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Face, Joseph '81/p53
Face, Mordecai '81/p52
Faekelman, Jennie Magill '84/p69
Fagan, J A D '87/p76
Fagberg, John '88/p65
Fagg, H E '87/p72
Fagg, Maud '89/p36
Fagg, Mayne '89/p36
Fagg, Minor '87/p72
Fagg, Ray A '87/p72
Fagg, W B '87/p72
Fagley, Prof/M '86/p10
Fagley, W C M/M '86/p10
Faha, Joe '83/p30
Fahk, Peter '84/p37
Fahk, Peter John Henry '92/p61
Fahk, William '84/p38
Fahlbusch, Lorenz '84/p41
Fahlbusch, Louise '84/p41
Fahnestock, Wm E '78/p63
Fahrner, F A Mr '81/p21
Faiman, Vince '82/p59
Fairbanks, F D '81/p14
Fairbanks, Mrs. '81/p14
Fairbarn, Geo '85/p59
Fairbarn, James '85/p59
Fairbrother, Geo W '82/p22
Fairbury city, NE '90/p13
Fairchild, J W Jr '78/p50
Fairchild, Ralph '85/p15
Fairfield city, NE '90/p13
Fairmont city, NE '90/p13
Faist, George '87/p77
Faist, Jacob '82/p33; '87/p77
Faisyl, Jacob Mar '77/p4
Faith United Methodist Church '90/p50
Faith United Methodist Church; Hooper, NE '90/p50
Falconer, Mar '77/p4
Falconer, R Mar '77/p4
Falconer, Reuben '85/p74
Falk, Dana "'91/p26, 27
Falk, Ernestine '83/p43
Falk, Jacob '82/p73
Falk, Johannes '83/p43
Falk, O H '91/p57
Falk, Wilhelm '83/p43
Falk, Wilhelmine '83/p43
Falke, '88/p40
Falke, Mina '87/p4
Falkman, Annie '87/p5
Falley, J J Mr '81/p21
Falley, Margaret D. '92/p12
Falley, Mrs '81/p21
Fallon, Margaret C '84/p56
Fallon, Patrick '81/p66
Falls City, NE '90/p12 inse
Faltin, Annie '89/p61, 67
Faltin, Jan '83/p5
Faltin, Paul Mar '77/p4
Faltis, Maria '83/p5
Faltys, Jan '86/p38
Fandel, Emil '87/p77
Fanfula, Anna '82/p21
Fannelly, Lemuel '89/p29
Fannelly, Mary '89/p27
Fanning, Charles M '79/p11
Fanning, Martin '87/p70
Fanta, Philip '83/p41
Farbox, Eveline '81/p39
Farbox, Franke '81/p39
Farbox, H '81/p39
Farbox, Jennie '81/p39
Farbox, Mary '81/p39
Farhad, Ali '81/p21
Farley, Julius H '83/p50
Farley, Margaret '84/p47
Farley, Marguertie '84/p48
Farley, Mitchell '88/p2
Farley, Robert E '90/p33
Farley, William '80/p67
Farley,Robert E '79/p40; '83/p61
Farmer, Alice '82/p42
Farmer, Andrew J '81/p80
Farmer, Benj '78/p17B
Farmer, G A '78/p15
Farmerís Coop '83/p63
Farmerís State Bank '82/p63
Farmers Grain Co; Uehling, NE '92/p57
Farmers Hotel; Fremont, NE '89/p13
Farmers State Bank '82/p6
Farmers State Bank; Dodge, NE '90/p45
Farmers Telephone Company '86/p23
Farmers Telephone Company; North Bend, NE '89/p54
Farmers' Union Elevator; Hooper, NE '92/p38
Farmersí & Merchantsí National '88/p53
Farnam village, NE '90/p13
Farnham, Asa '86/p31
Farnham, C A '89/p55
Farnham, Chas A "'89/p63, 67
Farnsworth, Chas '82/p44
Farnsworth, Elmer '85/p30
Farnsworth, Horace '80/p12
Farnsworth, John '79/p45, 46, 63; '86/p57
Farnsworth, Wm H '85/p8
Farrand, Frank W '86/p3
Farrar, L O '78/p75
Farrell, '87/p21
Farrell, B F '81/p19
Farrell, B. F. '92/p70
Farrell, Bernard F '89/p36
Farrell, Catherine '86/p33
Farrell, Eliza '87/p47
Farrell, John '82/p48; '86/p43
Farrell, Julia '86/p4
Farrer, John M '91/p52
Farrer, John U '91/p51
Farris, Charles '86/p50
Farris, D W '81/p2
Farris, Robert Mar '77/p4; '85/p75
Farris, T W '86/p50
Farris, W D '86/p50
Farsell, Alfred '85/p53
Farsell, Edla '85/p53
Farsell, Gustaf '85/p53
Farwell village, NE '90/p13
Farwell, William P '85/p23
Fasbendert, Henrika '86/p35
Fassbinder, Casper '83/p3, 4
Fassbinder, Maria '83/p4
Fassinder, Catharina '83/p3
Faszholz, Virginia '78/p33
Fatais, Jan '83/p5
Father of West Point '91/p29
Father Ryanís Cemetery, Nebr '83/p20
Faubel, John "'91/p50, 52
Faugs, Jacob '85/p74
Faulstead, C '85/p19
Faulstick, Julius '87/p4; '88/p60, 65
Faulstick, Julius '89/p20
Faundern, E Mar '77/p4
Fauquerts, Brother Jan '77/p2
Fauquet, Arsene Jan '77/p3
Faus, Jacob Mar '77/p4
Fauss, Jacob '79/p17
Faust, Eddie '84/p63
Faust, Kattie Ann (Mrs. Charles Howe) '92/p4, 6
Faust, Minnie '84/p63
Fausters, Maria '86/p36
Faustick, Frank A '78/p23
Faustick, M '79/p23
Faustick, Maud L '79/p23
Fauve, A Dr '81/p14
Fauve, Mrs '81/p14
Fauver, James A '78/p67
Fawcett, Silas Dr '87/p50
Fay, B C '86/p58
Fay, E E '86/p46
Faymon, Mary (Mrs. Joseph Mach) '92/p4
Faymon, Mary '92/p6
Feace, Dedrick '80/p54
Feala, George '86/p33
Fedler, Wm '81/p29
Fee, Deidrick '80/p54
Fee, John '85/p3
Fee, Sanuel '85/p3; '88/p10
Feeny, Martha J '83/p50
Fees, Deidrich '81/p29
Fehigo, Joseph "'91/p49, 52
Fehl, Chr Jacob '84/p41
Fehl, Elisabeth '84/p41
Fehl, Johannes '84/p41
Fehl, Sibilla '84/p41
Fehr, Joseph '81/p81; '86/p2
Fehr, Joseph '89/p18
Feichdinger, '88/p2
Feichtinger, C '86/p10
Feichtinger, Carl '88/p23
Feichtinger, Ralph '88/p23
Feichtinger, Rudolph '88/p22, 23
Feife, Barbara "'91/p51, 52
Feist, '88/p18
Feist, Conrad '84/p37
Feist, Elizabeth Mary '80/p18
Feist, George '80/p18
Feist, George A '80/p18
Feist, George Paul '80/p18
Feist, Mary '80/p18
Feist, Mary E '80/p18
Feist, Mr '88/p32
Feist, Paul A '80/p40
Feist, Paul George '80/p18
Feldbrugge, Geo '92/p46
Feldewert, Elizabeth '80/p69
Feldhaus, D '86/p35
Feldman, Lucy '84/p50
Feldmann, Adolf '87/p24
Feldmann, Heinrich '87/p24
Feldmann, Marie '87/p24
Feldmann, Wilhelmine '87/p24
Feldmenn, Gerad '87/p24
Feldt, Bertha Antonie '86/p52
Felking, J '86/p35
Fell, Joseph G '87/p56
Feller, Christian '92/p5, 6
Feller, Mrs. Christian (Minnie Buchhalz) '92/p5
Fellman, Amanda '83/p73
Fellman, Maggie '83/p73
Fellman, Robert '83/p73
Fellmer, Francis '83/p3
Fellmer, Maria '83/p3
Fellow, D C Mr '84/p63
Felt, Capt '82/p11
Felt, Marcellus '80/p28
Feltewert, Elizabeth '83/p3
Felton, Timothery L '79/p44
Femvrr, Mar '77/p4
Fenbers, Geroge Rev '80/p28
Fenderson, '88/p35
Fenerly, William '81/p53
Fennel, C J M/M '81/p76
Fennell, Pat '87/p47
Fenske, A '83/p37
Fenske, A E '83/p24, 37
Fenske, Robert '92/p46
Fenstemacher, Oscar Maratin '88/p25
Fenstermacher, Caroline '85/p18
Fenton, Capt '82/p16
Fenton, Elizabeth '82/p54
Fenton, H '83/p45
Fenwick, Penelope '86/p80
Fenwick, Robert '86/p80
Ferderickson, John '78/p75
Fergeson, James '87/p2
Fergurson, Fenner '78/p15
Ferguson, Alan Mrs '88/p47
Ferguson, Anna '86/p66
Ferguson, Annie '88/p48
Ferguson, Bessie '88/p44
Ferguson, Clerk '88/p47
Ferguson, David Mrs '88/p47
Ferguson, E '85/p73
Ferguson, Eleck '88/p44
Ferguson, Elizabeth '88/p48
Ferguson, Fenner '78/p15; '84/p33
Ferguson, Frank '88/p49
Ferguson, George Mrs '88/p47
Ferguson, J C Mr '91/p24
Ferguson, James '88/p47, 48, 67
Ferguson, Jennie '88/p44, 48
Ferguson, Jennie M "'89/p64, 67
Ferguson, Jessie '88/p44
Ferguson, John '88/p48, 67
Ferguson, Johnny '88/p44
Ferguson, Mabel '86/p33; '88/p47
Ferguson, Margaret '92/p 60
Ferguson, Matilda Mar '77/p15; '78/p54
Ferguson, Mrs '90/p68
Ferguson, Nettie '88/p44, 48
Ferguson, Ralph Mrs '88/p47
Ferguson, Robbie '88/p44
Ferguson, S W '86/p10, 13
Ferguson, Stephen '78/p15
Ferguson, William '78/p54; '88/p44, 48, 67
Ferguson, Willian Mar '77/p15
Ferguson, Willie '88/p44
Ferguson, Wm Mrs '88/p48
Ferney, John '88/p30
Ferree, Eilisah '82/p12
Ferree, Elijah '82/p12
Ferree, Sarah R '82/p12
Ferrin, Kernan R '80/p18
Ferris, Edward '81/p29
Ferris, Elvin E '88/p2
Ferris, F N Mar '77/p4
Ferry, Cahterine '84/p16; '87/p77
Ferry, Jim '78/p17
Ferry, Levi W '81/p72
Fertig, Thomas J '80/p16
Fessenden, Albert '83/p80
Fessenden, Harriet '83/p80
Fessenden, Lucilla '83/p80
Festing, Mr '83/p41
Festner, Charles H '86/p10
Fetter, Geo '80/p38
Fetter, Mary '88/p75
Feuerstein, Anne T '80/p19
Feuerstein, August G '80/p19
Feuerstein, John N '80/p19
Feunz, M '87/p47
FEVR Railroad '87/p39
Few, Mary Ann '84/p51
Few, Maryan '88/p8
Feye, John M '79/p30
Feyerherm, Adolph '79/p30
Feyerherm, August '79/p28
Feyerherm, Bertha '79/p28
Feyerherm, Elmer '79/p30
Feyerherm, Ernest '79/p27; '81/p44
Feyerherm, F. W. '92/p47
Feyerherm, Louise '79/p27
Feyerherm, Mrs Fred '79/p21
Feyerherm, Wayne Lee '79/p30
Feyerherm, Wilhelmine M '79/p30
Feyersherm, J Frederick "'91/p49, 52
Fiala, Barbara '83/p9
Fiala, Edward '81/p21
Fiala, Louis M/M '81/p75
Fiala, Maria '83/p9
Fiala, Mrs '81/p21
Fiala, Wencesl '83/p9
Ficenec, Barbara '83/p1
Ficenec, George '83/p1
Fick, Robert '81/p2
Fidelity Laundry '84/p8
Fidelity Steam Laundry; Fremont, NE '89/p77
Fidler, Marie '81/p21
Fiedler, Anna '87/p16
Fiedler, Cathrine '87/p26
Fiedler, Franz '87/p26
Fiedler, Joseph '87/p26
Fiedler, Marie '87/p26
Fiedler, Paul '92/p66
Fiedman, Theodore '86/p35
Field, F '85/p19
Fields, B E '87/p71
Fiest, Christina '84/p75
Fife, Chas A '85/p78
Fifield, S N '91/p 6
Figaid, Joseph '90/p23
Figgner, Herman '79/p7
Figgner, Mary '79/p7
Fila, Barbara '83/p9
Fila, Maria '83/p9
Fila, Wencesl '83/p9
Filip, Emma '82/p78
Filip, Frantisek '82/p78
Filip, Josef '82/p78
Filip, Josefina '82/p78
Filip, Ludvik '82/p78
Filipe, Frantisek '82/p78
Filipi, Anna '82/p78
Filipi, Cecelie '82/p78
Filipi, Joe '82/p59
Filipi, Josefa '82/p78
Filipi, Marie '82/p78
Filipova, J Mrs '81/p21
Filipova, Mildred '81/p21
Filley village, NE '90/p13
Fillinger, Geo '86/p65
Fillmore Heritage Genealogical Society '81/p62
Fillmore, Millard '86/p26
Finar, P C '81/p53
Finerty, M '85/p19
Fingade, Henry Jr '80/p13
Fingado, Henry '87/p59
Fingado, Lt Henry '80/p14
Fingador, Henry '81/p41
Fink, Eva '88/p42
Fink, J. S. '92/p29
Fink, Jessie (Mrs. Major Ormsby) '92/p29
Fink, John '90/p73
Fink, Mrs "'90/p72, 73
Fink, Nora '82/p57
Finkhaus, Adolphus '86/p10
Finley, Chas M/M '81/p75
Finley, William '81/p53
Finn, James N '85/p57
Finn, John "'89/p27, 29
Finn, John L '85/p57
Finn, Maria '85/p57
Finnegan, John "'89/p64, 67
Finnegle, Joseph '80/p67
Finnell, Thos '82/p57
Finney, John '85/p48
Finney, William A '78/p2
Finnigan, Michel '83/p46
Finny, Elizabeth C Mar '77/p15; '78/p54
Finny, William Mar '77/p15; '78/p54
Finny, Wm '78/p2
Fintel, H Von '84/p41
First Church; Fremont, NE '90/p50
First Congregational Church of Fontanelle '84/p28
First Congregational Church; Fremont, NE "'89/p41, 57;
First German Lutheran Church '84/p29
First Lutheran Church '82/p64
First Methodist Episcopal Church '82/p64
First National Bank '84/p8; '85/p66, 68; '88/p53
First National Bank of Fremont '82/p59
First National Bank; Fremont, NE '89/p10
First National Bank; North Bend, NE '90/p47
First Presbyterian Church '82/p64
First United Methodist Church; Fremont, NE '90/p50
Firster, Adolf '86/p35
Fisch, Mollie '80/p32
Fischer '89/p37
Fischer, Doritha L "'91/p26, 27
Fischer, E Miss '82/p21
Fischer, Francis '81/p3
Fischer, H Mrs '81/p21
Fischer, Heinrisch Mar '77/p4
Fischer, Ida '91/p77
Fischer, J '86/p35
Fischer, John '81/p43
Fischer, Katharina '80/p67
Fischer, Mathilde '81/p21
Fischer, Wilhelmine '81/p43
Fiser, Anna (Filipi) '82/p78
Fish & McLeod '84/p8
Fish '92/p49
Fish Photograph Gallery; Fremont, NE '92/p49
Fish, Charles E '81/p53
Fish, Dora '81/p53
Fish, Ellen E '81/p53
Fish, Erskine '81/p53
Fish, J L '80/p32
Fish, Lafayette '81/p53
Fish, Mary C '81/p53
Fish, Mr '85/p67
Fish, Prince W '81/p53
Fish, William H Mar '77/p4
Fish, Wm C '88/p38
Fishcher, Augus M/M '82/p31
Fisher Mar '77/p4
Fisher & McWherry Mar '77/p4
Fisher '89/p37
Fisher, Amelia '86/p2
Fisher, Anton '80/p4
Fisher, Beulah '86/p33
Fisher, Burton '87/p59
Fisher, Catherine '80/p4
Fisher, Charles '81/p53
Fisher, Conrad '80/p4
Fisher, Doradea '80/p4
Fisher, Edward '81/p53
Fisher, Elithabet '80/p4
Fisher, Eliza '83/p2
Fisher, Ellen H '78/p59
Fisher, Fred '87/p58
Fisher, George '82/p71; '88/p47, 48, 67
Fisher, Hannah '86/p2
Fisher, Henry Mar '77/p4; '82/p53
Fisher, Ida '91/p75
Fisher, Iva D "'89/p64, 67
Fisher, Jacob '81/p53
Fisher, John '80/p4
Fisher, John J '78/p5
Fisher, Joseph '80/p4
Fisher, Justine '80/p4
Fisher, M C '84/p19
Fisher, Mamie '85/p78
Fisher, Mary '82/p71; '88/p48
Fisher, Mary M '80/p68
Fisher, Minnie "'91/p75, 77
Fisher, Mitchell Salem Rabbi '81/p14
Fisher, Mrs '81/p14
Fisher, Prof '84/p47
Fisher, Sam M '78/p5
Fisher, William '82/p31, 53
Fisk, Carolina '81/p3
Fisk, Daniel C '85/p4
Fisk, Harry E '87/p58
Fisk, Perry G '85/p4
Fiske, C D '85/p33
Fitch, B. R. '92/p78
Fitch, Charles '86/p26
Fitch, John '86/p75
Fitch, William G '81/p17
Fitch, Wm '85/p7
Fitchie, R H Mrs '91/p34
Fitchie, S D '91/p34
Fitmeyer, Friedrich Mar '77/p4
Fitzgerald, Cath '85/p59
Fitzgerald, Catherine '85/p43
Fitzgerald, George '82/p54
Fitzgerald, Henry C '81/p72
Fitzgerald, J B Father '82/p48; '86/p44
Fitzgerald, James '85/p43
Fitzgerald, Jane '82/p55
Fitzgerald, John '78/p11; '81/p66; '82/p55; '84/p21
Fitzgerald, Maggie '82/p55
Fitzgerald, Michael '81/p66
Fitzgerald, Patrick '85/p43
Fitzgerald, Thomas '81/p53
Fitzgibbins, William '81/p53
Fitzhugh, Elizabeth '77/p44
Fitzhugh, John R '77/p44
Fitzhugh, N R '81/p53
Fitzhugh, Robert '77/p44
Fitzpatrick, Charles '92/p61
Fitzpatrick, Lilian L '86/p58
Fitzpatrick, Magt '84/p34
Fitzpatrick, Mary '86/p37
Fitzsimmons, Basil '79/p59, 61
Fitzsimmons, Bassil '79/p59
Fitzsimmons, T '79/p59
Fitzsimmons, Thomas '79/p59, 60
Flach, Ernest '86/p33
Flack, Ernest Rev '90/p19
Flaishhanier, Regena '80/p67
Flake, Wilhelmina '88/p40
Flanagan, Bridget '81/p41
Flanagan, Edward '86/p4
Flanagan, F J '86/p66
Flanagan, Gertrude '86/p67
Flanagan, Margaret '86/p66
Flanagan, Mayme '86/p66
Flanagan, P S '82/p69
Flanagan, Peter Mar '77/p4
Flanders, Adelaide '83/p78
Flanders, Henry '83/p78
Flanders, Mary '83/p78
Flannagan, Michael '83/p72
Flannery, Mary '83/p47
Flanney, John '78/p75
Flannigan, Peter '85/p62
Flannigan, Peter M/M '85/p23
Flater, Charles C '86/p31
Flater, Sarah '81/p18
Flatman, Mary '89/p 8
Flecklinger, Norma '87/p69
Fleichhacker, Magdalena '82/p54
Fleindner, Leo '81/p66
Fleischann, E Mar '77/p4
Fleischauer, Ed '85/p74
Fleischer, Gustav '92/p4, 6
Fleischer, Mrs. Gustav (Rosine Glasser) '92/p4
Fleming Blacksmith Shop '88/p35
Fleming Walter M/M '86/p10
Fleming, Fannie L "'89/p62, 67
Fleming, Gertrude '85/p78
Fleming, John '85/p55
Fleming, Maurice J '81/p53
Fleming, R '86/p50
Fleming, R J '86/p50
Fleming, Robert '81/p25
Fleming, Walter '82/p41; '86/p51; '87/p77
Fleming, William H '80/p69
Flemming, Grace '86/p78
Flemming, Lizzie '81/p43
Flemming, Sophia (Mrs. Fred S. Kinney) '92/p5
Flemming, Sophia '92/p6
Flensfrach, L Mar '77/p4
Fler, John C '78/p75
Fleshnan Mar '77/p4
Fletcher, Alice I '78/p37
Fletcher, C L '80/p10
Fletcher, Chester '88/p27
Fletcher, E '78/p37
Fletcher, Ed '84/p69
Fletcher, Edward '78/p37, 55
Fletcher, Elizabeth '85/p50
Fletcher, Freeman E '88/p10
Fletcher, George '86/p26
Fletcher, J Horatio '78/p37
Fletcher, John Kenhold '85/p50
Fletcher, Legh R '81/p72
Fletcher, M J '78/p37
Fletcher, Margaret '84/p55
Fletcher, Margaret Ann '85/p50
Fletcher, Owen '84/p51
Fletcher, R R '78/p50
Fletcher, Sigh R '81/p72
Fletcher, Wm '85/p50
Flick, Hannah "'90/p53, 55
Flick, Marie '81/p14
Flick, W S '87/p59
Flieder, Jno '82/p59
Flieshhauer, Edward '89/p 4
Flindt, Henry '81/p66
Flinn, Alice '85/p8
Flinn, J '85/p19
Flinn, James S '85/p3
Flinn, M '85/p19
Flinn, M/M '85/p3
Flinn, Maria T '83/p50
Flinn, Ollie J '85/p3; '88/p9
Flinn-Erving, Family '79/p17
Floating-Off, Chief '80/p30
Floete, Mary Thayer '81/p14
Flood, William '81/p53
Flor & Hormel Mar '77/p4
Flor & Ray '90/p57
Flor '92/p48
Flor J C M/M '85/p65, 68
Flor, '81/p71
Flor, Alice '85/p65
Flor, E. S. '92/p28
Flor, Eddie '89/p 8
Flor, J C Mar '77/p4; '83/p4; '85/p66, 69; '88/p65
Flor, J. C. '92/p50
Flor, John B '83/p75
Flor, John C Mar '77/p4; '82/p14
Flor, John C. '92/p72
Flor, Mary '82/p64; '83/p75
Flor, Mary '92/p76
Flor, Mrs. E. S. (Nora Nelson) '92/p28
Flor, Willey '83/p75
Florence villiage, NE '90/p12 inse
Florence, NE '90/p38
Florentine, Alexander '81/p66
Florentine, Clara '81/p66
Florentine, Margret '81/p66
Flores, Emma "'91/p26, 27
Floreth, Conrad '84/p11
Florida - Fly-up-the-Creek '91/p41
Flors, Perry, '85/16
Flotcher, Freeman E '88/p10
Flowler, S H '79/p49, 50
Floyd, Robert '81/p66
Flutsch, David '84/p11
Flutsch, Jacob '84/p11
Flutsch, Johann '84/p11
Flutsch, Nicolaus '84/p11
Flutsch, Ursina '84/p11
Flynn, Stella '85/p11
Flynn, Walter Father '86/p45
Flynn, Walther Father '82/p49
Foderath, Mathew Mar '77/p4
Foderath, Matthew Mar '77/p4
Fodrea , N '82/p21
Foehler, Elmer '81/p79
Foelber, H '84/p39
Fogarty, John '91/p 2
Fohler, Karl Mar '77/p4
Foitl, Crescentia '83/p2
Foitl, Phillip '83/p2
Folansbee, E '89/p13
Folda, '80/p33; '86/p16
Folda, Anna '83/p5
Folda, Emil '86/p49
Folda, Frank '89/p 1
Folda, Jan '83/p5; '86/p38
Folda, Joseph '83/p5
Folda, Josepha '83/p5
Folda, L F '89/p 1
Folda, Mr '88/p62
Folensby, Edwin Mar '77/p4
Foley, B '81/p53
Foley, Catharine '82/p54
Foley, D C '86/p17
Foley, Dan C '86/p18
Foley, Ellenora OíConnor '82/p54
Foley, Elley '82/p54
Foley, James '81/p29; '82/p54; '88/p9
Foley, Jno '81/p29
Foley, John '81/p29; '82/p54; '84/p23
Foley, Maggie '85/p23, 25
Foley, Mary '81/p29
Foley, Michael '82/p54
Foley, T. J. '92/p55
Folk, Jacob '82/p73
Folken, Frank M/M '81/p74
Folkner, Horace '87/p58
Follansbee, E K R Mrs '81/19
Folner, Friedrich Mar '77/p4
Folsom, B R '78/p24
Folsom, Benjamin R '78/p24
Folsom, Frances '78/p24
Folsom, J '78/p24
Folsom, Niles R '80/p52
Folson, Benjamin R '80/p53
Folson, F F '78/p24
Folston, Argalus "'89/p63, 67
Folta, Anton Father "'91/p43, 44
Fong, Joe Wing '89/p13
Fontanelle Progressionist '84/p29
Fontenelle, Dodge Co, NE '91/p 6
Fontenelle, Logan Chief '80/p41
Foot, George '86/p31
Foot, John B '85/p75
Foot, John B. '92/p4, 6
Foot, Martha '83/p41
Foot, Mrs. John B. (Wealthy D. Sexton) '92/p4
Foote, Florence '84/p50
Foote, Florence H '85/p30
Foote, Nina '84/p49
Foote, Nina G '85/p30
Foote, Nine '84/p50
Footte, Robert '81/p53
Foquet, Amida '88/p49
Forake, M/M '87/p15
Forbe, Joohn B '78/p16
Forbee, Capt '82/p15
Forbes '92/p49
Forbes, A W '85/p72, 73
Forbes, Archer & Co '80/p40
Forbes, Augusta '81/p53
Forbes, C E Mar '77/p4; '78/p75
Forbes, D W '78/p21
Forbes, Emma '86/p3
Forbes, Florianna '83/p38
Forbes, Henry '78/p21; '81/p53
Forbes, J W "'89/p10, 78
Forbes, Joel '91/p58
Forbes, Johanna '81/p53
Forbes, O. E. '92/p72
Forbes, Peter '86/p10
Forbes, Will '91/p23
Forbs, Callen E '79/p49
Forby, Lee '83/p71
Force, Charles '83/p71
Force, Emil '80/p13
Force, Frank '83/p71
Force, June '83/p71
Ford, Henry '84/p44
Ford, Philo '85/p72
Foreman, Jams '78/p3
Foren (Foven), Anna (Mrs. Joseph Vanek) '92/p4
Forester '89/p37
Forget, Arthur '85/p52
Forget, Emma '85/p52
Forget, Joseph '85/p52
Forget, Joseph '92/p5, 6
Forget, Mrs. Joseph (Emma Bourk) '92/p5
Forgette, Mrs. Xavier (Elizabeth Leblanc) '92/p5
Forgette, Xavier '85/p23, 25
Forgette, Xavier '92/p5, 6
Forkade, Fred M/M Nellie '87/p15
Forman, Al '90/p39
Forman, J B M/M '86/p26
Forman, Mamie '86/p31, 66
Forner '89/p37
Forner/Pfortner '89/p37
Forney Co, NE '91/p3
Forney, D S '78/p19
Forney, Geo H '85/p72, 73
Forney, Hiram '83/p48
Forney, J H '82/p69
Forney, John '84/p35; '88/p30
Forney, Mate '86/p37
Forney, Otto '84/p35
Fornshell, Thomas '82/p73
Forrer, John '83/p37
Forrer, John "'91/p26, 27
Forrest, Nellie '87/p76
Forscythe, J M '78/p41
Forster, Marie '86/p35
Forsyth, Katie '89/p 9
Forsyth, Nellie '84/p61, 62
Fort Crook village NE '90/p13
Foskett, Rev. H. B. '92/p27, 78
Foss, A S '81/p9
Foss, Almond S '80/p54
Foss, Charles M '78/p50
Foss, Ellen Carter '87/p49
Foster, Alexander '80/p28
Foster, Ephraim '80/p54
Foster, Fred '85/p30
Foster, George C '86/p4
Foster, Hannah "'90/p54, 55
Foster, Lloyd O "'89/p61, 67
Foster, Nathan '80/p54
Fotheringham, Margaret '83/p41
Foucks, Arthur '85/p78
Fouke, Frank J '87/p59
Foulhopper, Alonzo '81/p29
Foulhopper, Anna '81/p29
Foulhopper, Fred '81/p29
Foulhopper, Kate '81/p29
Foulhopper, Robert '81/p29
Found, John '84/p74
Foundry The; Fremont, NE '90/p28
Foust, C L K '86/p49
Foust, Charles M/M '81/p75
Foust, Henry '85/p48
Foust, Henry '91/p42
Fouts, Cassie '87/p77
Fouts, Daniel Mar '77/p4
Fouts, Eliza "'89/p28, 29
Fouts, George '84/p50
Fouts, George '91/p24
Fouts, Henry H. '92/p3, 6
Fouts, J N Mar '77/p4
Fouts, J W Mar '77/p4
Fouts, John Mar '77/p4; '87/p3
Fouts, Leonard Mar '77/p4
Fouts, Mrs. Henry H. (Mary Jane Annan) '92/p3
Foven (Foren), Anna (Mrs. Joseph Vanek) '92/p4
Foven, Anna '92/p6
Fowler Roy F '81/p21
Fowler '92/p48
Fowler House '91/p22
Fowler, '82/p25A
Fowler, A H Mar '77/p4
Fowler, Ann Mar '77/p4
Fowler, Asahel '82/p25A
Fowler, Benjamin '82/p25A
Fowler, Caroline '84/p55
Fowler, Charles '80/p14
Fowler, Frank Mar '77/p4; '82/p26; '84/p7; '85/p77; '87/p70
Fowler, Frank "'89/p11, 14;
Fowler, Frank M/M '90/p41
Fowler, Franklin '85/p23
Fowler, H H '78/p20
Fowler, Horace '82/p28A
Fowler, Jennie M '87/p75
Fowler, John W Mar '77/p4
Fowler, Lorenzo '82/p28A
Fowler, Margery '86/p32
Fowler, Mary '86/p32
Fowler, May '85/p11
Fowler, Mr '80/p26
Fowler, Mrs Mar '77/p4; '81/p21
Fowler, Orson '82/p28A
Fowler, Rev J. '92/p76
Fowler, S H '78/p75; '79/p49, 50; '88/p51
Fowler, S H '90/p57
Fowler, Samuel H '82/p39
Fowler, Samuel H. '92/p72
Fowler, Stephen '82/p28A
Fowler, Thomas '82/p28A
Fowler, Thomas H '86/p26, 27
Fowler, W H '84/p8; '85/p64; '88/p57
Fowler, W K '88/p13
Fowler, W K Jr '81/p18
Fowler, Williard H '82/p28
Fowlkes, William C '78/p6
Fox, A Mar '77/p4
Fox, Aug Mar '77/p4
Fox, Benjamin '82/p73
Fox, Diane '85/p10
Fox, F W '79/p43
Fox, Francis W '91/p 7
Fox, Jacob '85/p7
Fox, Joe W Jr '78/p51
Fox, John '81/p52
Fox, Laura M '86/p10, 14
Fox, Mr. '92/p50
Fox, Oliver Orlander '85/p10
Fox, Peggy '92/p26
Fox, Phillip '81/p14
Fox, S J Mar '77/p4
Fox, Samuel '82/p73
Fox, Thomas '80/p32; '82/p31
Fox, Tom '82/p31
Fox, Wilbur '81/p21
Fox, William '82/p73
Fox, Wm '85/p10
Foy, Emma '85/p30
Foy, Frances A '81/p14
Foy, George A "'90/p53, 55
Foy, Hugh Mar '77/p4
Foy, Jno M "'89/p28, 29
Foy, John M Mar '77/p4; '85/p23
Foy, Johnny '88/p44
Foy, Mamie '88/p44
Foy, Mary E '91/p68
Foye, J M Mar '77/p4
Foye, John M '88/p65
Foye, John M. '92/p72
Foye, W J '87/p57
Frackelton, James '84/p45
Fraenzel, Anna '84/p51
Fraenzel, Anton '84/p41
Fraenzel, Bertha '84/p41
Fraenzel, Elisabeth '84/p41
Fraenzel, Ferdinand '84/p41
Fraenzel, Franzisca '84/p41
Fraenzel, Robert '84/p41
Fraenzel, Wenzel '84/p41
Fraham, Henry F '89/p29
Frahen, Thomas mar '77/p4
Frahim, mar '77/p4
Frahm, Adolf '87/p49
Frahm, Charales '77/p4
Frahm, Claus '86/p2
Frahm, Ellen '88/p75
Frahm, Elsabe "'91/p74, 77
Frahm, Hans "'91/p74, 77
Frahm, Henry '84/p21
Frahm, Henry F '89/p29
Frahm, John A '84/p23
Frahm, Margarita '87/p76
Frahm, Minnie L "'89/p33, 34
Frahm, Peter "'91/p26, 27
Frahm, Rickie '85/p77
Frahm, T "'89/p11, 12, '92/p30
Frahm, Thomas '85/p66; '88/p65
Frahm, Thos '83/p18
Fram, Chas '83/p41
Frame, Margaret '84/p51
France, Wm '78/p14
Francis, J P '86/p79
Francis, Jessie '89/p36
Francis, Judge '85/p67
Francis, L Mrs '80/p78
Francis, Mattie '84/p28
Francis, Mattie '89/p36
Francis, Mattie E "'89/p28, 29
Francis, S W Mar '77/p4
Francis, Samuel '79/p43, 70
Francis, Samuel A '83/p54
Francis, Samuel A M/M '84/p28
Francis, Silas I '79/p43
Francisco, Patricia '91/p60
Frandson, Mary '86/p66
Frandz, Simon '80/p54
Franek, Jos '86/p38
Franek, Marianne '83/p1
Franie, Miss '91/p23
Frank, Frances '81/p21
Frank, Georgina '86/p36
Frank, James Henriksen '92/p22
Frank, John '78/p48
Frank, L H '78/p19
Frank, Lawrence H '78/p20
Frank, W Mr '91/p23
Frank, W Mrs '82/p55
Frank, Wes Mrs '91/p24
Frank, West A '86/p4
Franki, Frank '82/p24
Franklin State '91/p20
Franklin village, NE '90/p13
Franklin, Algerce F '88/p8
Franklin, B '81/p8
Franklin, D R '87/p70
Franklin, Daniel '84/p25
Franklin, Dave Mrs (Wintersteen) '90/p74
Franklin, Henry '82/p54
Franklin, J C Mar '77/p4
Franklin, Johanna Margaritta '82/p54
Franklin, Johanna McCarthy '82/p54
Franklin, L Mar '77/p4
Franklin, Lemuel "'89/p27, 29
Franklin, Lilly '82/p55
Franklin, May '91/p24
Franklin, Rosana R '88/p8
Franklin, W B Mar '77/p4
Franklin, Warren '82/p54
Franklin, Wm '82/p55
Fransen, F '88/p2
Franta, Jacob '83/p8
Franta, Joseph '83/p8
Frantisek, Vrba '83/p4
Frantl, Joseph '90/p20
Frantzen, Anne C '87/p61
Frantzen, Frederick '87/p61
Frantzen, Lars '87/p61
Frantzen, Niels '87/p61
Franze, Gudomelka Mar Mar '77/p4
Franzen, William Frank '92/p41
Frase, William '84/p52
Fraser, Daniel S '87/p58
Fraser, Isabell '83/p48
Fraser, Mr. & Mrs. '92/p51
Fraser, O B '91/p58
Fraser, Sue '92/p51
Fraser, Susie '86/p14
Frastel, Christian '81/p53
FRATERNAL HERALD INDEX TO, Bratrsky Vestnik '91/p80B
Fratfei, Claus '88/p65
Frayne, James '81/p53
Frazer, Jennie '81/p71
Frazer, Pastor Jan '77/p1
Frazey, Anthony '82/p73
Frazier, Elizabeth F '81/p72
Frazier, Kelly '82/p22
Frazier, Lucy Anna '82/p55
Frazier, O B '91/p54
Frazier, Thomas '82/p53
Frease, Ada R "'89/p63, 67
Frease, P N "'91/p54, 58
Freby, J D Mar '77/p4
Freckenbridge, Geo '81/p29
Freckenstein, A. '92/p46
Fredenbury, J '82/p30
Frederick, George '84/p51
Frederick, Maggie '84/p47, 48, 56
Fredericksen, Adolf '87/p63
Fredericksen, Anders '87/p63
Fredericksen, Karen '87/p63
Fredericksen, Lars P '87/p63
Fredericksen, Niels '87/p63
Fredericksen, Stanny '91/p62
Frederickson, Andrew M/M '81/p74
Frederickson, Emma "'89/p63, 67
Frederickson, Hans H '91/p27
Frederickson, Hans Henry '91/p25
Frederickson, John B '88/p65
Frederickson, Peter '82/p45
Fredickson, William '88/p2
Fredrickson, Ann '85/p18
Fredrickson, H C Mar '77/p4; '88/p65
Fredrickson, Hans C '87/p76
Fredrickson, Hans Christian '87/p75
Fredrickson, Jno Mar '77/p4
Fredrickson, John Mar '77/p4
Fredrickson, Katrina '87/p76
Freed, Elizabeth '84/p52, 53
Freeman, Agnes S Mrs '91/p34
Freeman, C O '87/p58
Freeman, Daniel '91/p34
Freeman, Dora '85/p7
Freeman, Emly Eliza '88/p9
Freeman, Joseph '86/p26
Freeman, L B '78/p39
Freeman, Sterling '89/p 8
Freeman, W Del '85/p73
Freese, Mar '77/p4
Freese, Detlif '86/p10
Freese, Harris H '86/p10, 14
Freese, J D Mar '77/p4
Freese, Joseph '78/p4
Freeze, Harris H "'91/p51, 52
Freeze, J D Mar '77/p4
Freiricks, F Mar '77/p4
Freiricks, R Mar '77/p4
Freis, Emma '89/p13
Fremont & Elk City Stage '91/p54
Fremont & Elkhorn Valley RR '90/p 9
Fremont Auto Co '87/p70
Fremont Bottling Works; Fremont, NE '89/p75
Fremont Brewery '84/p8; '88/p54
Fremont Brewery, Nebr '82/p4, 5
Fremont Brewing Co '87/p70
Fremont Brewing Co; Fremont, NE '89/p75
Fremont Butter & Egg Co; Fremont, NE '89/p11
Fremont Calvary Church '90/p51
Fremont Carriage Co '84/p8
Fremont Cemetery Assn '85/p23
Fremont Cigar Box Factory; Fremont, NE '89/p77
Fremont city, NE '90/p13
Fremont College & Busines Institute '92/p31, 32
Fremont Creamery; Fremont, NE '89/p76
Fremont Daily Herald '85/p66; '88/p51-55
Fremont Debating Club; Fremont, NE '89/p14
Fremont Earthquake, Nebr '85/p23
Fremont Eating House; Fremont, NE '90/p30
Fremont Eighth Grade Graduation 1894, Nebr '84/p49, 50
Fremont Elkhorn & MV RR Mar '77/p4
Fremont Fence Works; Fremont, NE '89/p75
Fremont Foundry '84/p8
Fremont Foundry & Machine Co; Fremont, NE '89/p76
Fremont Foundry, Machine Shops; Fremont, NE '89/p12
Fremont Foundry; Fremont, NE '89/p10
Fremont Green House; Fremont, NE '89/p78
Fremont Harness & Saddlery Co, Fremont, NE '89/p75
Fremont Hay Co; Fremont, NE '89/p12
Fremont Hebrew Society '82/p64
Fremont Hospital '84/p8
Fremont House '85/p66
Fremont House; Fremont, NE '90/p30
Fremont Ice Co '84/p8; '87/p70
Fremont Ice House; Fremont, NE '90/p30
Fremont Implement Co; Fremont, NE '89/p10
Fremont Loan & Trust Co; Fremont, NE '89/p14
Fremont Maennerchoir '91/p15
Fremont Milling Co; Fremont, NE "'89/p12, 78
Fremont Mission "'90/p51, 52
Fremont Mission; Cedar Bluffs, NE '90/p61
Fremont National Bank '84/p8; '88/p53
Fremont National Bank Building '82/p68
Fremont National Bank: Fremont, NE '89/p10
Fremont Newspaper 1892, Nebr '82/p22
Fremont Normal College & Business Institute '92/p31
Fremont Normal College; Fremont, NE '92/p30
Fremont Normal School & Business College '92/p31
Fremont Nursery; Fremont, NE '90/p32
Fremont Planing Mill '88/p55
Fremont Precinct, Dodge Co, NE '92/p72-73
Fremont Saddlery Co '84/p8
Fremont Steam Planing Mill; Fremont, NE '89/p77
Fremont Telephone Company '84/p9
Fremont Tribune '84/p44
Fremont Tribune; Fremont, NE '89/p77
Fremont, Ekhorn and Missouri Valley Railroad '80/p41
Fremont, Elkhorn & Missouri Valley Railroad '83/p59
Fremont, Elkhorn & Missouri Valley RR '91/p29
Fremont, Elkhorn & Missouri Valley RR Co '87/p37-39
Fremont, John C '86/p55
Fremont, John C General '85/p38
Fremont, John Charles '88/p71, 72
French Harvey C '87/p72
French, B F '85/p73
French, B F '89/p19
French, B F Mrs '85/p71; '86/p79
French, Benjamin H '87/p72
French, Cylina Bradley '82/p52
French, D E Mr '91/p44
French, Francis M '84/p51
French, Frankie (Mrs. Julius A. Sill) '92/p5, 6
French, G W Mar '77/p5
French, Harvey S '82/p52
French, Jennie '86/p3
French, John M M/M '86/p26
French, Landlord '89/p 6
French, Lewis '86/p3
French, Lila '82/p52
French, Lois Marshall '87/p72
French, M C '86/p67
French, Marion '78/p51
French, Marshal F '87/p72
French, Mr '84/p51
French, Sarah '86/p49
French, Susie '86/p26
French, Valaria E '87/p72
French, Wayne '84/p50
French, Wayne Martin '85/p30
Frenzel, John P '81/p14
Frenzel, Mrs '81/p14
Frese, A Wilhelm '81/p41
Frese, Auguste Maria (Zschoghe) '79/p21
Frese, Pastor '79/p21
Freshley '92/p49
Fresnak, Vincenc '91/p43
Fretschek, Thomas "'91/p25, 27
Frey, Charles '84/p73
Frey, Chas H '80/p38
Frey, Edwin Jr "'91/p26, 27
Frey, Family '79/p17
Frey, Henry '84/p4
Frey, Ida '84/p73
Frey, Lizzie '84/p4
Frey, Lulu '91/p15
Frey, Manoch "'91/p49, 52
Frey, Mansia '84/p73
Frey, Mary '84/p4, 73
Frey, Susannah '84/p73
Freydig, Jacob '84/p41
Freyersherm, Ernest '81/p44
Freyesherm, Charles '80/p70
Freyesherm, Mary L '80/p69
Frick & Dolezal; Fremont, NE '89/p10
Frick, C C Mar '77/p5
Frick, Clarnece G '88/p67
Frick, Fred '84/p50
Frick, Fred '91/p24
Frick, J E '89/p13
Fricke, Friedrike '80/p75
Fricke, Henry '80/p75
Frickenstein, Brenda '79/p9
Frickenstein, J. '92/p46
Friday, John '82/p44
Friday, William '82/p44
Fridrich, F T Dr '87/p48
Fried, Anton R Dr '81/p14
Fried, C A M/M '86/p10
Fried, C A Mr '81/p78
Fried, C A Mr '90/p29
Fried, Charles '81/p66
Fried, Emma '85/p77
Fried, Johanna "'91/p49, 52
Fried, Lennie '81/p81
Fried, Mrs '81/p14; '84/p16
Fried, Samuel '89/p72
Fried, Tod '84/p13
Fried, William Mar '77/p5
Fried, William '89/p72
Fried, William Mrs '84/p15
Fried, Willie "'90/p41, 42;
Fried, Wm '87/p70; '88/p65
Fried, Wm "'90/p41, 42
Fried, Wm T '86/p1
Friedman, Elis (Piniaschker, Elli) '92/p41
Friehauf, Alice '89/p20
Friehauf, Elizabeth '89/p20
Friehauf, Karl '89/p20
Friehauf, Marie '89/p20
Friehauf, William '89/p20
Friend village, NE '90/p13
Friends '91/p73
Friends Historical Library '91/p73
Fries, Lannie '86/p1
Frieschman, Adam "'91/p25, 27
Friquf, Fr '86/p38
Fritz, Amelia '90/p60
Fritz, Charles A "'89/p65, 67
Fritz, Emelia '83/p73
Fritz, George '90/p60
Fritz, H R M/M '81/p78
Fritz, Henry '90/p60
Fritz, Jacob '86/p3
Fritz, John '90/p60
Fritz, Lean Hacke '90/p60
Fritz, Lena (Hacke) '90/p60
Fritz, Magdalen (Lena) (Hacke) '90/p60
Fritz, Murel '86/p21
Fritz, W P '89/p75
Fritz, W P Mr '91/p23
Fritz, William '83/p73
Fritz, William '90/p60
Fritz, William P '86/p4
Fritzer, Edith P '85/p46
Froehlich, Olga M '84/p56
Froelich, George '82/p47
Froelich, Henry '81/p14
Froelich, Mrs '81/p14
Froelich, Nathan '81/p14
Frohm, Margareta '80/p70
Frohner, Phebe "'91/p74, 77
Fromm, Martin '87/p70
Fromming, C F '84/p37
Frontier County '81/p62
Frontier Harness Shop; Fremont, NE '90/p30
Frontier Hook & Ladder; Fremont, NE '89/p14
Froshle, Wm G County '81/p65
Froshler, W G Mar '77/p5
Frost, Andrew '82/p62; '86/p17; '87/p21
Frost, Juliet '84/p47, 48
Frost, M M '82/p61
Frost, Matts Mar '77/p5; '87/p71
Frost, Matts '92/p38
Frost, Matts Sr Mrs '87/p21
Frost, Matts, Jr. '92/p38
Frost, Mety Mar '77/p5
Frost, Phoebe '84/p47, 48
Frost, Wm '82/p21
Frought, C '81/p66
Frutnel, G '86/p35
Fry, Elon M '79/p46
Fry, G R '87/p59
Fry, Jno B "'89/p65, 67
Fry, Mary '80/p70
Frye, Anna '87/p22
Frye, Charlotte '87/p22
Frye, Elisabeth '87/p22
Frye, Elise '87/p22
Frye, F E Mr '90/p16
Frye, Friedrich '87/p22
Frye, Herrmann '87/p22
Frye, Jerry '81/p21
Frye, Willbrand '87/p22
Frye, William '84/p36
Fsahee, Thomas Mar '77/p5
Ft Kearney Genealogical Society '81/p62
Fuchs, Amelia E "'89/p62, 67
Fuchs, Artie '89/p 9
Fuchs, August '85/p23
Fuchs, Carl '86/p46
Fuchs, Gust '84/p19
Fuchs, Josepha '83/p8
Fuchs, Louisa '86/p10
Fuchs, Louisa A '86/p10
Fuchs, Ollie '89/p 9
Fuchtman, Henry '79/p9
Fuchtman, Sister Benedetta '79/p8
Fuchtman, Wilhelmina '79/p9
Fucks, John '85/p48
Fudge, Minnie '87/p18
Fudge, W J '87/p18
Fuellner, Emilie '80/p70
Fuerst, Anton '81/p14
Fuerst, Mrs '81/p14
Fuerstein, Anna '88/p14
Fuhlk, F Mar '77/p5
Fuhlner, Mary D H '80/p68
Fuhlrodt, Conrad '89/p12
Fuhlrodt, Will '81/p84
Fuhrman, H Mar '77/p5; '88/p65
Fuhrman, H "'89/p11,12,1
Fuhrman, Henry '88/p50
Fuhrman, Henry '89/p11; '92/p47
Fuhrman, Jacob '86/p10
Fuhrmann '89/p37
Fulkerson Drug Store '84/p8
Fulkerson, Lute '91/p24
Fulleinwiden, G H Mar '77/p5
Fulleinwiden, Henry Mary '77/p5
Fullenwider, S N Mrs '86/p11
Fuller, A B '81/p29
Fuller, A D Mrs '81/p14
Fuller, Almon '81/p29
Fuller, E Mar '77/p5
Fuller, E A '88/p72
Fuller, Ed Mar '77/p5; '82/p38
Fuller, Edman C '82/p3
Fuller, Edward '78/p75; '88/p65
Fuller, Edward '92/p72
Fuller, Edward P '82/p11
Fuller, F Mar '77/p5
Fuller, Frederick "'90/p53, 55
Fuller, Gertrude '81/p29
Fuller, Joseph E '88/p65
Fuller, Julia A '81/p13
Fuller, Kate '81/p29
Fuller, Lettie "'89/p63, 67
Fuller, Lucy D '88/p9
Fuller, M A '81/p29
Fuller, Mary A '81/p29
Fuller, Robert N '81/p53
Fuller, Robert S '82/p11
Fuller, Rosalie Trail '92/p51
Fuller, S S N '85/p4
Fuller, Samuel '81/p66
Fuller, Smith & Fuller '82/p58
Fuller, Smith & Fuller; Howells, NE '89/p 2
Fuller, W C Mar '77/p5
Fullers, Capt '82/p10
Fullerton city, NE '90/p13
Fullerton T N '86/p46
Fullerton, J B '86/p46
Fullington, Leonard K '88/p2
Fullinwider, H C '88/p65
Fullinwider, S N '88/p65
Fulller, Kezzie W '85/p4
Fullmer, Wilhelm G '78/p28
Fullner, Adolph P '78/p35
Fullner, Agnes E '78/p34
Fullner, Arnold '78/p33
Fullner, Auguste (Krugmeier) '78/p28
Fullner, Bertha '78/p28
Fullner, Ernest '78/p33
Fullner, F '80/p3
Fullner, F '80/p3
Fullner, Ferdinand '80/p3
Fullner, Frank '78/p28
Fullner, Harry '78/p28
Fullner, Helena "'91/p25, 27
Fullner, Henry '78/p33
Fullner, Ida '78/p28
Fullner, Lydai M (Ott) '78/p35
Fullner, Mary '80/p2
Fullner, Paul W '78/p34
Fullner, T F '78/p30
Fullner, Theodor P '78/p28
Fullner, Wilhelmina '78/p33
Fullner, William "'91/p25, 27,
Fulmer, Arthur '85/p52
Fulmer, Arthur H '78/p70
Fulmer, J '78/p70
Fulmer, Joseph '85/p52
Fulmer, Myrtle '88/p27
Fulmer, R L '78/p70
Fulmer, R S '88/p42
Fulmer, Rachel '85/p52
Fulsom, B R '81/p29
Fulsom, Benj '81/p29
Fulsom, Helen '81/p29
Fulsom, M R '81/p29
Fulsom, Niles R '81/p29
Fulton, E R Mar '77/p5
Fulton, Ira Corpl '78/p53
Fulton, J H Mar '77/p5
Fulton, John J '85/p75
Fundling, Berta '86/p35
Funk, Gertrude '86/p53
Funk, Grover M/M '81/p76
Funk, Oscar '86/p46
Funkís Feed Store '84/p8
Funke, Rev '85/p80
Funkenstein, '86/p34
Funston, Mrs '87/p56
Furay, C P '87/p77
Furay, Inspecter '80/p40
Furay, John B '91/p34
Furgason, James Mar '77/p5
Furgason, William Mar '77/p5
Furgeson, Annie '82/p71
Furgeson, Eliza '82/p71
Furgeson, James '82/p71
Furgeson, Janie '82/p71
Furgeson, John '82/p71
Furgeson, William M/M '82/p71
Furhman, Henry Mar '77/p5
Furlong, John '81/p66
Furman '89/p37
Furman, H Mar '77/p5
Furman/Fuhrmann '89/p37
Furnas, Arthur W '91/p34
Furnas, Celia A '91/p34
Furnas, George G '91/p34
Furnas, John S '91/p34
Furnas, Mary Elizabeth '91/p34
Furnas, Mollie '91/p38
Furnas, Robert W "'91/p33, 34
Furniss, H Dawson '81/p14
Furniss, H Dawson Jr '81/p14
Furniss, Mrs '81/p14
Furst, Anna '84/p50
Furst, Anna C Magdalene '85/p30
Furst, Anna Cathrine Magdalena '92/p41
F J Busch & Son; Howells, NE '89/p4
Furstenau, Carl '82/p31
Furstenau, Elaine '88/p47
Furstenau, Lucius '88/p47
Furstenau, Mina '86/p2
Fussellman, P N '86/p49, 50
Fyranda, Carl '83/p80
Fyranda, Elsa '83/p80
Fyranda, Magnus '83/p80
Fyrunds, M '85/p3

1977-1988 index compiled by Anna Lu Meltvedt; typed for web presentation by Marilyn Estrada.
"Anna Lu is one grand and gracious lady who never hesitates to volunteer her services, and that is
what our society is all about--helping those in need of our society research. Dedicated to Anna Lu Meltvedt

1989-2002 index compiled and typed for presentation by Anna Lu Meltvedt, Carmen Gross, and Judy Czarnecki. Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers who have donated their time to create this index.