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Caba, Frank '81/p21
Caba, Mrs '81/p21
Cabanne, John '83/p56
Cabanne's Post '91/p48
Cabble, W '81/p9
Cachelin, Constance '79/p79
Cachelin, Josephine '88/p8
Cacheline, Urbin '78/p50
Cachelines, '84/p22
Cachlin, Edward '88/p8
Cachlin, Elizabeth '84/p52
Cachlin, L '81/p6
Cada, Katherine '86/p65
Cada. Emma '86/p65
Cadman, John '82/p22
Cadwell, Asa '80/p14
Cadwell, Charles J '80/p13
Cady, Blanche '84/p47, 48
Cady, Daniel '91/p20
Cady, F P '81/p38
Cady, James '91/p20
Cady, Jim '91/p20
Cady, John '91/p20
Cady, Joseph '91/p20
Cady, Nicholas '91/p20
Cady, P L Dr '87/p70
Caffery, Mar '77/p1B
Caffey, Mar '77/p1B
Caffy, J A Mar '77/p1B
Caha, Maria '83/p6
Cahn, Siegmund '78/p75
Cahoon, Ira '86/p2
Cahoon, J C '80/p47
Cain, Belle '84/p69
Cain, Catherine '87/p17
Cain, Charles '80/p78
Cain, Effie '89/p64, 67
Cain, James '87/p17
Cain, Maria '82/p54
Cairo Root '81/p62
Cairo village, NE '90/p12
Caldwell, Capt '82/p13
Caldwell, Fannie E '88/p10
Caldwell, G S Mar '77/p1B, 2
Caldwell, Hattie '81/p18
Caldwell, J Mar '77/p1B
Caldwell, J B Mar '77/p1B
Caldwell, J W '78/p62; '87/p5
Caldwell, James R '85/p6
Caldwell, James S '85/p6
Caldwell, Jerusha '84/p7
Caldwell, Joseph Mar '77/p2
Caldwell, Joseph '89/p4
Caldwell, S S Mar '77/p2
Calef, H B Mar '77/p2
Calelly, Blanche Julia '85/p45
Calhoun Cemetery, Ill '78/p53
Calhoun Co, NE '91/p3
Calhoun Township Washington County, Nebr '84/p21
Calhoun village, NE '90/p12
Calhoun, Jas H '89/p61, 67
Calhoun, S H '82/p22
California - Gold Hunters '91/p41
Calkins, Charles '83/p79
Calkins, Elise '83/p79
Calkins, Ernest Mr '81/p78
Calkins, F E '87/p70
Calkins, Freeman '78/p16
Calkins, M/M '86/p9
Calkins, Richard S '82/p13
Calkins, Vini '83/p79
Call, Capt '82/p14
Callahan, C '82/p54
Callahan, Cornelius '82/p53; '83/p79
Callahan, Ellen '83/p79
Callahan, Ellenora '82/p53
Calland, A P '82/p21; '83/p25
Calland, H D '83/p25
Callaway town, NE '90/p12
Callenbaugh, Henrietta '91/p75, 76
Callies, Augusta '91/p25, 26
Callies, Edward M '78/p66
Callies, Emma '79/p35
Callies, Ernst '79/p35
Callies, Johann '79/p35
Callies, Mary '91/p49, 51
Callies, Sylvia '79/p35
Calnow, Michael '82/p43
Caloon, Bridget '81/p28
Caloon, Geo M '81/p28
Caloon, James '81/p28
Caloon, John '81/p28
Caloon, Lewis '81/p28
Caloon, Mary '81/p28
Caloon, Thomas E '81/p28
Caloon, Timothy '81/p28
Caloon, William '81/p28
Calvary United Methodist Church; Fremont, NE '90/p50, 52
Calvin, Mary '91/p49, 51
Calvin, Mary Jane '85/p58
Camberg, Helena '91/p75, 76
Cambridge village '90/p12
Cameron, Emaline '88/p8
Cameron, Isabel (Mrs. Joseph C. Collins) '92/p5
Cameron, Isabel '92/p6
Cameron, Kate '78/p50
Cameron, M '78/p50
Cameron, Malcom '88/p8
Cameron, Mrs. William C. (Elizabeth Wilcox) '92/p3
Cameron, Rev '78/p59
Cameron, Ruth '88/p10
Cameron, Thomas A '80/p81; '86/p1
Cameron, Travis '80/p15
Cameron, W '91/p42
Cameron, W Cara '87/p49
Cameron, W Cara Mrs '87/p49
Cameron, W D Mr '89/p44
Cameron, William C. '92/p3, 6
Camifer, James '81/p51
Camin, Herbert W '79/p30
Camin, Johanna M '79/p29
Camin, Maria '79/p24
Camin, Wilhelm '79/p24
Camin, William J '79/p29
Camp, Franklin R '87/p58
Camp, Gypasies '82/p27
Camp, Joseph T '86/p3
Camp, Lillian '89/p34
Camp, Lillian D '89/p33
Camp, W E '87/p58
Camp, Wilber E '82/p23
Camp, Wm '86/p46
Campbell village, NE '90/p12
Campbell, '79/p17
Campbell, C E Mr '88/p30
Campbell, A A '83/p37
Campbell, A C '88/p25
Campbell, Adams A '81/p44
Campbell, C E Mrs '90/p72
Campbell, Chas '89/p44
Campbell, David '91/p34
Campbell, Dick Mrs '90/p72
Campbell, Eugenie '88/p14
Campbell, Frances (Malloy) '91/p17
Campbell, H Mar '77/p2
Campbell, H C Mar '77/p2
Campbell, Henry C '79/p45, 47
Campbell, Henry C '91/p17
Campbell, J R '91/p34
Campbell, James Gray '79/p42
Campbell, Jane D T '91/p17
Campbell, Johanna '87/p55
Campbell, John I '81/p64
Campbell, Lucinda Jane '88/p8
Campbell, Mr '86/p54
Campbell, Mr '90/p72
Campbell, Mrs '88/p43
Campbell, Nettie '81/p72
Campbell, Pearl '84/p47, 48: '88/p22, 23, 25
Campbell, Prof '84/p47
Campbell, R Mar '77/p2
Campbell, R G '79/p50
Campbell, Rachel '88/p8
Campbell, Robert '86/p20
Campbell, Robert N '88/p60
Campbell, Robert Rev '82/p74
Campbell, Schuyler C '91/p17
Campbell, William R '85/p22, 26
Can, Lydia '89/p44
Canadian Immigration 1895-1954 '90/p58
Canaga, Jacob Jr '88/p10
Canaga, Lulu '86/p67
Canaga, Mae '86/p66
Canaga, Martha Elizabeth '81/p72
Canaga, Mrs. Thomas (L. E. Shipley) '92/p5
Canaga, Thomas '92/p5, 6
Canarsky, Christene '91/p25, 26
Canbra, Fanny '87/p77
Canbury, O R Mar '77/p2
Canfield '92/p50
Canfield, A R '81/p28
Canfield, Cora '89/p65, 67
Canfield, E B '81/p28
Canfield, G '79/p41
Canfield, George '79/p41
Canfield, George '91/p56
Canfield, Lucy A '79/p49
Canfield, Orin '80/p39
Canfield, Samuel S '80/p68
Canfiled, Clara '81/p28
Canley, M Mar '77/p2
Cann, Sizzio '88/p1
Canners, John '80/p26
Cannon, C '85/p46
Cannon, C C '91/p42
Cannon, Miles '82/p58
Canomski, Cassimere '81/p51
Cantlin School '88/p48
Cantlin, Albert '84/p3
Cantlin, Charlie '88/p44
Cantlin, Eliza M '84/p3
Cantlin, F C '86/p69
Cantlin, Geo '86/p46
Cantlin, George '88/p44
Cantlin, George '92/p27
Cantlin, Hazel '86/p33
Cantlin, Hon John R. '92/p27
Cantlin, J R '78/p63
Cantlin, James B '88/p67
Cantlin, James V Mar '77/p2
Cantlin, John R Mar '77/p2; '84/p3; '85/p75
Cantlin, Maud '88/p44
Cantlin, Mrs. John R. (Lucretia A. Lippincott) '92/p27
Caok, Caroline '81/p51
Capas, Ludavicus '82/p53
Capas, Ludwig '82/p53
Capas, Maria (Bamsure) '82/p53
Capas, Vital '82/p53
Capasus, Lucy '88/p14
Capek, Antonia '83/p8
Capitol Hill, The '90/p76
Capp, S Mar '77/p2
Cappius, Augusta '91/p49, 51
Cappius, Carl '80/p4
Cappius, Gertrud '80/p4
Cappius, Justina '80/p4
Cappius, Meinolph '80/p4
Card, Mrs '86/p21
Card, P. '92/p55
Card, Peleg Mar '77/p2
Card, Peter '86/p21
Cardwell, W '78/p13
Carey, J W '83/p57
Carey, P '91/p6
Cargon, James Mar '77/p2
Carle, S S '81/p51
Carlelton, '84/p64
Carleton village, NE '90/p12
Carleton, Charles '92/p34
Carleton, William H '81/p80
Carlin, Roy B '86/p31
Carling, May '86/p66
Carlisle, A W '88/p64
Carlisle, Tom '85/p22, 29
Carlon, John '80/p32
Carlson, Alma '89/p44
Carlson, Andrew '85/p57
Carlson, Anna '85/p22
Carlson, Carina E '85/p57
Carlson, Carl Conrad '92/p66
Carlson, Charles '84/p37
Carlson, Ernest Axel '91/p61
Carlson, Gust Carl '91/p61
Carlson, Hulda '85/p57
Carlson, Johan A '86/p2
Carlson, John F '91/p75, 76
Carlson, Victor '89/p71
Carlton, J H Mar '77/p2
Carlton, Malvin '91/p75, 76
Carlton, N C Mar '77/p2
Carlton, P A Mar '77/p2
Carlton, Wm H '88/p64
Carlyle, Charles '81/p81; '86/p1
Carmen, James '76/p1
Carmen, Job '78/p11
Carmichael, William J '90/p54, 55
Carney, Terrence M '81/p64
Carnilius, Anna '82/p54
Carolson, Alma '84/p58
Carovan, Mar '77/p2
Carow, Gussie '88/p75
Carpenter L Mar '77/p15; '78/p54
Carpenter, Mar '77/p2
Carpenter, Catherine Mar '77/p2
Carpenter, Chas '85/p3
Carpenter, David '81/p51
Carpenter, Edward J '82/p39
Carpenter, Ellen '79/p57
Carpenter, Emma '85/p3
Carpenter, Ezra '84/p33
Carpenter, Frank D '78/p70
Carpenter, H I '79/p43
Carpenter, H J '91/p11
Carpenter, Harlow J '79/p43
Carpenter, Harlowe '83/p53
Carpenter, Ida W Mar '77/p15; '78/p54
Carpenter, Moses '85/p3
Carpenter, Mrs '88/p42
Carpenter, Royal '85/p3
Carpenter, S N '78/p61
Carpenter, Sarah A '85/p3; '88/p10
Carpenter, Sylvanus '80/p53
Carpenter, Theodroe J '82/p14
Carpenter, V C Mar '77/p15; '78/p54
Carpenter, William '85/p3
Carper, A C '78/p56
Carper, H '78/p56
Carper, Jacob M '78/p56
Carper, James S '78/p56
Carr, Adison '83/p77
Carr, C M '81/p19
Carr, Caroline '81/p28
Carr, Francis '81/p28
Carr, G M '81/p19
Carr, Lauretta '81/p28
Carr, Luella '83/p77
Carr, Mrs '81/p14
Carr, Nancy '83/p77
Carr, Patt '83/p27
Carr, Robinson '81/p28
Carr, V C '86/p25
Carr, Wilbur J '81/p14
Carr, William P '78/p7
Carrcoon, George Mar '77/o2
Carreen, R D Mar '77/p2
Carrier, Geo H '89/p65, 67
Carrigan, James '92/p4, 6
Carrigan, John '78/p50; '79/p70; '84/p51
Carrigan, John '78/p50; '79/p70
Carrigan, Mrs. James (Honora Connell) '92/p4
Carrithers, Londell '81/p18
Carroll town, NE '90/p12
Carroll, Grace '88/p21
Carroll, Henry '84/p50
Carroll, Henry '91/p24
Carroll, Henry S '85/p30
Carroll, Isabel '86/p67
Carroll, Jack '80/p32
Carroll, John '82/p44
Carroll, Thomas '91/p44
Carroll, Thos '89/p53
Carroll, Will '91/p23
Carson, Ada '84/p51
Carson, Andrew '82/p73
Carson, F E '86/p25
Carson, John L '91/p34
Carson, Marshall '88/p10
Carson, Samuel W '78/p7
Carsten, John Mar '77/p2
Carsten, Sophia '81/p80
Carstens, Carl '91/p61
Carstens, Johanna Margaret '86/p3
Carstens, Ralph '88/p27
Carstenson, M '85/p54
Carstenson, M C '85/p54
Carstenson, P '85/p54
Carter '92/p48
Carter, Henry '88/p64
Carter, Alex '83/p71; '85/p3
Carter, Alex Jr '79/p70
Carter, Alexander '81/p72; '84/p22; '87/p50
Carter, Daniel F '88/p10
Carter, Elizabeth Helen '89/p60
Carter, Emma '87/p49
Carter, F T '78/p50
Carter, Fanny '84/p52
Carter, Francis '81/p51
Carter, Isaac '81/p39
Carter, J W '87/p76
Carter, Jacob '84/p22; '87/p50
Carter, James T '81/p54
Carter, John '78/p14
Carter, Lina '83/p48
Carter, Lina E '78/p60
Carter, Marion L Mrs '81/p14
Carter, Mary J '83/p71
Carter, Nathan '78/p50
Carter, Nelson, '92/p34
Carter, O M '78/p75
Carter, O M '90/p57
Carter, Rocela '85/p10
Carter, Rody '85/p8
Carter, S H Mar '77/p2; '78/p58; '87/p1; '88/p64
Carter, S. H. '92/p72
Carter, Samuel F '85/p3
Carter, T L Mar '77/p2
Carter, T M '79/p70; '83/p54; '84/p22, 25; '87/p50
Carter, Thomas L '78/p9, 10
Carter, Thomas M '78/p50
Carter, Thos M '81/p72
Carter, Wm '84/p54
Cartsson, Charles '83/p77
Cartsson, Helen '83/p77
Cartsson, Sophia '83/p77
Cartwell, H W '78/p12
Cartwright, Otis '81/p19
Cartyyson, R V Mar '77/p2
Carver, Alice '85/p77
Carver, Alice M '81'80: '86/p1
Carver, Charles '92/p3, 6
Carver, May '89/p56
Carver, Mrs. Charles (Ellen C. Hillman) '92/p3
Cary, Abel '81/p72
Cary, John '81/p51
Casady & Test '84/p32
Case, Eliphaz '82/p15
Case, George '78/p23
Case, Rebecca '82/p15
Case, Stephen '84/p24
Case, Stepyen '79/p70
Casey, Henry J '89/p27, 29
Casey, Lona '89/p60
Cash, Albert R Jan '77/p3
Cash, C S Jan '77/p3
Cash, L A Jan '77/p3
Cash, Wardell '88/p1
Cashar, Rudolph '87/p77
Cashier, Albert '79/p1
Cashier, Albert D J ''79/p3
Cass Co, NE '91/p3
Cass, F M M/M '86/p25
Cass, Judge '84/p24
Cass, M M '85/p5
Cass, Olive May '86/p25
Cass, Stephen '78/p23; '80/56
Cass, Stephen Judge '83/p55
Cassady, Peter '78/p17
Cassel, John Mar '77/p2; '88/p64
Cassell, '91/p54
Cassell, Addie G '91/p74, 76
Cassell, John '78/p75
Casselman, William '78/p50
Cassey, John '81/p64
Cassey, Patrick '81/p64
Cassidy, Philip '81/p64
Cassie, James Mar '77/p2
Cassie, Vera '88/p21
Cassingham, Thomas E '81/p51
Caster, Mary A '91/p34
Castle, John Mar '77/p2
Castler, Rhoda '87/p77
Castletter, A '79/p70; '85/p5; '87/p50
Castletter, Abraham '85/p1, 2
Castletter, Abram '84/p30, 31
Castletter, Flora Lucinda '85/p1
Castletter, Francis M '85/p1,2
Castletter, Helen M '85/p1
Castletter, Helen M Phelps '85/p1
Castletter, Helen May '85/p1
Castletter, Helen May Phelps '85/p2
Castletter, Hellen May '85/p2
Castletter, Miriam E '85/p2
Castor, Tobias '91/p34
Castro, Godfrey '88/p1
Caswell, Grace '80/p32
Caswell, Grace '89/p56
Cathaway, Robt '83/p75
Cather, Willa '85/p35
Catherwood School District; North Bend, NE '89/p55
Catherwood, Alec '84/p2
Catherwood, Alexander '91/p76
Catherwood, James '86/p31
Catherwood, Johnson Mar '77/p2
Catherwood, Laura '84/p2
Catherwood, Myrtle '84/p2
Catherwood, Robert '86/p22; '88/p13
Catherwood, W C Mar '77/p2
Catholic Cemetery; Fremont, NE '89/p58
Catholic Church Mar '77/p2
Catholic Church; Dodge, NE '89/p49
Catholic Church; Fremont, NE '89/p14; '91/p66;
Cathwood, Etta '89/p63, 67
Catlin, Charles F '91/p33
Catron, America V '85/p5
Catron, Joseph '85/p5
Catz, Ann '83/p42
Cauby, Daniel '78/p46
Cauby, Joseph '78/p46
Cauby, Rev Benj '78/p46
Cauby, Sarah A '78/p46
Cauby, Sidney '78/p46
Cauldwell, E '84/p7
Cauley, John V '83/p75
Cauley, Margrett '83/p75
Cauley, Michael '78/p75; '83/p75
Cavanagh, William '81/p64
Cawla, M Mar '77/p2
Cayton, J C Mar '77/p2; '78/p60
Cayton, James '78/p62
Cayton, James G '78/p58, 59, 61; '79/p50; '88/p26
Cayton, John Mar '77/p2; '87/p1, 27
Caywood, George '78/p50
Ceasar, Julius '83/p68
Cech, Eleanor '84/p56
Cech, John '85/p40
Cech, John M/M '81/p75
Cech, Thomas '83/p5
Cechal, Joseph '85/p15
Cedar Bluffs Claim Asso '91/p8, 9, 10
Cedar Bluffs village, NE '90/p12
Cedar Bluffs, NE '90/p61
Cedar Hill '90/p61
Cedar Hill, NE '91/p31
Cedar Rapids village, NE '90/p12
Cedardahl, O P '84/p38
Ceebitz, H Mr '89/p44
Cegavske, August '89/p62, 67
Ceherkel, '84/p41
Cejda, Jan '83/p3
Cemberty Linwood Hill Linwood, Nebr '80/p75
Cemer, John '91/p74, 76
Cemetery Bruno, Nebr '80/p74
Cemetery Butler Co, Nebr '80/p75
Cemetery Father Ryans, Nebr '83/p20
Cemetery Lady, The '91/p17
Cempers, James '86/p25
Center, NE '91/p31
Central City, city, NE '90/p12
Central Community Tech '84/p58
Central Hotel '86/p76
Ceplecha, Catharine '83/p10
Ceraavenka, Wenceslaus '83/p3
Ceresco village, NE '90/p12
Cerf (Charf), Joe '92/p66
Cerhan, Josepha '90/p20
Cernik, Marie '82/p78
Cerny, Frank '81/p21
Cerny, Jan '86/p38
Cerny, John '81/p21
Cerny, Johni '90/p79
Cerny, Marie '81/p21
Cerny, Mrs '81/p21
Cerv, Antonin '83/p7
Cerv, Maria '83/p7
Cervenka, Vaclav '83/p3
Chachlin, C '80/p56
Chadek, James '85/p48
Chadron city, NE '90/p12
Chadwick, Gertrude '82/p55
Chadwick, Thomas '82/p55
Chaeils, James '79/p62
Chaffee, Crean B '82/p15
Chaffee, Polly '82/p15
Chaffer, James R Mar '77/p2
Chalfant, John Mrs '91/p34
Chalmers, Clinton '84/p45; '86/p31
Chalmers, Harry '86/p31
Chalmers, Laura '79/p53, 66,67
Chalmers, Laura (Cynthia) '79/p66
Chalmers, Mabel '86/p31
Chalmers, Rose '85/p62
Chalmers, T H '85/p62
Chamberling, George '78/p23
Chamberl'n, E F '82/p57
Chambers, Alice '84/p47, 48
Chambers, Cora '84/p47
Chambers, Dr '84/p8
Chambers, Frank '85/p18
Chambers, Fred '86/p25
Chambers, George '81/p64
Chambers, H '89/p14
Chambers, Henry '87/p70
Chambers, Herman '88/p75
Chambers, Hugh '88/p75
Chambers, Laurel M '86/p33
Chambers, Maryan '84/p47, 48
Chambers, Pearl '84/p48
Chambers, Violet '86/p32
Chambers, William '85/p22
Chambers, William '91/p25,25
Chambur, James '78/p2
Chamerlain, Alecta '81/p80
Champney, Lulu '86/p68
Chandler, Chares Dr '79/p42
Chandler, John '81/p9
Chandler, S '88/p64
Chaney families '89/p80
Chaney, Charles '89/p80
Chaney, Nathan '89/p80
Chaney, Samuel G '83/p64
Chaney, William '89/p80
Chansse, Charloote '81/p51
Chansse, Oliver '81/p51
Chapek, J. A. '92/p66
Chapin, Albert T '91/p7
Chapin, Arthur T '85/p3; '88/p10
Chapin, B T '85/p3
Chapin, J T '86/p68
Chapin, Josie '86/p31; '88/p44
Chapin, Lee T '82/p39
Chapin, Naomi '88/p10
Chapin, Reuben '87/p20
Chapin, Samuel Mar '77/p2
Chapin, W F '82/p22
Chaplin, Jap '86/p31
Chaplin, T P M/M '86/p49
Chaplin, T P Mrs '86/p49
Chapman village, NE '90/p12, 12 insert
Chapman, A R '82/p24; '87/p59
Chapman, Claude C '80/p13
Chapman, E L '78/p40
Chapman, Edward L '78/p40
Chapman, H '82/p57
Chapman, H Mrs '82/p57
Chapman, Henry Z '78/p24
Chapman, Herman '85/p5
Chapman, James B '80/p53
Chapman, Joe '82/p57
Chapman, Joseph '85/p5
Chapman, Laura '80/p35
Chapman, Lelia Emma '78/p40
Chapman, Luke '82/p48; '86/p32, 43
Chapman, Luke '89/p55
Chapman, M M/M '86/p25
Chapman, Mary '86/p33
Chapman, Mary Ann '78/p40
Chapman, Mary E '78/p40
Chapman, Melinda S '84/p63
Chapman, Michael '82/p48; '86/p43
Chapman, Mike '89/p55
Chapman, Mr '90/p72
Chapman, Thomas '81/p80
Chapman, Tommie '78/p40
Chapman, Veronica '86/p32
Chapman, William '82/p48; '86/p43
Chardina, Joseph '78/p16
Charf (Cerf), Joe '92/p66
Charles, Carl '89/p27, 29
Charles, Clara M '85/p7
Charles, Father '83/p20
Charles, J Rev '82/p61
Charles, J S '79/p63
Charles, Maria '81/p64
Charles, Rev '88/p43
Charles, Robert '81/p64
Charles, Robert T '81/p64
Charleston, Ruth L '88/p1
Charlott, Hada '79/p59
Charvat, Frant '86/p36
Chase '92/p48
Chase County Genealogical Society '81/p62
Chase V S Mar '77/p2
Chase, A S '78/p75
Chase, B C '86/p25
Chase, C H '85/p48
Chase, C H '91/p42
Chase, Champion S '91/p34
Chase, D M '88/p64
Chase, D S Mar '77/p2
Chase, D S '90/p57
Chase, Daniel S Dr '78/p59
Chase, Dr '85/p66
Chase, J B Mar '77/p2
Chase, J B & Co; Fremont, NE '90/p28
Chase, J B jr '88/p64
Chase, J B Rev '78/p59, 60, 61, 62
Chase, J B sr '88/p64
Chase, James B '83/p75
Chase, John '80/p53
Chase, Joseph '88/p1
Chase, Marie '84/p56
Chase, Mary E '83/p75
Chase, Mary Eliza '78/p72
Chase, Mary J '78/p72
Chase, Mary Jane '83/p75
Chase, Rev J B Mar '77/p2
Chase, Rev James D '78/p72
Chaslaw, NE '91/p31
Chastain, Capt '82/p13
Chaudett, Gaudy '78/p11
Chaudett, Pierre '78/p11
Chautaugua Assembly '82/p64
Chavat, Frant '86/p36
Chavis, Capt '82/p14
Chedy, Stephen '82/p21
Cheeks, George W '81/p51
Chemileoska, Anne '83/p43
Chemileoska, Elizabeth '83/p43
Chemler, John '82/p6
Cheney, James '81/p51
Cherney & Watson Lumber Co '82/p63
Cherney, Millie '84/p45
Cherny, Albert '82/p75; '86/p48
Cherny, Alice E '86/p32
Cherny, Anna '86/p2
Cherny, Carol '88/p49
Cherny, Emma '86/p32
Cherny, Helen '86/p33
Cherny, James '86/p32
Cherny, James E '87/p48
Cherny, Leon '86/p32
Cherny, Marjorie '88/p49
Cherny, Millie '86/p31, 33
Cherrington, Owen '89/p65, 67
Cherry County Genealogical Society '81/p62
Cherry, A F '89/p77
Cherry, Eva G '85/p9
Cherry, Janes '81/p80
Cheryn, Joseph '86/p31
Chesney, Emsley '85/p49
Chesney, Eva '85/p49
Chesney, Rebeca '85/p49
Chesnut, N Rev '89/p57; '92/p30
Chesnut, Rev N. '92/p30
Chester village, NE '90/p12
Chester, NE '91/p31
Chester,NE '90/p62
Chestist, Albert '83/p9
Chestist, Ignatz '83/p9
Cheyenne County Genealogical Society '81/p62
Cheyenne Indians '90/p18
Cheynnes Indians '80/p41
Chezner, Chlotte '92/p36
Chiarbos, Darrel M '80/p17
Chibulka, Joe '82/p59
Chicago & Northwestern '83/p59
Chicago & Northwestern RR '87/p51
Chicago Northwestern Railway '86/p8
Chicago, St Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha RR '83/p58; '87/p51
Chief, Eagle '88/p32
Chilcoat, Robt '89/p3
Chilcott, Arabella '81/p28
Chilcott, Asa '81/p28
Chilcott, Clark '81/p28
Chilcott, Clay '81/p28
Chilcott, E '81/p28
Chilcott, Geo M '81/p28
Chilcott, Kate '81/p28
Chilcott, M J '81/p28
Chilcott, Miles '81/p28
Chilcott, Scott '81/p28
Chilcott, W J '81/p28
Children's Aid Society '81/p34
Childs, T H '78/p17
Chilton, James R '78/p43
Chilton, S '78/p43
Chilton, S A '78/p43
Chilton, Thomas M '78/p43
Chincuts, William Mar '77/p2
Chirstensen, A P '78/p75
Chishohne, Alexander W Mar '78/p2
Chisholm, Margaret Ms '81/p62
Chisson, Nels '87/p55
Chittenden, Frederick '85/p2
Chittenden, George F '85/p2
Chittenden, Laura '85/p2
Chivington, Elder '92/p76
Chivington, Elder '92/p78
Chivington, Rev Mr '92/p78
Chleboun, Emma '88/p30
Chlunsky, Maria '83/p6
Chmelka, Anna '83/p6
Chmelka, Anton '83/p7
Chmelka, Caroline '83/p7
Chmelka, Caroline (Mrs. Mike Rezicha) '92/p3
Chmelka, Caroline '92/p6
Chmelka, Frantisek '83/p6
Chmelka, Jan '83/p6
Chmelka, Joseph '91/p64
Chmelka, Marie '83/p7
Chmerka, Mary (Mrs. Martin Holubar) '92/p5
Chmerka, Mary '92/p6
Chmitt, Johann Mar '77/p2
Choka, Fr Rev '89/p49
Choll, M '86/p9
Chollar, L W '86/p49
Chollat, Miss '86/p9, 12
Chopin, S Mar '77/p2
Chora, George L '88/p1
Chouteau & Company '91/p69
Chow-wees Indians '89/p42
Chrastil, Josef '82/p77
Chrisbus, A '81/p9
Christ United Methodist Church; Schuyler, NE '90/p49
Christ, Arthur E '78/p67
Christ, Elesabeth '78/p67
Christ, Peter '78/p67
Christ, Rose H '78/p67
Christackes, John '92/p41
Christensen Funeral Home '91/p45
Christensen Saloon '84/p8
Christensen, '85/p22
Christensen, A '84/p19
Christensen, A M/M '84/p19
Christensen, A P Mar '77/p2
Christensen, Abelane '87/p61
Christensen, Anders C '87/p67
Christensen, Andreas H '87/p67
Christensen, Andrew Mar '77/p2
Christensen, Anna '83/p79
Christensen, Anna A '87/p62
Christensen, Anne '87/p66
Christensen, Anne C '87/p66
Christensen, Anne K '87/p65
Christensen, Anton '92/p41
Christensen, Arthur '84/p50
Christensen, Arthur '91/p24
Christensen, Arthur G '85/p30
Christensen, Bess '88/p21
Christensen, C '83/p18; '87/p70
Christensen, C '89/p11, 12, 18;
Christensen, C H '87/p70
Christensen, C M/M '86/p9
Christensen, Carl '87/p61
Christensen, Carl '92/p21
Christensen, Carl C '81/p81; '84/p36; '86/p2
Christensen, Carl C '89/p18
Christensen, Caroline '81/p79
Christensen, Christen '84/p37
Christensen, Christian '87/p61, 66
Christensen, Christine '87/p65
Christensen, Christine M '87/p66
Christensen, Cicilie '87/p67
Christensen, Donald Mrs '81/p62
Christensen, Dorthea '87/p66
Christensen, Eliza M '82/p45
Christensen, Emma '85/p78
Christensen, Emma '91/p24
Christensen, Fred '86/p73
Christensen, Frederick '92/p66
Christensen, H C '84/p38
Christensen, Hans '87/p66
Christensen, Hans C '86/p3
Christensen, Herman F '87/p67
Christensen, J C '89/p4; '92/p31
Christensen, J S '89/p10
Christensen, J. C. '92/p31
Christensen, Jens '84/p38; '87/p66
Christensen, Jens C '87/p65, 66
Christensen, Jens L '87/p66
Christensen, Jensine H '87/p66
Christensen, Johanne '87/p66
Christensen, John J. '92/p66
Christensen, Josie '89/p9
Christensen, Knud Nissen '92/p21
Christensen, Lauritz C '87/p66
Christensen, Lawrence Petre '92/p41
Christensen, Lewis Mar '77/p2
Christensen, Louis '82/p79
Christensen, Ludvig W '87/p61
Christensen, M/M '86/p9
Christensen, Maren '82/p45
Christensen, Marianne '87/p66
Christensen, Martin '84/p36
Christensen, Martina '89/p64, 67
Christensen, Mary '83/p79
Christensen, Matthias '87/p65
Christensen, Mette M '87/p65
Christensen, N T '88/p1
Christensen, Nels '88/p13
Christensen, Nels '91/p58; '92/p15
Christensen, Nels Marious '92/p15
Christensen, P Mar '77/p2
Christensen, Pauline '89/p61, 67
Christensen, Peter C '87/p67
Christensen, Rasmus '84/p36
Christensen, Sam '87/p70
Christensen, Sara M '87/p66
Christensen, Sike '84/p38
Christensen, Soren '87/p66
Christensen, T C Mrs '91/p45
Christensen, Walter '84/p50
Christenson, Anna '89/p28, 29
Christenson, Cassius D '88/p64
Christenson, Christian '88/p64
Christenson, Hans C '86/p3
Christenson, Ivar '87/p77
Christenson, Mary '79/p45
Christenson, Mr '90/p31
Christenson, Peter '79/p45; '87/p76
Christian Church; Fremont, NE '89/p57; '91/p65
Christian Science Church; Fremont, NE '89/p57
Christian Science; Fremont, NE '91/p67
Christian, Lewis '88/p67
Christian, M M Jan '77/p5
Christian, Mary '87/p5
Christian, O S Jan '77/p5
Christian, R P '87/p71
Christian, Willis E Jan '77/p5
Christiansen, A P Mar '77/p2
Christiansen, Hans '92/p21
Christiansen, Jacob '92/p61
Christiansen, M/M '86/p75
Christiansen, Nels '84/p67
Christiansen, Peter '86/p75
Christianson, Christian '90/p53, 55
Christianson, James '77/p53
Christianson, John '82/p44
Christianson, Lena '89/p36
Christianson, Mrs. Nils (Jacobina Larson) '92/p3
Christianson, Nils '92/p3, 6
Christie Effie M '88/p13
Christie, Andrew '80/p26
Christina, Mary '78/p62
Christine, Christina '90/p53, 55
Christison, George '89/p28, 29
Christofferson, Lars M '84/p37; '87/p7
Christophers, Capt '82/p9
Christopherson, Andrew Mar '77/p2
Christy, Chas '85/p48
Christy, H Mar '77/p2
Christy, Hal '89/p28, 29;
Christy, Samuel Dr '79/p42
Chritton, R E '89/p28
Chritton, R E Mr '89/p29
Chrivan, Jos '86/p36
Chromy, Anna '83/p11
Chromy, Cyril '82/p75; '86/p48
Chromy, John '82/p75; '86/p48
Chromy, Mike '82/p75; '86/p48
Chucel, Anton '92/p3, 6
Chucel, Anton, '86/p42
Chucel, Mrs. Anton (Catharine Placek) '92/p3
Chudatake, Fr Rev '89/p49
Chudomelka, J C '89/p1
Chudomelka, John C '89/p1
Chudomelka, Jos '90/p45
Chuel, Anton '86/p25
Chupp, Marie '84/p44
Churan, Josef '86/p36
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints '91/p70, 71, 72
Church, DelErna E '85/p49
Church, James '91/p42
Church, Mabel '85/p49
Church, Mary J '83/p71
Church, Philander P '80/p12
Church, Samuel '85/p49
Church, William L '86/p2
Churchill, Carroll '85/p55
Churchill, Frederick C '83/p49
Churchill, Sarah '85/p55
Chwerka, Mary '85/p22, 24
Cibulka, Adeline '82/p47
Cichacek, Anna '83/p10
Cierrard (Cussard), Ann '90/p54
Cierrard, Ann '90/p54, 55
Cifraind, John '92/p41
Cihacek Restaurant; Howells, NE '89/p3
Cihacek, Henry '86/p33
Cimfl, Emanuel '83/p4
Cimfl, Joseph '83/p4
Cimmera, Chris '85/p52
Cinder, Ludmilla '81/p21
Cipera, Antonin '83/p8
Cipera, Louisa '83/p8
Cipers, Aloisie '83/p6
Cisbell, Julius '84/p53
Cissne, James '87/p75
City Engine '89/p55
City Hotel; Fremont, NE '89/p12; '90/p31
City Meat Market; Fremont, NE '90/p30
Cizek, Maria '83/p1, 6
Clabaugh, Dessamond '84/p57
Clafee, Franklin '81/p64
Claflin, F M '91/p16
Claflin, Mrs '90/p71
Clana, James '88/p64
Clancy, D W '83/p29
Clancy, Daniel W '80/p70
Clancy, Richd '78/p4
Clancy, W P Rev '86/p59
Clancy, William '78/p19; '79/p70; '84/p30
Clancy, Wm '78/p19
Claney, Patrick '81/p64
Clanton, Isaac '82/p16
Clapp, Mar '77/p2
Clapp, A S '78/p75
Clapp, Antoinette '81/p14
Clapp, Florence B Mar '77/p2
Clapp, Hugh E '87/p58
Clapper, Eli '91/p23
Clar, Maria Ellen '83/p2
Clara, George C '90/p37
Clara, Nettie '90/p37
Clara, Rosa '90/p37
Clarendon, A E '87/p8
Clarendon, A E '89/p9
Clarendon, Theo '91/p23
Clark & Donovan '87/p50
Clark Creek Zion; Winslow, NE '90/p52
Clark, '89/p80; '91/p67
Clark, A Mar '77/p2
Clark, Abagal '83/p75
Clark, Addie M. (Mrs. Elwood C. Egberts) '92/p4
Clark, Addie M. '92/p6
Clark, Bishop '92/p77
Clark, C E Mar '77/p2
Clark, C G '82/p27
Clark, C R '78/p19
Clark, C S '86/p9, 12
Clark, Charlotte '85/p6
Clark, Dr '78/p21; '86/p77
Clark, E H '81/p7; '84/p24
Clark, E Hicks '84/p25, 33
Clark, E J '81/p51
Clark, E M '79/p41; '83/p30, 37
Clark, Edith '89/p36
Clark, Elam '83/p54; '84/p21, 33
Clark, Elias H '91/p34
Clark, Elias Hicks '84/p21
Clark, Elizabeth '78/p38
Clark, Emma '87/p77
Clark, Eno Miss '91/p16
Clark, Eo '87/p8
Clark, Eoline '81/p19
Clark, Eoline '89/p9
Clark, Ethel Eva (Mrs. Thaddius Browning) '92/p47
Clark, Francis J '91/p49, 51
Clark, Frank '83/p27
Clark, Geo '78/p5
Clark, Hannah Jane '85/p4
Clark, Has '85/p48
Clark, Jacob '83/p2
Clark, James '91/p42
Clark, James 3rd '81/p14
Clark, James Jr '81/p14
Clark, John '86/p79
Clark, John M '86/p25
Clark, Joseph Mar '77/p2; '82/p14
Clark, Kennedy '81/p14
Clark, L L Mar '77/p2
Clark, Lancey A '81/p3
Clark, Lemuel '79/p50
Clark, M H '78/p20, 21
Clark, M L '88/p1
Clark, Mabel Grace (Mrs. William Henry Lynch) '92/p47
Clark, Martha '85/p77
Clark, Miss '84/p49
Clark, Mr '78/p22
Clark, Mrs Mar '77/p2
Clark, Mrs Mar '77/p2; '81/p14
Clark, Munson Henry '78/p21
Clark, Nancy '78/p7
Clark, Newton '84/p21
Clark, Noah '78/p8
Clark, O C Rev '89/p44
Clark, O P '79/p3
Clark, Oliver P '83/p75
Clark, Ottallia '87/p3
Clark, Ottelia '78/p61
Clark, Perline '87/p1
Clark, Robert '78/p5
Clark, S Mar '77/p2
Clark, Sarah A '85/p10
Clark, Thomas '78/p38
Clark, William Mar '77/p2; '81/p8
Clark, Wm '88/p64
Clarke, B S '79/p20
Clarke, C '83/p45
Clarke, Henry '88/p64
Clarke, Henry T '91/p34
Clarke, Jas C '81/p65
Clarke, Jim '88/p1
Clarke, Josephine '81/p65
Clarke, Mary E '81/p65
Clarke, P A '90/p57
Clarke, Thomas '81/p14
Clarke, William C '81/p65
Clarkin, T J '81/p13
Clarks village, NE '90/p12
Clarkson Parish of St Cyril & Methodius '86/p45
Clarkson village, NE '90/p12
Clasen, Clas '86/p2
Clatanhoff, John '83/p38
Clatanoff, Albert H '78/p67
Clatanoff, Anna '78/p67
Clatanoff, Anna (Wichmann) '78/p67
Clatanoff, Ben '78/p67
Clatanoff, Bernard H '78/p67
Clatanoff, C '78/p67
Clatanoff, Carl B '78/p67
Clatanoff, H '78/p67
Clatanoff, Lizzie '78/p67
Clatanoff, Louise (Hilbers) '78/p67
Clatanoff, Meta '78/p67
Clatanoff, Wilhelm '78/p67
Clatanoff, Wm '78/p67
Claus, John H '81/p65
Clausen A A '87/p45
Clausen, A Mar '77/p2
Clausen, Anna K '87/p45
Clausen, Ellen M '87/p45
Clausen, H '86/p35
Clausen, J. C. '92/p47
Clausen, J. J. '92/p47
Clausen, Johannes Carl '92/p61
Clausen, John Mar '77/p2; '87/p77
Clausen, John S '78/p75
Clausen, Louis '83/58
Clausen, Maggie '91/p24
Clausen, Pastor '80/p60
Clausen, Pat '88/p0
Clausen, Pat '89/p0; '92/p 0
Clauson, J. S. '92/p72
Clauson, John '79/p49
Clauson, Lars '87/p5
Clauson, Mary '79/p49
Clausse, Mary J '88/p2
Claussen, Clara '87/p2
Claussen, Louis '86/p72, 75
Claussen, Peter '84/p37
Clay Center village, NE '90/p12
Clay, Bert M/M '91/p54
Clay, H Mar '77/p2
Clay, Robert Mar '77/p2; '87/p72; '88/p64
Clay, son '91/p54
Clay, William '86/p3
Claycomb, Earl '81/p79
Clayton, Burt '86/p25
Clayton, J C Mar '77/p2
Clayton, NE '91/p31
Clayton, S H '91/p34
Clayton, Samuel '78/p10
Clayton, Simon H '78/p10
Clear Creek, NE '90/p50
Clearwater village, NE '90/p12
Cleary, William '92/p34
Cleghorn, Jas '78/p16
Cleland, Eule C '85/p78
Cleland, J C '85/p33
Cleland, J C Hose Co; Fremont, NE '89/p14
Cleland, John C '88/p64
Clemens A & Co '83/p37
Clemens, Maggie '88/p75
Clemens, Nick '88/p74
Clemensen, Clemen '87/p64
Clemensen, Dorothea K '87/p65
Clemensen, Ellen '87/p64
Clemensen, Iver '87/p64
Clemensen, Kirsten '87/p64
Clemensen, Martha H '87/p65
Clemensen, Niels '87/p65
Clemensen, Sara K '87/p64
Clemensen, Willard J '87/p64
Clement, P. E. '92/p54
Clements, James '78/p75
Clements, John '78/p9
Clements, John '92/p71
Clements, Mary E '91/p76
Clemmens, F Mar '77/p2
Clemmons, Mrs. W. H. (Dell U. Clemmons) '92/p32
Clemmons, Prof '85/p78
Clemmons, W H. '92/p31
Clemmons, W. C. '92/p31
Clendening, James E '91/p50, 51
Clendening, William '91/p49, 51
Clerk, Mary '84/p75
Clermont, Henry '81/p65
Cleson, Lars '87/p5
Cleveland, E N Mar '77/p2
Cleveland, Grover '78/p24
Cleveland, Mr '81/p48
Cleveland, S T '85/p74
Cleveland, W N Mar '77/p2
Clifton Hotel '86/p74
Clifton, Clay C '83/p65
Clifton, Joseph '78/p20
Clifton, Levi '85/p75
Clifton, William '81/p51
Cline, Albert '81/p28
Cline, Emily '81/p28
Cline, F D '81/p28
Cline, H P '81/p28
Cline, Maggie '85/p44
Clinton, Edward '81/p51
Cloeke, John '81/p51
Clogg, John '78/p38
Cloney, John '91/p61
Cloos, Emil '88/p31
Cloos, Emil '91/p23
Close, Mar '77/p2
Close, Adelia W '81/p26
Close, Caroline E '78/p58; '87/p1
Close, Frank '87/p72
Close, Geo C '81/p28
Close, George '87/p72
Close, Henry '89/p18
Close, Henry C '86/p4
Close, Hiram '81/p37
Close, John A Mar '77/p2; '78/75; '85/p74; '88/p57, 64
Close, John A. '92/p72
Close, Margaret '78/p58; '87/p1
Close, Martha '87/p72
Closs, Dorothea '81/p14
Closs, E '84/p8
Closs, JJ '84/p8
Clother, C L '82/p23
Clothier, A. D. '92/p72
Cloudy, Francis '80/p68
Clough, Calvin '78/p25
Clough, Hary A '83/p79
Clouse, Elizabeth Jan '77/p4
Clouse, John L Jan '77/p4
Cloyes, Wm '89/p44
Clurrie, F J '78/p50
Cluthe, Caspar '91/p49, 51
Clutonen, T '86/p35
Clyde Cemetery '86/p57
Coad, M M Mrs '86/p25
Coady, Michael '90/p54, 55
Coats, Allen L '78/p11
Coats, Maud '82/p32
Coats, Mr '80/p66
Cob, Washing '78/p5
Cobb, B D Mar '77/p2
Cobb, Gus '91/p23
Cobb, W A G '85/p74
Cobb, W A G & Co; Fremont, NE '89/p12, 13
Cobb, W G & Co '80/p40
Cobb, William G '87/p5
Coberly, Frederic F '87/p58
Coch, John '80/p33
Cochran, Adison '84/p32
Cochran, Bradford '81/p14
Cochran, E '85/p73
Cochran, Henry J '81/p14
Cochran, Henry J Mrs '81/p14
Cochran, Katherine B '81/p14
Cochran, Mamie '89/p9
Cock, John Adolphus '89/p79
Cockerill, Ellen '91/p50, 51
Cockran, J Mar '77/p2
Coddington, Geo '88/p39
Coddington, Geo '91/p23
Coddington, Geo Mrs '91/p24
Codr, Barta '82/p75; '86/p48
Cody, Buffalo Bill '84/p58
Cody, Emma (Mrs. William H. Graham) '92/p3
Cody, Emma '92/p6
Cody, Lizzie '86/p2
Coe & Carter Mar '77/p2
Coe Bros, Haskett & Co; Fremont, NE '90/p27
Coe, Jennie E '85/p8
Coen, Helen Marie '88/p49
Coffey, Andrew E '77/p44
Coffey, C '77/p44
Coffey, Cabuis '77/p44
Coffey, Clarinda F '77/p44
Coffey, Eugene '77/p44
Coffey, G '77/p44
Coffey, Harriett E '77/p44
Coffey, John M '77/p44
Coffey, Pelina '77/p44
Coffey, Robert '77/p44
Coffey, Samuel A '77/p44
Coffey, Thomas '77/p44
Coffey, William H '77/p44
Coffran, W C M/M '85/p22
Coffy, Stephen E '81/p51
Coffys, H N '81/p51
Cogl, Mary '82/p55
Cogl, Richard '82/p55
Cohe, John Mar '77/p2
Cohee, C A Mar '77/p2
Cohee, Elmira '82/p33
Cohee, W F Mar '77/p2
Cohen, Eva H '81/p14
Cohen, Mrs '81/p14
Cohen, Nathan Perry '81/p14
Cohen, Theodor Marks '81/p14
Cohn, Cornelius A '88/p27
Cohn, William T '88/p37
Coie, John '92/p4, 6
Coie, Mrs. John (Elizabeth McClatchey) '92/p4
Coie, William G '89/p27, 29
Colburn, Dr '91/p23
Colburn, Ola '91/p24
Colburn, Phil S '89/p64, 67
Colby, D '87/p72
Colby, E '87/p72
Colby, Ettie Leach '87/p72
Colby, Laura '87/p72
Colby, Naomi Ann '87/p72
Colby, O '84/p23
Colby, Orrin '87/p72
Cole & Pilsbury '80/p40; '85/p66; '88/p54
Cole & Pilsbury; Fremont, NE '90/p28
Cole & Son '90/p57
Cole '92/p48
Cole '92/p49
Cole, A R '84/p3
Cole, Edna '89/p36
Cole, Eliza '80/p67
Cole, Elmer '82/p32
Cole, Estella '84/p3
Cole, John '78/p75
Cole, Mary '84/p3
Cole, Mrs Mar '77/p2
Cole, S Mrs '78/p50
Cole, Sophia Mrs '91/p5
Cole, T Mar '77/p2
Cole, T S Mar '77/p2; '88/p64
Cole, Theodore '88/p54
Cole, Theodore S '78/p62
Cole, Theodore S '89/p27, 29
Cole, Wesley '81/p51
Cole, Wm '86/p79
Coleman, Eunice '89/p24
Coleman, Garrett F '87/p58
Coleman, Harry '85/p57
Coleman, Lizzie '85/p57
Coleman, Martha '85/p3
Coleman, Mary '84/p34
Coleman, N J '78/p22
Coleman, P T '79/p48
Coleman, T D Mr '89/p63, 67
Coleridge village, NE '90/p12
Coles, Theodore '91/p42
Coles, Wm '78/p3
COLFAX CO, NE '90/p20
Colfax Co, NE '91/p43
Colfax County Bank, The; Howells, NE '89/p1
Colfax, Schuyler '91/p43
Colgan, Patrick Mar '77/p2
Colgan, Richard '81/p51
Colgan, Therese '86/p67
Coligan, Patrick '91/p54
Collard, John E '82/p44
College View village, NE '90/p12
Collenback, Mary Mrs '89/p29
Colletta, John P '90/p58
Collicott, Gertrude '84/p57
Collier, Anna S '90/p53, 55
Colligan, James '86/p58
Collins, '84/p32
Collins, A '81/p9
Collins, A C '78/p2
Collins, Agnes '86/p32
Collins, Andrew '78/p11
Collins, Anna E Mrs '90/p46; '91/p16
Collins, Billy '91/p23
Collins, Blanche '84/p47, 48
Collins, E Mar '77/p2
Collins, E M '87/p70; '87/p2
Collins, E M '89/p10
Collins, Ellen M '78/p59; '87/p2
Collins, Esaac '83/p30
Collins, Ezra M '88/p38
Collins, Ezra M '91/p75, 76
Collins, Francis '83/p46
Collins, Frank '88/p2
Collins, G Mar '77/p2
Collins, Geo '88/p64
Collins, Geo E '78/p75
Collins, George Mar '77/p2
Collins, George B '88/p64
Collins, George W '85/p5
Collins, H A '86/p66
Collins, Hester '86/p32
Collins, Ilene '84/p47, 48
Collins, J A '81/p18
Collins, James '81/p51
Collins, John '81/p65; '82/p80
Collins, John M '83/p38
Collins, John N. '92/p78
Collins, Joseph '81/p51
Collins, Joseph C. '92/p5, 6
Collins, Joseph S '80/p12
Collins, Josephine '85/p5
Collins, M F '86/p46
Collins, Mary '89/p44
Collins, Michael '81/p51
Collins, Mrs. Joseph C. (Isabel Cameron) '92/p5
Collins, Mrs. Mattie '92/p78
Collins, Rev '80/p22; '84/p33
Collins, Robert '78/p12
Collins, S W '80/p53
Collins, Thomas J '79/p42
Collins, Thos '84/p1
Collins, W A '87/p69
Collins, Walter '88/p2
Collins, Wm H Rev '79/p42
Collinsworth, B F '78/p75
Collinsworth, Benjamin '78/p58; '87/p1
Colman, Grace '84/p50
Colman, Grace '91/p24
Colman, M Y Mrs '91/p24
Colman, Tuthill R '85/p7
Colon village, NE '90/p12
Colonization's Co '91/p7
Colson '92/p50
Colson, Mar '77/p2
Colson, Burnell '85/p71, 78; '87/p70
Colson, Burnell '91/p24
Colson, Chatty '79/p43
Colson, Helena '86/p3
Colson, Helma '86/p3
Colson, Mary R Mrs '90/p46; '91/p16
Colson, May '84/p49
Colson, May '91/p24
Colson, P A M/M '91/p24
Colson, Paul '82/p28; '84/p8; '85/p71; '88/p64
Colson, Paul '91/p22
Colson, S B Mar '77/p2; '78/p75; '88/p64
Colson, S B '90/p57; '91/p32;
Colson, S. B. '92/p72
Colson, Sereno B M/M '86/p10
Colson, Sirene B '79/p50; '82/p11
Colson, Sireno B '82/p15, 69; '85/p71
Colson, Syrine '79/p48
Colter, J D Mar '77/p2
Columbus city, NE '90/p12
Columbus Earthquake, Nebr '85/p22
Colvert, B G Mrs '89/p44
Colvin, John '78/p6
Colwell, J H Mar '77/p2
Comaches Indians '80/p41
Coman & Griswold; Fremont, NE '89/p13
Coman, C H '89/p47
Coman, L B '84/p8
Coman, S C '89/p47
Coman, Steve '89/p8
Comihan, Beremiah '81/p51
Comings, Anita '81/p14
Comings, Fannie '81/p14
Comins, Thomas '91/p5
Comish, Lee '80/p58
Comish, W E '85/p68
Commercial National Bank of Omaha '88/p53
Commerical Hotel, Omaha, NE '89/p5
Compton, John A '85/p3; '88/p10
Compton, Joseph '85/p3
Compton, Nancy Boyce '87/p49
Computer Genealogy '90/p79; '91/p19
Comstock, Mar '77/p2
Comstock, Mabel '86/p67
Comstock, Ralph '81/p51
Comte, August '83/p70
Concran (Corcran) George '89/p28
Concran, George '89/p28, 29
Condit, C T '88/p64
Condit, Carydon '83/p75
Condit, Jonas '83/p75
Condit, Maranda '83/p75
Cone, Vashi '82/p42
Cones, W W '79/p41
Confederate forces American Civil War '90/p58
Conger, Alice '81/p81; '86/p1
Conger, C A Mar '77/p2
Conger, E A Mar '77/p2
Conger, Margaret '91/p75, 76
Conger, Martha W '81/p81; '86/p1
Conger, Mary J '91/p75, 76
Conger, Ruth A '90/p54, 55
Conger, S L Mar '77/p2
Conger, S L Mr '89/p28, 29
Congregational Church '83/p68; '85/p67; '88/p35, 52
Congregational Church Records '91/p73
Congregational Church, The '91/p73
Congregational Church; Fremont, NE '89/p14 '91/p65;
Congregational Church; Howells, NE '89/p2
Congregational Church; Scribner, NE '91/p59
Congregational Historical Records '91/p73
Congregational Library '91/p73
Conish, Mary '86/p4
Conklin, Mar '77/p2
Conklin, G Mar '77/p2
Conklin, J R '81/p28
Conlan, J A Mar '77/p2
Conley, Andy M/M '86/p25
Conley, Blanche '82/p32
Conley, Charlotte '80/p32
Conley, Flora '86/p31
Conley, G E Mar '77/p2
Conley, John '85/p33, 28, 48, 75
Conley, John '91/p42; '92/p5, 6
Conley, John '92/p5, 6
Conley, Mrs. John (Annah Shay) '92/p5
Conley, Sylvester '80/p32
Conley, Thomas D W '82/p16
Conley, W A M/M '81/p78
Conley, W A Mrs '91/p57
Conley, Wesley '87/p5
Conlin, Ellen '84/p75
Conlin, James '84/p75
Conlin, James '91/p49, 51
Conlin, John '91/p26
Conlin, William '84/p75
Conn State Library, Probate Records Jan '77/p6
Conn, Thomas E '78/p75
Conn, W A G '78/p62
Connealy, James '82.p55
Connecticut - Wooden Nutmegs '91/p41
Connell, A E '86/p57
Connell, Agnes '84/p50; '86/p67
Connell, Agnes Marie '85/p30
Connell, Annie '89/p9
Connell, Honora (Mrs. James Carrigan) '92/p4
Connell, Honora '92/p6
Connelly, Elizabeth '89/p27, 29
Connelly, J W '91/p57
Connelly, Kathryn '84/p56
Connelly, Wm '80/p26
Conner, Bertha Jan '77/p6
Conner, C E Jan '77/p6
Conner, Caroline E Jan '77/p6
Conner, Clarence Jan '77/p6
Conner, Florence '85/p57
Conner, Francis T '81/p51
Conner, Isabell '81/p72
Conner, J Jan '77/p5
Conner, J F '86/p24
Conner, J. F. '92/p54
Conner, James R Jan '77/p5
Conner, Jno '90/p53, 55
Conner, John '89/p29
Conner, M J Jan '77/p5
Conner, Rachel '87/p1
Conner, S Jan '77/p6
Conner, Silwell, '87/p1
Conner, Sitwell '78/p58
Conner, Stilwell Mar '77/p2; '78/p75; '88/p64
Conner, Wiliam '83/p57
Conner, William '78/p23; '84/p21; '85/p22
Conner, Wm '80/p56
Connerly, Henry '88/p14
Conners, Mary C '81/p65
Connfelt, Mrs '81/p14
Connfelt, Oscar Godfrey '81/p14
Connish, Mary '86/p4
Connoe, Lawrence B '80/p13
Connor, Bridget '82/p54
Connor, H O '86/p50
Connor, Wm '81/p8
Connors, Cornelius '82/p52
Conover, McLinney '92/p34
Conrad, C Mar '77/p2
Conrad, Diedrick '85/p22
Conrad, Dorsey M/M '81/p74
Conrad, Emma L A '89/p64, 67
Conrad, Herman '87/p3
Conrad, Herrmann Mar '77/p2
Conrad, Ina '82/p47
Conrad, Katherine '87/p9
Conrad, Margaret '91/p25, 26
Conrad, Mathilda '91/p51
Conrad, Oristis '87/p9
Consolidataed Fuel Company '88/p53
Consolidated Tank Line Co; Fremont, NE '89/p13
Constantine, John Demetrios '92/p15
Constantine, Peter Athanosi '92/p15
Contal, Benjamin '78/p50; '85/p7
Contal, Charles Capt '91/p34
Conutt, James M '78/p9
Conutt, Laura J (Hail) '78/p9
Conutt, Lewis F '78/p9
Conway, Patrick '81/p65
Conway, William '81/p51
Conyne, O Y Mar '77/p2
Coogan, Richard '86/p30
Cook C W '85/p64
Cook village '90/p12
Cook, A C Mar '77/p2; '88/p57
Cook, A E '86/p46
Cook, A M '88/p67
Cook, Adam '86/p10
Cook, Alexander Mar '77/p2
Cook, Amos '81/p51
Cook, Amus '82/p73
Cook, Andrew '91/p34
Cook, Anna '82/p45
Cook, Anna J '81/p51
Cook, Austin W '81/p51
Cook, B J '81/p51
Cook, Blanche '85/p11
Cook, C Maggie '85/p58
Cook, C W 79/p47; '88/p56
Cook, C W M/M '90/p71
Cook, Caleb W '90/p46
Cook, Caleb W Mr '91/p16
Cook, Capitaola '91/p74
Cook, Capitola '91/p76
Cook, Capt '82/p13
Cook, Caroline A '81/p51
Cook, Celestia '81/p51
Cook, Chas '85/p8, 11
Cook, Daisy '89/p56
Cook, Dora Jan '77/p2
Cook, Dr '88/p35
Cook, Edith G '87/p72
Cook, Edwin '78/p50
Cook, Edwin F '85/p9
Cook, Elias H '78/p10
Cook, Eliza A '81/p80
Cook, Eunice '89/p9; '90/p71
Cook, Eva '84/p57
Cook, Eva V '84/p55
Cook, Ferdinand '87/p72
Cook, Guy '86/p46
Cook, H F '91/p34
Cook, Hallie M '90/p55
Cook, Isaac '82/p73
Cook, Joe '82/p57
Cook, Joel D '83/p65
Cook, John '85/p44
Cook, Joseph S '78/p50
Cook, Juella '89/p29
Cook, Julia '78/p47
Cook, Laura Mrs '90/p46; '91/p16
Cook, Lizzie '85/p11
Cook, Luella '89/p28
Cook, M '88/p64
Cook, M G Mar '77/p2; '85/p73
Cook, Maragret A '78/p48
Cook, Martin '88/p2
Cook, Mary Ann '90/p53, 55
Cook, Mary J '90/p54, 55
Cook, Merion R '83/p60
Cook, Milon '89/p19
Cook, Milon G '90/p54, 55
Cook, Myrtle '87/p72
Cook, O F '81/p51
Cook, Philander '78/p15
Cook, Renard '85/p11
Cook, Renie '85/p44
Cook, Richard Mrs '81/p14
Cook, Robert E '87/p72
Cook, Russell '81/p14
Cook, S M '88/p67
Cook, Samuel '83/p47
Cook, Timothy '78/p46
Cook, Vesta D '85/p3
Cook, W P '87/p10
Cook, W S M/M '90/p72
Cook, W S Mrs '82/p57
Cook, Warren H '87/p58
Cook, Wesley '78/p50
Cook, William E '82/p23
Cook, Willie F '87/p72
Cook, Wm N '78/p8
Cool, Araminta '89/p64, 67
Cool, Rachel Jan '77/p2
Cool, Theodore Jan '77/p2
Cooley, Bessie '82/p42; '86/p24; '88/p28
Cooley, Bessie T '86/p24; '88/p28
Cooley, Elmire '81/p51
Cooley, H '81/p51
Cooley, Mary '81/p51
Cooley, Merrick '81/p51
Cooley, Norris J '86/p4
Cooley, Squire '81/p51
Coon, Nathaniel '78/p23; '84/p25
Cooney, John '81/p65
Coook, James '87/p75
Cooper, Mar '77/p2
Cooper, A A '84/p39
Cooper, Alice '88/p10
Cooper, Alin '85/p3
Cooper, Charles '81/p38
Cooper, Etta '86/p68
Cooper, Floyd '84/p39
Cooper, Hamilton '91/p34
Cooper, Hattie '88/p75
Cooper, Henry '83/p63; '88/p44
Cooper, Henry C '78/p53
Cooper, Jane '81/p38
Cooper, Jonathen '82/p72
Cooper, Lenora C '88/p10
Cooper, Lovena Cassey '88/p8
Cooper, Mary A '81/p38
Cooper, Mary E '86/p66
Cooper, P G '80/p57; '81/p9; '83/p57; '85/p3
Cooper, Sarah M '85/p7
Cooper, Senora C '85/p3; '88/p10
Cooper, W J '78/p20
Cooper, W V '81/p10
Cooper, William '81/p38; '85/p3
Cooper, Wm '85/p8
Coops, L Mar '77/p2
Coops, Lena '82/p33
Copeland, Edith '86/p31
Copeland, Hugh '86/p31
Copp, C S '83/p65
Copp, Charles S '80/p12
Copp, Curtis M '83/p65
Cora, Eliza F '91/p34
Corban, A L '78/p19
Corbett, Cora (Rickner) '91/p45, 46
Corbett, Harley '91/p45
Corbett, Leo '91/p45
Corbett, Roy '91/p45
Corbett, William '89/p63, 67
Corbin, A '81/p30
Corbin, Alex Mrs '82/p55
Corbin, Alex N '81/p28
Corbin, Aman '81/p28
Corbin, Calvin M '78/p75
Corcoran, Cora '86/p66
Corcoran, Daniel '87/p58
Corcoran, George F '88/p59
Corcran, George '89/p28
Cordier, Franz '84/p10
Cordova village, NE '90/p12
Corey, Fanny, '81/p80
Corigan, Pat '78/p17
Corles, Edwarad '78/p43
Corless, Edward Mrs '84/p38
Corless, Rosia I '83/p48
Corley, Robert '82/p10
Corliss, George '86/p26
Corn Exchange Bank '84/p31
Cornelius, K J '81/p28
Cornelius, L L '81/p28
Cornelius, M A '81/p28
Cornelius, Rebecca '81/p28
Cornelius, S D '81/p28
Cornelius, S E '81/p28
Cornell, Geo T '85/p22
Cornell, Mr '80/p26
Cornins, P '85/p19
Cornish, George '81/p51
Cornue, Elizabeth '85/p4
Cornwell, Larry P Capt '78/p26
Corradi, Fernando '81/p14, 15
Corrcoon, Mar '77/p2
Correven, George '82/p75
Corrie, M/M '80/p15
Corrier, R D Mar '77/p3
Corsby, Mar '77/p3
Corsby, E O Mar '77/p3
Corter, Marion L Mrs '81/p14
Cortland village, NE '90/p12
Cortteyou, R V Mar '77/p3
Cory, Jane '83/p47
Cosgrave, James P '87/p59
Cosner, Bertha '89/p65, 67
Cossavella, Anna '81/p14
Costelli, Thos '86/p26
Costello, Mar '77/p3
Costello, J H '86/p49
Costello, M J '80/p78
Costello, Thomas '80/p32
Costro, Mr '88/p2
Coterell, Mathew L '78/p48
Coterell, Mrs, '79/p48
Cottel, Mar '77/p3
Cotter, Ellenora '82/p55
Cotter, Maria '82/p55
Cotterell, Mar '77/p3; '82/p76
Cotterell, M C '91/p55, 56
Cotterell, M Mrs '86/p79
Cotterell, M S '89/p51
Cotterell, M S Jr Mar '77/p3
Cotterell, M S Sr Mar '77/p3
Cotterell, Mathew '86/p10
Cotterell, Mathew S '82/p29
Cotterell, Matthew S '82/p9, 75
Cotterell, Mrs '86/p79
Cotterell, Thomas J Mar '77/p3
Cotterell, Thos J '85/p75
Cottet, Joseph '78/p3
Cottey, A J P Rev Jan '77/p2
Cottle, Henry '88/p64
Cottn, W H '91/p6
Cotton, Florence I '91/p76
Cotton, G H '81/p8
Cotton, Louisa '85/p3
Cotton, Mary '87/p5
Cotton, N N '78/p19
Cotton, William '81/p39
Cottrell, James '86/p20
Cottrell, James L Rev '88/p47
Cottrell, James Rev '88/p49
Cottrell, M S '82/p37, 38
Cottrell, Mat '82/p38
Cottrell, Matthew '87/p44
Cottrell, Matthew S '82/p37. 38
Cottrell, Mrs '87/p45
Cottrell, Rev '88/p47
Cottrell, T J Mr '89/p29
Couck, John Adolphus '89/p80
Coufal (Zoufal), Barbara (Mrs. Martin Prokas) '92/p6
Coufal, Antonin '83/p7, 8
Coufal, Barbara '85/p22, 27
Coufal, Charles '83/p7
Coufal, Jan '83/p8
Coufal, Karel '83/p7
Coufal, Robert '82/p47
Coufal, see Zoufal '92/p6
Coughlan, Alice '83/p45
Coulter, David J '91/p75, 76
Coulter, James J '78/p53
Coulter, John '78/p50; '88/p8
Council Blufs & Omaha Ferry Company '78/p17B
Countant, Grand Master '88/p39
Counter, John Mar '77/p3
Coupal, Margareth Poisant '82/p52
Coupal, Mary Lora '82/p52
Coupal, Vital '82/p52
Courier, Dodge, NE '90/p36
Cournway, John M '78/p16
Courson, Robert Judge '85/p22
Court, Matilda '82/p44
Court, Rev '88/p48
Courtright & Sidner '84/p8; '88/p52
Courtright, W J '90/p41
Couter, J A '86/p25
Coventry, James '92/p20
Coventry, Mrs. James (Louisia Day) '92/p20
Covey, Benjamin '87/p72
Covey, Estella '87/p75
Covey, Mary A '87/p75
Covotry, Mar '77/p3
Cowan, Chas '82/p26
Cowan, Elizabeth '78/p46
Cowan, Judge '92/p29
Cowan, Rev J D '78/p46
Cowan, Steve '82/p26
Coward, David Mar '77/p3
Cowdry, Lucy A '81/p72
Cowles, C M L '78/p8
Cowles, Carlos '78/p7
Cowles, Charles H 78/p7, 8
Cowles, Clayton '78/p8
Cowles, Fanny '85/p50
Cowles, Gertrude '85/p50
Cowles, Harry '78/p7
Cowles, Henry '78/p8
Cowles, Henry C '78/p7
Cowles, James H '78/p7
Cowles, Silas B '85/p50
Cowley, C W '78/p2
Cownover, B '78/p36
Cownover, Beersheba '78/p36
Cownover, David '78/p36
Cownover, Mary J '78/p36
Cownover, Matilda '78/p36
Cownover, P '78/p36
Cownover, Sarah E '78/p36
Cownover, William T '78/p36
Cox, Allen '78/p9
Cox, Henry '78/p9
Cox, James '85/p59
Cox, James E '88/p80
Cox, John Mar '77/p3; '81/p28, 65
Cox, Lydia '81/p28
Cox, Pearl D '85/p46
Cox, S R '78/p4
Cox, W W '91/p34
Cox, W W Mrs '91/p34
Cox, William J '78/p39
Cox, William M/M '81/p74
Coy, J O '87/p59
Coyle, George '86/p73
Coyle, Thomas '81/p65
Cozad Genealogy Club '81/p62
Cozad village, NE '90/p12
Cozen, Henry '80/p53
Crab Orchard village, NE '90/p12
Crabb, Dr '85/p66
Crabbs & Smith; Fremont, NE '89/p14
Crabbs, Charles W '81/p81; '86/p1
Crabbs, D E '88/p64
Crabbs, Dr '88/p52
Crabbs, Dr J H '78/p73
Crabbs, J Dr '87/p69
Crabbs, J H Mar '77/93; '79/p47, 48, 49, 61, 66; '85/p65; '88/p57, 64
Crabbs, J H '90/p10
Crabbs, J H Dr '82/p29
Crabbs, J H Dr '90/p10
Crabbs, J H Judge '79/p47
Crabbs, James H. '92/p72
Crabbs, James S '79/p65
Craemer, Anna '91/p26
Craemer, Annie '91/p25, 27
Crage, Elizabeth '91/p44
Cragg, Adolph J '90/p37
Cragg, Rudolph K '90/p37
Cragkowski, Laurenz '83/p42
Craig village, NE '90/p12
Craig, Addie '81/p80
Craig, Allen '84/p21
Craig, Hiram '84/p33
Craig, J M '91/p34
Craig, James '80/p56; '81/p7; '84/p21
Craig, James Jr '84/p21
Craig, W Mar '77/p3
Craig, William '81/p65
Craig, Willson '85/p55
Craig, Wm '78/p13
Crain, Robert '88/p38
Cram, Mary E '88/p10
Cram, Thomas Abial '88/p9
Cramer, Andrew '87/p5
Cramer, Emma '85/p79
Cramer, Fulton '85/p79
Cramer, J C '88/p64
Cramer, J H Mar '77/p3
Cramer, J K '85/p63; '86/p26; '88/p56
Cramer, J L Prof '86/p26
Cramer, Joseph '81/p14
Cramer, Lucratia '87/p4
Cramer, Martha K '81/p14
Cramer, R L '88/p57
Cramer, Saml J '78/p5
Cramer, Thomas '78/p5
Cramphin, Robt '88/p64
Crampton, Eli '81/p8
Crampton, Elmira '89/p64, 67
Crandall, Hattie '85/p77
Crandall, Lulu '91/p74, 76
Crane, Addison M '79/p58
Crane, George '91/p76
Crane, J H '88/p67
Crane, Mr '90/p72
Crane, W J '90/p11
Crane, William J '78/p50
Cranmore, Ted Mrs '81/p62
Cranole, B '81/p35
Cranshaw, Sarah Jane (Mrs. Henry Harrison) '92/p2
Cranston, Henry A '83/p49
Crany, John '78/p19
Crasford, John R T '81/p51
Crass, Elizabeth '81/p43
Crauford, William '78/p22
Craver, W J '88/p2
Crawe, George '81/p51
Crawford '92/p48
Crawford James '81/p51
Crawford village, NE '90/p12
Crawford, Archie '89/p49
Crawford, Chamberlain James '80/p5
Crawford, Dr & Mrs '90/p72
Crawford, Emma '83/p32
Crawford, Florence '88/p74
Crawford, Geo '91/p5
Crawford, George N '91/p34
Crawford, Henry '81/p51
Crawford, J C '80/p1; '81/p37; '83/p21, 38
Crawford, James '91/p34
Crawford, James C '91/p34
Crawford, Jas C '80/p5
Crawford, John '87/p4, 47
Crawford, John H '81/p41
Crawford, Kate '80/p5
Crawford, Lillie '88/p74
Crawford, Lonsen '78/p62
Crawford, Mamie '88/p74
Crawford, Mary '88/p74
Crawford, Mary (Mutcheler) '80/p5
Crawford, Mr '83/p37
Crawford, Rev. H. S. '92/p28
Crawford, S B '78/p75
Crawford, Seth '80/p5
Crawford, Stephen O '80/p12
Crawl, Catharine '82/p54
Crawley, Cade A '78/p23
Creamery Store; Howells, NE '89/p1
Credit Mobelier '91/p30
Creed, Joseph '81/p65
Creg, Mar '77/p3
Creighton village, NE '90/p12
Creighton, Mar '77/p3
Creighton, E Mar '77/p3
Creighton, H '81/p30
Creighton, Hiram '81/p28
Crellen, Elizabeth '81/p43
Creller, James '91/p25, 27
Crellin, D '82/p21
Crellin, Daniel '80/p38
Crellin, Daniel J '83/p27
Crellin, John '80/p38
Cress, Wm '86/p10
Cressall, P E F '81/p17
Cressel, Mrs '81/p17
Cressel, P E F '81/p17
Cressley, William T '81/p51
Cressman, G M '91/p29
Creston Mission '90/p49
Creston village, NE '90/p12
Crete city, NE '90/p12
Crew, Spencer L '89/p61, 67
Crews, Jesse '79/p42
Crews, John '80/p78
Criag, Hiram '84/p21
Cricket '89/p56
Crile, Mary Jane '85/p3
Crile, William '86/p26
Crinklaw, Infant '81/p1
Criss, C E '85/p62
Criss, George Mar '77/p3
Criss, George '88/p64
Criss, S N '87/p59
Crist, J '81/p6
Crist, Sarah '81/p51
Critchfield, A J '82/p22
Critchfield, Harriet '83/p71
Critchfield, Jacob '83/p71
Critchfield, Jule '83/p71
Criterion Office; Dodge, NE '90/p45
Criton, E B Mrs '85/p22
Crits, H '80/p56
Critz, Harrison '79/p70
Critz, John '84/p25
Critz, William '84/p25
Crocker, Mar '77/p3
Crocker, A '78/p60
Crocker, A C Mar '77/p3; '84/p4
Crocker, A W Mar '77/p3
Crocker, Al M/M '86/p42
Crocker, Albert '78/p59; '79/p47; '87/p2
Crocker, Albert '92/p72
Crocker, Alse B '91/p74, 76
Crocker, Anne '86/p4
Crocker, Anson '81/p52
Crocker, Archibald '79/p47
Crocker, Archie '88/p2
Crocker, Augusta Mar '77/p3
Crocker, Augusta '90/p53, 55
Crocker, Bertha '84/p4
Crocker, Charles '79/p45
Crocker, Edward A '86/p4
Crocker, Eliza J '81/p80
Crocker, Flora M '86/p3
Crocker, George W '81/p80
Crocker, Gilbert '84/p49
Crocker, Marie '81/p21
Crocker, Mrs O Mar '77/p3
Crocker, Oren '79/p49
Crocker, Orin F '78/p75
Crocker, Orin F. '92/p72
Crocker, Rachel '84/p4
Croddy, Arnold '78/p33
Croddy, Arnold E '78/p35
Croddy, Eileen M (Toelle) '78/p35
Croddy, Eileen Toelle '78/p33
Croddy, Kathleen Ross '78/p33
Crofton, Algernon '83/p46
Crofton, Mrs '83/p46
Crogen, Thomas '81/p65
Croghan, Dominic '83/p45
Croin, Maria Joanna '83/p2
Croll, Dr '87/p10
Croll, M B Dr '87/p10
Cromberg, Ann '84/p34
Cromlaw, J '81/p1
Cronin Bros '84/p8
Cronin, Chas '89/p11
Cronin, John '81/p52
Cronin, W J '89/p12
Cronk, Edward '91/p5
Crook, George '87/p57
Crook, James '88/p64
Crook, Richard '88/p64
Crook, William Mar '77/p3
Crook, Wm '88/p64
Crosby, Charles B '78/p71
Crosby, E O '88/p52, 64
Crosby, E O '90/p57
Crosby, Geo H '78/p75
Crosby, I C '78/p18
Crosby, J M '85/p48
Crosby, J N '91/p42
Crosby, Jas G '89/p65, 67
Crosby, John '78/p11
Crosby, Verna Leisy '78/p31
Cross, Chas '85/p10
Cross, Clarah '85/p10
Cross, Elizabeth '81/p43
Cross, Elizabeth Mrs '90/p48
Cross, H M '87/p59
Cross, Henry '83/p46
Cross, Joseph Mar '77/p3
Cross, Lauretta E '85/p8
Cross, Oscar '85/p10
Cross, Rosa '87/p69
Cross, W T '78/p17B
Crosser, Mary '86/p26
Crotly, John A '81/p52
Crotyer, A Jan '77/p6
Crotyer, Andrew Jan '77/p6
Crotyer, Christine Jan '77/p6
Crotyer, T Jan '77/p6
Crouch, A D '86/p37
Crouch, A D M/M '86/p37
Crouch, Aaron '80/p12
Crounse, Lorenzo '84/p33
Crouse, Lena '81/p41
Crouse, Lorenzo '78/p53
Crow, William '89/p27, 29
Crowder, NE '91/p31
Crowe, Denison '85/p6
Crowe, Kate '82/p52
Crowe, Washington '85/p6
Crowell Grain & Lumber Company '86/p77
Crowell, Charles Rolling '85/p30
Crowell, Charley '84/p49
Crowell, Charlie '84/p50
Crowell, D '89/p11, 13
Crowell, Grace '85/p10
Crowell, Johanna (Johnson) '89/p60
Crowell, Princess '86/p78
Crowell, Z A '80/p38
Crowell, Z A Mr '90/p33
Crowell, Z A Nr '83/p61
Crowell, Zed '80/p38
Crowley, James '90/p36
Crowley, Julia '84/p47, 48
Crowly, Jonathen '82/p72
Crozeer, Saml '78/p4
Cruggs, C D '87/p3
Cruickshank Cemetery '86/p57
Cruickshank, Aggie '88/p44
Cruickshank, Anne '80/p16
Cruickshank, Annie '85/p6
Cruickshank, Clerk '84/p37
Cruickshank, Geo '86/p46
Cruickshank, George '88/p44
Cruickshank, J D '85/p71
Cruickshank, J M '80/p16; '84/p71; '86/p57
Cruickshank, James '85/p6
Cruickshank, Mary '82/p71; '88/p48
Cruickshank, Thom M/M '86/p26
Cruickshank, Thos '82/p71; '88/p48
Cruickshank's Restaurance '86/p33
Cruikshank, James Mar '77/p3
Crump, Myron L '88/p40
Crusa, Fredericka '89/p62, 67
Cruser, John A '78/p3
Cubley, Emma Jane '85/p4
Cubley, Joseph '85/p4
Cuchman, Lois '88/p27
Cuda, Anna '83/p10
Cuda, Barbara '83/p10
Cuda, Chas M/M '81/p74
Cuda, V Mrs '86/p38
Cuda, Vaclav '83/p10
Cuda, Wenceslaus '83/p10
Cuhel, Rose '86/p33
Culberson, George '88/p2
Culbertson village, NE '90/p12
Culbertson, Clara '89/p60
Culbertson, E A '88/p64
Culbertson, Ed Mar '77/p3
Culek, Joseph '83/p1
Culek, Petronilla '83/p1
Cullen, Chas '86/p46
Culley, Jessie '84/p45
Culver, A G '81/p28
Culver, D N '78/p17
Culver, Jane '81/p28
Culver, Laura '85/p6
Culver, Lottie E '78/p59
Culver, Theo '81/p28
Culver, W W '81/p28
Cumberbatch, M Miss '81/p17
Cuming City Cemetery, Ill '78/p53
Cuming City Star '84/p32
CUMING CO, NE '90/p20
Cuming, Israel '78/p10
Cuming, T B '78/'18
Cuming, Thomas B '78/p1, 6, 18; '84/p21
Cumings, Governor '83/p57
Cumings, P B '86/p46
Cumings, Thomas B '84/p27
Cumings, W B '87/p69
Cumins, Ella '86/p4
Cumming, David '78/p6
Cummings, Alice '90/p55
Cummings, Catharine '81/p65
Cummings, Francis G '91/p6
Cummings, Governor '91/p3
Cummings, John '81/p65
Cummings, M Mar '77/p3
Cummings, Mary '87/p77
Cummings, P B '77/p31
Cummings, Pete '91/p23
Cummings, William '81/p65
Cummings, William James '81/p65
Cummins, David Mar '77/p3
Cummins, Edgar D '91/p34
Cundiff, James '82/p16
Cundiff, Jane '82/p16
Cunningham, Ben '82/p22
Cunningham, C H Mrs '81/p14
Cunningham, Charles E '87/p58
Cunningham, Frances '81/p14
Cunningham, H A Captain '81/p13
Cunningham, Hannah '91/p80
Cunningham, Harley R '80/p13
Cunningham, Helen H '81/p14
Cunningham, Joh '83/p2
Cunningham, Joseph '83/p2
Cunningham, M A Mar '77/p3
Cunningham, Mary G '81/p14
Cunningham, William G '78/p50
Cunningham, Wm A '85/p9
Cunninhgam, Anna '81/p14
Cunsuner, Theodroe '80/p52
Cupley, Mar '77/p3
Cuppy, John A '84/p24
Curda, Matthias M/M '83/p1
Curley, '84/p59
Curley, John '81/p52; '88/p9
Curney, A '85/p19
Curney, E '85/p19
Curnow, Charles Mar '77/p3
Curran, Dora '89/p65, 67
Curran, John '82/p48; '86/p43
Curran, Martin '81/p52
Curran, Patrick '86/p26
Curran, Thomas '86/p4
Curray, F J '78/p50
Curren, Catherine '84/p3
Curren, Patrick '84/p3
Currier, Henry M Mrs '81/p14
Curry, Agnes '88/p2
Curry, Ann '85/p41
Curry, Mary '85/p41
Curry, Mayme Dell '85/p46
Curry, Rev. E. R. '92/p28
Curry, Samuel '85/p41
Curtis village, NE '90/p12
Curtis, Mar '77/p3
Curtis, C S Mar '77/p3; '78/p75
Curtis, F J '78/p50
Curtis, Father '82/p48; '86/p44
Curtis, George L '88/'64
Curtis, Henry Mar '77/p3
Curtis, J S Mar '77/p3
Curtis, John Mar '77/p3
Curtis, Mr '84/p67
Curtis, Orin T '82/p23
Curtis, Orrin T '87/p59
Curtis, Simon '88/p64
Curtis, William '88/p67
Curtiss, Edward C '87/p17
Curtiss, Eliza A '87/p17
Cury, Samuel '83/p49
Cusack, Alice '84/p45; '86/p31
Cusack, C Mar '77/p3
Cusack, Christopher '81/p85; '85/p22, 28
Cusack, Harry '80/p16; '84/p45; '86/p31
Cusack, James '85/p62
Cusack, John '86/p31; '87/p76
Cusack, Mabel '86/p31
Cusack, Marie '86/p32
Cusack, Roy '86/p31
Cusack, Roy '90/p11
Cusack, Susie '86/p31
Cushing, Phonnie '88/p42
Cushman, Helen '85/p44
Cushman, Henry Dr '89/p3
Cushman, J L '85/p48
Cushman, Lois E '84/p55
Cushman, Louis '84/p57
Cusick, Anna '89/p28, 29
Cusick, Catharine '90/p53, 55
Cusick, Chris '84/p38
Cusick, Ella '89/p44
Cusick, Michael Mar '77/p3
Cusick, Patrick '90/p42
Cussard see Cierrard '90/p55
Cussard, Ann '90/p54
Cutbirth, E '88/p2
Cutler, E R '78/p22
Cutler, Thadeus '78/p22
Cutney, Marie '81/p21
Cutter, W I Rev '80/p46
Cutts, Dr '79/p70
Cynthia, Annis '79/p64
Cysterak, Lois '81/p21
Czerwinski, Augustine '92/p37

1977-1988 index compiled by Anna Lu Meltvedt; typed for web presentation by Marilyn Estrada.
"Anna Lu is one grand and gracious lady who never hesitates to volunteer her services, and that is
what our society is all about--helping those in need of our society research. Dedicated to Anna Lu Meltvedt

1989-2002 index compiled and typed for presentation by Anna Lu Meltvedt, Carmen Gross, and Judy Czarnecki. Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers who have donated their time to create this index.