, Mary A '90/p54, 55
Druesedow, Louis '89/p36
Drummond, Mr '89/p17
Drummond, Wellington W '85/p77
Drummond, Wm '83/p39
Drussen, Peter '87/p3
Dryne, John '78/p17
Drzel/Tyrzel '90/p20
Dua, Josephine '84/p74
Dua, Wenzel '84/p74
Duba, Father '80/p77
Dubay, Hermina '81/p21
Dubias-Dvorak '78/p17
Dubois village, NE '90/p13
Dubois, Catharine '81/p39
Dubois, E '81/p39
Dubois, Edwarde '81/p39
Dubois, Franke '81/p39
Dubois, George '81/p39
Dubois, James '81/p39
Dubois, John '81/p39
Dubois, Sarah A '81/p39
Dubois, Wm '81/p39
Dubor, Peter '78/p21
Dubuque House '83/p37
Duchatz, Anna '87/p22
Duchatz, Johann '87/p22
Duchatz, Joseph '87/p22
Duda, Jakub '86/p38
Duda, Vendcel '80/p69
Duda, Wenzel '84/p74
Dudek, Frank '82/p59
Dudek, Jos '86/p62
Dudley, Edith '84/p47, 48
Dudley, M '89/p14
Dudley, Mannie '89/p10
Dudok-Horak '79/p17
Dudolph, Jens '84/p36
Due, Johann Adolf '92/p22
Dueblin, Charles Mar '77/p4
Dueholm, Charles Mar '77/p4
Duehom, Christian '82/p61
Dufek, Frantisek '81/p8
Dufek, Joseph '83/p8
Duff, H A Mrs '81/p14
Duffy, Catharine Elisabeth '82/p52
Duffy, James '82/p52
Duffy, Lora '82/p52
Duffy, Thomas '89/p65, 67
Dugacek, Mary '81/p21
Dugan, Samuel S '88/p8
Dulin, James '84/p54
Dulski, Michael J '89/p60
Dulski, Nettie (Jirousek) '89/p60
Dumas, James W '89/p29
Dun, Samuel '81/p52
Dunaway, Jacob '78/p42
Dunbar village, NE '90/p13
Dunbar, John '88/p33
Dunbar, Samuel '88/p33
Dunbar, Thomas '78/p75
Duncan, Celia (Johnson) '89/p60
Duncan, Edith '88/p22, 23
Duncan, Edith Adell '88/p24
Duncan, J A '85/p74
Duncan, Layfayette '78/p8
Duncan, Lemuel '85/p51
Duncan, Robert Leroy '91/p40
Duncan, Sarah '85/p51
Duncan, Thomas '78/p5
Dundee village, NE '90/p13
Dunfee, '89/p80
Dungan, M/M '91/p68
Dungan, William B '87/p59
Dunham, '89/p80
Dunham, Martin '91/p34
Dunham, Thomas '87/p75
Dunkel, Anna '88/p80
Dunkel, B Mar '77/p4
Dunkel, B Mrs '89/p3
Dunkel, Baltes '88/p64
Dunkel, Balthasar '88/p80
Dunkel, D D M/M '86/p50
Dunkel, D Mrs '86/p49
Dunkel, Dominic '88/p80
Dunkel, John P '88/p80
Dunker Henry '84/p3
Dunker Mena M '84/p3
Dunker, Chris Mar '77/p4; '82/p6
Dunker, Chris '90/p44
Dunker, Christ '90/p46
Dunker, Christian '88/p67
Dunker, Emma '89/p61, 67
Dunker, Fred Mar '77/p4
Dunker, Harry Mrs '88/p47
Dunker, Herman '84/p3
Dunker, Otto '87/p71
Dunker, Rudolph '87/p71
Dunker, Verna '86/p33
Dunker, Wielke Fredrike C '87/p75
Dunkey, Michael '81/p52
Dunkle, B Mar '77/p4
Dunklefsen, Mary '91/p74, 77
Dunlap Bert '80/p14
Dunlap, George '81/p52
Dunlap, Isaac '81/p52
Dunlap, J W '80/p14
Dunlap, John '80/p54; '81/p9, 71; '84/p25
Dunlap, Maggie J '89/p27, 29
Dunlap, Rob’t '78/p2
Dunlope, John '80/p32
Dunmovin; Hooper, NE '89/p7
Dunn, Alisa '82/p54
Dunn, Bertha '82/p42
Dunn, C '81/p29; '82/p54
Dunn, Christoph '82/p52
Dunn, D J '86/p49
Dunn, Francis '80/p32; '87/p19
Dunn, Francis M/M '87/p14
Dunn, John '81/p52; '86/p53; '87/p14
Dunn, John, M/M '91/p68
Dunn, Josie M '86/p10, 13
Dunn, Marriam '82/p55
Dunn, Mrs '88/p2
Dunn, Patrick '81/p52
Dunn, S J Mr '91/p23
Dunn, Thomas '82/p55
Dunn, William H '88/p8
Dunne, Thomas '87/p75
Dunning, H D Mr '91/p23
Dunohue, John '81/p52
Dunohue, Timothy '81/p52
Dunorant, John '81/p52
Dunshire, James Mrs '87/p69
Dunston, John H '81/p80
Dunstone, James '81/p52
Dupew, Ike '86/p26
Dupray, Cora E '80/p1
Dupray, Emma C '80/p1
Dupray, F M '80/p1
Dupray, Margaretta '80/p1
Dupray, Nancy K '80/p1
Dupray, Rosa B '86/p10, 15
Dupree, Francis '78/p2
Duras, Joseph '85/p22, 23
Duras, Joseph '92/p5, 6
Duras, M/M '85/p23
Duras, Mrs. Joseph (Margaret Dege) '92/p5
Durfey, Marian R Mar '77/p4
Durfey, Marlon '88/p67
Durggins, Jas M '85/p75
Durin, Mother '86/p10
During, Kate '87/p76
Durkee, C T '89/p77
Durre, William '81/p45
Dursch, Ernestena '91/p75, 77
Durst, Joachim Mar '77/p4
Durst, Joseph Mar '77/p4
Durst, Regula '87/p4
Durtch, John '81/p30
Duryea, Elijah '78/p2
Dusatko, Anton '91/p43, 44
Duschek, Joseph '91/p74, 77
Dusek, Bertha '81/p21
Dusek, Joseph '81/p21
Dusek, Mrs. '81/p21
Duster, Thekle (Dawa) '86/p36
Duster, Val '86/p36
Dustin, C H '88/p2
Dustler, Geo '86/p36
Duvall, Henry '82/p15
Dvelka, Mary (Mrs. George Spatz) '92/p5
Dvelka, Mary '92/p6
Dvoracek, Anton '92/p66
Dvoracek, Edward '91/p45
Dvorak, '87/p80
Dvorak, Adolph '86/p65
Dvorak, Frank A '91/p43
Dvorak, Josef Mrs '86/p38
Dvorak-Dubias '79/p17
Dwerak, John Mrs '80/p32
Dworack, Adolf '87/p22
Dworack, Anna '88/p74
Dworack, Joseph '83/p37; '87/p22
Dworack, Magadalene '87/p22
Dworack, Stephan '87/p22
Dworack, Wezel '83/p72
Dworak, Anton '83/p72
Dworak, Margret '83/p72
Dworak, Wenzel '83/p72
Dworick, Carrie '82/p26, 28
Dwyer, John '85/p55
Dwyer, Mary '85/p55
Dwyer, Mira '85/p5
Dye, '79/p17
Dye, Elizabeth '83/p72
Dye, Ezekiel '83/p72
Dye, George W '78/p24
Dye, Jackson '83/p72
Dye, Mr '90/p72
Dye, Y '85/p48
Dyer, Alice '84/p34
Dyer, Elisha Jr '81/p14
Dyer, Geo W '78/p22
Dyer, Joseph '79/p42
Dyers, James N '81/p52
Dyke, Jemima '85/p4
Dykeman, Allen '90/p68
Dykeman, J G Mar '77/p4
Dysart, '88/p35
Dysat, Rev '88/p48
Dyson, J. L. '92/p56
Dystensky, Rose '88/p49

1977-1988 index compiled by Anna Lu Meltvedt; typed for web presentation by Marilyn Estrada.
"Anna Lu is one grand and gracious lady who never hesitates to volunteer her services, and that is
what our society is all about--helping those in need of our society research. Dedicated to Anna Lu Meltvedt

1989-2002 index compiled and typed for presentation by Anna Lu Meltvedt, Carmen Gross, and Judy Czarnecki. Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers who have donated their time to create this index.